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Jones, Charles J., "69; Greensboro
Jones. Elmer W.. "68; Wmsion-Salem
Kati, William H.. "70; West Point. N. Y
Keaton. Mark H., '68 ; Winston-Salem

• Kimel. Jr.. Horace M.. '70; Winslon-

• Manning, Jr.. John T., f^X. Greensboro
Marle\,Dann\ E.. '711, Silcr City
Martin. Frederick P., '7(1; Cary
Matus.II.'Theodore P., '69. Cullowhee
McDaniel. Nelson B.. '67; New Bern
Mclnnis. Daniel A., '69; Fayetteville
McRorie, Charles W.. '68 ; Bostic
Murray, Frederick C. '70; Reidsville

• Northrop, Robert V.. '70; Charlotte
Oaklev. Charles L., '68; Mebane
Odom. Robert W.. '67; Ahoskie
Grander. Stephen C, "69; Durham
Osborne. Robert L., '68; Greensboro
Owens, John M., '70; Tarboro
Pace, Charles B., '69; Grifton
Parker, John R., '70; Murfreesboro

• Patterson. Robert D.. '69; Shelby
Pavne, Ronald D., '69; Taylorsvillc
Pressley. Stephen J., '70; Canton
Reel, William R., '68. New Bern
Ritchie, Lewis R., '69; Concord
Robertson. Jr.. Francis D.. "68; Wilson

Sheridan. John K., '70; Anders
Sikes, Jr.. Charles H., "70; Greensboro
Smith, Alan V,, 'fiK. Kcrncrsville
Smiih.John W.. 70 () haiion.lll.
Smith. Ktnmth M.. '711. ( harlotte
Spillman. Ra> \.. hH , W inston-Salem

• Slao , John N.. '68 . Boone

Stall'ings, Ernest W., '68 ; Caslalia
Stanley, Robert B., '70. Winston-Salem
Stockton, Jerry C, '68 ; Winston-Saiem
Tallev. Ill, Thomas J., '68; Washington
Taylor, Jr.. Benjamin L.. '69;

Philadelphia, Pa,
Taylor. John C, '70; Greensboro
Thompson, Harvey K.. '68; Deep Run

•Turner. Gary L., '68; High Point
Tyner, Benson L.. '69; Burnsville
Vogler, Ronald H., "68 ; Advance
Walsh, Steve M., '68; North

Wall. David H., 69. Greensboro
Williams. Richard B.. '67; Durham
Wilson, William M.. '70. Wilmington
Winfrey, Ronald E., '68. Winston-Salem

• Wright. Ill, John R., "67 : Jarvisburg
Wrighl.SlephenC. '70; Winston-Salem
Yarbrough. III. Edwin S.. '69; Durham
Yates, Charles H., "68; Fayetteville
Young, Charles A.. '70. Wilminglon
Zachary, Wayne B., '67 . Brevard


OFFICERS: I, TO R (FRONT RO« ): Houston Tucker
(Sec), George Ishemood (Sen.t, Miles Milhelm (Gov.),
Sieve Savilz (Speaker of Senate). (BACK ROW) L TO R:
Frank Green (Sen.). Bud Matthews (Soc. LI. Gov.), An-
drew .Mackie (Treas.).

::^^>'^fsmr :

The Word lo be heard —

ADX is a tradition among traditions.
We managed to have our usual annual
awards — many flames, but no clusters.
A Soul Brother Keg Party soon followed.
How sweet it is. The first "Grit" was a big
success in South Building. Mr. Clean put
the bad-mouth on Barney. We blew it out
this fall as our drunken Snoopy attested
that Happiness is Homecoming. For our
Beat Dook Parade float we planned to
"Dump on Dook."

