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Andrews. Michael K„ '70; Wilmington
Baker. Darrell A.. '67. Charlotte
Braxton, Joseph .A.. '69 . Homestead

AFB. Fla
Buis. Richard J.. '70; Ridgewood. N J

• Burd. John R.. '69; Pittsburgh. Pa.
Bush. Ixiuis K., '70; Sao Paulo. Brazil
Carson. Stephen V., '69; Rocky Mount
Chandler. James R., '70; Gastonia
Cherrj. Jr.. Robert L.. "67; Norfolk. Va
Cloninger. RoweU C, '70; Shelby
Comwell, Gar> D.. "69; Lincolnton
Courlne.v, William B.. '69; Williamston

• Cov.ger. Ronald W.. "70; Charlotte
. Robert M.. '70; Kannapolis

Domina. Robert L.. '69; Vir

Dreibelbis, Edward R.. "70; Fayeltcvill
• Eaddv. John F., '69; Lincolnton

Edwards. Ryland A.. '69; Rocky Moun
■. Ronnie L.. "69; Hot Springs

Garber. Boyd R.. '67 ; Atlanta. Ga.

ilM. f Jll t£


i. Nicholas A., '70; Spindale
Harper. Edward T.. "69; Soulhport
Ha^es. Joseph M.. "70; Rockwell

• Hedgepelh, Charles D., '69; Fayciteville
Hege. Henrv F., '70; Chevy Chase. Md
Henslev. Robert L., '70; Spindale
High. Robert M., '70. Nashville

Hill, Barr> F.. '70; New London
Hodges. III. Bei^jamin F., '67 ;

Holder. Joseph P.. '68, ,\ndrews
Holscher. Frederick N.. 70; Rocky


• Hubbard. William K.. 70. RiKky Mount
Huntlev, Charles D., '70. Ruthcrlordlon
Ingle, jr.. Ira P.. ''(), High Point
Jacobs. Ki'nnflh \,, T'O. Charleston, S.C.

Jennings. Ronald M.. 70. Hertford
Johnson, (arl H.. f.?. Wilmington. Del,
JohnMin. Jr.. Daniel C.. '69. Shawnee
Misstim, Kansas

• I ehu.nen, 11. Harold. "70; Falls Church.

McCrimmond. Edward W., '69; Hope

McKav, Jeffrey L., '70; Charlotte
McKinnev, William F., '68;Charlolte
Misenheimer. Charles G.. '70; Richfield
Moore. James W.. '69; Alexandria. Va.
Moser, William T., '70; Lcwisville
Nelson. Cecil L., '69; Morehcad City

lan. Roger M., '67; Albany. NY.
IS burg

Sheppard. John W ., '69; 1,3

E Cont'd

F House

£1 £1 1-g 1 J.

^^^^^ «w ^fe^ ^fM T tK. ^iw ATik. «AT^

# Sigmon, Jesse F., "70; Denver
Smilh, Clarence N., '70; Gaslonia
Stewarl, III. Paul W., 70; Louisburg
Strealer, Donald A., '69; Morven
Teague, Keith G., '69; Lenoir
Thompson, Jr., Hurley E., '68 ;
Chesapeake. Va.

• Thrower. Jr., William N., '68; Belmont
Vaughn, Robert M., '70; Fayetieville
Uaidrop, Jr.. Morris M., '69; Gaslonia

r R., "70; Greensboro

Armstrong, Jr., Claudie A., '67;

Atkinson, Craig A. P., '70. Southporl.

