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so with the 30th Division and showing the
French mademoiselles how a curly-headed
citizen of Ye Olde U. S. could make love. We
were glad to recei\e him, and regret more to
lose him, for his quiet, easy-going, unassuming
manner has won for him many friends. Good
luck, and may you pro\e as worthy an addi-
tion to the world of finance as you ha\e to
the Class of '25. We feel sure that you w.ll.


Henderson, N. C.

Degree: B.S.. Chemistry

Age: ;o

Philanthropic .Assembly: Vance County Club, German
Club: Alembic Club: Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society;
Carolina Playmakers Cij): Sub-Assistant Manager
Varsity Track Cn). Manager Varsity Track (U);
.■Athletic Council: .'\ssociate Editor Yackety Yack
(24): Assistant in Chemistry: Commencement Ball

A T A; A X^

DLRING his four years at Carolina,
■Runt" has quietly achieved a success
that is real and permanent. Industry, ability,
dependability, and strength of character are
qualities which show that "Runt" is big in
mind though young in years, .Although a
thorough student, he has not lost himself in
laboratory. He has been a prominent social
figure on the campus, and where the light
fantastic is being tripped he reigns supreme.
"Runt" is one of the most well-rounded men
we knou'. and his personality has won for
him a number of warm friends One of his
greatest weaknesses is his failing for week-
end trips, but we will admit that there's a

Entering upon his life's work with a
keen perception of truth, a strong character,
a winning personality, and a liberal mind,
"Runt" is slated to achieve a real success.

One Hundred Fort\-one


Ashcvillc. N C

Degree: B S . CivU Engineering

Age 2 J

Buncombe County Cluh. Dialectic Senate. Ehsha
Mitchell Scientific Society; William Cain Chapter
American Society Civil Engineers. Treasurer Engineer-
ing Class (23. ■!4). President (24. '25)

HERE is one man who entered the L'ni-
versitv with a definite purpose and he
has worked with that purpose foremost these
four years we have known him. And now at
the end of our College life, we of his class-
mates leave school merely as technical grad-
uates, while "Rosie" leaves as an Engineer

While carrying a heavy course, he has
found time to do a great deal of practical
work for the University and the town. Most
of the recent impro\cments in the way of
walks, drives, streets and drainage systems
in our communitN ha\e been wrought by his
hand. Neatness in drafting, accuracy in
figuring, and ability in the field, all combine
to insure success for "Rosie" as an Engineer.

His bent seems to be hydroelectric de-
velopments, and we understand that his
future work along that line is already mapped
3ut, partly at least, in detail. In the next
ten years, we anticipate seeing the name of
Rosenbergcr connected with many of the
major power developments of this State.


Sunbury, N. C.

Degree: B.S , Comn^erce

Age: 2;

Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Foot-
ball Squad ('12. '2j); Varsity Baseball {'23. '24).

THIS young man, who is informally known
to us as "Jake," is at home anywhere on
this terrestrial, globular, planetary hunk of
matter, slightly flattened at the poles and
known as the earth.

When you are ushered into Hertel s
abode, he doesnt look at you as if you were
something the cat dragged in from the gar-
bage can but he always has his ears rehearsed
for a good story.

Hertel's chief stumbling block has been
in the form of French and he admits that he
hasn't any more use for it than a snake in the
Sahara has for snowshoes If he ever catches
"\andy" outside the portals of this mighty
L'niversity. we predict that he'll have about
as much chance of surviving as a humming
bird'd ha\e in a battle royal between eleven

In the social whirlpool, we have to
admit that "Jake" knows his stuff, and he
has acquired the insatiable habit ot loving em
all, but we predict that his lease on paradise
will soon be changed to a first mortgage, and
Cupid will throw him for a loss.

We will always remember "Jake" as one
of those likeable chaps who is always busy but
never too much so to be sociable

One Hundred Fortv-tivo

• -J-H- ^•++-M-«-4"f +-»-(■+ + +



Charlotte, N. C.

Degree: SS., Electrical Engineering

Age: 22

American Institute of Electrical Engineers; Elisha
Mitchell Scientific Society. Varsity Football Squad
(i. 3); Mecklenburg County Club. Vice-President (4).

AX; <I> Z N'; <I> B K. Secretary ('24). Vice-
President ('25).

