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Kaemmerlen. Rulh A.. "69; Charlotte
Kahdv, Barbara A., '67; Raleigh
Kannon. Ruth A., "68, Franklinlon
Karlage. Linda M., '70; Upper Darby,

Kearns. Judith A.. '67 ; Slatesville
Keith, Celinu S., '68 ; Holly Spnngs

• Kesler, Phyllis J., '68; Henderson
Kimble. Victoria M., '67 ; Savannah. Ga,
Kiser, Camille M., '68; Dallas
Knedlik, Sheila A., '68. Greensboro
Knoll, Julia C. '68. Durham
Lambelh. Elizabeth B., '68; Raleigh
Landolina, Karen R.. '69. Winston-

Langtton, Eijiel O.. '69; Wagram
#Law, Lynda A., '70; Arlmgton. Va.
Leach, Beverly J., '68; Mt. Airy
Legler. Barbara D., '69; Larchmont,

Leonard, CaroUAnne, '67, Bethesda, Md
Lethco. Helen R., '67; Arlington, Va-
Lewis. Mary S., "67 , N , Wilkesboro
Long, Mary V., '70; Candler

Lowe, Marcia ].. '70. Greensboro
Lynn, Felma R., '68, Kings Mountain
McCray, Kay L.. "68; Hildebran
McDaniel. Pamela A., '68; Fort

Lauderdale, Fla.
McDonald, Susanne, '68 ; Fayctteville
McKeel. Nancy L- '68; Asheboro
McKeithan, Delia D., "70; Pittsburgh, Pa.

• McVicker, Sara Jane, "68 ; Fayctteville
Madans. Mi^orie C, '69; Charlotte
Maerz, Margaret L., "68 ; Westbury

Long Island. N.Y.
Mason, Charlotte A.. "68; Panama City,

Mease. Donna L., '69 . Richlands
Meranski, Alene S., '70; Miami. Fla.
Miller. Elizabeth G., '69; Salisbury
Millspaueh. Judy L., '70; Hickory

• Minton, Kalhryn E., "70. Greensboro
Mitchell, Carolyn A., '67 . Kannapolis
Moore, Elizabeth L., '67; Washington.

Neal. Catherine J., "70; Greensboro
Nicks, Nancy L.. '69; Durham
Nifong. Emily A., '70; Clemmons
Norman. Carole J., "67; High Point
Oldham, Betty M., '68; Greensboro
O'Keef, Sallie C. '70; Raleigh
Owings, Barbara C, '67; Greensboro

• Page, Linda L., '70; Staiesvitle
Partin. Lois K.. '68; Raleigh
Pearson, Rebecca S., '68; Wilkesboro
Phelps, Frances N., '68; Warrenlon. Va.
Pierce, Carol A., '68. Charlotte

Pitt, Olivia J., '69; Rocky Mount
Porter.SusanK., "67; Miami. Fla
Privetle.Shirley'P.. "70; Statcsville

• Pugh, Elizabeth R., '68. Randleman
Rankin, Nancy N., '67; High Point
Ratchford. Bonnie K., '70; Gastonia
Ray, Linda J., '68 ; Robbins
Reavis, Judith C, '68 ; Mocksvillc
Reese. Elizabeth A., '70; Winston-Salem
Reifsnider. Donna L., '68; Winsion-

Reynolds. Patricia J., '70; Raleigh

• Rhodes, Barbara A.,'''69; Mebane
Riggins, Barbara E., '69; Raleigh
Roberts. Jean A.. '70; Raleigh
Robinson, Carol S., "70; Asheville
Robinson, F„^U S., '68; Wnghtsville

Robinson, Kathryn E., "68, Mutfreesboro
Rogers, Erancina M., '69, West Asheville
Rogers. Judith D.. '68 . Launnburg

L- hundred thiny-oni


^ fn ft ^

'Of ^^^*

f c> ^ ^ ^

^ ^ ^

• Rowe, Bcvcriy E.. "70; Hickory
Rybka. Judith C. "69; Raleigh
Sadler, Doreeda J., '70; Lexington
Sawyer, Nancy C, '68 . Arlington. Va.
Savre, Sally £., '69; Jarvisburg
Schilke. Joyce M., '70; West Hartford.

