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The catalogue of Alumni and Trustees has been prepared with exceeding labor and
great care. It is, however, doubtless, in many respects deficient iu things which only the
parties acquainted with the facts can supply It is earnestly requested, in order that the
next may he complete, that any person able to give information will send it to M. B. Gofl",
Chancellor, Chairman of Committee on Catalogue, at Western University, as soon as possible.

In 1845, the University Buildings were destroyed by fire, after which for a number of
years, 1849-55, all operations were suspended, which fact accounts for the hiatus in list ot
Alumni between 1849-58.



Accessus. Exitus.

1819 — James Allison, f 18 —

Henry Baldwin, LL. D., f "

Abner Barker, f "

John Black, D. D., f "

Robert Bruce, D. D., f "

John Darragh. f "

Ebenezer Denny, f. "

George Evans, f ''

Hon. Walter Forward, f ... "

John Gilmore, f "

Francis Herron, D. D.,t...i86o

Robert Moore, f 18 —

Peter Mowry, f "

John McPhenin, f "

Morgan Neville, f ''

George Foe, Jr., ''

J. Postlethwaite, f "

John Reed, f "

Samuel Roberts, f "

Wm. Robinson, Jr., f "

John Scull, f "

John M. Snowden, » "

Geo. Stevenson, M. D., f ... "

Jos. Stockton, M. D., f "

Wm. Wilkins, t "

John Young, f "

1832 — James K. Butler, f "

Benj. Bakewell, t "

Alex. Johnston, Jr., f "

Chas Avery, f "

Ephraim Pentland, | "

Jos. P. Gazzam, M. D., f ... •'
Robert Patterson, D. D., f .. "

William Hays, f "

James C. Gilleland, f "

John Brown, f "

John Kennedy, f "

James Ross, Jr., f "

James Correy, f "

Accessus. Exitus

1832— Luther Halsey, D. D.,f....i8—

Adam Hays, M. D.,

Stephen Colwell, f

Abishia Way, f

William Bell, Jr., f

Valentine B. Horton, f

John Snyder, f

Geo. Upfold,D. D., LL.D.,t

1840— Henry D. Sellers, M. D.,t 1855
Hon. Trevanion B. Dallas,|i8 —

D. H. Riddle, D. D., f 1855

Wm. F. Irwin, M. D., t....i853

Hon. Harmar Denny, f 1852

Orlando Metcalf, f 1852

Col. S. W. Black, f 1862

Hon. Robt. C. Grier, f 184-

Cornelius Darragh, f 184-

Thos. F. Dale, M. D., t....i8s5

Thos. Williams, f 1847

Hon. Walter Lowrie, f 18 —

John S. Riddle, t 18—

Andrew Burke, f 1864

Wm. H. Denny, t 18—

Rev. Jos. R. Kerr, f 18—

Wm. O'Hara Robinson, t"i852

Jonas R. McClintock, f 18 —

James T. Pressly, D. D.,t..iS—
Alfred W.Marks, f 18—

1845— Edward Edrmgton, M. D.,ti855

Robt. M. Riddle, t 1858

Preston, f 18—

James R. Speer, M. D.,

Thos. Liggett, Jr., f 1852

Rev. Jas. Rogers, f 184-

Cook, M. D., t 1846

1846— Thomas Bakewell, f 1866

Abner L. Pentland, f 1847

Rev. Robt Dunlap, f 1847

William Hunter, D. D., t..i846

Accessus. Exitus.

1846— William J. Totten.f 1847

Pollard McCormick, f 1852

Robert Patterson, f 184?

