An ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an online

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Online LibraryUnknownAn ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an → online text (page 42 of 45)
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Inismore, monastery of, founded by St. Columba, i. 430.
Inis-muigh-Samh, or Inis mhigh-Saimh, St. Nennidh abbot and
bishop tliere, i. 451. Monasteiy of, founded by St. Nennidh,

ii. 51, 233.
Inis-ne-gananagh, priory of Canons regular of, iv. 325, 326.
Inis-Patrick or Holm Patrick, plundered by the Scandinavians,

iii. 236, 238. Synod of, iv. 129.
Inispict, monastery of erected by Carthagh, ii. 358, 362.
Inisquin, monaster)^ of, under St. Meldan, ii. 36.
Inistuaisceart, a church erected there by St. Senan, ii. 3.
Inistusker, conjecture relating to, ii. 5.
Inistymon, abbey of, ii. 89.

Innella, St. or St. Devenella, daughter of Fergus, ii.327.
Inniscatthy. See Iniscathaig.
Innisboffin. See Inis-bo-finde.
Innisfallen, monastery of, attributed to St. Finnian the Leper, iii.

84, 85.
Inish-Otven, Owen, the chief of, converted by St. Patrick, i. 262.
Inreathan, anciently called Derluss, near Downpatrick, i. 216.
Invasion of Ireland by the English, iv. 1 90.
Inver- Colpoe, or Invercolpa, now Colp, near Drogheda, landing of

St. Patrick at, i. 221. Monastery of, iv. 252.
Inverdaoile, St. Dagan of, said to have been a nephew of St.

Coemgen, ii. 45. Establishment of, 365,366.
Inverdega, now Wicklow, march of the Danes from thence to Kil-

dare, iii. 271.
Invocation of Saints, the custom of, among the early Irish Christians

proved, iii. 251.
John, abbot of Monastereven, elected bishop of Leighlin, and opp

posed by Hamon de Valoniis, iv. 331. Consecrated by the

Pope, iL Sent back to his diocese, 332.
John of Atheling invited from France by Alfred king of England,

iii.301. Killed. 302, 318.
John Baptist, St, feast of, happening on a Friday accounted omin-
ous, iv. U.

INDEX. 457

John Baptist, St. foundation of the priory of, in Tuam, iv. 136;

-^ — of Down, iv. 253, 256; of Dubhn, iv. 317;

of Kells, iv. 337, 339.

John, bishop of Mecklenburg, an Irishman, iii. 318. Martyred
at Rethre by the Sclavonians, iii. 318. iv.6.

John and Candidas, companions of Marianus, received by Otto
bishop of llatisbon, and afterwards become Benedictine monks,

John and Magnould, companions of St. Galkis, attend him to
Constance, ii. 435. John elected bishop of Constance, 436.

John de Courcy invades Ullagh or Ulidia ; attacks Down, and
makes the bishop prisoner, iv, 232. Defeats the Ulidians, 233.
Defeated by them, 237.

John, Earl of Moreton, son of Henry II. declared king of Ireland
by his ftither, iv. 235. Never styled king of Ireland, 236. Ar-
rives in Ireland, and treats the Irish princes with derision, 262.
His whole army almost destroyed, 263. Offers the see of
■ Ferns to his tutor Gerald Barry, or Giraldus Cambrensis, 264.
Becomes king of England, 334.

John Scottus Erigena goes to France, iii. 288. Translates the
works of Dionysius the Areopagite, ib, 290. Teaches philo-
sophy in Paris, 292. Writes a treatise on Predestination, 293.
His 19 chapters condemned at the Council of Valence, 294.
His work on Natures, 298, 299, 315. His tract on the Vision
of God, 299. His book on the Eucharist condemned in the
Council of Vercelli, 300. Story of his taking shelter with
Alfred king of England unfounded, ib. Confounded with John
of Atheling, 301 ; and with John of Malmesbury, 315, 318.
Died in France, 315. Drew up a translation of the Greek
Scholia of St. Maximus, ib. His history mangled and dis-
torted, 319.

lomhar, or Ivar, a Northern Chief, arrives at Limerick, iii. 374.

lona. See I and Hy.

Jonas, a monk of Bobbio, ii. 262.

Joseph, an Irishman, disciple of Colgan the Wise, iii. 229,231.

Joseph, scribe of Roscommon, death of iii. 255.

