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1648-9. S. of John. Of Dedham, Essex. Matric. 1649; B. A.
1652-3; M.A. 1656; B.D. 1663; D.D. 1683. Fellow, 1655.
R. of Thurcaston, Leics., 1667-1700. Died Mar. 12, 1700,
aged 69. Father of the next. (Nichols, in. 1049.)

ALFOUNDER, ROBERT. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Mar. 17,
1702-3. Of Thurcaston, Leics. S. of above. Matric. 1704;
B.A. 1706-7; Fellow, 1709; M.A. 1710; B.D. 1717. Ord.
deacon (Peterb.) Sept. 23, 1710. R. of N. Luffenham, Ruts.,
for 33 years. Died Mar. 29, 1755. {Nichols, 111. 1049.)

ALEPH, EDWARD. Matric. pens, from Clare as Aliffe, Michs.

ALEPH, GILES. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs. 1559; B.A.

1562-3; M.A. 1566. Fellow. Perhaps Giles Aylett, R. of

Sutton, Essex, 1593-1629. Died 1629.

ALEPH, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Pembroke, Easter,

ALEPH, WILLIAM. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1548.


Edinburgh, Apr. 23, 1500. Graduated at St Andrews. An
early reformer. Imprisoned at St Andrews, but escaped to
Wittenberg, 1533, where he made the friendship of Luther
and Melancthon. Invited to England by Cranmer, 1535.
For a time appointed by the King to lecture at Cambridge;
where he was a member of Queens' College. Afterwards
in London. Returned about 1540 to Germany. Died at
Leipsic, Mar. 17, 1565-6. For an account of his theological
writings, see D.N.B. (Cooper, 1. 239.)



ALEXANDER, BENJAMIN. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Sidney,
Feb. 25, 1634-5. S. of Joseph, baker. B. at Bury St Edmunds.
School, Bury. Matric. 1635; B.A. 1638-9.

ALEXANDER, CHARLES. B.A. 1634 (Incorp. from Oxford).
B.A. from Exeter College, Oxford, 1633: 'eq. aur.fiV

ALEXANDER, EDWARD. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Easter,

ALEXANDER, EDWARD. Adm. at King's, a scholar from
Eton, Aug. 23, 1626, aged 17. B. at Winchester. Matric.
pens. 1626; B.A. 1630-1; M.A. 1634; Fellow, 1629-35. In
Holy Orders.

ALEXANDER, EDWARD. Matric. sizar from Corpus Christi,
Easter, 1648. S. of Edward, draper, of Canterbury. School,
Canterbury. Migrated to St John's, Apr. 4, 1651, age 18.
B.A. 1651-2. R. of Wickham, Kent, 1654; ejected 1662.
(Calamy, 11. 71.)

ALEXANDER, GEORGE. Matric. pens, from Pembroke,
Easter, 1571. B.A. 1573-4; M.A. 1577. Fellow, 1574.

ALEXANDER, JAMES. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Pembroke,
March 16, 1732-3- S. of Maurice (1703-4), R. of Coney
Weston, Suffolk. Matric. 1733.

ALEXANDER, JEROME. Adm. pens, at Caius, Sept. n, 1609,
age 15. S. of Jerome, gent., of Thorpland, Norfolk. B. at
Gressenhall. School, Aylsham. Matric. 1609. Adm. at
Lincoln's Inn, 1616. Barrister-at-law. Fled to Ireland, 1655.
Knighted, 1660. Puisne Judge of Common Pleas (Ireland),
1660. Author. Died June 25, 1670. (Venn, 1. 304.)

ALEXANDER, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi,
Easter, 1637. Of Suffolk. S. of Thomas. B.A. 1639-40; M.A.

1643. Ord. deacon (Norwich) June 1; priest, June 16,

1644. R. of Alderton, Suffolk, 1648. R. of Otley, Suffolk,
UH1661. Died Apr. 10, 1661, aged 42. M.I. at Framlingham.
(Loder, 310.)

ALEXANDER, JOHN. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, May 27, 1717.
Of Suffolk. Matric. 1717; B.A. 1721-2. Ord. deacon (Nor-
wich) Dec. 24, 1721; priest, June 1723. C. of Bedingfield.
Suffolk. R. of Athelington, 1730. R. of Tattington and
Brundish, 1731.