Hon. Wilson McCandless.f 1847

1847— Rev. J. F. McLaren,! 1848

Rev. W. A. Passavant, 1848

Hon. Thos. M. Howe, f.... 1855

185 1 — Frank Johnson, 1852

Hon. J. K. Moorhead, t....i884

W. H. Lowrie.t 1855

Neville B. Craig, f 1852

Thos. Williams, t 1S55

1852— R. B. Mowry, M. D.,

Chas. Cooke, D. D., 1853

Geo. D Bruce, M. D., 1863

John Harper,

Hon. H. Hepburn, f 1853

1855— John Graham, f 1856

Hon. Moses Hampton, f...i86i
Matthew Simpson, D. D.,t 1856
Wm. S. Plummer, D. U.,t 1856

William Bakewell

E. M.Van Deusen, D D.,t 1864

D. R. Kerr, D. D., LL. D.
1856— Wm. M. Paxton, D. D., 1863

Josiah King, f 1882

W. D. Howard, D. D., t...i877

J. G. Brown, D. D

1857— R. E. Sellers, 1858

E. D. Gazzam,t 1867

1858— E. H. Kendall, D. D., 1859

1859— Geo. W. Jackson, i860

i860— Jas. King, M. D.,t 1880

Jas. Park, Jr., t 1883

1861— William Thaw,

Alex. Nimick,

Allen Kramer, f 1861

Wm. McKnight.t 1863

1862 — Isaac Jones, f 1878

1863— Harvey Childs, f 1876

D. H. Campbell, 1S67

Accessus. Exi'/us.
1863— C. B. M. Smith,! 1S6-

Alex. Bradley,

Robert Robb, '..1S84

Nath'l Holmes,! 185-

1864— C. G. Hussey, M. D.,

Saml. M. Kier, ! 1875

1S66— William Frew, ! 1880

James I. Eennett, 1868

1867— H. Johnson, D. D., 186-

Rich'd S. Waring !...i883

1868— F. A. Noble, D. D. i87i

James I. Kuhn, ! 1885

1869— W. Preston, D. D.. ! 1^76

1870— Charles J. Clarke,

1871— E. P. Jones, 187-

1S72— Hon. F. H. Collier,

Rev. A. M. Milligan,! 1885

Henry Lloyd,! 1879

1873 — Hon. R. B. Carnahan

1874 — Hon. J. C. Newmyer,

1875 — James P. Hanna,

Reese F. Allsop, D. D.,....i88i

1877— Rev. S. F. Scovel 1883

1878— Wm. J. Sawyer,

i879_C. L. Thompson, D. D., 1882

J. B. Kerfoot,D.D.,LL.D.,! 1881
1880— Hon. F. R. Brunot,

Wm. M. Darlington

1881 -James B. Scott,

1882— Rt. Rev. Cortlandt White-
•head, D. D.,

John Crocker White, D. D.,
1883— Thos. N. Boyle, D. D

Edw'd P. Cowan, D. D.,...
1884— Reuben Miller,

W. J. Robinson, D. D.,

Wm. Thaw, Jr.,

Robt. M. Tindle, M. D......

1885— Henry Holdship,

Rev. J. W. Sproul,

1886— Thomas C. Jenkins,


Accessus. Exitus.
i872~George Woods, LL. D., Chancellor, 1880

James BIackmore,f Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1875

Alex. P. Callow, Mayor of Allegheny, 1874

1874 — Hugh Fleming, Mayor of Allegheny, 1875

1875— Wm. C. McCarthy, Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1878

Oliver O. Phillips,! Mayor of Allegheny, 1878

1878— Robert Liddell, Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1881

Thomas Megraw,! Mayor of Allegheny, 1884

1881— Henry M. MacCracken, D. D., Chancellor, 1884

Robert W. Lyon, Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1884

Lewis Peterson, Mayor of Allegheny, 1884

1884— Milton B. Goff, LL. D., Chancellor,

Andrew Fulton, Mayor of Pittsburgh,

James G. Wyman, Mayor of Allegheny,

t Deceased.


Accessus. Exilus.

819 — Robert Bruce, D. D., 1835

835 — Rev. Gilbert Morgan, 1S36

843 — Heman Dyer, D. D., 1849

849— D.H. Riddle, D. D., 1855

855— John F.McLaren, D. D 1858

858— George Woods, LL. D 1880

880— Milton B. Goff, A. M., {pro (cm.) 1881

881— Henry M. MacCracken, D. D., 1S84

884— Milton B. Goff, LL. D.,


Accessus. Exittis,
1822 — Rev. John Black, Ancient Languages

Rev. E. P. Swift, Moral Science and Evidences

Rev. Joseph McElroy, Rhetoric and Belle Lettres

Rev. Charles B. Maguire, Modern Languages

1835 — Robert Bruce, D. D., Greek, Mathematics and Natural Philosophy .