Batten, Wayne R.. '69; Thomasville
Beam, Donald C, '69; Shelby
Bowman. Terry O., '70; High Point
Bray. DoUglas H.. '67; Summerfield
9 Brown, Dale K., '69; Hiddenite
Caldwell, Wayne T., '68; Asheville
Cowan, Jasper E.. '67 ; Williamston
DavLs, John K., '69; Winston-Salem
Dedmond, Richard E., '69; Shelby
Flora. Ill, John J., '70; Moyock
Freiberg, Marvin J., '70; Greensboro
Fuller, Roy W.. '70; Ahoskie

# Garriss,JamesA.,'69;Powellsville
Cell. John M., '70; Wilmington. Del,
Ginger, William R., '69; Raleigh
Goff, Elijah J.. 70. Snow Hill
Goodwin, Jr., Herbert T., '69; Durham
Gray, Bernard, '70; Washington. D.C.
Gunter. II, Woodrow W., '69; Hamlet
Hackney, John J., '67; Siler City

• Hargell, Darrell H., '70; Charlotte
Harrison. Jerry D., '69. Leiand
Heckler, Louis R., '69; Pittsburgh. Pa,
Helms, John D., '67. Marshville
Helms. Kenneth D., '70; Charlotte
Hunter, James S.. '70. Stalesville
Hyatt. Ronald G.. '68 . Monroe
Ingram. Jr.. Richard H., '70; Crewe, Va,

# Inman. Harold R., '70; Wilmmgton
Johnson, III. Claude R., '70; Wilmington
Kerhulas, Jr., Theodore E., '69; Tryon
KoLsrud, Daniel P., '70; Frederick. Md.
Lee. Richard C.,'69; Winston-Salem
Markman, Charles W.,'70; Durham
Maynard, HI, Hubbard D., '70, Durham
McKnight. Earl J., '70; Charlotte

• Nash. II. Bruce T., "70; Winston-Salem
Neher, William K.. '70; Greenwich.

Parker. Charles J., '70; Benson
Pate. Jr., Herbert W., '70; Kinston
Piscitello, Roy R., "70; Boonton. N J.
Pritchard, Kenneth G., '69; Stony Point
Pruett, Jr., Theodore C, "70; Winston-


Ray, Eugene A., '70; Birmingham,
• Ray. Kenneth J., '69; Fayelteville
Reardon, III. Timothy J., '67 ;

Washington. DC.
Rhiner, Gregory R., '70; Raleigh
Roessler, Gustave M., '70; Clarksdale

Rose. Stanley V

. '70; New Camiaii,


# Spence, David A.. '70; Greensboro
Stanton, George L., '70; Greensboro
Stone, Jimmy D., '68. Bailey
Taylor, Koberl V,. '68 ; Concord
Thompson, Mark A., '70; Greensboro
Tilt. Douglas C, '69; Shelby
Tucker, Arthur F., '70; Gladwyne, Pa,
Westbrook.Jr.,JamesL.,'67; Durham

• Whitesides. Jr., George J., '69 ; Charlotte
Wilson. Deimis W., '70; Graham

Granville College


Granville Residence College is the newest and most comfortable addition to the University. The student Govern-
ment of both Granville West and East have worked together to build a community spirit to compare with the fine
physical plant. Granville has been successful in presenting the residents with the opportunity to participate in most
any extra-curricular field. These first few months saw the birth of an organized and responsible student government,
a service project to help a needy family, many parties, the largest serenade ever held at the university, a hayride, as
well as a new emphasis placed on the outside academic life of the student.

Granville looks forward to future years of service to the Student. University, and Community.

KNEELING: Michael Carveth, Executive Secrelary. STANDING, L lo R: Tom Mc-
Cann, Jr., Treasurer; Ronnie Reed, Governor's Assistant; Banks Warden, Social
Lt. Governor; Lawrence Whitfield, Academic Lt. Governor.

L TO R Tina Houser, Vice President; Linda Hollowell, Treasurer; Nonie Keen,
Assistant to President; .Michael Carveth, Secretary; Tom McCann, Treasurer; Leslie
Wharton. Activities Chairman; Lawrence Whitfield. Academic Lt. Governor; Judi
Hall, President of East Granville; Tomee Howard, Activities Chairman:
Cynthia Simmons, Secretary: Suzanne Simons, Activities Chairman; Ward
Maillard, Governor: Banks Warden, Social Lt. Governor.

