An ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an online

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Online LibraryUnknownAn ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an → online text (page 45 of 45)
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Segeneus, or Segienus, abbot of Hy, founder of the church of

Rechran, or Rachhn, ii. 135, 347. Displeased with Cummian

for defending the Roman method of Paschal computation, 395.

Death of, iii. 36.
Segenus, an abbot, supposed by some wi'iters the same as Sege-

nius of Hy, ii. 414.
Segetius, a priest, accompanies St. Patrick to Rome, i. 168. And

back to Ireland, 1 70.
Seinglean, church of, ii. 1 36.
Selsker, priory of, iv. 338.

Senach, or Senachus, of Acliadh-Jbbhuir, a bishop, i. 245. Se-
veral of that name, 248.
Senach or Senachus, successor to St. Finnian at Clonard, ii. 21,

23. Death of, 183.
Senach, archbishop of Armagh, death of, ii. 303. Said to be the

Senach of the 3d class of Irish saints, 334.
Senach Garbh, successor of Fintan of Clonfert, ii. 303. Death of,

ib. A bishop, 334.
Senach, St. of the 3d class of Irish saints, ii. 331. A bishop,

333, 334.

INDEX. 499

Senari, St. of Iniscatthy, pupil of St. Naal, i. 444 . Time of bis
birth, 445. Forced by the dynast of Corcobaskin on an expe-
dition against Corcomroe, ib. Places himself under the abbot
Cassidan, 446. Retires to the monastery of St. Natalis, ib.
Lived to a later period than the year 544, 475. Account of his
acts, ii. 2, et seqq. Prohibited women serving in his monastery,
3, 20. Patron saint of Hy Conaill, 89. Goes to the monastery
of Cassidanus, and to the nunnery of St. Scota, 90. Dies at
Kill-eochaille, ib. Succeeded at Iniscatthy by Odran, 91.

Senchai, bishop of Emly, death of, iii. 202.

Senell, St. bishop of Maghbile, death of, ii.303.

Senile, tutor to Columbanus, ii. 260, 262.

Sen-Patrick, the same as St. Patrick, i. 324-

Serenus, the same as Isserninus, i. 261. See Isserninus.

Serinum, isle of, i. 174.

Serpents, expulsion of, from Ireland, i. 250.

Servanus, bishop, ii. 167

Seschnan and his family baptized by St. Patrick, i. 221.

Setna, bishop of Saigir, ii. 303.

Setna, father of Maidoc of Ferns, ii. 333.

Sezinus, or Sezni, St. an Irishman, celebrated in Brittany, i. 261.
Said to have died there, 492.

Sheep, white and black, in Ireland, iv. 357, 359.

Shrowle, barony of, i. 421.

Shrowl, or Shrule, monastery of, iv. 130, 138.'

Sidonius, an Irish monk at Rouen, iii. 114. Death of, ib.

Sidonius, companion of Virgil, in Bavaria, iii. 179, 185.

Sierkeran, abbey of, ii. 8.

Sigberet, king of the East Saxons, baptized by St. Finan, ii. 428.
Brings with him St. Cedd to convert his subjects, ib. Receives
St. Fursey kindly, ii. 458.

Sigebert, king of Austrasia, ii. 432, 434.

Sigritia, St. virgin, said to be sister to St. Gerard of Mayo, iii.
170, 171.

Sincha, St. death of, ii. 32.

Sincha, St. abbess of Kells, iii. 14.

Sinell, St. said to be the first convert made by St. Patrick in Ire-
land, i. 208. Establishes a monastery atKilleig, 441. Called
Senior, to distinguish him from Sinell, a priest, ib. Presented
with a cell at Cluan-Damh, by St. Aiibe. ib. Death of, n.

Sinell, St. successor of Tigernach at Clogher, 11. 183.

Sinell, son of INIaynocur, abbot of Cluain-inis, ii. 233. Disciple
of St. Finnian of Clonard, ib. Master of St. Fintan Munnu,

Sillan, St. bishop of Maghbile, death of, ii. 303.

Sillan, St. bishop of Devenish, death of, iii. 36.

Simony, condemned by the council of Kells, iv. 147, 149. In-
terdicted by canon, 271.

500 , INDEX.

SioUan, error of Archdall respecting him, i. 265.

Sitric, king of the Danes of Dublin, takes passession of Water-
ford, iii. 326, 328. Sets out on a pilgi-image to Rome, 4'327^
433. Returns to Dublin, ib. Grants lands to Donatus^
bishop of Dublin, 434.

Skey, island of, visited by St. Columbkill, ii. 162.

