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Assistant Manager Varsitv Tennis (l), Varsitv Tennis
(3. 4). Monogram Club; Wearer of N C.

PAUL entered Carolina in '21 and has
worked hard and faithfully with reason-
able periods of recreation and pleasure inter-
spersed He has found time to develop into
a stellar tennis-player winning his letter in
his Junior year This year he is manager of
Carolina's team and he will be sorely missed
next season Good sportsmanship has char-
acterized his career on the court as it has in
all of his activities

He is the possessor of an abundance of
confidence in himself plus a bulldog tenacity
of purpose which is reluctant to admit defeat.
We are mo\'ed to quote :

It matters not how strait the gate.
How charged with punishment the
I am the master of my fate.

1 am the captain of my soul."
This self-confidence mixed in right pro-
portion with ready smiles and friendly words
is one reason wny we know that he will be
successful in the real-estate business The
best wishes of a host of friends and admirers
follow him to his chosen work

•J' •^^. ^..^^ ^^jj,^^^^j



Newport. N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2f

Carteret County Club. President; Oak Ridge Club,
President: Philanthropic Assembly; Elisha Mitchell
Scientific Society.

WHEN a man goes to a University and
pays most of his expenses by working at
different things, and at the same time main-
tains an average in his class-work to be aimed
at by the best of students, you have a person
to be admired, respected and a man who has
spent his time well Garner fills all of these
requirements and goes a great deal further

He came to this University from Oak
Ridge Institute, and found the Mathematics
Department his field of clover and his ambi-
tion. Thanks to his conscientious efforts,
many a man has passed the slough of terror,
namely. Math I, under his guidance and
coaching His work along this line will never
be forgotten, and it is the hope of every one
who knows him that he will some day realize
his ambition — to become a second Einstein
or write a math book. In spite of these
recommendations we will remember Garner
as a man who spent his time well in the Uni-
versit> , a real friend and a good fellow.

Jackson, N. C.
Degree: LL.B.

Age: 22

Philanthropic Assembly; A F A M ; Northarnpton
County Club; Committee "'loo"'; North Carolina Club:
President Senior Law Class: Student Editor Lau
Review: President Pearson Law Club; President Law
School Association

>}• A A.

LAWYER" is a real one in e\ery sense ot
the word If steadiness and promptness
mean anything in the practice of the Law,
Ballard is sure to reach an eminence in the
profession he has chosen for his life-work.

Not only has "B, S " applied himself
with distinctive success to his studies but
during his final year he has opened up a
partnership on The Hill and hearsay has it
that each day there stands an impatiently-
patient waiting line just outside his office

In the recent case of State of North Caro-
lina vs Blackman, he eloquently defended
the prisoner and his cross-e.xamination tore
such enormous gaps in the State's wall of
evidence that "Lawyer" emerged completely

In all campus activities in which he has
shared Spruill has made his voice a power to
reckon with, and he enjoys the utmost con-
fidence and respect of his classmates having
served as President of the Third Year Law
Class in his final year.

The little County Seat of Northampton
County should some day in the not-distant
future listen to his fervid appeals with ap-
proving atiriculars.


.j..;..!.+ 4-J-++++++++-|-+++-^ - -lP^^^^^^


Laurinburg, N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: 24

E * A

HOOT" hails from Scotland County, the
land of three C's — Corn. Cotton, and
Cantaloupes. During his sojourn here he
has made an enviable record, both as an
athlete and as a student. He is not a believer
in the common expression "never let your
studies interfere with your College educa-
tion." but he does think that in order to be a
real all-round sport, one must put forth his
energies in various fields, both physical and
intellectual. He holds down right -field on
Coach Bill's baseball team, and he is a crack
hit whenever it comes to a showdown.

Besides his athletic ability, "Hoot" pos-
sesses all the admirable qualities of a student.
He takes to history, government, and English
like a real scholar. Some day he will occupy
an important position as professor of history
in one of our modern institutions of learning
The Class of 25 wishes you good luck.

Elkin, N. C.
Degree: Ph.G.

Age: 2f
Reniro Club; President Senior Pharmacy Class.

HUCK, " as he is better known among his
many friends on the campus, hails from
Elkin and has done much to put that city on
the map. He is a man liked by everyone,
and why not? for he has that happy ability,
so desired by all, for making friends; a fact
which was very much in evidence when he
was elected, by a large majority. President
of the Pharmacy Senior Class.

