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Age: 2,-

Medical Society; North Carolina Club; Elisha Mitch-
ell Scientific Society; Mars Hill Club. President; Iredell
County Club, Masonic Club.


TO write up Gurney Talmage Mitchell in a
deserving and comprehensi\'e manner
would require more latitude than that allowed
by this space. We suggest the character of
the man when we say that he is one who has
very definite aims in life and who directs all
energy toward realizing those aims

iMitch hales from up-State, about Jen-
nings He came to Carolina after completing
the four-year course at Mars Hill in two and
one half years. His work during two years in
Pre-Medical School and two years in the
Medical School has been of consistent excel-
lence He has found time for occasional
social engagements in spite of his mania for
studying. We find him a man of well-bal-
anced mental capacities, of companionable
temperament, and of sincerity in his associa-
tions with others His mental attitude be-
speaks success, and his classmates and friends
share his confidence as to his future in his
chosen profession.

One Hundred Eighteen

■<"f+-H-f-i"M"f'f +++•»■+•<-+++++

'i->-i-i'-*-fr+-'.-i"t-i - i-i-4-t'+-i-'t-i-i-:-i


Wilmington, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 2 2

1 Basketball Squad, New Han-
nty Club


JL'ST uhat George expects to take up to
his life \\ork we have been unable to ascer-
tain, but whatever it is. we feel sure that suc-
cess will crown his efforts He is one of those
unassuming men who would rather show you
his virtues than tell you of them. He has not
sought honors upon the campus, but has been
content with being one of its good citizens,
and these alter all give stability and genuine
character to our campus life.

The same jovial personality and the
same strength of character which ha\e won
tor him the respect and esteem of his fellows
here at Carolina will, we predict, cause the
world outside to recognize him as a real man


Taylorsville, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 21

UPON first sight, this gentleman impresses
one as an illustrious mountaineer; but as
a matter of fact, he is merely a man of the
foothills — geographically speaking, of course.
In reality he is an intellectual giant; a moun-
taineer with aesthetic tastes, having fully
read such things as "Marlowe s Complete
Works." and our most modem literary attain-
ments — "True Story" and the like.

Throughout his College career. Moose
has shown exceptional ability on class, and his
good work is due to some miraculous phenom-
enon, for he was never caught pondering o\er
any problem involving preparation of a lesson.

He is known to his friends as "Bull";
and he has such traits as those which entitle
him to a happy farewell and a good-luck
toast from us all.

One Hundred \ineteen


' ]yif'''^'i"^«*^-¥^^^'"'



Maxton, N. C.

Degree A.B.

Age: 22

WE are grateful to Flora MacDonald for
sending the Class of 1Q25 one of her
Faculty, for if ideals can be transferred wc
are the gainers.

She is a rare composite of a high degree
of inherent ability, excellent training, sincere
and lovable character, and gentleness and
refinement of manner.

The fact that she was never known to
cut but one class and never has known the
sensation of receiving anything less than an
"A, " is proof positive that she early learned
the laws of habit formation


Shelby. N. C.

Degree B S., Corrimerce

WE all know him as just "Morrison. "
Although he has not been an outstanding
figure in campus activities, he has not failed
to develop the physical as well as the mental
side of his life, being a persistent candidate
for the wrestling team. We all know Morri-
son as a quiet, hard-working fellow for whom
the "Pick" has little attraction. The only
thing that can lure him away from his studies
is a date with a pretty girl, and he never fails
to win the favor of the fair sex, lor he has a
good line and plenty of experience

.Although Morrison is the relative of an
ex-governor, he does not cast longing eyes
toward that position, for, as he puts it, he
wants "a job which allows him to start at the
bottom with an executive position in view."
The company that gets him is lucky, for he is
well prepared for his career. So here's hoping
you future success in your future life, old chap.

One Hundred Twenty

^'^ +H-i-!-+++-J-++ -l-f ++ •>




Jacksonville. N. C.

Degree: B.S.. Medicine

Age: 2$

Le Cercle Francais; Medical Society of U. N. C;
Treasurer Onslow County Club.

Acacia; A K K.

TOMMY" started his battle against Igno-
rance as a student in the Piedmont High
School, located in the foothills of the Old
North State. In the midst of all. he was
called by Uncle Sam to help hold the Hun.

