An ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an online

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Online LibraryUnknownAn ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an → online text (page 43 of 45)
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Rachlin, or llechrin, ii. 155, 110.
Lugeus, St. of the 2d class of Irish .saints, ii. 13. Called Molua,
205. A disciple of St. Conigall of Bangor, ib. Founds se-
veral monasteries in Hy-Figinte, 206. Erects the monastery of
Clonfert Molua, 206, 212. Visits St. Dagan, 207. Death of,
Lugidus, a bisliop, said to have ordained St. Coemgen, a priest^
ii. 44. Might have been Lugadius, bishop of Connor, 48, 65.
Ordains St. Comgall priest, 62.

INDEX. 477

Lugneus IMocumin, a disciple of St. Columba, ii. 162.
Luman, St. said to have been a bishop in the time of St. Patrick

i. 261. First bishop of Trim, 416. '

Lupita, St, said to have been foundress of Drumcheo, i. 405.
Lurec, St. mentioned by Colgan, ii. 192.
Lijroch, St. the church of Maghera dedicated to, ii. 191. See

of Ardstraw supposed to be called Rathlure after him, 192.
Lusk, St. Mac-Culindus said to have been bishop of, i. 338.

Monastery of ravaged and destroyed by the Scandinavians, iii.

270. Part of the endowments of the see of Dublin, iv. 240.

See of, 345.
Lusmag, establishment of, erected by St. Cronan, iii. 7.
Luthra, monastery of, ii. 440.
Luxeu, monastery of, ii. 265, 267, monks of, send a deputation

to St. Gallus to request of him to undertake the government of

that monaster)'', 437.
Luxeuil, monastery of, ii. 146.


Macarius, the Irish philosopher, iii. 320, 321.

Macarius, superior of the Irish monastery of Wurtzburg,' iv. 154.

Mac Baithin, abbot of Hy, killed, iii. 486.

Mac Brady, Andrew, bishop of Triburnia, ii. 11.

Maccaldus, bishop of Man i. 302, 303, 386.

Maccallan, St. an Irishman. See Maccallin.

Macalleus, St. ft-iend of St. Brigid, 410. Death of, 418.

Maccallin, Maccallan, Malcallan or Malcallin, St. an Irishman in
France, iii. 396, 398. A man of superior goodness, 400.
Appointed superior of the church of St. ^Michael , near Pe-
ronne, 401. Becomes a monk at Gorzia, ih. Goes to the
monastery of Walciodorus and made abbot there, ih.

Maccarthen, baptized by St. Patrick, i. 256. Different from
St. Maccartin or Maccarthen of Clogher, 257.

Maccarthen or Maccartin St. i. 262, 264. No second Maccar-
then a bishop, ib. Fable respecting him,, 429. Death of,

Mac Carthy, Cormac prince of Desmond, iv. 73, 75. Mur*
dered, 106. Not a bishop, 108.

Mac Carthy, Dermod king of Desmond, defeated by Raymond \&
Grose, iv. 224.

Mac Carthy, Donald, king of Desmond, iv. 326.

Mac Corb, said to have been master to St. Finbar, ii. 314.

Mac Culindus, St. bishop of Lusk, ii. 338.

Macdall, abbot of Leath-more, iii. 191.

478 INDEX.

Mac Dermot, Cornelius, prince of Moylurg, died in religious or-
ders in the abbey of Boyle, iv. 333.
Maccleus, the same as Maccaleus, i. 335.
Mac-Erca, placed over the Church of Kilroe, i. 256, 257.
Mac-Giolla-Patrick, compelled to give hostages, iii, 391,
Macha, afterwards Armagh, i. 308.
Machaire-Connacht, i. 243.
Mac-hua Daimene, i. 398.
Mac-Hualaing, St. Rioch so called, ii. 12.
Mac-Kellach, bishop of Emly, ii. 381.
Mac-Laisre, archbishop of Armagh, ii. 303. Death of, 347.
Mac Lochlin, Domnald King of Ulster, iv. 10, 11, 17.
Mac Loingsy, said by Archdall to have been abbot of Moville, i.