ALEXANDER, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 20) at Caius, May 2,
1744- S. of Anthony, tanner, late of Norwich. B. there.
School, Norwich. Matric. 1744; Scholar, 1744-51; B.A.
1747-8. Ord. deacon (Norwich) Mar. 6, 1747; as C. of
WordwclJ; priest, Sept. 23, 1750; as C. of Swannington,
Norfolk. R. of Gunton, 1768-73. V. of Suffield. 1768-73.
Died 1773. (Venn, 11. 54.)

ALEXANDER, JOSEPH. Matric. sizar from Queens', Michs.
1670. Of Bury, Suffolk. School, Bury. Migrated to Clare.
B.A. 1673-4; M.A. 1677- Ord. deacon (Norwich) Dec. 18,
1675; priest, Aug. 4, 1677. R. of Ickworth and Chedburgh,
Suffolk, 1692-1719. Died at Bury, May 30, 1719.

Alger, Daniel

ALEXANDER, JOSEPH. Adm. pens, (age 18) at Caius, July 6,
1714- S. of Joseph, clerk, of Bury St Edmunds, R. of
Ickworth. B. at Horningsheath, Suffolk. School, Bury.
Matric. 1714; Scholar, 1714-19; LL.B. 1719. Died May 31,
1733- Buried at Ickworth. M.I. there. (Venn, 11. 3.)

ALEXANDER, JOSEPH. Adm. sizar at Christ's. Jan. 20,
1714-5- B. at Bury St Edmunds. School, Bury. Matrir.
1715; Scholar, 1716; B.A. 1718-9; M.A. 1724. Ord. deacon
(Norwich) Feb. 1718-9; priest, June 1720. R. of Stonham
Parva, Suffolk, 1725. R. of Wortham, 1739. (Peile, 11. 185.)

ALEXANDER, MAURICE. Adm. sizar (age 19) at Pembroke,
Feb. 9, 1703-4. S. of Waldegrave, of Badingham, Suffolk,
gent. Matric. 1704; B.A. 1707-8; M.A. 1712. Ord. deacon
(Norwich) Mar. 1708-9; priest, Sept. 24, 1709. R. of Coney-
Weston, Suffolk, 1709.

ALEXANDER, ROBERT. Matric. pens, from Clement's
Hostel, Easter, 1544. One of these names R. of Weeley,
Essex, 1559-80. Died 1580.

ALEXANDER, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Sept. n,
1634. Of Suffolk. S. and h. of Thomas, of Framlingham,
Suffolk. Matric. 1634. Adm. at Gray's Inn, from Staple Inn,
Feb. 5, 1639-40. Barrister, 1645. Of Framlingham, Esq.
Married Elizabeth, dau. of John Waldegrave, of Badingham.
Died Apr. 18, 1658, aged 40. (Vis. of Suff. 1664.)

ALEXANDER, THOMAS. Adm. pens, (age 15) at Pembroke.
Apr. 26, 1666. S. of Benjamin. B. in London. Matric. 1667;
B.A. 1669-70; M.A. 1673. Fellow, 1671-3. Ord. deacon
(Lond.) June, 1674. R- of Latchingdon, Essex, 1680. Lec-
turer at Ipswich. Died 1712.

ALEXANDER , WALDEGRAV E . Adm. pens, at St Catharine's,
1665-6. S. and h. of Thomas, of Framlingham, Suffolk, Esq.,
above. B. Apr. 17, 1650. Adm. at Gray's Inn, Feb. 7,
1661-2. Of Badingham, Suffolk. Married Jane, dau. of
Maurice Skelton. (Vis. of Suff . 1664; Le Neve, M on. iv. 59.)

ALEXANDER, WILLIAM. M.A. 1624 (Lit. Reg.).

ALIEN, JOHN. Franciscan friar. B.D. of Cambridge. Incorp.
at Oxford, 1459.

ALLFIELD, RICHARD. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Peterhouse,
May 13, 1639. Of Peterborough. Scholar, 1640; B.A. 1642-3.
Ord. deacon and priest (Lincoln) July 28, 1646. One of these
names (called M.A.) R. of Graffham, Hunts., 1667-89.
R. of Welborne, Norfolk, 1646. Died 1689.

