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BRADSHAW, LEONARD. Fee for B.A. 1490.

BRADSHAW, MICHAEL Matric. pens, from Christ's, Easter,

BRADSHAWE, NATHANIEL Adm. pens, at Trinity, Apr. 14,
1637. S. of Thomas Bradshawe, of Bradshaw, Lanes. B. at
Keddington Hall, Suffolk. Matric. 1637; B.A. 1640-1; M.A.
1644. Fellow, 1645. R. of Willingham, Cambs., 1647-62,
ejected. Afterwards preached in Cambridgeshire. One of
these names, V. of Penwortham, Lanes., 1640-7. Died Oct.
16, 1690. (Calamy, 1. 254.)

BRADSHAW, NICHOLAS. B.Civ.L. 1519-20. R. of Preston,
Lanes., X548-62.

Bradshaw, William

BRADSHAW, OBADIAH. Matric. pens, from Emmanuel,
Easter, 1605. S. of John, of Stratford Bow, gent. School,
Merchant Taylors'. B.A. 1608-9; M.A. 1612. C. of Stifford,
Essex. Buried there Oct. 13, 1618. Admon. (Consist. C.
London) 1618. Doubtless brother of John (1604).

BRADSHAW, PETER. B.Can.L. 1492-3. Perhaps his will
(P.C.C.) 1541; 'of Eccleston, Lanes.' R. of Eccleston, 1511.
R. of Standish, Lanes., 1535-41.

BRADSHAW, PETER. LL.B. 1635 (Incorp. from Oxford);
B.C.L. (Oxford) 1633. One of these names 's. of Godfrey,
of Bradshaw, Derbs.,' adm. at Gray's Inn, Aug. 13, 1628.
Barrister, 1646. Ancient, 1654. (J. Foster, Gray's Inn.)

BRADSHAW, PHILIP. Adm. sizar at Queens', Feb. 25, 1605-6.
Of Cambridgeshire. M.B. 1613.

BRADSHAW or BRADSHAL, RICHARD. Adm. sizar at Peter-
house, May 14, 1636. Of Leicestershire. Matric. X636;
Scholar, 1640; B.A. 1639-40; M.A. 1644.

BRADSHAWE, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Christ's, May,
1563 ; Scholar in 1564. Possibly 2nd s. of Robert, of Merevale,
Warws., and of Overton (Orton), Leics. Succeeded his father
in 1573. age 26. (Peile, 1. 79.)

BRADSHAW, ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Christ's, June
17, 1672. S. of John. B. at Brightmate, Lanes. School,
Bolton. Matric. 1672; B.A. 1675-6. Probably R. of Brereton,
Cheshire, 1683; of Thurstaston, in Wirral, 1684. Died 1689.
(Peile, n. 45.)

BRADSHAW, ROGER. B.A. 1490. Ord. sub-deacon (Ely) Mar.
17, 1491-2.

BRADSHAW, ROGER M.A. 1581 (Incorp. from Oxford). B.A.
(Oxford) 1577; M.A. 1580; B.D. and D.D. 1602. Chaplain
to the King. Perhaps V. of Preston -on- Wye, Herefordshire,
1581. R. of Kentchurch, 1587. Preb. of Hereford, 1589.
Died June 29, 1612. Buried in Hereford Cathedral. Will,
P.C.C. (Al.Oxon.)

(age 17) at Peterhouse, June 8, 1717. S. of Sir Roger,
of Haigh, Lanes., Bart. Succeeded as 4th Bart., 1747.
Died c. 1779. Will (Chester) 1779. (G.E.C.)

BRADSHAWE, SAINCTONE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, Sept. 26,
1648. Of London.

BRADSHAW, SAMUEL Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, May
28, 1703. S. of Samuel, of Holbrooke, Derbs. School, West-
minster. Matric. 1704; Scholar, 1704; B.A. 1706-7; M.A.
17x0. Ord. deacon (London) Mar. 20, 1708-9; priest, Dec. 24,
1710. R. of East Terrington, Lines., 1716. V. of Wragby,
1716. Probably R. of Upminster, Essex. Perhaps V. of
Houghton Regis, Beds., 1728-39. Died Jan. 7, 1768. Will,
P.C.C. (G.Mag.)