Skrine, various churches of that name, ii. 132, 136.

Skrine, in Meath, episcopal church of, iv. 322. Appropriated to
the abbey of St. Mary, Dublin, ih.

Slane, arrival of St. Patrick at, i. 223. Ancient name of, ibt
St. Hercus or Ercus, bishop of» 346. Death of Ercus, bishop
cjf, 435. Dagobert, son of Sigebert, king of Austrasia,
placed in the monastery of, iii. 101, 102. Church of, de-
stroyed by the Northmen, 271. Plundered by the Scandi-
navians, 276. Church of plundered, 375. Plundered and
burned, 377, 378, The castle of, demolished, iv. 230. Epis-
copal church of, 322.

Slaves, English, liberated in Ireland, iv. 196.

Sleben, abbot of Hy, iii. 192, 193. Death of, 194.

Sleigh Grian, County of Kilkenny, ancient inscription there, i.

Sletty, St. Fiech bishop of, i. 274, 335, 435.

Sliebhliag or Slieve-league, in Donegal, i. 341.

Slieve Donard, the highest of the mountains of Moume, i. 214r.
Mountains of, ii 312, 329. Monastery of, 319, 321.

Slieve-Mis, mountain of, i. 216.

Sligeach or Sligo, river of, 1 . 256,

Snam-lathir, monastery of, ii. 133.

Snav-daen, St. Patrick crossed the Shannon at, i. 240.

Snedbran, bishop of Kildare, death of, iii. 202.

Sochla, mother of Lugeus, ii. 205.

Sodelbia, daughter of Aidus, king of Leinster, ii. 327.

Soerbretach of Cork, death of, iii. 327.

Soignes, monastery of, ii. 491.

Sopkias. See Cadoc, i. 491.

Sorar, brother to Faila, ii. 328.

Sponsalia de futuro, iv. 283. De praesenti, ib.

Staff of Jesus delivered to St. Patrick, i. 176. Carried away
from Armagh by Niell the usurping bishop, iv. 95. Restored
to Armagh, 97. Removed from Armagh to Dublin, 241,

Stellan, succeeds Camin at Iniskeltra, iii. 11, 13.

Stephen appointed successor to Roding at Bellilocus, ii. 492.

Stephen, St. monastery of, at Saltzburg, iii. 205, 207.

Stone buildings in Ireland, iv. 1 27.

Stone churches, iv. 393, 397.

Strangford, or Strangford Lough, conjecture on, i. 214.

Strongbow, arrival of, in Ireland, iv. 193. Married to Era,

INDEX. 501

daughtef of Dermod Mac Morogh, 1 94. Takes Dublin, and
massacres the inhabitants, 223. Shuts himself up in Water-
ford, 225. Founds the priory of St. John at Kilmainham,
230. Death of, ib.

Struthuir, or Struthair, St Mogoroc of, i. 42.5, 427.

Sua-naght, Danes defeated at, iii. 275, 276.

Suarle, or Suarlech, bishop of Fore, iii. 177.

Subhneus Meann, monarch of Ireland, ii. 301. Killed, 302.

Succat, the first name of St. Patrick, i. 140.

Suibert, first bishop of Verden, iii. 219, 220.

Suibhne, son of Curthri, abbot of Hy, iii. 36.

Suibhne, archbishop of Armagh, iii. 162. Death of, 170.

Suibhne II. abbot of Hy, iii. 194^. Death of, 232.

Suibhne, doctor of Clonmacnois, death of iii. 329, 330.

Suibhne O'Finnachta, bishop of Kildare, iii. 329.

Suibhne, prior of Kildare, carried off by the Northmen, iii. 346.

Sulchoid, battle of, iii. 391, 392.

Sulgenius, bishop of St, David's, iii. 490.

Surium, monastery of, iv. 1 28.

Swiftness of foot of the Irish, iv. 364.

Swords, monastery of, not built by St. Columbkill, ii. 1 32. Erected
by St. Finnan the leper, 133. Monastery of, governed by St.
Finan, iii. 83. Part of the possessions of the see of Dublin,
iv. !i40.

Synods, various, i. 284, 286, 331, 470. ii. 338, 389, 392, 397.
iii, 140. iv. 37, 38, 42, 97, 118, 129, 164, 167, 168, 178,
195, 204, 217, 222, 233, 264, 267, 319, 376, 378, 380,


TabernicBi Taburnia, where situate, i. 93.

Tabullium, monastery of in France, ii. 491.

Tailfen, the sports of, i. 210, 233. St. Patrick goes to, ib.

Talech, mother of St. Finnian of Clonard, i. 464.