Dr. Harper Mitchell, A. M., Experimental Philosophy, Chemistry,
Mineralogy, and Natural History

J. E. Barbezat, A. M., French and German

N. S. Jones, Tutor

G. T. Gilmore, Principal English and Classical School

1842 — Rev. Heman Dyer, A. M., Moral and Intellectual Philosophy

Daniel Stone, Esq., Ancient Languages

1843 — Lemuel Stephens, A. M., Mathematics and Natural Philosophy

Herman Eggers, A. M., Modern Languages

Augustus W. Ruter, A. M., Tutor '...

1S55— Wm T. McDonald, A. M., Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 1859

Jos. F. Griggs, A. B , Ancient Languages 1S64

Alphonse M. Danse, French

1856— George M. Maclean, M. D , Chemistry and Natural Sciences, 1858

Robert Grierson, A. M , Teacher of Ancient Languages, 1858

F. L. Apel, A, M., German, 1S56

1859— J. D. Hancock, A. B,, Tutor Mathematics, 1861


l86o — H. H. Northup, Principal Prepar&tory Department i860

Joseph H. Montgomery, Prmcipal Preparatory Department, 1861

1861 — Moses F. Eaton, Elocution, 1861

George H. Christy, A. B., Mathematics, 1863

1862 — Rev. Samuel Findley, A. M., Principal Preparatory Department, 1864

Hon. Moses Hampton, Law, 1863

Glaucus H. Bonnafon, Military Tactics, 1862

Walter Wells, A. M., Lecturer on Natural Science, 1863

Wm. C. Reiter, M. D., Lecturer on Chemistry, '1863

Rudolph Leonhart, German, 1868

Major F. E. Chalfant, Military Tactics, 1863

1863— Hon. Henry W. Williams, Law, 1871

Sylvester Burnham, A. B., Mathematics 1863

R. E. Wakeham, Mathematics, 1863

George. F. Barker, Ph. B., M. D., Natural Science, 1864

Dorville Libby, A. B., Prmcipal Preparatory Department, 1865

1864— Joseph F. Griggs, A. M., Greek, 1880

Rev. R. E. Williams, A. M., Latin, 1865

Samuel P. Lynn, Teacher in Preparatory Department, 1864

1865— Benjamin C. Jillson, Ph. B., M. D., Natural Science, 1871

Milton B. Goff, A. M., Mathematics, 1882

Jeremiah E. Ayers, A. B., Principal Preparatory Department, 1870

Rev. Edward P. Crane, A. M., Latin, 1880

C. Ralph Presser, Penmanship, , 1866

Ignatius Hahn, Drawing, 1866

1866— I, N. Forner, Commercial 1884

1867 — W. D. Gunning, Lecturer on Geology, 1867

S. P. Langley, LL. D., Astronomy and Physics, and Director of Obs'y.

1869 — Mr. Scheib, German and History, 1869

Rudolph Leonhart, German and History, 1869

Brevet Major W. J. L. Nicodemus, Military Tactics, 1871

Levi Ludden, A. M., Principal Preparatory Department,

1870 — Paul F. Rohrbacker, German and History, 1880

William Bakewell, Esq., Law Lecturer, 1871

Hill Burgwin, Esq., Law Lecturer, 1871

W. F. Haynes, Esq., Law Lecturer, 1871

Theo. M. Barber, A. M., Adjunct Latin, 1873

C. L. Parker, A. B., Assistant in the Observatory, 1871

187 1 — Bryant C. Tilden, Civil and Mining Engineering.., 1871

C. C. Dickey, A. B., Instructor in Physiology and Astronomy,. 1872

C. C. Coffin, A. M., Instructor Greek in Preparatory Department,

George Hay, M. D., Chemistry, i872