Joseph of Rosmor, bishop and abbot of Clones, death of, iii. 27S,

Joseph, called prince of Armagh, succeeds Maelbrigid as bishop of
Armagh, iii. 569.

lovin, St. See St. laova.

Ireland, reckoned one of the British Isles by the ancients, i. 2.
Intercourse of, with Gaul, 14. Harbours of better known to
merchants than those of Britain, ib. Not included in the le-
gatine jurisdiction given to Augustine, iii. 467. Bad practices
there complained of by Lanfranc to Turlogh and Godfrey, 476.
Grounds of the Pope's title to, examined, iv. 160 to 164.

Ireri) said|;o be the same place as Oxford, i. 418.

468 INDEX.

Irish bishops and priests, many take shelter in foreign countrieif
during tlie troubles occasioned by the Danes, &c. iii. 274.

Irish church, said to have been under the jurisdiction of the bi-
shops of Canterbury, erroneous, iii. 464, 466. Pretended re-
fomiation of, by Henry II. iv. 210, 211-

Irish estabhshments in North Britain, i. 431.

Irish Liturgies, various, iv. 368.

Irish method of observing the Paschal calculations, ii. 378.

Irish monks, discipline and dress of, iv, 357.

Irish princes disrespectfully treated by John Earl of Morton, iv.

Irish saints, several in France, ii. 491.

Irish Scots calling themselves bishops, decrees passed against
them in France, iii. 274.

Irishmen, called Scots, iii. 221. seqq. Several go over to the Con-
tinent, iii. 394. Several retire to Glastonbury, 395.

Island of the living. See Inish-nn-mbeo.

Israel, an Ii-ish bishop, assists at the Synod of Verdun, iii. 403.

Isserninus, Esserninus, or Serenus, a companion of St. Patrick, i.
195. Receives clerical orders on the same day that St. Pa-
trick was consecrated, 205. Amves in Ireland, 259. Left
bishop at Kilcullen by St. Patrick, 261. Assists St. Patrick
and Auxilius in drawing up decrees or instructions for the Irish
church, 333, 337. Death of, 375.

Ita, St. advises St. Brendan to go to Britain, ii. 29. Her nun-
nery at Cluain-credliail, 33. St. Brendan said to have been
placed under her care by St. Ercus, ib. Her parentage, 81.
Retires to the territory of Hy- Conaill, and fixes her residence at
Cluaiu'Credhuil, 83. Foretels the time of her death, 88. Dies^
ib. Is taken for the patron saint of Hy-Conail, ib.

Jubilee, old system of the, observed in Ireland, iv, 377.

Justus, St. said to have baptized and educated St. Kieran, of
Clonmacnois, ii. 50.

Ivar or Jobhar and Amlave, two Danish chiefs, ravage Meath, iii.

326. Ivar takes possession" of Limerick, 326, 328. Succeeds
his brother Amlave as king of all the Northmen of Ireland,

327. Death of 327, 328.

Ivor, the same as Ibar, supposed to be bishop of Kildarc, i.
411, 412.


Kailli-abaide, monastery of, ii. 133.

Kathemac, scribe and priest of Armagh, death of, iii, 267.

Keating, wrong in making Feidlym archbishop of Leagh Mogha,.

iii. 273. Errors of his translator, iv. 144.
Keldees. Sec Culdees.

INDEX. 469

Kele-De and Keledei. See Culdees.

Keledulassof Devenish, death of, iii. 192.

Kele-Petrus, archbishop of Armagh, death of, iii. 192.

Kelius Dabali, abbot of Bangor, iii. 368.

Kelius, son of Donagan, assumes the title of bishop of Leinster,
iii. 453, 455.

Kellach, son of Bran, plunders Kildare, i. 380.

Kellach, son of Comgall, abbot of Hy, said to have founded the
church called St. Columba's at Kells, ii. 131 ; iii. 252.

Kellach and Conall, monarchs of Ireland, ii. 302.

Kellach, St. abbot of Fathen-Mura, iii. 38.

Kellach, son of Ailild, abbot of Kildare, succeeds Indrecht as
abbot of Hy, iii. 325. Succeeded by Feredach, ib.

