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the Department of Interior designating it as a national
landmark, and a banner of good will from Old West which
has a 144-year losing streak in all athletic contest with
Old East.

The tradition and immediacy of living in Old East can
only be expressed by the terse words characteristic of
President Wood, who is on his way to graduation. Because
of his leadership. Old East had numerous successful social
mixers, outstanding displays during football season, and
even got a milk machine (all which were part of his cam-
paign promises. )

Old East also provided the leadership for the Davie Resi-
dence College with Governor McFadden and Lt. Gov.
Lain. Silent was on the "Bullsheet," the college newspaper

OFFICERS- Left to Right: Norman Wood (Pres.); Noel Free (V.P.); Ray Lin-
ville (Sec); Bill More (Sen.); Dwighl Lamm (Justice); Larry Transou (Sen.);
Martin Lancaster (Housemaster).

which became a periodical and contained no news. Rufus
became the assistant housemaster and led the ]nen to the
birthday celebration on University Day at Memorial Hall.
The mixer with Mclver was a success. Sugg finally
found a fish that would date him on June 4. E. P. loses
weight only to find it behind him. Ware plans his gradua-
tion for the eighth consecutive year. Funny Man leads the
Cardboard Club float. Farmer keeps appearing on the
football incognito. Spook finally admits he hails from Oak-
boro. Watson dyes his hair, but forgets about his freckles.
Lombardo gives up cards for Lent. Morris realizes his
spasticity. Lamm is sheared. Free gives up the guitar. Long
gives Gidley his teeth. "Gotam" Goforth clobbers Youna
with shoe. Miller donates his sweetheart to Old East. San"-
sculottes live in North Section.

Oh \vh;it a Ua- !

Top to Bottom: Robin Wright — Vice Pres.; David
Harris — Sec. -Treas.; Steve Lail — Editor of News-
paper: Curtis Patten — President.


The 1966-67 campaign has been an unforgettable experience for
those new residents of Old West. This fall a major over-haul of nearly
2/3 new residents moved to within the historic walls of UNC's most
spirited dorm. Indoctrination in the ways of Old West did not take
long, for this year's pack soon proved to be among the most cynical
and grossest of Old West editions in recent years.

It was an active campaign filled with spirit as only Old West could
provide. The coup of the year came on University Day when we stole
the whole show from our counterparts in Old East, the national land-
mark. The hanging of effigies was frowned upon by the hierarchy in
the basement of South Building, but the men of Old West never failed
in their endeavors.

Now for a look at the team: Returning from last year's squad is
Charlie with his radio in the center section. For hours into the night,
ears burned, but none fried quite like those of the dorm president and
the resident advisor. "The club" in this section continues to be the
focal point for campus visitors. No wonder with the likes of Craig
(Go Tar Heels!) Roseman and Darryl (Great Pumpkin) Schrum.

The South section had last year's rednecks replaced by more red-
necks. John, Tom, and Terry join last year's squad of Steve, Robin,
and Morris and again led by fearless Ed (The Cat) Oleen.

Two returnees. Dave and Porter, were thrown in a cage (Room 33)
and the North section is still shaking. The bathroom on the first floor
of that section always seems to be congested, but Bill and Eddie were
relieved to know that Dick and Henrj' have set up office hours.

In retrospect, it's been a grubby team, but a team that only our old
building could truly appreciate.

Old West

y^ ^HIA EST in^ tX^i^


East ^

J^ v^ ^ v'' Jk!^ ^
(fl p p « « £!

s M., '67; Rocky Moi

Btsi, III. Hugh E.. '69 . Tarboro
Bird. James T., "68 ; Bakersville

• Brewster, David A.. '68. Pans. France
Butler. Jerry L., '68; Griflon
Cannady, Jr., Leon W., '67 ; Selma
Chappell, Tommy S.. "69; Mooresville
Chestnut, Jerry L.. "68. Madison
Clark. Terry F., "69; Lenoir
Coltranc, Jr., Joseph M.. "69 .

DePriesI, Jr., Joseph S.. '67 : Shelby

# Easter. Jr.. Olen C. '68 ; Lexington
Elleslad. Richard K., '69. Gastonia
Falls, Darryl L.. '68; Landover Hills. Md.
Finlav, Jr.. Joseph B., '69. Wilmington.

