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play, for in his "affaires des coeur they say
he is quite fickle Nevertheless, his girl
friends think he is "just fine " Despite the
abo\'e fact we feel that when he launches on
the sea of life, his sincere motives, his deter-
mination, and his personality will put him
across with flying colors


VVaxhaw, N C.

Degree: B.S Commerce

Age: 2}

County Club, French Club,
lan 1 rack 1 earn.

WHEN good fellows get together," johnic
will surely be there with his usual good
nature, and you can bet your boots that there
won't be any tears floating around, for Johnie
and gloom are about as good friends as Wil-
liam J. Bryan and the gorilla family.

Johnie is one of these fellows who believe
that all work and no play is an abomination,
and he maintains that week-ends are a jo\-
while they last if one can slip away from
"Harrys School for Boys" and have a chat
with the "fair one " Nevertheless, whether
reporting on Dr. Brown's Statistics or Dr
Dashiell s Psychology, he is always there with
the precision indicative of intellect and under-

When Johnie is around the ladies, \ou
would think that he had been vaccinated
with a phonograph needle, but the line is
always very effective and the veritable "fall
line" is ne\er far distant.



Mooresville, N. C.

Degree: PhC

Age: 2 J

Rowan County Club; American Pharmaceutical Asso-
ciation; Secretary and Treasurer Senior Pharmacy
Class; Knights of Pythias.

IF you are looking for a quiet, good-natured
sort of chap, here he is. His greatest
ambition in life is to have a host of friends
and to kno\i- Pharmacy. He has proven him-
self to be a good scout, thoroughly capable
of delivering the goods when Dean Howell's
quizzes come due. His chief hobby, how-
ever, is waiting for the morning mail to bring
the glad tidings.

Truly we can say that he is immune to
the common evils found on The Hill except
the Pickwick We might also add here that
every Sunday finds him an earnest listener to
what the parson has to say,

Harland is so filled with Pharmacy that
it has been said that he can recommend a
remedy for every ill known to man This
may not all be true, but he has the ability to
accomplish whatever he decides and wants
to do.

So for this energetic and generous son ol
Carolina gifted with the cherished charm we
call personality we predict a success and joy
which arc well deserved.


Morehead City N. C.

Degree: Ph.G.

Age: 2 1

Pharmaceutical .Association.

<J) A X.

WE know of only one mistake this young
man has made. He went first to the Old
Dominion State and there attended the Medi-
cal College of Virginia. But now we can
forgive him, for he has seen the error of his
wavs and added his impressive name to Caro-
lina's roll of immortal Pharmacists. .And
like all our classmates who came from the
■'M. C. V. ' Pat has done well in our midst.

Only a few days after his arrival he was
gathered into our fold and has become a
typical Carolina man even to the prevalent
habit of attending the "Pick,"

We see no reason why "Pat" should not
be a credit to Carolina in the years to come.
.All his traits are indicative of that. He has
genius, diplomacy, ambition and we doubt
that he could fail.



Sparta N. C.

Degree- AB

Age iq

DUNK" is a peculiar combination of lazi-
ness and enthusiasm; of inertia and
energy; of sense and nonsense "Dunk,
during his Freshman year, hated but two
things passionately • French and women, but
now he hates only French! He stoutly main-
tains that he has not decided upon his life-
work, but it has been whispered that he
intends to get an M. A. in-law, "Dunk"
hails from the mountains He used to tell us
the name of the little town and just how
many great men had been born there, but
now when the question ot his nativity is
brought up he says, merely, "Irom the moun-
tains " It has always been a mystery how he
ever obtained such an accurate knowledge ol
just how much work each course in the L'ni-
versity demands for passing. Before I forget
it. never ask "Dunk" to sing, for the noise
that he makes when he tries will ruin even
iron eardrums Taken all-in-all, he is one of
the best fellows in the world, always with
that cheerful smile and handshake for every-
one, "Dunk "is a loyal and sincere friend.
We believe that he will go far in any profes-
sion that he may choose.


Lenoir, N, C
Degree B.S,. Commerce
Age: 20
Caldwell County Club,

A >r A

BOB" was a member of the Class of 1Q24
but he left last year without being in-
cluded in the Yackety Yack, Wishing to be
immortalized however he appears here with
his younger brethren. We shall always re-
meniber "Bob" as a rotund little male person
carrving a perpetual smile.

