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that, "A man who qualifies for his calling,
never fails of employment in it."

Or\e Hundred Fifty-one



Wilmington, N. C.

Degref: B.S., Commerce

Age: 2/

Grail Monogram Club, Varsttv Tennis. Captain ('24.

ABE" has many ambitions. Among thesc
are: taking a graduate course at Har-
vard; making an extensive cruise in a yacht;
being an expert C P. A. ; developing Strong-
fort shoulders; and taking the tennis team to

We hope that the midshipmen do not
beat him on the tennis court as they did in
the parlor — they beat him a love game there.
But as "Abe" is going to Harvard next year,
and will doubtless make his "H" in tennis,
we expect him to make a strong comeback.

We regret very much that his numerous
trophy cups will go with him. They will be
greatly missed in the drinking season.

Had one of the Senior superlatives been
the soundest sleeper, "Abe" would have been
"Champ." He can go to sleep in nothing
flat, but the rule doesn't work vice \crsa
worth a nickel. We must admit, though,
that like Abraham Lincoln, he is wide awake
what time he isn't sleeping.

We all join in wishing "Salty " much svic-
cess in all his life's ambitions.

Charlotte, N. C.
Degree: Ph.G.
Age- 23

Pharmaceutical Association, Meckk

* A X

THIS intellectual young man with the
curly locks, so much admired by the fair
sex. is none other than Jimmie Spoon who
hails from the "Queen City of the South "

Spoon, during his years at the U. N C .
has made many friends, which is quite an
accomplishment, for the making of friends is
synonymous with success.

All-in-all, Spoon is quite the boy. and
those that know him have little doubt but
that he will be a success in life. His popu-
larity and business ability are further attested
by the fact that when a secretary is to be
elected, it seems that spoon is always selected
and, strange to say, he always fills the bill
If it's a political frame-up, or a game ol
bridge, or friendly bull session, spoon is
always there to take an active part, but he
is always burning the midnight oil over some
Pharmacy problems. Spoon's chief hobbies
are Chemistry 35 and rolling pills, and we arc
expecting to hear great things from him in
the Pharmacy World, for Pharmacy seems
to be his calling after departing from us. and
we wish him great success in his chosen

One Hundred Fifty-tivo



Greensboro. N. C.

Degree AB.

Age: 22

Order of Sheiks. Gimghouls, "Coop". German Club;
Sub-Assistant Manager Football Cii). Commence-
ment Marshal ('2.1)-

K A; Pan-Hellenic Council.

THERE are few men on the campus or else-
where who appeal to us as Allen does. To
those who have been intimate with him since
he was a Freshman, and who know his
strength of character, his capacity for gen-
erosity, loyalty and affection. Allen stands
four-square as a true son of Carolina He is
one of those conservative and sincere types
of men who lend strength to any institution
It must be m.entioned that .Allen pos-
sesses those qualities which cause him to win
the hearts of both sexes. Leaving Carolina
with a rich heritage of character, ability and
personality, Allen will, wc predict. achie\c a
success that is real in his life's work as a


Henderson, N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: ;q

Henderson County Club

THIS worthy lad hails from the hills In
our estimation, he is an excellent example
of "mountaineerism. " except for one thing,
he IS shy of the gentler sex. Perhaps his
gentlemanly nature revolts against the cave-
man characteristics of his fellows This, how-
ever, is merely hypothetical. We admit that
if he knew as much about the women as he
does about Chemistry, he would have a dis-
tinct advantage over the rest of us.

He is an unassuming youth, but those
who really know him can give ample proof
of his unusual intellectual ability. He gave
Phi Beta Kappa a close call, but French was
his "Jonah." All of his friends at Carolina
will miss him greatly, but most of all the
underclassmen who take him as a general
storehouse of facts, and run to him for all
their "original" ideas. It might be said that
he puffs a nonchalant Cinco at the Henderson
County Club Meetings.

Leon is a real man. sensible, likeable, good-
natured, and industrious. We predict for
him a successful career in Med. School and
in life.


One Hundred Fifty-three




Siler City, N. C.

Degree: B S , Electrical Engineering

Age: 2 1

PETE" hails from that county which has
been made famous by the jack rabbits.
He always takes advantage of opportunities
to boast of its attributes, and never fails to
take issue with any doubtful ones.

