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BALE, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Michs. 1642.

BALE, VALENTINE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, July 6, 1613.
Of Humberston, Leics. S. of George of Carlton-Curlieu,
Leics. Matric. 1613. Adm. at Gray's Inn, from Staple Inn,
Feb. 25, 1615-6. Of Humberston, Leics., Esq. Married
Elizabeth, dau. of Toby Chippendale. (Nichols, 11. 539;
J. Foster, Gray's Inn.)

BALE, W. Scholar at King's Hall, 1454-61.

BALE, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, Apr. 18,
1636. S. of Sir John, Knt., of Carlton-Curlieu, Leics. B. at
Saddington, Leics. School, Melton. Adm. at the Inner
Temple, 1637. Of Humberston, Esq. Married and had issue.
Brother of John (1634). (Burke, Ext. Bart.)

BALEMAN, HENRY. Matric. sizar from St John's, Easter,

1623; B.A. 1626-7; M.A. 1630.
BALES, CHRISTOPHER. Of Magdalene, when ord. priest

(Ely) Mar. 23, 1566-7. R. of Nunnington, Yorks., 1576-

BAYLES, EMMANUEL. B.A. from Trinity, 1604-5.
BAYLES, GUY. B.A. 1541-2-
BALES, ISAAC. Adm. sizar at Clare, June 24, 1645.

BALES, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1577;
B.A. 1580-1; M.A. from Caius, 1584. One of these names
Master of York Grammar School, 1591-6. Died 1596.

BALES, JOHN. Adm. Fell-Corn, at Caius, June 22, 1636, age
15. S. of John, of Hunston, Suffolk, gent. B. at Langham.
Schools, Ashfield and Botesdale. Matric. 1636; B.A. 1638.
Of Norton, Suffolk, gent. (Venn, 1. 322.)

BALES, PETER. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Sidney, May 21, 1628.
S. of Robert, gent., of Norton, Suffolk. School Ashfield,
Suffolk. B.A. 1631-2; M.A. 1635. Ord. deacon (Norwich)
June 1; priest, Sept. 21, 1634. P.C. of St James, Duke's
Place, London, 1637-9.

BAYLES, ROBERT. Matric. sizar from St John's, Easter, 1609.
Of co. Durham. B.A. 1612-3; M.A. 1616. Fellow, 1614-
24. Buried at All Saints', Cambridge, Mar. 6, 1623-4. Will
proved (V.C.C.) 1624.

BALES, SAMUEL Matric. sizar from St John's, Michs. 1589.
One of these names (B.A.) V. of Yedingham, Yorks., 161 1-20,
died 1620.

BALES, ZACHARY. Matric. sizar from Trinity, c. 1595.

BAILES, . Adm. Fell.-Com. at King's, Easter, 1581.

BALGRAVE, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Corpus Christi,
Easter, 1696.

BALGUY, CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's,
July 5, 1725. S. of Henry, Esq., of Newbold, Derbs. B. at
Derwent. School, Chesterfield. Matric. 1725; M.B. 1731;
M.D. 1750. Translator of Boccaccio. Practised as physician
at Peterborough. Died Feb. 28, 1767. (D.N.B.; SceU-
Mayor, in. 392; F.M.G. 565.)

BALGAY, JOHN. Adm. at Kino's a scholar from Eton, Aug. 20,
1526, age 17. B. in Holborn, London. B.A. 1530-1. Fellow,
1529-34. Fellow of Eton College, 1533- ('Bungay' in


Balguy, John

BALGUY, JOHN. Adm. sizar at St John's, Feb. 3, 1701-2.
S. of Thomas, deceased (Master of Sheffield Grammar School).
B. at Sheffield, Aug. 12, 1686. School, Sheffield. Ma trie.
1702; B.A. 1705-6; M.A. 1726. For a time usher at Sheffield.
Ord. deacon (York) 1710; priest 1711. Chaplain to Sir Henry
Liddell, of Co. Durham, 1711-5. P.C. of Tanfield and
Lamesley, Durham, 171 1-29. Preb. of Salisbury, 1728. V.
of Northallerton, Yorks., 1729-48. Married, 1715, Sarah,
dau. of Christopher Broomhead. Died at Harrogate Sept.
21, 1748. M.I. at Knaresborough. Author: Sermons and
Moral Theology. Father of Thomas (1734). (D.N.B.)