Hinlon, Jr., William S., '67 ; Wilson
Key. Tony H., '67. Concord

• Kulig, Douglas J., '67 ; West Brookfleld.

Lineberrv. Richard B., '68; Charlotte
Marion. 11, Ru&sell A., '67 ; Winston-

McCov. James R.. '68; Huntsville. Ala.
Michaels, Andrew C, '69; Lawrence.

Norman, Jr., Roger W., '67 ; Sanford
Oehmann, III, Joseph H.. '69;

Fl Lauderdale. Fla.
Owens, Jr., Hugh S.. '67 ; Goldsboro

• Parker. Lanny C. "69; PineblufT
Parker, William J., '68; Murfreesboro
Pharr. 111. Scott V.. '68; Plymouth
Pope, GarvR.. '67;Raerord
Richardson, Jr.. Van W., '67 ;



Roberts. k,eonardT., '68; Belmonl
Rogers, Richard C, '68 ; Greensboro
Rouman, Peter E., '69. Chapel Hill

• Sharpe. II. Harold S.. "68 ; Greensboro
Sink. Jr., Henry H.. '69; Raleigh
Slawter, William F., '68; Greensboro
Stephens, David B., '69; Kemersville
Streaker, James F., '67; Lancaster. Pa.
Slupak, John W., '67; Greensboro
Swaim. Jerry D.. '68; Elkin
Thomas. Myron N.. '68; Charlotte

Thornburg, Richard S., '68; Ga?


. Clark C, "69; Charlotte
Tripled, III, William L., '69; Burlingloi
Walser. John R., '69; Raleigh

Wiggins, William W.. '68; Rocky Mouni

# Barbee, James R.. '69; Locust
Barlow. James C, "69; West Jefferson
Braxton, Lawrence S., '68; Asheville
Bristol, Edward R., '69; Morganton
Brooks. Jr.. Roy W.. '67 ; Oakboro
Bullock, William H.. '67; Washmgton
Caffee. Arthur B., "67 ; Washmgton. DC.

• Claxton, Charles S., '67; Savannah, Ga.
Crislman, Robert P.. '67; Salisbury
Day. Charles S.. '67; Wilkesboro
Earnhardt, Joe O.. '70. Albemarle
Farmer. George L.. '68. Washington
Fowler, George S., '68 ; Henderson
Gambill, Jimmy D., '69; Jefferson
Gasperson. Richard E,. '69, Maysville

Hollowell. Jr., Norman C. '68; EdenK
Howell, Phillip L.. '68 ; Lenoir
Hughes, William T., '68 ; Burlington
Jenkins, Larry W., '68; Arlington. Va

• Jolljffe, Thomas P.. '68 . Newport Ne'

Lamm, Dwighl C, '67, Nashville
Linville. Ray P.. '67; Wmston-Salem
Lillle, James M.. '68 ; Wmslon-Salcm
Long. II. Samuel S.. '67 ; Charlotte
McLendon, Lennox L,. '67 ; Oakboro

> Miller, Jack D.. 68 ; Jefferson
Moore. Jr.. William W.. '68 . Washingloi
Morgan, Michael D.. '68, Asheboro
MorrU. IH, John B.. '69; Albemarle
Morrow, Thomas A,. '68 ; Washmgton
Neal. John W.. '69. Hamlet
Paschal. George W., '69; Raleigh

Schnaber, William W., '67 ; Greensboro
Shearon, Kenneth L.. '67 ; Wake Forest
Smith. Edwin D.. '68. High Pomi
Smith, Richard J.. "68 ; Westfield
Smith, Stephen D., '69; Nashville
Starling, Kenneth G.. '69. High Point

► Sugg. Jr.. Harold G., '67 ; Norfolk. Va.
Swarllev. John M., '69; Souderton. Pa.
Thomas. Stephen M., '67 ; Sylva
Thorne, Robert E., '68; Goldsboro
Transov, Larry L., '69; Elkin
Vinson, Jr., Jesse G„ '68; Roseboro
Walker. Kenneth L.. '68; Burlington
Watson. Thomas L., '68 . Woodleaf