Kells, or Kennanus, St. Columbkill goes to, ii. 126, 130. Monas-
tery of founded by Kellach, abbot of Hy, iii. 252. Ravaged by
the Danes, 367. Ravaged by Godfrid, 377. Plundered 390,
391, 433. Synod of, iv. 159, 141, 142. Many of the bishops
who attended there, 140, 144, 145. Priory of the Blessed
Virgin of, founded, 321. Episcopal church of, 322. Council
of, 323. See of, 344, 315.

Kenacht, Kenaght, Kennacta or Kennachta, the district of, i.
267, 345. The birth place of St. Kienan or Kenan, 345.

Kenan, St. or St. Kienan, or Kennanus, bishop of Duleek, i.

341, 342.

Kenan, a monk of Tours, different from St. Kenan of Duleek, i.

342. Appointed by lovin to administer the parish of Piow-
Kernan, 493.

Kenfaelaid, monarch of Ireland, killed in battle, iii. 82.

Kenfail, called Comorban of Clones and Clogher, iii. 370, 372,

Kennanus. See Kells.

Kennfell, abbot of Bangor, death of, iii. 129.

Kennfinnian, father of St. Sinell, i. 441.

Kennfoelaid, father of St. Ita, ii. 81.

Kenny, St. goes to Britain, ii. 200, Places himself under the
abbot Docus, ib. Leaves St. Finnian's school of Clonard, and
preaches in the north of Ireland, 201. Founds the monastery
of Aghaboe, ib. Visits St. Columba, ib,. Death of ib,

Kentigern, St. bishop of Glasgow, visited by St. Columbkill, ii.

Kermand Kelstack, deity of the Northerns, i.230.

Kevin, St. See St. Coemgen.

Kethemac, prior of Kildare, put to death by the Danes, iii. 272.

Kienan, St. of Duleek, said to have written a life of St. Patrick,
i. 67. Time of his being bishop of Duleek, 341. The place
of his nativity, and his family, 342. Different from the Ke-
nan a monk of Tours, ib. Death of, 418.

Kieran of Bellachduin, St. Death of i. 87.

Kieranof Clonmacnois, St. Time of his death, i. 31. Baptized

470 INDEX.

by St. Patrick, 244^. Time of his birtli, 419. Story of his giving
Clonard to St. Finnian, and of his having obtained above 100
monasteries from King Dermod, 468. Studied under St. Finnian
at Clonard, 469. Places himself under St. Senan at Inniscatthy,
ii. 3. Confounded with St. Kieran of Saigir by Ware, 9. Vene-
rated in the Western Islands of Scotland, ih. His festival kept
on 9th of September, ib. Place of his birth and his parentage,
50. Goes to the Isle of Arran, 51, and fi-om thence to Inis-
^atthy, ib. Removes to the monastery of Inis-Aingin, 52, 71.
Leaves Aingin, and founds Clonmacnois, ib. Death of, ib.
St. Columba said to have been under him at Clonmacnois,

Kieran of Saigir, St. said to have been a bishop before the coming of
St. Patrick, i. 22. Place of his nativity, 29. Goes to Rome, ib,
meets St. Patrick on his return, 30. Submits to St. Patrick,
283. One of St. Finnian's scholars, ii. 7. Erects a monas-
teiy at Saigir, ib. Establishes a nunnery for his mother and
some pious virgins, ih. Thought to have been first bishop
of Ossory, ib. Said to have died in Cornwall, 8. Said to
have been succeeded by St. Carthagh, 98, 101.

Kien-agia Airne, a district in Conaght, i. 248.

Kierragia Airteach, in Conaght, a church erected there by St.
Patrick, i. 245, 248.

Kierragia of Munster, sumaraed Luachra, i. 248.

Kierraiglie Chuirke, birth place of St. Cassidan, i. 447.

Kilaraght. See Kill-Athracta.

Kilbarr}^, commandery of, iv. 339.

Kibeggan, monastery of, iv. 335, 336.

Kilcleeheen, abbey of, iv. 1 86.

Kilconel, anciently called Kill-chonail, i. 429.

Kilcoul or Kilcouly, abbey of, founded, iv. 334; 336.

Kilcree, nunnery of, built by St. Cera, iii. 129.

Kilcreunata, nunnery of, iv. 338, 340.

Kilcullen, i. 273, 276. Church of, plundered, iii. 374. The
see of, iv. 44.

Kilcumin, priory of, iv. 262.