ALFIELD or AWFIELD, ROBERT. Adm. at King's, a scholar
from Eton, Aug. 15, 1532, age 18. B. at Eton. B.A. 1535-6.
Fellow, 1535-e. 1539. Assistant at Eton. Master of Gloucester
School. Father of the next.

ALFIELD or AWFYLD, THOMAS. Adm. at King's, a scholar
from Eton, 1568. S. of Robert, above B. at Gloucester,
1552. Matric. 1568; B.A. 1572-3. Fellow of King's, 1571-5.
Appeared first at Douay, Sept. 8, 1576. Returned thither,
1580. Ord. priest (Chalons) Mar. 4, 1580-1. Sent to England
soon after. Apprehended and convicted. Hanged at Tyburn,
July 6, 1585. (English Martyrs; D.N.B.)

AUFIELD, WILLIAM. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton,
July 8, 1618, age 16. B. in Cambridge. Matric. 1618; B.A.
1620-1; M.A. 1625. Fellow, 1 62 1 -8. Mathematical reader in
the University. Resigned his fellowship for a living. (Har-

ALFORD, FRANCIS. Scholar of Trinity, 1548. B.A. 1548-9,
as Awlforde. Incorporated at Oxford. M.A. (Oxford) 1552.
Supplic. for D.C.L. 1560. V. of Croxton, Cambs., 1557.
(Fasti, 158; A I. Oxon.)

ALFORD, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Pembroke, Easter, 1545.
One of these names R. of Stondon Massey, Essex,

ALFORD or HAWFORD, ROBERT. Adm. sizar at Sidney,
July 6, 1619. S. of Robert Hawford, R. of Brigsley, Lines.
B. there. Matric. 1619; B.A. 1622-3. Ord. deacon (Peterb.)
July 29; priest, July 30, 1624. V. of Sleaford, Lines.,
1630-4; 'M.A.' (Trollope, Sleaford, 145).

ALFORD, THEOPHILUS. M.A. 1640 (Incorp. from Oxford).
S. of John, of Ashton, Devon, clerk. Matric. (Oxford) July
11, 1634, age 17; B.A. 1635-6; M.A. 1638. V. of St
Stephen, Coleman Street, 1661; and of S. Weald, Essex,
1662. (Al. Oxon.)

ALFORD, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, 1623. Matric.
Easter, 1623; B.A. 1626-/; M.A. 1630. S. of Thomas, of
Coventry. (Lond. Vis. 1634.)

ALFRAY, THOMAS. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Oct. 27, 1632.
Matric. 1632, as 'Atfray.' Of Sussex. S. and h. of Richard,
of Catsfield, Esq. Adm. at Gray's Inn, July 20, 1633. Age
18 in 1634. (Sussex Vis. 1634.)

ALGER, DANIEL. Adm. sizar at St Catharine's, June 25,
1679. Matric. 1682; B.A. 1682-3; M.A. 1686. Ord. priest
(London), Sept. 20, 1685. V of Wethcrsfield, Suffolk.


Algor, Richard

ALGOR, RICHARD. Adm. sizar at Jesus, Oct. 21, 1668. Of
Suffolk. Matric. 1668; B.A. 1672-3. Ord. deacon (Norwich)
Jan. 1672-3-

ALGORE, . Paid fee for M.A. or higher degree, 1460-1.


ALKIN, JOHN. Adm. sizar (age 20) at Trinity, June 28, 1693.
S. of Thomas. B. at Crakemarsh, Uttoxeter, Staffs. School,

ALKIN, JOHN. M.A. from Clare, 1710. S. of Samuel, of
Fostell, Derbs. Matric. from Pembroke College, Oxford,
May 13, 1700, age 19; B.A. (Oxford) 1704. V. of N. Mimms,
Herts., 1707-49. Died May 5, 1749, aged 69. (Al. Oxon.)

ALLKIN, THOMAS. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Trinity, June 14,
1688. S. of Thomas. B. at Spath, Staffs. School, Uttoxeter.
Matric. 1688; B.A. 1691-2.

ALLAINBRIOGE, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Easter,

ALLALEY or ALLYLEY, J AMES. Matric. pens, from St John's,
Easter, 1576. Of Lincoln diocese. Ord. deacon (Lincoln)
Aug. 19, 1585.

ALLALEY or HALLILEY, ROBERT. Matric. sizar from Mag-
dalene, Michs. 1575. One of these names R. of Stenigot,
Lines., 1587-1628. R. of Little Ludford. Ord. priest (London)
Dec. 21, 1577: 'bred in the schools.' (Lib. Cler. Lincoln.)

