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things to those who pay their bills on time and Connelly
psyches out the pledges. Mary's Volvo just keeps rolling

Peggy's "Chapel Hill girls" have a rough time of it, but
Body finds a Squatty Body. P. D. has gold stars in her eyes
for student government and Dr. Zhivago, while Reitzel
opens her own A.S.P.C.A. And never let it be said that
3,000 miles kept Stoney from being an EB in spirit, at

Roma Leak receives 3 a.m. visit from some rowdy organi-
zation and all Eager can say is "Buzz off, Bosco!" Slick
Phyllis dates out of DKE house . . . once! Margie orga-
nizes a dating bureau for the Beta's. Doda extends her phe-
nominal memory power to about six minutes. Tilghman
dates at Zete house and you know, I think she really likes it!
Jody somehow makes her dubay during rush and Elder
Witt is LATE????

What a year — what a great coup!

^Brownell, Mar}, '67.


Clark, Louise, '67 :


Connelly, Sarah, '67 ;


Crews, Jane, '67.

Oak Ridge. Tenn
#DBvanl, Bonnie. 68.

Delane) . Patricia,

'67; Charlotte
Dye, Anne, '68.
Chapel Hill
Erichson, Margarel,

Fieger, Mary, '67;
Louisville. Ky
Fo^e.Failh, "67.
Chapel Hill
Fowler, Ann, '67;
Alexandria, Va,
#Franklin, Linda.
'67; Raleigh
Hancock, Biliie, '67;
Atlanta, Ga,
Key, Sarah, '67.
Chapel Hill
Johnson, Linda, '67 ;
Los Altos Hills. Cal

#Kuester, Kale, '67:
Lalanne, Barbara,


#Mahoney, Louis,

■68; Shelby
Merricks, Ann, '6*
Charleston. W V;
Parham, Kennon,
'68; Raleigh

• Ricks, Dianne. 67;
Russel, Mary. '67;
Cleveland. Miss,
ShafTer, Winborne.

'67; Richmond. Va.

Tragcser, Mar\, fi8.

Chapel Hill
Trobaugh, Roma,
■'67; Memphis, Tcnn
Ward, Judith, '68;
Chapel Hill

t Williams, Constance,

'67; El Cajon, Cal,,
W illiams, Courtenay,


^ Wright, Edilh. '68;
Wright, Jody. "67;

Look at those poor tires.

Delta Lii


President Merr> Sm

Around the Delta Shelter, everything is 10-4. Dixie
in her blue dress says. "Smile. Gail, you're on Candid
Camera." Nott takes a walking tour of Carrboro.
Maria loves Europe — guide. Vamire Moo takes blood
from Swanson"s Phi Delts. Warren sneaks food for
Carlton. With the Daisies as judges. Hannah wins BB
contest. "This is the FLEA calling the Big C." Katie
does traditional dance at Fiji mixer. Eva flies off the
front porch. Courtney and Cynthia scale the water
tower. "When better women are made W&L men will
— Oh my goodness." Toni has a puppy love. Kelly
erupts. Parham helps herself at Harr's. Purdie gazes
out the window (for the Prowler??).

M. J. C. says. "My garden peas, a Whooping Nun!"
Will the real Phantom please stand up? Our
GRRRE.\T-Pledges halloween us at 6:00 a.m. Watch
that last step. Buie! Knight pulls an all-weeker. Who
is the Pansy-of-the-Week? Raggedy Ann Landis says,
"My girls are just tur-rif-ficl!"

iK^^^iiii :i

• Atkins,Jud\, 68:

Brownett, Maria. '
Jacksonville. Fia
Buie.Salh.'^T, Bi

► BuUard.C>nrhia. 68.

Dean. Judith. '68.
Derrick, Sharon, 'i
Ellis, Mary, "68;

Forester. Betty, '68.

French. Sallie, '68 .

Graham. Ctnthia. "67,
Corpus Chnsti. Tex

# Hunter. Gale. '67.
MiUer.01i>e. 68

• McNeal. Marthie, "68 ,

Noningham.Sue, '67.
Norfolk. Va
Palanlzas. Rachel, '68 .
Parham, Eliza. '67,

* Parroti, Patricia, '68,
Peeler. Jane. "68.

Purdie, Elaine, "67;
Quillian, Eugenia. '^8.

