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Gods . . . President Bill returns to the cinders . . . Shag-
mastalot . . . "Yeah, this is our basement, tee hee!"

I'line. Jr., Thomas. '

• Fortune. Philip. '67:

Toledo. Ohio
Gernon, Jr.. Robert, '

• MacNem,Jr.,John.'67.
C hiirlolle
McCormick, ^

I Mahr>, Jr., Ira.'feS:

(harlot I e

Pullerson, Michael, "67 :

Memphis. Tenn

• Pulnam.Jr. Ruv^ll, h'
tpl.igcfsdmn, \1d
.Sjfhensihuh, fredtrick.

• I Ml. Donald, 67;
Hollywood. Fla-
Worlej , Charles, '67

OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Greer. Secretary; Charlie Worley. Treasurer; Glenn
Mabr>^ Vice President; Joe Godwin, President.



Birdie and Rich take out anxieties on Pledge President.

Clem and Lee

Pledges near end of hell week.


Go Ahead, Jim, I^a> e

Pi Kappa

» Beard, III, Brjce, 6

Brown, Juliui, '68;


9 Bumurdner, Donsld,

'67, Belmont
Cameron. Kenneth, '68


# Comb, Torrance, "67.

Einstein, James. '68;

• Erb, Donald, '67,
Gardner, III, Oliver,

■69; Shelby

# Harrell. Jr., James,

% Hunter, III, Thomas,

'67; Greensboro
Jones, Robert. '68:

# Jones, Samuel, '69.
Sweetwater, Tenn.
Jordan, Jr., Joseph, '


Mousie eager as Ann awaits O.K.

The beginning of another great year . . . House renewed through Alumni's
aid and brothers' effort . . . addition of Granville causes new appeal, but
Burger blows them out with one fatal weekend . . . Eagle makes President and
■immediately gets pinned . . . Draft causes shakes for Frank and Mort . . .
Murph shakes too, but for no apparent reason . . . Stein and Goo get silver
shovels to help them at the Palace . . . Prillaman finally initiated . . . Will
leads team to better finish than Hickey.

In our society wing. Jane and Lynn add new vigor to social program . . .
Mousie gets plastered as GERMANS flops . . . whole house gets bombed as
PiKA's finish second in Beer Chugging Contest . . . Bum has peachy time with
PiKA BEAT DUKE PARADE as Roadrunner falters . . . Trout and Will get
secretly married . . . Worm and Clyde impress all but themselves with pre-
Duke drill.

In the honors program. Benton remains too slick for the rest of the house
. . . Hot Dog complains, but what else is new? . . . Hatch returns and leaves
his mark . . . Harrell and Clark controlled by strings, but for different reasons
. . . Round Man calms down while Buzzard takes over . . . Rube makes it big
in New York . . . Blinky undecided, but decision made with receipt of lavalier
. . . Flossie continues to be O.T.R. as everyone uses his notes and make better
grades . . . Moto hasn't gotten over the mumps . . . Lurch's spontaneous trips
to W.C. . . . Goofy revitalized while Foggy remains the same . . . Flash made
pledge trainer and turns into pledge . . . Wonderful gossips with the girls and
tells all . . . spring rolls around as all welcome coming of new pledges . . .
social great with Beach Weekend the clincher . . . Exams strike fatal blow . . .
Catch you next Thursday in Viet Nam . . . Year ends with another group of
potential grades gone bad.


t Mlsenheimer, Tony, '


Morton, Roger, '67 ;

Birmingham. Ala.

• Murphy, Mark. '68,

• Peace, Jerry, '67 ;
Pickup, John. "67;

• Rufly, Joe, '67 ; Salisburj
Sanderson, James, '67 ;

• Stapp,Jr.,Fred, '68;
Chattanooga, Tenn
Slults,ll,Clyde, 69;


Thomas, Herbert, '69.

I Williams, III, Bryant.

Wibon, Jr., Thomas '(



Adams, Rob«n,

• Bo>d, William,

Weslfield. N J
Dozier, Henry,

9 Dtvyer. III. Ross,

Earl), William,
■68. Lenoir
Ellis, III, Albert,

■67, Raleigh

# Falconer, John,

Farmer, Rus.sell,

■67; Providence.