ALLAM, ANDREW. Incorp. B.A. 1675, from St Edmund's
Hostel, Oxford; and M.A. 1678. S. of Andrew, of Garsington,
Oxon. Matric. (Oxford) May 5, 1671, age 16; B.A. (Oxford)
1674-5; M.A. 1677. Died June 17, 1685. (Al. Oxon.)

ALLAM, JOHN. Matric. sizar from Jesus, c. 159a.

ALLAM, THOMAS. Incorp. M.A. 1671, from Balliol College,
Oxford. Fellow of Balliol. Matric. (Oxford), Nov. 9, 1650;
B.A. (Oxford), 165a; M.A. 1655. Died Aug. 17, 1671. (Al.


ALLANSON, CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's,
May 6, 1680. S. of Charles, gent. B. at Craike, Yorks.
School, E. Newton (private). Adm. at the Middle Temple,
Nov. i, 1 68a. Of St Andrew's, Holborn. Secretary to Lord
Chancellor Cowper. Died about 1745. (M. H. Peacock.)

ALANSON, CHRISTOPHER. Adm. Fell. -Com. (age 16) at
St John's, Dec. 19, 1657. S. of Edmund, Esq., of Middlesex.
B. there. School, Bromley, Kent. Adm. at the Inner
Temple, 1657.

ALANSON or ALLISON, EDWARD. Adm. sizar (age 15) at
Magdalene, Mar. a6, 1678-9. S. of Thomas, mercer,
deceased. B. at Chorley, Lanes. School, Blackburn. Matric.
1679, as Allison; B.A. 1683-3; M.A. 1686. V. of Newton-
in-Makerfield, 1686. R. of Clifton Reynes, Bucks. R. of
Hardmead, 1729-45. Buried Aug. 15, 1745.

ALANSON, JAMES. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Caius, Mar. 29,
1716. S. of Joseph, R. of Frettenham, Norfolk. B. there.
School, Norwich. Matric. 1716; B.A. 1720-1; Scholar,
1716-21. Ord. deacon (Chichester) Dec. 23, 1722; priest
(Norwich) June 29, 1723; as C. of Waxham and Blickling,
Norfolk (Venn, 11. 5.).

ALLASON, JOHN. M.A. from Trinity, 1738. S. of John, of
St Michael, Worcester. Matric. from Balliol College, Oxford,
July 3, 1712, age 18; B.A. (Oxford) 1716. R. of St Helen,
Worcester, 1720. (A I. Oxon.)

ALANSON, ROBERT. M.A. 1726. S. of Edward, of Newton,
Lanes., clerk. Matric. (Brasenose College, Oxford) Feb. 14,
1718-9, age 17; B.A. (Oxford), 172a. (Al. Oxon.)

ALLANSON or ALINSON.THOMAS. Matric. sizar from Emmanuel,
Michs. 1606. B. at Killam, Yorks. B.A. 1610-1. Ord. deacon
(London) Feb. 17, 1610- 1, age 25. C. of St Olave, Hart St,
London. One Tho. Allanson, R. of Hasneld, Gloucs., 1626-
63. But see Al. Oxon. for a contemporary. (F. S. Hockaday.)

ALLARD, JOHN. Matric. pens, from Clare, Easter, 1568.

ALLARD, RICHARD. Matric. pens, from Clare, Easter, 1563.


ALLATT, CH AMBERLAINB. Adm. pens, (age 17) at St John's,
Oct. 31, 1713. S. of Thomas, citizen of London. B. there.
School, Westminster. Matrie. 1713; B.A. 1717-8.

ALLAT or ALLET, RICHARD. Matric. pens, from Clare, Lent,
1564-5; B.A. 1568-9.

ALLAT, THOMAS. Matric. pens, from Clare, Lent, 1564-5.


ALLDE, JONATHAN. Adm. pens, at Caius, July 3, 161 1. S. of
Edward, of St Giles Cripplegate, printer. School, Merchant
Taylors'. Matric. 1611. Took up his freedom as a stationer,
July 1, 1616. (Venn, 1. 213.)

ALLEN or ALLEYNE, ABEL. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Trinity,
July 5, 1705. S. of Thomas, of the Barbadoes, West Indies.
School, Blackheath, Kent. Matric. 1705; B.A. 1708-9.