Robb. Elizabeth. '(
Roberts. Janet. '6';

• Schenck, Sandra. "68 ,

Sieber. Linda, '69:
Sutton. Sarah, '68 ;
Swanson. Merry. "67;

» Talberl. Katerine. fi"^
( hapel
Taylor. Ramona. 69,

\ anDorsten. Sa-ian. "68 ,


\ aughan. Hannah, '67 ,

r^allace. Susan, "69;
acksonville. Fla.
Varren, Susan. '67;

• \epolis, Irene, '68;
\\\)ih Point

\elton. Margaret, '68:
Young, Elizabeth, '67;
Charleston. S.C






Our Lil Sisters Bring Halloween Goodies . . . Yum! \uml

It All Began VV ith Delta Carousel

'k t

The Pledges Combine Effort With The Betas To Produce A Winning Float

Marv Ball, President



J, J Ha«*^<:'

Youth springs eternal, especially "all in the fall": feet
scratching brick walks, voices shrieking frantic recogni-
tion, people (some in particular) who do not recognize.
They wonder; they ask, among the multitude of questions
to be asked; "What is Kadi" Those who think they know,
those with the ultimate experience of one chapter meeting,
have yet to appreciate the opportunity for martyrdom dur-
ing Fall Formal Rush. Only in ThetaAiind is a house not a
home — ifs a lodge. But that's not Chi Psi-Xand. Do Chi
Psi's feature Dogpatch with all its special attractions? Yea!
Hit your rushee with a flying cork! Have some kickapoo
joy-juice, but not too much; you won't be able to make it
to the next party. We also serve hash in the true Southern

And the motto of the first ten days of life on campus is
definitely "Love Thy Neighbor." We love them so much,
all 25 new neighbors. (Some old neighbors were inevitably
lost, by due process of law. ) Theta's kite has flown high.
It hit a low ceiling only when it turned a shoe-shine into a
boot-lick. Are our brothers monks? But we worry more
about our sisters. Will Peach survive the endless telephone
calls? That was a problem even before she became Home-
coming Queen. Will Theta rack up scholastically or be
racked up? We even adopted new Greek letters — SP —
Sigma Rho of Safe Politics. There was also the Great Float
Campaign; it did not pertain to flotation of the rush kind.
The Tar Heels attempted to float past the Dook Devils.

It was a year that said to us; "Hope does spring eternal."
We have played, and we have won. A toss of the dice to
tell us if Kad was to be, was to mean. We will yet see the
kites flying high in Polk Place, and when we once have
seen them, we will see them again — in our memories and
in the kites of years to come.

Whal Can I Sav? A Dale's A Dale!

We FINALLY Gol A Mascot!

Hf A

€i f? ^

# Adams, Sarah,
"68; Millon, Mass
Anlhonv, Anne,
V-S; Asfievjile
\ubuchon, Ann,
hS; Hickory
Kail, Mary, '67;

'68 Jacksonville.


Beekman, Helen,

• Blade, Anne, '67;
Blair, Jean, '69:

^ Brady, Mary, '68;
Cater, AUeen, '67;

Barbara, '68;
Chapel Hill
Cochrane. Diane,
■6«. Princeton,

^ Coleman, Beverlv,

"67; Wadmalaw
Island. S.C
Davis, Pamela,
'69; Chapel Hill

Hinkle, Talmadge,
'67. Lexington
Howell, Freda,
•69. Gibson
# Humphrey.

Larson, Julianne,

'68; Charlotte
Latham, Sarah,
'70; Washington


Perdue, Josephine,

(>8. Burlington
Rohinson, Ellen.


• Seawell. Terrell,
■67. Chapel Hill
Sigmon. Marv,
■69, Concord
Strieker, Lynn,
•68. Brevard
Taylor. Susan,
"69; Arlington.

• Toy,Sarah,'68,
Wilkins, Barbara,
'68; Greensboro
Wyrick, Mary,
'68. Greensboro

Kappa Alpha
Theta ^

Thetas' Own Tijuana Brass

Girls- I Thinit We Made A Mistake- He Has Three Eyes!


• Batte, Mary.'t^T;
Mckennev. Vu.
Bell, Natalie. 'r>K.
Holden. M..SS
Brinlon, Danl, '61

.ell, Sall>.

#Gresham. Carohn,
"69; Warsaw
Gribble. Anne. 68;

Cunster, Katharine,
■f.8: Arlington. Va

# Hopper. Carulvn,
Washington. DC
Jamieson, Ai
Jervv. Marv. 67


Kenl.Dede. '68.

