An ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an online

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Online LibraryUnknownAn ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an → online text (page 40 of 45)
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Dirath, St. bishop of Ferns, death of, iii, 128, 132.

Direo-Chuisgnigh, nunnery of, ii. 85.

Disciples of St. Patrick, list of, i. 337.

Discipline of the Irish monks, iv. 357.

Disert Aengus near Clonenagh, so called from its being the re-
treat of St. Aengus Hua Hohlen^ iii. 245.

Disert-chuimin, now called Kill-commin or Kill-cummin, King's
county, ii. 395, 397-

Disert Nairbre, monastery erected there by St. Maidoc of Ferns,
ii. 337.

Disert-Tola in Meath. St. Tola led the life of a hermit here, iii.
171, 173, 174.

Diuma, St. chosen bishop of the middle Angles, ii. 428. Con-
secrated by St. Finan, ib.

Divine service, a canon relating to the, iv. 383.

Dobda or Dobdagreus or Dobdan, an Irishman, acts as bishop of
Saltzburg, instead of Virgil, iii. 188, 189; said to have been
bishop of Chiempsee, iii. 188, 189.

Dochonna the abbot, said to have been placed over the monas-
tery of Eas-mac-neirc, ii. 1 33.

Dochonna, bishop of Connor, iii. 163.

Dochuma, surnamed Bolgan, an anchoret; death of, iii. 163.

Docus, supposed to have been Cadoc of Lancai-ven, ii. 19.

Doire Calgaich, the ancient nameof Derry, or Londondeny, ii. 1 18.
Monastery of, founded by St. Columbkill, ib. 122, 123.

Dcire mac-Aidmecain, the church of, erected by St. Lasra, ii.
77, 80.

Doire-Melle, nunnery of, governed by St. Melle, iii. 193.

Doire-mor, monastery of, founded by St. Colman, ii. 310.

Domangart, St. said to be a brother to St. Domnoch, ii. 3I9»
Not to be confounded with St. Domangart of Slieve Donard, ib,

Domangart, St. of Slieve Donard ; the time he lived uncertain, ii.
319, 320, 321 ,• said to have been the son of Euchodius king
of Ulster, 322— brother of St. Mura of Fahen, ib.

Domangen, a bishop, left by St. Carthagh over the monastery of
Inispict, ii. 362.

Domnach-arda in Wicklow, the church of, erected by St. Pal-
ladius, i. 38, 41.

Domnach-bile, the church of, erected by St. Patrick, i. 262.

Domnachbrain or Domnach-braoin, the church of, founded by
St. Patrick, i. 268.

44*6 INDEX.

Domnacli-coinre, the church of, erected by St. Patrick, i. 268.
Domnach-combuir, the church of. erected by St. Patrick, i. 268.
Domnach fainre, the church of, erected by St. Patrick, i. 268.
Domnach-Fiech, monastery of, i. 274, 278.
Domnach-fothairbe, the church of, erected by St. Patrick, i.

Domnach Glinne-Tochuir, church of, i. 264.
Domnach-libeir, church of, founded by St. Patrick, i. 268.
Domnach-maigen, now Donaghmain in county of Monaghan, i.

266, 270.

Domnach-moclain, church of, erected by St. Patrick, i. 268.

Domnach-mor iji campo Echnach, now Donaghmore near Na-
van, i. 239.

Domnach-mor in the district of Magh-ithe, i. 262.

Domnach-mor in Tirawley, church of, i. 253.

Domnach-mor Mag-seola. Felartus of, a disciple of St. Patrick,,
i. 245, 247.

Domnach-mor muigJie siuil, said to be the same as Donaga-
Patrick near Kells, i. 237.

Domnach- mor-muighe-tochuirt church of, founded by St. Pa-
trick, i. 262.

Domnach- Patrick or Donagh- Patrick, near Kells, church founded,
i. 236. Ravaged by Godfrid, iii. 377.

Domnach riascaigh, church of, founded by St. Patrick, i. 268.

Domnach-righduin, church of, founded by St. Patrick, i. 268.

Domnach, Sachnell, now Dunshoghlin, in Meath, i. 271.

Domnach-sainre, church of, erected by St. Patrick, i. 268.

Domnach- Sarige, near Duleek, county of Meath, i. 245.

