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Cherryville. N C.

Degree: AB

Age: 2;

PALT^ Henry Huss, more ^^•idely known
by the name of "Monk." hails from the
hills of Western North Carolina. Cherryville,
his hometov^Ti boasts of being the highest
point between the mountains and the sea.
We would say the same of "Monk's" friends
here on the campus. He has as many or
more than any boy here.

"Monk" has chosen teaching as his pro-
fession, and we are sure that he will succeed.
Realizing that to succeed, one must know the
assistants in one's field, "Monk" has spent
several summers of research here at Carolina,
making such acquaintances. But one tair
damsel won his heart and now the girl back
home is out of luck

"Monk's" apparent philosophy of life is
a good one. He works when he works and
plays when he plays. There is always a
"Saturday E\ening Post" rolled and ready
for use after the game, and "Monk " is one
of the users, the most of the time

If in the future years we could be so
lucky as to chance upon Prof Huss as he
expounds to his eager students the knowledge
which he has gained in his four full years of
work here, we would find that he had not lost
his power to make and hold friends as in
days of yore.


Alberta. Va.

Degree: BS. Medicine

Age- 26

FOR many years, "J. O.". as he is known
among the University students, has been
studying Biology, Physics and Chemistry
with his wagon hitched to the star of an M.D.
On entering Medicine he found many
things to interest him. and he is always ready
to discuss them. We ha\'e dubbed him
"Grandpa," but that name is slightly mis-
placed when we think of this dashing young
medical student. He is a Tar Heel, but his
home is in Virginia, and we have reason to
believe that a great deal of him is in Georgia.
Everyone goes to "Grandpa," for conso-
lation and advice. He seems to have had
lots of experience, and not only does he profit
by it but he is willing to impart the benefit
of it to his fellow men. Gentleness is his
chief trait, and by some he has been called
the most polite man in town. Dr. Haizlip
will always be a fa\-orite, and certainly we
have with us another good old-fashioned
familv doctor in the making.

t-+ +'«.4.-H'*->"^+4-+H


-H"f •f-«-++-M>++ ++


Asheboro, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 28

HUSSEY left Gulford in '17 to answer the
call to arms. When the war was over
he entered the teaching profession. After
following this awhile he decided to join the
business world, so he entered the School of
Commerce at LJ. N. C.

Hussey is quiet and industrious. He
can always be found in his room or in Dr.
Zimmerman's Commerce A Laboratory. When
his many friends want advice they always
know he is ready to help them.

Within the next few years we expect to
see him holding a seat on the New York
Stock Exchange.


New Bern, N. C.

Degree- B S , Electrical Engineering

A^e ■ 2 2

German Club: Freshman Football Team: Varsity Foot-
ball (2. ■;, 4): Monogram Club; Annerican Institute
Electrical Engineers (1.2. i. 4); Craven County Club:
Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society: Vice-President
Freshman Class, Secretary-Tn

X: <I> Z N.

INSPIRATION and hard work have made

1 his success. The greatest men in history
ha\e been inspired by women and Rudolph
is no exception to the rule. When he came to
Carolina he left his heart with a fair lady
back in New Bern. That she has been an
excellent inspiration is evident from the suc-
cess he has made.

It is a significant fact that no one before
him has made such a stellar success in foot-
ball and at the same time finished the Elec-
trical Engineering course in four years It
becomes still more striking when we con-
sider his grades which rate him as above the
a\erage student. In his Junior year he was
initiated into the Honorary Electrical Fra-
ternity of Phi Zcta Nu,

Here wc ha\'e a rare combination: an
inspired athlete and student who has won
success over the long trail of hard work It
is safe to believe that the same driving spirit
will carry him to the top in his chosen pro-

.\ tnety-etght

*++-»-«"t"«- "}•+•:-

Avondale N. C.

B.S . Commerce

V A.

UPON first starting to Carolina, Jenks
stopped in Raleigh and was so impressed
with the place that he matriculated at N. C
State. However, he soon conceived the idea
that business was a better vocation than
engineering and immediately embarked for
the University's School of Commerce In
this he has proved himself a capable student
in all his work including Business Law Yet
he does not allow his studies to curb his
pleasure, as he is alwa\ s ready to aid in anv
undertaking for amusement

Summer Schools have proved to be for-
tunate things for him for last summer saw
him begin the studies that ended in matri-

Possessing a winning personality- and
having shoMTi good judgment in selecting a
life mate — we are certain that Jenks will
attain success.


