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The Yearbook of The University of

North Carolina at

Chapel Hill



William C. Friday, President of the Consolidated University

B.S. N.C. State

LLB University of North Carolina Law School
LLD Belmont Abbey, Wake Forest, Duke, Princeton, Eton College,

J. Carlyle Sitterson, Chancellor

A.B., M.A., Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill






asked for an account merely of the words of his lesson, but of its sense
and substance and let judge the profit he has made not by the testimony
of his memory, but of his life. Let him be made to show what he has
just learned in one hundred aspects, and apply it to his many different
subjects to see if he has yet thoroughly grasped it and made it his
own. . . ."


"Now dawn rose from her bed, where she lay by haughty Tithonos,
To carry her hght to men and to immortals."


Four years in the life of the

Are but one in the life of the

And but a day in the Hfe of man.
As that day begins, there is only

Man has not yet been created;
The Student has not come.

There can not long be a world without light, without life.
As the darkness before the sun melts in its warmth,
The stillness of the world is disturbed by a movement.
The lesser creatures abound; quiet becomes sound.
But Man has not yet been created;
The Student has not come.

"One all-extending, all-preserving Soul
Connects each being, greatest with the

Made beast in aid of Man, and Man of

All served, all serving; nothing stands

The chain holds on, and where it ends,



At last the chain reaches toward completion,

As man first sets his foot upon the earth.

He spreads his culture and civilization

Over the previously uninhabited world.

Ultimately he will found the University to perpetuate this

But the Student has not come.

"A Clerk ther was of Oxenford also

That unto logik hadde longe ygo.

As lene was his hors as is a rake.

And he was nought right fat, I undertake,

But looked holwe, and therto sobrely.

Ful thredbare was his overeste courtepy.

. . . For him was lever have at his beddes head

Twenty books, clad in blak or reed.

Of Aristotle and his philosophrye.

Than robes riche, or f ithele, or gay pantrye."


Yes, the Student has finally come.
He is introduced into the world Man has made,
To study it, to criticize it, to change it.
Perhaps the Student is not what Man has

Perhaps the protege excels the master;
But it is his University, and will be his world.


In his effort to learn of Man and his world,

The world that will be one day his own,

The Student pursues Knowledge and Wisdom.

These were once found by Man,

But they have been forsaken.

The Student labors to discover them anew.

"That corpse you planted last year in your garden,
Has it begun to sprout? Will it bloom this year?
^ \ Or has the sudden frost disturbed its bed?"


The sins of the fathers are passed on to the sons.
And the Student's labor for Knowledge
Becomes a near exercise in futility.
For the Wisdom implanted by Man
Has become a corpse. Man's own frost
Prevents its blooming for the Student.

The Student begins to see the dull fog of Man and his frost.

He perceives life as patterned and unoriginal.

He wonders if there is Knowledge at all.

If he must live

In the traditional, habitual world that he did not make,

Why live at all?

"They make him turn right, turn left, raise the
ramrod, return the ramrod, take aim, fire, march
on the double, and they give him thirty strokes
with a stick; the next day he drills a little less
badly and he gets only twenty strokes; the day
after they give him only ten, and he is regarded as
a prodigy by his comrades."


Not only does the Student find that he must ultimately be patterned,

But he soon sees that the world of habit and regimentation

Presses in on his hallowed sanctum of University.

He is forced to participate

In what he considers the supreme folly of Man —

Destruction of his own kind.

It seems all so silly, this game of good people and bad aggressors:

A fool by any other name would smell as mimsy.

" — We have to come back tomorrow.

— What for?

— To wait for Godot."


Aside from its doltish conformity and its folly,

Life is also a vigil,

An endless waiting for what may never come.

The Student, starting with great expectations.

Has lost some of these.

Though he retains some hope.

He knows it may be futile.

■■i Si

SSS '*'







"Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight,

And burned is Apollo's laurel bough.

That sometimes grew within this learned man."


The Student now looks on Man closely,

On his elders — those wise ones — ■

Those who set the example, and tell him to follow

But how can he follow?

Does he do what he is told, even when it is

And his disillusionment becomes deeper.

"Their mirth was without images, their laughter with-
out motive; their pleasures were gross and sensual, in
which the mind had no part; their conduct was at once
wild and mean; they laughed at order and at law, but
the frown of power dejected, and the eye of wisdom
abashed them."


