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Morganton. N. C.

Degree: A B

Age: 22

Dialectic Senate; Murphey Club. Burke County Club.

FRED, better known to us around the cam-
pus as "Bear." is just a pretty good, all-
round fellow. He can even make good marks
under Wagstaff.

Some people think he is lazy, but that is
only because they do not know him well
When he gets started he works like a steam
engine. He can do most anything from debat-
ing to playing the piano and the guitar. His
musical abilities are put to the test often
when he serenades the ladies by the light of
the moon.

He is always in a good humor and easy
to get along with. He takes care of his own
business and leaves others' alone. .And his
popularity extends to the ladies; e\idenced
by the fact that he ne\er gets less than four
letters a day. He will be missed on The Hill.

One Hundred Seven

^=^\ 1 fp


Rich Square. N. C.

Degree: B.S.. Commerce

Age: 21

LASS ITER often seeks the solitude where
> he can undisturbedly philosophize on the
whvs and wherefores of this indeterminate
life. He applies himself to his studies with
the vim of an Hercules, and never has time
for extended conversations.

He is a good student, a good sport and,
withal, a good fellow to know. It has been
our privilege to meet and know him doing our
sojourn here and we rejoice in his acquaint-

Mav the fates deal kindly with him. and
all good things and marvelous opportunities
cross the threshold of his door in the davs to


Roscbank. S. 1.. N. Y.

Degree B S.. Civil Engineering

Age: 2 2

William Cain Cinapter American Society Civil En-
gineers; Associate Member Elisha Mitchell Scientific
Society; Freshman Track Squad; Varsity Track


HERE is a Yankee, who, unlike some other
members of his tribe, has lived amongst
us for four years without attempting to re\o-
lutionize our social system. One night in
September. iQii, six million people told him
good-by; the ne.xt night he was greeted by
four hundred bloodthirsty Sophs and four
inches of Chapel Hill mud Quite a contrast ;
enough to shake anyone: but not a murmur
from "Yank." He donned his hobnails with
the rest of us and took things as they came.

"Yank" is a born Engineer and a good
student. His keenly-analytical mind has
never been found wanting when called upon
to solve the highly-invoKed problems thrust
upon Engineering students. He is by no
means a crank on these technical subjects,
hut he has some very decided opinions on
some of the problems that confront Engineers
as men and not as calculating machines.

The outstanding characteristic of this
man is speed, as evidenced by his ability on
the Varsity Track squad and his amount ot
spare time while carrying a course in Engi-

Whatever his work in the world, these
three characteristics — agreeableness, keenness,
and speed, assure him success.

One Hundred Eight


^+•^■♦■•«-f'<•"^+"^ -{•"{-!"; - .■• -r- -


Raleigh, N C

Degree: A.B.

Editor Tar Heel: Assistant Editor Carolina
Magazine: Assistant Editor Yackety Yack; Carteret
County Club: North Carolina Club; Playmakers 1924
Tour; N. C Club Prize ('24); Buchanan Philosophy
Prize {24); Vice-President Woman's Association;
Senior Finance Committee; Carnival Committee; Class
Historian. Student Council. Graduate St. Mary's
School ,

n B 4>.

THIS is a delightful opportunity to get off
several atrocious puns, don't you think''
Especially after the Senior Class so naively
selected Lucy Lay, Alliteration Queen Extra-
ordinary, as its Best Egg. But we refrain,
because we have an auditory image of that
adorable little snort of disgtist which would
be forthcoming from "Luck," were we to be
so mundane.

Say what >ou will about eggs, however,
the world would be a pretty sorry place with-
out them, and we weep to think of this be-
nighted skool sans Lucy. Her captivating
camaraderie has permeated all corners of it
and helped immensely to make co-education
worth while. Literature, philosophy, publi-
cations, fraternity (they will call it that I,
Playmakers, social doodads, et cetera no end—
the only thing "Luck" hasn't done is to
make the Football team. .'Xch' What a
yawning emptiness will be left when she goes
forth to conquer the world.

The compliments of Carolina to vou


Sanford, N. C

Degree: Ph.G.

Age: ;.-

T E "t

TOE came directly from Sanford to us, but
J his habitat for the first thirteen years of
his life was in the wilds of South Africa.
Hence his curly hair.