Domnach-tortain, church of, near Ardbraccan, county of Meath,

i. 271.
Domnald and Fergus, monarchs of Ireland, deaths of, ii. 198.
Domnald, archbishop of Armagh, iv. 9. Makes peace between

Domnald Mac Loghlin and Mortogh O'Brien, 10. Death of, ib.
Domnald, bishop of Cashel, writes to Lanfranc on Eucharistical

baptism, iii. 455.
Domnald II. monarch of Ireland, death of, ii. 302.
Domnald III. monarch of Ireland, goes on a pilgrimage to Hy,

and dies there, iii. 176.
Domnald Mac Loghlin, king of Ulster, assumes the title of king

of Ireland, iii. 484. Dies in the monastery of Deny, 485.
Domnald O'Heyne, bishop of Cashel, death of, iii. 455, 456.
Domnald O'Neill, becomes king of Ireland, iii. 366. Death

of, ib.
Donnald, scribe of Cork, death of, iii. 329.
Domnan or Adomnan, left over the monastery of Aingin by St.

Kicran of Clonmacnois, ii. 52.
Domnoch, St. or Madomnoch, a disciple of St. David, ii. 319.

Settles at Tipraid Fachtna in 0«sory, ib. First brought bees

into Ireland, 319, 320.

INDEX. 447

Donaghmain. See Donmachmaigen.

Donagh-mor. See Domnach-mor in campo Echnach.

Donagh- Patrick. See Domnach.mor-Mag-Seola, and Domnach

Donald, nephew of Murtogh O'Brien, invited to become king of
,Man, iv. 21, 23.

Donard. See Domnach-arda.

Donations, a canon respecting, iv. 386, 387.

Donatus, St. brother to St. Cataldus, said to be bishop of Lu-
piae, iii. 123, 128.

Donatus, St. bishop of Fiesole in Tuscany, an Irishman, iii. 280,
281, 282, 283.

Donatus, bishop of Dubhn, consecrated by Lanfranc archbishop
of Canterbury, iii. 434.

Donnchad, monarch of Ireland, death of, iii. 241.

Donogh, son of Dubhdavoirean king of Cashel, and Carrol prince
of Ossory, lay waste Conaught, iii. 327.

Donogh O'Brien, son of Brian Boroimhe, becomes king of Leath-
mogha, iii. 426. Sets out on a pilgrimage to Rome. 474, 475,

Donogh O'Haingly, bishop of Dublin consecrated at Canterbury,
iii. 482. Professes obedience to Lanfranc, 483. Death of, ih.

Donore, the land of, given to the abbey of St, Thomas, Dublin,
iv. 233.

Dorben, abbot of Hy, death of, iii. 153, 154, 156.

Doulagh, St. not a corruption of the name of St. Olave, iii. 359.

Doulagh St. church of, one of the most ancient buildings in Ire-
land, iii. 359.

Down, St. Patrick buried there, i. 364. Pillaged, iii. 374. Go-
vernment of the See of, undertaken by St. Malachy, iv. 101.
Cathedral of, repaired by St. Malachy, 129. Attacked by
John de Courcey, and its bishop taken prisoner, 232. Bene-
dictine monks introduced into the Cathedral, and the dedica-
tion title changed, 253.

Draoi, Draoith, or Drui, meaning of the words, i. 230.

Dress of the ancient Irish, iv. 360. Canon relating to, 361.

Droimfionn, dispute there between St. Finnian and St. Columb-
kill, ii. 28.

Dromahaire, Maccarthen baptized there by St. Patrick, i. 256.

Dromore, Colman bishop of, first master of St. Finnian, i. 431,

Drui, Druidh, see Draoi.

Druids and Druidism, what, i. 228.

Druimard, nunnery of, ii. 187.

Druimcheo, nunnery of, i. 405.

Druim-cliabh, monastery of, ii. 132.

Druim-corcorthri, perhaps Drumconrath, a church said to be
erected there by St. Patrick, i. 237.

Druim-cullen, monastery of, founded by Barrindeus, ii. 221.

448 INDEX*

Druim-dhearbh, i.422.

Druim-feartahh church of, ii. 100.

Druimindecli, church of, i. 268.

Druini-inis-clain, or Druim-inis cluinn. See Drumshallon.

Druim-leathan, monastery of, ii. 333, 336.

Druim-leitli-glais, the ancient name of Down, ii. 185.

Druimliag, monastery of, ii. 89.

Druimlias, monastery of, i. 257. Where situated, 258.

