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District Council, 1907. Practises as Solicitor in Manchester.

Waveney, Prestwich Park, Prestwich;
32, Brazennose Street, Manchester.

Chorlton, James Dewsbury (Owens}. Born January 13, 1873, at Withington,


B.Sc. (ist class Physics), 1894. M.Sc., 1897.
Barrister-at-Law. Has published The Rating of Land Values.

2, Garden Court, Temple, London, E.G.

Christian, Alexander Gladstone (Univ.}.
M.B., Ch.B., 1902.

c/o Bengal Coal Co., 5, Fairlie Place, Calcutta, India.

*Christophers, Samuel Rickard (Univ.}. Born November 27, 1873, at Liverpool.
M.B., Ch.B. (ist class Honours), 1896.
Liverpool University : M.B., Ch.B., 1907.
House Physician, Royal Infirmary, Liverpool, 1897-1898. Resident

Physician, Mill Road Infirmary, Liverpool, in 1898.
Member of the Malaria Commission of the Royal Society and Colonial
Office, 1898-1902. Entered Indian Medical Service, 1902. Now
Captain and Superintendent of the King Institute of Preventive
Medicine, Guindy, Madras. Joint author of The Practical Study
of Malaria and other Blood Parasites, 1903. Author of The Anatomy
and Histology of Ticks, 1906 ; and of other Scientific Memoirs.
The King Institute, Guindy, Madras Presidency ;
2, West Road, Albert Park, Liverpool.

Clague, Nessie Catherine.
B.A., 1905.

Assistant Mistress, Queenswood Girls' School, Clapham Park, London.
29, Roseneath Road, Urmston, Manchester.

Clark, Annie Moon (Owens}. Born April 22, 1875, a t Manchester.
B.A. (2nd class History), 1899. M.A., 1902.
Oxford University Teachers' Diploma, 1900.

Late Assistant Mistress at Wycombe Abbey School. History Mistress,
Manchester High School, since 1906.

Manchester High School, Dover Street.

Clark, Charles Bernard. Born February n, 1885, at Doncaster.
B.Sc. (2nd class Engineering), 1905.
In Engineering Works at Bedford. 16, Grafton Road, Bedford.


Clark, James (Yorks.). Born November 13, 1875, at Osmotherley, Yorks.
B.Sc., 1901.

Munich University : Ph.D., 1904.

Science Master, Sidcot School, 1901-1902. Head Master, Newtown
School, Waterford, 1906. Newtown School, Water ford, Ireland. \

*Clark, Nellie (Univ.). Born March 10, 1877, at Preston, Lanes.
B.A., 1898.

Liverpool University : B.A., 1904.

Assistant Teacher at Lancaster Pupil Teachers' Centre, 1898-1899.
Principal of Pupil Teachers' Centre, Middleton, 1899-1906. Head
Mistress of the Pupil Teacher and Preparatory School- for Girls,
Hastings, 1906.

Melrose House, Edmund Road, Clive Vale, Hastings.

*Clarke, Andrew Campbell (Owens). Born June 9, 1874, at Manchester.
M.B., Ch.B., 1901. M.D., 1905.
L.S.A., 1900.

In general practice since 1900, at Higher Broughton, Manchester*
District Medical Officer, Salford Royal Hospital, 1901. Medical
Referee, Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, 1905. Divisional
Police Surgeon for Broughton, 1906.

402, Bury New Road, Higher Broughton, Manchester.

Clarke, Harold. Born November 22, 1881, at Oldham.
B.Sc. (2nd class Physics), 1905.

Science Master, Fishguard County School, 1905-1906 ; Ashton-in-
Makerfield Grammar School since 1906.

10, Osborne Road, Ashton-in-Makerfield.

*Clarke, Henry Reginald (Owens). Born February 15, 1876, at Manchester.
M.B., Ch.B., 1899.

Formerly Senior and Junior Resident Medical Officer, St. Mary's
Hospitals, Manchester ; Junior House Surgeon, Bolton Infirmary.
Now Honorary Anaesthetist, Manchester Northern Hospital for
Women and Children.

364, Bury New Road, Higher Broughton, Manchester.

Clarke, James Bertram (Owens). Born November 29, 1874, at Manchester.
M.B.,Ch.B., 1897.