He has had the good fortune of learning
many valuable lessons in the "L'niversity of
Hard Knocks" before coming to Carolina.
Chemistry and Zoology had the strongest
attraction for him as an academic student.
■And like all men preparing to enter Medicine,
he was unable to enjoy his dinner of French,
German and Science for fear of missing the
dessert — Medicine .

He has made a good medical student — a
consistent, persevering and continual worker
who always gets there. His outlook on life is
of the right kind. W hen things look discour-
aging, he is not of the type to sing the old
song "the uselessness of it all. but on the
contrary, he grits his teeth, says "damn."
and goes on his way. "Tommy" will make a
good doctor, for he is sympathetic and pos-
sesses a goodly portion of real good, common


Greenville, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2}

President Greenville County Club.

X N.

HERE IS a man who is as much entitled to
the distinction of being called unique as
anyone that we know. No one else can answer
to quite as many nicknames He has no peer
as a reckless yet skilled driver. Theodore
Roberts is not in his class as a cigar-wielder.
His laugh — William James himself could not
explain, and we are certain that no member of
the legislature could be more individualistic
in tying his necktie. These are only a few
of the things that make this gentleman one of
the rarest and most unusual members of the
Class of '25

Most of his work as a student has been
in the field of the ologies Being fully con-
vinced that "we are what we are. largely
because of where we arc. and that "we are
all riding on the omnibuses along with our
ancestors. "he has passed all of Collier Cobb's
courses without a hitch.

Withal, Moye is a genuine good fellow;
attending strictly to his own business, faith-
ful to his friends, a regular good sport, and
possessing a real sense of humor


One Hundred 'Twentx-one

.<-J"}'-M"f+-«"f4"f-+++ ++++ +++


Salisbury. N. C.

Degree: AB.

Age: 20

Dialectic Senate, First Censor (iz); First Corrector
('11). Contributor Greensboro Daily Neus: Stratford
Anthology ("2s); Amphoterothen; Committee "100"
(24): Carnival Executive Committee ('24). German
Club, Carolina Plavmakers Third and Fourth State
Tours. Tar Heel Staff ('24. '25); Carolina Boll \X'eeiil
Board; Carolina Buccaneer Founder. Associate Editor
Buccaneer {'i%, '24. "25); Associate Editor Carolina
Magazine ('21, '24, '25): Freshman Friendship Coun-
cil; North Carolina Club; Ego Club; White Wings;
Freshman Football: Varsity Football Squad ('22. '21J;
Rowan County Club; Executive Secretary Psi Building
Corporation; "Coop"; Commencement Marshal; As-
sistant Editor-in-Chief Yackety Yack ("24), Editor-
in-Chief Yackety Yack ('25)

i; N; r V; B X A.

PETE "has the quality of courteously tell-
ing you that you arc wrong and letting
you wake up to the realization that he is dead
right He has lost no worth-while friends in
the process

He is a man who above all things has
personality and charm of manner. He is rich
m experience, and knowing life to be more
than books and formulae (at the same time
being somewhat ot a thinker), he can laugh
at it With an enviable appreciation and
knowledge of the finer arts, he can talk inter-
estingly and is at ease in any company

For the results, we are going to lea\e him
to his multiple devices. For one thing, we
know that he will never follow a beaten track,
and we are certain that whatever he chooses
to do will be interesting


High Point, N. C.

Degree: AB.

Tulane University, Louisi;
Senate; High Point Club

i: A E

I Club, Dialectic

CH.ARLIE" entered the Sophomore Class,
having spent his first year at Tulane Uni-
versity. W'e rejoice in the fact that his love
for the Old North State would not permit
him to continue his studies in Louisiana.

Coming from the 'Furniture City," he
resents hearing anyone say, '.Any point but
High Point " He is known generally as
being a rather easy-going, quiet and indif-
ferent sort of a man, but to us who are for-
tunate enough to know him well, there is
apparent a charming and sincere personality.

He is interested in politics and is a keen
observer of human nature. The pinnacle of
success which "Charlie " is stri\ing for is to
be a Law>er. W'e are glad that he will be
back next year. With his ability and high
ideals, wc are assured that he will make his
mark in the legal circles of the State,

One Hundred Twentx-lico

•*-++-<-M>+"«-+++++++ +++++

-++++•}' ■<"i"!'++'{-+-i'v


High Point, N. C.

