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, Lee Kabat.

Sweetheart — Ann Addlestone

Zeta Beta Tau

He's on his way!

Zetes highlight another banner year with crowning
of sweetheart. Miss Debby Dempsey (B.P.O.C). Liz-
ard returns from beach screaming, "8-80, blind crip-
ple, or crazy!" Duck wins slugfest at H 4> house:
rewarded with Karen's loss and shot from Babs. Fear-
less Irving gets nod as manager promoter. Lippy re-
tires from poker team; transfers to ACC for more
physical contact. Umgawah sets campus record from
Saunders Hall to Zoo. Buzzy informs date. 'TU kill you
with a bottle. Witch!" Although sight failing in one
eye. Lurch still maintaining vigil. Rixie — high speed
cars, low class women, cheap lavaliers. Officer Harer
sends roses with note, "I love you Baggley — five-
five." Pittman sets Styling pace in undergarments with
"squeezers". Philadelphian style kissing demonstrated
by Peanut before large audience. Grubby has night-
mare; attacked by white knight. Chubby sees hope in
June after 21 year drought. Pitt gets hot deal from
Vardell Hall but Duck throws rock into plans.

There are the seniors who will be gone in June but
the sophomores and juniors will carry on the tradition.

Zeta Psi

• Bailo.lll.Jmcph.

■fi8.Washinglon,D (
Barber, James, h?,

• Gra>alt, Mavo. ^
Holman. Joseph, '

• long, William. ^

Massengale, Thoi


• Nuland.John. f
BaMn kougo. I
Vmvll. Mton. (

Home awav from home.

Ah , come on — give the kids a chan

OFFICERS, I.. TO R.: Bruce Logue, Treasurer; George Venters, President: John Egbert, Vice-President: Jimmy Black, Secretary.

t Adams. William. AKE



• RichIer,Jr.,l.a»r,

• U>sl,John,Sl .


^ ^

<!lfnn \ arbrouRh

Germans Club

The Fabulous Impressions



• Hime.James, '()7;Badin

Alpha Kappa Psi

» Kins. James, '68; Durha.

I, Terry, '69;Trouln-

AK^, America's oldest and largest profession-
al fraternity, flowed through another academic
year which was inundated with professional
tours, professional dinner meetings, unprofes-
sional parties, and virtuous indulgence. Alpha
Tau chapter, having the distinction of having
the oldest house in the system, bucked infla-
tionary trends with a decision to build a new
house. The position of liaison officer was del-
egated to "Champagne" Howe, who tackled the
job with amazing numbness. "Hymie" Stroud,
well-known under-the-counter operator
launched a massive campaign to obtain the
necessary funds. Services were offered by En-
sign Howe to head a rotten candy sale to the
merchants of Chapel Hill. "Cream" Scruggs,
darling of the Nothing Set, began negotiation of
the required legal claims only to learn that
"Snake" Aldrich had completed the job during
the wee hours of the morning on V-J Day. A
recommendation by the Building site chairman,
Bill Greasebelli, to locate the house on the im-
mediate outskirts of the city dump was not
approved by the brothers. The only man in
favor of the recommendation was "Squeak"

Harle, maintenance manager. The interior dec-
oration was placed in the hands of Butch Bilko,
who planned to decorate with bamboo which Le'ak■^v,'ll'e'''' "'
was to be acquired on his forthcoming Far
East trip. A proposal by "Cons" Hanna, Alt-
man, and Bachmann to devote all efforts into
the construction of a casino were postponed
until a later date. Regretfully, the drive was ^^^^^ ^^
halted when it was learned that Alfred Lloyd
Griffin had invested the Building Fund in
United Horseshoe Ltd.

#Scriiggs, Jii


Bowen, Charlie,

'67; Wilminglon

Flovd, Clarence,
•69'; Wilmington
Gregory, Edgar,

# GufTey , James.

"67. Evanston.lll
■67: Rockingham
Hawkins, \MIIiam.

kHa)es,Jr., George,

Michael, 68,

•Hulchins. Ralph.