Of cheerful disposition he had that than
which there is no greater .Always ready to
take part in any endeavor, he was a valuable
friend and a worth-while companion, liked by
both Facultv and students

Sixty- four


China Grove, N. C.

Degree AB.

Age: 22

Spanish Club; Rowan County Club; Murphey Club

AX; * B K.

Si'MvI has the highest ideals of any man I
know' Such was the comment of one ol
the boy? here who knows him, and such is
the opinion of e\eryone who knows him —
and many do — for he has that quality ot
reserved friendliness which causes people to
like him automatically He is a member ot
Phi Beta Kappa, but he is the sort of man
that will do credit to any organization when
he leaves the University You will never
grow tired of his company, for he has that
rare quality, possessed by so few people ot
being both a good listener and an interesting
talker. Whoever "she" is, we are quite sure
that she is a lucky girl

Possessing a common-sense optimism, a
keen mind, and a rare personal quality that
makes him a friend to all who come in con-
tact with him there is only one thing that
Sam cannot do; and that is to make a failure
of this life of ours


Greensboro, N. C.

Degree: Ph.C

.Age: 24
Guilford County Club.

DOC" is another one of those Greensboro
guys whose time at this University has
been hastened up in the study of pill-rolling
in Dean Howell's quarters .Although it takes
onlv two years to complete the course of
Pharmacy, he could spend onU' one year here
before he spent another in Draper It is not
known whether it is drugstore work or those
Draper damsels that continually call "Doc"
to that little city, but it is known that when
not in school he spends most of his time there
rather than in his hometown.

.Any member of the Pharmacy Class can
point out numerous good qualities but his
bad ones are few and far between

Were it not for the "Pick. " the "Orphe-
um and the ladies. "Doc s' grades would
be much farther up the alphabet over on
Miss Noble's books There is no doubt that
after he has passed the N. C State Board he
will return to that wonderful City of Draper
and there take up his Pharmacy duties on a
much larger scale.



Dover, N. C.
Degree: A.B.

Age: 2/

Philanthropic Assembly; Freshman Debating Sotictv.
North Carolina Club; 'Kalif of Kavak"; German
Club; Carolina Plavmakers, Sixth, Seventh. Eighth.
Ninth Tours, First Southern Tour, Assistant Man-
ager (4); Director ■Prunella"; Le Cercle Francaisc;
Spanish Club; Class Basketball; Craven County Club.

THIS man's name should have been "Bea-
ver," for his ability to turn out work
accurately, rapidly and quietly would make
one of these tiny little animals hump for his
good name. "P. L " as he is affectionately
called by his friends, came to the Uni\ersity
four years ago, a modest and retiring Fresh-
man His almost uncanny ability to accom-
plish what he set out to do in both his studies
and campus activities, was soon discovered
by The Carolina Playmakers, and after suc-
cessfully handling the most difficult positions
in that organization, to wit: Stage Manager
and Property Manager, he was made Assist-
ant Manager of the Playmakers Not con-
tent with that he tried his hand at acting
and played the part of Young Gaius in
"Gaius and Gaius, Jr." on the Playmakers'
famous First Southern Tour. His work as
Director of the Playmakers' First Studio
Production given last spring was largeK
responsible for the success of this play.
"Prunella" "P. L's" College career has
been an enviable one. The Playmakers; and
Carolina need you.


Dillsboro, N. C.

Degree: BS Commerce


ENLOE, or "Cato " as he is more affec-
tionately known is a specimen of what
we commonly call a Southern Highlander
He hails from the region of the tall and uncut
usually referred to as "The Land of the Sky

"Cato" is one of the many titles which
he possesses; however, this one fits him best
because he is not lacking in the qualities of a
great Statesman. These Statesman-like tra'ts
have caused "Cato to take up and study
Dean Carroll's arts of Business and Banking
This he has mastered with great success, put-
ting it into practice many times during his stay
at College.

We predict that "Reg" will some day
be a great financier and all the papers will
carry his name as head-line material And it
will only be a question of time before he will
be a member of a great triumvirate with
.America's greatest magnates

"Reg" never neglected the other side of
College life He was always present when
anything was happening, from a football-
scrimmage to the biggest social function on
the campus Although he never attended a
Summer School, he knew as much about the
ladies as old Kipling himself

"Reg, " above all is a man with strong
character, winning personality, and conserva-
tive in his dealings with the problems of life.