Degree: BS.. Medicine

Age: 2 2

S A E; <l> X.

HE came to us from Trinity, and cer-
tainly the change has been a good one
for us We have learned to know him as
"Mack " He is a gentleman and a scholar
of no mean worth.

Osier has said that imperturbility is a
cardinal virtue characteristic of a medical
man; certainly, it is a cardinal virtue in the
surgeon. "Mack' has not had the trouble of
acquiring this. He is a diligent worker, not
easily discouraged, and looks always on the
bright side of life. He loves Medicine, and
seeks earnestly to find the truth. From the
embryonic stage he bids fair to develop into
one of the best physicians.

To this follower ol the Hippocratic creed
we can truthfully say that his friendship has
the quality of good wine — true, sincere, and
durably satisfying.


Cove City, N. C.

Degree: B.S.. Medicine

Age: 24


SPEEDY" is. without doubt, the smartest
man in the Med. Class — when it comes to
the ladies. It is rumored that he can see a
woman farther away than any man on the
campus. Besides being a devil with the
ladies, he wades through the medical curric-
ulum as though he were still in the pre-med
ranks, and Dr Ikey's courses don't seem to
worry him at all.

One may wonder at his nickname. If
they could have become acquainted with his
activities during two Summer Schools at
Carolina, as well as his present interest at a
feminine habitat in Greensboro, there would
be no further worry. Cullen has been blest
with a winning smile and a disposition that
radiates cheerfulness and geniality. These
qualities, backed by his sincerity, will make
tor him friends where\er he mav go.

4. [I


One Hundred Twenty-three




Degree: B.S.





•II Sci

c Assembly. A
ntific Societv.

sociate Mer



MAC" has been so busy since he came to
Carolina that he has not had any time
to spend in collecting honors Although he
has been with us only four years, he has fin-
ished one year of Medicine in addition to his
A.B,. and that is not the half of it. He is one
of those lucky fellows who is gifted with a
marvelous capacity for making money and.
like the true Scotchman that he is, for saving
it. Not only has he worked his own way
through but he has furnished work for many
of his fellow students who would have had it
hard without "\4ac's" assistance. One would
not expect a man as busy as he to spend much
time studying; nevertheless, he is one of the
best students in our class. He does his work
thoroughly, quickly, and with a degree of
facility which is amazing. Everyone thinks
that high finance missed a good man when
the medical profession called him, but all are
agreed that he is bound to succeed equally as
well there if he carries out into life with him
the same capacity for work and the same
optimistic, cheerful spirit he has shown here.


Charlotte, N. C,

Degree: BS . Commerce

Age: 22

Gimghouls; Minotaur; "Coop"; Meiklenburg County
Club, Freshman Bas)<etball Team; Varsit> Basketball
Team (2, 4)


SANDY" is a member of that swift quintet
which succeeded admirably in upholding
the record which Carolina has established, and
helping the basketball team of 1025 in win-
ning once more the Southern Championship.

But besides his pre-eminence in the
major sport, he has a hobby — not the usual
cross-word-puzzle craze, but a noble game —
the game of horseshoes; the modern equiva-
lent of the noble pastime of quoits, played by
the men of antiquity. At this he is a shark,
and if the plan of Intercollegiate horseshoe
pitching contests is carried out, we believe
that he and Sprat Cobb will win the cham-
pionship over all competitors.

He has already shown his judgment by
leaving Davidson after two years, and gracing
Carolina with his presence, where he has
shone socially. He will undoubtedly meet
with success in knocking up against the cold,
cold world if he can find a place where his
athletic fame has followed him


One Hundred Tirentv-four




Mebane, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 24

Gimghouls; "Coop": German Club; Monogram Club;
Vigilance Committee; Business Manager "Coop" (j).
Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2. 3, 4); Fresh-
rnan Track; Varsity Track (1); Captain Football Team
('25); Chief Commencement Marshal; Leader Fall
German (24;; Vice-President Junior Class; Senior
Class Executive Committee. Representative-at-large.
Athletic Council


WHEN a man has a physiognomy suitable
to both the gridiron and the dance hall,
he is a rare bird; but if he actually functions
properly in both places, he is one of those
phenomena which usually ain't. But "Mac "
is. and there is a considerable portion of him.

