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favors them both and believes that some day
light wines and beers will take their rightful
places in the hearts of the American people

Louis promises to be an efficient Phar
macist. We wish you luck, Louis, and may
you always handle the propositions of life
with the same dexterity with which vou
handle the mortar and pestle.


Raleigh, N. C.

Degree: A.B

Age 21

Cabin; Gorgon's Head

A K F.

HERE is a finished product of that section
of Norlh Carolina and L'niversity life
which makes for the social graces Polished
to a fine degree he might be called the "glass
of fashion and the mould of form." But
Louis would not appreciate the coenomen in
the least, for in spite of his reputation as a
social dog and leader of dances he is decidedly
one of the "retiring and modest members of
the Class of iq25."

He showed his good judgment in choos-
ing Carolina in preference to the College in
his old home town, being a native of Raleigh,
If his judgment continues consistently good,
he will most certainly make a success in life



,'..|.4.-i.4^-f*i"("t-f -j-f -f •!- -» - r^-i- -f-i-^



Clemmons. N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age 20

ONE sunny afternoon in the Fall of iqzi
several hundred students got off the
Carrboro. Limited and made their way
slowly toward the LIniversity campus. Among
this group was Henry Clitton Hart, a Fresh-
man. To him at first the pathway of educa-
tion must have seemed long and difficult but
he has stepped along it with a determination
and persistency which allow no defeat.

Early in his course. "H. C' became
attached to the gods of Mathematics, and he
has been a de\otcd worshiper ever since.
Besides mathematics, physics, mechanics,
chemistry and the bull education courses are
his favorites

"William S.". despite his title, is of the
quiet, unassuming type, and has the confi-
dence of everyone It is not known whether
he will teach Mathematics in some high
school or College, or whether he will take up
Engineering as his life profession, but in
either case, his characteristic determination
and persistency, should bring him the success
which he deserves.

Raleigh N. C.
Degree: A.B.

Philanthropic Assembly; Freshman Football Squad (i.)
Varsity Squad (2); Varsity Indoor Track Team (2);
Winner Short Story Prize (.); Carolina Playmakers
ii. 2, 3, 4). Fifth and Sixth State Tours; Associate
Editor Tar Heel (2. 3); Yackety Yack Board (1);
Assistant Editor-in-Chief Carolina Magazine (l). Ed-
itor-in-Chief (4); Cast of Principals "Ye Gods" and
"^'es. By Gosh" Musical Comedies; Senior Executive
Committee; Central Administrative Council (4); Com-
mittee "100"; Carnival Executive Committee (15);
Journalism Club; Wake County Club (1); Skeptic
Club; Dramatic Order Satyrs; White Wings; Ego Club;
Le Cercle Francais (i);'Der Deutscher Verein (1);
Wigue and Masque; Amphoterothen; Gilded Fuzz;
Golden Fleece

S A; S T: E * A

OBJECTIVELY, this young gentleman is
destined to lead an unhappy life: He
despises a fool ; he loathes contact with igno-
rance ; he is an enemy to cant and dogma : he
knows that the library of life is more than
the Bible and a cheque-book: he prefers
H. L. Mencken to Harold Bell Wright Sub-
jectively, fate has in store for him. happiness,
and for the same reasons.

Brilliant, persevering and sure-footed
he has cut his own way through the miasmic
swamps of College life and achieved for him-
self individuality and personality He has
a considerable number of true friends: mainly
because he has not sought them. He has the
admiration of all those with whom he has
allowed himself to become intimately ac-
quainted — the opinions and beliefs of the rest
(as far as he is concerned) do not matter.





Warrenton, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 20

JOHNNY" is one of the few true-blue, dyed-
in-the-wool ladies'men. He takes as natu-
rally to the ladies as ducks to water And
the happy side of it is that the ladies enjoy
John Leonard as much as John Leonard
enjoys the ladies. However, these are not
the only species that enjoy this laddie, for he
can entertain any gathering of boys that get
together, with jokes, puns and, above all, a
mouth-harp, with which he can "make a
panta squall " His two faults are that he
talks in his sleep and passes off five courses
in one quarter. Don't be alarmed at the
solemnity of his brow. He is a darn" good
boy in spite of his dignified face.