"Huck" is a ladies' man. and as such we
take off our hats to him. He is not only pop-
ular in general with the fairer sex but we
hear faint rumors that he will be the first one
to "break the ice" in the near future.

He has been weighed and found not
wanting. A gentleman — a scholar — a loyal
friend — he leaves us admired and respected
b\ all Our sincere wishes for a successful
life no with him.



.t..;.^^^^^ ^^. .;-


Hendersonville. N. C.

Degree: Pharmaceutical Cherr\i\t


tSoone. N C.

Degree A.B.

Age: 23

GILREATH is neither all student nor all
sport, but a happy medium between the
two. The night life of his youth has served
him well, for he can study all day and all
night without showing the least sign of
fatigue The wee hours of the morning usu-
ally find him experimenting in the laboratory
or in the parlor of some young lad>' He is a
very apt student in Pharmacy and has become
one of the pets of the department. His spare
moments from work and social life are spent
in the lab, making and using cosmetics. This
serves him for a twofold purpose; he beauti-
fies himself, and then the ladies fall for this
"novel of the beauty parlor." It is rumored
that he is experimenting, in his beauty course
on the ladies of Chapel Hill and Durham

But student and sport are not all when
vou speak of "Lon." He is a knock-out
when it comes to cards and hot air, and he
does stunts in the gym with the grace ol a
Greek god This has won for him the much-
coveted N, C.

Here's to you — student, sport, athlete,
gentleman, and friend — may you find in life
the same spirit of good will that you show at
all times.

THIS tall, handsome lad from "The Land
of the Sky" has kept alive the best tradi-
tions of that stalwart race from which he
sprang Glenn's strength of intellect is well
shown by the fact that he has finished here in
three years and at the same time has con-
stantly placed his name on the Honor Roll.
He is also a man of very firm conxictions, an
indomitable will, and untiring persex^'rancc.

Nor has the serious task of study "inter-
fered" with Glenn's College education. We
refer, of course, to the many sweet-scented
pink and blue missives received in every mail,
and bearing widely scattered postmarks.

Regardless of what is in store for Glenn,
whether it be easily reclining in the "Chair
of Dead Languages " at his ,Alma Mater, or
training the youth of his native land we shall
always remember him as a true friend and
pal, and we truly wish for him the best that
life can ofifer

. -!-^. ■■>■ -i-A -!. -;• -v -'. -^ -



Cornelius, N. C.

Degree: Pharmacy, Special

Age: 2 1

Mecklenburg County Club

* A X

HAIL' Here comes "Hank" with an easy,
care-free disposition intermingled with
an indifferent attitude. In activities, social af-
fairs, studies, and the like, he has shown an
aptitude that indicates the possession of
ability far above the average. His greatest
victories, however, have been in the rank of
the weaker sex and in tripping the light fan-
tastic. He is a perfect embodiment of a most
pleasing disposition, an all-round good fellow
and a model student.

"Hank " possesses those sterling quali-
ties that make for success. All his interests
are directed toward a pure and free develop-
ment of whatever is noblest in life. We feel
secure in our prophecy that he will make
good in the business world, and in the near
future the Town of Cornelius will have a new-
drugstore — "The Goodrum Pharmacy." May
success crown his everv effort.


Lincolnton N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age 2}

GOODSON hails from that well-known
County of Lincoln which occupies the
unique position in history of being both
mother and sister of several counties The
eyes of his county are surely upon him, be-
cause his record at the LIniversity has been
one of which the entire State might be proud.

He is of that group about which you
never hear much In fact, he is the champion
"non-fuss" raiser on the campus Never
seeking an office, and never ostentatiously
occupying the spotlight, he has breezed
through four years here and made a distinct
hit with the students Always willing and
ready when called upon, whether helping out
at a class smoker or haranguing the Lincoln
County Club, the contributions he has made
to campus life have been wholesome

Tall and distinguished-looking he is: a
fa\orite with dreamy-eyed maidens: indeed,
there is a persistent rumor on the campus
that one of his "many" has captured the
heart of this prince of good fellows In any
case our words of farewell are "good-by and
good luck "

Clean-cut handsome, thoughtful, of re-
tiring personality, he is the embodiment of
principles which make him one of those who.
though little seen, are long remembered — one
of those rare creatures whom we look upon
as future leaders



Sneads Ferry, N. C.