OLIVER is the best student of our class,
not merely because he was unanimously
elected so by the class but because he has
earned it. He wears the much-coveted Phi
Beta Kappa key. which is an honor that tew
attain in the Engineering School. He is con-
templating writing a book on "booting."
since he holds that an essential characteristic
of a good student.

We understand that he is making a won-
dertul success with one of the fairer sex in
Charlotte and that his bachelor days are

It is with sad hearts that we say good-by
to an outstanding student, a true friend, as
we part on our different roads of life.


Fuquay Springs. N. C.

Degree: Ph.C.

Age: 2y

Freshman Baseball.

HERE S another of those short-cut Phar-
macists who has decided that he must
own a drugstore in some metropolis in the
Old North State. He's only blessed Carolina
with his pleasing presence for two years, but
he has made the most of those two years:
both in making friends and in co\ering work.
So someday we know that he will realire
his ambition of owning his own store and
persuading the queen of his heart to share
the profits.

One Hundred Fortx-three

+4"H-+-f ++ ++4-+ ++•.'•




Louisburg, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 21

Gimghoul?. "Coop". German Ciub; Franklin County
Club; Sub-Assistant Manager Varsity Track-


HENRY Gray Ruffin, alias "Broady" and
more recently Big Munn. ' entered
the University four years ago as a diminutive
Freshman- Today, he stands as one of the
"Big" men of the Senior Class.

In athletics, "Broady" tried football for
awhile, but the doctors ruled him out on
account of an athletic heart. Since then, he
has shown some stellar work on the Kappa
Sigma teams in Intramural athletics

Socially. Henry has been successful, as
his name Is found on the rolls of several of
the high social orders of the campus

In his studies, he has been consistent,
passing all of his work with a high degree of
success It appears that he is quite a bull in
Accounting; any way, he has some knack of
bulling his professors along.

In a quiet, unassuming way, quite nat-
ural, he has formed many warm and lasting
friendships during his stay on The HilL


Kinston. N. C.

Degree: A B

Age: 2 1

Freshman Friendship Council; Lenoir County Club.
Monogram Club, German Club; Gym Team; Philan-
thropic Assembly; Freshman Debating Society; Wearer
of Nf C ; Interfraternity Football and Basketball

1^ * E

HE who has friends must be one," is
e\idently Johnnie's maxim in life, for
b\' being a friend to everyone he comes in
contact with, he has made more than his
share of friends during the five days of the
week he has chosen to stay on The Hill, the
other two usually being spent in making at
least his share of the feminine hearts palpitate
more vigorously. He stays on a diet of
laughs and smiles, and this constant good
nature working in perfect harmony with most
attractive manners make him a favorite with
the Student Body. Polite, cordial and sin-
cere — Lord Chesterfield's life was one long
breach of etiquette when compared with that
of this young Beau Brummcl

The only skeleton in Johnnie's closet is
what he paid for that pedigreed bull pup on
which he lavishes milk, kisses, and paternal

Virtue, diligence and honor are Johnnie s,
but as this is no epitaph, we will finish by
wishing for him the best the world affords as
he goes smiling down the path of life, arm in
arm with "friendship "

One Hundred Forty-four



Durham, N. C.

Degree: AS.

Age: 21

Grail ; Amphoterothen; Buccaneer Board; Editor Fresh-
man Handbook ('23); Durham County Club; Debate
Council; Reading Clerk, Speaker pro-teni Philan-
thropic Assembly; German Club; Committee "loo";
Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Intercollegiate Debates. Carolina
vs. Washington and Lee. Carolina vs. George Washing-
ton, iQij; Mary D, Wright Debate; Editor-in-Chief
Tar Heel ('24). Managing Editor ("20. Reporter ("iz);
Wearer of N. C: Freshman Intersociety Debates;
Sophomore I ntersociety Debates ; Freshman Intra-
society Debates; Golden Fleece,

X *.

SPlIxE" is our idea of the all-round fellow,
good at anythingatwhichhe tries his hand.
As Editor-in-Chief of the Tar Heel, he has done
the impossible in ushering in the glad day
when the student may spread it out in front
of his grapefruit and read the news that
"'broke' the night before. Golden Fleece
and other honors have not spoiled him and he
is as full of fun as Miss Gates' is of boarders
at the supper bell. "Spike " is always inter-
ested in a dance, and as for women, he is
great on Love: spelled with a capital letter.
\Iar\on Saunders (he spells it that way) is one
ot the select few whose voice has rolled out
in peals of oratory before Gerrard s empty
pews, proof positive that even this decadent
age is not without its spokesmen He early
won his spurs in debate, and in spite of in-
creased responsibilities and a thousand-and-
one committee meetings, has managed to
keep up the good work.