We have heard that he is quiet and per-
fectly self-contained when bucking the line on
the football field; we've seen him do that
same thing in the Gym at Grail Dances, and
can vouch lor his great strength and skill. He
is one of the products of the Chapel Hill High
School, which may account for some of his
excellent characteristics.

He appears to be. and we feel sure that
he is, thoroughly wholesome and sound in spite
of his recent environment. We have a sus-
picion that Herman will get a lot of the good
things of this world, and that the world will
not be any the worse off for his getting them.


Charlotte, N. C.

Degree: Ph.G.

American Ph;
County Club

I Association; Mecklenburg

<I> A X

THIS young man is particularly hard to
write up, because being unusual, he re-
quires a write-up that differs from the usual
order of things. Nevertheless, here goes:

"Mac, " as he is called by all who know
him, is an unusually fast worker in all he
undertakes. In laboratory he is always the
first to finish and. contrary to the proverbial
theory, he does his work well. So well in
fact, that he was chosen by Professor Kyser
to do research work in Saponification and

"Mac " is studying Pharmacy so that he
may return to Charlotte from whence he
came and make his hometown proud of its
son by opening an elaborate pharmacy. We
are sure that he will succeed in this, espe-
cially if "V. 'V." inspires him. This is the
only reference we are allowed to make con-
cerning his "affaires d'amour "

Suffice it to say that he has been success-
ful here and that our best wishes for his con-
tinued success accompany him at the parting
of our ways. In the hearts ot the Class of
1925 there will always be one spot reserved
for "Mac."

E Pluribus Unum

-5>-!"*-K4-I"!-4 - 5"r

One Hundred 'Twenty-five


Morehead City, N. C.

Age: 2 1
Carteret County Club

* A X.

IN Stacy, who hails from that oasis of the
East, Morehead City, we have with us a
real worker. Several years ago he decided
that he would add renown to the name of his
city by achieving something for himself. So
wc find him one of the hardest-working mem-
bers of the Pharmacy Class of '25.

Stacy is a good student ; popular not
only with those of us who know him here but
with the fairer sex as well. Although he is
not egotistical, he spends most of his time
minding his own business, the balance being
divided among the many harmless pleasures
to which Carolina students are addicted.
The girl who gets him will be fortunate: that
is, if she is successful in keeping him. W e
wish for him a long and prosperous career.


Fayetteville, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Medicine

Age: 24
Medical Society.

K 11; <^ X

Z,-\CK." "Shine." everybody's friend' With
malice towards none and friendliness for
all. his winning smile and invincible good
humor have made him the most popular man
in the Med. School. He is always pleasant,
and if he can't be happy during some of Dr.
MacPherson's most technical lectures, he
quietly and harmlessly sleeps. He is a hard
worker and a clear thinker, and has already
pro\en his ability in his chosen profession.

Nor are his activities limited to the Med.
School. He's known by all the campus lights
— both social and otherwise Watch him at
the next dance, and see the ladies tall He
and Charlie are inseparable, and "Zack's"
winning personality is evidenced by Charlies
unhappiness when "Zack " is not arourid. He
will make a great success in his profession,
for he has already all the qualities of a suc-
cessful doctor. Here's to "Zack'" We're all
for him!

One Hundred Tiventv-six

. 4.. K . { .-) - }.»'»"^-M"f4- ++++


Baltimore. Md.

Degree: B.S.. Civil Engineering

Age: 22

Wake County Club; William Cain Chapter American
Society Civil Engineers; Elisha Mitchell Scientific
Society; Wrestling Squad ('23, 'z4, '25).

MOSE." as he is known to his friends,
comes to us from the Capital City, and
in him Raleigh has a firm defender and one
who is ever ready to extol its wonders-

Here is a young man of great determina-
tion and unlimited energy. When he is con-
fronted with a problem, he attacks it like an
Apache Indian on the warpath, and usually
he is finished and started on something else
before the rest of us get well started

During his four years with us. Frank has
found time to take an interest in campus
activities, make regular visits to Raleigh, and
maintain a high standing in his studies He
is a trusty member of Coach Shapiro's wrest-
ling squad and assistant in Highway Labora-

In addition to being a Civil Engineer.
Mose would have no trouble qualifying tn the
field of "cowology. ' having gained wide exper-
ience in that line while ministering to a ship-
load of the critters en route to Europe.