Thomas, '68;
Jennings, Jr.,

#Lowr>.John. '68;
Mc Adams, Larn,
Parker, Charles.
"67. Durham

• Paschal. Donald.

Poller, James.
Robinson, David,

'67; Wilminglon

#Rogers. William,

■68. Wake Forest
Scurrv, William,







ard, Jr., Leslie,

Mike Herndon, President

A l\pkal M<>ndy> ufternoon.

"Go tickle yourself.'

This was the year of the battle between the Rack Mon-
ster and the Green Monster. The Big Green One came
through with many clutch victories, proving himself the
supreme being in the panelled "House of the Rising

As the year progressed, the house looked more like
that old tobacco field of yesteryear. There was old Robert,
setting a new world's record as Sandy K. 0."d him. Turkey
won the D.A. of the Year award hands down, or should
we say bottoms up! Those great house institutions, i.e.,
the tube team, rack team, and GRW poll made their annual
appearances. And we remember our temporary residents.
There was Cool Clarence, Ed Ball, E. G. Hunter, Mr.
Hawk, and Henpecked.

The year of the road trip. Our first professional tour
took us to Yanceyville, but I.D.'s were required. Dave
spotted something, and Bird came out smelling like a rose.
Hinshaw led to the fate of our "51 Super Sport, but the
Goofeymobile keeps chugging on. And don"t forget the
Oil Burner!

Parties and more parties. Led on by our "super-cool"
pledge class, we managed to stay in the saddle. Cries
of "Where"s the shaving kit?"", "BAZOOBA!", and
"SCORE!"" highlighted such events as Lindsey's post-game
Rally. Then there was the party where we ate lettuce and
burnt biscuits for hors d'oeuvres! Lewis even kept his
shirttail in past 11:00 p.m.! And then the Bird flapped
his arms and ended up in somebody"s car! Batman's slick,
he doesn't blow his cool. While all this went on in the zoo.
President L. C. S. led C. W. (in paisley party pants??) and
T. H. to victory on the Grub Team.

During the week, entertainment was provided by the
Paschal Program (and we don't mean the Monkeesl). The
canine exhibitions of our pledges also provided a relief
from our studies. Booray games for fun and profit — loser
gets to be house manager for a week! Problems arise as the
third floor art critic strikes. You can pick your friends, but
... there'll never be a ! GO, NADS!!!

"Delta Sigma Pi A-Go-Go!"

"Oh, there'll never he .

-XtwotHl, David. '6'
Clark. Jcrr>, '67,

Alpha Phi Omega

During the thirty years Rho Chapter of 014,(0 National Service Fraternity has
been active here at Carolina, brothers have been adding much to the physical
and spiritual well-being of Chapel Hill. Through a spirit of fraternal together-
ness. A Phi O has developed its cardinal principles of leadership, friendship,
and service into tangible benefits to the brotherhood, the community, and the

Under president Tom Hilderbrant and faculty advisor James Wadsworth,
UNC Director of Housing, A Phi O this year has organized and operated the
A Phi O Book Exchange, Ugliest Man on Campus Contest, and Parent's Day,
as well as cooperated with civic leaders in the annual Community Chest drive,
assisted in ushering at Carolina Playmaker's productions, and manned campus
election polls.

\<t>Cl, though, by no means overlooks social affairs. Bi-weekly dinner meet-
ings, frequent parties and outings, and informal daily gatherings in the chapter
room do much to fulfill brother's needs for relaxation as well as help form the
bond of brotherhood required to devote long and hard hours to service projects.


• \la>.Jr.,Ktnntth."ft9,
Nance. Jack, 'M.

Patge. Richard,

L. TO R.: William Stone, Vice Pres.; Ronnie McManus, Treas.; Chip Seymour, Vice Pres.

KE is a national professional fraternity for women students
in pharmacy. It was founded on May 13, 1921, at Iowa State
University. Lambda Chapter was begun at the University of
North Carolina in 1940. The purposes are to stimulate a de-
sire for high scholarship among its members, to foster a pro-
fessional consciousness, and provide a bond of lasting loyalty,
interest, and friendship. The fraternity takes pride in its mem-
bers throughout the nation who are leaders in the pharmaceu-
tical profession.