Maclovius or Macluit, bishop of Alectum, h. 33. A disciple of

St. Brendan, 34.
Mac Morogh, Dermod king of Leinster, iv. 22. seq. See Dermot

Mac Morogh.
Macnisse bishop of Connor, i. 432. ii. 308.
Mactalius, bishop of KilcuUin, i. 337, 377. Death of, ii. 70, 73.
Mactalius, dynast of Hy-figinte, ii. 3.
Madelgar, St. ii. 490, 492. Erects the monastery of Soignes,

491. Death of, ib.
Maelbrigid, abbot of Derry and Raphoe, iii. 339, 341 . Death of>

Maelbrigid, St. archbishop of Armagh, iii. 341, 369.
Maelbrigid, bishop of Munster, i. 285.
Maelbrigid, comorban of St. Macnisse, iii. 370.
Maelbrigid, successor to Eugene bishop of Emly, iii. 339, 3-10.
Maelbrigid Hua Rimid, abbot of Hy, iii. 411.
Maelcoba, archbishop of Armagh, i. 74.
Maelfinan, bishop of Kildare, iii. 281.
Maelgwn, or Maglocun, prince of Wales, i. 470,
Maeliosa, said to have been archbishop of Armagh, iii. 449.
Maelmur, archbishop of Armagh, iii. 410, 413. Comes to Louth

to receive the body of Brian Boroimhe, 425.
Maelmurry, assisted by the Danes compels the king of Leinster

to resign his crown, iii. 417. Plunders Kildare, ib. Ravages

great part of Meath, 418.
Maelsf -ichlain. See Melseachlain.
Maelseaghlainn, king of Meath, story of his appearing to St. Cair-

pre, iii. 331.
Maeltul, death of, iii. 368.
Magurnuidhe, near New Ross, i. 466.
Magbille. See Maghbile. ^
Magh-ai, in Roscommon, i. 429.
Magharnoidhc, establishment of, iii. 14, 21.
Maghbile, or Moville, anciently called Domnagh-bile, i. 264.

Two pluccB of that name, 265. The churches of both said ta

INDEX. 479

have been founded by St. Finnian, ib. Ailill of, 440. Called
Movill, 442. Where situated, ib. St. Finnian buried in, ii. 26.
Monastery of burned by the Scandinavians, iii. 270.

Magh-Breagh, devastated by the Saxons, iii. 94, 348.

Magh-choba, battle of, iv. 11.

Maghclair, a tract near Dungannon, i. 269.

Magh-damhorna in Dalaradia, i. 268.

Magh-eo, monastery of erected by Colman, iii. 79.

Maghera, the see of Ardstraw transferred to, ii. 190,'' 191.

Magh-Femin, visited by St. Ere, bishop of Slane, i. 389.

Magh-Girgin, a tract in Scotland, i. 44.

Magh-inish, or Lecale, i. 302.

Maghithe, district of, i. 262.

Magh-lacha, residence of Ercan, i. 445.

Magh'leanay battle of, iii. 351.

Maghlene, synod of, ii. 392, 397-

Maghliffe, in the now county Kildare, i. 273.

Magh-nai, i. 243.

Magh-seola, near Elphin, i. 24-5, 247. Synod of, ib.

Magh-slecht, in county Leitrim, i. 229, 239.

Magi, contest between the, and St. Patrick, i. 224, 227. They
conspire against St. Patrick, 253. They endeavour to hinder
St. Columbkill from preaching, ii. 154.

Magilmunen, an Irishman, leaves Ireland, iii. 344, 346.

Magin in Tirawley, i. 255.

Maginis, or Lecale, i. 217, 219.

Maginish, i. 216.

Maglocun, prince of North Wales, i. 470, 473.

Maguil. See Maccaldus, bishop of Man, i. 386.

Magna, establishment at, by St. Finnian, i. 465.