• Schiller. Marv S.. '68 . RaJeigh
Sedlaceil. Cherii L., '67, Charleston. S.C.
Sevmour. Margaret D.. '68; Raleigh
Short, Margaret B., '69; Morven
Smile\, Jo>ce \.. "70. Henderson
Smith. Charlotte J., '67 ; CharloIIe
Smith. Kathryn H., '69. kiplmg

Mar\ A., '68. Burlington

k Tart, Virginia G., '69; Dunn
Ta>lor, Carolyn S.. "68 ; Winston-Salem
league, Mar> G..'67; Fayetleville
Terre*. Miriam L., "68 ; Charlotte
Thomas. Luc> A.. '70; Wendell
Thomas, Susan J.. '67; Elizabeth City
Thompson, Elaine D., '69; Graham
Thompson, Linda F.. '67; Hallsboro

¥ Trowbridge. Joanne, '70; Raleigh
Naughn. AnnC, '67; Maryvilte. Tenn.
\ ick. Barbara R., "68 ; Lucama
W alker, PhyllU D.. '70: Tryon
V. alker, Sharon E.. "70. Morganton
Waring, Linda M.. '67 ; Greensboro




t While. Ruth D.. '69; Enfield
Wille>.Su&an A.. '67, Pittsburgh, Pa
Williams, Karen L„ 69. Silver Spnng.

Williams, Marjorie M.. 70; Raleigh
Willis, Barbara A., '67 . Lincolnton
Wolfe. Karen E.. "70. Goldsboro
Womble, Marj O.. '67 ; Wagram
Worthinglon, Donna L.. '68; Wmston-


# W>ndham, Deborah D.. '70; Orangeburg.
"S, C
Young, Miranda E., '69. Charlotte
Ziglar, .Mary E., "70; Madison



SCOTT COLLEGE SENATE — L TO R: Henderson, Atkisson, Blackburn,
Kropelniki, Stout, Funderburke, Taylor, Preston, Nanney, Denning, Block, San-
ford, Tanger, Matus, Nebbish, Johnson, D. H. Taylor, Lee, Catbey.

College days are made of both the tangible and
intangible. Scott College, in its first full year of
existence, provided both rooms for its residents —
and an air of friendship and fellowship. Scott Col-
lege tossed away the myth that a dormitory is only
walls and hard beds. Instead, our residence college
was a site of intellectual pursuit, social functions,
and friendly gatherings.

Maybe it was the free juke-box, or the TV set,
or the bull-sessions, or Maurice Williams and the
Zodiacs. Perhaps what held us together was our
newspaper or radio station. Maybe our legislative

We are freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors,
grads. Some of us have been living in what is now
Scott College for five years. All of us remember
the football passed around in the back, or the
dances we had, the quiet hours — and the not-so-
quiet hours. Little things, big things. It went beyond
four walls and a bed — because we enjoy living
in Scott College.

EXECUTIVE OFFICERS OF SCOTT COLLEGE, L TO R: Dave Leonard, Sec: Clark Brewer, ColleRemaster; Jerry Stockton, Treas.; Joe
White, Social Lt. Gov.; Bob Farris, Governor; Bill Christian, Acad. Lt. Gov.; John Dickson, Speaker.