OFFICERS (STANDING, L. TO R.) Ellon Seawell, President; Rita Bow-
man, Vice-President; (SEATED) Stephanie Hunter.

Kappa Epsilon

|}^^ li

This year a typical afternoon at the house would
find Bat and Yank E. Gritte fighting over L. P.
while A. R. watches enigmatically and everyone
wondering where A. P. was. Big Mo missihg a meal
to study for exams, and P. W. disappearing to the
apartment for another weekend.

Mead"s calling Rawlf on hands and knees.
Woody's keeping Peppy Thermostat from striking
again, although he is still at wrongs with right
guard, a whip's relieving Tripod of a live wire,
Murch's sweating, Oakley's recitation on food,
Joey's picking _p where Newll left off, Harold's
sleeping on red sheets, the 3/5's buying weedkiller,
modest MOW's searching for more shower curtain,
and Index's painting the front porch orange are all
highlights of the year we'll never forget.

And there are others . . . Bat, Nad, Scro, Toes,
Old Man, Woody, and Plague have big weekend
at E.C.C. ... the Mr. "Please, Please Me" man
himself . . . Land of the Long-Nosed plans to initi-
ate a driver's training school . . . What? Not
another Babs! . . . H. Spastica finally gets his foot
out of the trash can . . . Bob cools it. "Boys, read
your books, come on Dameron, let's go home."
. . . Just be naturally charming."

The year had some questions, some of which
still haven't been answered. 2:30 A.M., Tippy Toes
yells for brothers . . . 3:30, A.M., Hootie gets
drenched . . . 4:30 A.M., can the pledges still be
here? But which is Big John? Are Earl and T. T.
twins? How many does it take. 'Max — 25? Super-
Bod is alive in Nassau, but where is Super- Woman?

"1 don't usuall> accept tips, miss, but . . ."



Kappa Psi

Kappa Psi Officers

• Barrel), II.Jo«, '68; Rocky
Colten.Roberl, '67.

Hall. James. "67. Sanford

• Harper, John. '69;
Henson, James, '68 .

Meads, Lawrence. '67,


Morgan, Jr.. Jack. '67 ;


• Rachide. Frederick, '69 ,

Rawlins, John, '67 ; Tarboro
Rhoden, Jr., Charles, 66.


• Simmons, Jr.. Calvin, '69
Slier Cily
Smith, Harold, '68 L

Williams, Mark. "67.










Anderson, Rugeni*.

Beatt\, Dennis. '68
Kmg^ Mountain
Bolick, Harold, >i8

Phi Delta Chi

Whitehead, Charles,

Williams. Benjamin,


•Flcdnes, grab your ankles!

The Alpha Gamma chapter of i^Sx was estabUshed in
Chapel Hill in 1923. A Professional Pharmacy frater-
nity, tf>Sx combines an active social life with profes-
sional aspects of Pharmacy School. Phi Dex men are
active in Pharmacy SchooTs Student Branches of
NCPA and APhA, the Pharmacy Senate, and other
student organizations such as providing their services
at First Aid stands at football games. Other activities
of 08x include activities during National Pharmacy
Week and providing for needy families at Christmas.

Everything looks great for another year at the Phi
Dex house. Phi Dex men "bow their necks" to enlarge
the basement as the pledges do battle against the
eternal mess. Bodge cracks the whip to try to train
the pledges as Pat tries to train Micky. Mike diversifies
his interests while Ed and Robert L. open the Chapel
Hill Playboy Club. Tom Black amazes all and opens
Ralph's Restaurant. Stan gets drove, John has mo-
ments of glory, and Beatty mixes marriage with the
black market. Scrooge McBolick holds the purse
strings as Anderson tries for three more "B's." Alice
traps Hovis and "Yank" Glass moves up in the world.
Rowe reactivates with a heavy hand while Swain tries
to maintain order at the house. Ben rakes in the
QP's as Glenn plays the role. Smoot gets eat up with
wires and speakers while Burleson opens an employ-
ment agency. Barkley, Ted, and Joe lose their pins as
Greg and Grahan lose their minds and get engaged.
Richard would sure like to . . . what?? Pledges receive
brutal treatment while working toward the glories
of brotherhood.