Formerly Civil Surgeon : Volunteer Surgeon-Lieutenant 22nd Company
Imperial Yeomanry, South Africa; Lieutenant R.A.M.C., 1901 ;
Captain, 1904.

c/o Messrs. Holt & Co., 3, Whitehall Place, London, S.W.

Clarke, James McFarlane (Owens'). Born January 28, 1857, at Bolton.
M.B., Ch.B., 1885.

M.R.C.S. (Eng.). L.R.C.P. (Lond.). L.S.A. (Lond.).

262C, King Street, Ravenscomb Park, London, W.

Clarke, John Hutton (Owens'). Born February 9, 1875, at Manchester.
B.Sc. (2nd class Chemistry), 1895. M.Sc., 1898.

In business, 1896-1902. Ordained Deacon, 1902 ; Priest, 1903, Man-
chester. Curate of St. Martin's, Castleton Moor, 1902-1907 ; of
St. Elisabeth, Reddish, since 1907.

2, Ainsdale Grove, Reddish, Stockport.


Clarke, Katherine. Born July 21, 1877, at Birmingham.
B.A., 1904.

Teachers' Diploma (Cambridge), 1906.

Assistant Mistress, Pupil Teachers' Centre, Bootle, Liverpool, 1904-1906.
English Mistress, Uplands School, St. Leonards-on-Sea, since
1907. 37, York Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Clarkson, Jessie Dewrance. Born November 12, 1882, at Barrow-in-Furness.
B.A. (ist class History), 1904. Teacher's Diploma (Withers Prize),

1905. M.A., 1906.
Assistant Mistress at Manchester High School for Girls, 1905-1906.

Croslands Park Road, Barrow-in-Furness.

Clarkson, Leonard (Junior). Born May 16, 1887, at Moss Side, Manchester.
B.A. (2nd class Modern Languages), 1907.

6, Florence Street, Moss Side, Manchester.

Classen, Ernest. Born February 9, 1881, at Manchester.

B.A. (3rd class Modern Languages), 1905. M.A., 1907.
Modern Language Master, Coleraine Academical Institution, Co. Derry,
Ireland, 1905. Lecturer in English, Faculty of Technology,
University of Manchester, 1906. Lecturer in English, The Uni-
versity of Upsala, Sweden, 1907. University Extension Lecturer,
University of London, 1907. Author of two German Scientific
and Technological Readers (Harper), 1906.

9, Sysslomansgatan, Upsala, Sweden.

*fClay, Charles.

B.A., 1904.

London University : B.A., 1881.

4, Holford Road, Hampstead, London, N.W.

Clay, Laurence (Owens).
M.B., Ch.B., 1903.
Died August 3, 1906.

Clayton, Edith. Born May 2, 1882, at Romiley, near Stockport.
B.A., 1904.

Assistant Mistress, Harris Institute, Preston, 1904-1905 ; Secondary
School, Ashton-under-Lyne, since 1905.

Green Lane, Romiley, near Stockport.

Clayton, Reginald. Born February 9, 1883, at Radcliffe, Lancashire.
LL.B., 1904.

Solicitor. Admitted on the Rolls, 1906. Practising at Manchester
and Radcliffe. Temple Chambers, Brazennose Street, Manchester.

*Clayton, Robert Henry (Owens). Born March 20, 1872, at Manchester.
B.Sc. (3rd class Chemistry), 1893.
Chemist with Messrs. Hardman and Hold en, Limited, since 1892.

Messrs. Hardman and H olden, Varley Street,
Miles Platting, Manchester.

Cleasby, Mabel (Yorks.). Born February 20, 1874.
B.A., 1894. M.A., 1899.
Late Assistant Mistress at Carnarvon County School.

Prospect House, Ripponden.

Cleaver, Leonard Swainson (Univ.). Born December 3, 1873, at Stoneycroft,

LL.B., 1897.

7 6

Solicitor of the Supreme Court. Admitted March, 1899. Commissioner
for oaths. Cleaver, Holden 6- Co., 26, North John Street r


Clegg, Alford Victor. Born July 18, 1885, at Littleborough, Lancashire.
B.Sc. (2nd class Chemistry), 1907. Leblanc Medal, 1907.

Haverbrack, Milnthorpe, Westmoreland.