Isaac Morley, A. M., Engineer, 1872

1872— John W. Langley, M. D., Chemistry, 1875

William H. Streeruwitz, Civil Engineer 1872

A. E. Frost, A. B., As.sistant in the Observatory, 1875

Lieut. William B. McCallum, U. S. A., Military Tactics, 1876

1^73— Theo. M. Barber, A. M., I^atin, 1886

1874 — Frank A. Barr, A. B., Tutor, 1876


1875 — Francis C. Phillips, Chemistry, Geology, etc

P. B. de Schweinitz, Physics, 1880

S. R. Murray, Tutor, 1S75

C. A. Prouty, A. B., Assistant in the Observatory, 1S76

1876— Lieut. H. B. Osgood, U. S. Army, Military Tactics, iSSo

Oscar M. Tucker, Instructor in Preparatory Department,

R. F. Hall, A. B., Assistant in the Observatory, 1878

1878 — F. W. Very, Assistant in the Observatory,

1880 — ^Joseph F. Griggs, A. M., Greek Emeritus

R. C. Wrenshall, Drawing, 1882

B. C. Jillson, M. D., Biology and Geology 1882

Rev. P. V. Veeder, D. D., Logic, Rhetoric, etc., 1882

Henry Gibbons, A. B., Greek,

i88i — E. S. Johnson, Ph. B., Assistant in Chemical Laboratory, ...1S81

J. E. Keeler, Assistant in the Observatory, 18S6

1882 — R. C. Wrenshall, Drawing and Biology,

Daniel E. Carhart, Engineering,

Joseph H. Rohrbacher, Instructor in Mathematics 1882

Alexander S. Hunter, A. B., Instructor in Mathematics, 1883

James H. Harlow, C. E., Lecturer on Hydraulics,

F. Z. Shellenberg, C. E., Lecturer on Mining Engineering,

Edward B. Taylor, Lecturer on Railway Engineering,

1883— R. H. West, A. B., Assistant in the Observatory, 1883

W. S. Sample, U. S. N., Instructor Mathematics and Engineering 1885

A. B. Schantz, A. B., Assistant in the Observatory, 1884

1884 — George M. Sleeth, Instructor in Elocution,

B. H. Patterson, A. M., Instructor in Mental Science,

A. M. Vantine, Commercial Branches, 1884

W. D. Rowan, Commercial Branches,

M. G. Miller, Ph. B., Assistant m Chemical Laboratory, 18S5

Daniel W. ITering, C. E., Physics, 1SS5

1885-^lbert E. Frost, A. M., Physics,

1886 — Theo. M. Barber, A. M., Latin and English,

J. Page, A. B., Assistant in the Observatorj',

■*See -^a.r Siewavt.^rr.


Ffi— Born. (J— Died, r— Resides or Resided.]


Guthrie, Rev. Thomas C, D. D.;
Ref'd Pres'n, afterwards U. P. Min-
ister ; b. in County Antrim, Ireland,
Aug. 7, 179(5; Pastor Ref'd Pres'n
Ch. at Bakerstown, Pa , and also at
Mt. Pleasant, Pa. ; d. Sparta, March
22, 1876.

Logan, Rev. Alex., Pres. Minister;
studied theology at Princeton and
Andover; d. Washington, Ky.,
March 4, 1834.

Smith, Rev. Samuel Ferguson, U. P.
Minister; b. Atlantic ocean, 1799;
d. Cochranton, Pa., March 19, 1846.


Bryson, Rev. Samuel, Pres'n minis-
ter; studied theology at Princeton;
d. 1825.

Gazzam, Edward D., M. D.; studied
law with Hon. Richard Biddle ; then
medicine with his brother, Dr. J. P.
Gazzam; served two years in the
State Senate of Pa.; d. New York

Irwin, Hon. Wm. W. ; Mayor of
Pittsburgh '40 ; member of Con-
gress '42 ; Minister to Denmark '43;
d. 1856.