BRADSHAW, SAVILL Adm. sizar (age 19) at Peterhouse,
Mar. 2, 1645-6. Of Leicester. School, Selby. Matric. 1645-6;
B.A. 1649-50. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) Jan. 16, 1660-1; priest,
Sept. 21, 1661. R. of West Allington, Lines., 1662.

6. Fellow of Peterhouse, 1521-1526.

BRADSHAW, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Sidney, Aug. 9, 1606.
Matric. 1606. Ord. deacon (Peterb.) Sept. 23, 1610; priest,
May 5, 161 1 ; 'B.A.'

BRADSHAW, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Caius, Feb. 7,
1639-40. S. of William, carpenter, of Golborne, Lanes.
School, Winwick. Matric 1640; Scholar, 1643-6; B.A. 1643-
4; M.A. 1647. Fellow, 1646-51. Taxor, 1649. Ord. deacon
and priest (Lincoln) May 24, 1646. Perhaps V. of Little-
borough, Lanes., 1649; and R. of a mediety of Lymm,
Cheshire, 1662-85. One of these names, R. of Grappcnhall,
1652-71 (died).

BRADSHAW, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Sept. 30,
1648. Of Suffolk. Buried at St Andrew's, Cambridge, Mar.
20, 1648-9.

BRADSHAW, WADY. Matric. pens, from Emmanuel, Easter,

BRADSHAW, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, 1588. S.
of Nicholas, of Lanes. B. at Bosworth, Leics., 1571. Schools,
Worcester and Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Scholar of Emmanuel.
Matric. Easter, 1589; B.A. 1592-3; M.A. 1596. One of the
original fellows of Sidney, 1599. Lecturer at Chatham, Kent,
1601: suspended. Held no preferment and was in frequent
trouble through his puritan opinions. Author of numerous
polemical tracts. Died at Chelsea, 1618. Buried there.
Perhaps father of John ( 1 619). (D.N.B.; Nichol's Leics., iv.

BRADSHAW, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 18) at Pembroke,
June 22, 1 661. S. of William, rope-maker. B. in Nottingham.
Matric. 1661 ; B.A. 1664-5 ; M.A. 1668. Usher at Nottingham
Grammar School, 1664-71.

BRADSHAW, . B.A. 1506.


Bradstreet, Samuel

BRADSHAW or BRAWSHAW, . B.A. 1517-8 (1st in the

ordo); M.A. 1521-2.

BRADSHAW, . M.D. 1527-8.

BRADSHAW, . Matric sizar from Trinity, 1595. Probably

M.A. from Magdalene, 1603, as Broshawe.

BRADSHAW, . Adm. Fell.-Com. at Peterhouse, June 21,


BRADSTREET, SAMUEL. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, May 15,
1606. B. at Peterthorpe, Suffolk. Matric. 1606; B.A. 1609-10;
M.A. 1613; B.D. 1630. Ord. priest (London) Dec. 18, 1613,
age 25. V. of Tadlow, Cambs. R. of Troston, Suffolk, 1619.
Died Aug. 1667.

BRADSTREET, SAMUEL. Adm. sizar at Queens', July 30,
1660 (previously adm. at King's). Of Suffolk. S. of Samuel,
R. of Troston, Suffolk. B. there. B.A. 1663-4.

BRADSTREET, SIMON. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Michs.
1570. B. at Gislingham, Suffolk. S. of John. B.A. 1575-6;
M.A. 1579. Fellow of Emmanuel. Ord. deacon and priest
(Lincoln) Nov. 22, 1594. R. of Hinderclay, Suffolk, Dec. 15,
1595-Feb. 1595-6. V. of Horbling, Lines., 1596-162 1, 'not
conformable' in 161 1. Buried there Feb. 9, 1620-1. Father
of the next. (Peile, 1. 115; J. G. Bartlett)

BRADSTREET, SIMON. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, July 2, 1617.
S. of Simon, above, V. of Horbling, Lines. Bapt. there, Mar.
18, 1603-4. Matric. 1618; B.A. 1620-1; M.A. 1624. For a
time steward to the Earl of Lincoln. Went to New England,
in Governor Winthrop's fleet, 1630. Assistant of the Massa-
chusetts Bay Colony, 1630-78. Deputy Governor, 1678.
Governor, 1679-86 and 1689-92. Married (1) Anne, dau. of
Thomas Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts; (2) Anne, dau.
of Emmanuel Downing, and sister of Sir George Downing,
1676. Died at Salem, Mar. 27, 1697. (J. G. Bartlett.)