*Clegg, John Gray (Owens). Born February 6, 1869, a * Eccles.

M.B., Ch.B. (2nd class Honours), 1893. Member of Court, 1900-1905.

London University : M.B. (University Scholar and Gold Medal in
Forensic Medicine, ist class Honours in Obstetric Medicine, and
2nd class Honours in Medicine), 1893. B.S., 1893. M.D., 1894..
F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1894. M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 1891.

House Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Manchester, 1892. Prosector and
Assistant Demonstrator in Anatomy, 1899, and Extra Demon-
strator in Pathology, 1903, in the Owens College.

Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester: House Surgeon, 1894-1899;
Honorary Assistant Surgeon, 1899 ; Honorary Surgeon, 1902.
Honorary Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Northern Hospital for
Incurables, 1905. Honorary Ophthalmic Surgeon to the Schools
of the Lancashire and Cheshire Society for the Permanent Care
of the Feeble Minded, 1905. 22, St. John Street, Manchester.

*fClegg, John Taylor. Born November 21, 1840, at York.

B.A., 1882.

London University : B.A. (Honours), 1865.

Head Master of Clarendon Road School (Eccles), 1866-1892. Ordained
Deacon (Manchester), 1891 ; Priest, 1892. Curate of Barton-on-
Irwell (1891-1892); of Bowling, Bradford, 1892-1894; of St.
Peter's, Rochdale, 1894-1898; of St. John's, Flint, 1898-1899;
of All Saints, Gorton, 1899. Now Vicar of Burwardsley, Chester.
Also Chaplain to Lord Tollemache, of Peckforton Castle, since
1902. Burwardsley Vicarage, Chester.

Clemens, Godfrey Jackson (Owens). Born November 10, 1878, at St. John's,


B.A. (2nd class Classics), 1898. M.A., 1902.

Assistant Master, Fulneck School, near Leeds. Minister of Moravian
Church, Brockweir, Chepstow, since 1906.

Brockweir, Chepstow, Mon.

Clement, Oswald (Univ.). Born September 16, 1880, at Egremont, near

LL.B., 1901.

Liverpool University : LL.B., 1904.
Solicitor. Admitted on the Rolls, October, 1904.

131, Cecil Chambers, 86, Strand, London, W.C. ;
53, Coldharbour Lane, Denmark Hill, London, S.E.

Clements, Sarah Eliza. Born July 30, 1885, at Belfast.

B.Sc. (ist class Chemistry), 1906. Leblanc Medal, 1906.
Science Mistress in Victoria College, Belfast, since 1906.

67, Botanic Avenue, Belfast.

*Clemesha, Henry Wordsworth (Owens). Born October 6, 1873, at Preston.
B.A. (2nd class History), 1893. M.A., 1896.

Solicitor. Admitted on the Rolls, 1897. Has contributed to Owens
College Historical Essays, and has written Introduction to Hewitson's
Preston Court Leet Records.

Cannon Street Chambers, Preston.


Clemesha, William Wesley (Owens). Born April 19, 1871, at Preston.

M.B., Ch.B. (2nd class Honours), 1894. D.P.H., 1902. M.D. (com-
mended), 1903.

? House Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Manchester, 1894-1895. Indian
Medical Service, 1896. Captain, 1899. At present officiating
Sanitary Commissioner of Bengal.

Office of Sanitary Commission of Bengal,

Writer's Buildings, Calcutta.

Cliff, Rose Gertrude. Born April 5, 1882, at Leicester.
B.A., 1904.

Assistant Mistress, Waterloo Secondary School, Oldham. Assistant
Mistress in charge of Pupil Teacher's Centre, Municipal Secondary
School, Nelson. 35, Coppice Street, Oldham;

101, Carr Road, Nelson.

*Clubb, Joseph Albert (Univ.). Born February 17, 1866, at Liverpool.

B.Sc. (ist class Zoology,) 1894. University Scholarship in Zoology,

1894. M.Sc., 1897.
Liverpool University : M.Sc., 1904.
Assistant Curator in the Free Public Museum, Liverpool, 1895.

Shirley House, Upton, Birkenhead, Cheshire.

*Coates, Harold (Owens). Born October 28, 1873, at Oldham.