As a student, Joe is unexcelled, although
he is by no means of the bookworm variety.
His main indoor sport is catching the first
"Pick" every night. But in spite of all out-
side attractions, Joe upholds his scholastic

In the laboratory, Joe once made an
important discovery, namely, that potassium
chlorate and sulphur will explode with con-

In the vision of his fellow students he is
described as honest, congenial, of a forgiving
nature, and always minding his own affairs.
In all things, Joe is a gentleman, and that is
as much as can be said of any man.

We think that he may probably branch
to some other line. Being versatile, he could
classify himself as musician, lournalist, or
typist. However, for the good' of Pharrriacy
we hope we may sometime see prominently
displayed, "Joseph Lazarus— Pharmacist,''
or better still, if he follows out his present
intentions of returning next year, hear of his
contributions to science as a pharmaceutical

!•++ v-«- ■t>++4"'.-4"$"!-H"5- -J- -

I »j* ■)» •5r'*j« (^ *'

One Hundred Nine


LilesviUe, N. C^

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2 1

German Club, Dialectic Senate; Anson County Club;
Freshman Class F<x3tball

K n.

NEB" came to Carolina as most good boys
do. Unfortunately, he had to leave on
account of sickness and did not finish with
his Class of '24. We were only too glad to
welcome him to a bigger and better class — '2<;

This son of the Vikings is a man of rare
treasures — personality and his ever-ready
.saiioir /aire more than apologize for his sun-
kist hair. To a number, however, his smile
seems a sufficient social D. & B., for every
year he must go — well, to Greensboro, maybe,
and be a star of poses for somebody's girl
Truth of the matter is that it is the same
handwriting every year, and instead of the
simplicity of a Freshman smile we now obsersc
all the marks which are the lot of a conquered
Romeo a la Eros. Thus it is fitting and
proper that we make a twofold send-off to
the land where dreams come true,

"Spiv" is sure to find his glory in the
world through his numerous and devoted
friends. We are all going to watch with a
peculiar pleasure his progress toward a more
perfect career than we can hope for ourselves.
We can only say "Godspeed,"


Salisbury. N. C.

Degree: A B.

Age: ;q

Freshman Debating Society; 'The Club". Le Cercle
Francais, Secretary-Treasurer (2). Presidem (j, 4);
Dialectic Senate, Second Censor, Second Corrector,
Vice-President; Rowan County Club. Treasurer. Class
Executive Committee (3. .j) ; Student .\ctivities Com-
mittee (i); Yacketv Yack Board (1); Tar Heel StaiT
U); Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (1. 4); CaroWna Handbook (2):
.Assistant in French (1, 2, 1. 4); Carolina Dormitory
Club, President (3), Intramural Sport-Gram (3).

WHITE "is a scholar; a language "hound,"
He has many friends, among them some
rather wonderfully rare types. In addition to
the general run. he seems to have a liking tor
freaks; however, a linguist always has,

"White" is an interesting con\crsation-
alist, and he will talk to you by the hour
about any subject or about nothing at all-
He has a cheerful Cheshire smile and a friendly
bearing which ha\e made him popular alike
with students and professors.

He will probably be a professor himself
in the not-far-distant future. His students
should find him a source of much that is inter-
esting and instructive Good luck to you.
"White." .Auf Wiedersehen, Ecce Homo, Che
Sera Sera, .\ Quoi Bon.

One Hundred Ten

•^"i"i-4-H-;-+"M'++++++++++++-i' E



Greenville, N. C.

Degree: A B

Age: 2/

Minotaurs; 'Coop ■; Pitt Countv Club, German Ciuh:
Leader Easter German

S N.

NICK" had a family reputation to uphold
when he came to Chapel Hill, for his
brother before him had made every social
honor possible On looking over the young
man's accomplishments for the past four
years, one can easily see that the family honor
is intact.

Social in every sense of the word, he is a
supreme ladies' man, and no dance or social
function would be quite complete without
him. A wizard at "rushing" Freshmen, he
has made many friends in every incoming
Freshmen class.

In the five days a week that he has seen
fit to spend on The Hill for the past four
years, "Nick" has made a host of friends.
The Saturdays and Sundays which he has
chosen to spend elsewhere, have also gained
him many friends and "admirers."

He will undoubtedly make a success of
whatever he chooses for his life work, for he
is blessed with that subtlety known as per-
sonality, so we predict for him a brilliant
future ,

MacDONALD bride log IE

Manatee, Fla.

Degree: B.S.. Civil Engineering

Age: 25

Philanthropic Assembly; William Cain Chapter Ameri-
can Society Civil Engineers; Associate Member Elisha
Mitchell Scientific Society.