Magnoald, ii. 432, 433, 435.

Magnus, king of Norway, the Hebrides and Man, iv.20, 22.

Mahon, king of Munster, death of, iii. 391.

Maidoc, St. of Ferns, educated by St. David, i. 470. Visited by
St. Senan, ii. 4. Was of a family of BrefFny, 220. Said to
have accompanied St. Barr to Britain, 314. Given as a hostage
to the monarch Anmireus, 333, 336. Goes to the monastery of
Menevia, 334. Founds the monastery of Desert Nairbre, ii. 337.
Death of, 339.

Maildulf, or Mailduf, an Irishman, iii. 97, 100. Forms the estab-
lishment of Malmesbury, 98.

Mailros, monastery of, iii. 88, 93.

Maimbodus, an Irishman, called Martyr, iii. 361, Body removed
to Monbelliard, ib. Sets out on a pilgrimage, 362, 363. Ar-
rives in Burgundy, and killed by robbers, ib.

Maine, son of Huargusa, bishop and abbot of Emly, iii. 227.
Death of, 322.

Mainech Mac Siedul, abbot of Bangor, iii. 368.

480 INDEX.

Mainus, an abbot, said to have lived and didd in Brittany, il. 37.
Malacliy, or MaohnaotJkogy St. archbishop of Armagh, several

particulars of the life ot^ iv. 59, to 133. Miracles wrought

by touching his body, 135.
Malcallan, orMalcallin. See Maccallin.
Malchus, bishop of Lismore, iv. 73, 74, 75, 98.
Malcovus, monarch of Ireland, killed in battle, ii. 301, 302.
Maldogar, bishop of Ferns, death of, iii. V2S, 130.
Malduin Mac Kennfalaid, bishop of Raphoe, iii. 370.
Malguil, disciple of St. Fursey, ii. 462, 464.
Malmsbury, ancient name of, iii. 98. Monastery of, founded by

Maildulf, ib.
Man, Isle of, Conindrus and Romulus bishops of, i. 303. St. Mac-

caldus bishop of, 303, 305. St. Patrick, said to be the apostle

of, 305. Names of, 305, 307.
Manchan, St. of Menodrochit, death of, iii. 29, 31.
Manchan, St. abbot of Mohill, iii. 30, 31.
Manchan the wise, supposed to be the same as Manchan or

Munchin, said to be the first bishop of Limerick, iii. 30, 32.
Manchen, St. abbot of Tuaim-greine, death of, iii. 176.
Manchen, bishop of Leighlin, death of, iii. 163, 323.
Manchen, surnamed the Master, i. 253, 254.
Maneus, a bishop, baptized by St. Patrick, i. 256.
Mann, a name of the sun among the Pagan Irish, i. 228.
Mansuenus, master of Endeus of Arran, i. 438.
Mansuetus, St. bisliop of the Armorican Britons, i. 3, 4.
Maoin-Columb-kilie, ii 139.
Maoldubhorchon, bishop of Kildare, iii. 153.
Maol-Finian, son of Flanagan king of Meath, expels the Danes

fi'om Dublin, iii. 347. Becomes a monk and abbot of Inis-

Patrick, ib. Dies there, 348.
Maolmaodhog O'Morgair. See Malachy, St. iv. 59, seq.
Maolpatrick, abbot of Armagh, iii. 369.
Marian O'Crinan, bishop of Swords, iii. 430.
Mark, an Irish bishop, stops at the monastery of St. Gall, iii. 285,

Marian us, founder of the monastery of St. Peter at Ratisbon, dif-
ferent from Marianus Scotus, iv. 2, 5.
Marianus Scotus, an Irishman, his account of St. Amnichad or

Anmchad, iii. 443 ; and of Aldus barbosus, 445. Retires

from the world into the monastery of Clonard, 446. Goes to

the monastery of Fulda, ib. Visits the tomb of Paternus, ib.