BRADSTREET, WILLIAM. Matric. sizar from Clare, Michs.
1572. B. at Barfold (East Bergholt), Suffolk. B.A. 1575-6.
Ord. deacon (London) Dec. 1, 1580, age 24; priest, Dec. 21,
1581. R. of Troston, Suffolk, 1593.

BRADWELL, STEPHEN. Matric. Fell.-Com. from King's,
Easter, 1610. One of these names, s. and h. of Stephen, of
London, Esq., adm. at Gray's Inn, Mar. 3, 1606-7.

BRADWELL, THOMAS. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton,

BRADWELL, WILLIAM Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi,
Easter, 1618. One of these names, V. of Lancaster, 1630.

BRADWEY or BROADWAY, RICHARD. Matric. sizar from
St John's, Michs. 1570; B.A. 1574-5; M.A. 1578.

BRADY, FRANCIS. Matric. sizar from Christ's, Dec. 1580.

BRADY, GEORGE. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Mar. 1577-8.
Probably of Fen Ditton, Cambs., adm. at the Inner Temple.

BRADY, HENRY. Matric. sizar from Lincoln College, Oxford,
Nov. 11, 1650; 'after some terms at Cambridge.' B.A. (Ox-
ford, 1651. (Al. Oxon.)

BRADY, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Jesus, Easter, 1584; B.A.
1587-8. V. of Rushmere, Suffolk, 1597-1618.

BRADY, NICHOLAS. LL.B. 1726 (Com. Reg.). S. of Nicholas, of
London, D.D. ('Tate and Brady'). Matric. at Oxford, from
Christ Church, Apr. 10, 1712, age 19. Assistant to his father
at his school at Richmond, Surrey. R. of Tooting, 1729.
Lecturer of Clapham. Died Dec. 11, 1768. M.I. in Clapham
Churchyard (Lysons). Father of the next. (Al. Oxon.; for
the father see D.N.B.)

BRADY, NICHOLAS. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, June 21,
1739. S. of Nicholas, above, R. of Tooting, Surrey. B. at
Clapham. School. Westminster. Matric. 1739; Scholar, 1740;
B.A. 1742-3. (Al. Westmon., 321.)

BRADY, ROBERT. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Caius, Feb. 20,
1643-4. S. of Thomas, attorney, of Denver, Norfolk. School,
Downham. Matric. 1644; Scholar, 1644-50; B.A. 1647-8;
M.B. 1653: M.D. 1660 (Lit. Ret.). Master of Caius, Dec. 1660-
1700. M.P. for Cambridge University, 1681, 1685. Regius
Professor of Phytic, 1677-1700. F.R.C.P. 1680. Physician
to Charles II and James II. Keeper of the records in the
Tower. Author of historical and medical works. Died Aug.
19,1700. Buried at Denver. (Venn, 1. 351; D.N.B.)


BRADYLL, DODDING. Adm. Fell.-Com. (age 17) at Peter-
house, Oct. 31, 1749 S. of John, of Carthalton, Surrey.
School, Hackney. Matric. 1750. Of Carthalton, Surrey.
(/. A. Walk*, 293.)

BRADDYLL, THOMAS. Adm. Fell.-Com. at King's, 1748-9.
Matric. Michs. 1748.

Braham, Anthony

BRAFIELD, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Peterhouse, Jan.
8, X7I7-8. Of Northants. School, Northampton. Scholar,
1717; Matric. 1719; B.A. 1721-2; MA. 1725. Ord. deacon
(Lincoln) Oct. 28, 1722; priest, Dec 19, 1725. Will of one of
these names, of Kilkenny, clerk, proved (Dublin) 1757.

