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• Huntley. William, '69;
Manhus.N. Y.
Jarman, Jr., William,
"67. Washington
Johnston. Jr., Richard.

Llppincott, Jr., Robert,

McCaghren.Carj, 67.

West Palm Beach. Fla

Means, W iUiam,
■69. Charlotte
Morrison. Mills, '67 ;
Savannah, Ga.

#M> rick, Robert,

Nelson. Davis. "68;
Polk. Larry. "67 ;

• Rankin, in, Presslev

Roberts, John.

'69. Charlotte
Robinson, Terry . '67 .
Fori Lauderdale. Fla
Seaman, Louis, '6K.
White Plains, N "^

Stout, John, '68.
North Wilkesboro
Strom. Gerrv. '67,

• Wilbur. Robert. '69:

Babylon. NY
Wyman. Jr., Samuel,

•67. Greenwich, Com

Chi Phi

The Grits and the Yanks return to the White House
on the Hill for another year to relive the Civil War as
the Battle of The Wurlitzer rages on . . . Jarman and
Seaman swap clothes to confuse enemies . . . Rat Pack
forms headquarters at University Gardens with Chuck-
les as Commander-in-Chief . . . Back at the house
Aquarium keeps the Whale while Howell cultivates
new sea monsters . . . Roberts noses his way through
. . . Rat Face last of Wingate boys — hopefully . . .
just when are you leaving. Strom?

In the way of Honors Poo-Poo elected House Rag
Doll . . . Dorsey awarded B.S. in B. S. . . . The Dere-
lict wins "Best Athlete" award . . . Mavis elected house
scapegoa't . . . On the social side the Great Pumpkin
rises out of the bathtub on the Pink Elephant's back
twice in one week . . . Hammerstone gets a good taste
of the Fair while Davidson gets a "wring" in the phone
booth . . . Lund Lavaliers KD House and Means in-
vents a new thirst-quenching drink . . . Many join the
P. W. Club but Lane and Jim remain true to each
other . . . Swoff finally hits the big time . . . and the
X<^"s stay on top.

L. to R.: Doug Polk. He
Sandy Wvman.

Hobson, Ronnie Bobo. Terry Robir

Lannie Making The Rounds

TCC? Maybe, Bui I Doubt It.

A Typical Situation At Chi Phi

hundred sc\eni\-fu

Pledge Weekend, '66.

Drink, Puss>, Drink

Upon returning to the Lodge this
fall, the Chipsis looked back on a great
spring semester. Under the Family Man
the Lodge had finished second in the
R. B. House competition. The leader-
ship turnover brought considerable fall-
out of Hair, but no loss in ability. After
a fab first annual Black Ball in the Bat-
cave, Pledge Weekend featured a for-
mal evening at the Villa Tempesta and
a Bowery Party at the Lodge. And to
conclude an imaginative spring semes-
ter, the Chipsis organized the first
black-tie frog-jumping contest.

But this fall has been even better
than last spring. Kathy Matthews was
elected Maid of x'l' from an outstand-
ing group of candidates. Under the aus-
pices of the Planter's Wart, numerous
theme parties and the music of the Zoo-
keepers, Monzas, etc. have highlighted
the social program. Trader Vic came
to town one Saturday and came to three
days later.

In the meantime aaS contributed a
Chicken dinner to Vietnam, while
Murrdog and the Batpussy moved into
the Batcave. The tube team was thrilled
when Garbagemouth and Elephant
Tracks installed a new rotor antenna.
In celebration of something. Thanks-
giving brought one marriage, three en-
gagements, and three pinnings — but
when will Laura make his move?
Speaking of which, Yelvie is being
PW'ed from the Philippines — beat
that. Lash Larue.

And so, as the east end of the third
floor floats merrily toward Pop's, x"/*
hopes that everybody had as good a
year as we did. And, as always, PES.

• Beaton, Bruce, '68: Kinslon
Berry, Jr., Harold, "67: Tryon
Boslick, James,
■69.Allanla. Ga

Brill, Jame«, '68.
Newcnuion. Conn
Bro»n. John. M: Concord
#Buchanan, David,
Carpenlcr, Thomas, '68.
Waynesvillc. O
Colby, Whitney, '68:
Wellesley. Mass
Davis. SlanJey,' 69.
Challanooga, Tenn
Dietz, John. '69,
Syracuse. N Y

• Dodd, David, '67 : Atlanta, Ga
Dodd. Zane. '69; Atlanta, Ga-
Fleming, Jr., Carrol,

Flickinger, Edward, '69;

# Floren, Lennart, '67;
JacksonHelghts, N Y
Gadd.Jr, Hamilton. '69.
Atlanta. Ga.
Greenwood, Paul, '67;
Birmingham. Ala.

Guy, William, '68; StatesvjII
HawTield, Jr., William, '69;

# Headlee, Thomas, '67,
Pittsburgh, Pa

Heys, Jr., Thomas. '69,

Chattanooga. Tenn

Hofmeister. Stanley, '67


Holliday, Joseph, '69.