Our Governor


(SENATORS): David PrestioD, Van Denning,
Steve Tanger, Dan Funderburk

rocketed to new heights of activity and
radiated cooperation and energy this year. The
Hay Ride was a real blast. Everyone got a bang out of the Sex-
Bowl with Alderman-Mclver and relished the subsequent seminar with the
UNC marriage counselor. Dean Smith previewed the basketball season and
other sports personalities appeared periodically. For the humanitarians
Avery featured a Peace Corps speaker. ( No one joined) Reverend Cansler
shed light on the "God is Dead" philosophy and was a frequent and much
welcomed visitor. Tournaments and contests whirled about intermittently and
were very well received. The big payload was launched in the form of an
inter-Avery newspaper. The Onlooker. The Dean of Men"s office hailed the

publication as being "a fine newspaper in the tradition of Avery House."
The launching of Avery's spring film forum was no bomb either. The "astro-
jocks" dominated the intramural scene with a track championship, a fourth
in several other areas. Expectations are high for a place in the top three dorms.
The social orbit, when the fellows weren't off getting waylaid, was well
made. Mixers and a Valentine's bash that would have put cupid out of
business were standouts. Project supervisors were Rusty Taylor,
Mel Wright, Jim Hugenschmidt. and Wane Cannedy.
D. H. Taylor was our pilot; Ric Daughtry
co-pilot; David Preston navigator;
Bill Pittman in charge
of fuel and a cast
of thousands.
(Would you
year was a
full-phased success
and, except for the radioacademic failout, a totally enjoyable explosion.

D. H. Taylor — Pres.

(SENATORS): Bill Calhey, Dan Johnston, Pal Nanncy, John Block


(OFFICERS:) L TO R: J. D. Henderson (V. P.), Dairy Del
CoiTO (Pres.), Dave Leonard (Sec), Gardner Altman (Intra.


Distinguished campus authorities will always
remember the 1966-67 academic year as the Year
of Parker. For the factual-minded, Parker was voted
not only the Best Dorm and Most Improved Dorm
on Campus, but at mid-year had placed in the top
ten dorms in intramurals (tenth place). Parker's
numerous and orgiastic juke box and combo parties
enabled our dorin with Scott College to surpass all
fraternity recreational activity. However, sorority
efforts outclassed Parker in every field.

One particular "coke" party featuring the spectac-
ular "Aqualads" witnessed a huge turnout. It was
termed an "overwhelming success." One high Ad-
ministration official even allegedly admonished sev-
eral students for "corruptive practices."

Providing thrusts and great efforts in Parker's
development and prominence, in addition to our
officers, were able and capable freshmen such as
James Smith. Scotty McCullough and Tommy Far-
ris. The lush Miss Mary Ray, Parker's sweetheart,
will undoubtedly be remembered well by all of our
men. Of course. Miss Ray reigns from the beautiful,
fair city of Fayetteville.



The amazing Spiderman kicks off another year for
the Teague Dugs . . . Relative leadership at the ZOO
under Lee, Bauguess, Stockton, and Smith . . . While
on the rest of our tour we watch as Harper becomes
Mr. T. V. Guide . . . Who's got a copy of Eros? . . .
Is the black cat in 227 really Susan? . . . Freshmen
lower land value . . . Maurice swings from the balcony
under direction of Nance . . . 2-8 season overworks
bartenders . . . Hey, Al, how about a free Ginger Ale?
. . . Beaver, carry this keg . . . Gayle, honey, you're
beautiful . . . Photographer doesn't show — run out to
Farm Fresh . . .

For sex and fun at the ZOO: Hey, Patty, that's
holding . . . Maggie corners ref . . . Watch the bikes
hit the wire, every Friday night at 12 . . . Talleybird,
stick to little Washington . . . White to be a booking
agent? . . . Who gets older between Eastgate and Pitts-
boro? . . . Stratford, Averett, WC, Burlington pool-
room — what a day! . . . Dickson surfs every TThS
at 9, room 232 . . . See the lAs . . . Taylor drinks,
Taylor barfs . . . What are you doing on the third
floor, lady? . . . Oh, sorry . . . Poker forces Lenoir
Hall diets . . . Two cars, Tom? . . . Will the year ever
end? . . . Will we ever make it back? . . . What's wrong
with Da Nang anyway? . . . Skol.





r^^T' ^T^^'^?^



1 ^m 4_i^ - fm






L TO R: Jerry Stockton (Ireas.), Tom Lee (Pres.), Bernie Baugess
(V. P,), Al Smith (Sec).