# King. Marv, '6K;


# l-ung, Martha, '67 :

Lowrv, Jane, 67; El
Macero. Calif,
Lynch, Myra, '68;
Pilot Mountain

Mathews, Wanda. '67 ;

Peters. Carol. 68,
R.e gel wood
Robey, Klizabeth, '

Schmidt, Marilyn,
"68; Arlmgton.'Va,
Stewart. Sara. "68;
• Thomas, Carol. '68,

Thompson. Sandra,
'68; Charlotte




Vaden, Virginia, "67 ,
# Vecellio, Constance.
■67; Salem. Va
Wilherspoon, Nancv,
Wuehrmann. Janet,
'67;, AIj
Young, Nanc>. '68.


Solving the problem of how to succeed in
K. D. without really trying takes a lot of effort.
First, a fire in the attic brought warmth to our
little green house; careful with that extin-
guisher. You "might" put it out. After warmth,
organization may be considered a key to suc-
cess. We have social organization which entails
Halloween masks for underprivileged chil-
dren and we have Co-Rec organization which
means Wanda taking names with vigor. We
have certain more personal organizations in-
cluding three engaged girls. We even have
special projects organization consisting of
everyone dressed for hard labor and over at
select fraternity houses for displays and floats;
5:00 A.M. Royalty definitely means success
with Mrs. Lynch as queen for the year. Follow-
ing Royalty are certain Royal Orders of things.
The B.O.W. seem to have had a good year
although Jamieson has developed an aversion
to light bulbs — especially those which need
replacing. The Great Black Rose struck with
only a little warning spreading good cheer and
pledge paddles — ? (in the five o'clock hour).
Speaking of orders, what's the "Lizard" busi-
ness? Who succeeds when swapnight is near
disaster, when toothbrushes are used to clean
the walk, of when the hall is knee deep in
"noisy" litter? As a last resort, parties make
everyone feel successful; only please don't eat
the Fresca so we can have mixers for the mixer.
Cupid personified with pink legs, Marlon
Brando and alligators really succeed at any
pledge dance.

Mr. Clean? Ha! I know you're a dirty old mani

President — Jan Wuehrmann

KD Pledge Class with Mascot

Welcome to Kappa Delta!

e hundred sixty-one

Oh No! There Are Snnu MORF Rushe

Right) Corresponding Secretary
— Joan Archer; Treasurer — Jane
Ed; President — Birch Lipford;
First Vice President — Toni CUne;
Recording Secretary — Martha

Kappa Gamma

Eeny, Meeny. Miney, Mo,

Catch a Kappa by the toe.

If she hollers, let her go.

For there are things you first must know.

Archer loves to hula dance

With willing waiters and half a chance.

When Tasker's brain cells begin to jell

On her hands she walks quite well.

What is that light-footed tripping I hear?

It's Hurricane Jennings shaking the house in third gear.

If to gargle you have a thirst.

We'll let Schaum out of her closet to play nurse.

Through yonder window shines a light —

Midgett's staying up all night.

On her pony with our chapter to back

Charges White Knight Lipford, the leader of the pack.

Newsy Susie always has something to share.

Just walk right in and pull up a chair.

"Study habits are better than frivolous capers.

It's organiza . . ." oops, Mary's forgotten her papers!

Margo is always proper and clean,

"Teasdale, ain't that mud in your hair I just seen?"

All Kappas feel silly as sheep

When they view Becky's 'Word For The Week.'

"Terry, come down! It's really not fair!

Turn off that propeller, come out of the air!"

Billie loves art and to dabble in goo.

But must she stick her fingers in chop suey, too?

A picture of Barach I wish 1 could shoot

In her white textured and high-topped boots.

Vernon and Speas think the "Pony's" the rage;

We ought to put them in a "Go-Go" cage.

To the wedding march Toni should write a song to sing

Entitled "Please, girls, to me all your problems bring."

Beavers will be a teacher soon:

She'll teach her children all about the moon.

Who's that clutching the fire-escape there?

It's Pledge Ruler Schuler with curlers in her hair.

"Sutton, the philosopher, why the blues?

Did you a note to yourself lose?"

Roach- Woman Deemer her fear she shows

While Oreo Hinkle strikes a fireside pose.

Under the hair-dryer Janet dreams.

Safe and secure while her night-light gleams.

A-plus Sue has no cares.

Will someone please help her up the stairs?

With a 2-to-l season, we have to be blunt,

Marf, drop back ten and punt!