Degree: A B , Education

Age: 26

Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society; North Carolina
Academy Science.

FREEMAN Grant is living testimony of
the fact that "you can't keep a good man
down " First entering the University in
January. iQ'iq, he has had a sporadic career
both as a student here and in spreading the
gospel of learning to North Carolina's youth
Grant is a man of principle, and he ga\e up
his last charge out in the wilds of Beaufort
because he would not renounce his belief in
man's evolution from a lower state In his
four years at Carolina, Freeman has been a
special student most of the time, having tried
Pre-Med. B.S. in Chem., and A.B., his last
love. "Ulysses" has long been a familiar
figure in chemistry and botany labs, and take
it from us. he knows his stuff. Something
unusual is the fact that in his several summer
terms here he has made higher averages than
in the regular session. We're speaking of
classroom work. However, in the memorable
weekly struggles at Bynum Gym his presence
has been felt by many a Summer School
girlie We'll remember "General" Grant as
a quiet, good-natured chap who is as sincere
as the day is long.


Asheville, N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: 21

CLYDE believes in doing a thing well and
thoroughly when once he tackles it, and
he tackles all his studies and campus interests
with a sureness and \im that augur well for
his success in the profession ot Medicine
which he enters next year.

"C. P." spent a year between his Soph
and Junior years in seeing America First, and
his travelogue led him into the far corners of
the land He finally succumbed to the witch-
ing wiles of the bathing beauties of the Golden
Horn, and it was seriously believed that he
would soon leave the mellowing Golden
State's sunshine and femininity. But Caro-
lina finally prevailed.

Clyde is a veritable shark in the sciences
and languages, and it has even been rumored
that he might any day throw up his intended
medical career and become a professor of the
frog caters dialcct.

Neverthcless, we feel certain that, come
what may. his career as a sawbones will be
long and successful.


. 3.,^;. .!■>;..>. {..v^.{>^j^,^^^4..v^.



Salisbury, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 22

"Coop"; Sheiks; Gimghouls; German Club; Rowan
County Club; Athletic Council (3) ; Freshman Football;
Varsity Football Squad; Assistant Manager Freshman
Football (2); Manager Freshman Football (3).


EDWIN came to the University with a
family reputation to uphold. His father
and brothers had left enviable records as
students and judging from the respect and
esteem with which he is held by his class-
mates, Edwin leaves one equally as good.

Edwin has identified himself with many
phases of College life. In the beginning, he
was a promising candidate for the football
team, but was selected to manage the Fresh-
man football team, his Junior year; thus he
was forced to abandon his actual participa-
tion in this sport. Possessing, however, the
qualities of a sticker, he became a candidate
lor the team in his Senior year, and con-
tributed materially to its reserve strength

There is hardly any activity in which
Edwin cannot interest himself. He is a de-
lightful companion and a thorough gentle-
man. Both in and out of the class room he
is the personification of honor and integrity,
and stands unflinchingly by the truth as he
sees it. In a word. Edwin is one of the most
respected and highh esteemed members of
the Class of '2?.


Gastonia, N. C.
Degree: B.S . Civil Engineering

American Society Civil Engineers; Elisha Mitchell
Scientific Society; Dialectic Senate; Gaston County
Club; Varsity Football Squad ("22, "23); Varsity
Wrestling Squad ('23. '24. 25).


SHORTY" comes to us from Gastonia,
"The textile center of the world " He is
of the perse\ering. steady type. Whether it
is an assignment in his studies, or a problem
in life he sticks with it until the objective is
attained. Can he work'' We should say so!
Just ask any member of the class what hap-
pened to those laurel bushes at Camp Sap-
phire when "Shorty's" machete got in the
midst of them It is these characteristics
together with that of a broad, cheerful per-
sonality that have brought to him the re-
spect of his professors and the high esteem
of his classmates

.iMthough the word demanded by the
Engineering School does not allow much
time for campus activities. "Shorty" has
managed to find time to play football and to
wrestle .Also these studies have tended to
limit his natural social inclinations, but never-
theless he is frequently seen at the occasional
dances which occur at The Hill

It is generally conceded that it is not
within the knowledge of man to predict the
future yet we are sure that if "Shorty "
keeps going as he has started out he has
little to fear when he strikes the world for a

^•^.).^^^^^^.j. 4. •«>•;...!. .