H. Ward Mailliard, Governor

Life In Granville College Is Dedicated To:

Service To The Community

^^^ , i

Participation In University Functic
(Beat Duke Float)

And More Partying

This is a dormitory? . . . What's a house?
Grayhouse? . . . King takes the election
and drags Badenhop, Fergusson, New and
Cloud along . . . "We're going to run a
tight ship around here" . . . "Hey, Charlie,
shut up will ya!" . . . Homecoming — "You
really mean it? All the beer we can drink?"
. . . Hayride and cold weather . . . Thanks-
giving, finally . . . "Hey, New, how much
is your phone bill?" . . . UNC's first faculty
adviser . . . "Well, you see. Dr. Devereux,
I've got this problem" . . . Christmas
around the corner . . . Santa brings dia-
monds and wedding bands for McCann
and King . . . "Badenhop, don't you ever
wear pants?" . . . tube team sets records
. . . Santosh misses his pet tigers . . .
"What's a winning card? . . . G.T. Gover-
nor a Gray Ghost, too . . . noble and
chivalrous Wilson . . . Collins our surfer-
in-residence . . .


L. TO R.: Charles Badenhop — \'ice Pres.;
Ian FergussoD — Sec'y-Treas.; Danny King
— Pres.

Rebel House

1. RIGHT TO LEFT: Joe Swain, Treasurer; Henry Bowen, President;
Buck Harris, Vice-President; Nick Baum, Secretary.

2. Granville Senators, Gene Simpson and Wa>iie Parks.
y. "Who are vou calling 'Snuffy Smith'?"

Adams House

(1st ROW) L TO R: Vincent Townsend
(Sen.), Bob Bonshaft (V. P.), Larry Seigler
(Pres.), David Moff (Sec.-Treas.). (2nd
ROW) L TO R: Wayne Wilson (Sen.), Jim
Carpenter (Floor Advisor), Bill Brooks
(Intra. Mgr.).

"Nice Legs", Ron


SEATED: James Hendrickson — President.
STANDING, L TO R: Jerry VanCampen

— Vice Pres.; Andy Sella — Senator;
Buster Perry — Senator; Bill Deaver —
Food & Gripes Chairman; Bob Baseman

— Sec.-Trea.s-

Gang's all here.

Adam House, fourth floor of
Granville Towers West, is occupied
by over sixty Ivy League alcoholic
youths. Their exalted leader,
looked up to, admired, feared, and
revered (Ha!), is President Larry
Seigler, who always sets a good
example for "his boys." Other
officers include Northern Vice-
President Bob Bunshaft and rebel
secretary-treasurer David Moff,
commonly known as DAM. The
sweetheart of Adam House is
Sandra Honeycutt, a senior at Need-
ham Broughton High School in
Raleigh. Wayne Wilson and Vin-
cent Townshend carry the responsi-
bility of keeping law and order as
MRC representatives. Bill Brooks,
intramural manager, has kept the
floor rolling in intramural activi-
ties. The Adam House basketball
team advanced far in intramurals,
and this success prompted them to
plan play-offs for the International
"Euchptzer" championship. The
house has helped extensively in car-
rying out functions for the resident
college. They have also had a few
fund-raising projects.

With all these great attributes,
the men of Adam House are des-
tined to reach unexcelled heights.

"In the beginning there was
darkness on the face of University
Square" . . . then light as Gran-
ville's Fifth led the move . . . Oc-
tober saw the leaves fall, but not
Duke in the "fiery" Kenan — yet
there was celebration, even a warn-
ing card or two . . . Tim Cameron's
hair, light green, gave the go ahead
on allnight poker games . . . one
could hear Mike Sperling's "south-
ern accent", so impressive . . . and
see Hall studs dancing the buggaloo
in front of their mirrors ... Ed
McDonald's palsied hands greeted
visitors — sclerosis from a simple
birthday present . . . and of course
floor meetings, "turkey"?, raffles
and officers proclaimed "jack of all
trades" ... the big "V" now the
fifth in the thick and a "New
Breed" born . . .