Druimnea, church of, erected by St. Patrick, i. 245, 247-

Druim-relgeach, Donatus priest of, i. 87.

Druim-sailec, or Druimsailech, or Airdsailech, ancient names of
Armagh, i. 312, 314.

Druim-tiprad, an ancient name of Clonmacnois, ii. 58.

Drumceat, assembly at, ii. 237, 239.

Drumcliffe, i. 257. Carthagh of Lismore goes to the monastery
of, iii. 352. Bishops formerly there, iv. 345.

Drum-dubhain, nunnery of, i. 266, 403.

Drumrath, monastery of, ii. 1 89.

Drumshallon, the church of founded by St. Patrick, i. 238, 444.
Death of Lugadius abbot of, 441, 444. St. Aidus dies in the
monastery of, iii. 242, 243.

Duach, father of Colman of Kilmacduach, ii. 341.

Duban, St. of Rinn-dubhain, i. 426.

Dubdalethe, or Dubhdalethe, I. II. and III. Archbishops of
Armagh, iii. 233, 234, 386, 387, 428, 448, 450.

Dubdan O'Foelan, abbot of Clonard, iii. 166.

Dubduban, placed over the church of Donagh-mor by St. Patrick,
i. 262.

Dubh-gals, attack and plunder Dublin, in the possession of the
Fingals, iii. 277.

Dublin, blessed by St. Patrick, i. 275. Sedulius bishop of, iii.
228, 230. Taken and burned by Congal, king of Ireland, 374.
Taken by Godfrid, 377. Celsus, Archbishop of Armagh ap-
pointed bishop of, iv. 45. Gregory elected bishop of, 46. The
see of raised to metropolitical rank, and Gregory its first arch-
bishop, 47, 48. Attacked by the Norwegians, 198. Besieged
by the Irish, ib. Church of confirmed in its jurisdiction over
the sees of Glendaloch, Kildare, Ferns, Leighlin and Ossory,
238. Bull to protect the diocese of, against the exercise of
powers of others 256. Synods held in, 233, 234, 264, 269,

Dubliterius of Kill-slepte killed by the Northmen, in. 368,
Dubtach or Dubhtach, the poet, converted by St. Patrick, i. 225.

Visited by St. Patrick, 273. Recommends St. Fiech for holy

orders, ib. 277-
Dubtach, succeeds St. Cormac as archbishop of Armagh, i. 422,

dies, 435. Succeeded by Ailill or Ailild, 440.
Dubtach, father of St. Brigid, i. 378.

INDEX. 449

Dubtach II. archbishop of Armagh, ii, 2. Death of, 70.
Dubtach, scribe of Kill-achad, death of, iii. 329.
Duffan, Mac-heathach and Magihiiunan, three distinguished Irish-
men, leave Ireland in a leathern boat, and land in Cornwall, iii.
Duinbolg. See Dunbolg.

Diileek, a bishop's see under St. Kienan, i. 34?1, 344. Situated
in the district of the Kennacta or Kenaght of Meath, i. 345.
One of the oldest sees of Meath, ii. 23. Churcli of, des-
poiled by the Scandinavians, iii. 270. Plundered, 433. One
of the established sees of Meath, iv. 42. Ancient stone church
of, 1 28. The fortifications of destroyed, 225. Monastery of
regular canons of, founded, 252. Church of, only head of a rural
deanery, 322.
Dumha-graidhy Ailbe, a priest ordained there by SJt. Patrick, f,

240, 243.
Dun-Abbain, now Abingdon, iii. 22.
Dunamase, Kethernan, prior of Kildare, and many others, put to

death there by the Danes, iii. 272.
Dunan, or Donatus, appointed first bishop of the Danes of Dub-
lin, iii. 433, 435, 436. Succeeded by Patrick, 457.
Dimbarton, Dunhartaue and Dumbarton) changes of the name

Dunbritton, i. 94.
Dunbleische, Fintan of, ii. 232.
Dunbolg or Duinbolg, battle of, ii. 198,
Dunbrody, abbey of founded, iv. 252, 253.
Duncan, an Irish bishop, lecturer at the monastery of St: Remi-

gius, iii. 403.
Dunchad, becomes abbot of Hy, iii. 154, 156. Death of, 157.
Dunchad II. monarch of Ireland, routs the Danes, iii. 366.
Dunchad O'Braoin, becomes abbot of Clonmacnois, iii. 389, 391.