• Hood, Floyd, '67,

Little, Jr., James,


Revnolds, Richard,

b9. RedSpnngs
9 Rickards. Robert,


# Shorten. Richard,
Smith, James, '67.
Smyre, Larry,
"67; Hickory

Walker, Charles,

■68. Miami
Springs. FIj

• White, Robert F.,

'68. Concord
W illiamN, Rurdh,

Left (0 Right -OFFICKRS, Bob ,\dams. Li
Roadman. .|err\ Teele and Ho\d Hood.

Pi Kappa Phi

I IK* was founded at The College of Charleston, Charles-
ton, S. C, on December 10, 1904. Kappa Chapter at UNC
came into being ten years later. The chapter folded in
1933. but was reactivated in 1948. The 1960"s have seen
the Pi Kapps grow and prosper — the average member-
ship for the past three years has been 42 men, and we hope
to be in our new house on Finley Golf Course Road this
September. Two well-known aluilini are Thomas Wolfe,
author of Look Homeward, Angel, and Dan K. Moore,
Governor of North Carolina.

Our national headquarters are in Charlotte, as the ma-
jority of chapters are in the Southwest. The national mag-
azine is The Star and Lamp, and our flower is the red rose.


The Brothers returned to the Hill on September 1 1 to
patch up 206 W. Cameron for one last round (we hope).
Try as we might, only one side of the house got painted,
mainly because of those lovely, lust-ious creatures from
the Granville Hilton who persisted in distracting us from
our work. It was kinda hard to understand why half the
house were dating Granville girls all year long! To top it
all off. Captain Marble discovered Love City the very first
day, and Injun finally got a squaw within walking distance
of his tepee ( the Kappa Kave ) !

Per usual, the Pi Kapp social calendar was packed with
all sorts of goodies which will provide fond memories for
many years. It seemed as if half the campus attended our
combo party after the Air Force game at the Legion Hut.
Besides being known as the friendliest house on campus,
we are also known far and wide for some great parties. The
mixer with kS on Nov. 29 was a tremendous success, and
we really enjoyed working with Ka$ on the Beat Dook
float. Our neighbors-to-be. ?/3r, demonstrated the Good
Neighbor Policy as they invited us to party with them at
their beautiful house on December 10 — Merry Christmas
and Happy Hanukkah was the word!

On the lighter side, the game of hearts almost succeeded
in flunking everybody out — Hebiades included! Spook
the Sandbagger passed, cut class, and counted spiders. Mr.
Chaese played the spoons, and Ron called Sue. While Fife
the Fierce pinned Thelma Lou and settled down to the
small-town weekend life. Hero was still looking for a Caro-
lina co-ed tough enough for him to date. Faunt had lots of
fun with Miss M ("Nice j— -s") and Miss R. At this writ-
ing, Smitty has an affair going with the French Chef, spiced
with endives. Here's hoping it continues — baaaa-oooomm!

You reall) don'l lik

HA* fraternity was founded in 1895 at Yale University.
It was conceived in a philosophy of fellowship that had its
roots in the American Bill of Rights, and its 44 local
chapters across the nation are made up of students with
widely varied backgrounds and creeds. North Carolina
(op is proud to be a part of this heritage, as its brothers
keep up the fine tradition: Golden boy can now leap tall
buildings in a single breath ... The bald eagle wets his
feathers five times, becomes stud . . . Ginny shoots the
moon, neglects five hearts . . . Bean's ear lobes in constant
use . . . Frazer gives pledge order . . . Belly Hook buys
padded coke crate . . . Horios breaks pledge room lock
with hatchet face ... Pee Wee poses for a Mac Cleans's
smile. Fleishman tries to put the squeeze on the coke ma-,
chine . . . Kabat gets big competition, grows two inches'
. . . Greensboro learns to speak softly but carry a big
Schtick . . . Fo.x exists, I think . . . Randy traps Warren
without a single blow . . . NaNook pays 5 for solo per-
formance ... Dr. Manly gives .couch therapy in private
second floor office . . . Bass beats fuzz, buzzes into bed ... .
Dee shakes head and invests in Spanish dublooms . . . Fred
gets bad date, flakes after course ... The vulture surveys
remains . . . Rick pushes hard as brothers rag red shirt
Weinstein drops airs aims elsewhere . . . Wade challenges
old Abe for top spot ... Pat dons black belt, brotherhood
tickled to death . . . Eddy promises world, too heavy to
bring back from Greensboro . . . Doss gets scholarship
from Post Office . . . Machine reserves room on South
side of town . . . Scoop signs contract with Dunn Dispatch.
Another year of Pi Lam personalities shining through.