On nice days we had the Sex Bowl; on
rainy ones, the Mud Bowl. As warmer
weather rolled around. Alexander Beach
was covered with our gross, semi-nude
bods, and the surf was up at the Alexander
Curl. Our Poobahs make the big-time once
again, and the Brown Growler out-roared
the Toothless Wonder in four straight Fru-
bar Contests. Ed Pierce, Original Soul
Brother #1. checks in every now and then
to see if there have been any good frisbee
trips lately.

Everyday occurrences were our 3:00
AM poker games, a trash can or two down
the hall, T. V. Seminar, reminding Winston
that we're still over here thinking about
them, the 10:55 train pulling out for the
Circus Room, soapy moons and red eyes.

All the special garbage and even the
regular trash we did were actually great.
ADX will be no more, though. We'll miss
the brotherhood of Poobahs, but we can
still say for it — ALLA-KA-ZIZ! ALLA-

"THE BIG BRASS"- Center -Barne\ Kimel (Editon;
Quarterback -Bill Moore (President): Right Halfback-
Robin O'Bryan (Vice Pres.l; Left Halfback-Eon Wether-
bee (Sec.-Treas.).


LKFI TO RIGHT: Larn Kooniz, Senator: Ron Warren, Senator; Holland Millis, Vice President; Ken Barnes, President; Bill Day, Social
Chairman: Steve Rusmisell, Senator; Walter Schcll, Senator; Wayne Justesen, LI. Governor.



Within the walls that once held the Joyner spirits,
within the halls that once held the Joyner fashions,
within the stalls that once held the Joyner move-
ments, let not a maiden pass.

The year '66-"67 could not have been better.
Homecoming brought Best Dorm Display to Joyner
for its 30 ft. high RAMESES saying. "There's no
Deac like a beat Deac." Joyner was the talk of the
Beat Dock Parade with its float, "Go to Helms,
Dook." Christmas spirits flowed in and from every
Joyner resident. Our lovely Carroll Pagan was more
than a peach to us.

We end our year with a last request: Girls, rever
the Joyner Jocks as Mae West did her men — "It's
not the men in your lives that count, it's the life
in your men." Now we take our walks to South





IP \


The long walk from South Campus


(2) 1^.

• Ballle. Jr.. Isaac A., '68 . Gatesvill
Bell, Robert D., '70; Atlanta, Ga.
Best, Talbol, S.. '70; Morganton
Beusse, Donnie R.. '69; Thomasvi
Bovette. Rodney D., '68 ; Raleigh
Bratlon, John R-. '70: Raleigh

• Bridgers, Frederick B., '70; Elm (
Brown, Mac H., '69; Chapel Hill
Byrd. Richard G., '69; Brevard
Caldroney, Thomas L., '70; Newp

News, Va,

CofTield, III.OriisR., '(

Rutherford Ion
Davis, Willis M., '70; Wilmington
t Detse. Roger Michael, '68 , Caroleen
"VIeol.r - ■'"



Dibbert, Douglas S., '70; Fayelteville
Dunajick, Waller L., '70; Wilmington
Garner, Jr., Prenliss M., '69; Ne
Gee, Timothy W., '70; Gastonia
Gould, Robert G.. '69. Newpon
• Gram, Ben P., '69. Franklin
Greene. Stephen S., 70. Lenoir
Hackne\, William R., '70. Charlotte
Hahn. Linwood A., '70; Greenville
Hale, James T., '70; Greenville
Henderson. Richard E. L., '67 ; Mebane
Herndon. Timothy W., '70; Lumberlon

Kale, James E., '70; Lir

Kimel, Larry L.. '67; Wmslon-Salem

Knollman. Jr., Paul E., '70, Kensington.

Lawrence, Jr., George E.. "70.

Leeper. David F„ '67; Greensboro

• Linkous, III, Harry A., '67; Macon. Ga.
Love, Douglas L., '70; Oakboro
Lovelte, Jr., James F., '68 . Lillinglon
Mackie, Andrew L.. '69, Yadkinvillc
MacNair, Jr.. Colin. 70; Raleigh
Martin. Jr., George D., '69; Baltimore.