Charlotte. N. C.

Degree: B.S.. Commerce

Age^ 2 ,-

Dialectic Senate. German Cluh; .\. E F Club; Meck-
lenburg County Club; 'l'. M. C A ; Varsity Track
Squad. Vice-President Senior Class; President Man-
gum Dormitory

i; <i> E

OLD Pap" has been in this world a long
time We mean that he went to France
when he was a boy and came back a man
with an enviable war record.

He has been, during his four years with
us. a good worker, a good fellow, a good
track man and a daily gym attendant. To
know "Pap" is a real experience, and an
hour spent with him is a stimulating recrea-
tion. He is a man always to be depended
upon. He will loan his money. He will
always do the thing he thinks right; and all
the world can't mo\ e him.

His seriousness of purpose has made him
modest That modesty has prevented him
Irom paying much attention to the ladies.
Yet he does really like them. They fall for
his good looks, but he is so bashful that he
tells them to "sit on their hands if they are
cold " and the "Lord loves them."

But when all is said and done. "Old
Pap" will be remembered by his friends as
the "noblest Roman of them all "


.;..}. J. ^,-1. ^ .!. .;. J^

\ metx-ntne

*-?-+4"«"i-S"«"S- •*■+*•*■+■?•


Lincolnton. N. C.

Degree: A.B.


Reidsville, N. C.

Degree: B.S.. Electrical Engineering

Amphoterothen : Dialectic Senate, President; Lincoln
County Club; Monogram Club; Committee "loo";
Intercollegiate Debater; Football Squad (2. 3); Track
Team (z, ;, 4); Wearer of N. C.

X *; E * A.

WHEN Governor Brewster of Maine came
to Chapel Hill last fall to whitewash the
GOP., it naturally fell to the lot of Charlie
Jonas to introduce the speaker, for "Red" is
the recognized leader of the small but faithful
band of Republicans in our midst. Jonas is
gifted with a remarkably pleasing and con-
\incing delivery and a genius for thinking on
his feet which has made him one of the pillars
of the Di Society and has also won for him
his "N. C." in debate. In the class room he
has almost persistently maintained honor-
roll standing, though missing Phi Beta
Kappa Turning to the worth-while things.
"C, R. has been one of Coach Bob s "never-
say-dies" who are willing to forsake necessi-
ties of life, such as cigarettes and chocolate
candy, for Carolina's glory on the cinderpath.
and he can wear his monogram as proudly as
any. Jonas has a host of friends; in fact, all
are friends, and no one deserves them more
than he. We hereby prophesy for "Red" a
brilliant success in the Legal world (for we
understand that is the kind of career he is
planning to take up), and if, perchance, there
should e\er be a swing in the political pen-
dulum of the Old North State —

* Z X.

BEHOLD' Here IT is. so. Fair Reader,
look no more. You behold in "Red
the incarnation of Saint and Devil. Sage and
Jester. Student, Thinker, and an all-round
good fellow.

His name, which he wears upon his head,
connotes sheik, but his sheikish tendencies
were almost smothered by the famous Dag-
gett-Lear-Hoefer combination. However, such
a formidable trio could not keep "Red" from
many "Picks," Grail Dances and a thorough
appreciation of any profitable amusement
which offered itself.

Whether in the class room, or the Gym,
or in his own sanctum, slinging the male
yearling so skillfully, "Red" is always the
self-possessed gentleman. "Red" says he
will be an Engineer, and he has an enviable
record to back his claims.

Many girls. Summer School, and others,
will mourn his passing into the "cold, cruel
world," where his tenderest and softest in-
stincts will be hardened and tempered in the
fire of experience.


One Hundred

■i- -f J^ 4-M» ■*'■«-+'»-{•+++■«• ++++ +



Charlotte, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 20

Fall. Winter. Spring. State Tours Carolina Playmakers;
Mrs. Mayfield in "Gaius and Gaius. Jr"; Mary in
"The Wheel'; Aunt Prude in ■Prunella"; Fall State
Tour ('24. '25), Jane Pettigrew in The Honor of
Bonava' ; First Southern Tour.

n B *

M.ARG.'\RET, known by an inner circle
of friends as "Maggie" because of her
detached air, is just another of that class of
paragons which make up the majority of the
Class of 1Q25. She is the old-fashioned girl
of the Playmakers who carries into life a
happy combination of the old and the new.

