An ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an online

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Online LibraryUnknownAn ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an → online text (page 44 of 45)
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attack Brian, 419.

North Munster, the kingdom of granted by Henry II. to Phih'p
de Breuse, iv. 236.

Northumbrians, converted by Aidan and his auxiliaries, ii. 417.

Norwegians invade Ireland, iii. 241, 243.

Notker Balbulus, monk of St. Gall, instructed by Moengall, an
Irishman, iii. 285.

Nuad, abbot of Clones, death of, iii. 191.

Nuad of Loch-uama, archbishop of Armagh, iii. 252, 253.

Nuad, son of Segen, martyred by the Danes, iii. 272.

Nunnery of Ai-magh, i. 450.

Nuns, man-iage of, iv. 382.


Oaths, certain, void, iv. 386, 387-

488 INDEX.

O'Boigill or O'Boil, Coencomlirach, consecrated suffragan or
acting bishop for the see of Armagh, iv. 9. Death of, 31.

O'Brien, Conor, supplies the Irish monks with money to build the
monastery of St. James at Ratisbon, iv. 57, 58.

O'Brien, Cormac, war between him and Turlogh O'Conor, king of
Conaght, iv. 50.

O'Brien, Dermod, king of Munster war between him and Turlogh
O'Conor king of Conaght, iv. 50.

O'Brien, Donogh Carbrach, king of North Munster, iv. 325.

O'Brien, Donald, king of North Munster, religious establishments
founded by him, iv. 325. Death of, ib,

O'Brien, Murtogh, king of Munster, iv. 10, IL Makes over
Cashel to God and St. Patrick, 20. His death and burial, 21.

O'Brin, or O'Byrne, Malachy, bishop of Kildare, fabulous story
of him and others perjuring themselves, iv. 231.

O'Brolchan, Mael-Colm, suffragan or assistant bishop of Armagh,
death of, iv. 48, 49.

Observator}?^, the Irish round towers used as such, iv. 407.

O'Byrnes, family of, iv. 172. See O'Brin.

Ocha, battle of, i. 438.

O'Conarchy, Christian, death of, iv. 277.

O'Conor, Cathal Carrach, iv. 333.

O'Conor, Cathal Crobhdherg, iv. 319, 326, 333.

O'Conor, Conor Moenmoige expels his father from Conaght, iv,
277. Killed by his own people, 318.

O'Conor, Roderic, deposes Dermod Mac Murchard king of Lein-
ster, iv. 184. Acknowledged king of all Ireland, 188. Be-
sieges Dublin, 198. Obliged to raise the siege, 199. Submits
to Henry II . 202. Dissensions between him and his son Conor
Moenmoige, 235. Gives up his kingdom to Conor, 255. Driven
out of Conaught by Conor, 277. Resumes the government of
Conaught, 318. The last monarch of Ireland, 333. Death of,

O'Conor, Turlogh, king of Conaght, lays waste Thomond and
burns Cashel, iv. 50, 51. Ravages Leinster and Meath, ib.
Confines and dethrones MuiTogh O'Melaghlin, king of Meath,

Odder. See Odra.

Odomey, monastery of, iv. 168.

Odra, or Odder, nunnery of St. Brigid, the poissesaion of confirmed
by the pope, iv. 327.

Odran, St. the charioteer of St. Patrick, I. 332, 304. Killed by
Failge, in mistake for St. Patrick, ib.

Odran, St. abbot of Lettrach- Odran, death of, ii. 70.

Odran, successor of St. Senan at Iniscatthy, ii. 91.

O'Dunn, Giolla-na-Naomh, death of, iv. 169.

Oedlugh, abbot of Clonmacnois, ii. 59.

Oena, successor to Kieran of Clonmacnois, ii. 60.

IN4)EX. 489

O'Faolans and O'Ryans massacred in cold blood by the English,

iv. 193.
Offices, old Irish, iv. 368.

Offices, the Roman substituted for the Irish, iv. 63.
O'Gorman, Marian, iv. 251, 252.
O'Haingly, Donat, bishop of Dublin, death of, iv. 12.
O'Haingly, Samuel, succeeds liis uncle Donat as bishop of Dublin,

iv. 12, 14.
O'Heney, Matthew, Apostolic legate, holds a synod at Dublin, iv.