Diversions no longer mean anything,
Life itself is disgusting.
The struggle of existence meaningless.
Even his fellows disappoint the Student.

"My female Friends, whose

tender Hearts
Have better learned to act their

Receive the News in doleful

The Dean is dead, (and what is



' (




"Infinite emptiness will be all around you, all the
resurrected dead of all the ages wouldn't fill it, and
there you'll be like a little bit of grit in the middle of
the steppe."


The Student drops through the bottomless pit of emptiness;
All has forsaken him, there is no meaning to anything.
Indeed, there isn't anything,
Anything but despair.

'Mystery has its mysteries."

«.n ;,'.? I


Yet, there is something more to life.
Something not definable but undeniable,
Something which makes living worthwhile.
The University itself is a refuge
From all that seems sordid or pointless
In Man's world. Though despairing.
The Student again sees a glimmer of reason
In study. In life.

"People who try to hold on to their originality
always come to a bad end! Oh well, too bad! I'll
take on the whole of them! I'll put up a fight against
the lot of them, the whole lot of them! I'm the last
man left, and I'm staying that way until the end.
I'm not capitulating!"


f;s«^. V-



Now there is resolve.

If Man has forsaken knowledge,

If he has disturbed the world with a sudden frost,

The Student will redeem it.

Even if he must fight all of Man,

He will struggle — he will not be a rhinoceros.


The Student has not become a Pangloss;

Life is far from the best

In this, the best of all possible worlds.

There is, however, determination, duty -

A practical optimism,

A realistic morality.



"They are in a bad way who cannot let love have its fun, or wash their
troubles away with sweet wine."


"Honeyed are your eyes, Juventius

And if someone would let me kiss them on

And on and on until I'd kissed

Three hundred thousand times

I think I'd never feel I'd had enough

Not if more dense than sun-baked fields of

Should stand the crop of kissings we had



Perhaps it is a love that
Has Resurrected the Student.
Yes, sex is no longer so routine
When there is sincere emotion as

Once more with feeling,
Is more than an idle exhortation.


"In Wit, as Nature, what affects

our hearts
Is not the exactness of pecuHar

'Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty

But the joint force and full

result of all."


"Happy the man and happy he alone

He who can call today his own,

He who secure within can say:

Tomorrow do thy worst. For I have lived today."






So like Tom Jones,
] We end our day, our year,
; Our tenure at the University,
1 Having sunk to the depths of
I despair.
But having also been

We have made our peace with

With our fellows;
Ultimately we will make our

peace with Man,
For we will become Man.
And this is the purpose of the

To learn to cultivate our garden
To learn to live each day as it

To learn to savor each vintage

year of life.

©NT llf







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sity, the student must find a home. For the freshman, this is easy, but as
he progresses, he is faced with a choice. The student's choice is most
significant, for on it depends his style of living, the nature of his com-
rades, and his philosophy of life for the remainder of his career at
Carolina. And the path of life he selects here will pattern his future years.

SEATED: Forrest Mercer, Speaker of Senate. STANDING. L to R: lorn
Benton, Chairman of Finance Committee: Tom Blanton, Clerk of Senate:
Alan Webster, Chairman of Rules Committee.

Craige Residence College
1966-1967: This as usual, was a time for the Winning
People and the Winning Events of Maverick House. The
number one residence college on Campus has as its Miss
Maverick, Mary King, dual winner of the Consolidated
University and Homecoming crowns in 1965, plus a bevy
of the most lovely Maids at UNC. The Hike for Hearts
brought tired feet and a feeling of inner satisfaction to a
number of stalwart Mavericks and statewide publicity to
the Heart Fund. The House Gong made weekly visits to
Kenan Stadium in an attempt to bolster lagging spirits at
football games. Mavericks continued their extended work
on special projects with the retarded children at the
Murdock Center. The Monzas. the Sardams. and the
Dixie Cups make seasonal Maverick festivities in the Red
Garter and Voo Doo Rooms more that memorable. Able
leaders and willing workers such as Jane Russell. Susan
Gretz. and Gloria Shepherd made our brother-sister rela-
tionship and our numerous combined projects with White-
head very pleasurable. These are but a few of the many
rewarding aspects of life in Maverick House — others
will remain forever as memories: a flood of frosh and
grad students; "Boog": the big time collies and the motor
cycle crew share O.D.; "No. No! Ugly Christine!"; the
last time around for Drew, Boy, the Button, Wade,
Dichtung, and Mother Goose; "After a baptism by
fire . . .": Genie and Janie make it a great season for

L. to R.: Henry Skinner, President; Forrest Mercer, Speaker of .Senate; ira
Yelverton, Chief Justice of Supreme Court; Clyde Clem, Social Vice President.