Tallagh or Tallaght, St. Maolruana bishop of, iii. 232. Part of
the possessions of the see of Dublin, iv. 240.

Talulla, sister of St. Molaisse of Devenish, ii. 327-

Tamaria, Tamerensis or Temeria, island of, i. 173, 174.

Tanco, a Scot, successor of Pattoat Amarbaric, iii. 219, and af-
terwards in the Lee Verden, ib.

Tarah or Temoria, arrival of St. Patrick at, i. 220. Where si-
tuate, 221. Fire kindled at the festival of, 224, 278. Fee erf*,
471. Danes defeated at, iii. 415. 416.

Tarannanus, St. ii. 137-

Tassach, bishop of Rathcolptha, i. 346, 419.

502 INDEX,

Tathacus, St. an Irishman, i. 489.

Taughboyne, monastery of, ii. 259.

Tax, levied on Munster by Feidhlim, son of Crimthann and
Artrigius, bishop of Armagh, iii. 268.

Teach-eon. See Nenagh.

Teach-Mochoe (now Timahoe) monastery of, i 34-9.

Teach-Munnu, monastery of, ii. 406.

Teach-na- Roman, i. 38, 41.

Teagh-baithen, or Teagh baoithin, monastery of, ii. 259, 415.

Teagh-talain or Teagh-tahan, church of, i. 266, 270.

Tearmann-Fechin, monastery of, iii. 47.

Tecli-Telle, called from St. telle, iii. 129, 130.

Techet, lake of, i. 245.

Teffia, the comitry about Ardagh, i. 389.

Tagh-brighide, or Brigid's house in Kenel-fiacha, i. 389.

Tegh-Sacra, monastery of, iii. 140.

Tehallan, church of, i. 266, 269.

Teige O'Brien defeats his brother Donogh, iii. 425.

Tellan St. i. 270.

Telle, St. iii. 130.

Temori. See Terah.

Tempi e-na-fearta, i. 314.

Temple-fartagh, i. 314.

Terminus^ iv. 85. Canons relating to the, 386, 388.

Termon-Fechin, nunnery of St. Mary of, confirmed in its posses-
sions by the Pope, iv. 327.

Termon lands, iv. 85.

Thaddeus, St. school of, i. 489.

Theodebert, king of Austrasia, ii. 275, 284, 285. Forced to
embrace the clerical order, 289,

Theodore, entrusted with the care of Gallus, ii. 432, 433.

Theodoric or Torlough, king of Thomond, retires to the monas-
tery of Lismore, iii. 145. Returns to Thomond, ib,

Thomas, St. abbey of, at Dublin, iv. 233, 234.

Thomas, St. monastery of, at Strasburg, iii. 101.

Thomian, archbishop of Armagh, ii. 347, 409. iii. 34.

Thorannu, one of the disciples of Columba, ii. 137.

Thuaim, monastery of, ii. 102, 350.

Thule, or Tyle^ island of, i. 401. Missionaries sent there from
Ireland, iii. 220.

Thurles, English defeated there, iv. 225.

Tibrada, monastery of, iii. 51, 52.

Tigernach or Tigliernach.

Tigernach, bishop of Clogher, i. 434, 436. ii. 70, 183..

Tighernach, bishop of Cluaineois, i. 436.

Tighernach, abbot of Clonmacnois, ii. 58, 59.

Tighernach, father of Conanus, ii. 222.

INDEX. ' 503

Tigherxiach, son of St. Melle, erects the monastery of Lough
Melge, iii. 192. — Gives it over to his mother St. Melle for a
nunnery, ib,

Tighernach Borchech, abbot of Clonard, iii. 446, 448.

Tighernach O'Braoin, abbot of Clonmacnois, iii. 487, 489.

Tighernmas, monarch of Ireland, i. 230.

Timolin, church of, pillaged by the Danes, iii. 272. Nunnery of
St, Mary of, iv. 338.

Tintern Abbey founded, iv. 235, 236.

Tiobruide, Tiobruidhe, or Tibraid, bishop of Emly, iii. 354, 361.

Tir-Amalgaidh, or Tir-Awley, St. Patrick arrives in, i. 252.
Princes of the house of. Christians, 394.

Tir-aodh, now the barony of Tyrhugh, i. 263.

Tirdaglas or Tirdeglas, monasteiy of, ii. 71, 74. Ravaged by
the Northmen, iii. 271.

Tir-da-croebh, meaning of the name, ii. 140.

Tirechan, author of the hfe of St. Patrick, i. 222.

Tirellil, i. 244.

Tireragh barony, i. 256.

Tir-glais, i. 288.