Margaret starred in "Gaius." and went
on five or six tours in the part She manages
to take in all the social affairs, delve into such
things as Philosophy, and come out with
grades which won for her a place on J immy
Royster's famous Dean's List.

She has ideas of her own as well as ways
of her own. There is a magnetism in her
way of speaking and acting which has brought
to her a large following. Her charm and
poise will be missed here next year while she
is teaching young Charlotte to "Pla\ Make."
We might add that she has been elected the
prettiest girl in the Class ot 25.


Red Oak, N. C

Degree: A.B.

Age: 22

North Carolina Club; Freshman Baseball Squad. Var-
sity Baseball Team (2, 3,4); Freshman Football Squad;
Wearer of N. C. ; Fraternity Basketball Team; Nash-
Edgecombe County Club; North Carolina Club; Mono-
gram Club.

X * E

THERE is just one "Touchdown" in this
world. He made that touchdown over
the wrong goal; nevertheless, he is no mean
football player, as the teams which have
played the " Ironmen" will testify.

Baseball, however, is his long suit, unless
it is bull sessions. The baseball team would
not be complete without him. Why? Be-
cause by his playing he helps to win. and by
constantly keeping Coach Bill in chewing
tobacco he aids the brain of the power behind
the throne. "Touchdown's first name be-
gins with "P". But what that P stands for
only his mother knows, and he won't let her
tell. However, he hotly denies that it is

"Touchdown" is one of the boys who is
always in a good humor, he mixes with his
many friends and has a good time in spite of
his "Boyish Bob " which has unfortunately
curbed his ardor and activities

He may go to the "big leagues " but
e\en if he does he will always be the same
old "Touchdown.

One Hundred One


Chapel Hill, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 42

Murphey Club, Dialectic Senate: Johns Hopkins De-
bate; Commencement Debate

T K A.

THERE came a man to us, two years ago,
known as "Peter" Jones. But however
prevalent may be his name, this man "Jones"
is, beyond a doubt, a "Jones" unto himself,
there having been none before like him; nor
can posterity ever reproduce him. Though a
man whose good fortune permits him to be an
esteemed husband and a happy "dad he came
to us with "single" ideas. He has fed the
crying mouths of thousands of hungry football
fans with his samples of Peter's Chocolate —
hence his nickname. To say he is a good busi-
ness man is an injustice to his bulldog tenacity
For to our knowledge he has earned money
here in every conceivable way. Jones has sold
everything in Chapel Hill, from medicated
toothpicks to women s real silk hosiery In
addition to paying his way through the Uni-
\crsity and supporting his wife and babies, he
did excellent scholastic work, just missing Phi
Beta Kappa by the one quintillionth part of a
hair. No man ever learned quite so much
about the personnel and workings of the L'ni-
versity in so short a time as did Jones,

Our friend is now with the Upjohn Com-
pany of New York City, and we sincerely hope
that, as a student in the University of Life,
among his other achievements may also be
these — Health. Wealth, and Fame.


Rocky Mount, N, C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 20


BL!S" exceeds by far the average 'man in
names, weight, knowledge, and experi-
ence It would be decidedly pleonastic to
attempt an analysis of any one of these. Lest
his little amour of last Summer School be for-
gotten, we had better quote him and Kipling
in the line, "I learned about women from her "
His fancy alternates between this Lorelie and
the present-day drama. He will, we are afraid,
never forgive our own Dr. .Archibald Hender-
son for overlooking the famous Sir J. M.
Barrie in his treatise. The Changing Drama

When "Bus" condensed his signature to
John William E. Joyner, we dared hope that
he would even give up ice cream and become
one of us again. His anticipated trip to
Europe during Easter will complicate matters
further, for even Mr. Volstead himself couldnt
keep him from the Deutche Bier with which he
is already familiar

If Judge Landisdoesn t hear his voice and
make him a big league umpire, wc are sure to
hear ol "Bus accomplishing some worth-
while thing right here in North Carolina a
little later. We wish you "bon voyage" in the
world, "Bus. "

One I kindred Two

-;-+■}■ +4-f4-M"*"f- +++++ •i"!"^ ++-f



Flat Rock, N. C.

Degree A.B

Age: 2,-

Debate Council North Carolina Club; Henderson
County Club: Freshman Debating Society; Dialectic
Senate; Second Censor Morum; Recorder Constitution
Committee (i). Constitution Committee (4); Sopho-
more Debate. Junior Debate: Intercollegiate Debate


CAROLINA can justlv boast of another
self-made man. "E. L. " registered here
in the Fall of iqio. but the call of the school-
room was too much for him. so he was con-
fiscated and hurriedly ushered into the ranks
of a "schoolmaster."