Dookies; the eternal words of Spic and Hank; "I — Hate
— .You!!!" ". . . and on and on. Will this year be the
end of an era for the House as we make the big move to
James? We hope not as we look back at an illustrious
past and forward to the ever-brighter future and, to
paraphrase a recent campaign slogan, we know that we

"Be a winner with . . . MAVERICK HOUSE!!"

First Floor

r) ^ <!^

fft Al 1^ O

♦:.,. ^ <r^ e '^

• Allen. Jr., Charles D.. '69: Elizabelhlown
Archer, Jesse W., ^S. Jackson
Asbury, John R.. '70; Cincinnati. Ohio
AusteU, Samuel H., '70; Northbrook. Itl.
Bell. Robert N., '70; Fairfax. Va.
Benton, Richard G., '70. Havclock

• Boling. Jr.. Vernon R.. '68 , Randleman
Bowman, Jr.. Clyde M., '70; Lenoir
Brown. Ray T., '70; Woodsdale
Clinard. Paul M., '70; Lexington
Coffey, John W.. "67 ; Raleigh
Connelly. Alan R.. "70; Raleigh
Croom, Jr.. Ralph T., "67; Burgaw
Crump. Roger M.. "69; Winston-Salem

p a a P

• naught r

»F.. 'ftSLSoulherr


(^ ^ (^ f^ ^ o ,<^^ ^

Second Floor

!£££ ?.


deBru>ne, Charles B.. "70; Durham
Dover. George L.. '68; Lumbenon
Ellington. Ervin E., '70; High Pomt
Ericluon. Steven A., '70; Lexmglon
Finch. Charles F.. '70; Thomasvitic
Flovd, James M., '68; Mebane
Garcia, Ralph A.. '70; Charlotte

• Glenn, N, Thomas K., '69. Atlanta, Ga.
Green, 111, Zebulon B., '70; Raleigh
Grindslaff, Dexter N., '69; Andrews
Guthrie. Thomas C, "70; Wmston-Salem

..Charles A.. "69; Star
James K., '70, Forest City
Harrell, Tillman J.. "70; Murfreesboro
Hawkins, Jr., Reginald A., '70; Charlotte

• Hinnant, Richard D.. '67; Micro
Holleman, Larrv B., '67; Durham
Hughes, Charle^ W.. "69; Jacksonville
Hunter, Billy J., '70; Lmcolnton
Jenkins, Jr., Everelte E.. '69 ; Concord
Johnson, Ronald R., '70. Lexington
Jones. Peter C, '70; Mountain Lakes.

Kissell, Phillip H., '68; Biscoe

• Lancaster, Lanny R., '68; Norfolk, Va.
Long, Robert E., '69; Marion
Looper, Dennis R., '68 . Granite Falls
Miller, Thomas C, "70; Charlotte
Moore, Jr., Avery L., '70; Angier
Nance, John E., '69; Durham
Norkus, Jr., John J., '69 ; Raleigh
Oliver, James H.. '69; Greensboro

• Osborne, Jr., Robert A., "70; Kemersville
Prindle, Randall D., '67. Atlanta. Ga.
Raper. Stephen W.. '70; Cookeville,

Ripa. Paul J., '67. Andover. Mass.
Rovsier, Jr., George A.. '70; Charlotte
Ruiledge, James C-, '67 ; Kannapohs
Sanderson, Richard D.. '67; Burgaw
» Saunders. Chase B.. '69. Charlotte
Shedd, Joseph B., '70; Leonia. N J
Sheppard, Jr.. James R., '69; Winslon-

i, Clarences., "70; Lem
Tavlor. Ronald E., '70, Monroe
Tipton, Laurence W.. '69; Elon College
# Trott, Edward W„ '67, Kannapohs