Retires to Armagh, and dies there, 390.
Dunchad, son of Moeiiach, abbot of Hy, death of, iii. 486.
Dun-cruthen, supposed to be the same as Dtmboc, i. 218, 267.

A bishop named Beatus placed there by St. Patrick, 265.
Dundrum bay, enquiry where situate, i. 214.
Dungal, an Irish Scot, flourishes in France, iii. 256, 257, 262.
Writes his epistle, on the solar eclipses of the year 810, to
Charlemagne, 256. Goes to Italy, and is appointed teacher at
Pavia, ib. Writes against Claudius bishop of Turin, 258.
Dungal Mac-Baithen, abbot and bishop of Glendaloch, death of,

iii. 340.
Dunkeld, church of, ii. 165.
Dunshaughlin, the see of, ii. 23. The episcopal church of, iv.

Dunstan, St. educated at Glastonbury, iii. 395.
Durdracht, St. of Antrim, i. 348.

DuiTow, monastery of, visited by St. Columb-kill, i. 243.
VOL. IV. t I

450 INDEX.

Dymma, St. educates St. Declan and seveial others, i. 25.
Dympna, St. flies from Ireland^ ii. 473. Murdered by her father,

Dysart, convent of, iil. 4.
Dysibod, St. goes to Germany, and erects a convent at Mefttz, iii.

114. Death of, 2^.

Eas-mac-neirc, monastery of, ii. 133, 144.

Easinia. See Ashroe.

Easter, the, kept by St. Colman, the same as that kept by St*
John the Evangelist, i. 12. St. Columb-kill's mode of cele-
brating, ii, 256. Disputes about the time of celebrating, 270.
Inquiries concerning the right method of calculating, 388.

Eata, St. placed over the monastery of Lindisfarne, iii. 75. ap-
pointed bishop of that see, ib,

Eata, abbot of Mailross, iii. 88.

Ebersham, monastery of, iii. 107-

Ecclesiastical schools and seminaries established and governed by
Irish prelates, i. 402.

Ecclesiastical matters, decisions on, referred to the Apostolic See,
iv. 377.

Ecclesiastical and temporal power over Ireland claimed by Pope
Gregory the Seventh, iii. 484.

Ecclesiastics and learned men, several noted, iv. 53.

Ecgberet St. or St. Egbert, appoints Vilibrord to the mission of
Friesland, iii. 135.

Ectrum, the see of, iii. 193.

Edardruim, Diradius of, supposed brother of St. Canoe, i. 425.

Edchada Mac Scanlan, bishop of Emly, iii. 361.

Egfrid, king of Northumberland, sends an expedition against part
of the Eastern coast of Ireland, iii. 89, 94.

Egbert, St. See Ecgberet, St.

Eleran the wise, author of a life of St. Patrick, i. 84, 86.

Elias, St. an Irishman, abbot of St. Martin's at Cologn, iii.

Eliogarty, a district in Munster,.i. 24.

Elphinus, St. said to have been an Irishman, i. 6, 7, 8.

Eliteria, the cell of, iii. 166, 168.

EUenius, disciple of St. Cadoc, succeeds him in the monastery of
Lancarvon, i.490.

Eloquius, disciple of St. Fursey, ii. 462, 464.

Elphin, church of, founded, i. 242. The bishopric of St.
Asacus, 343. Monastery of, governed by St. Asacus, 403.

Ely O'Carroll, district of, i. 24. ii. 8.

Emerias, the two, i. 405.

INDEX. 451

Emilian or Emmian, goes from Ireland to join St. Fursey at Lagny,
ii. 461. Intrusted with the care of that monastery, ib.

Eminent men, deaths of several, iii. 329, 367, 368, 370, 371,

Emly, the city and chair of Ailbe, i. ^S5. Laid waste by the
Northmen, iii. 275. Plundered, iv. 52. Burned, 182. Ca-
thedral of, destroyed by fire, 331.

Emmian. See Emilian.
Empthor. See Nemthur.

Enach-aird, now called Annagh, in the county of Leitrim, ii.
327, 329.

Enach-duin, nunnery of, ii. 30. Death of St. Brendan there,

Enach-mic-brioin, monastery of, ii. 187, 188-

Enagh-dune, or Annadown, the see of, iv. 344, 345.

Enagh-trim, or Annatrim, abbey of, ii. 74.

Enan, said to have presided over the church of Druimindeicli, i.