Harbinger, N. C.

Degree: BS., Commerce

Age- 22

Associate Member Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society.

THE " Sir " of the period when ' ' knighthood
was in flower," was the reward for the man
who made possible proof of his skill by hours
of relentless training To-day, no title can
convey the honor which we place upon
"Hick" when we characterize him by a state-
ment not deserved by a great number of the
so-called male sex, or wearers of the breeches,
namely, "a man in every respect."

"Hick" is unusually persistent in his
work, and that his efforts have been fully
rewarded is evidenced by the look of com-
plete satisfaction which passes over his face
during exams from the realization that he
will "hit" the prof so hard as to make him
look like Andy Gump stricken wish Saint
Vitus Dance and rheumatism at the same

This member of our class has, by his
persistency, together with a smile which we
have never seen replaced by a frown, and
with a disposition worthy of a Carolina man.
placed himself in a position in our esteem
which enables us to say that in this classmate
we are giving to the business world a man,
with everything that the word implies


Oak City, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 22
Philanthropic Assembly.

A X.

TO be rather than to seem to be," is Mar-
vin's motto, and we admire him for it.
Quiet, unassuming but ever ready with a
cheerful word or gay bit of wit, he has en-
tangled himself in the hearts of the many
who know him. And although he has chosen
Business as his life's work and developed the
cigar habit as a necessary prerequisite to suc-
cess as a big-business man, he has not yet
adopted the hard-boiled attitude toward the
rabble that we usually attribute to the type.
In fact, it is well known about the campus
that his frequent trips to Greensboro would
indicate a soft heart, and explain, perhaps,
the far-away, dreamy expression which he
wears on Monday mornings.

He is a good fellow and true, honest and
fair and handsome. With these qualities he
cannot fail to succeed in anything he under-

We wish you health, wealth, happiness,
Marvin, and in your journey along the way
ma\' your path be made less difficult by the
kind of a helpmate we all want and few find.




-*-'«"f-+-i-+'f'-}-++"f-i'H"»- ++ ++ +-J":-



Chapel Hill, N. C.

Degree: B.S , Civil Engineering

Age: 22


Chapel Hill. N. C

Degree: A.B.

Age: 26


Elisha Mitchell

PAUL has successfully blended hard and
consistent work with sterling adaptness
for making friends. His irresistible good
humor, always exemplified by a smile, has in
no small way contributed to his success with
this combination.

Paul is a deep thinker, a hard worker
and a loyal friend. As proof of this statement,
we cite his brilliant record in his work, and
his consideration, congeniality, and love for
his friends. He is full of life and cheerfulness,
and that girl of whom he talks so much in his
sleep, would certainly be a foolish female to
turn down such a good man

Paul has a valuable spirit of determina-
tion which never allows him to leave a task
before it is completed, and well completed at
that In choosing Engineering as his life
work, he has but justified that spirit in him
which takes joy in helping his fellow man
and his country.

Paul's favorite pastime is counting bugs
in the sanitary laboratory, where he and
George Ausband are entrusted with the re-
sponsibility of furnishing the LIniversity and
the town with potable water We all expect
of Paul no more than that which he will be-
come, a successful Engineer. So here's to
you. Paul from the Class of 1025. the greatest

Philanthropic Assembly; Y M.
"!, 4); Varsity Football Squad (i

A Cabinet (i. 2.
; . 3 , 4) ; -Monogran

IF perseverance and stick-to-it-iveness are
qualities in a man which bring success,
then H. D.'s cup will be full and overflowing.
He was content to remain one of the iron men
for a long time before he received reward.
When the opposing line tried to run over him,
they found too much in the way. But not
only was he noted on the football field; but
also as the keeper of the Summer School gate.
Many a couple enthralled by the subject —
love — have been fearful lest the iron hand of
Farrell descend upon their shoulders While
performing this thankless task, and receiving
much abuse, he always maintained his equilib-
rium and pleasing disposition.

Farrell, here's to you — a fine worker, a
man of strength and character — we will hear
from you some day.