Tirone, bishop of, iv. 348

Tithes, iv. 80, 205, 218, 271, 282, 284.

Tobur enadharc, i. 252.

Tola, St. bishop of Clonard, iii. 171, 173, 174.

Tola, St. abbot of Ardbraccan, death of, iii. 192.

Tomgrany, church of, iii. 381, 383. Burnt, iv. 182.

Tonsure, discussion concerning the, iii. 68, 69. seqq. — Of the
Irish monks, iv. 357. The Roman, 364.

Torpadius of Tallagh, death of, iii. 329.

Totnan, a deacon, companion of St. Kilian in his voyage to Fran-
conia, iii 116. Martyred there by a son of Guiana, wife of
Gozbert, 117.

Toul, Vlansuetus first bishop of, an Irishman, i. 3.

Tours, monastery of, i. 156, 157.

Treguier, in Britany, landing of St. Patrick at, i. 150.

Trena, father of lariath, i. 392.

Trenan, one of Columbkill's monks, ii. 175,

Tressan, St. goes to France with six brothers, ii. 487. Stops at
Rheims, ib. Death of, ib,

Trevet, monastery of, ii. 170.

Trian, bishop, entertains St. Patrick, i. 302. A Roman or Con-
tinental monk, 348.

Tribuma, village of, ii. 11. Bishops of, ib^ andiv. 344.

Tribute of cows, given to the See of Armagh, i. 417.''

Trichem, erroneously said to be the father of Ailill, i. 440.

Trim, St. Loman or Luman, bishop of, i. 222. The church of,
317. Cormac, bishop of, 416. iii. 176, 177. St. Fortchem,
bishop of, 427, 466. St. Luman of, i. 428. Steeple oi the



church, of burnt, iv. 55. The fortifications of destroyed, 225.

Episcopal churcli of, 322. Error of Ledwich respecting, S24?.
Trinitarians, iv. 313.
Trisingen, in Germany, i. 462.

Tristernagh, priory of St. Mary of, founded, iv, 335, 337.
Trowsers or 'I'rowses, iv. 363.
Trumheri, bishop of the middle Angles, ii. 428.
Tuadear, bishop of Kildare, death of, iii. 266.
Tuam, larlath, first bishop of, ii. 41. The cathedral of stormed

by the Momonians, iv. 98. Burnt, 182. Synod of, 217.
Tuathal, lecturer of Clonmacnois, death of, iii. 255.
Tuathal I. monarch of Ireland, killed, ii. 21.
Tuathal II. monarch of Ireland, i. 494.
Tuda, successor of Colman at Lindisfarne, iii 75, 77.
Tuenoc, St. abbot and bishop of Ferns, iii. 33.
Tulach-Dubhglaisse, ii. 114, 136.
Tulach-min, monastery of, iii. 83.
Tulelatia, abbess of Kildare, death of, iii. 329.
Tullen, ravaged, iii. 377-
Tunica fcemoralisy iv. 363.

Turgesius, the Nonvegian, .invades Ireland, iii. 241, 243. En-
ters Armagh, and expels the primate and all the students, 276,

278. Defeated and drowned, 277, 279.
Turlogh O'Brien proclaimed king of Munster, iii. 474. Becomes

master of Dublin and most part of Ireland, ib. Death of,

Tutilo, of St. Gall's, instructed by Moengall, an Irishman, iii.

Tyle, island of, i. 400, 401.
Tytheable articles, iv. 271.


Uisneach, Uisniuch, Usneagh, or Usney, in Meath. St. Brigid

receives the vei' at, i. 339. Synod of, iv. 37, 38, 39.
Ulidia or UUagh, St. Finnian revered at, ii. 26. Destroyed iv.

Ulmus, monastery of, iii. 198.
Ulster, disputes between the princes of, iv. 278'
Ultan, St. writer of the life of St. Columb, i. 87.
Ultan of Ardbraccan, St. i. 454. ii. 342. iii. 51. Death of, ii.

343, 346.
Ultan, son of Ere, successor of Su Declan, i 461.
Ultan, successor of St. Ailbe^ i. 461.
Ultan Magonighe, i. 463.

Ukan, bishop of, the 3d class of Irish Saints, ii. 331.
Uhan, brotlier of St. Fursey, accompanies his brother to England,

H. 458. Retires to the monastery of Cnobhersburg, 459. Goes

INDEX. 505

to Brabant with his brother Foilan^ 464. They erect a monas-
tery at Fosse, ib,

Ultan, abbot of Clonard, carried off by the pestilence, iii» S*.

Umalia, district of, i. 245.