Massey, Guy B., '70; Zebulon
Matthews, III, ClifTord H.. '69. Rome.


• Mayo, David H., '68 ; Raleigh

Mays, David C, '68; Calhoun Falls, S. C-
McGaughe>, Frank S., "70; Atlanta, Ga.
McKellar, jr., William E., '70; Clarkton
McKinnish, Rock C, '69; Brevard
Mitchell, Leslie R., '68 ; Walkertown
Mitchell, William G. C, '69. Raleigh
Montgomery, Jr., Harry H,. '70; Raleigh

• Moore, III, Joseph C. '70; Raleigh
Moore, Kenneth R.. '70. Lenoir
Moore, Jr.. William B., '67; ReidsviUe
Moore. William N., '70; Mullica Hill.

MoreUi, Frederick T.. '69 . Winston-

Newell. Lanning R.. '70; Oradeil. N J,
Nichols. John R., '70; Old Fort
O'Bryan, III, Robert C, 67 ;

Pollocks ville

• Pell, Ronald C. '68 . Thomasville
Phillips. Roy D., '69; Roanoke Rapids
Roberts, Luther C, '70; Greenville
Robertson, James R., '67; Burlington
Sanders. Clyde D., '70; Franklin
Saviu. Stephen T., '69; Columbia. S. C.
Shivar, Jr.. WiUiam H., '69; Newport


Spencer, Ross D., '67; Hendersonville
Stephens, Ronald L., '67; Durham
Stephenson. Jr., Gilbert D.. '70;

Strickland, Ronald R., '69; Lumberton
Teeter, Donald R., 70; Albemarle
Thompson. Elgin S.. '70; Chesapeake,

Timmons, Michael L., '68, Towson. Md.

• Tucker, James H.. '70. Greenville
Tuttle, HI, Reuben G.. '67; Winston

Viverette, Jr., Eugene A., "67 ; Rocky

Warren, Michael C, 69. Morehcad City
Weed, Frank C, 70; Columbia, S, C
Welborn, William M.. '69; Winston-
Wetherbee. Harry L., '67; Springfield,

Wilhelm, Miles L., '69; Belmont. Mass.

• Wing. Richard L., 70; Charlotte
Woody, Alvin D.. '70. Jonesville
Wright. John C, '70; Asheboro
Wright, HI, WiUiam M., '68 ;

Washington. DC.
Yau, Joseph C, '70. Hong Kong
Voung.Jr., Robert E.,'68; Norwood

• Albright. George B., '70, Salisbury
Allen. Jr.. Donald W., '68, Rocky Mount
Allen, Herbert F., 69; North

Barber. Robert D., '69; Goldsboro
Barringer, Martin C, "67; MuIIins. S. C.
Beard. David H., '67; Reidsvitle
Becton. John W., '69; Asheville
Benson, James H., '69; North

• Bradley, Jr., James E., '69; Rich Square
Braxton, Amos D.. 68; Ayden
Buchan. Jr., Ralph G., '69. North

Butler, Larry E., '67 ; Cherry Point
Cain. Eric H., '67; Albemarle
Chesnutt, HI, James A.. '67 ; Clinton
Clay, Phillip L.. '68. Wilmington
Cotty, John D., '69; KJnston

e hundred foriy-rivc


1 JL JLT in ■

Crinford, Charles H., '68; Thomasville
Da>is, William P.. '67 Xinonnati.

Dilalta, Peter J., '68; Soulhem Pines

£. Ill f .i*.
ill. *€ -£. '

O ^ f!) !^ ^ P ©

( FkLshman, Kdward J., "69; Lumberton
Green. Jesic F., 69; Thomasville
Greene, Johnny L., '67 ; Forest City
Guin, William A., '67 ; Raeford
Hall, Jr.. James O., '67; Tarboro
Hallman, II, Vance L. B., "68. Mount Ain
Harris, Jr.. James C. "69; Siler City
Harris. Richard C. '67 ; Charlotte

» Harris, Jr.. William L.. '68 ; Henderson
Howard, Jr., Da\ id A.. "69; Jacksonville

HoMell, in. Bisco R., '68; Honolulu.