Although rather slow in his actions, he
accomplishes every purpose with an ease
which characterizes his College career. He
has a high disdain for "boning," and on
nights before quizzes may be found either at
the "Pick" or indulging in his favorite pas-
time, reading. "The Cosmopolitan" and
"The Saturday Evening Post" are the main
constituents of his library. Nevertheless, at
the end of each quarter his name has been
found on the right side of Dr. Wilsons books
"Pete" has chosen the profession of
Electrical Engineering for his life's work.
We are confident that the knowledge secured
here, combined with his genial personality
and "Stout" determination will lead him
toward the top of the ladder. We wish him


Southern Pines, N. C

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 2 2

.Membic Club.

A X i;.

RUSSELL drifted into Chapel Hill some
four years ago from Southern Pines, the
resort which has been made famous by its
proximity to Pinehurst, Although not en-
tirely corrupted by living in the midst of golf
and fox-hunting, pink teas and dancing, it
required only a year at Oak Ridge and a
Carolina Summer School to finish him en-
tirely He has been a changed man since
subjecting himself to the baneful influence of
Carolina during the summer months when
Co-eds run rampant.

Russell has been disgustingly proficient
in the small matter of passing courses, but
it is not for this that he will be remembered.
His cheery personality and his readiness to
help out in any difficulty ha\'e made his
graduation a real loss to Carolina. We see
him leave with deep regret, and hope that
next vear will see him back in pursuit of a
Ph D — anvthing to keep him in Chapel Hill.

One Hundred Fifly-four



Charlotte, N. C.
Degree: A.B.

Mecklenburg County Club
ETY Yack Board (i. t), A
Dialectic Senate, German Club.

<t> A

BILL" is one of that inimitable class of
people who can get away with murder;
do gobs of work; converse delightfully and
sometimes irrelevantly on all kinds of sub-
jects, pass a few courses on the sideline; and
yet walk around the campus as though he
had done nothing worth talking about and as
unconcerned and as unhurried as Dr. Green-

Seriously, though, he has run the gamut
of the various activities and has selected only
those which he considered worth while. His
various talents have become evident in such
worthy institutions as the Yackety Yack,
the German Club, and the Wigue and Masque.

We have heard that "Bill" is leaving us
for the wilds of Europe in the n;ar future.
We commend him to the tender cares of the
foreigners and hope for his return, for he is
entirely too valuable to lose without regret.

Mackeys. N. C.
Degree: A.B.

Age: 2;

FORMED on the good old plan, a true and
downright honest man," is adequate in
expressing the sentiments of all Herbert's

This downright honest man hails from
the environment of Eastern North Carolina,
from the small "pueblo" called Mackeys.
Herbert has the honor of boasting an A.B.
degree within three years and three Summer
Schools, also to his credit it may be added
that he has worked during his three years
here at Swain Hall

Coming here with his pockets empty, he
has accomplished more than an ordinary
man would think possible. Empty pockets
have not marred Herbert's good nature in
the least, for underneath it all is a heart that
wins the esteem of any man as well as that of
the opposite se.\. He is of that caliber of per-
sonality which will undoubtedly make a suc-
cess of whatever he chooses for his life work,
that is, if he goes into it with the same deter-
mination and energy that have characterized
him all through his College career

We arc fully justified in saying in a sum-
mary of Herbert's qualities that he is a man
with a personality we like to see; a fellow as
good as his word, with a heart to resolve, a
head to contrive, and a hand to execute.

Good luck, Herbert! May bad luck
ne\er kiss you.


One Hundred Fifty-five

-;-*:-.—>■«> -5 - :

Lenoir, N. C.
Degree: Ph.G.


Gumberry, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

American Pharmaceutical
Pythias. D O K K

<t> A X

TATE hails from Lenoir, or to hear him
express it. "from the city of a thousand
opportunities." All who have come in con-
tact with him have discovered a man of
quiet and winning personality who is pos-
sessed of the faculty of making friends easily.
One of his regrets while at Carolina was
that the University did not give a course in
sleeping. We feel sure that he could ha\e
made Phi Beta Kappa if he could have ob-
tained that course. But he has never let his
great desire for sleep interfere with his work.
Due to his interest and excellent work, he
was selected as Instructor in Pharmacy dur-
ing his Senior year.

We are wishing for him a very happy and
successful career and feel sure that this is in
store for him.