Enda and his son Conall protect St. Patrick, i. 253.

Enda, father of Cormac, archbishop of Armagh, i. 415. Said to
have been brother to king Leogaire, ib.

Enda, St. St. Endeus, or St. Enna, of An-an, erects the monas-
tery of Arn Island, i. 396. Acts of, 404. A pupil of Mansenus,
438. Receives a visit and benediction from St. Brendan, ii. ^5.
Receives St. Kieran at his monastery of Arn Island, 51, 57.
Death of, 69.

Endeus, of the 2d class of Irish saints, ii. 13.

Endeus, St. of Arran. See St, Enda.

Endeus, not the great St. Enda of Arran, ii. 222.

English Synod, an interdict against Scottish priests administering
the sacrament by an, iii. 275.

English, the, land in Ireland under Fitz-Stephen, &c. iv. 190.
Cruelties of, 193, 194, 195, 326. Their custom of selling their
children to the Irish as slaves, 196, 197. Plunderers of churches,
256, 261,263.

Enna Kinselagh, king of Leinster, kills Niall Naoigiallach, i.

Enna, or Endeus, disciple of St. Columbkill, abbot of Imleach-
foda, ii. 223.

Ennach-duin, now called Annadown, ii. 36.

Eocha, son of Tuathal, anchoret, bishop and abbot of Louth,
death of, iii. 266.

Eochad, son of Dathy, converted by St. Patrick, i. 254.

Eochad, grandson of Leogaire, i. 452.

Eochaid, abbot, said to be of Lismore, ii. 356.

Eochaid, son of Diermit, archbishop of Armagh, death of, ii.

Eochaid Mac Colgain, death of, iii. 163.

452 INDEX.

Eochod of Klltoma, death of, iii. 191-

Eoo-an, or Eogin Mac Laisre, of tlie 2d class of Irish saints, ii.

fs, 205.
Epistle, concerning the Paschal question written to Rome by Tho-

mian and others, ji. 409. On the solar eclipses of the year

810, by Dungal, iii. 256.
Erard, St. an Irishman, iii. 105, 107, 108. Goes to the monas-
tery of the Vosges, 105, 109. Goes to Bavaria and baptizes

Odilia daughter of Ettico, 106. Dies at Ratisbon, ib. 109.
Ere, St. disciple of St. Senan, ii. 91, 95. See Ercus.
Erca, daughter. of Loarn, and mother of Murchertach, a christian,

i. 434.
Ercan, or Ergind, fatlier of St Senan, 1.445.
Erclac, a disciple of St. Patrick, ii. 326.
Ercus, St. a friend of St. Brigid, i. 410. Death of, 435.
Ercus, tutor of St. Brendan, ii. 28.
Erenachs, their name and office, iv. 80, 81, 83, 84, 85.
Ergind. See Ercan.

Eric of Auxerre, disciple of Helias an Irishman, iii. 287.
Erk, sons of, established a Scottish kingdom in Britain, i. Ij .
Erk, son of Dego, i. 85.
Erlomhan, freed from prison at the request of St. Fechin, iii. 51.

Embraces the monastic life, ib,
Ernaidhe, the district in which Cormac, archbishop of Armagh

lived, i. 416.
Ernan, St. placed over the monastery of Hinba, ii. 162.
Ernan, a priest of the 3d class of Irish saints, ii. 331.
Eman, abbot of Toiy Island, ii. 414.
Ernan, a priest, receives the benediction of St. Columbkill, iii. 3.

Called Ernene of Rathnui in Hy-Garchon, 4.
.Ernene of Druim-Tommer, ii. 141.
Ernene of Rathnui. See Ernan.
Emulph, an Irishman, distinguishes himself in Iceland, iii. 343,

Erjnagh, Benedictine house of, destroyed by John de Courcey,

iv. 249.
Esbren, island, of, ii. 449, 450, 451.
Esserninus, See Iseniinus, ii. 195, 205.
Establishment of the Irish Scots, in North Britain, i. 431.
Establishment for virgins or widows, several, i. 403.
Etchen, supposed to be Ethian, i. 429.
Etchen, St. of Cluahi-bile, his parentage, ii. 125. He ordains St.

Columbkille priest instead of bisliop by mistake, 126, 127.
Ethian, reproved by St, Patrick, i. 429. Supposed to be the same

as Etchen.
Ethica, island of, several monasteries founded there, ii. 162.
Ethne, mother of St. Maidoc of Ferns, ii. 333.
Etluiia, St. daughter of Aidus king of Leinster, ii.(i627.