LOG IE has ridden through some of his
classes in the Civil Engineering Depart-
ment very easily, even though for his first year
here he did insist on riding around on a one-
lunged motorcycle.

But he left the sunny clime of Florida
for the Old North State, and since he came
here he has made a success on his work.
Besides doing his regular work in Civil En-
gineering he has managed to earn much of
the money for his education by surveving. etc.

Like the rest of the Engineering tribe he
has learned to do his work thoroughly and
consistently. Certainly he will keep it up
through life.

••!" ->4-5»-S' •!••»'•*■ H">-<i"}'v- "?"!••!•

One I kindred Eleven


Pittsboro, N. C,

Degree: B.S., Medicine

Age: 21

Junior Class Executive Corn-
Class Football; Vice-President
Easter German.

German Club. Cab

mittee; Manager Jul iiui v^.o^^

German Club; Assistant Lead

S AE; * X.

THREE years of College life coupled with
two years of the Medical grind, and behold
the product — the Prince Charming of the
Med. School! We know little of his academic
past but much of his professional present.
Arthur's career in the Medical School is an
inspiration as well as a challenge to the rest
of us. .An alert mind combined with a willing-
ness to work, and with it all an understanding
that goes beyond mere facts, have made him
an outstanding student. Even Dr. Bullitt's
leukocytes or Dr. MacNider's doses have not
eluded him

Nor has he neglected the other side, as
witness his career on the dance floor. We
predict a brilliant career for Dr. London. His
charm of manner, his ready intelligence and
his high ideals will make him an ornament to
the profession of medicine. We are confident
of his success — and so, to the luture!


Charlotte, N C

Degree: B.S., Electrical Engineering

Age: 2 1

Sheiks: Gimghouls; Student Branch A. I. E. E ; Elisha
Mitchell Scientific Society: Athletic Council; Campus
Cabinet; Committee "loo"; German Club; President
Cabin; Sub-Assistant Manager Varsity Basketball (2),
Assistant Manager (^). Manager (4); Assistant Leader
Gimghoul Ball (;), Chief Ball Manager (4).

K H ; <I> Z N; Pan-Hellenic Council, President.

THERE is an art in combining College
studies with College activities to the
point of achieving success and prominence in
both. Jack has mastered this art

He entered the Electrical Engineering
Department where he became famous for his
excellent Engineering Reports and for his
work in "transient currents" Last year,
much to his surprise, he found chat his average
was ninety-two. .Although he has not defi-
nitely announced it. we believe that he has
entered the race for Phi Beta Kappa this
year, for during the last two quarters he has
stacked up a score of eight straight As, and
according to all indications, and the best
dope from the profs, he will score four more
this quarter.

Our athletes showed their confidence in
Jack's managerial ability by electing him to
manage the iq25 Basketball team The suc-
cess of the season shows that he did the work

So this is Jack, an excellent student, a
successful manager and a social leader without
a peer.

One Hundred Twelve

f + -J-v + -;-^-r4-^ + +•«.■«■+ 7}-+

*■J-f-^'f■5- +■!-'}•+•>■+•«• ■e"^-^•+-^'^ -!•♦+


Cornelia, Ga

Degree: LL.B

Age: 24

A *.

THIS young man came to us after having
completed his academic work and one year
of Law at Emory University. W hile we re-
gret to have robbed Emory of one fine and
noble, it is with pleasure that we welcome the
Barrister as one of our classmates. He is a
student in the true sense of the word, and
when he is not expounding some principle of
Law, those who know him best can always
find him in his room mastering the finer art
of poetry. He is true of purpose and a clear
thinker. We predict for him a very successful
career at the bar and probably on the bench
ot some court of renown.


Asheville, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Medicine

n K *, <J> X.

AFTER various aberrations into the fields
of civil engineering, military tactics and
allied arts. Donald has finally settled down
for concentrated work in two fields — Medicine
and affairs of the heart. .And it is well that he
did, for without his versatile help in the Med.
School, his confreres would have a hard time.
Donald can alwa\s tell the correct formula
for the most intricate product of human
metabolism. Mystic signs and symbols flow
as readily from his lips as lovemaking in the
springtime. The slide rule, too, is one of the
things with which he mystified his friends.