(fll ((^ f%

f .1. n

• Atkinson. Charlotte H.. '6K . Raleigh
Bagwell. Erna J- ^9 , Gasloma
Bedell. Louisa G.. >.S. Jacksonville. Fla.
Burleson, Carol J., "67 , Ashevitle
Carr, Johnnye C, 68 . Rose Hill
Christopher, Carol J.. >.8; Griflon
Colten. Wendy M.. "68; Waban, Mass,

9 Cummings, Brenda C, '67; Guilford

Daugherly, Marv R., '69; China Grove
Dixon. Sherlynn A., "70; Gaslonia
Dvkes, Andrea C, "67 ; New York.

Flenniken. Carol C. '67 . Charlotte
Flood. Nancy H.. '68; Elizabeth City
Florick, Linda C, '69; Hockessin. Del.
Funk, Harriet C, '68; Wilmington, Del.

• Gilky. Marlene A., "67 ; Jacksonvjjle
Godley. Maggie B., "69; Aurora
Gribble, Anne F.. "68; Charlotte
(;«in. Kathryn M.. '69; Hickory
Hall. Carolyn L., '68; Augusta. Ga
Hall, Lloyd A.. '68; Raleigh
a M., "68; Augusta. Ga,

Hasl>, Anne B., '69; Hickory
Hawes, Peggy A., '68; Charlotte
Hicks. Davie J., '69. Raleigh
Hubbard. Lynnette G.. "69 ; Rocky

Jenkins. Anne C. '67; Edenlon
Justice, Mary E., '67; Davidson
Keen, Alice E.. '67; Lake Wales. Fla.
• King. Mary J., '68; Reidsville

Kipps, Ann M.. '67 ; Blacksburg. Va.
Lamm, Kerry L., '67. Bailey
Langston, Mary V., '67 . Winlerville
Latham, Jancl E., '67; Greensboro
Lumsden. Kalherine T., '69 , Raleigh
McArthur. Mary E., '67; Laurinburg
McClendoii, Barbara L., '67;



• McDowell, Susan R.. '67 ; Columbia, S. C.
Mclntyre, Marie K., '69; Charlotte
McKenzie, Carolyn H., '67 ; Burlington
MacRae, Mary L.. "67 ; Charlotte
Merrilt, Nancy E., '68; Mounl Airy
Newby. Mary L., '69; Hertford
O'Neal. Judy, '68; Durham
Price, Doris J., '67 ; Smithfield

Reignwater, Nancy McK., "67 , Salisbury
Robinson. Jan W., '67 , Charlotte
Rogers, Beverly A., '67; Creedmoor
Rudisil), Betty R., '67; Lincolnton
Schell, Joan E., '68; Asheville
Schwinlzer, Iris. '67; Bumsville

Short, Marietta, "68; Henderson
Sleelman, Nancy R., '67 ; Asheville
Surratt. Sherry L., "67 ; Charlotte
Taylor, Nancy E., '69; Raleigh
Thompson, Ellen D., '67; Durham
Toy, Sarah D., "68 ; Charlotte

• Trotman,Bambi,'68;Winslon-Salem
Vance, Donna K., '69; Walkertown
Ward, Nancv R., "69; Rose Hill
Warlick, Ann E., '67 ; Granite Falls
Wells, Kathleen M., '68; Chapel Hill
Alexander, Thomas A., '69; Kinston
Allen, Danny R.. "69; Smithfield

• Anderson, HI, Esley O., 70; Charlotte
Angell, Charles M., '68; Miami. Fla.
Argo, Steven F., '69; Kannapolis
Austin, Lawrence B., '69; Lewiston
Barnes, Michael H., '70; Durham
Bennett. Wayne M., "67; Columbia, S,C,
Bentley, Edward R.. '70; Taylorsville
Block, Jr., Michael J., '68 ; Mt Pleasant

• Bradv, Jr., Gordon L.,'67; Ramseur
BradV, Robert A., '70; Laurinburg
Brady. William E., '69; Laurinburg