Shields, Alexander.

Stark, Rev. John, Ass. Refd, after-
wards Pres'n minister; d. Armstrong
Co., Pa., July 12, 1869.

Stevenson, Thomas C; r. Carlisle,


Agnew, Hon. Daniel, att'y ; b. in
Trenton, N. J.. January 5th, 1809;
LL. D. from Washington, and also
from Dickinson College; Judge of
Court of Beaver Co., Pa., from 1851
until 1863 ; Judge of Supreme Court
of Penna. from 1863 until 1879 ;
Chief Justice from Dec. 1873 until Jan.
18V9; r. Beaver, Pa.

Black, Rev. John, D. D. ; b. in
County Antrim, Ireland ; Ref'd Pres'n
Minister ; Pastor of Ref'd Pres'n
Church, Pittsburgh, Pa. ; Pres't of
Duquesne College ; d. Oct. 25, 1849.

Black, John, licentiate in R. P. ch.;
b. Pittsburgh, Pa., 1805 ; d. Aug. 15,

BuflBlngton, Hon. Joseph, Judge of
Common Pleas Court, Armstrong
Co., Pa.; d. Kittanning, 1873.

Cannon, Fergus.

Cunningham, Oliver ; d. Iowa.

Hamilton, Thomas, att'y; d. Pitts-
burgh, 1850.

McCully, James, M. D. ; dec'd.

Roseburg, John, M. D.; b. in Pitts-
burgh, Pa., about 1 802; d. Poland, O.

Tannehill, Wiildns, dec'd.


Aderly, Rev. John
Agnew, Rev. J. A.
Bardsler, John

Barker, James ; dec'd.

Beer, Rev. Thomas ; Pres'n minis-
ter ; r. Ashland, O. ^

Black, Rev. Andrew Watson, Refd
Pres'n minister; b. Pittsburgh, Pa.,
April 24, 1808 ; Pastor of Reformed
Presbyterian Church of Shenango
and Neshannock, '32-39; of Alle-
gheny, Pa., '39-'55; elected Profes-
sor of Exegetical, Historical and
Evangelistic Theology in Ref. Pres.
Theo. Seminary 1S58 ; A. M. in '36 ;
Moral Instructor in Penitentiary of
Western Dist. of Pa. ; D. D. from
Rutgers in '52 ; Trustee of W. U. P.
'45-'58; d. Sewickley, Pa., Sept. 10,

Darragh, Hon. Cornelius ; att'y ; b. in
Pittsburgh, Penna. ; District Attorney
for Allegheny County ; Member of
Penna. State Senate 1841 ; Att'y Gen-
eral of Penna. ; Member of Congress ;
Trustee of W. U. P. ; d. in Pittsburgh,


Fulton, Rev. A. P. ; d. in New York,
Hamilton, Rev. Alfred, D. D. ;
Pres'n minister ; d. in Chicago, Ills.,
Sep. loth, 1867.
Kerr, Rev, Joseph Reynolds, Ass.
Ref'd minister; b. in St. Clair, Pa.,
Jan. iSth, 1807; Pastor Ass. Ref'd
church, Pittsburgh, from his ordina-
tion (1830) until his death; Trustee
of W. U. P. iS40-'43 ; A. M. in '36;
d. Pittsburgh, June 14th, 1843.

Lowrie, J. A.; d. 1833.

Lowrle, Hon. Walter H.,att'y; fif-
teen years a Judge of the Supreme
Court of the State of Penna. ; also
the Pres't Judge of the Court of Com-
mon Pleas of Crawford Co., Pa.;
Trustee VV. U. P. 1851-55 ; dec'd.

McCandless, Hon. Wilson, att'y;
b. Pittsburgh, Pa., June 19, 1810;
LL. D. from Union College in 1862 ;
appointed, Feb. 8, 1859, Judge of the
U. S. Dist. Court of the West'n Dis't
of Penna ; resigned July, 1876 ; three
times a Senatorial Elector for Pres't
and Vice Pres't of the U. S , in 1844,
'52 and '56; twice Pres't of the Elec-
toial College of Penna. ; and Chair'n
of the Penna. Delegation in the Bal-
timore Convention of 1848; Trustee
W. U. P. 1846 ; d. in Pittsburgh, June
30, 1882.