BRAGDEN, EDWARD. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Nov. 1569;
B.A. 1571-2; M.A. 1575. Incorp. at Oxford, 1383, as
Bragsden. R. of St Michael, Wood St, London, 1 580-1625.
Died 1625. Admon. (P.C.C.) 1625. (PtiU, 1. na.)

BRAGDEN, RICHARD. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Nov. 1569 ;
B.A. 1571-2. One of these names, of London, adm. at the
Inner Temple, 1575.

BRAGG, BENJAMIN. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Jesus, Michs.
1614; B.A. 1616. 'A Surrey gentleman: afterwards went to
the Inner Temple.' (MS. in Jesus College.)

BRAG, FRANCIS. Adm. pens, at Peterhouse, June 25, 1707.
S. of Francis, of Oxford, clerk. Matric. at Hart Hall, Oxford,
Feb. 1, 1704-5, age 16. School, Merchant Taylors'. Matric.
1707; Scholar, 1707; B.A. 1710-11. Ord. deacon (London)
June 15, 1712.

BRAGG, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Caius, Mar. 14,
1645-6. S. of Richard, of London. B. there. Matric. 1645-6.

BRAGG, JOHN. 'Aged 33; late of Trinity College'; when ord.
priest (London; July 8, 1584. B. at Nuthurst, Lapworth,
Warws. R. of Bramfield, Herts.

BRAGG, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Peterhouse, Nov. 4, 1624.
Of Somerset. Matric. 1624; Scholar, 1624. Will of one of
these names (P.C.C.) 1652; of Goathurst, Somerset, clerk.
(J. Ch. Smith.)

BRAGE, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Corpus Christi, 1660. Of Essex.
Matric Easter, 1661. Probably s. of William, of Bulmer,
Essex ('late fellow of Gray's Inn'), adm. at Gray's Inn, May 2,
1663. Barrister, 1671, as Bragg.

BRAGG, MICHAEL. Matric. pens, from Emmanuel, Michs.
1 681.

BRAGE, NICHOLAS. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Caius, July 3,
1629. S. of John, gent., of Stratford, Suffolk. School,
Dedham. Matric 1629; Scholar at Caius, 1629-33; Migrated
to Trinity Hall, 1633; LL.B. from Trinity Hall, 1635. Of
Roydon, Esq. Died July 2, 1698. M.I. at Stratford, Suffolk.
(Venn, 1. 291.)

BRAGGE, RICHARD. Matric. pens, from St John's, Easter,

BRAGG or BRAGE, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Corpus
Christi, Michs. 1641. Of Essex. Migrated to Queens', Oct.
28, 1645. B.A. 1645-6. S. and h. of William, of Gray's Inn
(and of Bulmer, Essex), adm. at Gray's Inn, June 7, 1643.
Intruded minister at All Hallows-the-Great, London. Died
Apr. 14, 1704, aged 77. Buried in Bunhill Fields. M.I. (For a
contemporary namesake see AL Oxon.)

BRAGG, ROBERT. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton, 1701.
B. in London. Matric. Lent, 1702; B.A. 1705-6; M.A. 1709.
Fellow, 1704. Ord. priest (London) Sept. 24, 1 710. Chaplain
to the garrison at Portsmouth. Died at Eton, July, 1712.
Buried at Datchet. (Harwood.)

BRAGE, ROBERT. Adm. pens, (age 19) at St John's, Apr. 17,
1719. S. of William, Esq., of Essex. B. at Bulmer. School,
Felstead. Matric. 1719. S. and h. of William, of Hatfield
Peverel, Essex, Esq., adm. at Gray's Inn, May 23, 1717.
Barrister, 1724. Bencher, 1742. Died 1759.

BRAGG, SAMUEL. Matric. pens, from Trinity Hall, Easter,

BRAGG, WILLIAM. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Queens', Lent,
1618-9; B.A. 1620-1. S. and h. of Robert, of Bulmer,
Essex. Adm. at Gray's Inn, June 18, 1621. Barrister, 1636.
Ancient, 1645.