, .)••>. J. J^.\..^:^^.l,ji^J^jt,.)~4..i..}..\ ,v,-,;, .;.,!

+-5-f-+-{>-S"«"!-+-f-f++4- +-«■++ ++-.-



Reidsville, N. C.

Degree: A.B

Age: 22

Dialectic Senate; N- C- Club; Rockingham County
Club; Le Cercle Francaise; Y M. C A Cabinet; Grail,
Dormitorv Club Manager. Secretary-Treasurer Junior
Class; Chairman Junior Finance Committee; Senior
Finance Committee; Chairman Senior Executive Com-
mittee; Vice-President Y, M. C A ; President Sell
Help Association; Manager Intramural Athletics
Chairman Constitutional Committee Dialectic Senate
Exchequer Grail; President Presbyterian Student Clas^

GRIF" is that versatile Reidsville product
who put pep and practice into Intermural
Athletics at Carolina and who possesses those
qualities which justly made him first Presi-
dent of the Dialectic Senate As a self-help
student, he has served as one of Swain Hall's
most efficient managers since his Junior year

W'c ha\c known him scarcely four years
but we love him for what he is and admire
him for what he has done. It would be hard
to pick out a man in the Class of '25 who is
more generally known or who has done more
to keep things going than has "Grif. " He is
conscientious and we may be sure that a task
to which he sets himself will be well per-
formed His aim is to be the best in his line,
and we predict a notable success, for he has a
strong personality and an excellent brain.

A good student, a great hand with the
ladies, and a valuable man to our class, we
send him forth to his chosen profession Law.
with the united faith of the Class of '25


Williamston. N. C.

Degree: B.S . Commerce

Age: 22

Philanthropic Assembly; German Club: Spanish Club.

L A.

ACCOUNTING holds no terrors for him'
" 'Nuf sed." Howcxcr that factor is
only one of the many characteristics that have
won for "Griff" the admiration and esteem
of his many friends

In his acquisition of knowledge, he has
never neglected the social side of life, often
being found on the dance floor or "discov-
ered" in Raleigh. We feel safe in saying that
there are many members of the fairer sex
who will testify that "Griff" has attended
two Summer Schools, Not that it was nec-
essary for him to stay, for his ability to make
".As" in the School of Commerce has won
him an assistant instructorship Having the
ennobling faculty of performing his duties as
they should be done, and yet catch a "Pick."
exery day, he presents an unusual character
Though he is quiet and modest, he is
gilted with innate ability and sincerity. We
are expecting great things ot him in the busi-
ness world and we know we will not be dis-


++'i'"f'"M"+*f++-r+-f—i-+-r •!"!•+ +


Oxford, N. C.

Degree: Ph.G.

Age: 2 J

A T A; K I'.

QUIET, genial, always thoughtful of others
and always possessed of a desire to do
the right thing, John has impressed his friends
as a young man of sincerity and great strength
of character. True to himself, above all, he
has won the respect and admiration of those
with whom he has come in contact.

Caring not for passing \anities and the
unstable glories of campus honors. John has
sought to dig deep into the best that Carolina
offers in the way of a real preparation for hi^
life's work. Leaving the L'niversity with a
good record of scholarship, an unprejudiced
and open mind, a sterling character and a
number of warm friends. John is bound to
start out with a promising future

Mount Airy, N. C.
Degree: B.S., Commerce
Age: 24
Gorgon's Head. German Club.

n K A

A FTER spending a year at Trinity,"' Bill"
/v migrated to Carolina and we have been
much better off for the move Quiet and
reserved, he has made no outward display of
his sterling qualities Only those with whom
he was closely associated realized that in
him are embodied the traits of a true South-
ern gentleman Honesty and dependability
are the words around which "Bill's " career
at Carolina have been moulded He has not
been a bookworm, for he belic\es in the
theor\- that all learning lies not between the
covers of a book.

Socially, "Bill" has come into his own.
No society function at Carolina is complete
without the presence and smile of "Bill "
Hadley Not much is known of his "affaires
de coeur. " but he has been known to receive
sweet-scented letters from different parts of
the State .And who knows but that he has
it all arranged, and will soon settle down in
Mount Airy to begin his life work,

"Bill" is an ardent golf fiend, as testified
b\' his man\- trips to EXirham to follow the
ball He has not yet mapped out his future
career, but it is to be expected that he will
go into Business. His success is certain if he
follows the same principles which goxerned
his life at Carolina.