Weeldreyer, Dennis C, '70; Fayett
Wiggins, Leonard B,. '69; Richlands
Wildes, Laurence A., "70. Warrens, Wis.
Williams. Jr.. Fred F.. '69; Greensboro
Williams, Michael F., '67; Littleton

# Woodard. Jr.. Benjamin B., '69; Rocky

Bartel, Joseph C. '69; Winsl
Batts. Victor C, "70; Wallace
Baumann, IH, Carl A., '70; Asheville

• Beam. Daniel W., '68; Hickory

Beeson. David W.. '69 ; Winston-Salem
Benton, Thomas L, '68; Roanoke Rapids

■.Rolands.. '70; Wilst

Bracketl, Jr.. Travis E., '69; Lawndale

Bregger, Louis D., '67; Clemson. S.C

Browder. George A.G., '69; Rockingham
Bunn. Gary L., '70; Kannapohs
Cameron, Alan S., '67. Winston-Salem
Cathey, Tyson M., '69; Cullowhee
Center, James C, "70; Elkton. Md,
Clem, Clyde L.. '67; Atlanta. Ga.
# Cooke. Larrv G., '70; Warsaw
Dansky. U»r'y S.. '70; Miami, Fla.
Davidson, Donald T., '69, Jacksonville,

Elheridge, James E., '70 ; Wilson
Farmer, Jerry R., '68. Winslon-Salem
Ferguson, I-eigh M., '69; Alexandria. Va.
Fuller, Charles R., '70; Louisburg
Goltschalk. Carl S., '70. Chapel Hill

» Gresham, James M., '70; Kenansvill
Hairr. Harold G., '70; Sledman
Haney, Cheslcy M., '70; Laurinburg
Hardy. John G., '69. G

# Hough, Terrance L., '70; Greensboro


Hudson, Jimm> D., '70; Greensboro
Jagannadham, G., Grad. ; Kakinada;

• King. Stephen E., '70. Salter Path
Koesler. Ill, Thomas F., '69;

Mt Plea^sanl.SC,
Lancaster. Jr., Raymond H., '69;

Ml Pleasant. SC
Laviner, Ronnie K., '69; Wagram
Lee. William II.. '69; Raleigh
Marshall, John J., '70; Sanford
Melville, William E.. '69; Gamer
Mercer. Jr., Charles H.. '69 ; Launnburg

. Tinsley R., '70. Atlanta, Ga.
Murray. Jr.. Archie E., '70; Wilson

" ■ '" 69. Sanford

Newton, Darrell P., '69. Albemarle
Nickles, Curtis A.. "69; Cedar Grove
Packard. Franklin A.. 68; Shelby
Parks, Kenneth J.. '70; Lexmgton

.ardC, '70; Elizabeth

Henry M.. '68, Wilson
Smith. Henry L., '69; Tallahassee, Fla.

Staton, William G., '69; Bethel
Slizall. Larr> E.. '69; Kemersville
Imphlen. Ill, Wallace W.. '70; Wilson
Webster. Walter A.. '68. Maxton
John D., "69; Waco
.. John B., '70. North WJIkesboro
Williamson. Tommie B.. '70. Wilson

• Willis, Robert M., '70; Elizabelhtown
Vales, Arnie E.. '69; Graham

I, George F.. '70; Wilson
- ■ ■ '68; Wilson
Ballard, James S.. '70; Elizabeth City
Bell.JamesF.. '69. Raleigh
Blaylock, Stephen L., '70; Kemersville
Bode, Robert V.. "70. Raleigh
Brookreson, Joe W., '68, Meadowbrook,

Brooks. Cecil J., 69. Siler City
Bumham, James M., '70; Ashcvillc
Callaway. Richard T.. '70; Winston-
Cannon. Jr.. Roger K.. '67; Raleigh
Caudill. Jr.. Paul W., '70 . N Wilkesboro

• Cheves, Nicholas W.. '70. Littleton
Michael A., 'fe**. Windsor. Conn.

David W., '69. Chattanooga.
Cunningham, Bruce T„ '70; Charlotte

iF., '68;ShawAFB,

Goodfellow, Robin T., '69. Bethesda. Md.
Green. Edward T.. 70; Princeton. N J,
Grice. John W.. '70. Lowell
Grimsley. Ill, Walter H.. '69. Whileville


CT) i^ O


Jones. Thomas S.. '69. Asheboro
Keever. Jr., Frederick L., '67. Maiden
Kev. Kenneth W ., '70. Gibsonvillc
Lee. Jr., William D., '70, Raleigh
Lindk*. William W.. 69. Stalesville
MaddoK. Steven E., 68 , Elizabeth City
Maness, Michael J., '70. Southern Pines
Kenneth L., '70; Calhoun Falls.