Ordained priest at Wurtzburg, ib. His death, iv. 5, 7, 8.
Marriage, decrees respecting, iv. 205, 206, 211, 212, 215.
Marriage, of monks, iv. 365. Of nuns,' 382.
MaiTiagc forbidden between brothers and sisters-in-law, iv. 377.
Marriage and married people to be respected, iv, 387, 388.
Marriages of the Irish, iv. 20, 63, 69, 70, 71, 72, 86, 88, 283.

INDEX. 481

Mjfrriages within certain degrees of kindred forbidden, iv. 377.

Married priests, iv. 365.

Martin, St. of Tours, related to St. Patrick, i. 124. His college
or monastery near Tours, 155, 156, 157.

Martin, St. monastery of at Cologn, made over to the Irish, iii.

Martin, scribe of Clonmacnois, death of, iii. 329.

Martin, scribe of Devenish, death of. iii. 329.

Martyrolooriurn Tamlactense, iii. 233.

Martyrs Irish, iv. 287, 288.

Mary, St, Dublin, abbey of, iii. 377, 380. iv. 138,

Mary, St. de Hoggis, nunnery of, iv. 185, 187.

Mass not to be celebrated on wooden tables, iv. 269.

Mass of St. Columbanus and St. Columbkill, iv. 371, 373, 374-.

Matrimonial continence, iv. 387.

Matrimonial contract, or marriages new modelled, iv. 63, 64.

Mauctanes, St. oi' St. Moctheus, bishop of Louth, prophecy of,
concerning St. Columb, i. 263 ; ii. 111.

Maugina, St. Virgin, of Clogher, ii. 175, 234, 236.

Maur, or Defonte vivo, monastery of founded, ii. 248, 250.

Mayo, monastery of, founded for the English, iii. 166, 168, 169.
Church of burned by Turgesius, 272.

Meath, ravaged by Ivar and Amlave, iii. 326. Falls into the
hands of Cuan O'Lochain and Corcran, 426. Parishes of di-
vided between Clonard and Clonmacnois, iv. 37. Two episco-
pal sees only established in, 42. Devastated by Roderic O'Co-
nor, 225. The several sees of, 322. United into one diocese,
323. The title of bishop of, assumed by Eugene bishop of
Clonard, 322.

Meetings at Magh-femyn held to regulate the ecclesiastical con-
cerns of the South of Irelaiid, i, 395.

Mel, or Melus, St. a Briton, i. 335. Bishop of Ardagh, ib. and
240. Monastery of, 402. Death of, 418. _

Melari, surnamed Nonnita, mother of St. David, i. 471*

Melda, mother of St. Kenny, ii. 200.

Meldan, St. abbot of Inisquin, ii. 450.

Mella, or Milla, St. mother of Cannech, priest, and Tighemach,
abbot, iii. 192, 194.

Mellain, father of St. Mochua, ii. 357, 360. .

Mellifont, monastery of founded, iv. 117- 119. Consecration of

the church of, 165.
Melseachlain I. monarch of Ireland, succeeds Niall Caille on the
throne, iii. 241. Defeats, takes prisoner, and drowns Tur-
gesius the Danish chief, 277. Sends ambassadors to Charles
the Bald, king of France, ib. Makes peace with the North-
men, and is assisted by them against his enemies, ib. War be-
.tween him and the Danes, 326. Defeats the Danes of Dub-
lin, ib. Time of his death, 242.

482 INDEX,

Melseachlain, II. succeeds Donald O'Neill as monarch of Ire-
land, iii. 366. Defeats the Danes at Tarah, 415. Plunders
Daigais, ih. Ravages Leinster, ib. Forced to yield the title
of king of Leath Mogha to Brian Boraimhe, ih. Ravages
Conaught, 416. Defeats Brian Boroimhe, ib. Compelled to
resign the crown of Ireland to Brian, 417. Defeated by Mael-
murry assisted by the Danes, 418. Assisted by Morogh son
of Brian, and takes many prisoners and mucli spoil, ih. Be-
trays Brian, 419, 422. Again saluted as king of Ireland, 425.
Attacks the Danes of Dublin, and burns the city, ib. Defeats
the Danes, commanded by Sitric, 426. Dies in the monastery
of Inis-aingin, ih,

Melteoc, St. revered at Kinsale, ii. 94.