4- •«"■{••>-*.♦ ♦♦+<-♦•;• -s-^v-j-j-v-!"!- •



4"}'-J-+4- +++++++++++++ +4-S'


Lumberton, N. C.

Degree: LL.B.

Age: 21

Captain Girls' Basketball Team ("zi. '14). Manager
Girls' Basketball Team ('14. '15); President Robeson
County Club; Vice-President Senior Law Class; Grad-
uate Pineland School for Girls, and Guilford College

CARRIE is truly one of those persons whom
one on better acquaintance grows to like
immensely, .'\fter browsing around the serene
and vapid Guilford and Elon campuses for
several years, she turned to Chapel Hill as
an ideal place wherein to study the modern
juristic commentaries.

Carrie has enlivened many social affairs
with her presence while on The Hill She
has made all blend in wonderfully with her
studies, and this year secures her legal degree
with her husband.

For no longer is it Carrie Edmund, the
Law Co-ed, but Mrs. Bill Hannah, the young
lawyeress. Carrie recently passed the State
Bar and will some day hang out the old
shingle in the mountain village, Waynesville.

And in truth it can be stated that since
Carrie's entrance into the Carolina Law
School she has won many friends among the
young lawyers and would-be barristers. Our
former prejudice against Law Co-eds has
been overcome and she has had much to do
with it


Waynesville, N. C.

Degree: A.B., LL.B.

Age: 24

Club: McRa

<I> A A; 2 <I> E; Pan-Hellenic Council.

TUCKER finishes his eventful stay on The
Hill this year with the time-honored
double degree; the A. B, -LL.B. His time
spent in the Law School has been productive
of many fruitful results. Whereas most
young barristers take unto themseUes the
Law, alone. "Bill" went them one step fur-
ther and added a consort.

.Although majoring in Matrimony and
Domestic Relations, he has not neglected his
minors and has proved himself an earnest
thorough Law student and a firm believer in
constructive social life. He is well liked by
all his friends, and they are numerous

"Bill" has what we choose to term
sagacity and discretion in all things legal.
and his client's cause will never suffer because
of the lack of these two sterling qualities

Adios, Tucker, and all success!


Yadkinville, N. C.

Age: 20

'-Treasurer Renfro Club;

THIS son of Old Yadkin needs no super-
fluous outpour of words as an introduc-
tion to the Student E5ody. He has been one
of us for four years and being possessed of a
personality which pleases and dominates all
with whom he comes in contact, he has made
wide acquaintances and many friends. Frank
came to us from Yadkinville in iqzo-'zi;
thus he is a member of the Class of '24, but
through an ill twist of fate he was forced to
be absent for one year and, having deeper
respect for the Class of '25, chose to be-
come one of us. He has well played his part
at the University and is now ready to go
back to his people, willing and anxious to
serve them in every way, Frank plans to
study Medicine, and with his broad-minded-
ness and store of good, solid "horse-sense,"
we are sure that he will become the pride of
his family, of whom he is so fond.


Seagrove, N, C.

Degree: Ph.C

Age 22

LACY, deciding to become a Pharmacist,
came to Carolina in 1Q23, He imme-
diately caught the Carolina spirit and became
a genuine Carolina man He is gifted with
friendliness and a winning personality. To
know him is to like him Besides being a
splendid fellow. Lacy is an excellent student
and an industrious and conscientious worker
If success comes by working, and if
friends are gained by friendliness. Lacy will
achieve the best in life We hope that the
girl in Randolph is as assured of his success
as are his admiring classmates at Carolina.




++^.j^+4^^^^^^j. + H-++-r+

-^•>'^<"4"<' '{"^ "^ 'k"j' ^> -r '^ ^ <■

Littleton, N. C.
Degree: Ph.G.

Age: 26

IT is with the greatest difficulty that we
attempt to conjure a fitting eulogs' lor one
with a career such as has been that of L. S
Harrison. From the lowest order of Phar-
macy a soda-jerker he has attained by leaps
and bounds the enviable throne of a Grad-
uate Pharmacist

When it comes to the fair ones and light
wines — well — what do you say Bo? He

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