319, 321.
O'Heyne, Matthew abbot of Cashel, death of, iv. 54^3.
Olave. See Auliif.

Olcan, of Kilmore, orKilmormoy, i. 256.
Olcan, bishop ofDerkan, different from Olcan of Kilmore, i. 256.

Baptized by St. Patrick, 265. School of at Derkan, 403.
Olcanus, bishop, goes to Gaul, i. 341. Bishop of Derkan, ib.

Called by some Bolcan, ib. See Olcan.
Olchobair Mac Kinede, abbot and bishop of Emly, iii. 275. De-
feats the Danes, ib.
Olild and his family converted and baptized, i. 287.
Olioll Mac Eagan, abbot of Cork, slain at the battle of Beallack

Mugh?ia, iii. 354, 356.
O'Loghlin, Muirchertach, prince of Tyrone, iv. 136.
O'Maley's territory, i, 245.
O'Meey, Hugh de Lacy killed by, iv. 277.
O'Melaghlin, Morogh, kingofMeath, iv. 118-
O'Morda, Peter, first abbot of Boyle, drowned, iv. 218.
O'More, Cnogher, founder of the monastery of Leix, iv. 262.
O'Mulloy, Albin, abbot of Baltinglass, iv. 264. Preaches against
the incontinence of the English and Welsh clergy, 265. Raised
to the see of Ferns, 277.
O'Neills of Clandeboys, the ancestor of, iv. 334,
Opacus, church of, erected, iii. 281.
Oran, in Roscommon, i. 244, 335.
Orbila, alias Servila, appointed abbess of Pochard, by St. Mo-

nenna, iii. 38.
Orders, Holy, on whom and where to be conferred, iv.271, 274.
Orgiel, or Oriel, i. 398.

Orthanoe, bishop of Kildare, death of, iii. 274.
O'Ruarc, Dearbhforguill, or Dervorgall, wife of Tieman, carrieii

off by Dermod Mac Murchard, iv, 184.
O'Ruarc, Tiernan, murdered, iv. 223.
Ositha, disciple of Modwenna, iii. 40, 41, 43-
Osnate, St. sister of Molaisse of Devenish, ii. 327.
Ossan, St. death of, iii. 129.
Ossan, a priest, iii. 177.
Ossory, see of, at Aghabo, iv. 237, 239.
Ostmen get possession of Armagh, i. 74. Not Christians until


490 INDEX.

about, A. D. 1000, i. 75. Pagan and Christian, iv. 398. Not
tlie erectors of the round towers, 403.

Oswa, opens the debate at Whitby, iii. 62. Places Ceadda over
the see of York, 78.

Oswald, king of Northumberland, ii. 4-16, 417.

Othmai', first abbot of St. Gall in Switzerland, ii. 434, 438.

O'Toole, St. Laurence, account of, from, iv. 172 to 181. At-
tempted to be killed at the altar, 228.

O'Tooles, the family of, iv. 172.

Otto, by mistake called bishop of Bamberg, iv. 3.

Owen, son of Brian, converted by St. Patrick, i. 266.


Palladius, sent to the Scots believing in Christ, i. 9. First bishop
sent from Rome to Ireland, 23, 36, 37. Sets out for Ireland,
attended by Sylvester, Lolonius, Augustin, Benedict and others,
38. Brings with him some reliques of Saints Peter and Paul,
and other saints, ib. Erected three churches in Ireland, ib.
Inquiry concerning him, 40 to 46. Leaves Ireland, and arrives
in Britain, where he dies, 39. Death of, 198, 202.

Pallium, St. Malachy anxious to prociu-e one for Armagh, iv. 109,
110, 112, 113, 129.

Palliums, four sent to Ireland by Pope Eugene III. iv. 139. Dis-
tributed at the synod of Kells, 146. Given to the sees of Ar-
magh, Dublin, Casliel, and Tuam, 146, 147.

Palmer, Alured le, founder of the priory of St. John Baptist,
Dublin, iv. 317.

Pantaloons worn by the Irish, iv. 360, 364.

l^aparo, Cardinal, lands in England on his way to Ireland with
palliums, and refused a passport by king Stephen, iv. 139.
Returns to Rome and sets out again, taking the rout of Scotland,
ib. Lands in Ireland, ib.