Menevia, the See of St. David, i.. 470.

Menoc, brother of St. Libba, ii. 364.

Mentz, monastery of, iii. 114, 115.

Memoc, a disciple of St. Earrinthus, ii. 35.

Milcho, master of St. Patrick, i. 216.

Milk, fabulous story of the Irish baptizing their children in, iv.

Milner, doctor, tour of, in Ireland, animadverted on, iv. 36, 99.
His mistakes or errors on Irish historical matters, iii. 466, 469,
472, iv. 36, 99, 203, 215.

Mimborn, an Irishman, abbot of the monasteiy of St. Martin at
Cologn, iii. 406.

Miracle, one wrought by St. Patrick, i. 150. By St. Columb-
kill, ii. 155.

Miracles, attributed to St. Ita, ii. 84. seq. Performed by St.
Columbanus, 269. Wrought by St. Maidoc, 337, 339. By
St. Pulcherius, iii. 24.

Mis, the mountain of, i. 216.

Miscel, bishop of Emly, iii. 339, 361.

Miserneusy one of St. Patrick's disciples, i. 337.

Missal, ancient, found at Bobio, iv. 371, 373, 374, 376.

Mobai, brother of Libba, ii. 364.

Mobeoc of Gleann-geirg, i. 426.

Mobhy, St. surnamed Clairineach, ii, 76. School of, 120. Cal-
led also Borchcm, 123.

Mochay, St. of Antrim, school of, i. 403. Death of, 418. See

Mochelloc, St. of Catkuir-mnc-Conchaidh, i. 27. iii. 29.

Mochoe or Mochay, St. of Antrim, i. 217, 346, 348.

Mochocmog, bishop, son of Cuaith, a disciple of St. Carthagh,
ii. 358.

Mochoemog, son of Vairt, disciple of St. Carthagh, ii. 358.

Mochonna, St. o£ Dore Bruchaise, iii. 141. Abbot of Derry, ib.

Mocluia, abbot of Ard-slaine, iii. 151.

Mochua, alias Cronan, disciple of Carthagh, ii. 357. Set over
CIuain-Dachmn, ib.

INDEX. 483

Mocliua Luacbra, abbot and bishop of Ferns, iii. 33.

Mochuda, alias Carthagh junior, ii. 99, 102. See Carthagh of

Mochuemin, St. brother" of St. Coemgen, ii. 45.
Mochuorog, St. a Briton, administers the blessed Sacrament to
St. Coemgen, ii. 44-. The same as St. Mogoroc of Delgany.
Mocta, .archbishop of Armagh, iii. 339, 341.
Mocteus or Moctheus, St. arrives in Ireland, and establishes a
monastery at Louth, i. 308. Became a bishop, 347. Mo-
nastery of at Louth, 402. The last of St. Patrick's disciples,
494. Death of, ib. Different from Maidoc of Ferns, 496.
Received the holy Viaticum from St. Dagaeus, ii. 76.
Mocumin, disciple of St. Columba, succeeds him at Tirdeglass, ii.

71, 74, 76.
Modan, abbot of Kilmodan, ii. 325.
Moditeus, St. of the 2d class of Irish Saints, ii. 13. Conjecture