Laurinburg. N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: iQ

Le Cercle Francaise. Carolina Magazine StaiT; Council
Woman's Association; Henter Lee Harris Memorial
Medal (Short Story) .

HERE we have a student of unquestioned
merit who is at the same time a writer
ot no mean ability. "Mary Cal" has trailed
nonchalantly through all the star courses in
the English Department and walked away
with Phi Beta Kappa grades .All this seems
to have come without any seeming difficulty

Then, too. she can write, and not only
write well but constantly and on short notice
Rarely in the last two years has there been a
copy of the Magazine which has not contained
at least one article, sketch or short story of
hers Her work was one of the mainstays of
the Magazine during the dark, belated and
unfruitful days of iq24-25.

With all her accomplishments in literary
lines she found time to serve on the Student
Council of the Woman's Association and to
assume the responsible yet thankless duty of
being Monitor for the Dormitory. When
Russell Inn burned, "Mary Cal " was relieved
of the latter duty and was given more time
to spend in writing





Lakeland, Fla.

Degree: B S . Civil Engineering

Age: 21

William Cain Student Chapter American Society Civil

MARION hails from that land of eternal
sunshine — Lakeland. Fla., to be exact
This determined chap entered the L'niversity
in the Fall of iqzi with the purpose of becom-
ing a full-fledged Civil Engineer by June,
iq25 — and his purpose has been accomplished.
He is one of the few men in the Engineering
School who has in his possession a Phi Beta
Kappa key. which speaks well for his scho-
lastic ability.

As chief of party at the Engineering Sum-
mer Camp, Marion showed that he was not
afraid of work and to him a great deal of the
success of the first summer encampment is

We all admire him because he is the type
of man who puts his whole heart and soul
into everything he undertakes, and who can
always be counted on to make a success of his

We understand that Marion intends to
take up Highway Construction as his life
work, and we feel sure that North Carolina
would be very fortunate in securing his


Ronda, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2 1

ri B <i>.

ELIZABETH, commonly known by the
undignified name of "Hickey," came to
the Class of '25 in her Junior year fresh from
the conquest of Fassifern and St. Mary's
where she has carried away all the honors.

She has proved to be a delightful addition
to the class, even though she has done much
damage to the Student Body in general, for
it has been computed that every day at least
tw.o Freshmen succumb to her charms

Seriously speaking. ' ' Hickey "is really one
of the most popular members of the class.
She is always on the job, whether it is serving
on a committee, singing in the choir or lead-
ing a figure. Her ever-ready smile and charm-
ing personality will be greatly missed.



i'^*'5" •W~!"*!" 'v'4" ^'^'?"

Hudson, N. C.
Degree: Pk.G.


* A X

IN the Fall of 192 1. Wesley, better known
on the campus as "Hick," matriculated at
Trinity College. He frequently visited the
University and was convinced that his place
was in "Dean Howell's pill-rolling class." so
the following year he became a member of
the Class of '25.

"Hick" has a very sunny disposition and
never worries about anything except which
one of his many female friends is "the one,
but he has found it's best to love them all
and no one in particular. "Hick" is one ol
the pleasantest and most congenial members
of our class and always meets you with a
smile In the words of a late, lamented
Bums, we can well say "but to meet him is
to love him" "Hick" is not only popular
but also a model student : his studies come
first Chemistry 35 held no horrors for him
He ran off the experiment in qualitative and
quantitative analysis so accurately that he
won that enviable name — "Chemistry
Shark" Many afternoons have we seen him
on the campus green absorbed in "Old Rem-
ington," and we are assured that the State
Board is only a stepping-stone to "Hick's "


Henderson N. C.
Degree: A.B.
Age: 22
"Coop""; Vance County Club, Carolina Playmakcr-i.

n K A.

HICKS, as he is called by his many friends,
is universally known and liked on the
campus His endless capacity for jokes and
boundless sense of humor, to which can be
added a veritable storehouse of miscellaneous
knowledge, have caused him to be an out-
standing member of the Senior Class. Hicks
may be termed a typical Collegiate type in
that he has refused to take his studies too
seriously, but on the other hand, has enjo\ed
them to the fullest extent. He is a bull on
Latin and English, and we might sa\ he
approaches, through no special effort or de-
sire of his own. that class known as the

Tall and majestic in bearing, with a
deep and sonorous voice, he is ideally fitted
for his elected profession. Law. and we pre-
dict that he will reach the heights in this pro-
fession after a few more \ears of study.