Brown, Boyd M., '70; Moorehead City
Brown, Joel M.. '69; Vaidese
Buchanan, Jr., William H., '68 ; Raleigh
BuUard, HI. Richard L.. '69; High Point
Bunch, Robert E., '70, Lewiston

I, Lynn p., "70; Albemarle
Butz, Sidney T., "70; Charlotte
Cannady, Jerry W.. '67 ; Clinton
Cathey, William L., '69; Gasloma
Causey, Jr., William M., '68 . Greensboro
Chamberlain, James D., '69; Mooresville
Chambers, Ludwell L., '70. Charlotte
t Cheatham, Ronald M„ '68 ;Tfanklinton
Clegg, Jr., Aubrey L., '68 ; Greensboro
Coleman, Richard C, '68 . Silver Spnng.



li.£iju.i ^

Correll. James M., 69. Lenoir
Couch. John W.. "68; Arden
Curtis, David L., '69; Mooresville
Dark, William S., "70; Bear Creek
# Daughlry, Jr.. Richard F.. '68;
Davis, Richard E., '69; Winston-Salcn
Denton. Jimmie G.. '70; Washington
Donnelly, Jr., John F., '70; Slaiesville
Eason, HI. Will W., '70. Rocky Moun
Evans, Larry M., *68, Lexington
Ferguson, Robert H., '70; Kinslon

French, Kerry R.. 70. High Poinl
Friedman. Dennis M.. '68 ; Raleigh
Fuller. Stephen W.. '70; Sahsbury

Gatewood, Jr., Thomas E.. '68 ; Raleigh
Gauntletl, Thomas R.. '67 ; Dallas, Pa
Gentry. Donald R.. '68; Winslon-Salem
Gordon. Laurence M., '70: Bethesda.

f f f jl *

^^1^. ^.^ ^ttk. ^Bi^^

C" ^ C^ '^ ^ ^ j^

'-' J^^ yv^ ^^P T^ W^f

Hanna. Leiand S.. '68. Hickory
Harkev. Larr> P., '70, ChartoHe
Harrison, Jr.. Cecil W.. 69; New Bern
Harl.Jr., Joesph J., '68, Young^ille
Harlle>.Gar\M., '70: Hudson
Har\e>, III. thomas H., "70; KinMon

• Haskell, Rair F.. '68 : Chapel Hill
Ha>Hood. Robert A., '67; Durham
Hickman. Jr.. Bain M.. "70; Hudson
High. Sandv R., '69. Sanford
Hinnant, Jr., Jesse R., '68; Wendell
Holden, David A., '69; ShalloIIe
Holland, Charles W., "69; Durham
Hugenschmidl, James I., '67 ;

Canandaigua, N.Y.

• Hurst. Richard S.. '68; Greensboro
H>man. Jr., Robert E., "69; Lewision
Ingold. Kenneth J.. '70; Burlington
Jackson, HI. Gilbert H.. '70; Beaufort
Johnson, MarkS.. '70; Laurinburg
Johnson, Vann S., '69; Rose Hitl
Johnston, Daniel R., '^9. Asheville

^ ^ <Pi ft p ft ,o

Kelley , John S.. "70; Whileville
Kelly. David R., '70; Valdese
Kessell, Frederick C, '70; Gaslo
King. Harold L., '68; Hickory

B., '69; Ml A
Lewis, Robert F., '67 ; Washingtoi
Link, Philip A.. "70; Reidsville
Lillle, David J.. "69 : I mcolnlon

Little. Fdgar W .. ■h\ Gihor^vilk
Little. Jr.. Ri.Kri \.. h'i , | ,rKolr

V P ^ O: f ' P

JiM ^Jk Jk^ ^A Ji^J^.^


Long. Johnny P.. (>4, Mi
Lundav , Michael T., 'U9 .
Malone, John E., '68, Co
Manning, Samuel J.,