# p p p p

P P ^ ^ ^

fc' fe^ P €^ T^^



• Welch. Daniel R., "67; Lumberville. Pa,
White. David C, "69; Piiisboro
Whilie*, James E., '67; Nashville
Wicker, WiJiiam L.. "67; Aberdeen
Young, Michael S., '68 ; Gaslonia
Baggetl. Fred P., 70. Reidsville

Clemmer, Leonard. '67; Charlolle
Cooke, Richard T.. '69: Wjlliamston
CoHingham. W arren J., '68 ; Rotky

# Crosswell. Michael J.. '68, Washington.

Devens. III. Henrv F., 70. Scwickley, Pa.
Dew, Jr., John L., '68 ; Rocky Mount
Ellis, Thomas L., '67; Maryvitle. Tenn.
Furness, Terence N., '69: Enka
Gallop. Roger G.. '69; Jacksonville. Fla.
Gallowa>, III. Hunler H.. '68:

George. Hunler T., '68 . Greensboro

# Goldston, Jr., Earl W., 70. Goldslon
Gurganus, Thomas E., '69: Jacksonville
Hamilton. John R., '67, Charlotte
Hinshaw, WiUiam M.. '69; Burlington
Ja). Donald J., "68 ; Greensboro
Johnston. Jr., George B., '69;

Blacksburg. Va
JoUy. Bruce O.. '69; McLean. Va.
Jones, John M., "67; Red Springs

# Keller, Roland R., '67; Hickory
Madures, John W., '69; Durham
Martin, Jr., Ralph H.. "67; Apex
McEwen, Luther M., '67; Charlotte
McNairy, Charles L., '68; Greensboro
Meditz, James R., "67; Winston-Salem
Neal, Charles H.. '67; Winslon-Salem
Ogburn. James H., '67; Smithfield

# Owen, James D., '67; Fayelleville
Patlon, Jr.. Carroll C. '68 ; Morganton
Sauder, John L., '68 . Charlolle
Saxon, Jr., Hugh H., '68 ; Atlanta. Ga.
Schackne, Stephen M., "69: New York

N Y.
Schrum, Darress E.. '67; Dallas
ScoveLTerrj L., "67, Charlotte
Shear, Morris, '68. Woodland

# Simpson, William F., '68 ; Waxhaw
Thompson, Stephen R., '67 ; Albemarle
Toy, Bruce L., "68 . Waynesville
Walker, David L., '68. Mocksville
Walls, W illiam R., '67 ; Ashevillc
Watson, Richard N., '68, Red Spnngs
White.Jr., Howard v., '67: Rocky Mount
White. Richard T., '69; Elon College

# W illiams. David B.. "68 ; Newark. Del.
Wright. Robert B.. '67, Charlotte
Bruce. Brenda J., '68. Durham
Burton, Doris F.. "68; High Point
Cameron, Elizabeth A.. '67; Raleigh
Cantor, Susan F. van N., '69; Dover.


^ Craig, Linda G., '70. Greensboro
Crumpler. Rebecca A., '70; Clinton
Decker, Marv C, '70; Rhinebcck, N. Y,
Durham, Mary W., '70, Vienna, W. Va,
Elherington, Linda R., '69;

Faucelle, Betty E., '69; Durham
Ficker, Susan J., '70. Hendersonvtlle
Geoghegan, Key F„ '70, Raleigh

# Githens, Janet E., '70, Durham
Gresham, Carolyn D., '69; Warsaw
Harmon, Elizabeth S., '69; Kannapotis
Harris, Ann V., "68; Pittsboro
Haves, Susan W., '68 . Wilkesboro
Howell. L. Kalhrvn, '69. Skaneateles.

Howell. Margaret A.. '69, Skaneateles.