BALGAY, SILAS. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Magdalene, June 30,
1664. S. of Thomas, of Northants. Matric. 1665; B.A.
1667-8. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Aug. 10, 1668.

BALGAYE, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from St John's, Easter,
1571; B.A. 1574-5. One of these names, called to the bar,
Gray's Inn, 1586. Recorder of Stamford, 1594. M.P. for
Stamford, 1597. S. of John, of London, merchant. Buried
at St George's, Stamford, Nov. 3, 1607. Will proved (P.C.C.)
1607. (J. Foster, Gray's Inn.)

BALGUY, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs. 1612.
S. of Thomas, of Stamford, Lines. B.A. 1616-7; M.A. 1620;
B.D. 1627. Incorp. at Oxford, 1627, as B.D. R. of Stoke
Doyle, Northants., 1632-53. Died May 16, 1653, aged 57.
Probably s. of the above. (Lines. Pedigrees.)

BALGUY, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 16) at St John's, May 23,
1659. S. of Thomas, clerk, deceased, of Middlesex. B. in
London. School, Oundle. Matric. 1659; B.A. 1662-3; M.A.
1666. Perhaps Master of Sheffield Grammar School.

BALGUY, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, May 28,
1734. S. of John, clerk (1701-2), V. of Northallerton, Yorks.
B. at Lamesley, Durham. School, Ripon. Matric. 1734; B.A.
1737-8; M.A. 1741; D.D. 1758. Fellow, 1741-8. Deputy
Public Orator, 1743. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 21; priest,
Dec. 21, 1740. R. of the North mediety of Stoke, Lines.,
1741-71. R. of Hagworthingham, Lines., 1740-71. V. of
Alton-, Hants., 1771. Preb. of Lincoln, 1748; and of
Winchester, 1758. Archdeacon of Winchester, 1759. He
declined the Bishopric of Gloucester in 1781. Died at
Winchester, Jan. 19, 1795. M.I. there. Author, theological.
(D.N.B.; Scott-Mayor, m. 452.)

BALINGLOW, WILLIAM. A priest; twelve years schoolmaster.
M.Gram. 1519-20.

BALKEY, JOHN. Fellow of Trinity Hall, when ord. priest
(Norwich) June 8, 1555. R. of Hargrave, Suffolk, 1556.

BALKON, WILLIAM (1630-1), see BACON.

BALL, ABRAHAM. Adm. at King's a scholar from Eton,

Mar. 13, 1650-1, age 16. Of Plymouth. Matric. 1650- 1 ; B.A.

1654-5; M.A. 1658. Fellow, 1654-67. V. of Prescot, Lanes.,

1667-77- Died 1677.
BALL, BENEDICT. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Peterhouse,

Dec. 31, 1657. Of Devon. Migrated to King's. Matric. 1658;

B.A. 1661-2; M.A. 1665. R. of Huntsham, Devon, 1662.

R. of Whippmgham, I. of Wight, 1665. His son, of the same

name, was at Oxford.

BALL, BEVELL. Matric. pens, from St John's, Michs. 1579.

BALL, EDWARD. Adm. at King's a scholar from Eton, Sept. 18,
1556. B. at Chesterton, Cambs., 1538. Matric. 1556. Left
College, 1558. Town-clerk of Cambridge, 1557-96. Compiled
a ' Register,' etc., of the town. Churchwarden of St Mary the
Great. Obtained a grant of arms, 1575. Died 1605. (Cooper,
n. 302.)

BALL, EDWARD. Matric. sizar from St John's, Lent, 1579—80.

BALL, GEORGE Matric. pens, from Trinity, Lent, 1581-2.

BALL, GEORGE. Adm. sizar (age 14) at Christ's, Nov. 6, 1626.
S. of John. B. at Barkham, Berks. School, Wokingham
(private). Matric. 1626; B.A. 1630-1; M.A. 1634. Pedigree
in Vis. of London, 1634.