Chattanooga, Tenn

Hope, Stephen, '69.

Jarboe, Joseph,

'68; La Plata. Md
Jacobson, Joseph, '67.
Pensacola, Fla.
Keere, Christopher, '67.
Somers. N Y.

Lacklen, Jay, '69; Greensboro
• l.ambrecht, David. '68.
Si Petersburg. Fla
Livingston, Jr., Paul, '68.

Miller, Wlllllm, '67. Concon
Neely.Jr.John, '68.
Montreal, Can
tNeely, Robert, '68.
Columbia. S.C
Newton, James, '68.
Pitlsburgh. Pa.
Powell, Jr., Robert,
Pugh,Jr., William, '67.
Charleston. W Va
Randolph, Christopher, '67 .

Reider, Horace, '67;

Roberts, Bruce, '69.
Richmond. Va
Robertson, Fred,

Russell, Bayard, '68.

Skelly, Thomas, '67.

Dearborn, Mich
Stoddard, Jr.. Dan,
■67, High Point
Strickland, John, '68 .
Bloomfield Hills. Mich
I Taylor, Michael.
'67. Chapel Hill
Thomas, Fred, '68. Concord
Varner,Jr.. Grant, '67.
Chattanooga. Tenn
Wells, David, '69. Chapel Hil
White, Bei^amin,
'69. Atlanta. Ga.


















Chi Psi

Richard C. White, President

9 Adams. VNiUiam,

Baur. Edward,
Bray. Jr., Richard,

"69; Charlotte
Brown, Michael. '67.
Washington. D.C.

Bmannar.David, '67,
Sandb Point. N Y
Carey. Brcwks, '68 :

• Cowen.John."67.
Davis, Jr.. James,

'67 . Durham
Davis. John, '69;



,111, Amos,

69. Raleigh

Du(lle\,III. Edward, '68;
Shaker Heights. Ohio

# Dunn. HI, John,
"67; New Bern
Egbert, III, John,
Esp>,WiUiam, '69;
Savannah. Georgia
Kvans, Douglas, '67; Coral
Gables. Fla.
Goodman, Richard, '68;

• Grauer, Peter, '68;
Gladwyne. Pa,
Gray, Lyons, '67;
Gribble.Jr., Dickson, '68.

Hanes, Frank, '67;
Hedman, Kent,
'68; Wilmington
Holderness, Richard, '68;

Hnssman, Wdler,

'68. Camden, Ark
Kenan, James,

King, 111, » kller.

# Lassiter, David,


Loud, John, '67;

Washington. DC.

Ludinglon, Richard, '69.

Coconut Grove. Fla,

MacCorkle.John, '69;

Charleston. W Va,

McCarroll, Steven,

9 McCotter, John,

'68 -Atlanta. Ga
Moore, Thaddeus, '67;
Alexandria, Va.
Overlock, Jr„ Willard, '
New Canaan, Conn
^ Pressh , Jennings, '69;
Greenville. S,C,
Priesler, Frederick, '68;
Davenport. Iowa
Ragsdale. Jr., Thomas, '

Rhodes, Thomas,


• Kiker, 111. Philip,

Sawver, Jr., Logan, '68;
Elizabeth City
Schwab, III. Nelson, '67.
Cincinnati. Ohio

Ward. John, '67.

New Bern

Vhilaker. William, '67.

Worthen, Peter, '67.
Andover. Mass
ft Wright, Cleveland, '67.

Beta of D.K.E. bids farewell to its
Senior Class and wishes them the joyest
of times in their uniforms of green. May
their thoughts roam, find their way back
to Chapel Hill, and recall the events of
the year that has passed.