Valhalla, the sixth floor of Granville Towers Residence
College, is named after the idyllic heaven of the Vikings.
In Norse mythology, when a Viking warrior died, he went
to Valhalla. There he reveled with fine companions in
women, wine, and song. The residents of Valhalla House
don't believe one must die to enjoy the reward of the
Vikings. Valhallians, indeed, have the reputation of being
the revelingest bunch of fellows in Granville.


SEATED. L. TO R.: George Maver — President: Bob Jennings — Vice-
Pres.; Steve Merritl — ,Sec. & Treas. STANDING, L. TO R.: Byron
McCoy — Resident Advisor; David Falcr — Social Chairman; Doug
Scarer — Intramural Mgr.; Sniilty Curry — Senator.

Tjpical House Meeting

I" House

Darwin Heath, President


§ f G ji i^



• Albright, Stuart A.,'70.Gastoni;i
Alderman, Jr., Ray S., '69, Granisboro
Alexiou, Jim A., 'TO. Greensboro
Allard, Charles D. H., "67, Stamford,

Allred. David W.. ■69; Burlington
Anderson, Jr., David G., '67; Tarboro
Austin, Jr., William E., '68 ; Durham
Barr, Burt S., "70; Norfolk. Va,

• Bass, John H., "70; Rochester. N- Y.
Baxley, William C. "70; Raleigh
Best, Alfred W.. "69; Bessemer Ciiy
Booth, Thomas C.j '70; Greensboro
Boseman, Jr., Robert R., 70; Rocky*

Bowen, Henry C. "69. BlueHeld. W, Va.
Bowman, Clark C, '69; Hickory
Brooks, William E., '69; Red Bank. N, J,

• Br\ant,Richard L., '68; Roanoke, Va
Bull, III, Irvins S., "69; Greensboro
Clarke. Gerald S., '69; Enfield

Cline, Fredrick G., "70; Winskm-Salem
Cloud, James M., 69; Winston-Salem
CIvde, William M., 69. Media, Pa
Cohen, Louis B., '70; WJImmglon
Coltini, Charles W.. "70; Garden Cily,
^ Conner, Michael T.. '70; Havelock
Cook, Ronald R., '69; Cleveland
Crawford, Robert H., '70; Charlotte
Crouch, William R.. '67 ; Masison
Curry, Jr., Clavlon S., '70; Charlotte
Dahle, Jr., Donald E.. '70; HiKh Point
Datlon, W iltiam L., '70; Asheville
Davison, John S., "70; Cary

• Deaver, Jr., William N., '70; Annandale,

Desrosiers. Paul M.. '70; Butner
deWill, Jr., Paul, '69; Va. Beach. Va.
Dick. JefTery H., '70; Clearwater. Fla.
Dingeldein. Paul H.. '69; Greensboro
Dodd. Everett E., '70; Washington. D. C.
Dunn. James H., '69. Pinelops
Elmore, John A., "70; Wilmington
% Evans, Neil C, '69; Lexington
Farmer, Leslie B., '67; High Point
Faler, David H., '68; Asheville
Ferguson, George B., '70; Durham
Fergusson, Ian C., '69; Waynesville
Fish, David A., '70; Alexandria, Va.
Franklin, John O., '69; Grifton
Frederick, Robert C, '70; Syosset. N . Y.
Friese, David W., '69; Charlotte
Gholson, Jr., Thornton P., '69;

Gobble, HI. Fleelus L., '70: Winslon-

Goldstein, Jr., Burton B., '70; Miami

Beach. Fla.
Gordon, Jr., Eugene A., '70; Winston-
Graham, Baxter W., '69; Asheville
Griffin, M. Dabney, '68; Nashville
GrifTin, Robert S., '68; Charlotte
^ Groce, Hugh D., '68; Asheville
Groues, Harmon C, '70; Gastonia
Harrington, HI, Arthur D., '68 ;