Hurder, Wayne J., '69. Champaign, 111.
Kaufman, Jr., Gus B.. '68 ; Macon. Ga
KirkJand, Gordon A., "69; Salisbury
Kispert. John J.. '67, Havclock
koonce, Donald C... '68. Raeford

JLeHer, Ronald K.. h9, Greensboro
UiRh. James M.. h^ . Belhavcn
I.eonard. Ralph T.. '69, Thomasville
Lester. Daniel J., '69 . Jenkintown, Pa,
l^ughlin. Kenneth D.. '67 ; Wilmington
Lo^e, Michael T.. 69; Charlolte
McCain. Derrell W.. '67; Monroe
McCraw, Raymond W ., '69. Charlotte

McGee. Jr.. Willie K.. '69; Charlotte
McLean, Randolph L.. '69; Charlotte
Marquez. Ernest B.. '68; Havelock
Mendenhall, Karl J.. '69; SilerCity
Mendenhall. I..arr\ L. "69, Sjler City
vlenefee, James ¥... '69 . Wilson
Mvers. James J., '69; Thomasville
0*Ke*fe. Edward M., '68; Bealelon.Va

• O'Rourke, Kenneth J.. '68 . Wilmington
Pamell. Richard J.. '68 ; Greenville
Paltishall. Jr.. David H., '69; Raleigh
Pearson. Philip S., '67 . Mount Airy
Piaski. Philip W., 69. Kinston
Poplin, Roger K., '68. Albemarle
Andrew M.. '69. Raleigh
JamesG.. '68. Asheville
r.. Arch K., '69; Greensboro
Slade, Jr.. Charles M.. "69; Rich Square
Staley . Donald L., '68 ; Sophia
\ ariier, JelTrey M., '68; Greensboro
Vebb. III. William E.. '69; Statesville
Villard. L«slie E.. '69; High Point
\ onhington. Charles E.,


.t 1 m 1 f .ill

O. O p a ^-'' P r^ P

ylie. Jr., James C, '69. Greensbor.
I, Joseph L., '69; Huntersville
Autcn, William 1... '69, Huntersville
Bflile*. Jr.. Havden C 70. Hendersc
Barnes. Kenneth K.. 69. Lucama
Barnes. Tomnn W .. 70. Raleigh
Barnhardl. Robert .S., 67; Davidson
Bergeron. James W.. '68; Charlotte
Berry. Richard E., 70; Oxon Hill. M Jr., G«orge C. '67 ; Thomasv
Blackman. Jr., Edtvln T., "67.

Gainesville. Ga.
Boland, Michael J., '70; Baltimore. M
Bower, Richard K.. '70 , Jefferson
Bradley. Jr., James H.. '69. Rocky

• Burns, Theodore W.,

Beach. Fla.
Capps. James B., '68 ; Raleigh
Caraluro. Gene B., '70; Salisbury
Carlin, Lee S., "67 ; Charlotte
Carlton, Alfred P.. '69, Greensboro
( haffin. III. W illiam T.. 67. Oakland.

Clay , Thomas S.. 70. Greensboro
Cochrane, William B.. 67. Jackson

• Corbetl, Barry W., '68. Charlotte
Crayer, Stephen M., '69 . W inston-Salerr
Cutchin. Ill, Joseph H., '68 . Shemll's

Daniel, III, Cliflon, '69; Goldsboro
Day is, Alan C, "70; Thurmond
Day, II. William E., '69; Jacksonville
Dilks. Robert W.. '67. Hayy River
Dilloff, Neil J.. '70; Miami, Fla

• Driscol). Jr.. John R., '69; Salisbury
hlarp. Charles W., '68 .Charlotte
Eontaine. James R., '70; Raieigh