**Gee, how come it died?

Phi Mu Alpha

Alpha Rho Chapter of ^jj-a Sinfonia was formed
on February 24, 1926, thus becoming the thirty-
fourth chapter of the National Professional Music
Fraternity. Based on the ideals of brotherhood and
service in music, our chapter has several activity
fields which incorporate both music and service. We
provide ushers for all Tuesday evening concerts in Hill
Hall and for all Chapel Hill Concert Series events. In-
cluded in our activities is the establishment of the
James Michael Barham Scholarship Fund for under-
graduate Music majors. On behalf of this fund, the
chapter has brought to campus such attractions as the
Navy Band, Josh White, and Chad and Jeremy. The
fraternity strives to improve the cultural atmosphere
of the campus by sponsoring such events as the Coh-
temporary Music Festival, working with the Fine Arts
Festival, and providing some programs of classical
music for use on WCHL FM. We also participate in a
full round of social events, including a fall and spring
banquet and numerous parties. In 1963, the chapter
received the Charles E. Lutton award from the Na-
tional Office for being the best chapter in the nation,
and we have several province awards to our credit,
three in the last five years. We are a growing and active
chapter, and are very glad to have the opportunity to
serve this campus in any way possible.

Pledges tour Varietj %'acationland.

Whafs that nhite thing on the record player?

When do the dirty flicks begin?

LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlie Shore, Alumni Secretary; Klip Jones, Treasurer; John Wall, War-
den; Johnson Lambert, President; Larry Simpson, Jr., Alumni Secretary; Steve Hoar, Pledge
Master. NOT PICIIRKD: Bob Bass, Vice President; Charles Gibson, CorrespondinR Secretary;
Ed Strange, Recording Secretary.

Newman, off the fl

It, the Keene, is a fink.

• I.dml)e(tt. Phili

Leach. Normai
Sanford. Fb

|Opi»n. James, '67;
Wuodbridge, Conn
Sht'pard. Ernest, '67;

• Shore, Charles, (17,

^ Slrange, Aubrey, '68 ;

• Wease, James, '69:
Williams. Joe. '68,


#Bass, Roberl.'67,

Caudill. Peler, '67 ; Cary


'^ ^*i


iGlace.Charks. '68;


Hamrick, Donald, '68;


>Hoar, Sitphen. '67
Sumler. S C,
luele, James, '69;

► j"msPlummer.'67.

l-amberl, John, '67;

L ^\^

VLj ln>,nF








ilf . ^Ml

jlR <?5 r»

o a p

■ombie. Jr.. Daniel P.. 'f>7 , D.ii

i, Larry L., '67; Fuquay Springs
Adams, Malinda S., '69 : Fuquay- Vanna
Adelman, Richard L., '68; Brookline.

Albina, Sister Mary, '67 ; Durham

• Albright, William H., '68; Mebane
Aldridge, Jr., Marvin L., '67; Albemarle
Allen, Cyril A., "67 ; Fayetlevrtle
Amend, Jr., John F., '67; Greensboro
Amon, Robert J., '68; Slatesville
Armstrong, Earl C. '69; Charlolle
Ashley, Julia J., '69; Roxboro

9 Atkins, Kenneth A., '69; Durham
Atkins. William S., '67; Asheville
Austin, Jr., John P., 68; Four Oaks
Averell, Waller V., '69; Oxford
Avery, Jan W., '68; Erwin
Aydelelte, Robert J., '68 ; Greensboro
Ayscue, Doris W., '67; Henderson
Baber, David W., '69; Durham

• Badger, James M., '69; West JefTerson
Ballentine, James L., '67; Charlotte
Banov, Alan, '67 ; Charleston. S.C .
Barber, Harold M.. '69; Durham
Barker, John P., '67 ; Lumberlon
Barket, Kalherine W., '67; Kansas City,

Barthel, Hetty H., '67, Hickory
Barnick. Charles K.. '68. Belleville, 111
BarMick, JoscphT,, '67, Durham
Basile, Janine C. '69. Chapel Hill
Baugham. Edgar L., '67. Smilhtleld
Bauman, D. Kemhie. "68, Chapel Hill
• Baxley. Douglas W., 68. Sy I va
Bazemore, \Vi['

Bell, Mary L\i

Benner, Charles M., '69. Culy.