Columbus, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2j

Dialectic Senate-

FEAG'S" career at the University was in-
terrupted, following his Freshman year in
iq20, and the next year he taught school, but
now we have him finishing with us in the
Class of I pi 5

At one time he leaned rather heavily
toward the Law. but eventually avoiding her
sinewy wiles, he now intends to make the
instruction of the youth of the Tar Heel
State his supreme sacrifice.

"A .\ " has proved himself a good
student, and takes to historical and .Anglican
subjects as a duck does to a mill pond, but
the languages and "Fcag" have no compro-
mise ground, and he stoutly maintains that
his aversion for all Dago linguistics is a
deeply-rooted growth

All this man needs to succeed is steady
application, and we believe he has plenty of
that quality called "Stick-to-it-iveness" in


Winston-Salem. N. C.

Degree: AB

Age: 23

WE have here, as a member of our class
b\' adoption, one of the oldest inhabi-
tants of the .Academic School and one of the
most popular

"Pass' entered in the Fall of iqi7. when
(according to report) men were men. and
milk and honey, bull and other things flowed
freely He immediately went out for several
activities, making an excellent record in foot-
ball. In the Spring of iqio his health forced
him to leave us for several years. During his
absence he made an enviable record by becom-
ing for a year the only "Co-ed " at Salem
College. What is still more noteworthy, he
was asked by the president to return and
finish his course there.

Since he re-entered Carolina, he has dis-
tinguished himself by very successfully pass-
ing probably the hardest academic course
available, and by proving to the world-at-
large that he has a line of bull and hot air
rivaled by none. "Pass" has done more
than that, however, and during his stay with
us has shown himself to be a gentleman in
the strictest acceptance of that term. Of no
man can it be more truly said than that he
has been tried and been proven a "thorotigh-
bred "



New Bern, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 20

Craven County Club; Baseball ('it . '22. '2 j. "24) ; Sub-
Assistant Manager Basketball ("22).

2 X.

CAROLINA will never forget a certain
spring day in Greensboro when a slender
red-headed Sophomore, just eighteen, took
his stand upon the hillock at Cone Park,
dealt out four scattered hits of the scratch
variety and sent the Old Dominion nine back
to Charlottesville in stinging defeat. It is a
well-known fact that the said lad is none
other than the above named Since that
time, "Bill" Ferebee, or Willoughby Dozier.
as you preler. has been the terror of opposing
baseball teams throughout the South Last
year, "Bill" could not pitch regularly and
did not equal his record of the preceding
season, but Carolina supporters arc looking
to him for great things as the mainstay of
the hurling corps this year.

But "Bill's" athletic ability is not lim-
ited to baseball. He is recognized as one ot
the outstanding basketcers in the Intrafra-
ternity Basketball League, and it is whispered
all over the campus that he can beat a race-
horse handling horseshoes

It is unnecessary to tell you what sort
of a man Willoughby is A clean and upright
person a good fellow, a good student, and —
oh well ' What more can you sa\' about a


Raleigh, N. C.

Degree: B S . Commerce

University Delaware ( '21. '23); University Delaware
Band; Minstrels; Glee Club and Track Team; U. N. C
Band ('2!, '25).

BL'D," as he is known to most of us here
on the campus, came here from the Uni-
versity of Delaware at the close of his Sopho-
more year. After attending two Summer
Schools in a manful effort to get off some of
the required work that he lacked for credits
in the B S Commerce Course, he came to be
fairly well known to us; perhaps through
some of the girls who attended the Summer
Schools while he was here At any rate,
some of us at least know him and of his tre-
mendous difficulties with the French Courses
given in the Commerce School "Bud's"
great ambition is to be a salesman, and from
the general looks of things it seems as though
his hobby is or will be — automobiles If such
is his interest we will say that he is picking a
\'cry good field in which to prove his en-
deavors "Bud seems to be a sort of quiet,
reserved fellow, but he always has a cheery
word for those he meets upon the campus,
and he can always be found right in the midst
of things when there is any fun going on.
We wish him success in whatever he may
\enture into after he leaves us and feel sure
that his present ways will be of some value
to him in that respect.


-;.4.-}.^^+ + -i".-Ir^


Waterbury. Conn.

Degree: LL B.

Age: 2 J

Gaston La\\' Club; Philanthropic Assembly; North
Carolina Bar; North Carolina Club, Freshman Basket-
hall Team; X'arsity Basketball Squad.

A <I>.

