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Old Trap, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2 J

NELL" is one of the kind of people who are
always ready to help, and ne\er worr\-
whether they will receive credit and praise
commensurate with their efforts. The time
she has spent at Carolina has been full of
work of all kinds; with plenty of attention to
recreation as well as to her studies.

She is consistent, studious and inter-
esting. She will certainly make a success of
whatever she attempts if she works with the
same enthusiasm she has shown here.


-++++ +++++-


Elkin, N. C.
Degree: A.B.

Age: 2;

JOSH, ' as he is known to his many friends
on the campus, came to us with one object
in view, and that was to prove to us that big
feet are not a criterion of succeeding or failing
to pass "Dean Howell's" course in Pharmacy.

Burgess is of the kind that is slow but
sure. He has that great asset (ability) which
is sure to win him success if he will use it
right, and we belie\e he will. He has won
the friendship of many while at Carolina and
is liked by all who have come in contact
with him.

The ladies are aware of his winning per-
sonality, and as a result the fairer sex seek
the light of his brown eyes.

His many friends are wishing for him
much happiness and success in his career as a
druggist and feel sure that the best of lite is
in store for him.

Taylorsville, N. C.

Age: 22
Wrestling Team; Dialectic Senate.

JH " is an all-round man, a good friend
■ and a pleasant companion. He is popular
with all those who know him, and has the
admiration of both students and professors.
There will be many who will hate to see him
leave Carolina, but they know that by reason
of the good qualities lie has shown here he
can make a great success of anything he
chooses to do out in the cold, cruel world.


••r->-!-^ - : - f'-:



Scotland Neck. N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age 2 ;

Manager Varsity Wrestling Team, Philanthropic As-
sembly, Halifax County Club. Vice-President (2).
President h); Freshman Basketball Squad-

* Ki:

DAN Burroughs is one of those well-
poised individuals who is just as certain
to enjoy life as he is to succeed. Dan is quiet
and minds his own business as well as any
member of the class Some even think that
he is non-communicative, but those fortunate
enough to number themselves among his close
friends know better.

.\ few times Dan has been accused of
joining the boys in a "Bull" session, but on
the whole he has had little time for pedigreed
nonsense and bunk; rather, his major quality
is a fine strain of loyalty and sincerity that
begets confidence. He comes from Scotland
Neck, but the name of the town should not
be counted against him for it has turned out
plenty of other good men. We don't know
what line he is going to follow — and we are
not sure that he does himself — but we are
sure of one thing: that whatever he does, he
will do it quietly and well.


Matthews. N. C.

Degree: BS-. Commerce

Age 2 1

FOLJR years ago, a quiet, sturdy lad re-
leased the plow-handles, unhitched Old
Beck and told his pa that he was going to the
L'niversitv of North Carolina to get an educa-

To-day, he leaves us. but what a change!
He has discarded the characteristics of his
early rustic life. His polished manners and
his sheik-like appearance would make you
think he was a member of Fifth Avenue

"Caldwelder's" philosophy of life is very
unique. He is somewhat reserved in manner:
he never goes outside his path to make a new
acquaintance: but if once his "reserved"
shell is broken, he will be a friend to the last.
His speech is the drawl of an ultra-Southerner,
but every word he says is full of meaning and
directly to the point. He thinks more and
says less than the average student.

"Caldwelder" has spent the major por-
tion of his time in Saunders Hall He is a
bull shark when it comes to manipulating an
adding machine or deciphering an intricate
problem in finance or Business Law.

Caldwell's chosen profession i> Account-
ing He is also counting on getting a wife and
giving her a position in his private office He
savs two heads are better than one.




Taylorsville, N. C.

Degree: BS.. Commerce

Age 23

CAMPBELL is a practical sort of fellow
with a spontaneous sense of humor; seri-
ous when seriousness is needed, and sincere
to a degree that makes us consider ourselves
luckv to list him as an intimate friend. -Al-
though believing that intelligence should be
recognized, he is no champion of the social
aristocracy, and admires a snob about as
much as a cat enjoys a swim.