Caldwell sweeps red carpet once more
but house doesn't get rid of Gray . . .
Dudley parks Italian racing car in lot
next to Jack's slick machine . . . "Byrd"
and "Iron" push "down" button in Q.P,
elevator . . . Juicy developes taste for
graham crackers while Priester thinks
"life is just a bowl of cherries" . . . Pinky
Morrison turns poet while most Dekes
turn to math . . . Beauty parlor takes
over kitchen but Wilma disappears . . .
operation match links "Kinky" with Dr.
Boyd. Schwab with South Building . . .
Rush comes, then house buys new furni-
ture . . . Ward catches Shuford's disease
. . . Bruno has "keen" year while Hollins
college wishes Byrd and Whit luck in the
future . . . Susie invites Ward to party in
honor of Pete and Sally, Dan and Sally,
Ben and Dixie. Thad and Nora. Cleve
and Suzanne but John can't make it . . .
Windy gets board scores and starts grow-
ing beard for Harvard . . . Worthen has
his will but Sally her way . . . Potts dis-
covers he was born to lie and a Chi O to
believe him.

And so Bacchus, perched on his pil-
lowed throne with heaven's greatest
prize. Aphrodite, attending to his wants,
finishes still another chapter in the an-
nals of this, his last colony; then closing
its gilded cover, leads love's Queen to the
edge of Olympus, raises a silver chalice
to the misty earth below and toasts with
pride that last bright spot: "Do it,



L. to R. OFFICERS: Brooke Wil-
liams, secretary; Jim Davis, presi-
dent; John Ward, treasurer.

v^^cfcS -




Left to right: Trey Vars, V.P.; Dave Heacock. Presi-
dent; Brian Ray, Chapter Relations; Mike Menius,
Secretary; Bill Slebos, Pledge Master.

'*! don't believe. You can't have the rest of the tricks.*'

"Now!" — "No, later!'

"Yes. I won all these trophies just before I stubbed
my toe," said Cross Country Trip.


We have a lot to remember about this past school year.

We began fall semester by bringing home two trophies:
one for best DU chapter in the nation and one for best fra-
ternity on the UNC campus.

Then we had our first chapter meeting after initiation
of a bumbling herd of thirty. T. C. Craver couldn't be
found among the mass of brothers. Herr Furror Heacock
called for messages, memorials, and petitions. Rogers
(3.6) Toms rose slowly and asked what that meant. Then
announcements. Robin Hood announced a new flick at the
Criterion. Finger wanted more pledges around the house.
R. J. got engaged. Freeman got married. Cords said some-
thing, but nobody understood. The Baron won't get pinned
again. Bama wants quiet during dinner. Blaze won the roll
throwing contest.

Then followed the Homecoming parties. There was the
combo party: Watson on the floor doing the "turtle,"
Franklin (brothers and sisters) Freeman preaching the
ways of sin, and Pencil watching all. And the kitchen
party: Slebs propped up against the milk machine with a
gallon of P. J. slung over his shoulder, Mase standing in a
corner glassy-eyed, but contented, and Burge popping out
windows in the cabinet. And the smaller Dey house par-
ties, but we don't have to telegraph what they were. Then
starting at two in the morning, the "let's run free" party.

These are only a small part of the memories, but they
are this past year.

Burgess, Peter.

Coleman, III.
Robert, '68;
Crockett, David,
ftCurrie.John. 68,
Dennis, Morgan,

Savannah. Ga
# Freeman, Dillon,
'68; Dobson
Fuller, Middleton,

■69; Philadelphia.

# Henry, Francis,

■67; Alliance. ■"
Hilden brand,
Steven, '67,
Baltimore. Met.
Hogue, David, '67
Bloominglon, Ind
Hupfer, Charles,
68. Lincoln!
#l5herwood, Jr.
George, '69,
Springfield. P;

Kitts, Jr., John,
'67; Cleveland
His, Ohio
Lewis, Lorenzo,
"68; Beaufort
# Link, Malcolm,
Long. William

Menius, Michael,

'69; Salisbury
• Potter, Richard,

■68.Pan5, Frant
Pridgen, Robin,


Ray, Brian, '68;


Koberl, George,

Roble, Rayi

'67; Dobbs Fei

69; Hickory
• TuII, James, 69,

Wake Foresi

Vars, in, Addison,
'67; New York.

Wolcolt, III,
William, '68,



\ right. Jr.

# Bamen, Tbomas,

"68; Atlanta. Ga.
Boyles. Jr.,

Brrti, WiUia

Rouge, La.