BALL, GEORGE Adm pens, (age 17) at St John's, Mar. 16,
1 630-1. S. of Edward, of Uttoxeter, Staffs. B. there.
School, Uttoxeter.

BALL, GEORGE Adm. pens, (age 16) at Trinity, May 31,
1716. S. of Richard, of Lichfield, Staffs. School, Barton,
Staffs. Scholar, 1717. Adm. at the Inner Temple, Oct. 26,

BALL, JAMES. Adm. at Emmanuel, Jan. 1 1, 1642-3 (had kept
some terms at Oxford). B.A. 1642-3; M.A. from Peterhouse,
1646. Fellow of Peterhouse, 1645. Died 165 1.

BALL, JAMES. Adm. pens, (age 20) at St John's, June 29,
1738. S. of John, of Northants. B. at Stoke Albany. School,
Oakham, Rutland, (and colleger at Eton). Matric. 1738;
B.A. 1741-2. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) June 13, 1742; C. of
Croft, Leics. Perhaps R. of Little Oakley, Northants., 1756-
69. R. of Ingestre, Staffs., 1759-69. (Scott-Mayor, m. 496.)

Ball, Samuel

BALL, JOACHIM. Matric. sizar from St John's, Easter, 1580;
B.A. 1583-4. Licensed to teach grammar in Norwich
diocese, 1585. Incorp. at Oxford, 1597. R. of St Endellion,
Cornwall, 1597.

BALL, JOHN. B.Can.L. 1491-2.

BALL, JOHN. Priest and schoolmaster. M.Gram. 1519-20.
Three years' study at Oxford and seven years' practice as
Schoolmaster. Supplicat. for B.Gram. at Oxford, 1514.

BALL, JOHN. Adm. at Emmanuel, Oct. 1587. Scholar,
nominated by the founder, 1588. Perhaps matric. 1587, as
'Thomas.' Probably B.A. 1589-90.

BALL, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1616.

BALL, JOHN. Matric. pens, (age 16) from Pembroke, Michs.
1623. S. of Richard, of London, mercer. B.A. 1626-7.
Incorp. at Oxford, 1627. One of these names R. of Compton
Abbas, Dorset., 1638-43. Died 1643. Brother of Richard

BALL, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Queens', Oct. 21, 1645. Of

BALL, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Pembroke, May 1,
1685. S. of John, Esq. B. in London. Matric. 1686-7.
Adm. at the Middle Temple, Feb. 1685-6. S. of John, of St
Paul's, Covent Garden.

BALL, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Jesus, July 17, 1725. Of Northants.
Perhaps s. of Benedict, R. of Paston. Matric. 1725 ; Rustat
Scholar; B.A. 1729-30; M.A. 1734. Ord. deacon (Lincoln)
July 15, 1731; priest, Feb. 18, 1732-3. R. of Thoresway,
Lines., 1733. R. of Elton, Hunts., 1738. Preb. of Lincoln,
1737. Died Dec. 8, 1747.

BALL, NATHANIEL. Matric. sizar from King's, Easter, 1644.
B. at Pitminster, Somerset. School, Merchant Taylors'.
B.A. 1647-8, as 'Balls.' M.A. from Pembroke, 1660. Se-
questered to Barley, Herts.; ejected 1660. Minister at
Royston, 1660-2. Afterwards lived at Chishall, Essex.
Preacher in Essex, Cambs., etc. Licensed as a presbyterian
teacher, 1672. Died Sept. 8, 1681, aged 58. A learned
orientalist. Assisted in Walton's Polyglott. (D.N.B.; Calamy,
11. 47.)

BALL, NATHANIEL. Adm. sizar (age 23) at St John's, Oct. 27,
1735. S. of John, grocer, of Middlesex. B. in London.
School, Kirbyhill, Yorks. (? Kirkby Hall, near Boroughbridge).
Matric. 1735. Usherof Basingstoke School, 1738-40. Master
of Chelmsford School till 1758. Died 1766. One of these
names R. of Wisley, Surrey, 1762-6. (Scott-Mayor, in. 470.)