'68; Raleigh
I. WoodmercN, Y.
,.'70; Kings

Haddock, Samuel P., '69, Jacksonville
Hall. William D.. '69; Roxboro
Hamlet, Christopher E., '69. Durham
Hardee. James ( ,. '70, Clayton

Hellen. III. F^rle W., '67; Greensboro
Hicks, III. Donald C, '70; Raleigh
Hinnani. Milton D.. '69. Goldsboro
Hooks. Stephen R.. '69. Chadboum
Hopkins. Thomas 1... 69; Raleigh

Juslesen, Jr.. W a>ne Q.,


P ^ ^ ^ f^ ^ O; ^
Winston IP^^ Cv ^^ ^ ^^

fkfi.f i?^10

Killough, Jr., Waller J.. ^K: Charlotte
King, III. Bruce F.. '6^ , Raleigh
Koonce, Neil W., "69. Jacksonville
Koonls, Larry C '68. Lexington
Kuykendal. Robert L., '67, Atlanta. Ga.
Lester. Dennis O'N., '70, Bulner

• Lewis, James E., -69; Clinton
Lingerfelt, Herbert H., 68, Shelby
Long, William T., '67 , Mebane
Lorch. Terry G.. '69; Albemarle
Ludwig, Neil C, '69; Faith
Lunsford, Douglas McA., '70; Durham
Lynch, Steven R., 70; La Grange
Malmgren, Mark C, '70; Greensboro

• Marley, Linward C. '70. Fayettevjlle
Maulden, Dennis C, '70; Concord
Mavberry. Eddie R., '70. Newton
McBride, Jr.. Carl E.. '69; Goldsboro
McMurray, John W.. '70; Ashcville
McSween.John D.. "68; Greensboro
Merrell. Jr., Roy E., '67; Poplar Branch
Millis.Jr.. Clarence E.. '67; Newport

. '68. Greensboro
Mvrick, Roland W.. 69 ; Troy
Newton, William D., "70. Morganton
O'Neill. Jr., John. "68, Rocky Mount

Page, Jr.. Winston L., '70 ; Raleigh
Parsons, John R.. "67 ; Asheboro
, Louisburg
, '70; Morganton
Plonk, George W., '69; Kings

# Perdue. Sammy ^

:, William M.. '68; Ramseur
Roberts, David L., '70; Crcedmoor
Rose, Charles W.. '69; Reidsville
• Royal. Donald G., '68; Bulner
Royall. Calvin H.. '70; Burlington
Rusmisell. Stephen F.. '67 . Morganton


Sale, ,


Schafer, Bruce H.. '70: Raleigh
Schell. Walter W.. 69; Poilslown. Pa,

• Schrum. Jr.. Francis P., "70. Gastonia
Sellers, Kenneth R.. "67; Kannapolis
Sessoms, Duncan E.. '67. Windsor
Shoaf, Chon R.. '70; Lexington
Simpson, Alan B.. '69; Lucama
Slate. Joseph E., '67 . High Point
Sleeper, Alan M.. '70; Daylon. Ohio
Smith, Earl J.. '69; YanceyviUe

• Soulherland, Thomas P., 70. Raleigh
Southern, Michael T., '69, Raleigh
Sparger, jerry R., '68 ; Elizabethton,

Stephens, Dwighl E.. '70. Erwin
Stewart, Robert E., '70; Gastonia
Sireib, Nelson R., '70. Butner
Sulkin, Robert M., '70. Winston-Salem
Sullivan. Terrence D., '67 ; Charlotte
#Suilon, Turner B.. '67; Windsor
Tate. WilUani S.. '69; ^sheville
Thompson. Jr.. Paul W., '68. Leaksville
Wall, David A., '70. Leaksville
Ward, Richard D., '67; Monroe
Ward, Russell B., '67; Lexington
Warren. Ronald L.. '69, Ashevjile
Watson, John E.. "70; Tryon

• White, Jr., Sydnor M.. '70. Raleigh
W itkinson, II. William K., '67 ,

Waynesboro. Va
Williams, James K.. "70; Benson
Williams, Sluarl T., '69. Raleigh
Wright, Bobby D.. '68; Asheboro
Young, Joseph T.. "70; Dunn
Young, Ronald E., '67 ; Christiansburg,

• Adams. Sherry, 70; Charlotte
Aldenderfer, Sharon L., '70; Roanoke

Alexander, Susan F.. '68, Tuscaloosa.