While more practical than most, and
making an excellent record in studies, he is
not too practical to let textbooks interfere
with education. Numbering joke books
among the others, and having an exceptional
ability to remember witty phrases, he is
always ready to come at you with some irre-
sistible squib-
Campbell is interested in business and
expects to make Commerce his life's work
believing that two birds in the bush are worth
more than one in the hand, proxided \'ou go
after them with the right method — and T. B
generally uses the right method. We don't
predict him any great future, for. knowing
Campbell, such is unnecessary. He doesn t
expect to hang around the door waiting for
Opportunity to knock, but to go out after it
and drag it in by the tail.


Durham. N, C.

Degree: B S.. Commerce

Age: 20

German Club; "Coop"; Minotaurs; Gimghouls; Assis-
tant Manager Varsity Baseball (2) ; Manager Freshman
Basketball (1). Manager Freshman Baseball (3); Box-
ing Club (1); Assistant Manager Carolina Plavmak-

A K E; Pan-Hellenic Council.

M-ARTIN is the greatest financial wizard
of the University. We figure he has
made over ten thousand dollars while engaged
in acquiring more knowledge to go with the
genius of business ability which he has. He is
equally at home whether it be at a University
function, the World Series, the smart occa-
sions from New York to Palm Beach, or a
business trip to Chicago.

It is also reported that he spends quite a
bit of his time in Norfolk; in fact, every week-
end, trying to form a partnership. Mart's a
true friend with a heart as big as his line. We
predict a great future for him in anything he
undertakes. .As a business man. student and
friend he will always be remembered and
respected by the Class of iq2 5.




m. - -^^i^^^:^et'ii'!^'^r.m


Charleston, W Va.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

2 *E.

THIS was the man who went with Pearlc
to the picnic. He lets nothing worry him
The "business man" from Philadelphia was
not indifferent as to his own pleasures. He
studies them; he hunts for new ones; and he
tries new tricks on the old ones.

"Chunk" is the only man in recent years
who has had the pleasure of taking a drink
on the steps of the Confederate Capitol. The
V. M. I. game is always incidental to this
annual event.

Ladies — well yes. No, he is not a mar-
ried man. He will never allow any limita-
tions to be imposed on his conduct. He has
refused to marry better-looking girls than he
will ever again get a chance to marry.

But seriously, "Chunk" studies hard.
He knows how to study and get through with
it. Efficiency, thats it. It will take him far
in the world. With his level head, his savoir
/aire, and the fact that he knows how to get
what he wants, he will make his mark in his
chosen profession. Banking it is, and he has
made a good start already.

Asheville, N. C.


r A.

DOUG" is an authority on Victor records,
dance orchestras, and the latest fox trots.
Come to think of it, though, we have never
seen him at a dance down here, and we cannot
help but wonder why. We are sure he dances,
but then it seems as if he never does. There
were only a few to get on the first make-up of
the Dean's List, and we are glad to say that
"Doug ' was one of them. He deserved it if
anyone did. He is not a bookworm, but his
name is generally found on the Honor Roll.
"Doug" is not an athlete, either, but he is
an ardent fan and a loyal supporter of all the
Carolina teams. We would hesitate to call
him a woman-hater, but we really do not believe
that he takes very much interest in woman-
kind. We never hear him raving about the
Sweet Briar, St. Mary's, or Salem girls, or any
other girls, for that matter. With his natural
talent and love for arguing, we are sure that he
will make a successful lawyer, and his host of
friends on the campus wish him the greatest
possible prosperity and success. "Doug" is
a darn good fellow, from every standpoint,
and we don't care who knows it.



+-<"K^-*-5-{"J-S-+-J' •{-;-:


Asheville, N, C.

Degree: A.B.



iks. "m'; "Coop", German Club,
^ Manager Tar Heel. Business Manager Tar
zi); Assistant Leader Junior Prom; Assist-
■ Gimghoul Ball; Freshman Football Team,
otball Squad; Freshman Basketball Team.

BY his outspoken nature, and simplicity of
manner, Tom has won for himself a host
of friends and admirers at Carolina, Even
casual acquaintances know him as a fine fel-
low while a more thorough knowledge of him
reveals an original and winning personality
which is hard to beat.

Besides the inherent good qualities which
he brought from Asheville, four years ago,
Tom has acquired a love for, and a knowledge
of, literature and art, clinched by a two
months' trip through Central and Southern
Europe which make him a boon companion
and a fascinating conversationalist.