Pi Lambda Phi

# Ba&s, Jonathan,

C'oiTey, John, "67;

# Davis, Everetl,
'69; Knox. Pa,
I>o&&, William, '69,



•Glenn, John, 69,




Green backer, Jr.,


'67; Washinglon.

• Johnson,


Raymond, '67,

]■:> ~f


LaBarre, David,



■68: Durham


J- ^

t Leder. Robert,

• Stalling^. Wallace.

"69; Rocky Mount
Thomasson, Roy,

'69, Hamplonvjile

• Wade, Michael,

Wainer, Eric, '67;



L ^Sv

LKFT TO RIGHT: David LaBarre, Secretary; Dak- Fox, Tn
Fiener, House Manager: Samuel Major, Vice-President.

r; Horace Johnson, President: Edward

BeU. III. Dniminond.
Birch. Douglas, "fe**.

Cadwrgan. Jr„ Cordoi
>":Bosion. Manx
Chamber, Donald, f-

• Clarksoa. CcofTnt. '68.
Ri\er^ide. Conn
Fumet. Painlrr. '(>' .
\ie\andn j Bj> . N >

# Gatins. Jr.. Joseph.

• Holland. O.Robm.

f)-. Cincinnati. Ohio
Iseaburg. John. '67.
Spnngfield. Mass-
KeUe*. Roger. 67:
L pper MonlclaiT. N J,

• Ki]Jght.Jr-,Doaald

h'i. RaJergh
L«cch. Thomas. 6'^ .
Chattanooga, Tenn

(t^ •

\UcNefl*,J„ 69;

McCoDoogh. John. '

• Maoo. Richard. '69:
RowaMon. Conn
Means, Graeme. '69.
Providenctf. Rl
Minard. Frank, '6*:



Redmoo. John, 'i

S^monds. Peter. '6' .

\N>ii<. Broce. ^S;

St. Anthony

A sneer of perverse surrealism tries to overthrow
Chapel Hillian apathy at St. Anthony Hall. But being
neither sane nor insane in one direction or another. Andre
Breton falls wasted and consummated in the fires of the
pot-bellied cauldron uhich exists here. Pataphysically
speaking it makes no difference, even though ninety per
cent of the members do not know the truth about them-
selves, about the university, or about money. And that
brings to mind the image of golden-locked Apollo, the
king of the northern wasteland, shining his shoes (L. L.
Bean's) with his padded bank account.

At this, the righteous masses cr>'. ""Falsehood, false-
hood!" And for once, thank God. we are right. For there
is no typical St. A. Insidious individuality reigns supreme:
tolerance and acceptance govern our mode of life, the
sheep's life, only rarely stirred by the grumblings for the
good old days of rebellion.

We flow from the divinely spiritual to the shocking
reality, from the 1959 Cadillacs to the 1966 chopped,
chanelled. and blown cycles, from the lofty idealism to the
permanent tube watchers. Resident Mod Joe Belden w akes
up the hey-hey-what-do-you-say Tri Delts with soporific
purples, as Gat's Beard runs concurrent with Monsieur
West's disapproval. Frank walks the straight and narrow-
as nasty old men move in to fill the gap. as pool hustlers
develop, as weekends depopulate the hall, as soccer talk
grows boring, as the kitchen serves gourmet food, as
Chambers w hite-knight's Rico's tongue, as Red-Pie frieks
out, and as mild zephyrs waft sensuously through the annex
bathroom. But this vision of our educational experience
divorces itself from reality.

Basically, our youth is a dream, a form of chemical
madness, where the only thing we can count on is love
and the shabby gift of disillusion, or delusion, or illusion,
in one direction or another. That's what's happening. Tony.