BALL, PEREGRINE M.A. from King's, 1752. S. of James, of
Trelleck, Monmouth, clerk. Matric. (Balliol College, Oxford)
Oct. 13, 1733, age 17; B.A. (Oxford) 1737. V. of Trelleck,
Monmouth, 1746-94; V. of Newland, Gloucs., 1753-1794.
Died Nov. 30, 1794. Buried at Trelleck, Dec. 4. (Al.Oxon.;
G. Mag.)

BALL, RICHARD. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Michs. 1560;
B.A. 1565-6.

BALL, RICHARD. Matric. pens, from Pembroke, Michs. 1623,
age 14. S. of Richard, of London, mercer. B.A. 1626-7;
M.A. 1630; B.D. 1637; D.D. 1660 (Lit. Reg.). Fellow, 1630.
Ord. priest (Norwich) Sept. 25, 1636. R. of Wilby and
Westerfield, 1638-43. R. of Tattingstone, Suffolk, 1643. R.of
St Mary Woolchurch, London, 1660-1661. Preb. of Ely,
1660. Preb. of Lincoln, 1660. R. of Bluntisham, Hunts.,
1662-84. Master of the Temple, 1661. Died Apr. 6, 1684;
buried in the Temple Church. Will (P.C.C). Benefactor to
Pembroke Hall. Author, Sermons. Brother of John (1623).

BALL, ROBERT. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Caius, Feb. 12, 1563-4,
age 18. Of Scottow, Norfolk. S. of John, gent. School,

BALL, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, Jan. 24,
1630-1. S. of John, ironmonger, of St Margaret's parish,
London. B. there. School, Epping. Matric. 1631.

BALL or BALLS, ROGER. Adm. scholar at Trinity Hall,
Sept. 23, 1610. LL.B. 1617. S. of William, of Cambridge
(Cambs. Vis., 1619.)

BALL, SAMUEL. Matric. sizar from King's, Michs. 1631:
B.A. 1635-6; M.A. 1639. Fellow of Christ's, 1644-51. Ord.
deacon (Peterb.) Mar. 10, 1638-9. Will proved (V.C.C.)
1652. (Peile, 1. 465; Hist, of King's, 102.)

BALL, SAMUEL. M.A. 1644 (Incorp. from Edinburgh). One
of these names (M.A.) minister of Little Hormead, Herts.,

BALL, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Christ's, Jan. 5,
1645-6. S. of John. B. at Langton in Purbeck, Dorset.
School, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucs.


Ball, Samuel

BALL, SAMUEL. Adm. peas, (age 16) at St John's, May II,
1659. S. of Thomas (1619), clerk, of Northampton. B. there.
School, Northampton. Matric. 1659; B.A. 1662-3; M.A.
1666. Fellow of Peterhouse, 1667-1708. Signs for priest's
orders (London) Dec. 20, 1673. R. of Elton, Hunts., 1673-
1708. Incorp. at Oxford, 1673. Buried at Little St Mary's,
Cambridge, May 10, 1708. Brother of Thomas (1654).

BALL, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at St John's, Jan. 5, i724~5-
S. of Thomas (1685-6), D.D., of Lines. B. at Gretford. School,
Oundle, Northants. Matric. 1725; LL.B. 1730. Ord. deacon
(Lincoln) May 24; priest, Dec. 20, 1730. R. of Elton, Hunts.
1731-8. R. of Water Newton, 1735-8- Died Jan. 9, 1737-8.
Buried at Elton. [Scott-Mayor, m. 379.)

BALL, SOPHRON. Matric. pens, from Peterhouse, Michs.

BALL, THOMAS. Matric sizar from Queens', Easter, 1619.
Of Salop. School, Epping, Essex. B.A. 1621-2; M.A. from
Emmanuel, 1625. Fellow of Emmanuel, 1625. Ord. deacon
(Peterb.) May 10; priest, May 19, 1627. Incorp. at Oxford,
1628. V. of All Saints', 1629 ; and V. of St Gregory, North-
ampton, 1634; and R. of St Gregory and All Saints', 1634.
Author. Died 1659; buried June 21. (D.N.B.)