Gastonia, N. C.

Degree: B.S . Commerce

Age: 20

Band (1, 2, 3, 4). Music Club (r, z): Gaston County
Club (i). Treasurer (2), Secretary (j), President (a),
German Club

r A

WALT" is a good old scout even if he does
intend to devote his life to Accounting
He combines the qualities of good humor,
loyalty and absolute sincerity Above all,
when he tells you he will do a thing, you can
depend on that thing being done, and done

Entering at the age of sixteen, Walter
has risen to the dignified position of Senior,
without a struggle Passing courses is a
favorite pastime with him, and when it comes
to Accounting, he devours that with a relish

Keep bull sessions and the fairer sex oft
his mind, and his machinery runs without a
hitch. As a genuine pal, he is hard to beat.

He receives his degree at the early age
of twenty, a fact which speaks well for his
ability. Nothing but success can follow a
man of such ability and willingness to work
"Little Boy. as he is known to men who
remember him as a Freshman when he en-
tered in the long-distant past, will be missed
on the campus.

Boone, N. C.
Degree: Ph.G.

Age: 22

American Pharmaceutical Association.

K r.

THIS fellow hit these parts in the Fall of
ip22 after one year of A.B. work, but was
later led to believe that his life will be hap-
piest spent as a Pharmacist. Fortunately —
for us, anyway — he matriculated in the
School of Pharmacy in the Fall of 1Q23, and
has been with us ever since. Hodges pos-
sesses those characteristics that distinguish a
gentleman. In addition he is slow to make
his decisions, but when the conclusion is once
reached, it is absolutely final His chief
ambition after leaving here is to become a
noted man in the field of Pharmacy. We
are sure he will, from the record he has set
up here

As Hodges is about to begin a long jour-
ney through the professional world, we wish
him much success in all his undertakings and
that the friends he will make later will be as
numerous as the ones he leaves.




jjir »|* ^^ a^ »^ A l 1 »<^


Kinston, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Electrical Engineering

JESSE Willis Parrott. "Dean," " Slide-
J Rule" "'" Hodges We can say very
little about the original names of this young
man. but the nicknames characterize his Col-
lege career; "Dean," acquired in his first
year by the continuous rearrangement of
exam schedules; "Slide-Rule," from at-
tempted use of such an instrument while in
his embryonic stage as an Engineer; and
"■'." which includes those of odd times, and
which pass with his passing from his Alma

Hodges has not wasted his time while in
College Although not always at the head of
his class he has been consistent in his work
and insists that the same things are taught
at both ends. At any rate. "J W. P " has
had a merry time during his career, including
Summer Schools, and that is something

The profession of Electrical Engineering
is receiving a new member who is destined to
become a popular personage among his asso-
ciates in whatever field he chooses.

Let success be his


Wilmington. N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 24

. 4) ; Basketball Squad (1.2, }. 4) .

F<j^>thali Squad ( 1
^ T A

WILL" entered with the Class of "23. was
out of school a year and came back to
graduate with the Class of '25. We all know
him best for his work in football and basket-
ball Each day for four years, "Bill" has
gone out to do his share. Besides his repu-
tation on the athletic field, he also has a
great rep with the profs, and as for the rest —
ask the ladies

' ^'V*J**V^^*'^*J*'5^-!*»i




Durham, N C.

Degree: B.S.. Medicine


sident Second Year


JLIDGE." named after Chief Justice Walter
Clark came to Carolina in iqii from the
"City of Smokes ' For many months he
was unable to decide whether he wanted to
be a doctor or a weather prophet. In iqij.
he entered the Medical School in spite of the
fact that he would have made an exceptional
weather prophet. Through much research
work and original experiments he has demon-
strated a philosophical phenomenon: "The
early bird catches the dibothriocephalus-
latus " Nevertheless, much of his research
has been outside of the class room under the
glow of the moon.

Strong in conviction and energetic in
purpose, we predict for "Judge" a most suc-
cessful future.


Rockwell N, C.