Allen, Mickey L., "70; North Wilkesboro
Allred. Linda C, "68; Siler City
Alsup, Marion E.. '70: Fayetteville

I Amnolt, Mary S., "67 ; Durham
Anthony. AnneM., ',68; Asheville
Aubuchon, Ann. '68; Hickory
Barnes. Elsfe L.. '68; Wilson
Biggers, Belly S., "67 ; Washington
Black. Deborah E.. '70; Chapel Hill

Bruce, Mary H.. "67 . Lenoir
Burden, Sandra K., '67; Aulander
Carpenter, Linda K., '67 ; Wagram

Cowan, Susie F., '67 ; Kannapolis
CoK, Norma J., '68 ; Gastonia
Crouse, Bonnie B.. 70; Winslon-Salem
Dula, Brenda L., '67; Lenoir
Earnhardt. Elizabeth T., '68,

Edgerton, Karen R., '70; Chapel Hill











f ^*













»ler, Sarah A., "68; Charlotte
Fuiion. Mar> A.. "68: Winston-Sal
Gee. Margaret B.. '67: Florence. 5

vnthiaS.. "68; Shelby
Hauser, Brenda A.. '68: Winslon-Salem
Henderson, Barbara, '70: Greensboro
Henrella, Susan A., '68: Greensboro
Hicke\,JillB.,'68: Chapel Hill
Hight. Ruth C, '68: Henderson
• Hildebrand, Martha J.. '69: Fayeiteville

si, Tommi J.. '68; Fori Mill. S. C.
Idol. Elizabeth A.. '70: Charlotte
Jackson, Juanila W„ '67: Dunn
Johnson. Patricia D., '70; Henderson
Jones. Sarah A., '70; Wilmington
t Keener. Candace K.. '67: Charlotte
King, AnnF..'70:Baltin'

• McLaurine, Nanc> J.. "70: New. Orleans.

McPhail. Martha E.. '68; Gastonia
Macaula* . Patricia B.. '67 ; Charlone
Meads, Alma E.. '67; Elizabeth City
Mebane, Pauline E., '68: Wilmington
Mock. Catherine M., '68 : Jacksonville.

Moore. Judy C, '67: Mebane
Notaki, "^miko, '67; Durham

• Overman, Pat, '70; Rocky Mount
Owens. Shelley K.. '70; Goldsboro
Palanteas. Rachel B. W.. '68; Goldsboro
Parker. Julia D.. '68: High Point
Parker, Sophie V„ '67 : Alexandria, Va
Parroll. Patricia K., '68: Goldsboro
Pollard. Theresa, "70: Battleboro
Pri^ette, Janet Q.. '67; Falls Church. Va.

• Richardson, Kalhrvn A.. '67; Ellerbe
Rierson, Cwendolvn F., '68 ; Greensboro
Ritchie, Patlj J., 68: Salisbury
RodRers, Margaret J., '67; Franklinville

# Sparkman. Lamar J., '68; Tampa, Fla
Spencer. MariljnC. "67; Rocky Mour
Spencer. Marj S., '67; Hickory
Stem. Mary N., '67; Raleigh
Stephenson, Norma K., '67; Gastonia
Stewart, Janice C, '67; Franklin
Stockton, Carolvn L., '67; Charlotte
Stone, Mohe, '68: Charlotte

• Slrader. Sandra J., '67 ; RufTin
Tennent, Alexandra. '67, Salisbury
Thorne. Darlene C, "70: WiKon
Tienken, Vickie L.. '68: Wilmington

^ ranees M.. "67 ;Whiteviile
I, MarcellaM., ■70:Tyner
ins. Jo\ce D., '67 . Gaffney. S. C.