Little, Phylli', L, "69. Colfan
Moore. Shirle\ J.. '70 , Greensboro
Norwood. Nancv C, '68, Hickory
Page, Caroline W., '70. Winchester.
Peacock. Anne M., '67; Charlotte
Pitlman. Nancy R., '69, Durham

Simon, Lvnn B., '69, Ashcville
Slawler, j.inda F., "68; High Point
Stark, Martha A.. '68. Key West, Fla,
Stephenson, Patricia M., '70, Charlotte
Strupler, Patricia L.. '68 : Raleigh
Thompson, Terry E., "67 , Atlanta. Ga.
Truilt. Jane S., "68. Arlington. Va.

a J., '69; Charlotte

Ehringhaus College

In the beginning — there was a dormitory. The Dean
said: "Let there be a residence college," and there was.
He saw that it was good and everyone rested (booze in
hand and gut). Post-hangover everyone worked. Some
worked with the birds and the bees. Some worked to get
the newly prosperous houses get moving (planning ses-
sions were frequent at the Grill). Some helped get the
college social functions started. Combos played, kegs
rolled, trips to UNC-G bedrooms occurred, more kegs,
homecoming display. South Campus Weekend (Ehring-
haus in charge of decorations). Beat Dook float (first place
naturally), college festooned for Christmas (with balls and
KAT's), more kegs appeared, exams (#!*!#!). new semes-
ter begins, spring binge. JUBILEE, beach trips and still
more kegs. Some aided the onset of the academic program.
First residence college library started, speaker program ex-
tended (yea Otelia!), 3rd Annual Art Show, Stud contin-
ues circulation, film series instituted, and academics reign
supreme (huh!). Some sought residence college improve-
ment. Ehringhaus Nature Park created, Ehringhaus nymph
used as dust rags by efficient janitors (yet the phoenix bust
rose again), elevators in constant state of disorder by you
know what team (2-8). Many came, many saw, but none
conquered the pinnacle of greatness gained by the lusty
studs of Ehringhaus.


OFKICI RS, I ro R: (FRONT ROH ) Bovd Garber (Treas.),
.4. U. Frazitr (llouseniaslir), Don Streater (Sec.) (STANDING
L TO R) Roberl Cheirj (Social Lt. Gov.), Allen Shepard (Gov-
ernor), Sieve Moore (Academic Lt. Gov.) (ABSENT): Tom Craver
(Speaker of Senate)

The Senate of Ehringhaus Residence College, meeting
on alternate Tuesdays throughout the year, handled the
legislative duties of the college. With Tom Craver as
Speaker, the Senate appropriated over three thousand dol-
lars during the course of the year. Under the joint coopera-
tion of the Governor and the Senate, a weekly film series
was inaugurated which met with immediate success

throughout the college. The famous Ehringhaus Nature
Park, supervised by the Senate, was improved and cleaned
up. Ehringhaus ID Cards were printed and distributed by
the senators. In the middle of the year, the Senate found
a permanent home in the basement lobby. It was a year
of both action and improvement in the Ehringhaus Senate.

SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Brad Duttera; Tom Harris: Tom Craver (Speaker); John Henley (Speaker Pro-Tempore): Curtis \V)-nn: Donnie
Byrd. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Shepard: Tom Webb: Rusty Walker; Jim Aaron; Ken Neher; Charles Harrili: Gavin Brown; David
Turner; Johnny Williford; Bill Courtnej. ABSENT: Jim Ramsey; Hugh Stephens; David Riggs; Hurley Thompson; Don Bean.

Aycock House

Aycock House is truly the house of the "Carolina
Gentleman." We're out to have fun, and fun we've
had with our full social program of combo parties,
beer blasts, and Grill nights. Fun costs money, but
who needs it as long as our credit is good. All our
time is not spent partying, for we've taken an active
place in intramurals, and we do have time for more
serious matters — how to avoid the draft. We never
worry though, for we are the fun loving men of
the first and ground floor of Ehringhaus. Long
live the studs of Aycock House.

LEFT TO RK.III: Dun Bro«n, Secretary and Treasurer; Bill Ferguson, Presi-
dent; Bill Brackilt. \ ii.L-Prcsident.

Bourbon House

Can "dorm rats" have as much fun as fraternity
men? Judging from past performances of the men
of Bourbon House, the answer would seem an
emphatic YES. At least they are dead set on
proving that the frats don't have a monopoly on
social life, what with all the combo parties, beer
blasts, etc., for which the residence college system
has made ample provision . . . Speaking of provi-
sions, Bourbon House could have been named after
gin or vodka with equal justification,' but neither
of them start with B.