Love Fall German's Stvie

The Fantastical!} Groo>> Chugger


OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: George West, Social Chairman; Henry \lay, Sterelary; Ciiip Brethen. Treasurer; Jay Hanan, President; Howard
KeUey, House Manager.

1 i£^KfiAi;ii£3S2



'^^% i










L <^ J^l


r^ ■







^Kt'^ ' ^^1


^^^V^^^Hv^^^^H fiffiikm'^''^- ~ ' 1



fc - ?i^^Si'KdfiM

Monday morning before breakfast.

This year the SAE's returned to find themselves ruled
by the not-so-stable hand of one Johnny Hanan. However,
with the aid of his jumbo signed roommate Jay led the
house to new heights as the E"s easily swept the first annual
Phi Delt chugging contest.

After a few years absence the house once again returned
to campus politics and, unlike Zamm, our candidate this
year did most of his campaigning sober. Nevertheless, this
new innovation didn't seem to help n>uch, but there is still
hope as Zamm has agreed to stay a post grad year and
run again.

Led by Chico Yarborough and Crash Poer, the SAE's
enjoyed a very successful fall rush, and if Crash can keep
from destroying the house, spring rush should be even
better. Much hard work by the fall pledges produced an
outstanding Duke float which was evidenced by the fact
that it wasn't condemned by the D.T.H. Many other activ-
ities are on tap and now that it appears that social Chair-
man Highway West will be spending most of his time at
the Tri Delt house we can expect a very active social
calender. All things considered, it looks like another
successful year of warming the iron, Buckingham's road
trips to Sweetbriar, and lots of late night horror shows.

Sigma Alpha

# Anderson, III,
Lane, '67 ,
Arnold, Pulrick,
'68; Allanla.Ga.
Brethen, III,
Charles. '68.
Grosse Me, Mich.
Lewis, '67;
Fhnl. Mich

# Carnev, George,
Calhey, Frank,
Daniel, John,
Duncan, Richard,
'69; Chapel Hill

Hanan, III, John,

• Ketlelt, Samuel,
'67; Allanta.Ga.
Kelsey, Howard,

Uath. William,
'67; Burlington


William. '69;

Nathaniel. '69;

Reid, Jr., Lewis,

'69; Charlotte
Sherman, Jr.,
Levering, '69;

Thwaile. Robert,
'69; Allanta.Ga
Wellon, Lyman,

■67; Camden.
Woodroof, III,

Richard, '67.



^ ^ ^ '




Sigma C'hi's ease into anotiier (you right) year. Luwsoii
starts off by craci^ing his whip and singing about his "yel-
low rose of TEXAS". Cate and Williard are reported miss-
ing in action and presumed lost. Desmond E. burns the
candle at both ends, and coverse just burns. Buddy Law-
rence remains aloof as Roanoke and 109 Hillsboro vie for
the title. Schlitz leaves, but Garbage is on hand to fill the
power vacuum. All the Chi's cheer for the Salmony's as
they enter politics — because it's our gain. Carolina's loss.
Lippy Lutz will remember the Scoreboard, for it was there
that he finally cornered the market on hangovers. Brinson
cries as the Varsity burns but takes out fire insurance on
his seat at the Carolma. TAZ is .seen driving new wheel.

which was delivered by Spider. Mr. Bond becomes out
multi-purpose Chi. Overton opens up residence in Greens-
boro, but Barnes decides to crank up and leave the bones
in that burg. Jake cuts off all Chi's and heads for the beach
to flounder with Homey. The C arroboro flat of Wood and
McCormick sees many deals. Winn and Nick bring in vari-
ous and sundry imported honeys while "Bear" Goodrich
eases Booshevicks. The Davis brothers merge and form a
"Brain Trust". Lane and Millander finally elope, as ex-
pected. Robinson releases Palisoul by employing the well
known bag. Chunky becomes Pauletta's little candy bar.

As another year closes, intramural stardom, Viet Nam
mixers, and ^/^k beckon relentlessly to the Chi Bag.

