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Blair is of the more serious type Calm
mastery is the ke\Tiote of his personality
Never has the writer seen him ruffled or
excited o\er anything. When his projects
have met adversity, philosophy, and not
"cuss words," has been his rejoinder. We
expect this trait to go far toward making him
successful in the cotton-mill business — his
chosen field — which v.e confidenth- feel he
will be. Good luck. Blair, and may you turn
all the wheels of industry you want


Chapel Hill, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 20

MAE came to us after a sojourn of two
vears at North Carolina College for
Women at Greensboro. Since coming here
she has pro\en herself to be a conscientious
worker, as her record will show.

She possesses an abundant supply of
good humor and wit. With her gentle and
dignified bearing, she has found no difficulty
in making many Iriends.

As to what she intends to do in the future,
we do not know, but whatever it is, we are
sure it will be worth while and that she will
meet with success.


One Hundred Twentx-nine

^+4- +++•++■-!• 4-+ ++


Burlington, N. C.

Degree A.B., Education

Age: 2}

PICK' hails from Burlington, that town of
towns in the great Old North State. In
his life here, he has been quiet and reserved
on the campus and played a minor role in the
social activities of the College. He has been
a N'aluable addition as a conscientious worker
throughout his College career.

We wish him much success in his life


High Point, N. C

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2 1

HERE wc have the man of intellect . the
man of rationalization: of learning and
wisdom. "Pick" is always to be heard from
on class, and he has put more than one Ph D.
to rout in a dialectic argument. L'nlikc most
men who can do that, he can make good, or
the best, grades. He has a way of disputing a
professor and making him like it.

\Vhere\'er the mind is in question, we
know that "Pick" will alwavs come out on
top. .\u re\oir and good luck.

One Hundred Thirty

Franklin. N. C.
Degree: A.B., LL.B.

Freshman Football: Varsity Football (2, i. 4. 5); Var-
sity Track (2. 3, 4): Wrestling Team (4. s). Captain
(4). Dialectic Senate; North Carolina Club. Vice-
President (4): President Y M. C A ; Spanish- Ameri-
can Club. President. Secretary. Monogram Club; Cam-
pus Cabinet; President Manning Law Club; Jackson-
,\1aci.n County Club. President. Vice-President; Blue
Ridge Club; Captain Law School Basketball Team;
President Pearson Law Club; Editorial Staff Law Re-
V(eu- Dance Committee. Julian S Carr Fellowship;
.Assistant Athletic Coach. Golden Fleece

E * A, * A A

POINDY" spent his childhood days among
the hills of K4acon County, playing with
the wildcats at hide-and-seek. He entered
the University in the Fall of iqiq, and during
the six years that have followed, he has made
a brilliant record which insures him a perma-
nent place in Carolina's Hall of Fame.

He was chosen four times for the myth-
ical all-State team, three times for the all-
South .Atlantic, and once for the all-Southern.
Although he also distinguished himself in
wrestling and track, his athletic activities did
not interfere with his studies, since he barely
missed Phi Beta Kappa in the A.B. School and
has averaged better than a "B" in his three
years in the Law School. He finished his
high-school work in three years, and seven
years of College work in six. All this added
to the fact that he has worked his way through
the University, succeeds in making him stand
out as a man among men.


Greensboro. N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

i^erman Club; "11"; Dialectic Senate; Sub-Assistant-
Manager Football (1). Manager Football {4); Basket-
ball Team (2. 3. 4); Tennis Team (,), Monogram Club;
Dance Committee.


THE pages of history are replete with the
great deeds of little men, such as Napo-
leon, etc.. and strange enough it seems that
always they manage to accomplish more than
anyone else. Every locality has its big little
men, and so has Chapel Hill. Of this elect
group, none is more prominent than Jimmie

Ever since J . Wychc stepped on this
campus, he has been a brilliant figure of
accomplishments, and particularly has he
disproved the belief that only men of large
stature are fitted for athletic teams. Last
year, he was first substitute on the Southern
Championship Basketball Team, and did very
creditable work ; this season, when Captain
lack Cobb was sent to the hospital. Poole
took his place at forward and starred, being
the high-point scorer in his role as a regular.
Characteristic of all big little men. Poole
did not shirk his scholastic duties in the face
of campus honors, and graduation finds him
a good student. His genial manner and over-
abundance of energy have combined to make
him popularly prominent, and there are many
who will regret his absence next year.

One Hundred 'Thirty-one

iii r.