M.B., Ch.B. (2nd class Honours), 1-897. D.P.H., 1899. M.D. (com-
mended), 1901.

House Surgeon, Eccles and Patricroft Hospital, 1897-1898. Senior
Assistant to the Medical Officer of Health, Manchester, 1899-1901.
Medical Officer of Health, Public Analyst, and Medical Super-
intendent, Isolation Hospital, Burton-on-Trent, 1901-1904.
Barrister-at-Law, Gray's Inn, 1905. Medical Officer of Health,
Medical Superintendent, Isolation Hospital, and Medical Officer
to Education Committee, Hornsey, N., since 1904.

Municipal Offices, Highgate, London, N.

Coates, Richard (Yorks.). Born March 3, 1877, at Bradford.
M.B., Ch.B., 1903.

House Surgeon to Huntingdon County Hospital, 1903-1904. Surgeon
to S.S. Orcana (P.S.N.C.), 1904. Now in general practice.
Medical Officer for No. i District of Bridg water Union, and Public
Vaccinator for No. 2 District.

38, Monmouth Street, Bridgwater, Somerset.

Cochran, James. Born at West Didsbury, Manchester.
B.Sc., 1906. M.Sc., 1907.
At Stuart Street Manchester Corporation Electric Power Station.

Glendale, West Didsbury.

Cockrill, Mrs. See Bendall, Mary C.

Cocks, Mabel Angelina. Born April 6, 1882, at Bredbury, Stockport.
B.A., 1904.
Senior Mistress, Pupil Teachers' Centre, Hyde, since 1904.

Harden Cottage, Woodley, near Stockport.

Cohen, Alexander Max. Born February 12, 1883, at Manchester.
B.Sc. (3rd class Chemistry), 1904. M.Sc., 1907.

Analytical Chemist to the Manchester Steam Users' Association, 1906.
322, Waterloo Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester ;
94, Highfield Road, Rock Ferry.

*fCohen, Julius Berend. Born May 6, 1859, at Pendleton, Manchester.

B.Sc., 1904.

Munich University : Ph.D., 1884.

Demonstrator and Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry, Owens College,
Manchester, 1885-1891. Lecturer and afterwards Professor of
Organic Chemistry, Yorkshire College (Leeds University), since
1891. The University, Leeds.

Colclough, Tom Peach. Born December 15, 1885, at Dukinfield.
B.Sc., 1905. M.Sc., 1907. Teacher's' Diploma, 1907.
Science Master at Ashford Grammar School, Kent, since 1907.

Ash/ord Grammar School, Kent.

*Cole, Hylda Constance (Univ.). Born June 25, 1875, at Parkgate, Chester.
B.A., 1896.

Liverpool University : B.A., 1904.
Cambridge Teacher's Diploma, 1899.

Student of the Women's Training College, Cambridge, 1898-1899.
Head Mistress, Selwyn House School, Rugeley, 1899-1900. Assis-
tant Mistress, Sandford School, Blundellsands, 1900-1906. English
and Mathematics Mistress, Glasgow High School for Girls, since
1906. Sunnyside, Parkgate, Chester.

Coleclough, Henry Tudor. Born June, 1886, at Connah's Quay, Flintshire.
B.Sc., 1907.

Assistant Master, Upper Lloyd Street Council School, Moss Side,
Manchester. Evening Lecturer, Royal Technical Institute, Salford.
22, Dude Street, Oxford Road, Manchester.

Collett, John Henry (Owens). Born July 24, 1876, at Gloucester.
B.Sc. (3rd class Chemistry), 1896. M.Sc., 1899.
Manufacturing Chemist. Hill field, Wotton, Gloucester.

Collier, Joseph. Born 1855, at Hyde, Cheshire.

B.Sc., 1904.