BALL, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's, Sept. 23,
1654. S. of Thomas (above), clerk, of Northampton. B. at
Simpson, Bucks. School, Northampton. Matric. 1655; B.A.
1658-9; M.A. 1662. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Sept. 22, 1661.
R. of Elton, Hunts., 1661-73. Died 1673. Brother of Samuel

BALL, THOMAS. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Apr. 21 , 1669.
Of Derbyshire. B.A. 1672-3.

BALL, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's, Feb. 24,
1685-6. S. of Thomas (1654), clerk, R. of Elton, Hunts.
School, Oundle, Northants. Matric. 1686-7; B.A. 1689-90;
M.A. 1693; D.D. 1707. Ord. priest (Peterb.) July 2, 1693.
R. of Easton by Stamford, Lines., 1693-5. R. of Gretford,
1703. R. of Elton, Hunts., 1708-22. Preb. of Peterborough,
1697. Son-in-law of Bishop Cumberland. Died Feb. 9,
1722-3. Father of Samuel (1724-5).

BALL, THOMAS. M.A. from Caius, 1726. From Brasenose
College, Oxford. S. of Lawrence, of Eccleston, Lanes. Matric.
(Oxford) Mar. 15, 1715-6, age 18; B.A. (Oxford) 1719.
Ord. deacon (Chichester) July 7, 1723; priest, July 14, 1723.
V. of Boxgrove, Sussex, 1723-53. Went to Carolina as
schoolmaster, Mar. 19, 1725-6. V. of Eartham, Sussex,
1733-70. Preb. of Chichester Cathedral, 1727-70. Arch-
deacon of Chichester, 1736-70. Dean, 1754-70. Buried in
the Cathedral, July 19, 1770. (Venn, 11. 26.)

BALL, WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from Trinity, c. 1591 ; Scholar
from Westminster; B.A. 1594-5; M.A. 1598. Will proved
(V.C.C.) 1601.

BALL, . Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1548.

BALLADON or BALLIDON, PAUL. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St
John's, Feb. 7, 1683-4. S. of Paul, gent, deceased. B. at
Trusley, Derbs. School, Dalbury, Derbs. Probably adm.
sizar at Christ's, 1686. Adm. at Lincoln's Inn, May 14, 1684.
(PeiU, 11. 103.)

BALLADON, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's,
Sept. 20, 1684. S. of Paul, gent. B. at Trusley, Derbs.
School, Dalbury.

BALLAND, THOMAS. LL.B. 1631-2 (La. Reg.).

BALLARD, EDWARD. Matric. pens, from Jesus, Michs. 1573.

BALLARD, EDWARD. Matric. sizar, from Corpus Christi,
Michs. 1582; B.A. 1585-6; M.A. 1589, as 'Bulward.* Ord.
deacon and priest (Peterb.) Oct. 23, 1589. R. of Badingham,
Suffolk, 1595.

BALLARD, JOHN. Matric. sizar from St Catharine's, Michs.
1569. Of Wratting, Suffolk. S. of William. School, Elmdon.
Migr. to Caius; adm. Jan. 18, 1569-70, age 17. B.A. from
King's, 1574-5. Seminary priest. Arrived at Douay, Nov. 27,
1379. Ord. priest, 1581. Executed for complicity in the
Babington Plot, Sept. 20, 1585. (Venn, 1. 66; D.N.B.)

BALLARD, JOHN. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1600. Of Norfolk.

BALLARD, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Pembroke, June 25, 1668.
S. of Jonathan, farmer. B. at Anstey, Warws. Matric.
1668; B.A. 1671-2.

BALLARD, JOHN. Incorp. B.D. 1728 from Oxford. S. of
John, M.D. of Salisbury. Matric. (Trinity College, Oxford)
Nov. 15, 1707, age 15; B.A. (Christ Church, Oxford) 1711-2;
M.A. 1714-5; B.D. 1724; D.D. (Oxford) 1732. V. of Welland,
Worcester, 1730. R. of Steeple Langford, Wilts., 1732.
Died Feb. 8, 1763. (Al. Oxon.; G. Mag.)