High Point. N C.

Degree: A B.

Age : 2 1
(}); Carolina Magazine Board (j);

Tar Heel Report
High Point Club


EVERY once in a while we find a man who
dares to do his own thinking, to stand on
his own intellectual pedestal, "four-square to
all the winds that blow " Such a man is
"Postum " For. after all. "there's a reason "
"Why should 1 be shackled by the cot-
tony bands that hold most men in eternal
subjection, when a mere breath of intellectual
effort will scatter them to the skies''" asks he.
We admire such a man. The world does.
Without the faintest trace of brass-band dis-
play, but with a quiet dignity that has won
for him an abiding place in the hearts of his
carefully-chosen friends. "Postum" in his
life here has proven that a man gets out of
College more than a book education.

"Postum" reads much, studies just
enough, thinks a great deal, nurses an abiding
ambition to become a writer in the future,
takes life philosophically, and with not too
much cynicism. And. when you see an
essay, story, or poem with his name on it.
read it. We shall.


West Orange, N. J.

Degree: B.S.. Chemistry

Age: 2 1

ic Club. Presi
Ehsha Mitchell

A X 1'

WICK." otherwise known as "The Duke."
for reasons quite apparent, plainly dem-
onstrated his exceptional intelligence in choos-
ing Carolina as the best place to get his higher
education. A keen brain and kindly inten-
tions, together with a characteristic habit of
thinking for himself, combine to make his a
forceful though entirely pleasing personality.
When not brewing unsavory liquors in
the foul recesses of Chemistry Hall, "Wick"
has found time to attain success in the social
life of The Hill His friends are tried and
true, and sincere in wishing him future pros-

One Hundred Thirty-tiro

'"r'r'r "f '"r"*' "

-r+++++ I


Salisbury. N. C.

Degree A.B.

Age: 2 2

Rowan County Club. Vice-President ('21I; Dialectic
Senate; German Club; Associate Editor Carolina Botl
Weevil: Yackety Yack Board ('25).


HERE we have the iconoclast I A scientist
and an ungregarious animal, he cannot
but impress all who come in contact with him
as one not of the herd.

He is of keen mind and quick wit; he is
handsome and he is able. With these assets,
backed by ambition and a desire to know.
"Spooks will go far if he can ever choose a

Another valuable trait which should
push him — or at least dispense with a hin-
drance along life's way — is his unfondness of
women. That, perhaps, being due to the
fact that he has never had to court attention
from that element in our population. The\'
have always taken the initiative, and that to
no a\ail.

"Rag may turn out to be a surgeon and
then again he ma\- choose biology or psy-
chology for his forte. At any rate, he will
never be a Babbit Fare-thce-well. "Spooks. "
and mav the Powers-That-Be be with vou


Waynesville. N. C.

Degree: B S . Electrical Engineering

Age: 22

.\merican Institute Electrical Engineers; German Club.

i:<I>E; * Z N.

THIS young man is a perfect example of
the "College student " By that we mean
one who can pull down "ones ' and "twos'
with perfect ease and yet find time to enjoy
himself in the way of an "old-timer" He is
always working, it seems, yet we often hear
of him pursuing the epicurean activities which
the entire State affords. By profession, he is
an engineer, but by way of diversion he finds
time for co-education. His activities are by
no means limited to that. Always immacu-
late, he conducts himself with the befitting
dignity of a gentleman — one of the "old
school. " His record here has been enviable
and, without doubt, his learning ability, tact,
and manv other attributes of his charming
personality will carry him far in his profes-
sion and into the hearts of his fellow men.

One Hundred Thirtv-three


Leaksvillc, N^ C.

Degree: AB

Age- 2 1

Botany Assistant . Freshman Baseball , Freshman Bas-
ketball. Attendant Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society.
Dialectic Senate, Fraternity Baskethali. Baseball!
German Club; Secret Order of Bacchus


SP inhabits the Chemical Laboratory
and is never seen farther south than the
Old West Building He never lets anyone
think for him. howe\-er. and this quality
ought to help him along. But more than
that, he is a good friend to those who know
him and whose dimensions are not to b;
determined by lines of ordinary capacity.

Earnest, conscientious and diligent work
has always been commended, and we know
that it will have its reward in "S P.'s" case
He is a born lady-charmer who intends to
take Medicine as a side line


Hot Springs. V'a.

Degree: Ph.C.