BRAGG, WILLIAM. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Sidney, Nov. 1624.
S. of John, farrier. B. at Alownshay, Kingston, Somerset.
Schools, Ilminster and Hinton. Matric. 1624; B.A. 1628-9;
M.A. 1632. Perhaps nominated by the Parliamentary Com-
mittee to Thomecombe, Devon, 1648. (W. A. Show, 11. 350.)

BRAGG, WILLIAM Adm. pens, at Queens', May 30, 1646.

Of Essex. B.A. 1646. Adm. at St Leonard's College, St

Andrew's, 1642. One of these names R. of Purleigh, Essex,

1656-9. Will, P.C.C.
BRAGE, WILLIAM Adm. pens, (age 19) at St John's, Sept. 26,

1727. S. of William, gent., of Hatfield Peverel, Essex. B.

there. School, Bury. Matric 1727- Adm. at Gray's Inn,

Feb. 10, 1727-8-
BRAGGE, . Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, 1644 ('Joshua,'

according to Richardson's College lists).
BRAHAM, ANTHONY. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Christ's, Apr. 7,

1690. S. of John. B. at Wickham Skeith, Suffolk. Matric.

1690; Scholar, 1690.


Braham, Humphrey

BRAHAM, HUMPHREY. Matric. pens, from Queens',
Miens. 1544.

pus Christ?, 1675. Of Nottinghamshire. S. of Thomas, of
Southwell. B. Feb. 29, 1658. Matric 1675, as 'Brandsford';
B.A. 1678-9; M.A. 1682. Usher at Peterborough School,
1 68 1. Minor canon of Rochester, 1682-6. R. of St Mildred,
Canterbury, 1684-1708. R. of All Saints', Canterbury, 1684.
R. of Hawksworth, Notts., 1707-33. Preb. of Southwell,
1721. Minor Canon of Peterborough, 1721-33. Died 1733.
(F.M.G., 1246; Godfrey, Churches of Notts.)

BRALESFORD, HUMPHREY. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Peter-
house, Apr. 23, 1750. Of Nottinghamshire. School, Chester-
field. Scholar, 1750; Matric. 1753; B.A. 1755 Ord. deacon
(Ely) Feb. 23, 1755-

BRAILSFORD, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's,
June 29, 1709. S. of John, pewterer. B. in London. School,
Merchant Taylors'. Matric. 1709; B.A. 1712-3; M.A. 1717.
Perhaps V. of Combe St Nicholas, Somerset, 1730-4. Curate
at Blaston, Leics. R. of Kirkby, Notts. Poet. Author of
Derby Silk Mill, 1739. Died c. 1739. Father of the next.

BRAILSFORD, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Emmanuel, Feb.
19, 1740-1. S. of John, above. B. at Blore, Staffs. School,
Mansfield, Notts. Matric. 1740-1; B.A. 1744-5; M.A. 1766.
Ord. priest (Lincoln) May 25, 1746. Head Master of Bir-
mingham School, 1766-75. V. of North Wheatley, Notts.
Chaplain to Lord Middleton. Died Nov. 25, 1775. Author,
Sermons. (D.N.B.)

BRAILSFORD, MATTHEW. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 16,
1678. Of Middlesex. Matric. 1678; B.A. 1681-2; M.A. 1685;
D.D. 1713. Ord priest (London) Mar. 16, 1689-90. R. of
Hollingbourne, Kent, 1694-1733. Preb. of Lincoln, 1703.
Dean of Wells, 1713. P.C. of Marylebone, 1711-24. Died
Dec. 13, 1733. (G. Mag.)

BRALESFORD, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's,
Oct. 22, 1699. S. of Thomas, gent. B. at Southwell, Notts.
School, Southwell. Matric. 1699. Of Southwell, gent. Will
proved, 1744. (F.M.G., 1246.)

Emmanuel, Aug. 1, 1640. Of Benenden, Kent. Matric.
1641; B.A. 1644-5; M.A. 1648. Fellow, till his death, 1651.

BRAINTON, HUMPHREY. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's,
July 4, 1690. Of Salop.