INDEX. 453

Etto, a disciple of St. Fursey, ii. 462.

Eubonia. See Evania.

Eucharistical baptism, Domnald bishop of Casliel writes to Lan-
franc on, iii. 455.

Euflam, St. son of an Irish king, i. 493.

Eugene, bishop of Ardstraw, death of, ii. 190.

Eugene, surnamed Monaster, archbishop of Armagh, iii. 267.
Death of, ib.

Eugene Mac Cenfaelad, bishop of Emly, killed, iii. 339.

Eugenian and Dalcassian lines, dispute between the, iii. 425.

Eunan, St. supposed to be the same as Adamnan, ii. 99.

Eusebius, an Irish Scot, a monk of St. Gall, iii, 285, 286. Re-
tires to Mount St. Victor, and there dies. ib.

Eustatius, abbot of Luxeu, sent in search of Columbanus by
Clotharius, ii. 294. Finds him at Bobbio, 295.

Evania, Eubonia, &c. names of the Isle of Man, i. 305, 307.

Evin, St. of Ros-mic-treoin, visited by IMolua of Clonfert Molua,
ii. 311. Death of, ib.

Excommunication, various modes of, iv. 377.

Fachnan, St. or Fachtna, St. of Rosscarberry, a bishop, ii. 193.

His school at Ross, 194. His death, ib. Said to have been

a disciple of St. Barr, 317, 318.
Fachtna, St. See Fachnan.
Facundus, St. See Fachnan.
Faila, alias Foila or Foclena, of Kill-Faila, ii. 326.
Failan, St. or Foilan, St, iii. 3. Several of that name in Ire-
land, ib.
Failan, St. of the 3d class of Irish saints, ii. 331.
Failbe, or Failbhe Fland, king of Cashel, reproved by St. Pul-

cherius, ii. 310.
Failbe, abbot of Hy, successor to Cumineus Albus, iii. 97. His

death, ib. Succeeded by Adamnan, ib.
Failbe, abbot of Hy, succeeds Killen Droichtheach, iii. 192.

His death, ib. Succeeded by Slcben, ib. 193.
Failge, intending to kill St. Patrick, in mistake pierces Odran his

charioteer with a lance, i. 302.
Falertus, St. or ^ulartus, St. of Domnach-mor in INIaghbile, i.

Fallin, meaning of the word, iv. 362.
Fanchea, St. sister of St. Endu, i. 400. Nunnery of, 404.
Fannacur, the Danes defeated there, by Brian Boromihe, iii. 415.
Farannan, archbishop of Armagh, succeeds Eugene m that see,

iii. 267. Expelled from Armagh by Turgesius the Dane, i. 74,

iii. 267.

454 INDEX.

Faro, St. receives several Irish Saints at his moiiasteiy at Meaux,
ii. 446, 447.

Fast from Wednesday until Sunday throughout the year, ordered
by Domnald, archbishop of Armagh, iv. 9.

Fasting seasons, iv. 389, 390.

Fasts of the Irish church, iv. 349, 352.

Fathen Mura, now Fahan, monastery of, governed by St. Mura,
iii. 37, 39.

Faughan, river of, i. 262.

Fearcail, district of, ii. 12-

Feart, meaning of the word, i. 422.

Fearta Cearbain, a placeenear Tara, i. 419.

Fechin, St. of Fore, educated by St. Nathy, Nathi or Nathan, i.
345. ii. 190, 192. The rule that no woman should serve in
monasteries observed in his establishment, ii. 20. Placed un-
der the care of St. Nathy, iii. 45. Retires to Fore, and erects
a monasteiy there, ib. Converts the people of Immagh, near
the coast of Galway, ib. Dies of the pestilence, 52.

Fechin, a priest of the 3d class of Irish Saints, ii. 331. iii. 11.

Fedlimid, father of St. Columbkill, ii. 109.

Fedlimid, St. bishop of Kilmore, ii. 10, 11. Church of, 11, 12,

Fedlimid, bishop of Clones, ii. 10, 12.

Fedlimid, bishop of Clogher, ii. 10, 12.

Feidlilim Mac Crimthan, king of Munster, takes possession of
Kildare, and cames off the clergy, iii. 271. Never became
archbishop of Leagh-JMogha, as asserted by Keating, 273.
Death of, 275. 276.