Kildare, plundered by Kellach son of Bran, i. 380. The place
where St. Brigid erected her monastery for holy virgins, 388.
Foundation of the nunnery, 405. Derivation of tlie name of,
408. Expenses of the church furnished out of the monas-
tery, 411. St. Brigid dies there, 455. Conflagration of, iu.
153, 155. Ravaged, and the church set on fire by the Danes,
271. Taken possession of by Felim Mac Crimthann, king
of Munster, ib. Ravaged by the Northmen, 346. Destroyed
by the Danes, 373. Ravaged, 390. Pillaged, 391. A beau-
tiful copy of a concordance of the Gospels kept there, iv. 289.
Destruction of the church of, 392.

Kilfaile, church of, ii. 326.

INDEX. 471

Kilfeacle, i, 289,

Kilfenora, church of, ii. 194, 196.

Kilforchem, church of, i. 428.

Kilgaradh or Oran, in Roscommon, said to have been the see of
Cethecus, i. 335.

Kilglais, church of i. 268.

Kilian, St. apostle of Franconia, iii. 115, 118. Sets out from
Ireland to the continent, 116. Goes to Rome to obtain the
Pope's permission to preach the Gospel in Franconia, ib» Re-
turns to Franconia and converts Duke Gozbert and many of
his subjects, ib. Suffers martyrdom together with Coloman
and others, by order of Geilana, wife of Gozbert, 117.

Kilian or QuUian, an Irishman, said to have been a disciple of St.
Columbanus, a missionary on the continent, ii. 443.

Kilian, an Irishman, successor to Mimborin, abbot of St. Mar-
tin's monastery at Cologne, iii. 406.

Kilitragh, monastery of, i. 268,

Kilkenny, the name of, never adhered to the see of Ossory until
after the synod of Rathbreasail, iv, 44. See of Ossory re-
moved to, 237, 239.

Kilkenny West, monastery of, iv. 336, 337.

Killachad, church of, pillaged by the Northmen, iii, 272.

Killachaid, monastery of, burned, iii. 374, 375.

Kill-achaid-conchinn, monastery of, iii. J 9.

Killachuidh Drumfada (Killeigh in King's County) i. 448.

Kill-ailbe, nunnery of, ii. 329. iii. 14.

Kill-ailbhe, monastery of, iii. 21.

Kill-air, the see of, iv. 345.

Killala, church of, i. 253.

Killaloe, church of, origin of its name, ii. 205, 216. Rebuilt by
Brian Boroimhe, iii. 422.

Killare, St. Aldus fixes his see at, ii. 187.

Kill-ausaille. See Killossy.

Kill-Athracta, nunnery of, i. 245. iii. 39.

Killbil, abbot of Clonach-bronich, death of, iii. 192.

Kill-Caireni, the port of, i. 465. Derivation of its name, 467.
Where situate, 468.

Killcarn, in Meath, conjecture as to its name, i. 420.

Kill-Carthnich, church of ii. 100.

Kill-Cele-Ckriost, monastery of, built by St. Cele-Christus, iii

Kill-chairpre, church of, i. 425, 427.

Kill-chonail, now Kilconel, i. 429.

Kill-chuana, monastery or church of, ii. 138, 359, 360,

Kill-coeman, church of, i. 269.

Killcoonagh. church of, ii. 359-

Kill-cruimthir, monastery of, iii. 20,

Kill-dara. See Kildare.

472 INDEX.

Kill-dumha-glolnn, St. Mogenoch, bishop of, ii. 233.

Killeigh, nunnery of, iv. 338, 340.

Killen, a bishop, placed over the church of Teagh-talian, i. 266

270. , '

Killen, St. abbot of Saiger, iii. 140.
Killen, successor of St. Moling, bishop of Ferns, iii. 132.
Killen Droichtheach, abbot of Hy, iii. 166. Death of, 192.
Killen-fada, abbot of Hy, death of iii. 166.
Kiil-eochaille, church of, ii. 90, 92.
Kill-fheaday church of, founded by St. Patrick, i. 287.
Kill-fintan, called after St. Fintan, ii. 232.
KilUfortchern, County Carlow, i. 466.
Killgaradhf church of, erected by St. Patrick, i. 244.
Killgam-a, St. Lonius revered at, i. 412.
Killiadhuin, church of, ii. 7.
Kill-Liadain of Killiadhuin, said to have been founded by St.