Harris, Carroll M.. '70; Raleigh
Harrison, Frank S., '69; Rocky Mount
Harrison, Jr.. William H., '69;

Louisville, Ky
Heath. Darwin W., '70; Danen, Conn.
Henderson, Jr., Marvin W., '67;

Hendrickson, James A.. '70; Raleigh
Hill. Jonathan R., '69; Dunn
Hilliard, William B., '69; Ballimore. Md.
Hinshaw, Michael A., '70; Randleman
Holcombe, Jr., Robert O., '67 ; Lexington
Huband, IH. Earl C, '69; Wilmington
Hubler. William F., '70; Atlanta. Ga
Huffman, Carl T., '68 ; Greensboro

• Idol. David H., '69; High Point

Iv ie, Jr.. William S., "70; Leaksville
Jacobs, Richard S., '69; Elkms Park. Pa.
James. John M., '70; Leaksville
Jennings, Robert K., '68; Salem N- J.
Kaufman, Phil M.,'67; Bayporl, N, Y.
Killion, James T., '69; Salisbury
Kindle, Thomas E,, '70; Raleigh

• Lackey, Jr., Herman E., '69; Stony Point
Laddcy, Brian M.,'67; Sparta. N.J.
Land, jr., William K., '69; Raleigh
Luther, John S., "70; Charlotte
Maillard, Henrv W.. '69; San Francisco.

Marren, John M., '69;Charlotte
Marsh, Steve P., '69; Marshville

• Marston.OliverJ., '70;KJnston
Maullsby, Raymond A., '70; Whiteville
Mayer, George L., "68: Malvem,

McAfver, Charles H., '69; Wilmington
McGee, IH, James E.. "69. Bluefield.

W Va.
McMullan. 111. Harry, '68; Washington
McNabb, Rodney C, '69; Zebulon
McPhail. John P., '69; Enfield

• Mendelsohn, Howard D., '70; Fayetteville
Mendelson. James M., '69; Tallahassee.

Mcrritl. John F., '68;G[:£e_^nsboro
Merritt, Stephen W., 70; Wilmington
Miller, Roy H., '69. Yonkers, N. Y.
Moff. David A., 70; Dunn
Moore, George 1., '70;Charlo[le
Moore, Ralph C. '69; Raleigh

• Morrison, James R.. '70. Greensboro
Moselev . Jr.. Preston W.. 69; Wilmington
Neuwirth. Marvin R.. '70, Wilmington
Norris, Michael H., '69. McLean. Va
Overcash, Norman G., "69; Mooresville
Patterson, Jeffrey D., '70; Atlanta. Ga
Pegram. Douglas L.. '69, Lenoir


CT Cont'd

Price, RonnyL., "69; Oce;

Privette, Jr.. William A.. '69; Zebulon

Prophet, Douglas W.. "70; So. Norwalk,

Ra> nor, Douglas P., '69 . Red Bank .N.J.

• Reed. James R.. '69; Sylva
Riggs. Gregory L., '70; Asheville
Roberlson, Jr., Richard H., "70;

Sailer, Jr., Theodore, "70; Beaufort
Schwartz, Barry H.. '68. Baltimore. Md.
Seigler. Lawrence L.. '69; Greensboro
Seila. Andrew F.. "69; Lenoir
Sharer, Douglas M.. "69; Rocky Mount

• Shedd.Steven A..'69;Leonta.N.J-
Shields. William G., '67; Alexandna. Va
Shinn. Ronald W., '69; Kannapolis
Simpson. Jr., Eugene M., '69; Columbia.

S C,
Simpson, John L.. '69; Trouiman
Smith, Ronald E.. '67 ; Charlolle
Staropoli.Glen A., '69; Larchmont. N- Y.
Streeler, Bruce A.. '70. Newington.