By dint of the above, and a very con-
genial nature he has become quite a "social
lioi at Carolina, His place in the "Dekes"
will be hard to fill, to say the least.

.After due consideration we predict that
Tom will make his mark in the world in what-
ever field of work he enters Indications
seem to point to Journalism or Business at


South Boston, Va.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 23

FOLLOWING the precedent set her by
two of her beloved professors, Elizabeth
also has shown discretion in adopting the Old
North State, although she pretends her favor-
ite tune is "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny."
We have heard that she is taking a Hard
course in music for the purpose of expressing
in musical composition her appreciation in
Carolina. Elizabeth really is versatile, and
whatever she undertakes she does well. She
is artistic as well as musical, and we predict
for her a rosy future in designing coats-of-
arms for family trees. Nor is her ability less
in Mathematics and languages, though it is
difficult to understand how she can digest so
much "Bacon" without increasing her weight.




Ti l

■8>-5-i-^+-«- ■H - 5-+-} - :


Ashcville, N. C.

Degree: A.B.



-leece; Amphoterothen; Committee "loo":
Senate. Secretary (z). Vice-President (3);
Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (1 and i): Carolina Magazine
Board (2. 3, 4); Intersociety Freshman Debate (Win-
ner); Intersociety Sophomore Debate {'21); Chairman
Junior Class Executive Committee; President Student
Body (4); President Phi Beta Kappa.

Ben; * B K; S I': K <^ A.

WITHIN a class there must be medioerc
people, yet they are never written up
without the most enthusiastic and extrava-
gant praise. So when it happens that a man
like "Bill" Cocke is to be written up who is
really one of the few outstanding members of
the Class of '25. it is hard to give him the
praise he deserves and merits without becom-
ing ridiculously extravagant in order to make
the write-up sound different.

That he has served as President of the
Student Body, that he was tapped for the
Golden Fleece in his Junior year and that he
has been the President of Phi Beta Kappa
show that he has received the highest honors
that one can achieve here.

A student in the real sense of the word,
a dependable and efficient executive and a
writer of no mean ability. Bill is a person
from whom we expect not the ordinary "great
things" which are expected from the mem-
bers of the extraordinary Class of iq25, but
unusual things. His success here is indubi-
tahlv indicative of his work later.


Warrenton N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 22

North Carolina Club; Secretary Woman's .Association;
Student Council.


NORM.A came to Carolina from Peace, and
during her two years and two Summer
Schools here she has been one of the most
popular of the Co-eds

Dr. Odum spotted her the first quarter
and we understand that she is going to make
the world safe for democracy by going into
social work. Work is Norma's middle name,
anyhow, for she can do more in less time than
it takes most of us to get started. She work;
for cverybodx' and anything and alwa\'
comes through with that "smile that won
wipe off With it all she can go shooting off
around the country on case-work take in a
dance or so, and run off a lew reports before
morning to appease a few of the profs.

.According to several admiring swains,
her eyes are her chief attraction. They have
been variously described as "pools of blue
light." " marbles stuck in cotton." or "awfully
soulful." .Anyhow, they seem to be most
magnetic, to judge from the appearance of
her date book, for she is popular with every
one who has had the good fortune to know her.



Trinity, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2 J

Randolph County Club; Dialectic Senate; Monogram
Club; Freshman Baseball; Varsitv Baseball (i, i):
President Y. M C A

r A.

COLE' is one of the most universally-
admired men in the whole Student Body.
A short time ago he was only a homesick
Freshman among the many; today, he occu-
pies a place in the hearts of his fellow students
which only few men ever attain. In recogni-
tion of his high ideals and admirable work he
was elected President of the " Y" last spring,
and those who have been associated with him
in this work are thoroughly convinced that he
has proven more than worthy of his trust.
However, he is not only successful in execu-
tive circles, but one will find him on the roster
of Carolina's most popular athletes

.As one of the crack pitchers on the Var-
sity nine, "Cole" has a mean habit of slipping
them over so fast that the other side can t
see them. Dame Rumor would ha\c it that
some "fair one" is serving as a guiding star
for all of his achievements. For this we can-
not vouch. But aside from all of his accom-
plishments or why he has been successful, we
can say that here is a noble, true, big-hearted
idealist who is inspired with a broad vision
which is bound to carry him to success in his
life's work of service to his fellow men


Siler City. N. C.