LOUIS is a Connecticut Yankee from thc-
watchmaker's town, Waterbury .^fter
attending New York University he came
South to complete his education in the Caro-
lina Law School, as he intends to establish
himself in the Old North State.

"Fish became a member of the North
Carolina Bar last year and practiced his pro-
fession in Chapel Hill for a period.

He is well liked by all who know him
and has entered with real zest into the life of
the Law School while a citizen of the Carolina
campus. Incidentally, he was instrumental
in bringing to the Law School a third National
Legal Fraternity, thus giving this school the
three principals of the .'American Law College

No. we won't accuse him of being a
ladies' man, but we do strenuously repeat
that he is a Bold Knight in the Lands of



Greensboro, N. C.

Degree: Ph.G.

Age: 21

German Club; Vice-President Monogram Club; Wearer
of N C ; Guilford County Club; President First Year
Pharmacy Class; President Athletic .Association; Ath-
letic Council; Football Varsity ("3 1. 'i4. '25); Track
Team (14. -25).

n K <!>; K T.

WE all know "Christy " as an athlete,
leader, and a well-loved man on the
campus, ever ready to aid in any well deserv-
ing activity.

"Christy " finishes in Pharmacy this year
and plans to make his home in Greensboro.
We know he will succeed and make the drug
business a better profession in this State.

He leaves a host ot friends and admirers
at the University and an enviable record in
athletics, activities and scholarship. He
possesses a strong character and a \ital per-
sonality which makes his presence felt no
matter where or in what nature of group
he mav be.


r++'M-++ + +++++<- I



Fountain, N. C.

Degree: B.S.. Commerce

Age: 22

Oak R.dge Club; Pitt County Club


BOB" is an extremely likable chap and tine
who we sincerely believe can hold his own
wherever he goes or whatever he does after
leaving the dear old groves of Carolina

He has proved an excellent student in
the Commercial College and his steadiness
and clarity of thought speak of a blossoming
future, whether he enter the fields of banking,
foreign trade, accountantcy or stock-brok-

"Bob says little, yet speaks \olunn.s,
and in all those groups in which he has cust
his fortunes we find his words oracular and
his counsel much sought after

"R, A.'s" chief delight in life is to
harken unto Dr J. G. R Hamilton on Go\-
ernment Class He takes a vast deal of in-
terest in collecting and filing away the good
doctor's most select olfcrjngs of the humorous
type, so that he may eventually hand them
down to his children's children, ad infinitum.

No. he's not a sheik — of the Vaselino
type — but a thoroughgoing, well-oiled ca\c-
man Ladies, take your choice, for he s a
free lance, searching for trouble.


Franklin N. C.

Degree AB

Age: 2}

Dialectic Senate; Four Square League; \ Base-
ball Squad; Varsity Football Squad; Jackson-Macon
County Club; Y. M C. A. Cabinet. North Carolina

AFTER spending his childhood days among
the mountains and wildcats of Macon
County "Harvey" enters the LIni\crsit\' in
1Q2 1 . He is the first of a line of brothers who
are now entering the University. During his
four years here he has made a number of
friends He has worked his whole wa\-
through College, which alone shows that he
is built of fine material.

He has but one weakness and that is for
girls with red hair ,At present, his chief
interest seems to be centered in such cities as
Atlanta and Hillsboro His highest ambition
Is to make a million and then settle down to
raise wildcats for a pastime

Many things could be written about
him, but he will speak for himself In no un-
certain manner If he continues to fight the
battles of life with the same determination
that has been his guiding star this far Go
to It. Fouts. the world is your hickory nut
and vou arc the bov tn crack It.


h"H-++'+-»'++++++ +-f++ ++•!-

.H-+4'4"t"«"«' <"♦•+->• S- •!• ■^ -^ •«■ -S" -S- H-^-i


Chapel Hill, N. C.

Degree: BS.. Commerce

Age: 22

FOWLER will be missed by many when
he leaves Carolina this year with his
degree tucked under his arm. for he has been
a valuable addition to the Student Eiody

Not the least of his activities has been
the efficient manner in which he has carried
out his duties on the Tar Heel Staff, especialh
in seeing to it that every Tar Heel found a
reader If he continues the good work he has
started here, he is bound to be a success m
whatever profession he takes up.


Raeford, N. C.

Degree: BS , Commerce

Track Squad ()); Manager Freshman Tennis (i);

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