Tanny, Stephen R.. '69. Yorktown. N, Y,
Thompson, John P., '69; Greensboro
Townsend, John V„ '70; Greensboro
Tucker, Jr.. James G.. '70; Madison
Turbynil. Jr.. William J.. "70; Asheville

W atts, Richard D., "69; Winslon-Salem
W enner. Allen R.. '70; Charlotte
W harton, Robert H„ '68 ; Atlanta'. Ga.
White, Michael D.. "70; Rockingham
White. Roger D.. '70; Wilmington
Whitfield. Jr.. James L., '70; Raleigh
Whitley. Steven A., *69; Albemarle

I, III. Francis S.. '70; Winnetka.

Wilson, Loyal W.. '70; New Castle. Pa-
Wilson, Thomas W.. '68; Sylva
Wilson, Jr., WilUam L., "70; Winston-

dB.. '69. Charlotte



^ ,iS..

Granville East oFTicers

Judi Hall and Mrs. Emily O'Neill, housemother

Granville East Presidents Judi Hall, Noni Keen


Granville Towers East is the newest and largest women's resi-
dence hall on the UNC campus. A modern nine-story structure
set back from Franklin St., the dorm houses 450 women students.

Built in the fall of 1965, the dorm was opened to undergrad-
uate women for the first time this fall. Previously, graduate women
were housed there.

Although the dorm does most of its activities with its brother
dorm — Granville West — the girls have originated some of their
own projects.

Teas were held on each hall for the girls to meet the house-
mother, Mrs. Emily O'Neill, and Christmas parties climaxed a
week of Secret Santa and Peanut giving before Christmas.




• Alford. Eleanors., '70; Nashville, Tenn
Anderiion, Audrey L., "69; Selma
Anderson. Jo Ann, "68; Elizabelh Cily
Baldwin, Betty 1., '70; Seagrove
Bass, Judye M., "69; Farmviiie
Bauer. Alice L.. "69; Cincinnati. Ohio
Baxley. Glenda A.. '70: Rockingham
Beekman, Helen P.. '69. Melvin Village.

Bohnsdahl, Elianor J.. '68 : Canton
Borden. Sally N„ '68; Goldsboro
Bowers. Roslyn A., '68 ; Jackson
Boyies, Sondra K., '68; HickorY
Bradshaw. Belsv A., '67; Durham
Brad), Jane H..''68; Salisbury

• Branaman, Beverly A., '68; Raleigh
Braun. Gail P., '68; Chapel Hill
Brawley, Mary W.. '68; Stalesville
Britt, Theresa A,. "68 ; Lumberlon
Brock. Kalhryn G., 67 ; New Bern
Brown, Dixie S., '68. Columbia, S. C.
Br\ant. Emily K., '68; Wmslon-Salem
Bullard. Cynihia E.. "68 . Greensboro

• Butler. Jeanne F.. '67 ; Southern p1^e^
Caldwell. Alice B.. '70; Raleigh
Callowav. Sara M., '68 : Concord
Carr, Ihrie P.. '68 ; Durham

Cary, Katharine T., '68 ; Greensboro.
Christian, Margaret M., '68;

Lynchburg. Va.
Coals, Vicki L., "68, Kannapolis
Cobb, Elizabeth T., "70. Atlanta. Ga.

• Coleman, Bev, '68; Asheville
Comer. Nancv L.. '68; Gastonia
Coitsor. Elizabeth A., '70; Nashville.

Dean, Judith A., '68. Winston-Salem
Dent. Julie A., '68; Charlottesville. Va,
DicosUnzo. Celia M., '68; Rochester.