To say that the men of Bourbon House pursue
girls and knowledge with equal ardor would be
stretching things a bit. Yet the fact remains that
B. House, along with all of Ehringhaus Residence
College, has in the past compiled a commendable
academic record relative to the over-all University
Q.P. average. For hours on end (between intermit-
tent periods of, hell-raising) the Bourbon House
man may be found pouring over many a volume of
scholarly lore. Otherwise he may be engaged in
hot philosophical debate on such diverse topics as
. . . why a state university (should, should not) be
autonomous . . . why Ayn Rand (is, is not) a nut
. . . why LBJ's economic policy is (wise, foolhardy)
. . . why contraceptives are (damaging, not dam-
aging) to American morals.

But then the cool, mature, sophistocated Bour-
bon House man rises above the chaos and confu-
sion to pause and consider a question which has
plagued college men for ages . . . "Wonder what
Mom would think of these pinups?"

Canine House

Canine House formerly known as C House was named
in honor of our mascot Floyd, The Barbarian also ran for
mascot but failed to get enough tickets to win. The high-
light of the year was the Grill Christmas party. Steaks were
enjoyed by all and after a bursting forth of Christmas
cheer by Terry Rowe, Chuck and Sheehan led us in honor-
ing the birth of Christ through Christmas carols.

Dog Haus

Drinking beer? Sure. We're slick.

In honor of the dogs who daily put on great sexual displays
in front of the library, and in honor of Snoopy 's never-ending
pursuit of the Red Baron, and in memory of our blind dates
(TCC et al), we have decreed our house Doghaus. We donated
to the Fine Arts Festival; we donated time, money, patronage,
and sobriety to the Grill; we contributed to Christmas House,
a project to help the needy at Christmas; we had more stolen
from our house at Thanksgiving than anyone else; we gave
Otelia Conner a flower; we had last year's loser of the year;
we treated our women bad. And on top of our social life and
blind dates, we wrap up with a fitting climax — ahh!!!

Linda Sieber, Sweetheart

Essex House

Thinking back on our year liere in the lofty
heights of Ehringhaus, we conclude that it has been
a truly interesting one. Essex teams have retained
their losing tradition, as every squad fielded this
year has been utterly obliterated by the opposition.
Meanwhile Harper and Company borrow every-
thing from typewriters to old Playboys, and all in
the name of The Stud. The eternal telephone vigil
in the lobby continues, occasionally hampered by
our pseudo-jocks and their variations of handball
and squash. John Sheppard sets a new record for
most hours in the shower while Lehtonen eagerly
awaits another session of hypnotism. Al Shepherd,
Cherry, Hodges and enthusiastic followers man
the barricades in an effort to preserve the sover-
eignty of the "Governor's suite" against hostile
intruders. The Snack Bar reports that Essex studs
have bought more shaving cream than the rest of
the entire dorm. Culbreth counts the days until
graduation, as suite-mates maintain their usual
quiet, studious atmosphere. Letters continue to
circulate as everyone wonders just who is getting
rich off of them. The combo party was a roaring
success (for the four couples that came). And so,
as exams end and UFO's buzz our residence col-
lege, Essex House closes another memorable chap-
ter in life at Carolina.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Tony Lehtonen, Vice President; Jack Sliephard, President;
ABSENT: Mitch Waldrop, Secretary and Treasurer.

The usual crowd at the telephone.

Flask House? — Sure!!

Not Flush — Flask!


LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Neher, Senator, Doug Tilt, President; Sandy Rose,
Secretary and Treasurer; Rick Dedmond, Vice President.

A House

p « ft ^ ^i, £# j^

J^ 1?^^ P P O ^ f*

I Alderman, Elmer T,. '70. 1

'\«idM.. hi, Raleigh

711. Rocky Mouni
..■69, Charlotte
ChernofT. Norman. '70; High Point

Church, Jin

CofTej, Michael C, "69; Greensboro
i Coleman. Michael J., '70; Wilmington
Crabtree. Oscar P.. "69; Clayton
Davis. George I., "69; Rocky Mount
Deazle>, 111. Bernard C, '67; Newport

Downing, John M., "70. Jacksonville
Ellioll. Larr> E., "70; Kemersvillc
Esse^.Henr> E..'67; Roseboro
Evaiii, Charles R.. 69; \'aldese
( Falls. Michael H.. 68 Ga^Ionia
Fare. James \l..h" \^m^l^>n-^Jlcm
Farthing, Jr.