Bennett. Stephen J.. '67,

# Benton, Jr., Dempsey E., '67 ; Newton

Best, David M., "67; High Point
Biggs, Jay C, '70. Si. Petersburg. Fla,
Bishop, III, Elmer L., '69; Asheville
Black, III, John R., '67; WhitevilJe
Blackburn. Catherine I., '70; Chapel Hill
Blackman, William C, "68; Greensboro
Blackwood, Williams.. '67, Chapel Hill
9 Blankinship, Leslie S., 'fi7. Maxlun
Bloom. Warren E., 'f-T, Fairfield. Conn.
Blumenthal, Robert L.. 67; Greensboro
BobrofT, Andrew E., '67. Far Rockaway,

N '^".
Booth. Brenda L., '69; Chapel Hill
Boswell. Sanford L.. '67 ; Beaufort
Bowman. William H., '68, Chattanooga,

Boyetle, Douglas R., '69; Kenly
9 Bradley , Michael M., '67; Asheville
Brande, Judy H., "67; Burlington
Brannon H, Vernon B.. '67; Raleigh
Braxton, Jr., Alfred F.. '67 , Graham
Brewer. Glenn D., '67; Faison
Brogden. Connie B.. '67; Chapel Hill
Brogden. Harry L., '68; Chapel Hill

Bryan, Harrel D., '67 ; Chinquapin

Buck. Jr., James C, "68 ; Washington
9Buckner,JansenW.. '69. Chapel Hill

Burton. Dudley J.. 67, Hickory
Cabaniss, Albert E., '67. Shelby

9 Campbell, Doniver D., '68.
Campbell, Marvin A.. '68; Dunn
Campbell, lU. William L., '67; Salisbury
Capps, Ralph E., '67; Elizabeth City
Carden. Sheila C- "68; Durham
Carpenter, Barry L., '68; Cherryville
Carroll. Donald W.. 70; Chapel Hill
Chapman, Barbara R., '68; Chapel Hill

rs.Gary A.. '68;ShaUotte
Christopher, Sandra D., '67; Mebane
Clark, James O.. '67 ; Salisbury
Clark. John H.. 68; Elizabethiown

• Clavlon. Jerrv B., '67 ; Greensboro
Coble. Jr., wirth T., '67 . Durham
Colield, Jr., James E., '67 ; Raleigh
Cole, Margarett J,, '67; London.

Ontario. Canada
Collins, David R., '68; Matthews
Collins. George W., '67 ; Fayetteville

^ ^ ^ P.

• Cook, William A., '68 ; Badin
Cooper. Willie, '68; Elm City
Copvlah, Jr.. Marcus C, '67 , Durham
(..rkran. Michael U., -68; Baltimore.

( ..rkran, Sasan M.. 69, Flushing.

1 I N •»
Cornelius, Jr., Willis V., '67; Charlolte
Coudriei, Charles E., '68: Richmond. V;

Culbreth. Susan C. '68. Chapel Hill
Cummins. Richard O., 68 . Morehead

Dae(«)ler, Davi

s l-:..'67. t harlolte

Dees, John W..

dc la Morandi^re, Anne J.. "68;

Charleston. S.C.
de Luca. Emilie P.. '67 , Chapel Hill

Dickens. Jr.. Jacob L., "68; Halifax
Dickerson, Norvin K., 69; Monroe
Dicke), Jr.. Emerson G.. "67. Greensboro
DiCoslanzo, II. Joseph, "68; Chapel Hill