Christy, Tbomas,

Wayland, '69;
Jacksonville. Fla
Eaglish, Junes,

t Fain, Junes, "67.
Fawsetl, Robert.
"68; Washington.
Michael, '68.
Atlanta. Ga,

Johnson, Lee,
"69. Dunn
Micklrr, Martin,


t Nye, Glenn. '

Orr. Robert.

Pr»est.Jr, Gordon.

Kappa Alpha


President — Fred Genung

W Va

Shreve, Brandon,
"68; Westport.

Smith, Matthew,

"67. Allanta.Ga

• Snyder, Peter. 68

Bellport. N V

Trask, Richard.

■68.New Vork.


• WagsUfT, Richard,

69. Philadelphia,


'67. Atlanta. Ga
Worsham. Jr..
Douglas. '67.

Just I ike \ Tedd* Bear

Another interesting year at 1 10 West Cameron! ■'South-
ern Gentleman" Genung led the boys back to a burned-out
house. Things proceeded as usual, however, amid renova-
tion and "reconstruction" mixers were "in." The Travis
boys dominated the political scene, while Perry conducted
track practice at Clarence's. Toole pledged tt4>; Brew went
Tri-Delt. Wills was gored by a dead deer. The football sea-
son was concluded with a well-received float in the Beat
Dook parade.

When winter rolled around. Newman took an academic
"time out." and Ringhaver was pinned. Christy and Shreve
had stroked W. and L., and Coppedge and Traskie had
moved to the weight room. Kuasimoto moved in with Shep-
herd, who resembled an X-IS.

As spring approached, Tygart went out for lacrosse
again. Barnett directed the "Q. P. Quest," while Williams
ran the social program. Priest "kept house," while Smith
and White headed the Apartment Set. Orr picked new
cheerleaders, and Rhyne headed for the beach. Bump con-
cluded a successful intramural effort. Fawsett was still
"bitter." As the year ended, all was well and the K.A.'s had
passed the grits and given 'em hell.

Two Of A Kind.

Every House Has Its Show-orf


Kl completes another year free from fires and social probation.
Life at kct House is a series of bits and pieces. Here are some of
the pieces.

Wanda, Linda, and Jeanie . . . Wooooody . . . Clint caresses
Margaret . . . Hillard vacations at Peckerpoint, N.J. . . . Weasel
does the swim-swim . . . wooooosh, there goes McLoed . . . Nate
finds a friend . . . Watson is 7r0 "Sunday Morning Sweetheart" . . .
Lacy screws the Econ department . . . Hugh who? . . . Rifle and
scope teams shoot 569 squirrels . . . Who hit the nun with that
snowball? . . . Pass the trash . . . Erisman invades the Holy Land
. . . Salvati doesn't eat Grit's anymore . . . GOC rules the World
. . . Buzzy is the perfectly formed man . . . Nugget frequents
Leon's Room as Red frequents the Trol's . . . Zets plays his organ
. . . daily . . . Anne, Larry is clean . . .

Love and kisses,


LEFT TO RIGHT: Norm Zettel- Scribe; Neil DeReimer- Grand Master of Ceremonies;
Leon Solomon — Grand Master; Courtney Stephens — Grand Procurator; Joe McGirl —

Coble, Charii


K'oln. Michael, '67:


Pcnn W\nnL-,P..


Erisman, David, '69;
Wilminglon. Del.

# Flanagan, Richard, 'f<^
Wilmington. Del
Gilkey. Jr.,John. 'hH.
Hammerheck, Edward.

• Hawkins. III. Ir<

Hrvin, Robert. '67;
Knighl, Henry, '68

Laird, Clinton. "69;
Wilminglon. Del.

McGirt. Jr., Joseph.
Mcl^eod, Robert. '69 ,

I Robbins, Jam

• Salvati. Ronald, '68.
Fort Lauderdale. Kl.i
Snook. Alan. '6S,
Sobol. John. '67,

• Staggers, Jr.. Samuel,

■67. New Orleans. 1. a
Thompson, Leon, '68;

Zettel, Norman. '68;



r\ IfS" Lambda Chi Alpha

•■ - \^ • Anderson, Jr., Malcolm MacG., 68. Charleston.. X

V^ ^^ A^<^\ WeslVa.

m»'^^^^^^^^ m,^^ \ndreMs, Jr., Graham L.. 67. Burlington


Bakf r. Cyrus McN,. '67 : Jacksonville. Fla
Benton, Ronald E., '69; Havelock

• Butler. Robert McM.. '67 ; Alexaniina. Va
ft, Daniel K., 7>9. Andover. Mass,

.\xa was founded at Boston University in 1909. This
makes it one of the youngest fraternities in the nation, yet
during its relatively short span of existence it has grown
into the second largest fraternity in the nation with 160
chapters and over 95.000 initiated members. This phe-
nomenal growth can be attributed to Lambda Chi's leader-
ship in the development of the modern fraternity and its
emphasis on the concept of developing the whole man.