1 R .

I. Danni

Fulk. Christopher C, 67; Winston-

Cowan. II, Donald K., '70; Bridgewalt

Harrill. Charles W.. "69; Monroe
I Harris, Thomas E.. '68: Washingion

Heitig, John L., '67; Salisbury

Hester, Ralph E.. '68; Lillinglon

tin.Johnl). f''* Winsion-Salcm
Mallhews. John B.. ^0, SuHland. Md
McCall. Thomas C, 69; Ellerbe
I McLaughlin. John F., '70; Southern
Miller, Jr.. John \.. "69; Charlotte
Monev.JamesH , >>9 M:iiliM>n
M>ers,lll,JiKlH . ' ' M r i .
Neal. Daniel t , - ■ K . ^1 nn
Nichols, Johnnu I ■ >

Odom.Paul M . " \ u V .i


I, EdM

ins, Jr., William B., 70; Hinsdale.
Perrv.Larr* E., '69; Marshvdle
PoHard, 111, Harold C "70; Burlington
Rice. Charles P.. '69; High Point
Richbourg, Arison T.. "69; Greensboro
Roth, Benjamin S., "67; Charlotte
Rumiej. Thomas O., 70, R;idsvjllc
► Saunders. DoueIj^ M . f>'^ \^,nn^.■ Pa

n Hecke. Jr.. James M.. '69;

Ualler. Michael D., "70. Albemarle
A ebb, Michael D.. '69; Pinelops
.\ hitaker. Russell S.. "70; Raleigh
i\ illjford. Jr., John S.. "70; Pinelops

, M:i.

Bo!iwcll. Cramer I... 69 . Burkeville. Va
Cochrane. Jr.. HB>Mood P., "70. Weldon

inrord.Tommv L., '68; Asheboro
Crocker, Robert L., "69. Rocky Mount
Edwards, Charles H., "68; Indianapolis.

Gisbon, Chde W .. "70; Launnburg
Haines. Robert A.. "67. Ha^erford, Pa
Hill. David E.. "70. Charlotte
Hines.Jr., John W..-70; Rocky Mouni
Hagan, III, Charles T., "70. GrecnsKiro

McAllister. Jame C, '70. Salisbury
McBride. Rickie E., '68; AsheKuo
McPhaul. Donald M., '68. Raleigh

B Cont'd

J^ ^ ^ T^

^ ^ t^ ©
# i^ ^^ f»


J^ P «

^' .0 P P

'D' House

f ^ r^ P P

III ^^^-^ »^ ^Ti


I Morgan, Willium k., '68 ; Ma;
Mumau, Thad K., 68 ; FuytMK
Piltman. Robert B., "69; Slant
Powell, Sieve L., '70; ChadhLH
Price.Jienneth W..70; Erwir
Pridgen, Larry C,'69; Norlir

► Ramsev.James A.. '69. Asheville
Rhodes, Robert A., '69; Charlotte
Richards, William W., "70; Wallace
Robbins, Jr., Walon C, '68: Asheboro
.Simon5.JflmesD..'70;High Poin


Stringer, Henry M., '70. Ardir
Tavlor. Richard A., '69: Ellerbe
Turner. Carroll F., '70: Old Fort

► I'nderwood. Jr.. Coey M.,
Wang, Eugene C., '70: Jar
Warrington, lll^Caleb V.,

► Benko, Peler S., '67 : East Gn

;. Charles R.. 70: Flore
Chanev, Jr., Hubert C„ '68 : Monroe
Clark.James M.. '70; Leaksville

Greene, John R., '67 ; Shelby
Hansley. II. I-onnie L.. '70: Roanoke

Harris, John L., '69; Roxboro
Harris. Charles C, '70: Maplewood, La.
\ Helms. Robert v., '69; Salisbury
Hibbard. Steven M., '70; Cheraw. S,C.
Hill. Jr., Lawrence W.. '69; Thomasville
Hines, Thomas M.. '70: Spartanburg. S.C.
Hume, Robert L.. "67, Memphis. Tenn
Hunter. Thomas B.. "70: Rockingham
Jones. Robert B., 68: Raleigh
Lail, Gary D., '67: Granite Falls

Mobley. Jr.. Carl M.. '67 : Williamslon
Nichols, Timothy H., '68; Lexington
Nixon, Charles E., '70; Kinslon
Nunnenkamp, Thomas W., '69; Charlotte
O'Toole, Dennis T., '67. South Hill. Va.