Into the room Weldon and Ed happily jog

To get Horney in "The Third Floor Synagogue."

Barach, Barbara,

"67; Charlotte
B«am, Sunny, '69.
Charlotte. "67 .

• Blake. Janet, '67.

Bridgford, June.

■68; Charlotte
Cline.Toni, '67;
Cobb, Mary, '67;

• Heemer, Alice,
'67; Washington,
D r

Kd, Jane, '67.
Fambrough, Lee,
'68; Chapel Hill
Geise. Pat. '6'*;

9 George, Terry,
'67; Fayeiieville
Godfrey, Anne,
'69; Chapel Hill
Hendrix. Martha,
Hinkle, Mary. '67.



• HoUister, Ginny,

Jennings, Jackie,

'67; Chapel Hill

I Lipford, Birch,

'67 ; Charlotte
McFarland, Susan.

'67 , Summit. N , J
Myers. Becky. '67;

Schuler. Jane. '67 ;
Elmhurst, III.
Shearer. Susann.

• Sutton. Judy. '67;
Tasker. Tammy.
'67; Chapel Hill
Teasdale, Margo,
'67; Palm Beach.

• Webb, Ginny. '69,

Ann, '67; Durban
Woods, Elinor,


.^. ^ f

Mrs. Marylou HuiTman, Kappa Housemother

As Head Bottlewasher, Lee is neat and tidy as can be,
Hysterically Lucy is giggling at HoUister searching

for her key.
So Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo,
Unless you be crazy, don't let the Kappa go!

Nancy. '68; Raleigh
Tvna, '68; Concord
Carolyn, 69;

"In the land . . ." there's HOPE for <l>/i"s even after
House Tour Party. Pledges, do you remember?

Lynch chases Golden Shield Knight off porch while
Natalie tries to remove cadaver juice by 6;00 party.
Lulie B. poses as a Christmas tree with Jenkins high
on top. Mix match shoes and Dotty's flowers attached
with Grape Bubblegum to dead goldfish adorn the
tree, (quite different from the cri' tree. Huh?) Gloom
and Doom Hussey announces fire drill — oops I mean
air raid — here comes Wheeple Whauple. 'Gator to the
floor with loose Wadleigh and Blayney grossly in the
lead. Rumblings from the pink room lure the tour
upstairs. Pres. Harrell presides over trial in which
Debby is hung in effigy while F. Duck watches on.
Caroline and Gail pour over Bride while Lauder
flashes fake diamond and Kessy prepares weekend
itinerary. Suzy Rushee discovers that the commotion
in the Squashed pumpkin room is only a re-enactment
in the Si'-^k: football game. Oh^ Tootles is limping.
Jumper vascillates for help while Neato snuggles with
the referee and Howdy Doody and June in her orange
sweater cheer for Dial? Jenkie reminds Lynn and
Cynthia to sign out for Harry's. Cushen has to stay
and doctor her knees. "So long Rushees . . ." Did
Martie meet a scary? — "They looked sooooo

I the winners of the Good Ship Hope trophy this year.



Carolyn Harrell, President

Two waiters, Doup and Jim grab a bite between the ringing
of the bells.

Midnight, snacktime.

McClaine and chain make candlelight history!

Jean Miller, Pi Phi President
Even in the study room there are often distractions . . .

FALL PLEDGE CLASS — FIRST ROW (I TO Ri Hsii Barnes. Jill Hickey. Jane Finch. Frances Haywood; SECOND ROW (L TO R):
Nancy Comer. Robbie Leach. Lamar Sparkman. Carol\n McKenzie, Peggy Tyson, Ellen Sugg. Sally Winder. Ellen Ross; THIRD ROW (L
TO Ri: Mary Ann Smithers. Adona \ elton. Susan Alexander. Webbie Green. Sara Margaret Calloway, Kay Lumsden, Gini Sue Kirklaod,
Annette Fairies^.

Pi Beta

Three Pi Phi "swingers" i

ond childhood spree.

The vip Safari gets underway as Joan arrives drag-
ging her chain followed by Leapin' Liz in a soccer
suit balancing a tennis racket on her nose. They're out
for big game! What's this? Red caught a giraffe and
Sally, "love all the friends," a superfish! That sound,
is it a moose or Flossie? Then along comes Shaky
Stella (yea, yea, yea!) expertly escorting Sharon along
those difficult (?) steps. Menefee and Buzzy bop along
to the native music while searching for the birds. They
spot Audrey and Brenda chirping charmingly in ye
olde MROA tree. There's Karen looking for ducks.
Suddenly Sara and her Diddly-Bops come upon a
strange sight. Seated around a camp fire they see Patty
studying, Mosob knitting, Sarah playing bridge, and
Peggy swatting a Y-Bug.