respecting him, 212, 214.
Modwenna, St. an Irish Virgin in England, iii. 41.
Moedoc, St. bishop of Ferns, iv. 355. See Maidoc, St.
Moelatgen, abbot of Clonenagh, iii. 245.
Moelcoba, archbishop of Armagh, iii. 323, 325, 339.
Moeldar, bishop of Clonmacnois, death of, iii. 329.
Moeldod, abbot of Monaghan, iii. 272.
Moelfinnian, bishop of Deny, iii. 370.
Moelfinnian, Mac Huactain, bishop of Kells, iii. 386, 388.
Moelimarchauj bishop of Ectrupi, death of, iii. 191.
Moeliosa, archbishop of Armagh, iv. 9.
Moeliosa O'Brolchain, death of, iii. 487, 489.
Moelmor, Tuathal king of Ireland, killed by, ii. 21.
Moelpatrick, scribe of Trevet, death of, iii. 329.
Moelruan, abbot and bishop of Tallaght, iii. 232, 233.
Moeltule, bishop of Armagh, iii. 428.
Moena, bishop of Clonfert, i. 437, ii. 36.
Moengall, in his return from Rome stops at the monastery of St.

Gall, iii. 285. Said to have died there, ib.
Moengall, bishop of Kildare, iii. 322.

Mofecta, or Fechean, St. intimate with St. Pulcherius, iii. 25, 28.
Mogenoch Kille-comly, disciple of St. Finnian of Clonard, ii.

Mogeroc, St. of Struthuir, i. 425.
Moinmor, battle of, ii. 159.
Mola, disciple of St. Senan, ii. 91, 95.
Molaga, St. iii. 83. Erects the monastery of Tulachmin, 83.

Death of, ib.
Molaisse, St. or Molassius, founder of Devenish, i. 446. Said to

have been bishop of Clogher, ii. 183. See Laisrean, St.
Moling, St. bishop of Ferns, iii. 132, 133. Founds a monas-
tery at Aghacainid. ib.

484 INDEX.

Molua. See Lugeus.

Molua, St. of Clonfert-Molua, visits St. Evin, ii. 311. Confes-
sor to Maidoc of Ferns, 338. Disciple of Cartliagh, 358. Re-
quests the blessed Sacrament from Cronan, iii. 7. Intimate
with St. Pulcherius, 25.

Monibulus, disciple of St. Fursey, ii. 462, 464'.

Monaghan, monastery of despoiled by the Scandinavians, iii.

Monanincha, iv. 291, 293.

Monaster-evan, Cistercian monastery of, founded, iv. 237, 239.

Mo7iasteria ScottonoUy the Irish monasteries in the continent so
called, iv. 158.

Monasteries, several mentioned, i. 402. Burned by the North-
men, iii. 271. Several attributed to St. Abban, iii. 18. Se-
veral of the ancient destroyed, iv. 345. Modern erected, 346.
Many ancient still continued, ib.

Monastery or school of St. Fiech, i. 402.

Monenna, St. foundress of the nunnery of Fochard Brighde, iii.
38, 39.

Monennus, St. abbot of Rosnat in Britain, i. 434.

Monks, some of the greatest bisliops of the order of, iv. 289.
Obligations and duties of, 349. Lived by their own labour,
354, 355, 356. Spent some time in transcribing books, ib.
Marriage of, condemned, 365.

Mono, St. goes from Ireland to Ardvenna, iii. 195, 197. Erects
the church of Naisonia, ib.

Monsterboice, St. Boetius, bishop of, i. 461.

Morini, the territory of, comprized under the name of Arraoric
Gaul, i. 97. The countiy of St. Patrick, 120.

Morogh, son of Brian Boroimhe, marches against the Danes, iii.
418. Killed at Clontarf, 422, 424. Buried at Armagh, 425.

Mosacra, St. founder of Tegh-Sacra, iii. 140. Death of, 141.

Mount Bladhma, ii. 206.

Mount Eagle, i. 248.

Mount Luachra, ii. 206.

Movill or Maghbile, of Donegal, confounded with that of Down,
i. 264. Ailill of, 440, 441.

Moy, river, i. 256.

Moy-Slecht, i, 239.

Moylurg, i. 463.

Muadhnat, sister of St. Molaisse of Devenish, ii. 327.

Mu*ckin, St. i. 255.

Muckamore, monastery of, ii. 304, 307.