Age: 2,-

K 'I'

THIS sedate personage from the mountains
ol Virginia became very popular a very
few minutes after he registered in the School
of Pharmacy, for his name is not an unknown
one on the campus.

Rayburn possesses every characteristic
of a gentleman. He is ambitious, and looks
into the future with happy anticipation of
owning and opei-ating a drugstore. That is
not half The other being a fair young damsel
ot Virginia.

We sincerely extend to him every good
wish for success and happiness, and feel
absolutely sure that Hot Springs will soon
regain a citiren of whom she may lustlv be

One Hundred 'Thirly-fcur


Salisbury, N. C.

Degree: B.S.. Medicine

Age: 2 1
Ro\\an County Club.


D.W may be likened to an oa.'^is in the
heart of the Sahara Desert of the Class
Room in which those who are so lortunate as
to know him gather. Underneath the palms
of his personality bubbles a spring of spark-
ling wit seldom found elsewhere, and all who
have e\er tested it are fore\er bound by its
enchanting spell. This, in part, accounts for
"Dan's" widespread popularity.

Men and women alike have been en-
chanted by "Dan's" personality. His "af-
faires de coeur" might be told in a book fit-
tingly entitled. "Thousand and One Nights
Each With a Different Girl" His conquests
ha\e been Irom coast to mountains, from bad
roads to rice fields. But at present, he is
making a gratifying attempt to conquer a
sweet little heart in the "Furniture City."

.As to his lite s work, "Dan" is undecided
His aspirations seem to be as varied as his
love affairs, ranging from an M D. to Second
Lieutenanc\ \ia West Point. Come what
may. "Dan" can but make a success of it
without the conventional "bon voyage
from us.

Monroe, N. C.
Degree: A.B.

Age: 2 1

Gorgon's Head. German Club; Dialectic Senate; Cabin;
L'nion County Club

r X

THIS is a man who by his every act has
shown himself to be a gentleman. Caro-
lina and the Class ot '25 are proud to claim

Since his Sophomore year, John has
passed four courses a quarter with the great-
est ease. It is rumored that at one time he
was seriously considering becoming an English
professor, but now he intends to become the
junior member of his father's law firm. His
ability to distinguish right from wrong, in-
sures for him a brilliant future and he will be
a valuable addition to the North Carolina Bar.

His neatness of appearance, calm, easy
and dignified manner, and his sincerity have
made his appearance at all social functions a
necessity. It is said that he is one of the
most popular \oung men with the Co-eds,
and appearances seem to indicate that that
statement is true.

In conclusion, John, we extend to you
our most sincere good wishes and hope that
we will see much of you in the luture. for our
association with you has meant much to us
and we hate to lease vou

One Hundred Thirty-five



Bessemer City, N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Ag.c: 20

JOHN does not have a nickname. When
he came down here as a Freshman we tried
to think of some appropriate campus appella-
tion. Someone suggested "Red." We sub-
mitted the proposed title to John's considera-
tion. He positively refused any such name,
because according to him his hair was auburn,
tar from being red.

After all, we could not improve on his
name. John is a mighty common name, but
it fits him to a T. He is just good old John
and if there is anything you want him to do
for you, he is always "Johnnie on the spot "

Ever since Methuselah was graduated
from College, there has been a tradition that
four years are required to get the coveted
sheepskin. John has disregarded all age-old
customs and is showing us how to graduate
in three years. He says that the secret in
doing that stunt is knowing when to work
and when to play That may be true, but
judging from the constant flow of dainty,
perfumed letters bearing the Bessemer City
postmark, we believe that he is getting divine
inspiration from a feminine source,

John is going into Medicine. For us.
the thought of those anatomy quizzes would
give us a nightmare John does not even
give them a passing thought He made a
two-base hit off of 'Froggy" Wilson and a
circuit clout off Johnny Booker the Terrible.
To him the medical profession will be a cinch.
Go to it. John, we are betting on you!


Dover N C

Degree: A.B

Age: 22

TO say that Jessie is cheerful would be
putting it mildly, but why shouldn't she
be cheerful ■■ Didn't she move from Russell
Inn just in the nick of time, and can't she
cut as many classes as she pleases, since she
is on the Dean's List? As to the latter she
deserves the honor, for she is a conscientious
student and is always ready for what comes
in the day's work.

While this is neither a matrimonial bu-
reau nor a teachers' agency, we recommend
her most highly as one wno meets all obliga-
tions placed upon her

One Hundred Thirtv-six

<*"»'+'*-f++++'»'+ +++♦»•++++++■«-


Jamestown, N. C.