"Don is an outstanding student with a
quick and retentive mind His future in
Medicine will certainly be a brilliant one, as
his past has been. There are few things
which he cannot do well, and this fact coupled
with his unusual personality has made him a
great favorite with both Faculty and stu-

With a microscope in one hand to catch
the chromosomes in a tumor-cell mitosis, and
a paintbrush in the other to catch the tints of
the lilv, he fares forth — and we all wish him

One Hundred Thirteen

^.4.^4-H"f<f<~t-4-M> •fH-f^'i' •<••<• 4-


Scotland Neck, N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: 10

Halifax County Club. President; Philanthropic As-
sembly; Freshman Debating Society; Assistant Man-
ager. Wrestling Team. Manager Freshman Track Team;
Tar Heel Staff

DENNIS couldn't see the necessity of con-
suming four years in getting an A B
degree; so he did it in three years, with a
Summer School thrown in for good measure
This year finds him affiliated with the Law-
tribe over in Manning Hall, and while most
of us are just graduating he has already cov-
ered the first lap of the race toward the bar

He has gone about the campus in a quiet
way; always willing to lend a helping hand in
constructive tasks. By dint of genuineness
and sincerity he has won a host of friends who
are confident that he will do, and do well,
whatever he choos?s.

As regards his future, there is only one
thing that beclouds our foresight. Will he be
able to gulp two more years of Blackstone &
Company before he is engulfed in the sea of
matrimony^ In fact, the only thing we hold
against him is that he likes the State of \ir-
ginia a bit too well.


Durham. N. C.

Degree: BS . Commerce

Age: 2 2

Economics Club; Campus Cabinet (2). Publications
Union Board (2. 3); Business Manager Carolina Xlaga-
zirxe (2, 4); Durham County Club

X * A K <!'.

F.ATS " entered the portals of Carolina all
set for a business career, and he hasn't
failed to set a record in this respect on the
business end of College publications at Caro-

Knox took the decrepit Carolina Maga-
zine, with a broken financial backbone, and
rejuvenated it from cover to co\er This
task was a revelation, for it had been con-
sidered almost impossible by scoffing cynics.

He is by far the "best bet " of his class in
commercial ability. In the School of Com-
merce his record is fair to behold and he had
the lion's share in establishing the first
National Commercial fraternity to enter

"Fats " ser\'ed on the Carolina Publica-
tions Board in his Junior year with marked
success and at the same time successfully
managed the business affairs of the Southern
Collegiate Sports Magazine.

All-in-all. he is a fine fellow to know, and
the better he is known the better he is liked.
And it takes real personality to sell ads at
his place

One Hundred Fourteen

.-. JL J. 4. -{.-f -fH-t-f -H- H"f -i- •f'i- ■<• *i' •t"!'

+^>-S"S-f+ +■{"«■+■»• •>'•


Newton, N. C.

Degree: B S . Chemistry

Age: 2/

BILL'S" work is Chemistry; his hobby is
music, plenty of it and all kinds, but
guitar music is preferred. His first year on
The Hill found him a member of Carolina s
crack Glee Club by virtue of his extraordinary
ability to tickle a guitar and to sing in a good
tenor \oice. It is rumored that those self-
same two qualities sersed to keep "Bill"
steadily employed and much sought after in
the service of the ladies in the Summer School
of iqz4 He weathered the hot season, how-
ever, and seemed to be none the worse for
wear. In fact, he was so encouraged by his
experience that he has learned to play nearlv
all the horns in Mr. Side's band, but we think
that a cornet has him slightly anchored at

"Bill's " friends are numerous, and out-
spoken in their admiration of him. Always at
work and a good student, he's never too busy
to stop and talk a few minutes and pla\
La Paloma. He is a man in love with his
work, yet possessing just enough grit and
practical sense to make his contemporary
Chemists sit up and take notice as ""Bill"
climbs the ladder of service and success.


Winston-Salem. N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 21

Dialectic Senate; Forsyth County Club.

X <l>; Pan-Hellenic Council.

ARLINE is a typical man-about-town and,
consequently, has taken College as a mat-
ter of course. But while here he has gotten a
good view of College life in all its phases, and
sometimes has laughed at it. Finding Chapel
Hill quite dull, he has made a more or less
successful effort to divide his time between
such activities as he is interested in; namely,
history courses. Interfraternity basketball,
football scores, novels, the Pickwick Theatre,
and week-end trips to Salem College

In personal characteristics. "Sparrow "
is above the average. .Always neatly and cor-
rectly dressed, courteous, generous, thought-
lul. and an excellent con\'ersationalist. posted
on all topics and events, he is a likable fellow
and a good friend. Mention of his many lady
Iriends should not be overlooked. He has a
way about him which they like, and his
studied indifference is simply irresistible.
Here we must also add a word about dances.
He never misses one. and as a result of such a
record over a period ol lour long years he now
actually feels uncomfortable after eight in
the evening whenexcr he is not wearing his

One Hundred Fifteen

Enfield, N. C.
Degree: AS.