After a long trip, the group stops for a rest and
Brooks promptly makes a sandwich for Jack with one
hand while writing two papers with the other. Pun
demands further appropriations saying that the cost
of big game has gone up. Judy yells "How are we
going to know what time it is out here?" Deftly Boose
produces her alarm clock which never seems to go off.

The safari is again underway as Martha announces
that we'd better hurry to meet the deadline. Carolyn
adds, "Let's not be pikers!" Everyone starts off excit-
edly for it seems as though a catch is in sight. Susie,
bringing up the end of the line, turns to ward off a
lizard, but is quite overcome. Still, the tt4>'s march
into the sunset with high expectations.

Black. Sarah. '67,

#Elia5, Eva. '67; Allanla.

# Scarborough. Savannah.


Stray Greeks

The transfer student whose sorority is
not represented on this campus soon dis-
covers (or is discovered by) the Stray Greek
Organization. Early in the fall she is pre-
sented with a green ribbon, a symbol of
her status in a new kind of sisterhood. Dur-
ing Rush the Stray Greeks serve as an
impartial liaison between the sorority and
the rushee. Stray Greeks further participate
in Rush by advising rushees, operating the
Panhellenic post office, and assisting with

the Panhellenic reception.

After Rush, Stray Greeks meet weekly
for Wednesday night suppers. Contact with
sorority life is maintained by participation
in Pan-hel cultural programs, swap night,
and service projects. The new Stray Greek
soon discovers that although the organiza-
tion does not replace her. sorority, it does
offer the opportunity of fostering new
friendships and creating new bonds of

IN TREE: Jackie Ruth, Panhellenic Representative. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane English, President; Becky
Black, Secretary; Ruth Kutzke, Vice-President.


Brame, James, 'bl;

Brown. David, '67;
• Lallan. John, '69:

Denning, Charles, "69;

Ellison, John, '69;

P ^ P

Hall, Slewarl. '69.


• Hanson. Karl, '6R;
Jjtksonville. Fla,
Htllebiish, Peter, '68:
Godfrey. III-
Hoiladav, James, '69;
Baltimore. Md.
Jewell, Robert, '67;

• Johnson. Donald, '68;

Mathison, Jr.. Robert

• Meares, Carl,

Kaper, William, '(

.Stephenson, Alan, '67,
Red Springs
Teague, George, '68;

lYales, n,John, '68;

Yates, in, Joseph,

'67; Raleigh
^oung, James, '68;

The aroj Fraternity was founded in Rich-
mond. Virginia, on September 11, 1865. Its
three founders were students at Virginia Mili-
tary Institute. Today the Fraternity is repre-
sented on campuses in forty-two states and
Canada. Its symbolic colors are white, green,,
sky-blue, and gold. The white rose is the Fra-
ternity's flower. The aS Chapter at the Univer-
sity of North Carolina was established in 1879,
and is therefore one of the oldest fraternities
at Carolina.

ATH 1966-1967: The M.R.O.A. flails across
the Chapel Hill Weekly. Abdul corners the
camel market. Admiral Seed gets twenty-one
guns. Eadie and Crazy tour D.C. with special
guides. Hood wins the bugging contest. Speedy
spends a night's vigil in Howell Hall. Record-
er's Court and City Solicitor love us. Marseille
goes mod. "Nouveau Riche" Currin rushed by
football team. Jane Lu-Lon replaces Wally.
Angel's face gets bigger. Wannamaker goes
deer hunting on way to class. Turner gets
"pinned". Patti gives Sticky a ruse schedule.
Brad's peaches turn to pickles and ice cream.
Lady Luck smiles on Keezel? Sunshine travels
across the big water. Callan forced to buy
plastic TT,^. Can't Hit A Lick Ric's mind in a
London particular. Curtain opens on otS Don
and Bigga Louisa. Jew and Hindu originate
new cult. Bix refuses Westmoreland's invita-
tion. Root holds "Sunrise Service" in drunk
tank. Teague looks into her eyes. Yates
"studies" at apartment? Bag gets "the Old
water trick."

[IUl 111

L. TO R.: Leon Woodruff, Jim Brame, Nick Mitchell.

Alpha Tau Omega

Bix Holds Mass For Devils.