Rodgers, Rev. James, U. P. minis-
ter; b. in County Down, Ireland,
Dec. 22, 1800; Pastor of Noblestown
and Ohio Congregations, Pa., '3 1-'38 ;
also of Second Church, Allegheny,
Pa., from 1838 until i860; Superin-
tendent of B'd of Publication, Pitts-
burgh, from 1859 until his death;
D. D. from Jefferson College ; Trus-
tee of W. U. P. i845-'68; d. in
Allegheny City, July 23, 1868.


McMasters, Rev. J., D. D., Ref d
Pres'n, afterwards U. P. minister; b.
County Antrim, Ireland, March i,
1806 ; d. Princeton, Ind., July 1 1, '74.

Phelps, Hon. D., member of Con-
gress ; r. Kittanning, Pa.

Steele, Rev. David, Ref'd Pres'n
minister ; D. D. in 1884; r. Philadel-
phia, Pa.

Tees, James, M. D.


Crozier, Rev. John, RePd Pres'n

minister; r. Elizabeth, Pa.
Fulton, Rev. A. S.. U. P. minister ;

b. Allegheny Co., Pa., 1805 ; d. Ta-

rentum, Pa., March 5, 1845.
Kerr, Rev. Moses, Ass. RePd minis-
ter ; b. St. Clair, Pa., June 30, 181 1 ;
Prof, of Languages for one year in W .
U. P; also Prof, of Biblical Litera-
ture and criticism in the Allegheny
Theological Seminary ; d. Pittsburgh,
January 26, 1840.

McClelland, Kev. Wm.

Smith, Jas. IL, M. D. ; d. in Phila-
delphia, Pa.


Bower, Rev. Andrew, Ass. RePd
minister; b. Washington Co., Pa.,
Jan. 25, 1805 ; in 1834 helped to or-
ganize 34 missionary stations, mainly
in Illinois, most of which grew into
churches; Pastor at Hopewell, Ohio;
Mercer, Pa, ; and of the 2nd Ass.
Ref'd church Philadelphia, from 1847
until his death ; d. in Philadelphia,
Pa., Dec. 31, 1851.

Bruce, George Duncan, M. D. ; Trus-
tee 1852-63; r. Pittsburgh.

Burke, Andrew, att'y ; Trustee 1846-
64; d. Pittsburgh about 1868.

Sproull, Rev. Thomas, D. D. ; b.
Sept. 15, 1803; Pastor RePd Pres'n
Church, Allegheny, l836-'7i ; Prof,
in Ref'd Pres'n Seminary, of Di-
dactic Theology, History and Ch.
Gov. until 1874; now of Pastoral
Theology ; author of " Prelections
on Theology;" LL. D. in '86; r.
Allegheny City, Pa.

Wallace, Rev. John, RePd Pres'n,
afterwards U. P minister; Pastor at
Adamsville, Pa., from 1862 until
1866; returned to the RePd Pres'n
Church in 1866; d. at Adamsville in


Bell, William M., merchant; d. Alle-
gheny, 1 87 1.

Blair, Rev. Hugh Henry, U. P. min-
ister; b. Erie Co , Pa., October 19,
1809; pastor of Charles St. Church,
New York City, from 1836 until his
death; New York, Jan. 7, 187 1.

Caskey, Samuel W., merchant; dec'd.

Fielding, John H.

Liggett, Thomas, Jr., att'y ; Trustee

1840-1852; d. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Lyons, Wm. Maclay, merchant ; r.

Pittsburgh, Pa.
Pentland, Hon. Abner Lacock,

att'y ; Prothonotary of the Supreme

Court of the Western Dist. of Penna ;

Trustee of W. U. P.; d. Pittsburgh,


Ramsey, William, student of Theol-
ogy ; dec'd.