BRAYNTON, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 17) at St John's, June 21,
1656. S. of T, blacksmith, of Birmingham. B. there. School,
Birmingham. Matric. 1656, as Brinton; B.A. 1659-60



BRAME, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Christ's, Dec. 1580; B.A.
1583-4; M.A. 1587.

BRAME, JOHN. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, July 7, 1607.
Matric. 1607. Probably of Campsey Ash, Suffolk, Esq.
Grandfather of the next.

BRAME, JOHN. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, Oct. 13, 1683.
Probably s. and h. of John, of Campsey Ash, Suffolk,
Esq. ; Adm. at the Middle Temple, June, 1686.

BRAME, . Adm. Fell. -Com. at St Catharine's, Easter,

BRAMFIELD, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1577;

scholar from Westminster; B.A. 1580-1.
BRAMFYLD, THOMAS. Matric pens, from Peterhousk,

Michs. 1553.

Trinity, Lent, 1580-1; scholar from Westminster; B.A.

1584-5. V. of Sandon, Herts., 1591-1607. Died 1607.
BRAMFORTH or BAMFORTH, WILLIAM Licensed to practise

surgery, 1577.
BRAMHALL, GEOFFREY. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, May 7,

1596. Matric c. 1596.
BRAMHALL, GEORGE. Adm. sizar at Corpus Christi, 1638.

Matric. Easter, 1639. Of Norfolk. B.A. 1641. Ord. deacon

(Norwich) Dec. 18, 1642, age 23. C. of Helsdon, Norfolk.

BRAMHALL, JOHN. Adm. scholar at Sidney, Feb. 2t, 1608-9.
S. of Peter, of Carleton, Pontefract. B. 1594. School,
Pontefract. Matric. 1609; B.A. 1612-3; M.A. 1616; B.D.
1623; D.D. 1630. R. of S. Kilvington, Yorks., 1618-33. Sub-
dean of Ripon, 1624. Preb. of York, 1633. Treasurer of
Dublin, 1633. Archdeacon of Meath, 1633. Bishop of Deny,
1634: forced to leave, 1641. Went abroad, 1644. Arch-
bishop of Armagh, 1661-3. Speaker of the Irish House
of Lords. Author of theological works. Died June 25, 1663.

Bramston, John

BRAMHALL, WILLIAM Matric. sizar from St Catharine's,
Easter, 1637, as 'Bramhar.' Of Yorkshire. B.A. 1640-1.
One of these names, V. of Hooton Pagnell, Yorks., 1655-61.

BRAMHAM, JOHN. Adm. sizar at St John's, May 20, 1687.
S. of William, husbandman. B. at Kippax, Yorks. School,
Sherburn. Matric. 1687; B.A. 1690—1. Ord. deacon (Dur-
ham) Sept. 20, 169 1.

BRAMLY, ARTHUR. Matric. sizar from St Catharine's, Michs.
1638. Of Derbyshire. B.A. 1640-1.

BRAMLEY, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Trinity, June 10, 1643.

BRAMLEY, JOSEPH. Adm. sizar (age 15) at Magdalene,
Mar. 31, 1669. S. of William, of Sowerby, Halifax, Yorks.
School, Halifax. Matric. 1669; B.A. 1672-3.

BRAMOND, THOMAS. Adm. Fell.-Com. at Trinity, Mar. 27,

BRAMPTON, CHARLES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Mar. 26,
1674. Of Suffolk. Matric. 1674. Probably s. and h. of William,
of Pulham, Norfolk, adm. at Gray's Inn, Feb. 5, 1676-7.

BRAMPTON, HENRY. Matric. pens, from Pembroke, Easter,
1578; B.A. 1582-3; M.A. 1586; B.D. 1595. Fellow, c. 1584.
V. of Foxton, Cambs., 1593. R. of Foulmire, 1604-9. Buried
there Oct. 15, 1609.

BRAMPTON, JOHN. B.Can.L. 1481-2. Perhaps the John Bram-
ston adm. at King's, as scholar from Eton, 1470. V. of
Hinxton, Cambs., 1493-9. Died 1499.

BRAMPTON, RICHARD. B.A. 1484-5. M.A. 1489. Of Norwich
diocese. Fellow of Pembroke, 1488. Proctor, 1493-4. V. of
Tilney, Norfolk, 1496. Died 1510. (Loder.)