Marshall, Samuel H., "7(1; WinMon-
l Mavnard. William R., '70, Guillord

Moe, Donald M, '■ hu">klwi,N
Monlenvohl, \ iclor I., 7ii, Aiken
Moore, jr., George \V.. bS. Conovt
Murphv.Ted R.. 69; Hickory
Murrav. Danny R., '70; Asheville
Nanne). Patrick D., '69; Spindale
Nealeans. Alan V.. 69; High Pom!
Norris, Richard D.. '70; Raleigh
Oaklev. William M., '68; Durham
Overman, Michael, '70. Canton
Pamplin, Robert B.. '68. Reidsvillc
Paschal, Edgar V.. ^O. Durham

i.% ft ^ O ft O |K>.

ji £^£ rjiL fji f* ■

Reese, Norman t , <■' K. '.nu-k,' Rapid
Rickelton.Dan.i K., ir t liiilotlc
Ricketts, HI. Thomas C. 71); Rahmon


Roach, Timothy F., 68; Mooresville

• Roberts, Jr., Frank T., 70. Ml tiilead

Robinette, Jr.. John C. "68, Hickory

Rogers. Randall D., '68; Indianapolis,

Roughton, William P., "68; Winston-
Rule. William S.. "69; Winslon-Salem
Sams, IIL Waller A., "68; Athens, Ga
Sandlin, Jr.. Leon J., '70. Lavetleville
Sheeham.JohnP., ■69,J[iLksonville
Shipman, Bovci

Spratt, IH. Robert G., '70
Tanger. Steven B.. '70; Gr
league. Bruce J. .'68; Hic
Thompson, Benjamin E., 67. Aui

69; Rulhcrfordloi

"70, Valdese
London, kv









Mclver^^ fP

















f> ?












1 f>
























» Wa\, Bradv f., "68; Beaufon
Way, John E., '69, Beaufon
Weikel, Timothy J., "70, Greensboro
Whisnanl, William H., 69; Siler City
White, Robert A., "70; Falls Church. Va
Whitehurst, Lee A.. "69: Greenville
Williams, James B.. '70; Concord
Wilson, Richard W., "70. Chartoile

N ellnn. Jr., RIane W ., 'hi ; Forest Ci
Atkins, Jiid> C..'69; Durham
Babenco, Alicia S., >>8 , C harlolte
Barnum, Carol M., '68, Atlanta. Ga.

Batten. Melody L.. '69; Griflon
Beaslev, Cora A.. "68; Nelson
Beilh. Lorraine R.. 67 ; Southern Pines
Bishop, Pamela M.. 67; Powells Point
Bowden, Kmily R.. '68, Gastoma
Brooke, Martha L., '68. Atlanta. Ga.
Brownridge, Barbara A., "68 . Charlotte
Buchanan, Sally A.. '68; Wendell
• Bunce. Madge, '6S; Fayelleville

Burwell, Margaret E., '68; Henderson
Bush, Priscilla J., '67 ; Barium Spnngs
Caldwell, Sally L., '68 ; Lumberlon
Calhoun, Elizabeth C, '6 1 ; Augusta. Ga,

Carrington, Elizabeth R.. '67; Aberdeen

Fields, Charlotte E., "68; Rocky Mount
Elynn, Frances B„ '68; Garland
Foreman, Lorelta F.. '67; Washington
French. Sallie B., '68; Greensboro

# Funderburk, Betty D., '67; Aberdeen
Furr, Dianne M., '68; Concord
Gallimore, Dianne O., '68 ; Greensboro
Coins, Carolyn, '68; Robersonville
Grav, Betty J.. '67; Dover
Greene, Mary W.. '68; Beaufort. S. C.

• Harriss, Diana B., '68; Wilson
Hart, Lynnie D.. "69, Kinston
Hill, Susan E., '69; Fayetteville
Hill. Susan G., '68; High Point
Hines. Lenora I., '68; Hillsborough
Hough, Sara C, '68; Charlotte
Hughes, Patricia E., '68; Albany, Ga,
Hundley, Martha S., '68; Arlington. Va.