Williams, Susan J., '70; Atlanta. Ga.
Wooten, Sarah L.. '67; Wilson
Young, Suzan D., '68 ; Charlotte
Zurtk, Brenda A., "69; Cary

ROW ONE SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Porapan \'aravej, Kathy Blosson, Lydia Spivey, Margaret Clifton, Virginia McMillan, Pam Phelps,
Carole Ann Warlick, Gail Savage, Ollie M. Carroll. ROW TWO, KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adelaide Amegatcher, Carole Jeffries, Carol
Gilbertson, Arlene Anderson, Judy Roberts, Nancy Buffaloe, Carol Damon, Suzanne Prince, Ann Cook. ROW THREE, STANDING LEFT
TO RIGHT: Dalai Eshra, Dr. Nugwan Rizk, Maaly Guiniei, Elizabeth Wagner, Nancv Gilbert, Barbara Bonomo, Kedron Davis, Janet Loaf-
man, Karyn Richards, Molly Ann Bullard, Nancy Rhyne, Mary Jane Stearns, Caywood Garrett. ROW FOl'R, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT:
Jean Montgomery, Elaine Hopliak, Sarah Rutherford, Barbara Moss, Nancy Jackson, Linda Young, Lynne Hubbell, Polly Finan, Charla Rusche.


Kenan Dormitory, the woman's graduate dormitory, was the
most heterogeneous dorm on campus. There were quite a number
of foreign students in the dorm and students in every field of grad-
uate study. We were led by Mrs. Brittain. the dorm hostess, Adel-
aide Austell, president, and Abby Little, vice president-treasurer.
Jean Harney and Karen Hahn organized the social activities.
Kenan had the annual open house in September with grad students
from all over the campus. Chancellor House was the guest speaker
at the annual Thanksgiving Banquet at the Carolina Inn. He
played the harmonica and told us of earlier days at Carolina. An
Open-open House was held at Christmas, with tree-trimming in
the parlor later. A social was held in February with Carr Dorm,
while the annual dorm picnic in May concluded the dorm's social
activities for the year. Allison Bush and Jean De Bardelaben led
the dorm in its quest for the W. A. A. trophy for the third year in










f . ...



ROW ONE, SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Flossie Sadler, Carol .Siniones, Dr. Hosliina Malleck, Ula Niemann, Sandy Smith, Lvnn Ogbum, Judy
Renaud, Adelaide Austell, Dr. Kanta Kanwar. ROW IWO, KNEELING LEFT lO RIGHT: Abbv Little, Karen Hahn, Toni Oster, Joline Ridlon,
Susan Fulk, Jeanie Debardelaben, Rosemary Webster. ROW THREE, STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Vicki Eackles, Sipra Raksbit, Don Hevener,
Martha Ranch, Sandra Allen, Elaine Canipe, Sharon Babin, Judy O'Conner, Karen Grant, Sandra Regionale, Linda Robinson, Carolyn Williams,
Elsie Emick. ROW FOL'R, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Bright, Desolee Yeiser, Pat Wimbish, Becky Sharilz, Karen LeCraft, Ellen Kennedy, Jane
Titus, Mary Dudley, Brenda Herman, Margaret Ogiivy, Marcia Citron, Ginny Vaughn, Barbara Michalak.


Our President, Carol Canlwell

• Barber, Susan, '68.

Barron, Susan, '68, '

Booth, Deborah. '67.


Brown, (andice, '70. High


Cathey. Kmily. '67.
Lewisburg, Tenn
Cromarlie, Ruth. '67,

JCrowell. Molly. 68,

Arlmglon. Va
Eagleson, Barbara, '67 .
Fearringlon, Ann. "67 .