LEFT TO RIGHT, OFFICERS: Coy O. Williard, .Ir., Secretary: Holman R. Wilson, Jr., Vicc-Presidcne: Donnie Sparrow, Treasurer: Jerry
Lawson, President.


I used to be a 97 pound neakling . . . now look at me!

"There must be a stor\ here somewhere . . .**

f S 11^

New Recruits of A. A.

I know i( e>aporates — but not that fast!

Sigma Nu

SM fraternity was founded at Virginia Military Institute
in 1869. The chapter here was established in 1888. Colors
are black, white, and gold, and the flower is the white rose.
cri' published its official magazine, The Delta, quarterly,
while Psi Chapter publishes a yearly newsletter. The White

Borilla finds pumpkin tracks. "It's grossly overrated,"
says Rodent after a hard summer. The Great Pumpkin
comes a day late as Edna engineers train; puts LuLon in
caboose. Mexico good to Pooh Bear. Mule gets hitched.
Moon and Wishy Washy celebrate Obie Day. Grit Man
and Mr. I. D. choke at Blood Bank. Uncle George turns
Farmer. Vikings go for "R.E." . . . Record Release still
unclaimed — definitely not from the Land of the Little
People . . . Corn applies for membership with Mystery
Midget Dates. Mr. Politico makes motion on sofa, and
Couch objects. Ted, Steve, and Foggy play the name game.

In our travelling circus. Grouse, Scrappy, Bull, and
Senor come around to meet the guys. Forefinger and
F.T.A. go west . . . Tree-Frog entertains Troll an,d troops
with acrobatics . . . Panda and Pierre la Punch hit Paris
. . . Motor-Mouth plugged in. Sweetheart puts ring in
Porky's nose. Boab and Lightbulb teach the Monkee's,
led by T.H.E. Lurch and Golden Boy, to do the Granville
Shuffle . . . Elvis just can't dance!!! Mountain of peanut
butter appears by Magic. Twins split — Chuch finds surf
in Raleigh. Yes 'Enry, there is a sugar chair. As they say
in the old country . . . "SOK IT TO YA MOMMA," and
we retire into the sunset.

Birmingham. Ala.
BaddDur, Stephen,
Barrow. Jr., Seth,
'67; Snow Hill
Black. III.
Norman, '69;

# Buckner, John,
'69; Chapel Hill
Burgess, Jr.,
Malcolm, '67,
Macon. Ga
Combs, Robert,
'68; New Bern

Daniels. Donald.

Robert. "67;

Fields. James,
Forehead, John,

Freeman, John,
'67; Morganton
I Grove, Gregory,
'69; Wilmington
Hackney, Elmore,
'68; Durham
Haltom, Lee, '68;
Neuilly s/Seine.

Hankins. Gary.

• Higgins, Jr..
Thomas, '69,
James, Jr., Robert,
'69, Jacksonville
Jester, James. '68,

Johnson, George,
'69, Ooldsboro

# Jordan, Michael,
'69, Raleigh
Kelley. Richard,

i Marshburn, Gary,

'67, Jacksonville
Martin, James,

Nelson, Edward,


I Obenshain, III,

Wiley, '67;

Rice, jr,, Robert,

'69; New Bern
Rouse, III. Rot>ert.


Lindian. '69


I Thompson,

Titlerud, William,
'68;Tustin, Calif.
Tutlle.Jr,, Harold,
'67, Rocky Mount
Voliva, Edward,
t Westerlund, Jr.,
Albert, '69;
Charleston, SC
Thomas, '69;

L 11^



Sigma Phi Epsilon




Outlaw, Jr.. John. fiR,


O'Uarv. Michael. M;

Jacksonville. Ha

# Pope. Ti>n>. '6X. Hickory
Scawell, Christopher, '68.

Sumner, Jr., John, '67 :


-, Jr., Clifford, "69.