Muckmore, i. 431, 433.

Mucna, a bishop, i. 253, 255.

Mugdorna, Mugdorne, or Mogdurna, the territory of, i. 266, 270.

Mugron, abbot of Hy, iii. 386, 388.

Muicinis, set on fire, iii. 374.

Muindecha, mother of Eugene of Ardstrath, ii. 191 .

Index. 485

Muine Brecain, the Danes defeated at, iii. 377.

JViuiredeach, king of Hy-Kinsellagh, goes to visit St. Finnian, i.

465. Death of, 494<.
Mula or Muli, birth place of Nennidh, i. 451.
Mullach (in Co. Cavan) i. 453.
Mulloy, O'. See O'Mulloy.
Munchin, or Manchan, St. ii. 93.

Munech and Meachair, converted by St. Patrick, i. 289.
Munenia, baptized by St. Patrick, i 182.
Mungret, Nessan of, a scholar of St. Ailbe, i. 462. Monastery

of, very eminent ii. 103. Burnt by the Danes, iii. 374.
Munis, a Briton, bishop of Forgney in Longford, ii. 419. Sup?

posed to be brother of St, Mel, ib.
Munster, plundered by the Danes of Dublin, iii. 327. Army

of plunder the islands of Lough-ree and reduce Leath-Cuinn,

351, Visitation of, by St. Malachy, iv. iOi, 102.
Mura St. abbot of Fathen-Mura, iii. 37, 322.
Murchertach Mac Erca, king of Ireland, i. 434. killed, 494.
Muredach, a bishop, i. 253.

Muredach, father of Murchertach, king of Ireland, i. 435.
Muredach, bishop of Killala, ii. 183. Death of, 184.
Muredach, bishop of Mayo, death of, iii. 166.
Muredach, abbot of Kildare, death of, iii. 255, 203.
Muredach, St. prior of Hy, iii. 234.
Muredach, son of Bran king of Leinster, abbot of Kildare, death

of, iii. 329, 330.
Murenna, abbess of Kildare, iii. 371, 373.
Murgal, of Clonmacnois, death of, iii. 202.
Murgeis, bishop, ii. 342.
Murgenius, abbot of Gleannussen, ii. 345.
Muricherdac, or Murcherat, an Irish recluse near Ratisbon, iv.

2, *. , . ..

Murin, said to have been master of St. Laserian, u. 403.
Murtogh O'Brien, king of Munster, becomes master of Dublin,

iii. 484. Assumes the title of king of Ireland, ib. Dethroned

485. Dies, ib,
Murtogh, son of Niall Glundubh, killed, iii. 374, 375.
Murgeus, St. of the 3d class of Irish saints, ii. 331.
Murus, St. abbot, ii. 39.
Muscrighe Breogain, i. 287.
Muscrith Thire (Lower Ormond) i. 289.
Music, used in the Irish church, iv. 65.


Nad-sluagh, a dynast near Coleraine, ii. 77.

Naal, Natalis or Naol St. abbot, son of Aengus, king of Cashel,

486 INDEX.

i. 282, 401 , 4-44. Supposed the same as Naal of Inver Naal, ib.
Revered at Kilinanagb, ih. Tliou^ht by Coigan to be the
same as St. Naal, abbot of Killnaile m BrefFny, 466. Monas-
tery of, ii. 2. Said to be Successor to St. Laisrean, 219.

Naas, visited by St. Patrick, i, 272. Castle of, 276.

Nanned, seemingly the same as Nonnidh, i. 453.

Naol St. See Naal, St.

Natalis. See Naal, St.

Natfraoich, king of Cashel, i. 280.

Natfraoich, spiritual companion of St. Brigid, i. 410, 412, 152.

Natfraoich, father of St. Laisrean, ii. 218.

Nathan, Nathi, or Nathy, St. of Achonry, i. 345. ii. 190. iii. 39,

Nathi Hua-Garrchon, opposes St. Patrick, i. 208.