Paschal calculation, discussion concerning the, ii. 371. Different
modes of observing the, 371, 372. Different rules concerning
it, 376. The Roman and Alexandiian disputes about the, ib.
British method of observing the, 378. Question concerning
the, answered by the Roman prelates, 407. Controversy con-
cerning the, at Leighcuinn, 409- Question concerning the, re-
vived, 424. Conference and debate at Whitby concerning the,
iii. 62, seq.

Paschal epistle, written by Cummian, ii. 395, 399.

Paschal fire, lit by St. Patrick at Slane, i. 224.

Paternus, St. son to Petranus, visits Ireland, i. 492.

Paternus, a Scot, a monk at Paderborn, iii. 445. Burnt to death,

Patrick, St. his existence demonstrated, i. 47. Comes to Ire-
land, ib. His existence denied by Ledwich and others 48.

INDfiX. 4-91

Asserted by Usher, Camden and others, ib. His confession
and letter to Coroticus, 51. His canons, ,54. Mentioned in
litanies for the Anglican church, 59. Hymn in praise of him in
the Antiphonarium Benchorense, ib. Mentioned in an ancient
liturgy quoted by Usher, 62 ; and in Bede's Martyrology, 63 ;
and in that of St. Jerome, 65 ; several churches dedicated to
liim, 67. Inquiry into the place of his nativity, 80. His life
by Probus, 81. His lives published by Colgan, 81. The ori-
ginal tripartite life of, mostly written in Irish, 87. His life by
Jocelin, 88. Born in Armoric Gaul, 89. His parentage, 92,
122. Governed the diocese of Boulogne, 96. Made captive m
Araioric Britain, 98. His family of the privileged class of ci-
tizens, 122. Forfeited his nobility, 123. His mother and
sisters, 125, 127. The year of his birth, 129. The year of
his death, 131. Error in Butler's life of him, 14-8. Said to
have been taken captive by Niell Naoigiallach, 1 37. Purchased
by Milcho, and employed in tending sheep, 142. Sails for
France, 145. Lands at Treguier in Britanny, 150. By his
prayers delivers himself and companions from famine, ib.
Made captive again, 155. Enters the monastery of Tours un-
der St. Martin, 155, 157. Studies under St. German, 161.
His rod, brought from Armagh to Dublin, 176. Said to have
received it from Justus, ib. Accompanies St. German and Lu-
pus of Troyes to Great Britain, 180. Said to have been a canoii
regular of St. John Lateran, 184, 186. Returns to Auxerre
with St. German, 184. Goes to Rome, ib. Receives the
Pope's benediction, and is empowered to proceed to Ireland,
191. Appointed assistant to Palladius, 192. Did not set out
with Palladius, ib. Reason why he did not go to Ire-
land \\4th Palladius, ib. Reason why he was not consecrated
sooner than he was, 194. Informed of the death of Palladius,
198. Consecrated bishop, ib. Embarks for Ireland, 205.
Arrives in Ireland, 207. Supposed to have landed in the coun-
ty of Wicklow, ib. Repulsed by the natives, and obliged to
embark again, ib. Opposed by Nathi Hua Garchon, 208.
His first converts, ib. Proceeds to a port in the barony of
Lecale, 212. Goes to the house of Milcho, 216. Preaches at
Maginish, ib. Gives the Latin alphabet to his converts, 220.
Arrives in the harbour of Colp. ib. Arrives at Slane, and ce-
lebrates the festival of Easter, 223. Lights the Paschal fire at
Slane, 224. Preaches before the king at Tara, ib. Saluted
by Here. ib. Goes to Tailten, 233. His baptizm, ib. and 236.
Church of Drumconrath and other churches erected by him m
barony of Slane, 237- Sets out for Conaught, 240. Converts
two of the daughters of king Leogaire, 241. Baptizes St. Kie-
ran of Clanmacnois, 244. Goes to Magh-Seola, ib. Retire*
to Cruachan-aichle to spend the time of the Qnadragcsimal fast,
249. Converts seven princes and 12,000 other persons, 252.