Degree: B.S., Electrical Engineering

Age: 2 2

Institute Elecl

LIKE his Brother Cottontails, which squirm
through the briar patches of Chatham
County, has Cooper squirmed through his
College course, without getting scratched bv
"E's" or "F's. " and without deviating from
the beaten path to graduation. At the kick-
off he chose Electrical Engineering as his pro-
fession, and the fervor with which he has fol-
lowed his course does him credit. Cooper
says little but studies faithfully, and ranks
high in the estimation of his classmates.

Cooper is a veritable magnet to the
weaker sex. He has graduated with honors
from two Summer Schools, and we have
record of several broken hearts. Just which
of his personal qualifications make him so
distinctive to the ladies we do not know; it
may be his smooth blond hair or it may be
that smile in his blue eyes. Whatever it is,
we would like to know the secret.

Cooper is specializing in the field of Illu-
minating Engineering, and we predict with
assurance that he will ably light his way to





Landis. N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2 J

Elisha Mitchell Scientific S<iciety; Scientific Society;
Assistant in Zoology; German Club

2 X.

IN the realms of Davie Hall, where King
Froggie reigns supreme over his zoo. and
medical and other neophytes toil away in an
endeavor to ascertain what makes a frog
croak in the springtime, a crayfish "put er
in reverse" at the approach of adversaries, or
how to correctly skin a cat — in these realms.
Dan is a court favorite. Here he served the
King faithfully, for which he was made, not
an habitue of the lions' den. as was Daniel of
old. but keeper of the royal frogpond and.
finally, the King's own cupbearer locally-
spoken of by the natives as the assistant in
Zoology. Dan made the mistake of going to
Davidson at the outset of his program of
higher education, which technicality spoiled
his chances for Phi Beta Kappa. This is by
way of insinuating that Daniel "knows his
stuff." Sincere, affable, studious, we predict
he'll be another Mayo tor he aspires to be a


Norfolk. Va.

Degree: B.S., Civil Engineering

Age: 23

.American Society Civil Engineers; Elisha Mitchell
Scientific Society; Band {1, 2); Orchestra; German


BILL " came into our midst in the Fall of
iqi I after spending a year at Lehigh, and
has been with us ever since. He is the ideal
College man; he is always interested in cam-
pus and fraternity affairs; attends all the
dances and social functions, goes to the "Pick
c\ ery day : and keeps an up-to-date-minute
files of the debutantes; then if there is any
time left he accommodates a lesson or two

In spite of this. "Bill" is a good student
and a good Engineer, and we wish him all the
luck in the world when he leaves us and
returns to Virginia.




=n I


Yadkinville, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2/

Renfro Cluh; Deans List.


RLipUS hails from the garden spot of our
State, up in the good old County ot
Yadkin, where men see and appreciate nature
and her surroundings Rufus is especially
inclined toward nature and its effects. Al-
though not prone to booting his profs, wc
might state here that he and Professor Koch
harmonize and understand each other mighty
well as shown by the number of courses taken
under him.

To the outside. Rufus may seem wrapped
up in his faithful old pipe, and especially the
"Pick." but to his close friends it is well
known that a young lady in the West is the
supreme dictator of his heart and actions
At graduation, Carolina will lose one of her
finest and most dependable men. and the
entire Student Body is wishing him the best
of luck wherever he mav go.


Willets, N. C.

Degree: A.B., Education

Age: 24

THIS young man hails from the "Land of
the Sky." being bom and reared in Jack-
son County which nestles among the moun-
tains of Western North Carolina. He re-
ceived his preparatory training at the Cul-
lowhee Normal School which is located in
Jackson County. While at that institution,
he distinguished himself in debating, and won
a lasting place in the hearts of all his school-
mates. He entered the L'niversity in IQ21.
Earl, as he is known among the fellows, is a
congenial lad and can always be assured of a
host of friends. He is a good student and
bids fair to make a name for himself in his
chosen profession It is rumored, especially
in Summer School circles, that he is quite a
ladies' man, which means that he has realized
that God knew what he was talking about
when he said that man needed a helpmate
We predict for Earl a successful career, and
all his friends join in wishing him Godspeed.