Allen, Cuthbert

ALLEYN or ALLEN, ABRAHAM. Matric. sizar from Trinity,
Easter, i6a8; B.A. 1631-3; M.A. 1635; D.D. 1668 (Lit. Reg.).
Incorp. at Oxford, 1669. V. of Witham-on-the-Hill, Lines.,
1641. R. of Wymondham, 1648; and of W. Meon, Hants.,
1660. Preb. of Wells, 1 673-80. (A I. Oxon.)

ALLEN, ALEXANDER. Matric. sizar from Queens' Michs.
1616. Of Lines. B.A. from St Catharine's, 1619-30. Ord.
deacon (Peterborough) Sept. 3i ; priest, Sept. 33, 1628. V. of
Cockerington St Leonard, Lines., 1641.

ALLEN, ANDREW. M.A. 1615-6 (Incorp. from Oxford).
(In Al. Oxon. he is called 'M.A. of Cambr. ; incorp. at Oxf.';
and as B.D. (Oxf.) 1633.) One of these names R. of Pen-
Selwood, Somerset, 1636-8. Obtained a license, May 15,
1633, to go to France as tutor to the sons of Sir John Strange-
ways. (H. G. Harrison.)

ALEYN, ANTHONY. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Michs.
1561; B.A. 1565-6. Ord. deacon (Norwich) June II, 1568.
V. of Burrough-on-the-HiH, Leics., till 1578 (deprived). One
of these names, s. of Thomas, of Wellen, Bucks., suc-
ceeded his father at Wellen. (Vis. of Bucks. 1634.)

ALLEN, ANTHONY. Adm. at King's, a scholar from Eton,
1703. B. at Much Hadham, Herts. Matric. 1704; B.A. 1707-8;
M.A. 1711. Fellow, 1706. Adm. at the Middle Temple, Oct.
36,1704. S. of William, of Much Hadham, deceased. Barrister-
at-Law. Master in Chancery, 1738-54. J. P. for Surrey. Died
Apr. 11, 1754. Buried in the Temple Church. Antiquary;
compiled a list of Etonians. (Harwood, a86; D.N.B.)

ALLIN, ASHURST. M.A. from Emmanuel, 1739. S. of Richard
of Somerleyton, Suffolk, Bart. Matric. from Christ Church,
Oxford, Dec. 5, 1737, age 18; B.A. (Oxford), 1731. His
father, Richard Anguish (1685), took the name Allin, and was
created Bart. R. of Somerleyton, Blundeston and Flixton,
Suffolk, 1733-70. Succeeded as Bart. 1765. Died Nov. 6,
1770. (Al. Oxon.; Burke, Ext. Bart.)

ALLEN, BARTHOLOMEW. Matric. pens, from Queens',
Easter, 1566.

ALLEN, BENJAMIN. Adm. pens, at Queens', Ap. 20, 1681.
Of Somerset. M.B. 1688.

ALLEN, BENJAMIN. Adm. pens, at Queens', June 26, 1716.
Of Essex. Perhaps the same as next.

ALLEN, BENJAMIN. Adm. pens, (age 19) at Trinity, May 9,
1719. S. of Benjamin, of Braintree, Essex. School, Braintree.

ALLEN, BENJAMIN. Adm. (age 19) at Sidney, June 4, 1751.
S. of John, M.D., of Bridgwater, Somerset. School, Bridg-
water. Matric. 1751. M.P. for Bridgwater, 1768, 1774 and
1780 (but this Return amended in 1781 by substituting
another name). Died Oct. 1791.

ALLEN, CHARLES. Adm. sizar at Sidney, Jan. 26, 1617-8
B. inCambs. Matric. 1618; B.A. 1631-3; M.A. 1635. Poet,
and author. Master at St Giles' School, Cripplegate. Tutor
to Sir Edw. Sherburne. Died 1640. Buried at S. Andrew's,
Holborn. (D.N.B.)

ALLEYN, CHARLES. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's,
Mar. 4, 1685-6. S. of Giles, D.D. B. at Huntingdon. School,
Felstead, Essex. Matric. 1686-7. Matric. also at Lincoln
College, Oxford, Dec. 10, 1686, age 17, as s. of Giles, of
Wansford, Northants., clerk.