McGregor. Jr.. Hugh F.. "67 ; Charleston.

Parks, Donald R., '69. Gastonia
Pendergrass, John F.. '70; Burlingtoi
• Penny. Jr., Robert G.. '69; St Louis,

'TT^jrry p>^-=^ W


Robinson. John R.. '70. Wilmmgton
Robinson, Jr., Royce W., '69; Gaston;
Rudisill, Jr.. Jesse R.. '69. Hickory
Sadie. Jr.. James C. 70, Charlotte
Saunders. Drew C. '70. Wayne. Pa.
Scotl. Michael L.. h"). Chapel Hill
Se&som-s, John C, '68. Flm t iiy
Smith, Thomas E„ 69, Columbus
Sparks. Larry K., '70; Weaverville
Speaks, Jr.. William M., '69; Winston

Sprinkle, James C "69. Roxboro
Stearns, Richard C. '70, Yorklown. '
Slyers, Jr.. Johnnv M.. '70; Statesvill
Ta>lor.JohnB.. "67. Boone

Turner, Rawland M., '68, Catawba
Warrenfelb. Jame^C, '69; Chattanoi


tilson, Daniel B., '69. Mill Spnng

Fourth Floor

*£ A ?. J^l 1

I Adams, James R., '69. Bunnlevel
Adams. Robert T., '69. Alexandria. Va.
AdkJns, Edward J., "69; Greensboro
Adkins, Karl, '68; Fayeileville
Arrenburg, Floyd D., "68; Coraopolis, Pa.

Blackwell, Crisl S., '67; Winsi



# Blanton, Jr., Thomas E., '69. Ellenboro
CahtM>n, John M., '67 ; Harbinger
Chrislian, John W., 70; Davidson
Culhrell, Jr., Hiram J., '69; Whileville
Dickerson, Donald R., '70; Killrell
Dukes. III. Lee S- 70. Raleigh
Forys, Walter P., "67; Fairlawn. N J.
Fuller, James M.. 70; Greensboro

Guess, Hal E., '70; Asheville
Haddock, Donald D., '70; Plvmoulh
Ham, IV, Joseph H.. '67 . Charlolle
Humphre>s, Bradley A., '70; Plymouth ■

McFalls, Brian J., '70; Greensboro
Merrill, Gerald J., "69; Fayeileville
Morgenslern, Scott B., '67; New York,

Munchison. John L., '68, Rocky Mount

• Murray, Thomas E., '69; Burlington
Nelson, Fred W., '70; Charlotte
Oakley, Jr., Clyde T., '69; Roxboro
Odom, Marshall H.. '69; Fayetteville
O'Rourke, John T., '70; Greensboro
O'Quinn, Andrew D., '67; Fayelteville
Piltman, David W.. '69; Wilson
Porter, James M., '68 ; Gaslonia

• Ringle, Andrew D., '70; Avery Island. La.
Royster, Donald E., '70; Trinity

Beach, Va
Shearin, Jr., Hugh G., '70, Rocky Mount
Stampados, William C. '70; Sevema

Park, Md.
Strickland. III. Hal H., '70; Greensboro
Sykes. Jr., Robert N.. "67 ; Smilhfield
• WaUton, IV. Henry H., '70; Wilson
Whitehead, Jr.. Millard E., '67;

Williams, Raymond A,. '67; Winston-

Blanton, Jr., WiUiam L., '68 . Atkinson
t Bradshaw, David G., '67; Newport
News. Va.
Gray , Stanley D., "67 ; Greensboro
Mckinnon, Thomas K., '67; Hickory
Mercer, Forrest A., '67, Lexington, Ky.
Munns, Jr., Harris A.. '67; High Point
Pa\ne, Robert S.. "67 ; Winston-Salem
Rankin. Haywood F., '68 . Gastonia
Robinson, A. Davidson. '69; Mt Holly
















1 ^ ^



# Akxander, Margaret L., '67, Charlotic
Allen, Dorothy C. '67, Benson
Baile>, Alic« L.. "68; Asheville
Ballow. Barbara H.. '67. High Point
Bralcher, Sandra D.. '68 , Bowling