492 INDEX.

Attempt against liis life, 253. Converts Eochad, son of Dathy,
254. His books, ib. Enters Hy-Fiachra, and converts many,
256. Goes to Calrigia, ib. Baptizes Mac-earthen, ib. Ends
his mission in Conaught, 257. Arrives in Ulster, ib. Erects
the church of Rathcunga, 262. Preaches in Tirconell, blesses
Conall, and foretels the sanctity of St. Columb, ib. Founds
several churches, ib. Leaves Inishowen, and proceeds to Dun-
Cruthin, and places St. Beatus over a church there, 265.
Builds churches in that neighbourhood, ib. Proceeds through
Dalrieda,and baptizes Olcan, afterwards called bishop of Derkan,
ib. Goes into Dalradia, ib. Opposed by Carthen, 266. Goes
into the tract called Gaura, and converts several, ib. Passes
into Hua-meith-tire, and erects a church at Ter-hallan, ib.
Goes to Mugdorn, and converts Victor, ib. Proceeds to Meath,
and lays the foundation of the church of Domnach-tortan, 271.
Arrives at Ardbraccan, ib. Proceeds to Leinster, and bap-
tizes two of the sons of king Dunlang at Naas, 272. Proceeds
to Hy-Garchon, and is opposed by Drichir, but is entertained
by Killin, ib. Goes to Leix, 273 ; and to the house of Dub-
tach the poet in Hy-Kinsellagh, ib. Leaves Auxilius bishop at
Killossey, and Iserninus at Kilcullin, 273, 276. Goes into
Ossoiy, 274. Crosses Finglas river, and blesses Dublin, 275.
Proceeds to Cashel, 279. Spends seven years in Munster,
280. Converts many persons of rank at Cashel, 281. His
stone, ib. Oilild and family converted by his prayers, and
those of Saint Ailbe and Ibar, 287, Entertained by Lonan, 288.
Blesses the country of Thomond, ib. Foretells the birth of St.
Brendan, ib. Directs his course to Desmond, ib. Returns to
Leinster, 289. Blesses Munster and the people thereof, ib.
Writes to Coroticus, 296. Arrives at Brosna, 302. Goes to
Hy-failge, ih. Goes from Louth to Macha, 312. Erects the
church of Armagh, ih. Goes to Rome for relics, 319. Said
to have received the Pallium from the pope, ib. Entrusts Se-
cundinus with the archbishopric of Armagh during his absence
at Rome, 321. Holds a Synod, 331. Makes, with the as-
sistance of Auxilius and Isserninus, regulations for the church
government, 333. Writes his confession, 349. Attacked
by his last illness, 351. Receives the Viaticum from Tassach,
and dies at Saul, 352. Discussion concerning the year of his
death, 355. Buried at Do^v-n, 364. iv. 274. Part of his relics
brought to Armagh, 365.
Patrick of Auvergne, i. 76, 352.
Patrick, an Irish abbot, retires to Glastonbury, iii. 321. Said to

be the same as Moel-Patrick, ib.
Patrick, bishop of Dublin, iii. 457, 459. Consecrated by Lan-
franc, archbishop of Canterbury, 458, 460. Professes obe-
dience to him, ib. Shipwrecked and drowned, 482, 483.
Patrick of Nola, i. 76.

INDEX. 493

Patrick, senior, and junior, i. 324, 325.

Patrick, of Glastonbury, i, 324',

Patrick, St. books of, i. 254.

Patrick, St. canons of, iv. 376 to 391.

Patrick, St. church of built, iv. 318. Made a cathedral, 319.

Patrick, St. in the island, the church of, iv. 240.

Patrick, St. Synod of, iv. 376.

Patrick's day, St. prayer for, i. 368.

Patrick's stone, i. 281.

Patrick's Purgatory, i. 368. iv. 290, 291, 292.

Patto, an Irishman, placed over the monastery of Amarbaric, iii.

219, 220. Said to have been bishop of Verden. ib,
Paul, St, said to have preached in Britain, i. 1.
Paul, a disciple of Iltutus, i. 492.
Paul, bishop of St. Pol de Leon, uncle to lovin, i. 492.
Paul, an Irish hermit, death of, i. 493.
Paulinus, school of, at Withland or Whiteland in Caermarthen, i.

Paulinus, a disciple of Iltutus, i. 476.
Paulinus, St. archbishop of Northumberland, retires to Kent, ii.

Paulinus, bishop of Leth-Cuinn, and abbot of Indenen, death of,

iii. 368.
Peada, prince of the noiddle Angles, converted by Finan, ii. 427.

Gets priests to convert his subjects, 428.
Pelagius, the Heresiarch, i. 16.