In this same spirit of progressivism. yi'C began the year
by returning early and redecorating over fifty per cent of
the house. During this period. Greg Anderson. Thurston
Cobb. Clark Kattenburg. and Pete Rainey served double
duty as carpenters and orientation counselors.

To kick off the football season, the Lambda Chi caval-
cade led the parade to the "Beat State" pep rally, revealing
to all one of Moo U"s (and Charlie Noggle's) best kept
secrets. The following night the patio rocked to the sounds
of the Markels as we opened what has proved to be our
fullest, swingin'est social program yet.

Still gathering momentum, the Lambdas rolled into fall
rush and picked up one of the largest and finest pledge
classes on campus. The pledges lost no time in proving
they were far above average as they supplemented their
regular program with unique and even inspired undertak-
ings of their ou n planning.

With much of the year still ahead of us. the prospects are
wonderful. Gaudcamus igiiur!

Our Crescent Girl, Miss Ann Robe.v, receives bouquet at Annual Pledse Weekend of 1956

Phi Delta Theta

Who let him in?

Shire leads hearts fund.

The tires are great!

President, Rick Crowder

*A0's off and running, takes football
and track gold, while Bud leads hoards
of horny followers with band of gold —
Good deal, Birdman survives "dern
quezzes" — Koretizing hires Mac as per-
sonnel director — Stevie Wonder calls
on NATO as French guns open up, but
Haymouse tells of saddle club. Hous-
ton's 007 gets good job in D. C. while
Crow stays in his own nest. Tasmanian
Devil leads Soph, demolition crew.
Wally ways they'll come and go, but Doc
will live on forever. Ning, H. S. and
Bubbles hibernate, but emerge to devour
the golden Lamb while Casey keeps
studying — University sets up cultural,
intellectual, and foreign aid center in
University Gardens with Smiles, Alpine,
and Johnny Eyes in command. Jimmy
keeps babysitting in Danville, but future
looks bright - — The Shire breaks hearts
and settles down; oh well, bip, bam,
thank you Pam! Rumor: Lacrosse capt.
likes rat cheese. Horse attends one chap-
ter meeting to vote for removal of phone
booth doors. Billy Baseball takes out in-
tramural liability insurance and TAP
leads roundballers. The Oozer takes Art
under wing as brotherhood takes Rocky
Mt. discount and cleans sugar and B. S.
from party room. Beav gets chance and
looks to June 3 and next fall. Wrennie
thanks Kate and Ri for new Phikeia
trainees. Shifty makes 4>liK but fights off
frequent dumb attacks ... So it goes —
on and on — Remember the Yankees,
the Celtics, and the Colts. ONE MAN IS

■67, Richmond. V,i
Balih, Timoth,,'67;
Sao FranciMO, Calif
9 Karber. Juhn. '6S;


Backer. JtlTre),"67.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Bomar. Darkv,'69:

Crowder, Jr., Richard, "67 ,

Daniel, Jr., John,

t Federal, Jr. William
'6'l.( h.irlolle
Gallon, l.ulher, (.K

Ha>wood, Huhi

. Raleigh


• Kells.

McChesnej, ill, James,

Rocky MounI
Mann, John, '(,7,

Maslin, Thomas, '67 ;
Chattanooga. Tenn
# Mayse, John, '69;

Parrish, Jr., Thomas, '67 ;
Rocky Mount
Phippc, Fusene, '69,
Rocky MounI
PhilUps, Jr., Harold,

Rocky Mount

Pool, Murray, '69. Clintc

Purdy, William. '68:


Reynolds, Mercer, '67 .