Winston-Salem, N. C.
Degree: B.S.. Commerce

Age: 2 2

Elisha Mitchell Scientifu
syth County Club

A XS; 0P.

SiKicty; Alembic Club: For-

BARNEY" came to us from the "City of
Cigarettes" 'way back in the Fall of iqi i .
Since then he has divided his time between
slaving in the Chemistry building and com-
posing epistles to persons unknown. Not
that he has indulged in either pastime to the
detriment of the other — he has rather favored
the Chemistry in his efforts to enlighten him-
self concerning what everything is made ot.

"Barney ' is a serious, earnest worker.
We know he will meet with success in what-
ever sort of work he chooses, be it Chemistry
or any other profession. Nevertheless, we
certainly hate to see him leave us, and we
hope he will come back to see us often.


Slier City, N. C.

Degree: Commerce, Sfiecial

Acacia; Pan-Hellenic Council.

TOM Dark, better known as "Andy," Is
a versatile creature. He has figured as a
scientifically-trained business man. Social
Manager of the Carolina Inn, and as a mem-
ber of the A. E. F. He is always ready to
fight the war over when an audience can be
cornered. At golf and bull, Tom can make a
hole In one. Versatile, easy, lacy and happy,
agreeing with anybody on anything, with
that never-to-be-forgotten, "Yeah, we gotta
do that, boys " he will long be remembered



+++++-f+-f"f++++++++-5-++-5":- WW''


New Bern, N. C.

Degree: Ph.C

Age: 20

* A X.

HERE is a man with whom it is a privilege
to be associated, and this privilege is
much appreciated by those who know him
After completing academic studies at Ran-
dolph-Macon he sought the path leading to
Chapel Hill and joined us with the Pharmacy
Class of ic)25

Dave is an example of modesty, and sel-
dom do we find one so neat in appearance, so
reserved, or so careful in manners. He con-
siders silence as a great art of conservation ot
energy, but however quiet he may be, he
never fails to make friends with all, as he has
a most pleasing personality.

He is unquestionably a good student, for
he passes most of his work in a very creditable
manner However, all of his time is not spent
with his books. One of his great hobbies is
dancing and he has mastered that art most

W'c all wish him much success in his
chosen field and good luck and happiness tor
a lifetime.


Farmville. N. C.

Degree A.B

Age: 2 1

Grail. Philanthropic Assembly; Freshman Debates;
Tur Heel Board. Assistant Editor 7ar Heel: Secretary-
Treasurer Pit County Club: Y M C A. Cabinet;
Chairman Committee College Night and Carolina
Smoker, Economics Club. Executive Committee; Sec-
retary-Treasurer Pan-Hellenic; Junior Class Executive
Committee; Commencement Marshal

ATA: Pan-Hellenic Council.

NEAT in appearance, courteous in man-
ner, efficient in work — these are the
qualities that characterize this gentleman
from Pitt and cause him to be respected and
esteemed by all those who know him. Few
men in the Class of 1925 have touched the
life of the University in so manv points

The "Squire" first became known by his
ability to successfully withstand the hectic
days of Bull Greene's Spanish Class Since
then he has been variously identified as a
newspaper man. debater, member of the
Grail, member of the Class Executive Com-
mittee, dance leader, politician, fraternity
man and last but not least, ladies' man. This
wide range of experience along with quite a
bit of careful studying is now enabling him
to digest some of the subtle fineness of Horace
William s philo.sophy

Marion possesses the makings of a really
useful and worth-while citizen We know that
he will make good in his career as a business





Charlotte, N. C.

Degree: B S , Electrical Engineering

Age: 2;

Cabin; American Institute Electrical Engineers

Pan-Hellenic Council. OKA; * Z N

HAL" came to Carolina the usual green
Freshman but during the past three
years he has developed from the embryo to
the highest type of Carolina Senior. His
associates, his likes and dislikes, and his
amiable personality prove him to be of ster-
ling character and true worth. He is studious
During his four years in the Engineering
School, "accuracy and dependability" has
been his motto and judging by his marks he
has lived up to it

There is a great contrast in his work and

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