Pelagian Heresy, at what time it began in Ireland, ii» 410.
Peronne, monastery of, ii. 465, 466.
Pestilence, carries off many eminent persons at Armagh, iii.

Peter and Benedict, SS monastery of at Athlone, iv. 138.
Peter and Paul, SS. church of, at Armagh, iv. 77, 104. Church

of at Newtown Trim, 322.
Peter's St. Limerick, nunnery of, iv. 325.
Peter's, St. monastery of at Saltzburg, governed by Virgil, iiL

184, 186.
Peter's pence, iv. 159, 164, 210.
Petran, a bishop, of 3d class of Irish Saints, ii. 331.
Petranus, father of Paternus, retires to Ireland, 492.
Petranus, bishop of Lusk, ii. 333, 334.
Petrockstow, now Padstoiu, in Cornwall, called from Petrocus, u

Petrocus, a Briton, comes to Ireland, i. 402, preceptor of St»

Kevin, ii. 48.
Phalingae, meaning of, iv. 362.
Picts, the, converted by St. Ninian, i. 70.
Picts, Irish, i. 216.

494 INDEX. "^'

Picts, Northern, converted by St. Columbkill, ii. 154-.
Piran, St. Kieran, known by that name, ii. 8, 9.
Plou-Kemin, parish of, i. 493.

Poets of Ireland, ancient, suppression of, prevented by Columb-
kill, ii. 237, regulations concerning, ib. distinguished from the

Magi, 241.
Poisonous animals, expulsion of, i. 250, 252.
Portrahern, supposed to be the same as Portrane, iii. 434, 435.
Potentinus, companion of Columbanus, ii. 280, 281.
Praying for the dead, practised by the Irish, iii. 331, seqq.
Predestination, treatise concerning, iii. 293, 294, seqq.
Prelates, Irish, who attended the third council of Lateran, iv.

Presbyterianism not the religion of the early church of Scotland,

iv. 295, 297.
Priests, married, iv. 365, not allowed to marry, ib.
Probus, an Irishman, author of the life of St. Patrick, i. 82. Not

Probus the grammarian, ib'
Probus, master of the school of Slane, burned by the Danes, iii.

Probus, priest, an Irishman, retires to the monastery of St, Ab-

ban of Mentz, iii. 321. Different from Probus the biographer

of St. Patrick, ib.
Psalter of Cashel, written by Cormac Mac CuUinan, iii. 355,

Pulcherius, St. accompanies St. Colman to the court of Failbe

Fland, king of Cashel, ii. 310. Places himself under Saint

Comgall of Bangor, iii. 23, 28. Several miracles wrought

^y' 25.

Purgatory, opinions of the Irish on, iii. 331.
Purgatory, St. Patrick's, i. 368. iv. 290, 291, 292.


Quadragesimal fast, i. 249.

Quartadecimans, ii. 257.

Querulous Epistle^ by Gildas, the time when written, i. 486.


Rachan, See of, iii. 122, 125.

Rachlin, monastery of, ii. 132, 134. Church of, founded by Se-

geneus, 347-
Raithin, monastery of, erected by St. Carthagh of Lismore, ii.

352, 353.
Rantic, an Iribh missionary, said to have been a disciple of St-

Columbanus, ii. 443.
Raphotv monastery of, ii. 132, 135.

INDEX. 495

Ratgan, abbot of Fulda.

Rathaodh, now Rahue, monastery of, ii. 189.

Rathbeg, ii. 198.

Rath-Breasail, synod of, iv. 37, 40, 43.

Rath-brighide, i. e. Brigids town, i. 389.

Rathcolpa, i. 346.

Rathcunga, church of erected, i. 262. Asacus buried at, 341 .

Ratheaspuic-innic, church of, i. 268.

Rathena, birth place of St. larlath, i. 391.

Rathkeale, priory of, iv. 336, 337.

Rathlibhthen, monastery of, ii. 10.

Rathmaighe Deisgirt, the See of, iv. 44.

Rathmat, monastery of, erected by St. Fursey, n. 456.

Rath-Megeaonaich, ii. 79.

Rathmelsigi, monastery of, iii. 95.

Rathmoane (Rathmodain), church of, i. 267.

Rathmuigh. See Derkan, i. 341.

Rathpert of St. Gall, instructed by Moengal, an Irishman, ni.