London University : M.B. (University Scholarship. Gold Medal in
Forensic Medicine. Honours in Physiology and Histology and
Medicine), 1884. B.S. (University Scholar and Gold Medal in
Surgery), 1884. M.R.C.S., 1882. L.S.A., 1882. F.R.C.S. (Eng.),

Lecturer in Dental Anatomy and Physiology, 1884-1885, and Demon-
strator in Anatomy in Owens College, 1882-1885. Assistant to
Lecturer in Practical Surgery in 1893, and Lecturer in Practical
Surgery in Owens College, 1900-1904, in the University, 1903-1905.
Resident Surgical Officer and Surgical Registrar, Manchester Royal
Infirmary. Honorary Assistant Surgeon, Manchester Royal Infirm-
ary. Medical Officer, Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company.
Honorary Surgeon, and, later, Consulting Surgeon, Manchester
Children's Hospital, Pendlebury. Visiting and Consulting Surgeon,
Workhouse Infirmary, Crumpsall. Captain of No. 2 Company
of the Royal Army Medical Corps (Volunteers). President of the
Manchester Pathological Society. President of the Manchester
Medical Society. Author of numerous contributions to Medical
Journals, &c.

Died October 13, 1905.

*Collins, Arthur Ward (Univ.). Born December 17, 1859, at Rainhill.

M.B., Ch.B. (Honours in Anatomy, Materia Medica, and Pharmacology),


House Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Liverpool, 1885-1886. In general
practice at Ulverston since 1889. Medical Officer for Ulverston
Workhouse. Fountain Street, Ulverston.



Collins, Clara. Born April 2, 1885, at Heaton Park, Manchester.
B.A., 1906.
Assistant Mistress, Princess Road Municipal School, Manchester.

i, Grosvenor Street, Heaton Park, Manchester.

Collins, Mary (Univ.).
B.A., 1901.

Collins, Mary Catherine (Univ.). Born October i, 1873, at Liverpool.
B.A., 1896.

London University : B.A., 1895.
Head Mistress, Girton House School, West Kirby, 1896.

145, Kingsley Road, Liverpool.

Collinson, Robert Whiteley (Owens). Born November 6, 1875, at Halifax.
B.Sc. (ist class Chemistry), 1897. University Scholarship in Chemistry,

1897. University Fellowship in Science, 1898.
Analytical Chemist at Carrow Works (J. & J. Colman, Ltd.) since

1900. The Laurels, 49, Mount Pleasant, Norwich.

*Colman, Harold Govett (Owens). Born February 5, 1866, at Peterborough.

B.Sc. (ist class Chemistry), 1885. Mercer Scholarship, 1885. M.Sc., 1888.

Wiirzburg University : Ph.D. (summa cum laude), 1888.

Demonstrator and Assistant Lecturer, Mason College, Birmingham,
1891-1892. Chief Chemist to the Birmingham Corporation Gas
Department, 1892-1903. In practice as Consulting Chemist since
1903. Elmside, Worcester Park, Surrey.

*Compston, Edmund Leach (Owens). Born June 29.. 1870, at Settle, Yorks.
M.B., Ch.B., (2nd class Honours), 1893.
In general practice. Senior St. John's Ambulance Surgeon.

Lilac House, Crawshawbooth, Rawtenstall, Lancashire.

Connolly, Thomas Francis (Univ.). Born December 9, 1878, at Kilcorran,

B.Sc. (3rd class Physics), 1899.

57, Breckfield Road South, Everton, Liverpool.

Coogan, Thomas (Owens). Born December 21, 1880, at 12, Plymouth Grove,


M.B., Ch.B. (2nd class Honours), 1903.

House Physician, Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1904. Resident Medical
Officer, Chorlton Union Hospital, Manchester, 1904-1906. At
present Assistant to Dr. Watkin at Earlstown, Lancashire.

roo, Market Street, Earlstown, Lancashire.

Cook, Albert William (Owens). Born April 22, 1877, at St. Helens, Lancashire.
B.Sc., 1901.
Mechanical Engineer. Cowley Mount, St. Helens, Lancashire.

Cook, Charles (Univ.). Born December 29, 1873, a t Liverpool.
B.Sc., 1895.
Assistant Master in the School Board School of Science, York Place,

Brighton, 1895.

Cook, Gilbert. Born October 26, 1885, at Blackburn.

B.Sc. (ist class Engineering), 1905. Graduate Scholar, 1905.
Articled Pupil to D. C. Rattray, Esq., M.I.C.E. (Chief Engineer of
Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway), January i, 1906.

Edenholme, 8, Clarendon Road, Garston, Liverpool,


*Cook, Joseph Basil (Owens). Born 1877, at London.
M.B., Ch.B., 1902. M.D., 1904.
M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.), 1902.
D.P.H. (Cambridge), 1907.