TAYLOR hails from Northampton County
which has produced a large number of
noble and distinguished men who have played
a great part in the work of the State. He
will broaden the field and contribute his
to the nation since he intends to begin work
in the old State of Virginia.

He is an exceptional student, having led
many of his classes. By his work here one
could never tell that he has been carrying on
correspondence courses all the while ; and
from all signs of the times, these courses will
result in one hundred per cent success He
is a living refutation of the statement that
one can only do one thing at a time well.

ludging from the experience we have
had with Taylor in his two years' sojourn
here, we predict for him a successful career
and a life of service to his profession and


One Hundred Fifty-six



Pikeville. N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 24

Freshman Intersocietyand Intrasociety Debates; Sopho-
more I ntersociety Debate Reading Clerk Philanthropic

THIS man will leave a place that will be
hard to fill when he departs from Caro-
lina with his diploma under his arm. During
his life here he has done his work conscien-
tiously and quietly, and more of his type are
needed -

As an artist at bull sessions he has few
equals, and it seems apparent that if he
keeps up his efficient behavior in after life as
well as at present that he will be fortunate.
We wish him good luck.


Statesville, N. C

Degree: A.B

Age: 2;

Iredell County Club.
(2. 3.4); Track Team (
tory Club

TIG." as he is known on the campus, is
one of our crack sprinters and is rated as
one ot the fastest men on the team, or so
Coach Bob thought when the team stopped
over for lunch in a small town in South Caro-
lina last year. He holds the Southern Inter-
collegiate Conference Record for the Indoor
Fifty-Yard Dash. He is well known on The
Hill and is always ready for a good time,
whether it be bridge, dancing, or what.

But he never lets his play interfere with
his work. His greatest asset, outside of his
ability to do his stuff on the cinderpath. is
making feminine hearts flutter on the dance
floor or in shady nooks. He has not decided
just what he will do when he finishes Caro-
lina, but we know he will succeed, whether
it be racing Paddock or taking Ben Lyon's
contract away from him.

One Hundred Fifty-seven


:i±£JiJaa>,<fcP>'-ali..:;f:i i


Selma. N. C.

Degree A.B.

Age: 2 1

Johnston County Club: Le
hrancais. 1 . M 'C. A.


GOOD naturcd. easy going, yet serious.
■Joe" has come to the end of his College
career not with a monogram to sport, nor
yet a Phi Beta Kappa key with which to fool
the world; but he has something far more
important than both" a multitude of friends
who truly hate to sec him go.

With all his seriousness, however. "Joe "
has not failed to indulge in the society of the
opposite sex: in fact, it is generally known
that the diminishing popularity of a certain
Rudolph with the ladies in these parts is
largely due to the maneuvers ot "Joe "

We understand that "Joe" intends to
go into the most respectable of all professions ;
namely, that of helping carry justice to those
who need lustice and of punishing those who
need punishing. "Joe"expectsto be a Lawyer,
and we know that he will attain his ambition,
by that easy way he has of solving life's prob-
lems, both large and small. We think that
"Joe" would be especially good on divorce
cases, because he always did ha\e the knack
of understanding women With that slow,
easy. serious manner. "Joe "could swing a jury
on any case, and we wish him well on his
professional voyage through life


Chapel Hill, N. C.

Degree: A.B

Age : 2 1

POPULAR, studious, jovial, she takes life
as it comes, yet leaves an impression of
dependability and capability Helen is a
reliable worker and a friend worth ha\ing.
Though she has danced her way into the
hearts of many students, she has also kept
time to the standardized strains playedjin
the Registrar's Office

She is one who can keep a mean between
two extremes. She can dance and socialize
to her heart's content without being accused
of being light-headed; and she can study
without becoming a bookworm Such a well-
rounded sort of a person will be missed by
the large group who know her.

One Hundred Fifty-eight


Rcidsville, N. C.

Degree: Ph.G.