• Painter, William S., '69; Charlotte
Perrv, Donald W., '67; Graham
Powell, Frank, "70. Chadbourn
Reid, George H., '67; Wmston-Salem
Ritchie. Jr., George D., '70: Mt, Pleasant
Rodgman. Eric A., 70: Winston-Salem
Rominger, Duane A., '70: Chapel Hill
Scolt, John T., '69; Wilmington

• Sharp, Jerry M.. '70: Madison

Shea, Patrick J., "67 ; Washington. DC
Sheehan, James E.. '68 : Wilmington. Del.
.Short. Ronald J., '68; Winslon-Salem
Spain, William J., '68 : Burlington
Stephens, Hugh J.. "67 ; Washington. N.C.
TalbotI, Joseph D., '67; Rocky Mount
Thompson, Rodney F., '67; Hickory

• While. Charles C. '68: Warrenton
Williams, Jerry A., '70: Rockingham
XVilliamson. Randolph L.. '70: Newton

Square, Pa.
Zimmerman, Caldwell H., '70;

Barnhardt. Sadler H.. '70; Charloiie

Bovd. Donald L., '69 : Charlotte
Brisbois, Jr., James A..'70: Raleigh
Brown. Arthur C, '70. Charlotte
n. Donald C. '70; Grt

Conrad, Roberl F., '70; Wins!
Cook, Jack M.. 67. Liberty


i.RoberlL., ^O.Fllei

)9 : Chapel H

■: Lincolnlon


# Durham, Wa
Eaddy. Martin A.. '70:1
Edwards, Steven R.. '70; Hudson
Fleck. Gary S., '70; Fayetteville
Ford, Russell T., '70: Raleigh
Gaither. John A.. '70; Hickory
GanI, Jr., Allen E., '70; Burlington
Green, Jr., James R., '70; Morrisville

• Hardison, Asheley G., '68; Columbia
Havnie. John H.. '70; Hope Mills
Henlev. Jr.. John T., '69; Hope Mills
Hewitt. Jr., Harold E., '68; Newton
Horlon, Lee F.. '68 : Salisbury
Hubbard, Jr., Stanley B.. '69; Charlotte
Hunt, Jr., Torrence M., *70; Pittsburgh,

I. Charles M.. "70; Ken;


D Continued

Jones. James E., '69. Iron Station
Jo>ner. Reid L., "69. Charlotte
Kelltim. William S.. "70; New Ben
Kou, RobbS.. '70: Grcenstvoro
Lee. III. Rufus M.. '69. Wingale

• Ltsk. Gerald S., '69 ; Canhage
Lowman. Dannv H.. '69, Valdese
Mann, Jr.. Sulton A.. 70. New Bem
Marshall. John W., '68; Greensboro
Mathis. William I... "70; N . Wilkesboro
McGaw. Jr.. Robert E., '69; Windsor
McCowan. Michael A.. '70; Danville, Va.
McSwain. Stephen J.. "70; Charlotte

9 Milenbuler, George M.. '68; Concord
Moore. Sle\ en R.. '69, Jamestown
Moreau. Philip S,. '70, Alexandria. Va.
Oakle* . Albert W .. '"'0 , Roxboro
Owens. Thomas C. 69; Whiteville
Dennis R.. '69, High Point

L f^^Jl JL %J.

1 2JiUL t

Smith. John D.. '70; Summerfield
Stevens. James W., '69; Lenoir

John T.. '68 ; Winston-Salem
Tallev. jr.. Wilbur D.. '70; ReidsviUe
ToHiisend. David E.. "69; Charlotte
Trexler, Jr.. Charles B.. "70; Charlotte
Turner, David R., "70; New Bem
Wadsworth. James A.. '67;

Welch, David S.. '67; Greencastle, Pa-
Whale) , Donald M., "69. Wallace
\\ilson, Richard A,. ■70,Goldsboro

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