Degree: B.S., Commerce

Age: 2 2

Dialectic Senate, N(.)rth Carolina Club: Freshman
Debating Society, Guilford County Club, Class Foot-

ROBBINS comes from North Carolina's
Two City County, but we shall not
remember him as one who boasts of that
fact; he cares little for tradition. Fame is at
a discount with this MAN; he aspires honor.
He came to U. N, C. with grim determination
to acquire knowledge; he has succeeded, but
who can accurately foretell a man's future
when he has an undying attraction to the
opposite sex'' A little girl somewhere in the
Piedmont region of North Carolina has caused
him to lose desire for travel, and replace it
with more homely aspirations.

Here's a wager that "J. R.," e\en in
later years, will still possess those wonderful
attributes of a loyal friend and a true Caro-
lina man. We feel fortunate in hasing him
as a classmate.

Lincolnton, N. C.

B.S.. Commerce

Ase: 20

A K f.

T.M<E equal amounts of character, dignity,
sincerity of purpose, and add to them a
le\'el head and a courage that challenges your
admiration, shake well before using, and you
will have in this product a person who is
known to us as "Robbie; " a thoroughbred
with a spirit and a snap which makes him
interesting and likable and brings to us a
realization of the hidden meaning in the
statement, "Ain't friends great !"

This two-legged animal is far from being
a "mollycoddle, " instead he follows the policy
of playing enough to keep physical as well as
mental machinery in good condition. In
fact, when he enters the squared circle, his
opponent's charm of the skin you love to
touch is about as valuable an asset as a peg
leg in a forest fire.

He tells us that he is going to California,
but we fear that he is soon to enter the 4qth
State of the Union — the state of matrimony —
which has not yet been admitted to perma-
nent membership. To the young lady, the
Class of '15 surrenders a hell-uv-a good

One Hundred Thirtx-seven


Weaverville, N. C.

Degree LLB

Age: 2 1

Manning Law Club; North Carolina Bar. Varsity Foot-
ball (2 3. '24): Monogram Club-

S * E. * A A

GEORGE entered the College of Law from
Weaver College in the Fall of '22. A
star at Weaver College, he soon became the
pivotal man and mainstay of the Freshman
football team of that year.

L-ast year, his playing on the Varsity was
one of the outstanding events of the season,
and long will we remember his powerful and
brilliant tackles in the Davidson. V.M.I., and
Virginia games. He was cited for South
.Atlantic at tackle.

Stump has proved himself just as
hard at tackling his studies as in football, and
after passing the North Carolina Bar last
February, he is finishing his work at Carolina
with the coveted LL B degree

We wish him all success in the practice
of Law, and it is unnecessary to state that
we expect a verdict in his favor, some day.


Greensboro. N. C

Degree: B.S.. Commerce

Age: 20

:il; Guilford County Club,
an Club: Carolina Play-

Frcihman Friendship Co
Le Cercle "

W .ALTER." as we all know him. seems to
come under the old saying, "Little but
loud " Small in stature but large in voice, he
became a member of the Class of '25, and as
such he has continued with the added asset
of acquiring many friends and general popu-

Our predictions are that Walter will
some day become the proud possessor of
C. P. A, and it shouldn't be such a job with
all those passes from one Professor Peacock
to his credit. Our predictions as to his life's
work may be wrong, but certainly we can't
be wrong when we say that whatever it is
that he undertakes to do. he will do well, put-
ting all his energy into it and not stopping
until he has reached the uni\ersal goal —

Walter, it's in vou. so show em!

One Hundred Thirty-eight

=n I


Ponce, Porto Rico

Degree: A.B.

A^e: 2 2

Chemistry; Defiance Colle
inish Inscructoi

E * A.

RODiE" is somewhat of a globe-trotter.
Alter spending two years in Defiance
College, he shipped East to that place on the
Southern Railway where Carolina students
are prone to stick their heads out and yell
"Whoopee, girls, Elon' Here he lost very
little time, but lots of hair .According to his
version, it took big men to cause the ruin of
his curly locks.

,A good man can t be kept down, so
"Rodie" loined the ranks of Harry Chase's
Bad Boys and became a Carolina man. But
not before he had taken unto himself a
"better-half. Besides being one of the \ery
few married men on the campus, he has the
distinction of being the only foreigner from
Central .America and other Latin countries.
One would e.xpect this Valentino to get home-
sick, but his naturally sunny disposition and
propensity for good jokes keep away all
thoughts of the "blues,"


Durham. N. C.