• Dornbush. Robert E., '67; Atlanta,
Dornbush, Jr.. Robert E., '70; Atlanla. Ga,
Dosler. Barbara H.. "67 ; Charlotte
Douglas. Margaret E.. "69: Chapel Hill
Drake, Jr.. John O.. 67 ; Magodan
Drogos. Marv C. "68; Chapel Hill
Duncan, Brenda K.. '67 ; Pleasant

Dunlap. III. Charles C. '67. Tallahassee,
9 Durham. Jerrv L., "67; Staunton, Va.
Duskie. Andrew D.. "67; Concord
Eakin. Melba S.. '67; Dallas. Texas
Earle\, George M,, '69; Caroleen
Edmister. Gregory C. '69. Chapel Hill

■■■ i-Salem

Elmore. Eugene L.. '67. Dallas

• EIrod. III. Joseph E.. '67. Charlotte

ky Moi

67. Henderson

69. Chapel Hill

P p P ^

I. Lona B
Fairclolh, Ii
Faircloth, Ronald A.. '67; Lake

Faison. Jr., OIlie W., '69; Knightdale

• Finch. Daniel F.. '67 . Oxford

Finch. Margaret P.. '68; Henderson
Fisher, Gordon D.. "67 ; Pittsburgh. Pa
Fisher. Hugh R., '67; Rolesville
Fletcher. James W.. '67; Kinslon
Klitk. \rihur B.. '69; Siingerlands. NY.

9 Fowler, Jon T., "69; Burlington
Fo\. Gloria H.. 'h^ . High Point
Fox. Jr. .JohnW.. '68, Raleigh
Freeman, Stephen M.. 67, Elkin
French, Arthur M., 68 ; Sarasota. F
Fruitt. Janie B., '68; Greensboro
Fruitt. Jerrv B., '68; Greensboro
Fuller. Fleming B.. '67; Kinston

t Furr. Robert C. "68; Charlotte
Gaddy . Stanley B., "69 . Candor
Gardner. John H.. '68 . Fayelleville
Garner. Bob N., '68 . Greensboro
Garrison. Donald E,, '67, Wingatc

George, Samuel L., hS . Four Oaks
Gibbons, Billie V., '68, Chapel Hill
Gibson, Jonathan C. '68, Chattanooga,

Gibson. Michael B.. "69; Mahwah, N J.
Gideons, Heinrich A.. '67; Chapel Hill
Gilmore. James C. "67 ; Chapel Hill
•Goldstein. Michael D., '67 ; Glen Rock.
Gonser, William \ >>'* km^i.m

Goodson, JtTFi H . '■" I ri

Gordon, 11. J..11U I ■ ^ u

Gordon, Mark I I neli

Gouger, John S., '>7,( h.ipilHil!
Graham, Beth M..h^. K.Khcslci, U-\,is
• Graham. Joseph \T,, fiH, WmsitinS.ilcm

le. Paula M., '67; Chapel Hilt

t Creer. R. T.. '69; Wilmington. Del.
Grigg. Jr., Wendell R.. "67 : Raleigh
Haigh. William L.. "67: Slalesville
Hall. Kvie S.. f>7. Sjkmbufg
Hall. Linda M..f.7, Rockingham
Halldorson, Magnus A., 'hi . t ap

Haitien. Kaili. W I
Hamillon, Douglas A. P.. ■69. Milwaukee.



I. Richard B., 67; Summ
Hamlel. William F., 'ftK, Durham
Hamm, Jr., James H,, 'hS. Charlolle
Hannah. Robert K., h^, ( hapel Hill
Hargis. Sara A., "ftK , ( hapel H ill

t Harringlon, Judilh C, '68; Lewislon
Harringlon. Roberl E., '67 ; Lewislon
Harrington, Thomas F., '67; Moncure
Harris, Carl W.. '67 ; Seaboard
Harris, Marina J., '67 ; Williamsburg, Va,
Harrison. Ill, William D., '70; Chapel


. 'b9; Durham
Head. Barbara H., 'h7 , Galveston. Texi
Hedgepeth. William H., '69. Nashville