ALLEN, CHARLES. Adm. sizar at Emmanuel, Jan. 5, 1733-3.
Of Leics. School, Oakham. Matric. 1733; B.A. 1736-7;
M.A. 1765. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) June 5, 1737; priest,
Dec. si, 1740. Perhaps R. of Little Dunham, Norfolk, 1748
-83. R. of Sutton Bonnington, Notts, for 40 years. V. of
Tugby, Leics., 1774-95. Died Oct. 25, 1795- (Nichols, 111.

ALLEN, CHARLES. Adm. sizar (age 17) at Trinity, May 16,
1740. S. of Edward, of Uttoxeter, Staffs. School, Uttoxeter.
Matric. 1740; Scholar, 1743; B.A. I743~4; M.A. 1747. Ord.
priest (Norwich) Dec. 1745. C. of Fakenham, Norfolk.
Perhaps V. of Helhoughton, Norfolk, 1748- 69. V. of Rainham,

ALLEN, CHRISTOPHER. Adm. sizar at Caius, Oct. 20, 1593,
age 16. B. at Burnham, Norfolk. S. of John. School, Lynn.
Matric. 1593; B.A. 1597-8; Ord. priest (Norwich) Jan.
1600-1. V. of Stoke Holy Cross, 1602. (Venn, 1. 150.)

ALLEN, CUTHBERT. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Christ's, Apr. 5,
1669. S. of John. B. at Snaisbolme, Yorks. School, Kirkby
Lonsdale. Brother of Thomas (1669). Matric. 1669; B.A.
1672-3; M.A 1676. Ord. deacon (York) Sept. 21; priest,
Sept. 2&, 1673. V. of Hornby, Yorks., 1684-1716. A non-
juror. (Peili, 11. 20.)

ALLEN, CUTHBERT. Adm. sizar (age si) at St John's, June 30,
1738. S. of John, husbandman, of Richmond, Yorks. B. at
Snaisholme in Aisgarth. School, Scorton, Yorks. Matric.
1738; B.A. 1741-2 Ord. deacon (Chester) Sept. 19; priest,
Dec. 19, 1742. P.C. of Forcett, Yorks., 1749. V. of Wooler,
Northumb., 1755-79. P¬ЂC. of Lucker, in 1770. Married, at
Newcastle, May 9, 1758, Martha Wilkie. Buried Sept. 3, 1779.
(Scott-Mayor, m. 494.)


Allen, David

ALLEN, DAVID. Of Pembroke Hall. Licensed to practise
medicine, 1595. See Al. Oxon. for a cleric of these names,
V. of Brix worth, Northants.

ALLEN, DAVID. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Trinity Hall,
Dec. 28, 1729; LL.B. 1729. Doubtless s. of David, of Fob-
stone, Pembrokeshire, gent., matric. from Queen's College,
Oxford, Dec. 4, 1723, age 18. V. of Mathry, Pembs.,
1732. (Al. Oxon.)

ALLEN, EDMUND. Of Norfolk. B.A.fromCoRPUS,i534-5;M.A.
*537- Probably ord. deacon (Lincoln) Apr. 1, 1536. A learned
protestant divine. Fellow of Corpus Christi, 1536. Travelled
and studied abroad for three or four years. Chaplain to
Princess Elizabeth, 1549. Retired from England during the
reign of Queen Mary. Nominated to See of Rochester,
but died before consecration. Buried at St Thomas Apostle,
London, Aug. 30, 1559. Probably B.D. of some foreign
University. (Cooper, 1. 198; D.N.B.)

ALLYN, ED. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Easter, 1567.

ALLEN, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Caius, Apr. 25, 1633, age 16.
S. of Edmund. B. at Aylsham, Norfolk. School, Aylsham.
Matric. 1633; Scholar, 1635-40; B.A. 1636-7; M.A. 1640.
Ord. priest (Norwich) June 12, 1642. R. of Hethel, Norfolk,
1659-83. Died May 5, 1683. (Venn, 1. 309.)

ALLEN or ALLEYNE, EDMUND. Adm. sizar (age 16) at Sidney,
May 18, 1637. S. of George, M.D. B. in Hertford. School,
Gt Mundon. Matric. 1637; B.A. 1640-1. Perhaps ord. deacon
and priest (Lincoln) Sept. 14, 1645 ; as ' Edward Allen, B.A. *
V. of St Ippolitt's, Herts., 1646.