• Hyde, Mary D., '68; Candler
Jackson, Janie I-., '67; Greenville
Kayler, Susan C. "67 ; Durham
Kearney, Marcia J., '68 ; Charlotte
Keleher, Megan M., '68; Asheville
Levitt, Libbie R., '68; Charlotte
Lougee, Linda M., '68; Durham
McCullough, Sharon A.. '68; Hickory

Mendenhall, Carol A., "67 ; Joi
Millsaps, Carol R., '67; Statesville
Mitchell, Treva A„ '67 . Spring Hope
Morris, Malvary DeL.. '67; Asheville
Morris, Mary A.. '67; Morehead City
Morris, Susan C, '67 ; Durham

» Noll. Judith A.. 68. Charlolle
Norlh, Florence F., '68; Greensboro
Palmer, Margaret L., '67 , Crossnore
Price. Betsey J.. '67; High Pomt

% ScharfT. Charlotte G., "67. Chesapeake.

Smith, LilonaM., '68; Win
Smith. Linda A,, '68; Morganto
Smith, Sally A., '67. Asheville

^ Thurlnw, Jane S., '68; Raleigh
^ Verduin, Elizabeth T., '67. Ashevill
Warmsn. Barbara D.. 68; Boone
Whilaker, Judith G.. '67 . Durham
Wilkins. Mary S.. '68 , 1 umberlon
Wonsavage. Carol G.. '68 ; Winston-

Auman. Jnhnn* K., 'h^, Ashebon
Badger. David R., h^. (. harlotte
Balcom. Stephen V.. '68. Coronat

Benson. John H., '68 ; Ashcboro

• Blackburn. James B., '69. Lincotnton
Blumenthal. Alan. '69. ( harkitle
Bowling, Thoma.s B., hK , Durham
Bradley, traig MacD.. 67, Wmgate
Brown. W illiam H., 70; Kobcrsonville
Caligan. William J.. '68. Wadesboro
Carroll, Kenneth P., '70; Wilmington
Casper, Richard V.. '70; Mt, Pleasant

^Cla\, William L., 'f)8, Lenoir
Cliiie. Darwin E., '70; Newion
Cline, Richard L.. C.7 : Conovcr
Cloniger. David S.. "70; Thorn


Ted A.. '70; Winslon-Salem

Johiin> M., "67 ; Durham

^ ^^ # Delbridge. III. James A.. '70: Rocky

Elliott. III. Frederick B.. '67. LufVir

Farabee. Michael I... '67; High Point
Farris, Thomas J., "70. Wjhon
Reming, III. Van C, "69; Greenville
# Fuller. Jr.. Donald R.. '70, Lumherlon
Gilmore, Frank R.. '69; Durham
Gresham. John T., 70; Warsaw
Griendling. Robert J.. 70; Nonhfield.

Harrell. III. Clarence B.. '68. Elizabeth

Harrington, Thomas M., '69 ; Sanford




# HefTner, Thomas H., '70; Glen Alpine
Henderson. John P.. "69; Wtlliamslon
Highsmith, % ance R.. '68; Robersonville
Hohfield. Paul A.. "69, Ml Air>

John E.. '70. Wishmglon. DC.
cutt. Bobb> T.. "70. Slanfield
Jackson, Robert E., '67, Durham
Kelh. Michael W.. 68; Carlisle. Pa,
Mian. Richard W.. '67; Jacksonville.
Kincaid. Philip W.. "70; Lenoir
Klein, Richard A., '68; Matthews
Lawson. Jr.. Robert E., '69; Winston-
Leonard. Charles D.. 68 : Lincolnion
Uwis, Charles C, '68 ; Slatesville
Liles. Robert E.. '69; Rocky Mount
Lipscomb, T. Walker, '68; Asheville

■ Mars! "'

McNeill. George V,. '68; Lumherton
Melvin, Roy M., "70; Reidsville
Morehead, IV. John M., "68; Charlotte
Mosteller. Robert P.. "70; Vale
Nash, David A., '67. Charlotte
Page. Joseph F.. "70; Roanoke Rapids