Usher, some errors of, i. 254, 278, 281, 306, 315, 330, ^5S,
423, 433, 468, 469, 474, 481, seqq. ii. 33, m, 104, 157,
293, 321, S36, 345, 438. iii, 16, 41, 331.

VactrOf the meaning of the word, iv. 354.

Valence, synod of, iii. 294.

Valentia, lord, his account of round towers, iv. 404.

Vallis Rosina, i. 471.

Valoniis, Hamon de, harasses John archbishop of Dublin, and in-
vades ecclesiastical property, iv. 331. Recalled to England,
332. Grants 20 plough-lands to archbishop Cumin and his
successors, ib.

Vestments, &c. to be burned when worn out, iv. 270.

Vickberet, St. an Irishman^ preached in Friesland, ii. 135. Re-
turns to Ireland, ib.

Victor, the Angel, i. 145, 146.

Victor, a bishop, i. 266.

Victor, Mt. St.granted to the monastery of St. Gall, iii. 286.

Vienna, a monastery erected at, for the Irish, iv. 157. ^

Vilbrord, appointed by St. Egbert to the mission of Friesland, iii.

Vinnoe, a holy man, contemporary with St. Patrick, i. 269.

Virgilius, abbot of Aghabo, death of, iii. 202.

Virgilius, Virgil, or Feargil, bishop of Saltzburg, an Irishman, iii.
179, 180, 186. Received by Pepin, mayor of the palace of
France, zB, Goes to Bavaria, ik Disputes between him and
St. Boniface, 182. Consecrates a basilic of St. Stephen in
Saltzburg, 205, 207. Goes on the visitation of his diocese,
206. Returns to Saltzburg and dies, iB»

Viride Lignum, the monastery of, iv. 132.

Visions of St. Fursey, ii. 455, 458.

Vivian, cardinal, presides over a s)mod at Dublin, and allowed
to the English hberty to take the provisions out of the Irish
churches, iv. 233.

Vosges, the monastery of, erected by St. Hildulf, iii. 104.

Vulganius, St. an Irishman, ii. 443, 445.


Walciodorus, monastery of, iii. 401, 404.

506 INDEX.

Waldelan, requests the prayers of St. Columbanus, ii. 270.
Waldetrudis, wife of St. Madelgar, ii. 490. Erects the nunnery

at Castrilocus, ib.
Ware, errors of, respecting the Augustinian Canons, iv. 104.

Wilful perversion of the text of, by his English editor, 197.
Warrham, i. 261.
Waterford, made aa episcopal see, and Malchus its first bishop,

iv. 15. Cathedral of, erected, 16. See of, freed from the

jurisdiction of that of Canterbury, 45. Meeting of bishops

there, 222. The Danes of, rise against the EngEsh, 225.
Well-worship, i. 226,
West-Cashel, i.242.
Wetheny. See Wony.
Whitley, conference at, concerning the Paschal question, iii. 59,

Whitefield, synod of, ii. 392, 397.

Widows marrying the brothers of their husbands, iv. 283.
Wilfrid defends the Roman Paschal computation, iii. 50. Obtains

a grant of the monastery of Rippon, ib. Ordained priest, 60,

Windsor, terms of the treaty of, iv. 226.
Wine, used by the ancient Irish monks, iv. 353.
Winwaloe, or Winwalloe, first abbot of Landevenec, i. 493.
Wiro, St. an Irishman, iii. Ill, 113. Consecrated bishop at

Rome, ih. Returns to Ireland, ib. Goes off to France, ib.

Dies at Mons Petri, 113.
Witta. See Albuin.
Wives of Clerks, &c. iv. 364, 366, 367.
Women, not allowed to enter convents of men, ii. 17. Rule that

none should serve in monasteries, 20.
Woney, or Wetheny, alias Abington, abbey of, iv. 336.
Wooden churches, iv. 392, 393, 397.
Woollen garments worn by the Irish monks, iv. 357, 359-
Worship, ancient religious, i. 230.
Writing, the art of, known and practised in Ireland before the

coming of St. Patrick, i. 277.
Wurtzburg, Irish monastery of, iv, 4, 6. Rebuilt by the aid of

money from Ireland, 157-

Ybarcintracta, a name of Newry, iv. 7.


Princeton Theoloaical 5^'^'"^,'^,|Ym!|f}''|','^

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Online LibraryUnknownAn ecclesiastical history of Ireland, from the first introduction of Christianity among the Irish, to the beginning of the thirteenth century , Compiled from the works of the most esteemed authors ... who have written and published on matters connected with the Irish church; and from Irish annals an → online text (page 45 of 45)