Rathsithe, church of, i. 268.
Ratisbon, monastery of St. Peter's at, founded by Marianus, an

Irishman, iv. 2, 5. Monastery of St. James at, erected by the

Irish, 57. ™ , ,

Raymond le Grose, arrives in Ireland, iv. 193. Plunders the

De^'ies 224.

Rechin, supposed to be Raheny, iii. 434, 435.

Rechrann or Raghlin, island of, infested by the Scandmavians,
iii. 236, 238.

Regnach, St. sister of St. Finnian, n. 77.

Regular canons, iv. 348. ^

Reliques of Saints preserved and venerated by the Irish, iv. 396.
Those of St. Patrick, St. Columba, and St. Brigid, translation
of, iv. 274. How discovered, 275. Some of St. Patrick's re-
served at Armagh, ib.

Reives, bishop of Menevia, i. 472.

Renan, St. an Irishman, retires to Britany, i. 492.

Reuta, i. 217. ^ , . r-

Rhingau, in Switzerland, St. Findan patron of the monastery ot,

iii. 238, 239.

Richard I. king, crowned, iv. 318, death of, 334. ..

Richarius, receives Caidoc and Fricor, Irish priests, u. 442. Re-
tires from the world, and founds the monastery of Centula, tb,

Rinan, St. an Irish bishop, i. 492.

Rinn-dubhain-aMiir, i. 426. /. o. o * • i •

Rioch, St. erroneously said to have been nephew of St. Patrick, i.
419. Was bishop as well as abbot, ii. 11. Entertains bt.
Aidus at Inisbofinde, 187.

496 INDEX.

Rippon, monastery of, granted to Wilfrid by Prince Alchfrid,

iii. 59.
Robartach Mac Naserda, succeeds Moengall, bishop of Kildare,

iii. 322, 324..
Robartach, bishop of Finglass, death of, iii. 323.
Robartach O'Kearta,' scribe of Kill-achaid, death of, iii. 329.
Robartach, monk and scribe of Durrow, death of, iii. 329.
Robbing of a church, iv. 382.
Rocking stones, i. 230.
Roderic O'Conor, king of Ireland, devastates Meath, iv. 225.

Sends ambassadors to Windsor to negociate with Henry II. 226,

Death of, 55.
Roding, an Irishman, bishop of Belhlocus, ii. 491. Death of,

Roman Hturgy and office, received in Ireland, iv. 367, 368, 372.
Romulus, a bishop in the Isle of Man, i. 303, 305.
Ronan, St. first abbot of Drumshallon, i. 444.
Ronan, brother of St. Carnech, i. 494.
Ronan, an Irishman, defends the general mode of observing the

Paschal calculation, ii. 424, 427.
Ronan, sonofBerach, intimate with Fechin, iii. 51, 52.
Ronan of Lismore, iii, 201.
Rosalas, Cistercian monastery of, iv. 237, 239.
Roscarrber}^ formerly called Ross-ailithri, i. 317, 318.
Roscommon, synod of, iv. 168.
Roscor, church of, i. 464, 466.

Roseneath, anciently Rossnachoich in Dunbartonshire, i. 438.
Ros-glas, now Old Ross, i. 466.
Ros-mic-treoin, now Old Ross^ i. 466. Monastery of, ii. 311.

iii. 14.
Rosnat, in Britain, monasteiy of, i. 434.
Rosoirthir, in Fermanagh, i. 404.

Ross, son of Trichem, converted by St. Patrick, i. 216.
Ross, monastery of, ii. 194. Death of Maurice, bishop of, iv.

328. Disputes about a successor to the See of, 329, 330.
Ross-ailithri, now Rosscarberry, i. 317, 318.
Ross-Benchuir, i. 405.
Rosscrea, monastery of, iii. 7.
Rossnachoich, now Roseneath, i. 438.
Round towers, disquisition on the, iv. 393 to 414.
Routs, the, i. 217.

Ruadan, St. abbot of Lothra, ii. 9,233. Death of, z^.
Rudbert, St. or Rupert, bishop of Worms, iii. 162, 163.
Rudgall, Mac Fingail, bishop of Emly, iii. 339, 340.
Rufinus, the Heresiarch, i. 16.
Rumold, St. of Mechlin, an Irishman, iii. 197, 200. Sets out

for Rome, 198. Goes to Mechlin, and erects a monastery

there, ib. Murdered by assassins, 199.