• Phillips. Donald D., '70; Fayelteville
Phillips, Kenneth G.. '69; Slier Cilv
Pierce. David O.. '70. Cary

Pinnix. III. John M., 69: Kemersville
PitLs, Kenneth W.. 70: Glen Alpine
Pope. John H.. "70; Greensboro
Powell, Jr.. Benjamin E., '68:

Raper. Vann C. "70; Lexington
Raymer. Jr., Edward E.. '69; Winston-

Rogers, James K.. '70; Hockessin. I
Roseman. John T., '69; Lincolnion
Royster, Bobby D..'68: Lawndale
Scarlett, William F., '68: Mebane
Schmidt. Fredrick N., '68: Sea Girt,
Schrneder. David P.. "70: Mansfield

Barrv V..'67; Hort-sl Hil

Richard C, '69: Gold Hiil
Marshall A.. '69. Raleigh
r., John C, '69. Charlotte
Sluhr. Dawd C. "69. Wmsion-Salem
Temple. Jr.. George H., '70, Zcbulon
Terr>, Jr., James W,. "70. Rockingharr
# Thompson, Roger K., 70: Albemarle

Thorndike, Jr.. James A.,

William E., '68: Golds!
Gerald R.. "70: Tayloi



ilborn. Jr.. Shanks M.. "70, South

•ough. David B.. 70. Fayellcvi
Adair. Steven M., "70: Greensboro
\lbright. II. Cecil R., '67; Washingloi

w^^ ^'^S-^^,


1 A.. '70, Fore Bragg

f^JLt 11 P^

Beasley. Charles B..

Bernstein. Norman D.. '69. Vineland.

Bieber. Peter S.. '69; Fort Myers, Fla,
Blair. Jr.. F^ward H., '68: Lenoir
Blair, Robert J.. '68. Lenoir


I Hrandenburg, Knberl A., 'M. Burlmgtoi
Breedon, Rubvrt J., >>8. Greensboro
Brinson. Benjamin T., '70; Belhaven
<n. Josvph F.. '69. Reidsville

Carlisle, Sam Q., "70. Tarboro
Cale. Jr.. Waller R.. '70; Reidsville
Cales, III, Nady M.. "69. Winston-Sal
Cathey. Thomas N.. '67 ; Cullowhee
Chambers.JamesH., '68; Reidsville
Childs, Paul J., '68; Wadesboro
Cook, Mark E.. "70; Albemarle
Coslner, Elbert S.. '69; Shelby

Creech. Larr> H.. '68; High Point
Crouch, Fred P.. '70; Winslon-Salem
Crowno^er, William W.. "70. Asheville
Daughtr\, Joseph C'd'*; Durham
Davi-i. Frank E.. h**. Griflon
Elliot.Jr..JohnI)., '70,CharloIle
Elrod, Thomas L., '70. Charlotte
Epting, Robert L.,'67. High Point
Evans. DeLyle M., "69; Wintervtlle
Earb. Robert L., '68; Livingston. N. J.
Eearrington, William E.. '70; Winston-
Furr, Jr.. Rov W.. '70; Concord
Gardner, Jr., Jake A.. '70; Reidsville
Calewood, Charles W., '68 . Asheville
Glenn. Robert M.. "69. Charlotte
Goodwin. Barr\ M., ■69. Durham

• Graham. Jr.. \> illiam V., "70; Belhesda.

Gross. Michael R.. '67; Greensboro
Grubb. Fov E.. '70; Durham
Haigh, Eugene N.. "70; Fayetteville
Hargetl, Hugh F., "68; Richlands
Harris. Thomas B., "68; Mebane
Hill. IV. Horace F., '70; Charlotte
Holt, Kenneth D.. "70; Siler City

• Howard, Robert, "70; Tarboro
Hudgins, Donald G., '69; Charlotte
Jackson, Jr., Willard B., "70; Tarboro
Jilcott. III. Rupert W., '70; Roxobel

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