Robinson, Wm. O'Hara, att'y ; U. S.
dist. att'y. for West Dist. of Pa.;
Trustee W. U. P. 1846-52 ; d. Pitts-
burgh, Pa., 1855.

Shields, Rev. James ; b. Pittsburgh,
Pa., December 11, 1812 ; Pastor of
congregations of Mexico and Tusca-
rora, Juniata Co., Pa., from his ordi-
nation until his death ; d. on his way
to Minnesota, Aug. 19, 1862.

Simpson, Robert, M. D. ; dec'd.

Douthett, Rev. Samuel ; dec'd.

MeElroy, Rev. Robert; dec'd

McKinstry, Rev. Matthew, U. P.
minister ; b. Juniata Co., Pa., Oct.
30, 1803; Pastor of congregations of
Bethesda and Laurel Hill, West-
moreland Co., Pa., from 1836 to 1845 !
of McKeesport, Pa., from 1857 to
1861 ; Superintendent of County
Schools; d. West Newton, Pa., Dec.
10, 1872.

Taggart, Rev. Samuel, U. P. min-
ister; b. County Antrim, Ireland,
March 26, 1803; Pastor at West
Middletown, Pa.; d. 1885.


Bell, Dwight, iron merchant ; b. War-
ren, O,, Oct. 22, 1814; removed to
Philadelphia, Pa., 1844 ; r. Phil'a, Pa.

Lea, Rev. Richard, D. D , Pres'n
minister ; b. Coventry, England,
April 23, 1810 ; called to Lawrence-
ville, Pa., Pres'n church while yet a
student at the West'n Theological
Seminary ; served 47 years ; now
Pastor Forty-third Street Pres'n
church ; published a number of ser-
mons and small works ; D. D. in
1875; r. Pittsburgh, Pa.

McGill, Rev. James, U. P. minister;
b. Scotland, 1812; Pastor in Cam-
bridge, Ohio, 1838-47; Cleveland,
Ohio, 1849-61 ; Stamford, Canada
West, 1863-73; Davisville, Mich. ,'75,

Osborne, Rev. Joseph, U. P. minis-
ter; b. Westmoreland Co., Pa., 1813;
Pastor of Turtle Creek and Bethel
congregations, Westmoreland Co., Pa. ;
d. Oct. 31st, 185 1.


Black, Alexander, M. D. ; b. July 24,
1814; d. Pittsburgh, Nov. 6, 1874.

Fulton, Jonathan Gilmore, U. P. min-
ister; b. Pittsburgh, March 14, 1817;
Pastor at Puckety and Tarentum,
Blairsville, Turtle Creek, Pa. ; Chap-

lain 6ist Reg't., Pa. Vol's. 1S61 ; or-
ganized the congregation of Braddocks
Field, Pa., in 1864; d. Pittsburgh,
April 17, 1870.

Prestley, James, D. D. ; U. P. minis-
ter; afterwards of Christian Union
Church ; b. County Down, Ireland,
June 23, 1815; was pastor of Raccoon
and Hanover congregations. Pa.; at
Cincinnati, Ohio; New York City;
and Pittsburgh, Pa.; Editor United
Presbytei-ian and Pulpit of Associate
Reformed Church ; wrote two sketches
in Spragtte''s Annals; d. 1885.

Sellers, Robert Emory, merchant;
Pittsburgh ; b. Ilillsboro, Md., March
14th, 1814; Trustee of Western Uni-
versity, from 1857 to 1881 ; r. New-
ark, N. J.


Black, Samuel Wylie, att'y at law;
b. in Pittsburgh, Sept. 3d, 1816; U. S.
Judge of Territory of Nebraska, and
subsequently Governor of Nebraska;
member of National Convention that
nominated James Buchanan for Pres-
ident of the United States ; Col. of the
62d Reg't. Pa. Volunteers; killed at
Gaines' Mills, June 24th, 1862.

Caldwell, Rev. James, Missionary of
Reformed Presbyterian Church to
Northern India; d. May 29th, 1877.