ALLEN, EDMUND. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1647 Perhaps s.
of Edmund of Little-Leighs, Essex, and grandson of Sir
Edward of Hatfield, Bart. B. 1632. Succeeded as Bart. 1638.
Died Nov. 2, 1656. (Morant, 11. 131; G.E.C.)

ALLEN, EDMUND. Adm. pens, at Clare, June 22, 1709.
B. in London. Matric. 1709; B.A. 1712-3.

ALLEYN, EDWARD. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Apr. 25, 1599.

ALLEN, EDWARD. Adm. sizar at Jesus, May 2, 1623. Matric.
1623; B.A. 1626-7; M.A. 1630.

ALLEN, EDWARD. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Peterhouse,
June 30, 1654. Of London. School, St Paul's. Matric. 1654;
Scholar, 1655; B.A. 1657-8; M.A. 1661. Fellow, 1661-4. Ord.
deacon (Lincoln) July 15 ; priest, July 18, 1661. (T. A. Walker,

ALYN, FRANCIS. Matric. Fell.-Com. from Trinity Hall,
Easter, 1551.

ALLEN, FRANCIS. Matric. pens, from Trinity, Easter, 1586.
B. at Stoke Rochfort, Lines., c. 1570. B.A. (? 1589-90);
M.A 1593. Fellow, 1591. Ord. deacon and priest (Peter-
borough) Dec. 2, 1599. R. of Gt Ponton, Lines., 1602-24.
University preacher, 1604. Perhaps R. of Bottesford, Lei-
cester, 1621, but see Al. Oxon. for another.

ALLEN, FRANCIS. Adm. pens, (age 17) at Trinity, July 5,
x 735- S. of Joseph, schoolmaster, of Macclesfield, Cheshire.
School, Macclesfield. Matric. 1736; Scholar, 1737; B.A.

ALLEN, GEOFFREY. Probably B.A. 1503-4; M.A. 1506.
Preacher, 1512-3. Principal of St William's Hostel, 1505.
Fellow of Jesus till his death c. Dec. 1517. (A. Gray.)

ALLEN, GEORGE. Matric. pens, from Magdalene, Michs. 1564.

ALLEN, GEORGE. Matric. pens, from Jesus, Easter, 1586;
B.A. 1589-90; M.A. 1593. V. of Gretton, Northants., 1592.

ALLEN, GEORGE. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Michs. 1598.

ALLEN, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Caius, Nov. 8, 1613, age 16
Of Hartford, Devon. S.of John, gent. Matric. 1 614; Scholar,
1614-21; B.A. 1617-8; M.A. 1621. R. of Lapford, Devon,
1623-37. Died 1637. (Venn, 1. 223.)

ALLEN, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Michs. 1626.
Matric. 1627.

ALLAN, GEORGE. Adm. pens, (age 18) at St John's, Jan. 31,
1695-6. S. of Thomas, sailor. B. at Long Newton, near
Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, Aug. 6, 1677. School, Sedbergh.
Matric. 1696; B.A. 1699-1700.

ALLEN, GEORGE. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Aug. 25, 1705.
Of Essex.

ALLEN. GEORGE. Adm. sizar (age 20) at St John's, May 10,
1738. S. of Thomas, clerk, of Notts. B. at Mansfield. School,
Chesterfield. Matric. 1738. Ord. deacon (Lincoln) May 24,

ALLEN, GILBERT. Matric. sizar from Trinity, Michs. 161 1.
Ord. priest (Peterborough) Dec. 22, i6i6as'B.A.; Trin.Coll.'
From Moulton School, Lines. (Vict. Hist. 11. 485.)

ALLEYN, GILES. Adm. pens, from Emmanuel, Apr. 25, 1599-
B.A. 1602-3; M.A. 1606. Incorp. at Oxford, 1608. Ord.
deacon and priest (London) Dec. 20, 1612. V. of Mucking,

V. A. C. 17

Allen, John

Essex, 1615-42. R. of Litt'e Waltham, 1618-42. Minister of
Bocking, Essex; married Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Massam,
Nov. 13, 1615. (Al. Oxon.)