Age: 2j

* A X

TOMMY ■■ hails from Reidsville. N. C. and
"naturally" it is the rose garden of the
State His successful career as Student Coun-
cil Representative from the School of Phar-
macy demonstrates his ability as a leader.
He has made his time on The Hill worth
while, and he never loses an opportunity to
help a fellow student. This fact is shown by
his affiliation with many of the student organ-

"Tommy" has a great interest in the
profession which he has chosen as his life's
work, and we fee! \er\' confident that when
the time comes to consider the men who shall
lead his profession to the front, that our
friend James L, will be in the front ranks

We must not get the idea that he de\otes
all of his time to books, because he finds time
to show his feelings toward the ladies. He is
quite an ardent "wooer." because we recall
many occasions when those mystic wiles and
dimpled smiles have been the cause of many a
lass losing grip on her heart. Although
"Tommy" is somewhat a ladies' man. no
lady has yet been successful in vamping him
From his work here in school, we feel that
great success will crown his efforts.


.'Xurora. N. C.

Degree: S.S.. Commerce

Age: 2 J

:sCluh: German Club

A K *I"; .-Xcacia.

A "GOOD Egg. " a hard worker, a ladies'
man. and as independent as Tom Jeffer-
son — that's Matt. Finance, figures (both
mathematical and otherwise), and Fair Wom-
en are his hobbies. This is proven by the
frequency with \xhich he is chosen to handle
the cash of many organizations; by his Pro-
fessorship in the .Accounting Department;
and last but not least by his many mysterious
week-end \'isits — both east and west. And
on the dance floor, draped in a Tu.x. with the
cooing, sweet thing of his choice in his arms
he is a HE MAN'S M.AN.

One Hundred Fiftx-nine



Mebane. N. C

Degree: A.B.

Age: 26

Dialectic Senate; Alamance County Club.


PM." has the happy faculty of making
. friends. That prominent mouth of his
is usually seen smiling, because he has a
cheerful disposition which everyone likes and
appreciates. Excitement and travel are his
tombstone buddies, as is evidenced by his
journey to Montreal last summer, by his
trip across the perilous "Hot Sands" of the
Sahara (of Oasis) last June, and too, by his
falling desperately in love with a certain
mademoiselle whom he has never seen. The
women say he has "ways" — sheiky ways —
and a line that they all like and can't resist;
in unison from the French ladies of Montreal
to the Sand Lappers of South Carolina,
Whatever you may make your life work, we
predict for you, "P.M.," that on your brow
will rest the laurel wreaths of victory and
over your head will hang the crescent of


Lincolnton, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

■•\ge: 20

Lincoln County Club

TOMMIE." as he is commonly known on
the campus, hails from that old historical
County of Lincoln, and lives in its own
metropolis. Lincolnton. A boy in age but a
man in reality. "Tommie" can. without
doubt, accomplish the most in his work with
the least apparent effort. Ne never fails to
make good grades. He is one who is not
backward about expressing his views on any
subject ; one who follows the dictates of his
own mind and conscience regardless of public
opinions and customs. He is known as a
theologian with socialistic views, always will-
ingly and capably defending his principles.

He will undoubtedly make a success ot
whatever he chooses for his life work; that is
if he goes into it with the same energy and
determination that characterized him through-
out his College career "Fate is fickle, yet
we dare to predict for him a very brilliant

One Hundred Sixt\

Rocky Mount. N C
Degree: LL B.

Age 2 1


Z >F; * A *.

ALEX" is a true Thorpe through and
through — beloved by all who know him
and possessed of a striking personality. Just
one Thorpe characteristic is left out of his
make-up — love for politics. In his four years
at the University. "Proudfit" has made
quite an enviable record and has become
prominent in various phases of College life.
He may not be quite as " social ' as one might
think, but he is just so handsome that the
girls go wild over him He says that he
learned his lesson early, however, and has
lost all faith in the fair sex. Lucky boy'

The business world has appealed to
"Alex, and after College he intends to enter
the tobacco business in Rocky Mount. He
is taking Law in order to lay a foundation
for a thorough understanding of business, and
he is to be congratulated that he is not going
to "hang up a shingle" as so many foolishly
do. With so much behind and ahead of him.
we are assured that he will make a success
of anything he attempts


Rocky Mount, N C

Degree: LL B

Age: 2 1

Philanthropic Assembly. Sergeanr-at-Arms (z) ; Speaker
pro-tem (i); Y Cabinet; Rocky Mount Club; Presi-
dent Senior Class; Student Council; Junior Class
E.\ecutive Committee; Central Council . Chairman Law
Class Executive Committee (3); Assistant Cheer
Leader (z); Gym Team (i, 2, %, 4); Monogram Club;
Sub-Assistant Manager Basketball (2), Assistant Man-
ager (3) ; German Club Executive Committee; Assistant
Leader Sophomore Hop; ."Assistant Leader Easter Ger-
man (3), Commencement Marshal; Commencement
Ball Manager; Leader Gorgon's Head Ball (4); "ij";
Grail; ■Coop"; Minotaurs; N. C Bar. Golden Fleece.