Degree: AB

Age: 20
Giee Club, Deans List

DAVE" came to Carolina this year from
Heidelberg University, and hence most
of his brilliant record lies in that Institution
Throughout his whole academic career he has
made a very enviable record and has won the
respect and friendship of all who know him
.\s a student, "Dave" stands far above
the average. Even during the first quarter
of his Senior year, when everything was new
and strange to him, he was among the few
members of his class who received Scholar-
ship Honors. At Heidelberg his non-curric-
ulum activities were numerous and extended,
and there, among other honors, he was re-
ceived into the membership of Pi Kappa


f'y'-S-^+4'4"!""fr4'+ "!•+•+ -K-M"




-}-:-^->"S"4 - !-^'i-

Raleigh, N. C.
Degree: A.B.

Hispanic American Club; Wake County Club. Vice-
President (i). President (4).

HONEY" came to the University to get a
liberal education. He wanted as wide a
variety of courses and as much freedom in
their pursuit as possible. He has secured
both and more. He is theoretically and prac-
tically a champion of the cause of optional
class attendance.

He is indifference personified. However,
to dispel any doubt as to his sociability which
this might imply, it may be said that he has
an engaging personality that has made for
him many warm friends He is the luckiest
man on The Hill, and if there is anything in
the old proverb, " It is better to be born luck\
than rich," he is bound to succeed

As a devout believer in the philosophy ot
manana. he has selected tropical South
America as the field of his future activities
We predict that he will be to it what James J .
Hill was to our great Northwest.


Goldsboro. N. C.
Decree AB.

* A 0.

IF Borden had any idea of making V B K
when he landed in Chapel Hill he kept it
to himself like the wise young man he is
Yea, and this has been the keynote of his
College career — other people do the talking
while Borden does the thinking and learning
We do not mean by this that he never com-
mits himself; rather do we mean that he
waits until everybody is through, and then
he tells them in a few words what they ha\e
been trying to say If a keen mind means
anything. Borden has the world by the tail

We could add a supplement to this vol-
ume if we told of the many ways in which
Borden has used his head, but it must suffice
to mention here the competent way in which
he has handled the financial affairs of the
German Club We leave it with you Could
It ha\e been done better''

"B" is in for everything that comes up.
and we could not wish for a better pal. There
is no need to say anything about the future
of one who is so true a friend, so good a
sport, and such a real Southern gentleman


•<-+■$-++■{-*■+•«■+++-«-+■«• +H-H-+++



Shelby. N. C.

Degree: Ph.G.

Age: 2 1

D. O- K. K ; Cleveland County

<!> A X.

■pjXDLKS, meet Mr Julian Cletus Hord who
r hails from Shelby, N. C. where men are
men and women are not. Cletus (we would
like to use his nickname, but our sense of
propriety forbids) first came to us in iqi:
but having domestic affairs which were im-
portant, he left us for the brief period of a
year, to return with the Classof '25. Thus we
gain, and old '24, like the famous 'c)7, loses

During the time we have known Cletus
he has endeared himself to us by his irrepres-
sible good humor and his happy-go-lucky
attitude. But all of this seems to help him
in his student activities, or maybe he pos-
sesses that wonderful sixth sense of being
able to spot his instructors. His grades will
attest to the fact that he is attentive to his

Probably the main reason why Cletus
passes his work is the thought that back at
home he has a wife and children. But be
that as it may, we wish for him the highest
success possible in his life after he leaves the
University and passes the State Board.

"Don't mention it!"


Raleigh, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 21

A — <!>, Pan-Hellenic Council

German Club; Wake County Club.

AT." is an all-round man who is a tried
. and true friend to all who know him. A
plesaant companion and an exceptional bull-
artist, he is interesting to talk to. He is
admired by students and professors alike, and
it is certain that because of his fine character-
istics and ability, he will be successful in
whatever he chooses in the world beyond
The Hill

*"»"{•■++ ♦♦^•4-



Goldsboro, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 24

Associate Editor Yackety Yack (j. 4); Carolina Plav-
makers; Tar Heel Staff; German Club; Ego Club; White
Wings; Wayne County Ciub; Philanthropic Assembly.

HERE is a man who has come to College
on the installment plan. The banalities
of a student's life have bored him to sueh an
extent that he has not been able to stand
them for verv long at a time; so, often he has
packed his luggage and departed for places
unknown After sufficient wandering he has
returned to us anon, richer in experience and
more lovable in personality.