Helms. John B..(



I.Jr., Henr) H., ■68.Kir

I. KugeneC,

Chapel Hil

Hobbs. Sanford L
Holcombe, Jerr> T., '68. Greensboro
Holleman. Jr., Lewin W., '70, Apex
Hollowa\, Algin N., '68, Durham
Hollowa>. Dellon R., '70: Durham
• Hollowa>, Linda C, '70; Chapel Hitl
Holsappie, Merrill C, '68; Winston-
Holt, Jon D., '67, Graham
Hooks. Jr.. William B.. '67; Tarboro
Houser, John E., '68 ; Asheville
Howard, Robert E., '67; Raleigh
■' ■ I, Carolyn B., '67; Chapel Hill


, Mickey L., '68, Durham
# Ingle. John W., 69; Whitsett
Ingram, W. Eugene, '67 ; Sanford
Inscoe, Jr., Jack E., '68 ; Durham
, G. Anlhony, "67; Downers C


., '67; Durham
berenda C. "68 ; Winston-Salem
Joseph W., '67; Galax. Va,
Jr.. Wade H.. '67 ; Thomasville

Jewell, Karen C, '68; Carrboro
Jobe, Berry C, '68; Graham
Johnson, Richard O.. '70; Lynwood.

# Johnson. Stephen A., '68; Hifth Point
Jones, Norwood S., '70. Clayton
Jones. Richard M.. "68; Mebane
Jordan, Jenc F., '68 ; North Wilkesboro
Jorgensen, Jan J., '67 ; Shelby
Julian, Andrew E., '68; Chapel Hill
Kage, 11, Gordon D., '70; Chapel H ill
Kaplan, Alexander, '67; Brooklyn. NY.
Kaplan. Ronald M., '67; Greensboro

# Kearney, Edwin G., '69: Durham
Kearney, James I.. '68 ; Greensboro
Keller, John E., '68; Chapel Hill
Keller, Paul G., '67; Asheville
Kellerman,ChristopherM., '67. London.

Kelly, Jr., James F., 68 ; Bethesda. Md.
Kennedy, David M., '68; Jamestown

# Kenned\, James S., '67 ; Shelby
Kenned\ , Jerr\ B., '68 ; Robbins
Kenned>, Shirley W., '68; Shelby
Kiltolliii. Mark C.. "69; Charleston.

; Rocky Mount
Rocky Mounl
hK.t h.ipelHill
D..h7. Rundlem
R..67, Durham

Kilgo, Dale ^^
king. Dan G.
King. Jr.. Millard L
King. Paul F.,'*'

# KinlaM, Alton t
Kistler. Jr..CI>

Koelbl. Friederike
Koomen. John C,
Koon, Michael M^'h"*. Chapel Hill
Koonlz, Charlie A., "67; Mocksville
Kurlh. Franz J., '67; Hicksville. L, I..

• Ladd, James R., '69. Durham

Lane. Jr., Chauncev M., '67 : Greensb.
Lasaler, James E.. '67 ; Pillsboro
La-sich. Joseph J.. '69; Hagerstown. M
Lalla, Jerry W., '69. Bunnlevel
Lauder, Jo Ann, '67, Ruffin
Laulerer. Jonathan G., "67 ;t hapei Hi
Leder, Esther A., '67; Whilevrlle

• Leigh, Joel M., '67; Chapel Hill
Leippe, Richard A.. "68: Raleigh
Lemons, Kennelh M.. '67 ; Spray
Levering, Ralph B., '68: Allentown. Pa
Lewis. Barbara A., '70; Chapel Hill

Lisler, Stephen C, "67 : Pleas;


) H^ iS^,

e^ ^ ^

J^ (^j f^ fi^


d. Charles B.. "67: Chapel Hill
kman, III. Charles R., '68; Dallas
der, Bobby G.. '69: Albemarle
der. James A.. '67 , Albemarle
der, Roger T., '70: Albemarle
lan. Donald R., '67. Miami Shores.

MacDonald. Bruce T,. '69;

Online LibraryUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel HillYackety yack [serial] (Volume 1967) → online text (page 12 of 31)