Winston-Salem, N. C.

Degree: .A.B.

Age: 22

Amphoterothen; Secretary Forsyth County Club
(1. 2, i); President Freshman Friendship Council;
"Y. M. C. A. Cabinet iz. j) ; Corresponding Secretary
CommitDje "lOo".

X -I*.

YES, gentle reader, this is that fellow
Scheldt, erstwhile of Winston-Salem but
now claiming Columbus. Ohio, as his home.
A human dynamo of energy in an organiza-
tion, a speed-demon with the typewriter, a
wizard in turning out any kind or amount of
work in record time, a Southern checker cham-
pion, an excellent mixer, a possessor of ex-
treme athletic fondness — all these go to show-
that Edward Scheldt is the very personifica-
tion of ability.

.Although he has often fused his interests
with those of committees and organizations
yet he has always retained a tenacious hold
on his own mind. Scheldt is one of those few-
students who haxe dared to think for them-
selves while in College. He has not lost his
indixidual freedom in the educational sys-
tem. Not only does Ed think for himself,
but he is free at all times to express his
thoughts, no matter how different they may
be from the conventional. We are sure he
has ability to succeed.

One Hundred Forty-five


Greensboro, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Chemistry

Alembic Club; Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society, Guil-
ford County Club; Freshman Debate; "The Club."

CLARENCE hails from the "Gate City"
of North Carolina. He takes life easily.
although he does not let pleasure interfere
with his studies Sober-minded and indus-
trious, he proceeds each day toward the
accomplishment of his ambition — B. S Chem-
istry. Real service will be rendered in a
forceful way when he undertakes the tasks
of life. Here's hoping the winds of fate may
carry him far into the land of success and


Gastonia. N. C.

Degree: B.S . Commerce

Age: 22

Gaston County Club; Dialectic Senate. Wrestling
Squad .

T E 4>

THE man who weighs his words before he
speaks always has something worth while
to say. Leon is one of the more serious-
minded type, but he never carries his serious-
ness to such an extent as to exclude all levity.
In short, he is a man to whom a friend can
turn for advice in time of need, or upon whom
he can depend as a pal when a good time is

There is only one thing \\hich Leon has
undertaken that he has never been able to
accomplish At the end of his Sophomore
year, he took a little vacation of a year, but
returned with the serious intention of throw-
ing the entire wrestling team .All he has to
show for his exertions are two broken ribs, a
splintered shoulder, and several other such
minor injuries We hope that if he returns
for postgraduate work next year, he will
meet with better success.

He has been regarded as a woman-hater,
but a trip to Richmond last Easter made him
see the light. "Eventually, why not now!'"
was the only answer he could give to his sud-
den change of attitude.

The vim and determination which Leon
shows in working towards the completion of
anything he undertakes, are evidence enough
of his future success.

Or\e Hundred Fort\-six



Greensboro. N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: 2 1

AS *.

SAM is a boy who has really obtained some-
thing tangible from the four years that he
has spent in College. His stay at the Univer-
sity has not been a mere vacational sojourn.
His scholastic attainments have been among
the highest, for he just missed the right of
being awarded the Phi Beta Kappa key,
and his average grade for the whole three
years, or nine quarters, was that of "B,"
and besides that, "Sam" has never missed
attending a single class since he has been a
student here for sickness or otherwise! Some
record, eh^ And for his excellency he is
now on the voluntary class attendance list
which was recently drawn up.

Now from all this you have already pic-
tured him as a studious-looking, precocious
grind who wears his rimmed "specs." But
that's all wrong, because "Sam" is nothing
of the sort. He s simply an all-around good
fellow who happens to be blessed with that
faculty which enables him to do everything
well without working himself to death as
most of his poor fellow students have to do.

With his ability, likeable personality,
looks, and a most "fetching" smile. "Sam"
should make a great success in whatever pur-
su t he decides to follow in life.


Raleigh. N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: 2 1

Philanthropic Assembly; Varsity Football Squad;
Wake County Club. Treasurer. Vice-President: Ger-
man Club; Le Cercle Francais.

S A E.