Being one of those thoroughbred, hardy.
Godfearing, liberty-loving, law-abiding, honest
mountain citizens, he re-entered again in iqii.
Justus is one of those fellows who begin at the
\ery bottom of things and work hard. Many
of us remember his formula beginning — up in
the venerable old Di Senate But as time
passed on. he kept sharpening his debating
wits, and now Freshmen sit in perfect aston-
ishment a? he pours down their open mouths
and into their ears, smooth-flowing bull on the
Ku Klux Klan and other such radical subjects
But going further than representing his so-
ciety and class in the art of public argumenta-
tion, he has become one of Carolina's most dis- ^
tinguished debaters. ha\ing won in every ▼
Intercollegiate Contest in which he has par- '


Flat Rock, N. C.

Degree: B S , Electrical Engirxeering

Age: 26

.American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

SQLIRRELY" was smiled upon kindly by
Dame Fortune and recei\ed a full por-
tion ot that gift known as gameness and per-
severance. He started with the Class of '23,
but that shouldn t be held against him, since
he has rectified his mistake.

In his immediate circle of friends. "Squir-
rely " is conceded to be an authority upon that
subject nearest the heart and most often in the
mind of every true Carolina man — women
Drawing from a vast store of experience in
such matters, dating back to the S. A. T. C.
days, he should certainly be able to recognize
different grades of fruit at a glance. Being of
a kindly disposition, he very generously keeps
the "spotted" for himself and gives the sound
to his friends

"Squirrely" can't decide whether to de-
\elop his pedagogical complex or to take
charge of Mr. General Electric's little business,
but choose as he may, he will make a place for
himself in his profession. His friendship will
be a tresh-blown rose when College da\s are
a dim remembrance

One Hundred Three

-f+'{-f-H>+-W-++++++ ++++ ++-5-



Shelby, N C.

Degree: B.S., Medicine

Age: 2 1

BENJAMIN, better known on The Hill as
"Ben, " hails from Cleveland County. He
came to us from the famous City of Shelby,
noted for its production of great men. Ben
will, no doubt, carry on the traditions of his
old home town by becoming great.

His hobby, while here, was Zoology. Pope
once said, "The proper study of mankind is
man." "Ben says, "The proper study of
Frogology is the Frog." He seems to have a
natural love for science; however, there was
one branch of it which he detested, namely,

We feel sure that "Ben" will bring not
only fame to himself and to his home town but
also to his Alma Mater. He has always held
her dear to his heart; in fact, he has so much
attachment for her that he has declared his
intention of returning to study Medicine. \Vc
know of nothing that he holds more dear than
Carolina unless it is the girl back home


Hcndersonville, N. C.

Degree: A. B

Age: 23

Dialectic Senate, Debate Council: Y. M C. A. Cal:>
inet; Class Prophet.

<I>BK; T \.

AK". who came to Carolina from "The
■ Land of the Sky, is a true example of
highland hardihood and intelligence. During
his four short years here he has attained hon-
ors which come only to real workers, and to
them after a struggle. His Phi Beta Kappa
grades are testimonials to his soundness of
mind and his ability to stick with a thing to
the end He learned early that the top is not
crowded, and he has built his foundation
secure for climbing there.

Contrary to the rule, he has not let his
brilliant scholastic pursuits interfere with his
education He is an active man in College
affairs. His brilliant and humorous speeches
in the Di Senate have inspired many Freshmen
to follow his example.

It is whispered and rumored that he has
an idol, or ideal, somewhere which inspires
his efforts and drives him on to greater
achievements He, in truth. "Lifts up his eyes
unto the hills

He is a true gentleman and a staunch
friend His many friends at Carolina will
greatly miss him and his ever-present humor,
but all can he assured that he will continue
his success in the great "School of Life "

One Hundred Four

-H-f"f-*'+++'f +++++ ++"*•+ +


Sanford, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 22


VIC" came to the University in the Fall of
!Q2i, and at once entered the Commerce
School. During his Sophomore year he had
to drop out one quarter, but he soon managed
to make up his lost work.

He is one of those fellows who possesses
the unusual ability of mixing work, play and
social activities, and it cannot be said that he
did not make the best of his opportunities
while at the University. He entered enthusi-
astically into his work and has left an ensiablc
record here.