BALLARD, RICHARD. Matric. sizar from Peterhouse,
Mich*. 1580.

BALLARD, RICHARD. Matric. sizar from Emmanuel, Easter,

1637. Possibly adm. 1636, as Pollard.

BALLARD, ROBERT. Matric. sizar from St John's, May,
1373- Migrated to Christ's; B.A. 1376-7. One of these names

Balley, Stephen

ord. priest (Peterb.) Feb. 1579-80. V. of Clare, Suffolk,

1582-91. V. of St Andrew's, Winston, 1591-2. R. of Wes-

thorpe St Margaret, 1588-1613. (PeUe, I. 126.)
BALLARD, ROBERT. Matric. sizar from Corpus Christi,

Easter, 1586 (probably adm. as 'Edmund'); B.A. 1589-90;

M.A. 1594. Ord. deacon and priest (Peterb.) Mar. 18, 1594-5.

One of these names V. of Stanstead Abbots, Herts., 1602-40,

when he died. Will (P.C.C.) 1640.
BALLARD, SIMPSON. Resident pens, at Jesus, Aug. 1564.

Refused for deacon's orders (Ely) Dec. 15, 1568, then age 22.

(A. Gray.)
BALLARD, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Michs.

1585. One of these names of Lamberhurst, Sussex, adm. at

Gray's Inn, Jan. 8, 1587-8.

BALLARD, THOMAS. Matric. sizar from Clare, Easter, 1586.

BALLARDE, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Jesus, Easter, 161 1.

One of these names, s. of Edward, of Wymeswold, Leics.,

adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 9, 1612.
BALLARD, THOMAS. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Emmanuel, June 17,

1618. Matric. 1618. Perhaps s. of Thomas, of Wadhurst,

Sussex, adm. at Gray's Inn, Feb. 18, 1620-1.

BALLET, CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Christ's, Apr. 2,
1661; afterwards Fell.-Com. S. of John, gent., of Hatfield.
B. at More Hall, near Bishop's Stortford, Essex. School,
Bishop's Stortford. Matric. 1661; M.B. 1666; M.D. 1674.

BALLET, JOHN. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity, Nov. 6, 1650.
Of Essex. Matric. 1650-1, as Ballard.

BALLET, SPRAINGER. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity, Apr.
1690. S. of William, of Downhall, Essex.

BALLET, WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Michs.

BALLATT, . Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Michs. 1649.

BALLIS, THOMAS. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Michs. 1602.

BALLISTON, CHRISTOPHER. Adm. pens, at Caius, Oct. 10,
1609, age 17. S. of Robert, of Bodham, Norfolk, husband-
man. School, Holt. Matric. 1609; Scholar, 1609-13; B.A.
from Trinity Hall, 1612-3. Ord. priest (Norwich) July 19,
1614. R. of Bodham, 1616-36. Will proved, 165 1. (Venn, 1.

BALLISTON, JOHN. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1645. Of
Norfolk. Probably s. and h. of John, of Wymondham,
Norfolk, Esq.; adm. at Lincoln's Inn, Nov. 14, 1646.

BALLISTON, JOSHUA Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi,
Easter, 1650; B.A. 1652-3; M.A. 1659. R. of Catfield,

BALLOW, HENRY. Adm. at King's a scholar from Eton, 1677.
B. in London. Matric. Easter, 1678; B.A. 1681-2; M.A.
1685. Fellow, 1681. Vicar choral, Lincoln. Died of con-
sumption. (Harwood.)

BALLOWE, THOMAS. B.A. (? 1602-3) ; M.A. from Jesus, 1606.
B. at North Reston, Lines., 1580. S. of Richard, yeoman.
Incorp. at Oxford, 1605. Ord. priest (Lincoln). V. of North
Reston, Lines., 1604-18. R. of Belleau, Lines., 1606-18.
Died, 1618. Will proved at Lincoln. (Lines. Pedigrees, 1145.)

BALLOW, . Adm. pens, at Magdalene, Oct. 15, 1720.