Feidlimid. See Fedlimid.

Feidlimid Fionn, succeeds David as archbishop of Armagh, ii. 70,
Death of, 183.

Felartus, St. of Domnach-mor, i. 245.

Felim, father of St. Columb-kill, ii. 112, 113.

Femyn, the plain of, i. 281.

Ferdachriochy meaning of the name, i. 310. Improperly given
to St. Maccarthen, ib. Properly belonged to St. Tigernach
his successor as bishop of Clogher, ib. 434.

Ferdachrioch, son of buibne, archbishop of Armagh, iii. 192.
Death of, 194, 196.

Ferdomnach, bishop of Kildare, assumes tlie title of bishop of
Leinster, iii, 452.

Ferdomnach, bishop of Tuam, death of, iii. 202, 203.

Ferdomnach, a scribe, death of, iii. 163.

Ferdomnach, St. doctor of the church of Armagh, death of, Iii,

Feredach, son of Cormac abbot of Hy, iii. 325.

Feredach, son of Legen, abbot of Rachrann, death of, iii. 236.

Ferfugill, bishop of Clondalkin, death of, iii. 202.

Fergall, monarch of Ireland, killed in battle, iii. 144.

Fergnaus, or Virgnous, a monk of Clon-Juichoil, ii. 140.

INDEX. ^^5

Ferghaus or Fer^na, abbot of Hy, death of, ii. 34-7.
Fergus, son of Conal, and grandfather of St. Columba, a chris-
tian, i. 394.
Fergus, brother of Loarn, i. 431.
Fergus, bishop of Down, death of, ii. 183.
Ferns, establishment of St. Maidoc at, ii. 337. Church of,
plnndered, iii. 271. Burnt by the Danes, ib. The see of,
not the chief see of Leinster, 370, 372. The see of, refused
by Giraldus Cambrensis, iv. 264. Albin O'MuUoy, appointed
bishop of, 265. The town burnt, 182, 184. Monastery of
Augustin canons of, founded, 186, 187.
Ferta-Jir-feic, now Slane, i. 223.
Fert. See Feart.
Fes, of Temor, or Tarali, i. 371.

Fethach, abbot of Louth, Slane, and Duleek, death of, iii. 202.
Fethgna, succeeds Dierrait Hua Tigernach, archbishop of Ar-
magh, iii. 277. Death of, 323, 325.
Fiachna, disciple of St. Carthagh, ii. 359, 364.
Fiachna Hua Hartaguin, abbot of Hy, iii. 381, 386.
Fiachra, St. administers the Viaticum to St. Comgall, ii. 446,

Fiachre, St. erects a monastery at Breuil, ii. 446, 448.
Fiachrius, or Hifiachriusy David, archbishop of Armagh, so

called, ii. 70.
Fiadh-mac-Aengussa, synod of, i. 286. iv. 37, 38, 39, 40.
Fiadh Nemeadh, meaning of these words, iv. 412.
Fidhart, church of, founded by St. Patrick, i. 244, 246.
Fiech, St. bishop of Sletty, lived in the 5th century, i. 57. His
hymn on St. Patrick, 81. A disciple of Dubtach the poet,
232. Recommended to St. Patrick by Dubtach, 273. Re-
ceives the Tonsure from St. Patrick, 274. Becomes chief
bishop of Leinster, and fixes his See at Sletty, ib. and 276, seq.
The monastery or school of, 402. Contemporary with Con-
laith, bishop of KUdare, 410. Death of, 435. Said to be the
author of a hymn on St. Brigid, 454. Of the Sept or tribe of
Hy-bairreche, 468.
Finan, St. surnamed the Leper, said to have been placed over

the church of Swords, ii. 133. iii. 83. Death of, 84, 87.
Finan, St. a monk of Hy, succeeds Aedan at Lindisfarne, u. 424.
Erects a cathedral there of oak, ib. Continues obstinate in the
observation of the Paschal calculation, according to the Irish
practice, ib. Baptizes Peada, prince of the middle Angles,
427. Baptizes Sigebert, king of the East Saxons, 428. Death
of, 429. Succeeded as bishop of Lindisfarne by Colman, ib.
Sent to the conference of Whitby, iii. 59.
Finan, St. of Kinnitch, now Kinnitty, iii. 19, 30.
Findan, St. carried off along with his sister by the Norman pi-

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