Oritchlow, Rev. Benjamin Coe, D.
D., Pres'n minister; b. in Allegheny
county, Dec. 14th, 1807; pastor of
Presbyterian Churches in Slippery
Rock, Beaver Falls, New Brighton,
and Greenville, Pa. ; d. in New Brigh-
ton, April 2 1 St, 1882.

Lewis, Rev. Reuben; r. Holcomb's
Rock, Va.

Montgomery, Robert M., Pitts-
burgh; dec'd.

Mowry, Robert B., M. D.; Trustee of
W. U. P. from 1852; r. Allegheny

"Waggoner, Rev. David, pastor Pres-
byterian Church, Venango, Pa.

White, Rev. William ; b. in Ireland,
March i8th, 181 1; D. D. from W.
U. P. 1869; clergyman of the Pro't.
Epis'l Church; was Rector of St.
Peter's church, Butler, Pa., until
1877; r. Butler, Pa.

Ekin, Rev. John, D. D. ; b. in West-
moreland county. Pa., February 15th,
1812 ; pastor of Second Associate Re-
formed Church, Pittsburgh, May to
August, 1839; of Union, Allegheny


Co., Dec, '39, to Dec, 1853 ; of First
Associate Reformed Church, Pitts-
burgh, April, 1854, to Nov., 1857 ; of
Presbyterian Churches in Le Clair,
Iowa and Monroe, Louisiana; for a
short time was clerk in the Quarter-
master's Dep't., U. S. A. ; was for four
years in charge of a P'emale Seminary
in Xenia, Ohio ; then pastor in Topeka,
Kansas; d. in Topeka, Sept. 30th,

Ewing, Rev. Alexander; d. in Nor-
ristown, Ohio, March 25th, 1849.

Mehard, Rev. Thomas; b. in Lame,
Ireland, in 1815 ; was pastor of Asso-
ciate Refomied Churches of Shenango,
Turkey Run and East Brooks, Pa. ; d.
July 1 6th, 1845.


Freetly, Rev. John L. ; b. Lancaster
Co., Pa., March, '12; Presbyterian
minister; pastor of South Henderson
and Ellison, '42-46; d. near Har-
mony, 111., Dec 22, '78.

Herron, Jas. A. ; b. Pittsburgh, Pa.;
d. 1837.


Dick, Rev. Jeremiah Murray ; b. in
Westmoreland county, Pa., March 5th,
1 81 8; pastor of U. P. Church, Camp
Creek, Oregon.

Kerr, Rev. David Reynolds, D. D. ;
b. in Allegheny county. Pa., 1818;
LL. D., from Washington and Jeffer-
son ; also from Princeton College ;
Prof, of Ecclesiastical History and
Church Government in the United
Presbyterian Theological Seminary,
Allegheny City, since 1851 ; for thirty
years chief editor of the United Pres-
byterian ; Moderator of the General
Assembly of 1866; delegate to the
Pan Presbyterian Councils of 1877 and
1880 ; President of the Board of Trus-
tees of W. U. P.; also, President of the
Board of Trustees of Westminister
College, New Wilmington, Pa. ; r.
Allegheny, Pa.

McClure, Rev. John ; b. in Stark Co.,
Ohio, August 2d, 1813; licentiate of
the Associate Reformed Church ; d.
Feb. 22, 1 841.

McGregor, Rev. John Wilson ; d.
Jan. 7th, 1S78.

McMasters, Andrew, att'y at law ;
b. m Pittsburgh, Dec. 25th, 1818;
Treasurer of the City of Pittsburgh ;
alderman for a terms of years; d.
Dec. 4th, 1863.

I Mellon, Hon. Thomas ; b. in Ireland,
Feb. 3d, 1814; att'y at law 1838-1859;
Judge of Court of Common Pleas of

I Allegheny County, 1859-1869; now

1 of T. Mellon & Sons, Pittsburgh ; mem-
ber of Select Council; r. Pittslmrgh,

I Pa.

1 Murray, Rev. Joseph Alexander, D.

1 3

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