). Linda L.. '70; Salisbury
Edwards, Ellen M., '68; Wmston-Salem
Ellis. Mary H.. '68; Jacksonville
Erskine, Carol C, '70; Raleigh

9 Eontielle, LauraC. '68; Wilmmgton
Foote.Judv A..'68;Gaslonia
Fort, Jeanb., '68 ; Henderson
Fortune, Peggy J., '70. Toledo. Ohio
Funderburk, Charleen L.. '69; Charlotte
Gardner, Patricia A., '68 ; Wilson
Graham. Mary E., '68 . Augusta. Ga

# Grayson, Linda F.. '68. Durham
Gunsler, Katharine M.. '68; Fori

Gordon. Ga.
Gurkin, Chloe A., "68; Williamston
Guy, Barbara S., '70; Hickory
Hall, Judith A.. '67; Newark, Del
Hanson. Marce E.. '68 ; West Port. Conn
Hatch, Barbara S.. '68 . LaTour de Peilz.

Hawley, Marv C. '68; Palmyra. Pa.

# Ha>, Judy A.. "67; Washington. D. C.
Haywood, Frances D., '68 ; Raleigh
Hinlon, Kathey M., '70; Winslon-Salem
Hicks. Susan L.. '68; Knoxvilte. Tenn
Holler, Frances E., '68; Goldsboro
Hollowell. Lucinda M., "68. Greenville
Hosking. Eileen R.. '68. Irvinglon. N, Y
Houser. Christine C. '68 ; Cherryville

# Howard. Tomee L., '68; Nashville, Tenn.
Huff, Rebecca S., "68; Chapel Hill
Hyman, Carol L., '70; Salisbury
James, Charlotte R., '67 . Hillsborough
James, Martha £.. '68; Wilmington
Johnson. Nettie G., '68 . Fuguary Springs

Johnson. Kathl«

Johnson. Sarah V

I M.. '68. Washington.

# Jones. Sylvia N., '68. Durham
Joyncr. Pamela M.. '68; Baltimore. Mc
Kane. Cynthia L., '70; Mannliassei,

longls.N, Y.
Keen. Eleanor L., '68; Haverford, Pa
Keith. Nancy C. '68. Sanford
KenQedy, Beverly A.. '68; Charlotte
Kincheloe, Ann t., '67 . Raleigh
Kindel, Emily A.. '70. Raleigh

• Kulzke. Ruth N.. '68. Toledo. Ohio
LaFerney. Barbara L., '68. Raleigh

;r, Alice I.. "70; West Palm Bea

Ua, Patricia D.. '67, Greensboro
Link. Rebeccah A., '68. Southern Pit
Lyerh. Margaret L.. 68; Hickory
# McDonald. Sharyn L.. '68 , Raleigh
McFlwaine, Kathleen A.. '70.

McUan. Cameron L.. '68. Lumbert<
McLean, Mary L.. "68. Lumbedon
McNeal, Martha L., '68, Charlotte
Milam, Sherilyn L.. '68 ; States>









H f* 9



f >, ?




• Mort. Kara E.. '68; Jacksonville. Fla
Moseley, Jane S., '70. Goldsboro
Myers, Martha E., "68. Charlotte
Nixon, Josephine W., '70: Miami, Fla.
Noble, Sandra K., '68. Kinsion
Ogburn, Ann M., '70; Baltimore. Md.
Palmer, Elizabeth B., '68; Falls Church,

# Parlee, Linda E., '68; Covington. Ga
Peacock, Beverly, '68; Fremont
Pelgrifl, Kalhryn C, 68; West Hartford,

Pentecost, Polly W.. "68; Scranton, Pa
Perdue, Josephine H.. '68 , Burlington
Phillips, Gloria E., '70, Rohbms
Philpolt. Betty J., '68; Lejimglon

Potter. Mary K.. 68, Wadesboro
Polts. Mary A., '69 . Washmgton
Price, Diane K., '68; Western Springs, ill.