House Surgeon, Oldham Infirmary, 1902 ; St. Mark's Hospital, London,
1903 ; Royal Alexandra Hospital for Sick Children, Brighton,
1903-1904. Senior Assistant Resident Medical Officer, Kensington
Infirmary, W., since 1905. Fellow of Medical Society of London.
Pavkdene, Gt. Missenden, Bucks. ; Kensington Infirmary, W.

*Cooke, Alice Margaret (Owens). Born September 18, 1867, at Manchester.
B.A. (ist class History), 1890. M.A., 1893. Member of Court, 1897.

Jones Fellowship, Owens College, 1890.

Assistant Lecturer in History at Owens College, 1893-1897. Assistant
Tutor, Department for Women, Owens College, 1897. Assistant
Lecturer in History at the University College, Cardiff, 1901-1903.
Appointed to arrange and catalogue Lord Acton's Library for
the University Library, Cambridge, 1903-1907. Lecturer in
History, University of Leeds, 1907. Has contributed to the English
Historical Review, to the Dictionary of National Biography, and to
Poole's Oxford Historical Atlas. Has edited for the Chetham
Society the MS. Visitationes B.M.V. de Whalley.

1 8, Grosvenor Road, Whalley Range, Manchester.

*Cooke, Arthur William (Owens). Born December 27, 1863, at Manchester.
B.A., 1883. M.A., 1886.

Assistant Tutor, Handsworth Theological College, 1890-1893. Wesleyan
Minister at St. Leonard's-on-Sea, 1893 ; at London, 1894 ; at
Stockport, 1897 ; at London, 1900; at Glasgow, 1903 ; at New-
castle-on-Tyne since 1906.

61, Linden Road, Gosforth, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Cooke, Matthew James Hilton (Owens). Born August 28, 1879, at Astley,

B.Sc., 1903.

Assistant Master at St. Mark's Boys' School, Worsley, 1903. Lecturer
in Mathematics and Physics at Stockport Technical School since
1903. 25, Countess Street, Stockport.

Cooling, Percy John (Owens). Born August 30, 1878, at Madras.
B.A., 1899. M.A., 1903.

Assistant Master at Kingswood School, Bath, 1900-1907 ; Emanuel
School, Wandsworth Common, London, S.W., since 1907.

Woodhill, Portishead, near Bristol.

*Cooper, Albert Henry (Yorks.). Born July 13, 1877, at Leeds.

Gilchrist Scholarship, 1895. B.Sc., "1897 and (ist class Physics) 1899.

University Scholarship in Physics, 1899. M.Sc , 1900.
London University : B.A., 1896.
Leeds University : M.Sc., 1905.
Science Master at Wrexham County School since 1899.

64, Stratford Street, Dewsbury Road, Leeds.

Cooper, Charles. Born November 5, 1887, at Whitefield, Manchester.
B.Sc. (ist class Mathematics), 1907.
Master at the Fielden School, Manchester, 1908.

193, Belmont Road, Astley Bridge, Bolton.


Cooper, Emor Reuben (Owens). Born November 6, 1873, at Higher Ardwick,


M.B., Ch.B. (2nd class Honours), 1901.

Late Resident Surgical Officer and Resident Medical Officer, City
Infirmary, Birmingham, and Resident Obstetrician, Central
Midwifery Board Training School.

Wood Lawn, Hastings Place, Lytham, Lanes.

*Cooper, James Sidmouth (Owens}. Born November 2, 1869, at Axbridge,


B.A., 1899. M.A., 1903.
Minister, Wesleyan Methodist Church. Ordained at Newcastle-on-

Tyne, 1901. 55, Prince Albert Road, Wavertree, Liverpool.

Cooper, Marjorie. Born August 20, 1883, at Bowdon, Cheshire.
B.A. (2nd class History), 1905. M.A., 1907.
Assistant Mistress, Manchester High School, since 1906.

Edgedale, Hale, Cheshire.

Cooper, Percy Robert (Owens). Born August 7, 1869, at Manchester.

M.B., Ch.B., 1893.

London University : Preliminary Scientific (M.B.) (3rd class Zoology),
1887. Inter. B.Sc. (ist class Zoology), 1888. B.Sc. (2nd class
Zoology), 1889. M.B. (3rd class Medicine, ist class Forensic
Medicine), 1896. M.D., 1901.