INDEX. 497

Eumond, a very wise man, death of, hi. 176.

Rumond, bishop of Clonard, iii. 368.

Hus, or Ross, son of Trichem, converted by St. Patrick, i. 216.

Russin of Lappain, Comorban of St. Barr, ii. 317, 400. Death

of, iii. 129.
Rutmel, Prince and bishop of Clonfert, death of, iii. 266.

Sabhall or Sabhul Padruic, (tlie andent name of Saul,) i. 212,

302, 318.
Sacellus of Bais-leac-mor, a disciple of St. Patrick, i. 24<4.
Sacrifices, i. 230.
Saigir, monastery of, ii. 7.
Saints in Ireland, 1st class of, ii. 12. - 2d class, 13. — Sd class,

Saltair-na-rnnn, a work of Aengusthe Hagiologist, iii. 24-7, 251.
Samthanna,^ St. abbess of Cbne'brone, iii. 170.
Sannan, meaning of, i. 330.

Sarabaites, none amongst the Irish monks, iv. 358.
Saran of Critain, abbot, ii. 414.
Sath-reginden, monastery of, ii. 133.

Saul or Sabhail Padmic, i. 212, monastery of, iv. 128, 130.
Scandinavians infest the coast of Ireland, iii. 236, 238. Plunder

Inispatrick, 236. Attack the coasts of Ulster, 241, 242.

Set fire to the monastery of Hy, ib. Attack Hy again, ih.

Land in Ireland and destroy Roscommon, ib. Defeated by

the Irish, and forced to return to their own country, 242.

Land again, and burn many places in Ireland, 270. Plunder

and lay waste Cork, Lismore, and the monasteries of Inisdamla

and Bangor, ib. Destroy almost all Conaght, 271.
Scanlan, Prince of Ossory, blessed by St. Columbkill, ii. 238,

Scanlan, scribe of Roscrea, death of, iii. 367.
Scannal, bishop of Kildare, death of, iii, 329.
Scathin, St. or Scutin, disciple of St. David of Wales, ii. 323.
Schiria, St. abbess of Killskire, ii. 327.
Scholastics and other learned men, deaths of several, iii. 481,

School of St. Ailbe, i. 402.
Scota, St. Senan goes to the nunnery of, ii, 90.
Scotia, Ireland known by the name of, i. 235. North Britain

so called, iii. 221.
Scots, believing in Christ, i. 36. Inquiry concerning the, 235,

iii 281. The Irish so caUed, iv. 5. The name of, 157.
\Oh, IV. P P

498 INDEX. I

Scottish colony settled in Britain, i. 1 1 .

Scottisli kingdom, none established in Britain in the 3d century,

Scottish priests interdicted from administering the sacraments by

an English synod, iii. 275.
Scullan, abbot, ii. 414.

Seachnasach, monarch of Ireland, killed, iii. 82.
Sealbach, called secretary to Cormac Mac Culinan, iii. 365.
Seanbotha, monastery of, iii. 2.
Seanchas More, or Great Antiquity, attributed to St. Patrick, i.

Sean-ross, cell of, erected by St. Cronan, iii. 7.
Sebdanna, St. abbess of Kildare, death of, iii. 170.
Sectabrat, bishop of Emly, iii. 233.
Secular canons, attached to the service of Cathedrals, iv. 301,

303, 312, 314. Turned out of the Cathedral of Down, 353.
Secundinus, an*ival of, in Ireland, i. 259. Fixes his residence at

Dunshaughlin, 271, 272, 273. Time of the death of, 293.

Put in charge of the archbishopric of Armagh, 321.
Sedna, father of St. Comgall, ii. 61.
Sedna, St. a disciple of St. Senan, ii. 91, 94.
Seduhus, an Irishman, a poet and theologian, i. 17, 18. Two of

that name, ib.
Sedulius, abbot of Kildare, iii. 255.
Sedulius, abbot and bishop of Roscommon, iii. ^55.
Sedulius, St. abbot of Athcliath (Dublin) death of, iii. 228, 230.
Sees, Irish episcopal, at close of the 12th century, iv. 344.
Segen, archbishop of Armagh, iii. 34, 35. Death of, 131.
Segen, abbot of Bangor, ii. 415.

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