Probably Henry, of St Margaret's, Westminster; adm. at

Lincoln's Inn, June 27, 1721.
BALLS, EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Sidney, Jan. 1,

1620—1. S. of William, Esq. B. at Caldecote, Cambs.

School, King's, Cambridge. Matric. 1620-1; B.A. 1624-5;

M.A. 1628.
BALLS or BALLYS, JOHN. Fellow of Peterhouse, 1448. In

the College records Peter Ballys is fellow, 1448-73.
BALLS, NATHANIEL. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, July, 1629.

Of Staffs. Buried at St Andrew's, Cambridge, Mar. 4, 1629-

BALLS, PETER Pays 40s. for not proceeding in Theology,

1458-9 (Grace Book). Probably the same as John Ballys or

Balls. (T. A. Walker.)
BALLS, RICHARD. B.A. 1454-5; M.A. 1457.
BALLES, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Trinity Hall, Michs.

1610; B.A. 1615-6, from Pembroke as Ball.
BALLS, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Sept. 21, 1617. B. in

Cambs. Matric. 1618; B.A. 1 620-1; M.A. 1625. Fellow,

c. 1624.

BALLS, . M.A. 1478-9.

BALLY, GEORGE. Adm. at Kino's a scholar from Eton, 1739.

S. of George. B. at Aylsham, Norfolk. Matric. Michs. 1740:

B.A. 1744-5; M.A. 1748. Fellow, 1743. Ord. deacon (Ely)

Feb. 19; priest, May 21, 1758. R. of Monxton, Hants.


Bally, William

BALLY, WILLIAM. Scholar of Clare, 1523, age 17.

BALSER, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Clare, Easter, 1626; B.A.
1629-30; M.A. 1633.

BALSER, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Queens', Michs. 1583.
Of Kent. B.A. from St Catharine's, 1586-7. Of Corpus
Chris ti, in 1589. (Masters.)

BALSTER, JACOB. Adm. pens, at Clare, May 9, 1692. Of
Silton, Dorset. Matric. 1692. One of these names, of Win-
canton, Somerset; matric. at New Inn Hall, Oxford, Apr. 7,
1688, age 19. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Sept. 24, 1693; C. of
Glatton, Hunts.; priest, June 3, 1694.


BALTREE, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Peterhouse, Lent,
1579-80. B. at Fulletby, Lines., c. 1563. B.A. 1583-4;
M.A. as Bawtry, 1587. Ord. deacon (London) Feb. 12,
1588-9, age 27; priest (Lincoln). Licensed preacher. R.
of Somerby, Lines., 1589-1603. V. of Heydon w. Waltham,
Lines., 1600-3.

BAMBER, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 13) at Emmanuel, Apr. 12,
1725. S. of John, of Blackfriars, chandler. School, Charter-
house. M.D. 1725 {Lit. Reg.). Master-Surgeon to the Artillery
in 1693. F.R.S. 1718. L.R.C.P. 1724. F.R.C.P. 1726. Died
Nov. 7, 1753. Buried at Barking, Essex. M.I. (H. G. Harrison.)

BAMBOROWE, HUMPHREY. Matric. pens, from Trinity,
Michs. 1588. Doubtless s. of Thomas, of Howsham, Yorks.
Brother of Thomas and William. (Vis. of Yorks.; J. C.

BAMBURGH, Sir JOHN, Bart. Adm. FeU.-Com. (age 15) from
Sidney, May 12, 1628. S. of Sir William, Knt. and Bart. B.
at 'Harton' (? Howsham), Yorks. School, Private. Of How-
sham, Yorks. Succeeded as Bart., June 3, 1624. Died
unmarried, Dec. 12, 1631. (G.E.C.)

BAMBOROWE, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs.
1588. One of these names ; of Howsham, Yorks., adm. at
Gray's Inn, Nov. 1, 1591. S. of William, of Rendlesham,
Suffolk. (Vis. ofSuff., 1584.)

BAMBURGH, WILLIAM. Matric. Fell. -Com. from Christ's,
June, 1584. Probably s. of Thomas, of Howsham, Yorks.
Knighted, 1603. Sheriff of Yorks., 1607-8. Created baronet,
1619. Died July 18, 1623. (Peile, 1. 178; G.E.C.)