JlM'or'Shep. "he answers to either name,
has had four successful years in College.
He graduates this spring with the distinction
of never having consciously taken a "pud"
course, and of having had more courses under
those professors who always make it hard for
students to graduate, than any other member
of the Senior Class.

For three years, he has been one of the
steadiest, most regular and toughest of the
"iron men" on the football field. By con-
trast, his social activities and his popularity
on the ballroom floor have won him a host of
friends and acquaintances. In gala times as
well as on serious occasions he has always held
his own. One of "Shep s" hobbies is co-edu-
cation. The afternoon strollers, the nightly
Pickwickers and the socially-inclined all bear
witness to this activity.

As he has been successful in studies, as
an iron man and socially, so we predict that
he will be successful in his study of Law. which
he is to take up next year. His friends all
grieve over losing him. but we realize that he
goes on to conquests in other fields

One Hundred Fortv-seven

.j,^^ A^^ +•<. -}. + •*• V- -;• ^- -f- -s- -:• + '^ -;• V •;•


Statesville, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Spanish Club; Iredell County Club: Wrestling Squad
(i. 3, 4) ; Cashier Publications Union; Committee "100."

A K 'I'

CADA uno. " as the interesting subject of
this sketch told his Spanish prof on a
memorable occasion, "es hojo de sus obras '
Without realizing it, our hero indicated him-
self. Now, "Bob" will take great pleasure
not only in forgetting his Spanish but a lot
of other things he learned at College. Yet if
his chance at the Phi Beta Kappa of the Col-
lege of Hard Knocks is as good as it was at
Carolina, we are betting on him considerable
iron men.

If we had to forecast "Bob's" future,
wed say, "Fair and warmer." We might
add. "Sunny," if only to see that warm
blush of modesty mantle his fair brow. But
"Bob's" bid for immortality is more than
academic progress and personal pulchritude.
He was a likely prospect for the wrestling
team, and only his mercurial propensity for
getting over or under weight prevented his
making the team. In his Senior year, also,
"Bob" showed an uncanny faculty for assim-
ilating lucrative jobs with large emoluments
and satisfactory perquisites attached. May
we predict a brilliant career as a C. P A/!
Dixit. "Bob " "Cada uno es hijo de sus
obras "


TTiomasville. N. C.

Degree A.B.

Age: 2/

nt Davidson County Club, North Carolii

<I> B K.

JEWELL was the chief treasure of Third
Floor before the Co-ed house burned. Her
room was the confessional for lovelorn, home-
sick and otherwise "blue" inmates of both
Second and Third. Howe\er violent might
be the weeping, wailing and gnashing of
teeth. Jewell was always right there with a
feather pillow and a stick of candy, meta-
phorically speaking.

Seriously — and Jewell is serious — she is
already on the road to success in real "man's"
business. Even now, she holds a responsible
position in Thomasville and is raking in the
dough. What is more, she was out of school
long enough to earn enough — and more — to
satisfy Mr, J. .A. Warren for five quarters
and to hang a <!> B K ke\- about her neck,
and yet she couldn't vote till this year. As
her room-mate used to say; "Oh. Jewell's
got sense, Jewell has "

One Hundred Forty-eight



Bryson City, N. C.

Degree B S , Electrical Engineering

Age: 2s

Monogram Club; Track Team U. 3, 4); Elisha Mitchell
Scientific Society; Spanish Club; Glee Club; American
Institute Electrical Engineers. President (4), Student
Assistant Electrical Engineering,

<i> B K; * Z X.

TB." was originally a member of the
■ Class of '23, but he dropped out to
teach school for a couple of years, and the
Class of '25 was fortunate enough to inherit

His name. Smiley, is appropriate, for he
is always smiling, always ready to join in
the fun. whether it be in the form of a bull
session or in the form of working a compli-
cated A. C problem.

To list his activities would require too
much space, but the Engineering School can
boast of few better all-round men; Phi Beta
Kappa knows him as one of its own; the track
squad claims him as one of its best; the Glee
Club has to have him before it can sing: radio
station 4-\VE has to ha\'e him before it can
transmit: and the Senior Class in Electrical
Engineering would not be complete without

We hate to lose you. Smiley, for you
leave a big gap in our ranks, but we realize
that you must go on to fields of greater oppor-
tunitv, and we wish vou success.


Laurel Hill, N. C.