Frank's sunny disposition has brightened
the days for all who have come in contact
with him during his College life. For him.
with his unbounded energy, determination,
and cheerful ways, we predict success in his
chosen field. We are proud to claim him as a
classmate and as a friend.


Charlotte, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 21

Citadel (

25); Diale

Club ("21. "24. '251. Orchestra
: Senate. Mecklenburg County
; North State Eight. German

BRUCE certainly missed two thirds of the
best part of his College life when he failed
to register with us as a Freshman and catch a
year in Smith or Carr. But, anyway, he's
able to qualify as a "reg'Iar fellow" after
existing through a year at Citadel

In the Fall of '22. he heard the call of
his latent commercial talents, and came to
get them developed by King Dudley's co-
horts. His record in the Commerce School
shows that he has hit his line, and doubtess
in a short while the business world will recog-
nize his ability.

"R- B. " in addition, is a whang of a
fiddler and saxophone player "Just ask the
man who's heard him." The North State
Eight, which he has so successfully engineered
this year, has given us some real music, and
no maybe about it We d have missed a lot
without him and his melody-makers

Besides that, our tall boy is no slouch
with the wimmen When he lamps a lady
with the big brown beacons, she just couldn't
be a man-hater if she tried.

Take with you our sincere wishes that
the best mav be vours always. Bruce.

One Hundred Twenty-seven

Hendersonville. N. C.
Degree: B.S.. Commerce

Henderson County Club.

T E *.

HE was known as Edward in Henderson-
ville, but "Pat," it seemed to the dwellers
of Mary Anne Smith, was far more appro-
priate. So the cognomen of "Pat " was given
to him, and "Pat " it has remained ever since.
His aspirations during his Freshman year
were noble, among them being the hope for a
Phi Beta Kappa key. And to prove to all
comers that he was sincere in his intentions,
on the wall of his room was a clipping, pro-
claiming to the world in general and to his
associates in particular that Edward Patter-
son of Hendersonxille had made the Honor
Roll during his first term at the University.

Fortunately, however, the next term saw
"Pat" with new ideas He decided that the
"gentleman's grade," C, was all he wanted,
and this decision probably kept him from
becoming a "bookworm" and made him the
happy-go-lucky fellow he is today .And. in
spite of week-end trips, parties and dances, he
has no trouble at all in keeping up this

A good fellow and a man anyone would
be proud to call a friend, describes Pat
exactiv in a few words.


Goldsboro. N C

De^iree BS . Commerce

Age. 2 2

Wearer of N. C ; Speaker protem Philanthropic As-
sembly, Freshman Football; Sophomore Football;
North Carolina Club; University Record Half-Mile
Track (t 59 ?-5); President Wayne County Ciub;Execu-
tive Committee Junior Class; Finance Committee
Senior Class; Varsity Track {'zi-'zs)
K * A

FREDRICK, whether he is running rings
around everybody on the track or presiding
over the argument in the Philanthropic As-
sembly, or "bulling" with Horace Williams
on Philosophy, is always there with the goods.
Professors as well as students have well
learned not to stir him up, because in holding
down one side of an argument, there are none
better built.

The campus has been upset lately with
the rumor that some fair one at N.C.C.W.
has captured the heart of this young gallant,
if that be so. we can only say, "God bless
you'" We say it, although bewailing the
fact that the Saw has lost a would-be master,
because Fred is master of all he surveys.

With his rollicking good humor. Fred has
made a host of friends at the "Dear Old L'ni-
\crsity." and they are friends in more than
name; friends who will have their eyes on
him when he is Chief Justice of the United

He is as good as the best and better than
the rest, and because of it we hate to let him
go However, there is always an end —

One Hundred Twenty-eight

r++++'M"t"t- ++++ ++-2-




Durham, N. C.

Degree: B S. Commerce

Age: 2 1

^ * E.

HERE'S a man who has cheated the cam-
pus of his presence on week-ends for four
years We understand that the reason for
this lives in Durham and graduates from Duke
University this year. If he is as successful
o\er there as he has been on The Hill, we
anticipate an announcement prettN' soon.

Blair is an excellent student, having
passed through the fiery gates of the Com-
merce School and returned without a (alter-
When \ou hear a rumble about three
notes lower than a bass drum, you know
that's Blair. His laugh is as contagious as
measles; you couldn't mistake him in the
dark That \oice has been one of the main-
stays in the Glee Club.

Although ready to join the fun any time,

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