BAMBOROUGH, . B.A. 1485-6; M.A. 1489.

BAMBOROUGH, . B.A. 1489-90; M.A. 1493.


B AMBRY, ABRAHAM. Matric. sizar from Caius, Easter, 1624.

BAMFIELD or BAMPFIELD, HUGH. Matric. Fell. -Com. from
King's, Michs. 1681; M.A. 1682 (Lit. Reg.). Doubtless s. of
Sir Coplestone, Bart., of Weston Bampfylde. Married Mary
Clifford. Died before 1691, by a fall from his horse. (Collin-
son's Somerset, n. 91.)

BAMPFIELD, WILLIAM M.A. from King's, 1667. Matric.
(Wadham College, Oxford) Apr. 11, 1660; B.A. (Oxford) 1663.
R. of Loxbeare, Devon, 1666. R. of Arlington, 1667. (Al.

BAMFORTH, GEORGE. Priest and schoolmaster. M.Gram.
1525-6 as 'Samford.'

BAMFORTH, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's,
Apr. 14, 1701. S. of George, gent. B. at High-House,
Sheffield. School, Sheffield. Matric. 1701; Fell. -Com. Feb.
3, 1701-2; B.A. 1704-5, 1st in the ordo. Lord of the
Manor of OUerton. Of the High-House. Buried at Sheffield,
Apr. 28, 1730. Father of the next.

BAMFORTH, GEORGE. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 18) at St John's,
July 5, 1728. S. of George (above), Esq., of Yorks. B. at
High-House near Sheffield. School, Bradford. Matric. 1728.
Of the High-House, Esq. Killed by a fall from his horse, May
31, 1749. M.I. at Sheffield. (Hunter, Hallamshire.)

BAMFORD, GILBERT. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Nov. 19,

1631. Of Middlesex. Matric. 1632; B.A. as Banford, 1635-6;

M.A. 1639. Signs for priest's orders (London) Dec. 15, 1664;

C. of Northall, Middlesex.
BAMFORD, LYON. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, Oct. 26,

1639. S. of John, gent., of Pulehill, Yorks. B. there. School,

Worsborough, Yorks. Matric. 1639. Living 1666. (Hunter,

S. Yorks. 11. 270.)
BAMFORD, MATTHEW. Adm. sizar (age 15) at Peterhouse,

Sept. 13, 1688. Of Beds. School, Bedford. B.A. 1692-3.

BAMFORD, ROBERT. M.A. 1600 (Incorp. from Oxford).

B.A. (Oxford), 1573-4; M.A. 1580. Canon of Lichfield, 1597.

(Al. Oxon.)
BAMFORD, ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Peterhouse,

Oct. 8, 1687. Of Beds. School, Bedford. Matric. 1688;

B.A. 1691-2. Lilt. Dim. (Canterbury) for deacon's orders,

1693. Ord. priest (Lincoln) Dec. 19, 1706. V. of Dunton,

Banger, Josiah

Beds., 1707-13. V. of Chalgrave, 1712. R. of Little Barford,
1711-20. Buried Aug. 29, 1720. (W. M. Noble.)
BAMFORD or BALMFORD, SAMUEL. Adm. pens, at Em-
manuel, Apr. 24, 1612. Matric. 1612; Scholar; B.A.
1615-6; M.A. 1619. R. of St Alban's, Wood St, London,
1652-7. Died 1657.
BAMFORD, SETH. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, May 9, 1655.

Of Derbyshire. Matric. 1655.
BAMFORD, STEPHEN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's
May 18, 1658. S. of William, deceased, of Sheffield, Yorks.
B. there. School, Sheffield. Matric. 1658; B.A. 1661-2.
V. of Elsenham, Essex, 1664-6.
BAMFORD, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Peterhouse,
Apr. 27, 1699. School, Bedford. Matric. 1699; B.A. 1702-3.
Ord. priest (London) Dec. 21, 1707. Signs as minister at
Harrold, Beds., 1709. V. of Poddington, Beds., 1714-34. V.

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