P A A . E * A ; Z T

IN defeat there is honor " If this is true.
it is the only honor that "Dick" has not
been given during his four years at Carolina.
Being a member of practically every hon-
orary organization for which he is eligible
(including the Golden Fleece), being Presi-
dent of the Senior Class, managing the base-
ball team, and various other little things like
that, don't keep him too busy to get high
grades on his work in the Law School and to
spend a couple of hours in the Gym every
day. Last year, those couple of hours daily
were rewarded by an N. C. monogram.

Good looking, good natured. duke, poli-
tician, good student, sackholder and. above
all. a good lellow. that s "Dick.

One Hundred Sixtv-one


Wadesboro. N. C.

Degree: B.S . Medicine

Age: 2 1

A K K.

TICE, or "Teece" as he is known to his
co-workers in the Med. School, is one of
those admirable people who does good work
quietly and thoroughly. A good student and
an interesting companion, he should meet
with success wherever he goes

Possibly he may return here and be on
the Faculty in our bigger, better school of
the future. We hope so.


Chapel Hill. N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: 2<S'

CO-EDS. please note' Here is an example
of marital bliss and scholastic attainment
embodied in the person of Mrs Trimble. To
us (the uninitiated) this happy combination
seems to come from a fun-loving disposition;
a headful of hard common sense; overflowing
enthusiasm; and — she admits it herself — a
fondness for cooking'

It is an established fact that we do best
those things we enjoy doing, and Mrs, Trim-
ble has the knack of excelling in everything
Furthermore, she constantly wears an R..S.
V.P. smile that proclaims to the world that
she enjoys life and would like to have us all
enjoy it with her. Her unselfish thoughtful-
ness, her ready wit. and that mischievous
glint in her eye, bespeak her absolute indi\ id-
uality which demands just admiration from
everv side.

One Hundred Sixtv-two


Fremont, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2}

Wayne County Club

BILL" came to us from the muddy low-
lands of Wayne County in the Fall of
iqii. He brought his smile along with him
and has kept it ever since. No matter where
or when you see him, "Bill" always wears a
smile or a broad grin on his handsome coun-
tenance. "Bill" has been a very industrious
student and has applied himself so diligcntlv
to his work that he has not had the time to
participate in campus activities. He has gone
about his work in a quiet and unobtrusive
way, making high marks on all subjects taken,
and thereby winning the admiration and es-
teem of the Faculty. If "Bill" applies him-
self to his life work as he has to his College
work, we forecast for him a brilliant and suc-
cessful future. Here's to you, "Bill," and
may you have a long and happy life and may
all vour troubles be Litlle Ones.


Parmelee, N. C.

Degree: B.S , Commerce

Age: 2 2

Pitt County Club: Dormitory Club; Intramural .Ath-

CECIL is just a good fellow that we all
admire and like. Slightly reserved, it is
true, but once we know him, his sense of
humor, good naturedness, and sound ethical
principles which he courageously defends, bid
(or impel) us to list him among our most
intimate and valued friends.

During his sojourn in the School of Com-
merce, Cecil has made a \ery creditable and
enviable record. His analytical mind and
persistent effort have always rewarded him
with a solution of the most baffling of prob-
lems. Now that he is leaving us to enter his
career of banking, there is no doubt in our
minds that with the abilities he possesses, he
will succeed there as well as here, and will
be a banker that can be banked upon as well
as with.

One Hundred Sixtx-three

irirr - -|-u'^*«aftirt^^'v-" '■>■{.

Walnut Cove, N. C.

BS., Commerce

Economics Club; Dialectic Senate.

THIS likable and unassuming chap is a
product of the weedy Stokes, but you'd
never guess it. unless you slipped into his
sanctum while he was in the act of expatiating
about his tobacco crop.

"Tuts " precocious intellect causes us to
conclude that nothing short of a versatile
genius could more gracefully expose himself
to work in that quiet and enviable manner,
and still take his successes and honors in the

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