^ Findeison, Janis. '68 .
Coral Gables. Fla.
Fields. Charlotte, "68.
Rocky MounI

• Glover, Linda, '67;


Graham, Susan, '68;

Greenville. S.C.

Gregg, Mary, "69 : Chapel


Gregory, Linda, '67.

• GrifTith, Sharon. '69 :
Groat, Eliubeth, '68.
Harris, Diana, '68; Wil
Henderson, Nancy, "67

Jackson, Margeret. "fi7;

# Matthews, Katharine, '67;

Merritt, Nancy, '68. Moi

O'Neal. Judy. ■68;Durhar
Pollard, Elizabeth, '67,


ISchell,Joan, '6
Shannon, Maui
WeMHeld.N J
Schultz, Franct

# Teague, Katherine, "67 ;

Thompson, Elizabeth, '6
Akron, Ohio
Ullman, Paula, '68;
Alexandna, Va,
Warner, Nancy, '69.
Chapel Hill


fi .fl ^

A "ud-tosether" in Ihi- kilihi-

AAn sparks through another year — but time was on our
side, so do we V\ke if? Love it!

So who left the water running again and again and
again? Judy, everybody's Love, mopped up too. But the
year has passed on with C'well closing one eye as Barbara
trips on by. Lynn Brownell had something to do everyday
— "Now what was it?" AAFl had its own claim to fame.
After all, not everybody has the qualifications to be
Benson's Mule Queen! Right Bobbie?

Grubber and Penny really stuck with the vital statistics
and it was the year that Kathy Matthews learned what it
really meant to be a "maid." Say Fletch. you have beauti-
ful control and what patience! Holly managed to conquer
all she set out to — econ and golf. Nobody saw Ann or
Cubby all year long except those up at midnight or 7 a.m.
"I just don't really believe in being pinned," exclaimed
Debbie as she rode out of sight. But she just got back
yesterday! . . . and the South Carolina rode off again!
And if you were looking for M.M. or Ibby, they were
standing sideways over there. Diane Prince insisted all year
that Fuquay-Varina was not a dog chow. Well, what is it?
Who did Margaret think she was fooling with her kitty lit
books in the med library? We can happily report that
Emily got completely organized and did it all on her honor.
And if anything looked a little too liberal — ask Karen if
they wear that up North.

With Craige there. Winter wasn't far behind. Of course
we were all behind — it's been a long time comin' but a
change is gonna come. Nancy Henderson started her own
St. Catherine cult, in her spare time of course, and Mc-
Gregor kept a close eye on Chester Rabbitt. We would
have mentioned Betty Thompson but that got censored.

And so that was that year that was in the gray house
over on Rosemary St. — one of those years. Bonds of
friendship, friendship — Here's to oi&tt, drink it down!




Goal — another trophy

VAIIsat home.

n'l liiiik hki' a Soha

\a'll - Rush Starts Tomurrowl Youve (Jot To Get A IJttfe SPIRIT!

Chi Omega

This is for you, Herbie, and I really mean it!!! The year
begins in typical Chi O fashion when Irma is disqualified
from Franklin Street Bicycle Slalom for crashing into
Carolina Theater pillars. All Y Court can say is "Old
Well!" Chris opens dancing school to teach all the Yankees
the grit-shuffle and in reciprocal agreement. Fowler loans
out her zoner clothes for the SAE mixer. Helen gets a
brand new Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake Streamlined
Body, while Leyman manages to be tacky in an instant.
Crews does half gainer off fifty foot cliff into pile of rocks
and Guuuuhsty gets the Foto. Ricklet always uses two
cans of spray net, dahlin", even though Franklin ruins
"weird Chi O" image at Phi Delt house.

Be sure to remind everyone that if Robert calls, she's
studying at the Tavern, and Louise will tell her 2 a.m. frog
to hop on. Everything is saved when Fire promises all good

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