Degree: A.B.. Education

THIS sturdy youngster "blew in" from
Scotland County some four years since,
and after successfully combating the initial
visit of his admirers among the Sophomore
Class, settled down to hard work Due to his
remarkably pleasing traits of character and
his clear understanding of men, he has de-
veloped into one of these unassuming, likable
fellows for which Carolina is justly famous,
.Mthough he parts his hair in the middle with
infinite care, he is said to tolerate co-educa-
tion and the arboretum only as necessary

In his class work, he has become espe-
cially addicted to the study of History and
Government. Having constantly camped on
the trail of one "Prof. Connor]" he has at
last carved a comfortable niche in the esteem
and affection of that worthy gentleman.

We hear that he is seriously considering
a career on the tempestuous sea of pedagogy.
Bon voyage. "D. D.." the venerable "Order
of the Birch Rod" always extends a hearty
welcome to conscientious, energetic men of
your stamp.

One Hundred Fortv-nine

_u.*.j.j».t-.;. A,*..;. j.,?,ji..>.




Pikevillc, N. C.

Degree: Medicine, Special

Age: 2 1

North Carolina Medical &x-ic-ty. Wayne County Club

(-) K MV

PAUL, or "P" as wc all know him. is not
only a man among men. but also a man
among women. He is a quiet and unassuming
individual who has a fatal attraction for Dur-
ham, Goldsboro and Pikeville.

"P" has not let Medicine interfere with
his College education. He is always ready to
participate in a game of bridge or a trip to
the 'Pick ■■

His ability to wade through Medicine
has convinced us all that success is surely his.
and the patient who calls to see Dr. Smith
will soon learn that he is a real doctor as well
as a real man. We predict for him a great
success in vihatever branch of the profession
he may choose.



Wilsons Mills. N. C.

Degree: PhG

Age: 2 2

1 County Club ; American Pharmaceuti<

THEL. strange to say. has not acquired a
nickname while in school here. Perhaps
that is because his appearance suggests
nothing other than "lady's man." which is
harder to say than his real name,

Thel was seized with the desire to become
a pharmacist while in high school. This
desire grew until the Fall of 1923 when he
began his career as a Pharmacy student,
answering to the roll on the first day and not
grafting a class thereafter. Even though
most of his time in College has been devoted
to his work, which he considers a pleasure
rather than a burden, he has found plenty of
time to make friends with all with whom he
has come in contact. It is useless to think of
anything less than success for him. for his
ability and determination combined offer
nothing other than a big future.

Thel is full of life and cheerfulness, and
that girl at Meredith whom he talks of so
much in his sleep would certainly be a foolish
lady to turn down such a good man.

One Hundred Fifty

V +-{-+++++4''f +++++++++ +-{••«•


Faison, N. C.

Degree: Medicine

(-) K "F; S A.

WG., as he is generally known among
. his friends, is in many ways a typical
Med student. Hard-working and conscien-
tious to a degree, he never lets pleasure or
other interests interfere with the pursuit of
knowledge in his chosen field. He has made
an enviable record in his course. Neverthe-
less, he has found time to cultivate the social
side, and his courteous bearing, coupled with
many admirable qualities, have won for him
many friends among his classmates, while his
many feminine admirers attest to the fact
that he "has a way" with the fair sex that is
the envy of many of hislessfortunatebrothers.
"W. G." is going to Pennsylvania next
year and we predict that the same qualities
that made for his success here will continue
with him there and on into the bigger training
school of life.


High Rock, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: JO

THIS gentleman is entitled to the distinc-
tion of having passed through College
without having been a Sophomore in the
truest sense of the word. One year at Wake
Forest, Summer Schools, and a year at the
L'niversity place him in the possession of a
degree. His motto is: "All things come to
him who waits, provided he works while he
waits." History is his delight while Math is
his hobby. We predict that his feet shall
tread, round after round, the ladder that
leads to success in the teaching world.

He is a great admirer of the fair sex if,
as he says, they are "built right." He also
spends much time in telling what an ideal
woman should look like. Further, he stoutly
defends a woman's right to change her mind,
but admits that she might use discretion,
occasionally. Should he cling to the former
and eschew the latter, though now one, twain
he shall be, yet one.

Due to the short time spent here, Snider
has not taken an active part in College activi-
ties, although at heart he is in the midst of
them all, as was shown by his participation in
debates and athletics at Wake Forest.

A World-War veteran who returned
from his wanderings in France to engage in
the teaching profession to which he is now
returning, he is exemplifying his conclusion

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