Philanthropic Assembly; Secretary-Treasurer Halifax
County Club; Freshman Debating Society; Wrestling
Squad ; Assistant Business Manager Yackety Yack (;) ;
Dormitory Basketball; President C J S ; Assistant
Business Manager Carolina Boll ttVpii( (i),

SIG, " good naturcd, quiet, conservative,
came from Enfield. Although quiet he is
full of life and always in for a good time. He is
one of the all-round fellows and during his
stay on the campus has made many friends.
He is a real worker and has done well in cam-
pus activities. As a student he has been a
consistent worker and a real believer in appli-
cation to duty.

We wish him all the happiness he deserves
in the long years of life. We are sure that he
will make a success in whatever he undertakes
as his life work.


Hamlet, N. C

Degree: B.S.. Medicine

Age: 22


BECAUSE of his size, some of the fellows
began to call this young person "Em-
bryo," but since the name lacked the neces-
sary idea of sophistication, it was changed to
"Tiny." What he lacks in stature (he is only
four feet in his high heels), he makes up for
in worldly wisdom.

He came here with the unyielding deter-
mination to gain admittance to the Medical
School, and he did not allow little things like
zoology and physics to hold him for long. Yet
his attendance at the Grail Dances and Sum-
mer Schools were taken as a matter of course.

Quiet, dignified, unassuming, and always
on time, he has won for himself the highest
regard of the Faculty, and medical students
as a whole Genial, witty, cheerful, and gen-
erous to a fault, he may be small in size but
we know that he will be big in his profession,
and wish him the very best of luck.

One Hundred Sixteen

i"«"{'+++H"*- ■»•-!•++++♦ WK'l

•■}•+■»■■<• -*■-:■


Edge wood, R. L

Degree: B.S . Geology

Age: zS

Carolina Playmakers; Associate Member Elisha Mitch-
ell Scientific Society; Geology Club; North Carolina
Club; Order of the Nautilus

ON a beautiful afternoon long ago I fol-
lowed a rainbow trail to its end and there
I found Clarence Miller — hotch pot of pure
gold. With countless Orange County fairies
mangling the beams of a dying sun in his dis-
heveled mop of hair and a funny little clay
pipe from Dublin long forgotten in one corner
of his mouth, he was. ipso facto, a young
Paris — quite undecided whether to award the
palm of greatest beauty to a peculiar forma-
tion of triassic rock or to the tinkling of a
sinuous streamlet close by or to the melodious
twittering of a songbird deep in the wood. In
despair, he laid the gift -offering on the altar
of Mother Nature herself, and together we
fied back to mundane things. He has never
yet decided between them, and while the
songs of seven nations sing in his heart he
never will.

Poet, philosopher, scientist, athlete, con-
noisseur extraordinary, and companion par
excellence. There is a touch of divinity in the
doctrine of life in which he not only belie\es
but unconsciously practices, to wit: In the
laboratory, to be a scientist to the gills; out-
side, to be a human being. Diogenes, put
awav vour lantern, the search is ended.


Gastonia, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Medicine

A K K.

LARRY" is one of Doc Manning's most
^ constant and efficient disciples. He likes
Medicine; therefore he works in it. And he
has worked so consistently and so well that
he is known as one ot the best students in the
Med. School.

As a practicing physician, he should be a
roaring success We are expecting to hear
from him later.

•>'"}"+-V-l»4"*-*"{-4'4-*'5-4-5'"5— «.J.-f.4"4.A>;..:

One Hundred Seventeen


-;••!"•■»■•«• ^- ■!• -f- +++■>■ ^^ -r -,'•-.••■«• •^ -f - ;- ♦


Hillsboro, N, C.
Degree: B S , Commerce
Age: 22
Cross-Country Race (4); Cake Race (i. 4).

THIS man. a native of Orange County, has
worked in various capacities since he
came to the University, and among them has
proved himself to be an actor of ability in the
Carolina Playmakers.

He has before him a promising future in
the field of business, since he is blessed with
the fundamental ability of being a good mi.xer
We understand that there is someone waiting
for him in his home town of Hillsboro who
will help him on the rocky road to success.

He has not only a really enviable sense
of humor but he is blessed with a perseverance
which will carry him on through life.


Jennings, N. C.

Degree: BS , Medicine

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