Green. Ky
Brin-son, Jean, "67. Arapahoe
Brinron. Charlotte M.. "67 . Chapel Hill

# Britt, Belly C, '68; Lumberlon
Brooks, Kalherine M., '68; Gamer
Burton. Josephine C, '68; Kinston
Campbell, June C, '67 ; Goldsboro
Cangiamila, Caria, '68. Fon Lauderdale

Chumley , Vassar D., '70; Slater. S C
Corrv, Ann C. '67 , Durham
Crowell, Molly H.. "68; Albemarle

# Dickens, Frances A., '68; Swanshoro
Dickens, Nancy J., '68 ; Swansboro
Elder. Lora G,. '67 , Burlington
Feeley, Martha C. '67 ; Washington
Fenker. Nancy L.. 67 ; Gallatin. Tenn,
Flovd, Becky, '70. Durham

Grant, Rebecca A., '67; Franklin
Gurganous. Janet C, '70; Willard

Hartman. Donna L., '67; SellersvilU
Henkel, Miriam H., '67 ; Kinston
Hill. Maggie, '67. Greenville
Hinson, Lynda, '68; Ptnehursl
Jones. Julia A., '69; Asheville
Lancaster, Mary L., '67; Burlington

• Lane, Mary E., '68; Chapel Hill
Lashlev, Ann R.. '68 . Greensboro
Lee, Nancy M.. "68 , Elm Cily

Mason. Frances H'., '68 ; RaJeigh
Massey. Zilphia L., '68 . Clayton
Mayo, Louise C. '67; Clayton

# Meinrath, Jennifer, '67 ; Augusta, Ga.
Mueller, Hannelore, '67; Pelershagen.

Nelson, Judith K., '67 ; Hillsdale. N . J.
Newsome. Julia A,. '68; Winslon-Salem
Orr, Mary J., "68 ; Hendersonville
Oxendine, Linda E., '67; Pembroke
Rice. Elizabeth A., '68; Alliance
Russell. Jane B., '67 ; Chapel Hill

• Ruth.JacquelineD., 68.SatisbuiT
Sawyer, Janet E., '68 ; Richmond. Va,
Shepherd, Gloria J., '67 ; Wilmington
Sills, Rosemary, '67; Kannapolis
Simpson, Rosemary L., '68; Silver

Spnng, Md.
Sloan. Virginia D., '68. Chapel Hil)
Townsend. Laura N., '68; Lenoir
Venning, Gina, '67 ; Charlotte

Williams, Laurie G., '68; Arlinglon. Va.
Winn, Marcia M., '68; Leaksville
Yager. Virginia M.. '67; Dahlonega, Ga-
Vounl. Gail E., '67 ; Claremont


LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard J. Smith — Secretary;
Dave McFadden — Governor; Robert Wright —
Treasurer; Martin Lancaster — College Master.


BVP Accolades: Host for the Davie
Residence College Picnic for
Homecoming . . . Float decoration
for Homecoming in Smith Dormi-
tory . . . Intramural Football, Bas-
ketball. Horseshoes . . . Participation
in demonstration against Peace
demonstration with signs and music
bringing recognition in newspapers
across the state as well as radio and
television ... a chronic epidemic
of "Tempoitis" . . . And last, our
supreme achievement, through the
efforts of our able intramural man-
ager. Andrew Gabriel, the Old
Well Football Championship.


"Some like it liot.'

Old East

The Great Society finally reached UNC. Old East now
has a color TV. It is rumored that one day this historic
mansion might even have a social room. However, Old
East men cannot complain since they do have such mod-
ern conveniences as running water (on second floor),
three-men rooms, laundry exchange (at Joyner), a candy
machine, and a housemaster.

Old East is now also departmentalized. The South Sec-
tion houses the brain trust. Quiet hours are enforced here
by Wood and Moore when enforceable. The Center Sec-
tion, home of the social room where the teetotalers hang
out, is ruled by Senator Transou and Master Lancaster.
These two sections are the older brothers of the North
Section (only 121 years old), which houses Wicker's bar
and the second tube room. Men of the North Section are'
on their way to being accepted by the old guard aristoc-

On its n.^rd birthday. Old East received a plaque from

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