He is a cosmopolite and a scholar; history
is his hobby and Spanish his abomination
However, he possesses the power to master
anything to which he applies himself.

Generous, philosophical, of a man's
bearing and a gentleman's code, "Bill can
count on us for anything in our power He
is likable, and we like him; he is admirable,
and we admire him


Newton, N. C.
Degree: A.B.

Agi': 22

i Club; Catawba County

HERE is a quiet, sincere and energetic lad
who came to us after spending his Fresh-
man days at Lenoir College. Upon his coun-
tenance can be read a character of honesty.
sincerity, loyalty, and respect for his fellow
workers. There was never a person more
loyal to this maxim, "What is worth doing
at all, is worth doing well. "

Norris is to be commended upon his
selection of so noble a life work for as a
teacher he will instruct the youth of our
land in the way they should go, by setting
before them an example of one who has a
noble purpose, high ideals love of truth,
and reverence for the best things in life.


'f+-{">'+-{"H-++-H-f- +-<- + +++



Mooresville, N. C.

Degree: PhG.

K T; r A.

PETE," a slender, clean-cut chap has suc-
cessfully combated the intricacies of a
Pharmaceutical Course and has come out
with flying colors. If Phi Beta Kappa keys
were given in that school he would be wear-
ing one to-day. Ever dependable and ready
to do his bit, he is the kind of person that
we all like to have around.

Although his plans are not definitely
made, he is now ready to begin the trade of
"rolling pills" for the ailments of mankind
As a member of the Glee Club for the past
two years. "Pete" has had a chance to ex-
hibit his fine talent as a vocalist. Social to
the nth power, he knows his ground among
the so-called adjacent sex


Hendersonville N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 24

R. O. T. C ; Freshman Debating Society. Dialectic
Senate; HendersonCountyClub, President; "Pinafore";
Intersociety Debates; Junior Class Executive Com-
mittee, Intramural Basketball Director; Committee
"100"; Glee Club; Assistant Cheer Leader ('23),
Leader ('24); Carolina vs. Swarthmore Debate ('is)-

X T: T K A

HERE'S to "Hug," a living specimen of
personified optimism. He is a firm be-
liever in the philosophy expressed in the
sentence: "Day by day in every way the
world gets better and better." If he has ever
been downhearted, no one knew anything
about it. He entered the University, broke
financially but not in spirit. Since his en-
trance he has made several adventures in the
business world which were both novel and
remunerative. His honor system apple-boxes
have put the Greeks to shame. They have
spread like wildfire until now every dormi-
tory has its fruitstand and candy kitchen,
and many a self-help student jingles coin in a
pocket that would otherwise ha\e been
empty He has sold everything to the Student
Body, including his own unequaled line of
bull As a result he has won the esteem and
confidence of the students and held many
places of honor on the campus.

Good-by. "Hug " may you carry on and
lead cheers in life as well as you have at
U N. C



-*■•-:• ^ '^ '^ ■!-■ '^ *t-'^ '^ "^ "f* ^ ^ -r";"^ *3"*>* ^


Spindale. N. C.
Degree: BS . Medicine
Age: 22
A K K.

HUNT is known to his co-workers in the
Medical School as "Fritzie, and a darn
good student at that As a frog-pither he is
hard to beat: in fact, he has been proclaimed
the best in the University.

Altogether, he is headed for the best
there is in the medical profession, and with
his fine record here as a sample of future
work, we believe that he is on the way to

Palmyra Va.
Degree: AB.

Age 2 ?

■ Association; Secretary

RLITH is quite a cosmopolitan. She was
born in Palmyra. Va had two years at
Greensboro College for Women and spent
one >ear educating the dusky youth of Porto
Riro After this year with the Islanders she
decided to return to the States to finish her
College course-
Ruth, or "Xantippe" as she is more
familiarly known, has a quiet, gentle and dig-
nified disposition, and always leaves an im-
pression of capability and dependability.
She is very effective as a public speaker,
whether it be a paper before the N. C. Club,
a talk to the Epworth League, or a harangue
on love or politics.

About one who desires ser\'ice rather
than fame we had better ^ay nothing more,
lest we thrust greatness upon her.


-;- +-5"!>4-+<">'}"5~!-i. v-s- •> *•;

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