Degree: A.B.

Age: 2/

i) . Campus Cabinet (2 t); Class
:ar. Intersociety Debates; Speaker
nblv; Commencement Ball Man-

Student Council (2
President Junior Y
Philanthropic As5€

X *: T K A

TO serve as president ot one s class for
two years in succession is an honor con-
sidered quite unusual; yet "Lud" Rogers
has done that thing. Not only has he guided
the Class of '25 through two years but he has
also found time to engage in many other cam-
pus activities. He has won his monogram in
debate and has been addressed as Speaker of
the Phi. But these honors do not give one a
full insight into the real nature of Ludlow,
for he is always jo\ ial, friendly and ready for
fun Girls are things that he cannot resist;
and neither can they resist him. If it were
not for the fact that he falls for all of them,
we would ha\ e fears for his immediate single-
blessedness; but we foster no such fears.

If we may judge by his qualities of fair
plav. determination, congeniality and uni\er-
sality of interests, then we would not be
afraid ro risk a prophecy concerning his suc-
cess in the great outside We understand
that he is planning to enter the great protes-
sion of Barristers His addition to that
ancient and honorable clan will be as welcome
and beneficial as his membership in many
campus organizations has been.

One Hundred Thirty-nine

,-r-:-.jirLJt. v.:^^N'.;'::y -^;i|


Salisbury, N. C.

Degree: Medicine. Sf^ecial

Age: 20

Dialectic Senate; German Club, Medical Society;
Freshman Friendship Council; Le Cercle Francais;
Rowan County Club; Freshman Football; Gym Team
(z. 3) ; Sophomore Class Football,

K >I'; :S A.

THIS handsome lad has started a search
for the fountain of youth. Whether he
finds in it the colloidal dispersion system, a
strong antitoxin, or the active principle of
digitalis, remains to be seen.

He is the youngest member of the class
and one of the best. His Scotch blood unfor-
tunately cannot be cooled at the knees in an
.American University, but knickers for this
Scotchman are good substitutes. Dancing
and music lure him from anatomical relations,
bacterial characteristics, and alkaloidal doses.
He has no sympathy for the lack of rhythm
and time displayed by the dance of the bacil-
lus typhosis.

The heart is the chief organ of oscillation
and is subject to many infections. To "Don,"
this organ is the seat of many affections, and
the agents which affect him most acutely are
the more deadly members of the sex, Kfedi-
cine in all of its phases will be a romance for

Like all embryonic doctors, he aspires
to be a surgeon. May it be his good fortune
to wield the aseptic scalpel and follow in the
pathway of the great Mayo Brothers


Salisbury, N. C.

Degree: Medicine, Sl:jecial

Age: 24

German Club, Rowan County Club; Medical Society.

I-) K T

AB,\RE four years ago, a ver\- unsophis-
ticated young man boarded the train in
Salisbury with a ticket to Chapel Hill and a
head full of hopes and ambitions, leaving
behind him a multitude of lonesome and
broken hearts It was reported that the
tears of the fair maids of that village ceased
only after the passage of many weeks. But
ambition must not bow to love, so this fair
campus recei\ed unto its bosom one who is
destined to, some day, be seen in the Hall of

Though the maids of Salisbury were for-
gotten in the cruel task of achieving success
in Medicine, not so were those of other cities,
(or soon "Tommy" began the worship at the
Shrine of Venus in none other than the City
of Industry. And the results of his activities
there won for him the title of "sheik." Like
the sailor with his sweetheart in every port,
Sheiky has a girl in every town from here to
Winston-Salem, especially Greensboro.

Even though he intends to practice in
Charlotte, we cannot but feel that this man
will achie\'e a success as a physician that
comes only with hard work and a lasting de\'0-
tion to his chosen profession.

One Hundred Fortv


Thomasville, N. C.

B.S., Commerce

Age: 2Q

German Club, Davidson Counts
Assistant Commencement Ball Manager

A. E, F Club.


ERE is the ideal all-round man. Con-
genial, smiling, easy-going, pleasant to
ha\e around, without the usual drawback ot
laziness that goes with these qualities. Max
is a good man to be with under any condition
whether it be studying, bulling, dancing,
working or loafing, and is quite accomplished
at all.

Ma.\ came to us after spending a year or

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