ALLEN, GILES. Adm. pens, (age 1;) at Christ's, Sept. 13,
1632. S. of Giles, R. of Lt. Waltham, Essex, above. B. there.
School, Waltham. Matric. 1633; B.A. 1636-7; M.A. 1640;
D.D. 1661 (Lit. Reg.). Ord. priest (Peterb.) Dec. 1641. R. of
Stibbington, Hunts., 1648-77. Will proved (V.C.C.) 1677.
(Peile, 1. 423.)

ALLEN or ALEYN, GILES. Adm. pens, (age 16) at St John's,
Oct. 2i, 1668. S.of Giles, D.D., of Stibbington, Hunts., above.
B. there. School, Tinwell. Matric. 1668; B.A. 1673.

ALEYN, GILES. Adm. pens, (age 15) at St John's, Dec. 10,
1674. S. of Giles, gent., deceased, of Hazeleigh, Essex.
B. there. School, Felstead. Matric. 1674-5.

ALYN, H. Matric. pens, from Peterhouse, Easter, 1559.

ALYN or ALLEN, HENRY. Matric. sizar from Queens', Michs.
1544 (impubes).

ALLEN, HENRY. Matric. pens, from Corpus Christi, Michs.
1575; B.A. 1578-9.

ALLEN or ALEYN, HENRY. Adm. at King's, a scholar from
Eton, Aug. 25, 1578, age 18. B. at Ightham(?), Kent,
c. 1560. Matric. 1578; B.A. 1582-3; M.A. 1586. Fellow,
1581-7. A ' courtier,' according to T. Hatcher. (Cooper, 11. 7.)

ALLEN, HENRY. M.A. 1610 (Incorp. from St Andrews).
Incorp. at Oxford (as M.A. of Cambridge), 1616. B.D.
(Oxford) 1616. V. of S. Brent, Somerset, 1612-21; of Buck-
land Newton, Dorset, 1621-4; and of Weare, Somerset,
1624-6. (Al. Oxon.)

ALLEN, HENRY. Matric. sizar from St John's, Easter, 1628;
B.A. 1633-4; M.A. 1638. Ord. priest (Peterb.) Sept. 25, 1636.

ALLEN, HENRY. Adm. at Corpus Christi, 1634. Of Bed-

ALLEN, HENRY. Adm. pens, at Jesus, Dec. 29, 1655. Of
Rutland. Matric. 1656; Scholar, 1657; B.A. 1659-60; M.A.
1663. Ord. priest (Lincoln) May 25, 1662.

ALLAYNE, HENRY. Adm. sizar (age 19) at St John's, Oct. 5,
1686. S. of Robert, gent. B. at York. School, York. One
of these names V. of Selby Abbey, 1598-1701. V. of Marton,
Yorks., 1 701-17.

ALLEN, HUGH, Matric. pens, from St John's, Michs. 1554.
One of these names R. of St Mary, Colchester, 1562. V. of
Tolleshunt Darcy, Essex, 1567-74-

ALLEYN, ISAAC. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Apr. 25, 1599-
B.A. (?i6o2-3); M.A. from Trinity, 1606. One of these names,
of Hazeleigh, Essex, adm. at the Inner Temple, Nov. 1608.
Will proved 1655. Probably brother of Giles (i599)- (Misc.
Gen. et Her. 2nd S. v. 327.)

ALEYN, ISAAC. Adm. pens, (age 16) at Christ's, July 6, 1659.
S. of Giles, gent., of Hazeleigh, Essex. School, Chelmsford.
Died in College, July 26, 1661. M.I. there. (Peile, 1. 588.)

ALLEN, JAMES. Adm. pens, at Emmanuel, Jan. 31, 1614-5.
One of these names V. of All Saints, Sudbury, 1627.

ALLEN, JAMES. Adm. sizar at Jesus, Aug. 16, 1667. Of
Herts. Matric. 1667; B.A. 1671-2; M.A. 1675-

ALLEN, JAMES. Adm. sizar (age 16) at St John's, June 3,
1706. S. of Leonard, husbandman. B. at Gaylc, Yorks.
School, Threshfield. Matric. 1707; B.A. 1710-1.

ALLEN, JAMES. Adm. scholar at Trinity Hall, Jan. 6,
1706-7. Matric. 1708; B.A. 1711-2; M.A. 1722. Ord. deacon,
(London) June 16, 1717; priest, June 8, 1718- One of these
names M.A., R. of Racton, Sussex, 1735.

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