Chattanooga, Tenn

i Williams, Luddph,
'69, Rockingham
Wilson, Jr., Slcwart.
'6«; Raleigh
Winslead, Jr., Samuel,
'68: Roxboro
Worth, Randolph,
'68: Raleigh
Wright, [11, James,


From the deepest corners of oblivion, Fiji's return to tlie
warm academic womb for another year of serious dehbera-
tion and quiet contemplation of the finer things in life. The
Grunt-man rolls in, and quickly gains campus-wide recog-
nition as the world's largest living feces. Bear Cub returns
and establishes the Chapel Hill branch of Cosa Nostra.
Shields gets back early, retains Pole position at the Shack.
Holland returns with degree in Albertology, as Pop con-
tinues to amaze the world's geriatricians. Bowman makes
frequent nocturnal disappearances with a tall, mysterious
stranger. Tillery has procession of shady room guests —
all to no avail, as Roach mystifies the masses with ouija
board and drives Phi to hives. Spud and Sparrow continue
regular "Thought for the Day" programs, while Hughes
pledges ears to the Smithsonian Institute. Mick Moye gets
Gunned, while Carol C. only gets Groused. Spell gets new
tube to go with his Zero-modulated rear speaker. Rock and
Parrott burn midnight oil in the house navel, as Vince con-
tinues daily ten minute naps. T. K. performs on new brass
workbench, and successfully avoids dead rabbits. Turkey-
worm gives speech lessons to Woith, as Fubar views the
whole scene with horror. And as the sun sinks slowly over
Carboro, Wonder Warthog snorts, leaps in his meaney-
mobile, and soars away, followed by the strange roar of
"Last beer on Earth!"




EaRle — 5 A.M. Sunday

Phi Kappa


After The Game — Open A Ca


President — Hop Hudson

Dear Dad,

When 1 leave the Hill, Carolina, and (f>Kcr Fraternity
with little but a thin sheepskin to protect me in the vast
arenas of business and professional life, I will find it hard
to forget — the football and drunken orgies of autumn . . .
the combos and pledge raids of winter . . . the pledge week-
ends and beach parties in the spring ... the cellar under-
neath the ground . . . the chou from Annie's unctuous
kitchen or the loyal dedication of Chet ... the rigors of
rush or the flamers we cussed ... the pleasures of female
entertainment or the elation over completing exams . . .
and all of these manifold experiences that have made my
years at Carolina the most memorable of my young life.

Your Son,


Palm Beach. Fla.
BarUey, Patrick,
■69; Newton
Blveos. Bruce, '69:
I Brown, David, '68.
Wilmington. Del
Clarke, Finley,
'67; Sumter. S.C-


Femstrom, John,

■68; Ox.



Frisbee, Thomas,

# Gernert, John,
'68. Andrews

Virginia Beach.

Herald, Morton,

Kirkland, Walter,

■69, Atlanta. Ga
# LeVassfur,


N Y.

Charles, 68.
New Bern
• McCuUough,John,
'67, Swansboro
McFaddeD, David,
•68; Hickory

Richard, '67;

# Man ess, Jr.,
James, '68;
Moore. Paul, '67,
Wynnewood, Pa.
Morgu), Charles,
'68. Atlanta. Ga
George, '67,

# Peterson, Junes,

'69; Winston-

Rapp, David, '69;
Quaniico. Va.
• Reynolds, Dl.
Roger, '69 .
Roberson, Samuel,
'69; Wilson
Robinson, Roland,
"68; Charlotte
Villanova, Pa.

Taylor, Raymond,

Todd, Rex. '69;
• Urquaan, III,

Vance. Jr., Joe,

Winburn, George,
'67; Radnor, Pa.
Wright. Douglas,

■67; New York.

Wood, Paul, '67;
Soulhport, Conn.

Phi Sigma Kappa

September: another semester and another year is under-
way for Carolina Phi Sigs . . . Putnam gets mild case of
Bubonic Plague from grubby sheets . . . Eta's Harvey
shakes Fells . . . AUUULK! . . . Nineteen done it . . . "Ya
know. Chapel Hill isn't a bad place to live — if you don't
have to go to school." . . . Mother turns psychoanalyst . . .
Clemens goes awenching . . . Married life agrees with Pat-
terson . . . Chinese soccer player? ... A. gets bombed and
amuses guests . . . squirrels . . . "Where the Hell's Dela-

ware? — somewhere in Pennsylvania?" . . . Cindy returns
. . . Don makes Phi Bet . . . League of Women Voters . . .
Haller rates Beach Boys over his mother and sex (in that
order) . . . Moonlight Girl catches Captain Charlie . . .
"Hello, Dixiel" . . . MacNeil finally finds someone that
will date him ... "A bull just ain't appropriate for a girl's
bathroom." . . . Richie and 'ohn have good time in the
bedroom . . . "Relax, just lie down on your back." . . . The

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