BRAMPTON, THOMAS. Scholar at King's Hall, 1388. Died
July 8, 1389.

BRAMPTON, THOMAS. Matric. sizar from St Edmund's
Hostel, Michs. 1544.

BRAMPTON, WILLIAM Adm. at Caius (age 17), June 27,
1580. Eldest s. of Anthony, gent., of Fritton, Suffolk.
School, Norwich. Resident, 1581. Will proved, 1586; late
of Furnival's Inn. (Venn, 1. 107.)

BRAMPTON, . Paid fee for M.A., or higher degree, 1479-80.

(? John, above.)

from Queens', Easter, 1658. Of Essex. S. of Sir John, of
Screens, Shelton, Essex, K.B. B. Sept. 26, 1640. Of Screens,
Esq. Died Jan. 26, 1722. Father of John (1699) and
Thomas (1707). (Le Neve, Knights, 15; Essex Pedigrees.)

BRAMPSTON, FRANCIS. Matric. pens, from Queens', Easter,
1634. S. of Sir John (1593), Justice, King's Bench. School,
Cripplegate (Thos. Farneby). B.A. 1636-7 ; M.A. 1640. Fellow.
Adm. at the Middle Temple, 1634. Barrister, 1642. Travelled
in France and Italy, 1642-6. Counsel to the University,
1665. Bencher, Middle Temple, 1668. Knighted, 1678. Baron
of the Exchequer, 1678; dismissed, 1679. Died Mar. 27, 1683.
Buried at Roxwell, Essex. Brother of Mundeford (1632).

BRAMSTON, GEORGE. Adm. scholar at Trinity Hall (pre-
viously at Queens', 1668), June 4, 1670. S. of Sir Mundeford
(1632) Knt., of Gt Baddow, Essex. Matric. 1670; LL.B. 1674;
LL.D. 1682. Fellow of Trinity Hall, 1672-96. Master, 1703-
10. Vice-Chancellor, 1703-4. Official of Middlesex and
Surrey. Deputy judge of the Admiralty. Died June 3, 1710;
in Doctors' Commons. Brother of William (1672-3). (Trin.
Hall College Hist., 164; Le Neve, Knights, 15; Essex Pedi-

BRAMSTON, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Queens', Mar. 7, 1719-
20. Of Middlesex. Matric. 1720. Perhaps s. of Thomas.
Probably of Waterhouse, Essex. Died July 18, 1761. (Essex
Pedigrees; G. Mag.)

BRAMPSTON, JOHN. Adm. Fell. -Com. at Jesus, 1593- S. of
Roger, of Borebam, Essex. B. at Maldon. School, Maldon.
Matric. c. 1593, as Bramston. Adm. at the Middle Temple.
Barrister. Counsel to the University, 1607. Reader, 1623.
Serjeant-at-Law, 1623. Knighted, 1634. Chief Justice, King's
Bench, 1635. Died Sept. 22, 1654. Buried at Roxwell, Essex.
Father of Francis (1634) and Mundeford (1632). (D.N.B.;
Essex Pedigrees.)

BRAMSTON, JOHN. Matric Fell. -Com. from King's, Easter,
1695. Probably same as the next.

BRAMPSTON, JOHN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's, June
17, 1699. S. of Anthony (1658), Esq. B. at Screens, Roxwell,
Essex. School, Eton. Married and had issue. Died Aug. 17,
1718. See the above. (Le Neve, Knights, 15 ; Essex Pedigrees.)

BRAMSTON, JOHN. Adm. pens, at St Catharine's, June 1,
1713. S. of William (1672-3), D.D., Preb. of Worcester.
Matric. 1713; B.A. 1716-7; M.A. 1720. Ord. deacon (London)
Dec. 20, 1719; priest, Nov. 20. 1720. R. of Woodham Walter,
Essex, 1720-32. R. of Theydon Garnon, 1722-32. Died 1732.
Brother of William (1706).