Mod Burgn>ii In his Miniskirt.

Seed Marches Again.

Betas and KD^s Take Best On Campus Homecoming

"He) Samm>, ho»"s>our hair groHing program coming?"

Mystic Rites prevail on Sunday mornings.

There Was Sun And Suds For All At The Annual House Beach W cekend.

Beta Theta Pi

Ed Good — President

P House "floats" through another year, as
General Mitchell conquers twice. /3's the center
of all campus Tarns she-bangs while 1 1 bull
pledges make good. Sparks gets slaughtered
and the /3 House goes to the dogs. Three
amateur kahoonas shown up by pledge hodad
but Rags rolls out the barrel over to Pikas.
Skimo gets combination Phi Delt-Granville ball.
Poo frats it up at rec center. Hey Earl, who
slapped the back of your neck? Jimmy Mit-
chell's brother balls Jimmy Mitchell. Sambo
celebrates 39th birthday for the 43rd time.
Gator Club survives injuries, and Gross Out
chairs 13' '2 minute chapter meeting — "Too
long, guys." Who stole Rod's French 75 book?
Patterson and Betts' ball machine loses fran-
chise as Broadhurst makes Stout comments.
Troy's inserts element of lust into House
vespers. "Plunk your magic cello-twanger,
Froggie-Bag" for Golden-Boy Uhrich inherited
a date from rest of chapter. Raditz celebrates
Baptist rites with mystic robes and head dance
when Townsend "loses" pin three times. The
University — "Go head, animule" backs Pfc
Hairston who establishes (i Chapter at Ft.
Bragg as Lunger affiliates. Byrd dons teeth
and cape but gets spooked unaided by Godde
who fights a case of the Rons. Fads Kulp 1st
official house clothes coordinator snickers as
Flick-team Capt. Patterson gets "fored." Win-
ton outfoxes outlaw element buf undaunted
Betts backflips to 2 & 8. Bag on rebound, tries
to duplicate the "Great Rogers Tailspin." Hey
Grit, there's some woman on the phone about
the room rent for your hundred dollar Chick.
Ace D. J. Steps almost hada a little Hope but
settled for a brown helmet.

• Benlon, VVilliam, ><7.
Bernulh, James, '67 ;
Lawrence, N,Y.
Bells. Jr.. John. '68:

Bolen, William, '67;


• Broadhurst. Ill, Edgar,

Carey. Beixjamin, '69:

• Corne.John, '68;

Crowder, William, '
Ealman, George^ '6<

^Gleason, William, '6
Cuivet, Indiana
Good, Carl, '67;
Gordon, William, '61
Fairban)(s. Alaslta
Gunler, Colte, '68;

Heaton, Frederick, '68


Hinman, Louis, '69;

Fort Washinglon. Pa

• Inderfurth, Karl, '68 ;
Kulp, Roberl, '68;

McLean, Jr., Horace,

Markham, Jr., John,
'67; Durham
Milchell, Morgan, '67;

• Milchell.Jr.,Williai
'68. Greensboro
Moore. Roger, '68 ,

NcMlin, James, '69,

^Osborne, Jr., Colin,
'68. Lumbenon
Pagell. Edward, '67.

t Phillips. Jr., Slerling.

68; Greensboro
Radilz, Carv, '68;


Robb, III. James, '67.


Sneed, John, '67,


Sparks, Stephen, '67 .

#Slikelealher. James.

■67. Ashevillc

Slubbs, Stanley, '67;


Sydnor, IV , Charles,

'69; Alexandria. Va

Temple, Charles, '69;

Charleslon, S.C.
• ThUfl, Michael. '67,

Trull, John, "67.
Weslfield. NJ
Uhrich. Harry. '69.
Lebanon. Pa.

PN anLeuvan, Rjchard,
'67;Pillsburgh, Pa"
Whittington, III, Perry

'68; Greensboro
Winton, Roberl, '68.

M Jill


O ^ ^

luiiidrcd scvcnly-lhri

Bobo, Ronald, '68:

9 Dunn, Ronald, 6? .
Springfield, \ a.
tdgar, James, '67;

Foster, Bruce, '67;



# Garner, Robert, '6' ,


Graham, Thomas, '68


Grant, Jr., Arthur, '67 .

New Orleans. La.

Hammerstone, Jr..

James, '67;

Saraloga, Calif,


le, Jr., Charles,

HoweU, David,


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