M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Lond.), 1893. F.R.C.S. (Eng.), 1895.

Late House Surgeon, Royal Infirmary, Manchester ; Assistant Demon-
strator in Zoology and Pathology, Owens College. In general
practice at Bowdon and Broadheath since 1895.

Glenthorn, The Downs, Bowdon, Cheshire.

Cooper, Thomas Brammall (Owens). Born January 21, 1870, at Manchester.
B.Sc., 1891. A.MJnst.C.E.

Assistant Engineer on Manchester Ship Canal, 1891-1896: to Mr.
James Nuttall, 1896-1899. Resident Administrative Engineer,
British Electric Traction Co., 1899-1900. Managing Engineer
for Messrs. Edmund Nuttall and Co., 1900-1906. Managing Partner,
Messrs. T. B. Cooper and Co., Sun Buildings, Bristol, since 1906.

4, Grange Road, Clifton, Bristol.

Cooper, William Arthur (Yorks.). Born March 20, 1883, at Cockermouth.
B.Sc., 1903.

Leeds University : M.Sc., 1907.

Assistant Master at Friends' School, Ackworth, 1903-1905 ; at King's
College, Cambridge, since 1905. King's College, Cambridge.

Coopland, George William (Univ.). Born July 8, 1875, at Carnarvon.
B.A., 1896. M.A., 1901.

Teacher at Elementary Schools, 1896-1899. At Municipal College,
Grimsby, 1899-1901. Municipal Secondary School, Norwich,
1901-1903. The County School, Dover, since 1903.

Claremont, Grabble Hill, Dover.

Cope, Herbert Ambrose (Owens). Born August 16, 1879, at Derby.
B.Sc. (3rd class Engineering), 1900.

Engineer with Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., Pittsburg,
Pa., U.S.A., 1901-1904; with Westinghouse Patent Bureau,
London, from 1904. Registered Patent Agent, 1907.

Croft House, Ashbourne Road, Derby.


*ffCopinger, Walter Arthur. Born April 14, 1847, in London.
M.A., 1905.

LL.D. (Cantuar). F.S.A., F.R.S.A.

Barrister -at-Law. Professor of Law in the University, since 1892. Some-
time President of the Bibliographical Society. President of the
Manchester Law Library Society. Author of History of the Manors
of Suffolk, and various theological and antiquarian publications.

Moreton House, Kersal, Manchester.

Copley, Frederick (Yorks. ). Born December 17, 1879, at Charlestown, Shipley..
B.Sc. (2nd class Physics), 1901. M.Sc., 1904.
Leeds University : M.Sc., 1905.
Assistant Master, Belle Vue Secondary School, Bradford, since 1901.

Fern Cottage, Charlestown, Shipley.

Coppock, Harold. Born February i, 1882, at Stockport.
M.B., Ch.B., 1907.
House Physician, General Hospital, Cheltenham, 1908.

Newquay, Davenport Park, Stockport ;
General Hospital, Cheltenham.

*Corbett, Catharine Louisa. Born December 2, 1877, at Handforth, Cheshire.
M.B., Ch.B., 1905.
D.P.H. (Camb.), 1907.

Junior Medical Officer, Battersea Maternity Hospital, 1905. Assistant
Medical Officer, Chelsea Infirmary, 1906. Now Assistant Medical
Officer, West Ham Hospital.

West Ham Infirmary, Leytonstone, London, N.E.

*Core, Donald Elms. Born October, 1882, at Fallowfield, Manchester.

M.B., Ch.B. (ist class Honours), 1906. Leech Fellow in Medicine, 1906.
House Physician, Manchester Royal Infirmary, 1906-1907. Pathologist,
Manchester Cancer Hospital, 1907. House Physician to Derby-
shire Royal Infirmary, Derby, since 1907.

Groombridge House, Withington, Manchester ;
Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, Derby.

*Core, William Hamilton (Owens). Born January 9, 1876, at Manchester.
B.Sc. (3rd class Engineering), 1897. M.Sc., 1901.
With Messrs. Simon Carver Ltd., Engineers, 1897-1905. Became a
Member of the Manchester Stock Exchange in 1906.

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