As we have said he did not let his work
interfere with his other activities. His charm
and Machiavellian countenance often graced
the dance hall, adding dignity to the occasion.

When all is said and done, "Vic is a
man of strong character and of a conservative
nature He is what one likes to call an all-
round man and what others insist upon calling
a man of many accomplishments and of a
versatile nature.


Winston-Salem. N. C.

Degree: Ph.C

Age: 20

County Club; Freshman Friendship Council;
n Ph. '

al As:

<!> A X

KIRK" came to us in the Fall of iq23. and
since that time he has proved himself to
be an individual who is a student and yet a
popular and likable fellow, well-met and al-
ways friendly. He is one among us who for
the past eighteen months has successfully met
the bombardment of the "Dean.

So far as we have been able to find out,
"Kirk" has two goals toward which he is
striving. First, he is striving to obtain his
license as a Pharmacist, and second, as a hus-
band. We are sure that he will be successful,
for he is an earnest worker and usually gets
what he goes after.

One thing that interests us so much about
"Kirk" is the masterful way in which he col-
lects information. No matter how big a
secret is, connected with any problem, he
always finds out what it is.

We will be looking very shortly for
"Kirk" to make the financial world sit up
and take notice.


One Hundred Five


Bessemer City, N. C

Degree: A B

Age: 20

Dialectic Senate; Gaston County Club. Vice-President;
El Club Espanol; Le Cercle Francaise; North Carolina
Club; Junior Oratorical Contest; Carolina Playmakers;
Tar Heel Board.

BANTAM" is what we call him Wehaxe
heard of nicknames, both good and bad,
but never one that fitted its owner more per-
fectly "Bantam" is little but he is loud,
and it's "Bantam" who always does the
crowing when the battle is fought and w'on
He maintains that he is no relation to "Kaiser
Bill" of world-war fame, despite the fact that
one of his best friends persisted for a time in
calling him "Bill " The logical conclusion is
that he is just a pedigreed "Bantam

"Bantam" has a wonderful sense ol
humor. Some folks claim that a man can be
judged by what he eats, but we are inclined to
agree with "Tommie" Carlyle who said that
a mans laugh is his measure: consequently,
we vote "Bantam" 100% a man.

"Bantams" motto is "do or die " He
is a "sticker" and never gives up. He hasn t
decided yet what his supreme battle will be.
but whatsoever it is. we predict lor him a
complete victory. Take it from us — "Ban-
tam" will do the job to perfection Emsour


Wilmington, N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: IQ

Cabin; "m"; German Club; North Carolina Club;
Varsity Basketball Squad

* A (-)

TO graduate in three years, go out for
basketball, and at the same time socialize
extensively is not a small accomplishment.
Yet " Don " Koonce has done those things and
barely missed Phi Beta Kappa with all that.
He entered the University with the Class of
lb and leaves with the Class of '25. That is
in itself a notable feat in these days of all
stiff and no pud courses.

"Don" has always managed with but
little obvious effort to keep well in front of
the requirements of his curriculum. As one
of the social dogs, his activities have not only
been made manifest in Chapel Hill but also
in other places. But few week-ends have
found him on The Hill, for it is rumored that
he has regulars in several of the near-by cities.
If he is as successful in his Medical work
as he has been in his preparation for the Med
School, we can predict that he will be a
worthy addition to the fraternity of M.D.'s.
We are counting on you, "Don," to be our
family doctor, some dav.

Om Hundred Six

r ■}■•«-+++++++++•<-+++++•}• -S-


•'r++'<' •»■<•-


Statesville, N. C.

Degree: Ph.G

Age: 20

ALTHOUGH not the most studious. Kun-
kle is one of the best students in the
Pharmacy Class of '25. He worlds diligently
when he does work, especially with his corre-
spondence course. Kunkle is an active mem-
ber ol the .A Ph A . and is also interested in
other campus activities, having been a mem-
ber of the "Wonder Glee Club" of 1025.

Undoubtedly. Kunkle belongs to some
secret order, for he wears the initials E, .A,,
and these certainly have no connection with
any organization at Carolina. Anyone seek-
ing research material, may find plenty to do.

His frequent visits to the postoffice leave
the impression that he eats there; but he is
only checking up on the postoffice workers.
Just ask Kunkle. he can tell you whether or
not the "mail is up."

As a Pharmacist. Kunkle should make a
great success if he shows the same spirit
toward that duty as he has to the preceding
ones. Here's hoping he will.


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