Kieran of Saigir, i. 405.
Kill-lochuir, monastery of, iii. 154, 157.
Kill-mac-nenain, church of, ii. 107, 116.
Killmacrenan, monastery of, ii. 136.
Killmallock, monastery of, iii. 29.
Kilbianach Drochid, the same as Kilmanagh, near Kilkenny, i.

Kill-mor-Deathruib, monastery of, ii. 133.

Killmuini or Kilmuni, in Britain, i. 464, 467.

Kill-na-gauran, abbey of, iii. 48.

Killnamanagh, monastery of, iii. 46.

Kill-na-marbhan, monastery of, iii. 20.

Killosnadh, battle of, i. 400.

Killossey, the See of St. Auxilius, i. 261, 273, 276.

Kill-ratha, monastery of, K 288,

Kill-regnaighe, abbey of, ii, 77, 80.

KiUskire, church of, ii. 327. St. Conall, bishop of, iii. 323

Ravaged, iii. 377.
Kill-sleve-Cuilin, establishment of, i. 403, 404. Nunnery of, iii.

38, 40.
Kill-teidhill, church of, i. 288.
Killtulach, cell of, ii. 352.
Killure, commandery of, iv. 339.
Kilmacduagh, monastery of, ii. 342.
Kilmbian, church of, ii. 183.
Kilmagnend, the old name of Kilmainham, iv. 230.
Kilmainham, priory of, iv. 230, 339.
Kilmainham-beg, commandery of, iv. 339.
Kilmanagh, St. Naal abbot of, i. 444, 446.
Kilmodan, abbey of, ii. 325, 326.
Kilmony, house of Canons regular at, iv. 325.


Kilmore, St. Fedlimid said to be bishop of, ii. 10. Cathedral of,

11, See of, iv. 3M.
Kilmore, or Kihiionnoy or Kilmormoyle, monastery of, i. 256.
Kilmore Deathrib, monastery of, ii, 12, 133. School of, 404'.
Kil-Oen, nunnery of, iv. 325 .
Kilpatrick, Scotland, fable concerning, i. 90, 91.
Kilrush, monastery of, iv. 338, 340.
Kilsaran, commandery of, iv. 339, 340.
Ivilsleve-Cuilin. See Killsleve-Cuilin.
Kinaeth, abbot of Durrow, ii. 202.
Kinaid, abbot of Derry and Diaimcfiff, death of, iii. 368,
Kindred, degrees of, forbidden in marriage, iv. 211, 283.
Kinel Eogan, fight between the people of, and the Ulidians in the

cathedral of Armagh, iii. 339, Bishop of, iv. 348.
Kinneth, monarch of Ireland, killed, iii. 144.
Kintyre, St. Kieran said to have preached in, ii. 121.
Knock Abbey, iv. 219.
Knockmoy, abbey of, iv. 319, 320.
Knock- na-seangan, monastery of, iv. 129, 131.
Kyldee. See Culdee.
Kyrie Eleison, monastery of established, iv. 168, 171.

Lahrathi, territory of, i 390.

Lachtean, St. of Aehad-ur, intimate with St. Pulcherius, iii. 25.

Lactan, St. or Lactin, St. supposed to be the same as St. Lach-
tean, i. 27.

lactan, chosen to succeed Dagan, bishop of Achad-Dagan, ii.

Lactan, a disciple of St. Furscy, ii. 462, 464.

Iragny, monastery of, erected, ii. 459.

Laidec, father of St. Kenny, ii. 200.

Laidgen, monk of Clonfert-molua, death of, iii. 36.

Laidgnen, Comorban of Ferns and Tallaght, iii. 370, 372.

Laisrean, of the 2d class of Irish Saints, ii. 13. Called Molaisse,

218. A disciple of Finnian of Clonard, ib. Erects the mo-
nastery of Devenish, ib. Different from Laisrean of Leighlin,

219. Death of, 183, 219. SeeLasrean.
Laistran, abbot of Ard-mac-nascc?, ii. 414.
Lnmh-gJdan and Lamh-iodan, meaning of, i. 454.
Lanavach, ehiu*ch of, i. 268.

Lancarvan, monastery of, i. 489.

Landevenec, abbey of, i. 493.

Lanfranc, bishop of Canterbury, Avritten to by Domnald bishop of
Cashel concerning Eucharistical baptisrii, iii. 4^55. Conse-
crates Patrick bishop of Dublin, 458, 462. Writes to Tuijogh

474 INDEX.

king of Munster, 473, ^T*. Complains to him of some bad
practices in Ireland, 4<76i

Lanforten, nunneiy of, iii. 38, 41.