Sig Eps returned this year minus seventeen brothers and antici-
pating another big year. Elk makes Carolina's homecoming this
year, Tink prefers tube to party. Outlaw initiated twice in one
weekend, Peggy's mother finally comes through for Womble. Fred
has decided to give up driving and only drink. Abdul gets North
Carolina camel Lindsley donates $40 to social fund.
Moon Man finally gets Moon Maid, Spike continues hair treat-
ments. Scholarship program given big boost this year because of
new multicolor grade chart, if we could only read it. Zoologist
Goat, after intensive tests and research, assures us that embryo will
attain full development before graduation. Rocky and Mathis give
appearances of being another dynamic duo. McDougald sleeps
through his army physical. In spite of full-time massaging of the
scalp, Jr. will be bald at 21 . Pooh quits Chinese laundry to take on
full time job as moonshiner. Long sets up tripod for another long
range camera shot. Bluto gives up cards for pledge beating and Sig
makes BDOC.

A lot of new experiences for both young and old brothers are
now over, and so another year closes but another begins in

Sorority Mixer?

Dumbhead washes his hair after a record nine weel(S.

Tau Epsilon Phi

Now marks the year 1966-67 A.D. and the men of
Te4> return to the Bacchian paradise that is Chapel Hill.
The beautiful, doric pillared red brick structure that is
their palace stands guard against all outcries of the
Barbarian invaders, for the pleasure dome of Te<^ is
self-perpetuating, a monument to Athenian culture,
Roman administration, and Thunderbird Wine. The
palace stands as a last hope for the great Epicurean
philosophers, a product of the Enlightenment. The out-
siders who pass through these protals see the truth of
the gods as only Tep men know it. For they are the
god's servants, their liaison with the real world. Only
Tep men live life as the gods meant it to be lived, a life
that entails a total world view, a life they will duplicate
some day on Mt. Olympus. Those who enter the domi-
cile of 216 E. Rosemary are often blinded by the light,
the overpowering light of real reality. For those among
mortal men who can face real reality are few. Zeus,
grant us brotherhood not only for this day but for all
years, a brotherhood not of words but of acts and
deeds. We are all of us children of earth — grant us
that simple knowledge. If our brothers are oppressed,
we are oppressed. If they hunger we hunger. If their
freedom is taken away, our freedom is not secure. As
a famous epicurean philosopher once said "Til drink to
that!" So gods, continue to smile down upon the mes-
sengers of your truth; continue to grant us the boon of
happiness or the light if wisdom, so that the poets of the
future ages may look back and say "no men better
understood life, no men more thoroughly enjoyed it,
no men as did the brothers of re<^!"


Marquis de Weathewood

I (he winner in New York is .

i ¥ T ' M I
J h I ^\ )

As the sun rose over the budding pines and
the poignant odor of the boomalacha spread
from hole number nine, life once again began
on Finley Golf Course Road. The octagonal,
green-felt table, the dice, the Bicycle playing
cards, the pick-up sticks all were removed from
their summer storage; C/3t had entered its for-
tieth year.

A new forceful leadership immediately at-
tempted to form a new impression of Z. B. T.
Our long-standing image as a jock house was
to fade into eternity: academics were to be
stressed for the first time. We were to gracious-
ly accept the R. B. House award and dissolve
immediately before the I. F. C. reconsidered.
The practice of charging "green fees" to early
morning golfers was to cease forever. The crap
tables were to be removed from the showers
from 7 to 11. Thus 66-67 was to be a year of
metamorphism and schpligicism.

Zebes return to classes, Zim included. Young
so selfish refuses to give teacher his name.
Nachs fights fire at Jeffs with all his heart. Fox
initiated into Enormous Gigantic Court. Stern-
sy employed as model for G. Q. Natt rejects
barnyard for beauty queen. "One ball no
strikes" Israel calls "T" out at home. P. F.'s
date gazes at full moon in disbelief. Sweet
Henry courts Viola for intellectual stimula-
tion. Smith's plans uncertain for proposed
Asian tour. #2 looks in mirror sees #1. Weiss
goes hunting for "small game." Lemans hurts
back, Zebes have losing football season. B. G.
kicks the Oreo's habit. Blue discovers full util-
ity of sheep. Gilbie goes independent then goes
underground. Band gets Shocket's clothes for
a steal. Gitelson hired by Webster's as new
words consultant.

"You oughta see our informiil dinners!"

"You Jane — me sick!"

S TOP TO BOTTOM: Gerald Tanenbaum, President; Kenny Weiss,

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