Nathi, Nathy. See Nathan.

Necta, mother of St. Ita, ii. 81.

Nectan, king of the Picts, expels from his kingdom some of the
monks of the order of Hy, iii. 158.

Neddi-um, monastery of, i. 423. Priory of, founded, iv. 253,

Neman, St. abbot of Dairinis, near Wexford, i. 311.

Neman, St. abbot of Lismore, ii. 356.

Nemnald, father of Berach, ii. 323.

Nemthur, or Empthor, fabulous account of, i. 90. The same as
Nemhthur, Nevthur, Nepthur and Nephthur, 101.

Nenagh, priory of, founded, iv. 335.

Nennidh, St. surnamed Lamhdearg, a disciple of St. Finnian of
Clonard, ii 233.

Nennidh, St. surnamed, Larnhglilnn^ i. 4.50. A student at Kil-
dare,451. Confounded with St. Nennidh, surnamed iL«o^^-^e«rc,
ih. Acts of, according to Coigan, 452. Said to be a disciple
of St. Patrick, ib, A disciple of St. Fiech, 453. The same
as St. Nennidh, Laimh-iodan, 454.

Nennidh, St. surnamed Laimh-iodan. See St. Nennidh Lamh-

Nennidh, St. surnamed Laohh-dearCy abbot and bishop of Inis-
mhuigh-Samh, i. 451.

Nennidius Lamh-glan, St. different fi'om St. Nennidus Laobh-
dearc, ii. 55,

Nennidius Laobh-dearc, St. monastery of, ii. 51.

Nennio, abbot of the great monastery in Britain, i. 347- St.
Fimnan of Maghbile at the school of, ii, 25.

Neptria, or Neptricum, the same as Neustria in Gaul, i. 101.

Nessan, St. placed by St. Patrick over the monastery of Mungret,
i. 288. Instructed by St. Ailbe, 462. Of the second class
of Irish saints, ii. 13. Probably founder of Mungi'et, 103.
104. Held theological conversations with St. Ailbe, ib. Death
of, ib>

INDEX. 487

Nessan, St. disciple of St. Ban- of Cork, ii. 315, 317. The
church of, at Cork, iv. 277.

Neustria, the great province of, iti Gaul, i. 101.

Nevet, in Brittany, St. Ronan retires to the forest of, i. 4<92.

Newry, Cistercian monastery of founded, iv. 168, 170.

Newtown, near Trim, iv. 322.

Niell or Nigellus, usurper of the see of Armagh, carries off the
staff oi' Jesus, &c. from Armagh, i. 176. Usurps the archbishop-
rick, iv. 44. Expelled, 95. Death of, 106.

Niell Cailne, king of Ireland, drowned, iii. 241, 243.

Niell Frassach, monarch of Ireland, retires to Hy, and becomes
a monk, iii. 176.

Niell Glundubh, king of Ireland, killed, iii. 366.

Niell Naoigiallach, or Niell of the nine hostages, death of, i. 138,

Noendriimensis, Caylnyius, or Coelanus, abbas, i. 423.

Northern Picts, converted by St. Columcille, i. 70.

Northmen (Danes or Norv/egians) arrive in the Boyne and Liffey
and plunder the country, iii. 271. Burn Cork, Ferns and
Clonfert, and commit other horrible depredations, ib. Set fire
to Armagh and burn the cathedral, ib. Plunder several mo-
nasteries, ib. Destroy libraries, cany off sacred vessels, and
put many learned and holy men to death, 272. Lay waste
Emly, 275. Enter and lay waste Armagh, 277. Driven out
of the country, ib. Return again with a powerful fleet, ib,
and 280. Make peace with Maelseachlain, king of Ireland,
and assist him against his enemies, 277. Defeated near
Lough Foyle, 326. Submit to Auliffe, prince of the Nonve-
gians, ib. Plunder Kildare, 346. Defeated by the Irish,
347, 348. Defeated by Ceallachan Cashel, 374. Prepare to

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