Lann-beachaire in Fingall, St. Molua revered there, iii. 83, 85.

Laiin-Mocholmoc, monastery of, iii. 146.

Largis, bishop of Kildare, killed by the Danes, iii. 339, 346.

Laseran, son of Nescainn, ii. 358.

Laserian, St. abbot of Old Leighlin, defends the Roman mode of
calculating the Paschal time, ii. 389, 402. Opposed in this by
St. Fintan Munnu, ib. Said to have been ordained by Pope
Gregory at Rome, 402. Returns to Ireland, ib,

Lasra, St. foundress of the church of Doire-mac-Aidmecain,
ii. 77.

Lasran Mac Mochtighern, bishop of Kildare, death of, iii. 323.

Lasrean, St. abbot of Drumliag, visits St. Ita, ii. 88.

Lasrean, St. of Ardmacnasca, inquiry respecting him, ii. 363.

Lasrean, alias Molassius, abbot of Devenish, said to have ordered
St, Columba to quit Ireland, ii. J 46. See Laisrean.

Lasrenus, abbot of Dairmagh, ii. 124.

Xassara, mother of St. Finnian of Maghbile, ii. 25-

Lateran, Irish bishops, attending at the third council of, iv. 238.

Laurence, successor to Augustine, possessed no power over Ire-
land, iii. 470, 471.

Laix) of St. Patrick, enforced by Artrigius primate of Armagh, i.
252. By Diermit Hua Tigernach, 277, 280. By Moeliosa, iv.
9; and by Celsus, 31.

Laymen, calling themselves archbishops of Armagh, iii. 385.

'Leac Coitkurgi, or St. Patrick's stone at Cashel, i. 281.

Leamchuill in Leinster, church of, ii. 303.

Leath Cuinn, reduced under the porwer of Cormac Mac Culinan,
iii. 351.

Lecale, anciently called Mag-inis, i. 217, 219, 302.

Ledwich, doctor, proofs of, and animadversions on, the ignorance,

errors, and malevolence of, i. 11, 14, 35, 48, 51, 53, 54, 57,

58, 65, 68, 70, 72, 74, 75, 77, 78, 186, 294, 368, 380, 456,

459. ii. 16, 46, 95, 109, 123, 151, 153, 202, 210, 250, 253,

257, 294, 295, 332, 368, 379, 386, 398, 425. iii. 89, 94, 160,

161, 249, 272, 346, 353, 357, 358, 359, 360, 379, 405, 472,

480,481, iv. 31, 32, 34,65,66, 72, 103, 113, 114, 119,

147, 149, 150, 177, 180, 203, 240, 291, 293, 299, 316, 324,

354, 358, 359, 360, 361, 362, 366, 388, 395, 398, 401, 405,


Leigh, abbey of our Lady of, founded, iv. 321.

Leighlin, synod of, concerning the calculation of Easter time, ii.

389. Plundered, 367, 391. Temporalities of the church of,

seized by Hamonde Valoniis, iv. 331.

Leinster, from Dublin to Gowran, laid waste by Aidus Finnliath,

iii. 327.
Leix, or Abbey Leix, monastery of founded, iv. 262, 264,

INDEX. 475

Lenin, father of Colman of Cloyne, n. 213.

Lent, the fast of, how observed, i. 251.

Lents, the three, iv. 387, 389.

Leogaire, monarch of Ireland, St. Patrick summoned to appear

before, i. 224. Time of his reign, 225. Said to have been

converted to Christianity, 234. His queen converted, ih.
Letavia, the same as Letha, i. 100.
Letha, St. Patrick made prisoner there by pirates, i. 98. The

same as Letavia, 100. St. Patrick returns to, 150, 151. Er-
rors respecting its situation, 151, 167.
Letter- luin, battle of, iv. 182, 183.
Lettrech Odran, monastery of, ii, 70.
Liaban, mother of St. Kieran, ii. 7.
Lia-na-Manach, St. Patrick said to have converted a prince

Eochad there, i. 254. Errors of Archdall respecting it, '255.
Leathmore, monastery of, iii. 24, 29.
Libba, St. or Molibba, said to have been bishop of Glendalogh,

ii. 364, 365.
Libern, or Liberius, St. left by St. Senan at Inis-mor, ii. 3.
Libhan, or Libana, celebrated in Ulster, ii. 327.
Limerick, account of Gille, or Gillebert, bishop of, iv. 23 to 30.