Bramston, Mundeford

BRAMSTON, MUNDEFORD. Matric. pens, from Queens',

Easter, 1632. S. of Sir John (1593), Chief Justice, King's

Bench. LL.B. from Trinity Hall, 1637; LL.D. 1660 {Lit.

Reg.). Fellow of Trinity Hall, 1636-9. Adm. at the Middle

Temple, Sept. 1634. Master in Chancery, 1660-76. Chancellor

of Winchester. Knighted, May 12, 1661. Of Little Baddow,

Essex. Died Oct. 1679. Father of George (1670), and William

(1673-3). (Le Neve, Knights, 14; Essex Pedigrees.)
BRAMSTON, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Pembroke,

Oct 11, 1707. S. of Anthony (1658), of Skreens, Roxwell,

Essex. Matric. 1708. Of Skreens, Esq. Married and had

issue. M.P. for Maldon, 1712-34; also M.P. for Essex, 1734-

47. Died Nov. 14, 1765. Brother of John (1693). (G. Mag.;

Essex Pedigrees.)
BRAMSTON, WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from Queens', Easter,

1639. Of Essex. B.A. from Magdalene, 1643-4. Perhaps

s. of William, of Halstead, Essex, age 13 in 1634. Ord.

deacon (Lincoln) June 16, 1644. (Vis. of Essex, 1634.)
BRAMSTON, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Queens', Feb. 14,

1672-3. S. of Sir Mundeford (1632), Knt., of Essex. Matric.

1673; B.A. 1676-7; M.A. 1680; D.D. 1705 (Com. Reg.).

Fellow, 1678-87. Ord. deacon and priest (London) Dec. 21,

1679. Preb. of Wells, 1704-35. Preb. of Worcester, 1713.

R. of Woodham Walter, Essex, 1686-1720. R. of Willingale

Spain, 1686-1708. R. of St Christopher, London, 1708-35.

P.C. of Mortlake, 1720-35. Died Aug. 25, 1735. Admon.

(P.C.C.) 1735. Brother of George (1670), father of William

(1706). (Essex Pedigrees.)
BRAMSTON, WILLIAM. Adm. pens, at Queens', June 8, 1706.

Of Middlesex. S. of William (above). Matric 1706; B.A.

1709-10, istin the ordo; M.A. 1713; LL.D. 1717 (Com. Reg.).

Commissary of the University, 1717. Died Dec. 16, 1734.

Brother of John (1713). (Essex Pedigrees; G. Mag.)

BRAMPSTON, . M.A. 1517-8.

BRAMSON, HENRY. Matric. sizar from Magdalene, Miens.

BRAMSON, . Matric. pens, from Christ's, e. 1597. Perhaps

s. of Roger, of Boreham, Essex, adm. at the Middle Temple,

Oct. a6, 1597. (Peile, 1. 228.)
BRAMWELL, GEORGE. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Trinity, Mar.

2i, 1740-1. S. of William, of Penrith, Cumberland. School,

Heversham, Westmorland. Matric. 1741; Scholar, 1744;

B.A. 1744-5; M.A. 1748. R. of Hurworth, Durham, 1761-84.

Buried there May 8, 1784. (H. M. Wood.)
BRANCH, CHRISTOPHER. Scholar or fellow of King's Hall,

BRANCH, ROBERT DE. LL.B. Master of Trinity Hall,

1384-1413. Perhaps will proved (P.C.C.) 1420.
BRANCHE, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from St John's, Miens.

1570. One of these names, of Staple Inn, adm. at Gray's Inn,

Nov. 7, 1576.
BRANCHE, W. B.Can.L. 1496.
BRANCH, W. B.A. 1498-9; M.A. 1502.
BRANDE, ALEXANDER. Resident pens, at Queens', Aug.

BRAND, HENRY (Belgicus). M.A. 1629.
BRANDE, JAMES. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Easter,

BRAND, JAMES. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Caius, May 14, 1670;

readmitted as Fell. -Com., July 1. S. of William, gent., of

Polstead Hall, Suffolk. School, Boxford. Matric. 1670. Adm.

at Gray's Inn, May 3, 1676. Of Polstead, Suffolk, Esq.

Father of the next. (Venn, 1. 442; Vis. of Suffolk, 1664.)

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