'., Marilyn K., '67; Durham
Reeda, Suzanne J., '70; Charlotte

• Reid. LolaC.,'68;Pineville

Reid. Sandra A., '68. Elizabeth Cily
RenH-o, Johana D., '68; Cullowhec.
Ressegger, Joyce L., '69; Jamestown
Ritchie. Sara C, '68 ; Charlotte
Roberts, Cora S., '68; Laurel Springs
Robertson, Jane L., "68 ; Wilmington,

Rogers, Linda, '68; Lexington

• Rominger, Ina J., '68 ; Wmslon-Salem
Ross. Ellen E., '68, Burlington
Ryals, Virginia R., '68 ; Rocky Mount
Sampson, Cherry L.. '68 ; Alexandria. Va.
Sanders, Cynthia C, '70; Charlotte
Sandlin, Martha E., '68; Fayettevilte
Schenck, Sandra M., "68; Shelby
Schlagel, Elizabeth K., '68 ; Clyde

• Schmulling.ElvaS., '68; Hickory
Schweniz, Carole S., '70; Wilmington
Scripture, Susan J.. '68. Upper St, Clair.

Shellon, Sandra J., '68 . Durham
Shepherd, Kale H.. '70. Pnncelon. N. J.
Sigmon, Mary E., '68. Hickory

• Smith. Linda J.. '70, Oradell.NJ,
Smith. Sandra K., '68; Wtnslon-Salem
Smith. Sarah S.. '68 . Memphis. Tenn.
Snider, Barbara A.. '68 , Clearwater. Fla,
Sowers, Mary C. '68; Wmston-Salem
Spencer, Jean F., '68 . Charlotte
Spiller, Susan M.. '68 ; Chapel Hill
Spivey, Linda L.. '70; Raleigh


Stone, Barbara C. ■70;'High Point
Strieker. Lynne M.. "68. Brevard
Sundbeck, Rikki C. '70. Chapel Hill
Sutton. Sarah R.. '68. Beaumont, Texas
Taxis. Janet A.. '68 . Winslon-Salem
Thomas. Pamela E.. '68 . Burlington

# Thomas, Sarah J., '68; Charlotte
Thompson, Betty E,, "70. Graham
Thompson. Martha G.. "68 , Atlanta. Ga.
Ticc. Kalhryn M., '68, Columbus, Ohio
Ullmann. Paula E., '68; Alexandria, Va.
lllmer. Tana V., '70; Washington. DC.
Upton, Elinor T., '68; Greens Farms,

Van Dorslen, Susan C, '68 ; Wmston-
9 Vaughn. Sarah D.. '68 ; Greensboro
Walcroft. Cherlv L.. '69; Lanham. Md,
Waldman. Jeanne. "68 . Charlottesville.

Walter. Susan E.. '68; Birmingham. Ala.
Ward. Patricia A.. '68, New Bern
Wardlaw. Charlotte D.. '70. Chapel Hill
Watkins. Olivia F.^ '68 ; Henderson
Watson. Susan R., '68, Durham

■. Lucy E.. '68; Bluefield, W, Va.

Whllmire. R. Terri, '68; Gastonia
W hilney, Diana D., '68 ; Chariolle
WiUiams, Marguerite N., '68; Oxford
Williams, Susan M., '68 ; Rockledge. Fla.
Wilson, Elizabeth W., '68, Charleston.

• Woolen, Rachel H., '68; Kinston
Woolton, Linda L.; '68 ; Burhnglon
Wright. Kathleen L.. '68. Washington.

Xepolis, Irene S.. '68; High Point
Yelton, Adona S., '68 ; Shelby
Yellon, Margaret L., '68; Winston-

King College

King College's first full year as a Residence
College may well prove to be its best. The Upper
Quad and Spencer Women's Hall comprise this-
co-educational college at the heart of the Carolina
Campus. In a concerted attack upon the vastness
and impersonality of a rapidly growing university,
the new administration immediately launched the
college newspaper, completed the new social room
in the basement of Mangum, and unraveled a full
schedule of projects and social events for the 1966-
1967 year. The King Cannon was eagerly awaited
as it journeyed from a Massachusetts caster to arrive
just in time for the Dook game. Ruffin, Grimes,
and Mangum quickly renewed their dominance of
the campus intramural scene and a spirit of college
identity was sprouting in the grassless yards of King

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