See of, freed from the jurisdiction of that of Canterbury, 45.

Besieged by the English and Ossorians, 225. The cathedral

of, erected, 325. The English driven out of, 326.
Lindisfarne, monastery of, ii. 422. See of, transferred to York,

75. Bede's testimony concerning, iii. 76.
Lingard, doctor, some errors of, ii. il3. iii. 96.
Linn, nunnery of, i. 404.

Linn-Huachail, monastery of governed by St. Colman, iii. 147.
Lismore, monastery of, ii. 353. Plundered by the Danes, iii.

366. Burned, 391. iv. 50. Two churches erected in, 74.

Taken by Raymond le Grose, 224.
Liturgies, Greek, Syrian, &c. used in Rome, i. 13. Various

used in Rome, 29. Several used in Ireland, iv. 28.
Liturgy, introduced into Ireland by St. Patrick, observed and

followed by St. Comgall of Bangor, ii. 63.
Livin, St. martyr, goes over to Belgium, ii. 467 Received by

Floribert abbot of two monasteries at Ghent, ib. Acts of, 468.

Murdered by a multitude of pagans near Hanthem, ib.
Loam, eldest brother of Fergus, i. 11. Irish colony settled in

North Britain by, 431.
Loam, a priest, i. 248. Said by Archdall to have been an abbot,

Loam, abbot of Clonard, death of iii. 192.
Locha river, i. 432.
Loch-awe, monastery of, ii. 172.
Loch-uama, Nuad of, iii. 252, 254.
Logh-vair, Turgesius drowned in, iii. 277, 279.

476 INDEX.

Lochen-Meann, surnamed the wise, abbot of Kildare, iiirl53.

Loga, or Lugiis, fatlier of ^t. larlath of Tuam, ii. 41 ,

Loman, or Luman, said to be a nephew of St. Patrick, first bishop

of Trim, i. 222, 416 ii. 342, 345.
Lomtul, bishop of Kildare, death of, iii. 202.
Lonan entertains St. Patrick, i. 1^88. •

Longsech, monarch of Ireland, killed in battle, iii. 144.
Lonius, said to have been bishop of Kildare, i. 411. Revered at

Kilgaura, 412.
Losclag, surnamed rvise, death of, iii. 191.

Lothra, St. Ruadan, abbot of, ii. 9, 233. Burned by the North-
men, iii. 271.
Lough-Dearg, monastery of, i. 425.
Lough-eire, monastery of founded by St. Barr, ii. 314.
Lough-ethach, now called Loughneagli, i. 266*
Lough-Foile, Northmen defeated near, iii. 326.
Lough-Gara, St. Patrick said to have built a church near, i. 245.
Lough-Melge, monastery of, iii. 192.
Lough-Neagh, formerly called Lough-ethach, i. 266.
Louth, monastery of, i. 308. Moctheus bishop of, 347,402. The

town of, plundered, iii. 27 K Burned, iv. 182.
Lua, a monk, companion of Columbanus, ii. 280, 281.
Luacharen, scribe of Clonmacnois, death of, iii. 329.
Luachra, the limit of St. Patrick's progress in West Munster, i.

Luaigne, said to be father of St. Brendan of Birr, ii. 38, 39.
Luchcrn, St. intimate with St. Pulcherius, iii. 25, 28.
Luchtigherna, St. abbot of Inistymon, visits St. Ita, ii. 88.
Ludeus, St. of the 2d class of Irish saints, ii. 13. The name

supposed to be the same as Lugdcus or Lugad, 211, 212.
Lugad, St. of Li-smore, in the Hebrides, ii. 212, 213.
Lugadius, St. abbot of Drumshallon, i. 441.
Lugadius, bishop of Connor, death of, i. 494. See ii. 48, 65.
Lugadius, monarch of Ireland, not a Christian, i. 234.
Lugadius, prince of Iniscarra, opposes St. Senan, ii. 2.
Lugaid, or Lugdach, monarch of Ireland, succeeds Alild Molt
on the throne, i. 418. Killed by thunder, iL Time of his
death, 434.
Lugaid Laithir, said by Harris to be the founder of the church of

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