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Gift. pp. 16. i8mo. Boston. 1842.
Twice Told Tales. Enlarged edition. 2 vols. pp.

331, 356. i6mo. Boston. Munroe. 1S42.
A Visit to the Celestial City. i8mo. Philadelphia.

American Sunday School Union. 1844.
Journal of an African Cruiser. Edited. pp. 179.

i2mo. New York. Wiley. 1845.
Mosses from an Old Manse. 2 parts, pp. 207, 211.

i2mo. New York. Wiley. 1846.
The Scarlet Letter, pp. 322. i6mo. Boston. Tick-

nor. 1S50.
The Scarlet Letter. 2d ed. With Preface, pp. vi,

322. i2mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1850.
True Stories. Illustrated, pp. 335. i6mo. Boston.

Ticknor. 1851.
The House of Seven Gables, pp. 344. i6mo.

Boston. Ticknor, 1851.
Twice Told Tales. New edition. With Preface.

2 vols. pp. 287, 288. i6mo. Boston. Ticknor.

Life of Franklin Pierce. Portrait, pp. 144. i6mo.

Boston. Ticknor. 1852.
A Wonder Book. Illustrated. i6mo. Boston.

Ticknor. 1852.
The Snow Image, and Other Twice Told Tales.

pp. 273. i6mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1852.
The Blithedale Romance. i6mo. Boston. Ticknor.



Hawthorne, Nathaniel [Continued).

Tanglewood Tales. Illustrated, pp. 336. l6mo.

Boston. Ticknor. 1853.
Mosses from an Old Manse. With additions. 2 vols.

pp. 2S6, 297. i6mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1S54,
A Rill from the Town Pump (with Remarks by

Telba). i2mo, London. 1857.
The Marble Faun. 2 vols, pp, 2S3, 284. i6mo.

Boston. Ticknor. i860.
The Marble Faun. With additions. 2 vols. l2mo.

Boston. Ticknor. 1S60.
Our Old Home. pp. 39S. i6mo. Boston. Ticknor.

Passages from the American Note Book. 2 vols.

pp. 222, 22S. i2mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1S68.
Passages from the English Note Book. Edited by

S. H. (i. e. Sophia Hawthorne). 2 vols, pp.410,

393. i2mo. Boston. Fields. 1870.
Passages from the French and Italian Note Book.

2 vols. pp. 307, 306. i2mo. London. 1S71.

Boston. Osgood. 1872.
Septimius Felton ; or, The Elixir of Life. pp. 229.

i6mo. Boston. Osgood. 1S72.
The Dolliver Romance, pp. 214. i2mo. Boston.

Osgood. 1876.
Fanshawe. ist reprint of the 1828 edition, with

additions, pp. 243. i2mo. Boston. Osgood.

Legends of New England. 32mo. Boston. Osgood.

Legends of the Province House. 32mo. Boston.
" Osgood. 1877.



Hawthorne, Nathaniel {Contimced).

Tales of the White Hills. 321110. Boston. Osgood,

A Virtuoso's Collection, etc. 32010. Boston. Os

good. 1877.
Dr. Grimshavve's Secret. Edited by Julien Haw

thorne. pp. 368. i2mo. Boston. Houghton

Sketches and Studies, pp. 302. i6mo. Boston

Houghton. 1883.

Hay, John.

Born at Salem, Ind., Oct. 8, 1838.
Jim Bludso and Little Breeches. Illustrated, pp.

23. i2mo. Boston. Osgood. 1871.
Pike County Ballads, pp. 167. i6mo. Boston.

Osgood. 1871.
Castilian Days. Boston. Osgood. 1871.
Poems, pp. 272. i6mo. Boston. Houghton.

Abraham Lincoln: A History (with J. G. Nicolay).

10 vols, large 8vo. New York. The Century Co.

Hayne, Paul Hamilton.

Born at Charleston, S. C, Jan. i, 183 1.
Died, 18S6.
Poems, pp. 108. i6mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1855.
Sonnets, and Other Poems, pp. 72. i2mo. Charles-
ton. Harpert 1857.
Avolio: A Legend of the Island of Cos, etc. pp.
viii, 244. i2mo. Boston. Ticknor. i860.


Hayne, Taul Hamilton (Continued).

Legends and Lyrics, pp. 183. i2mo. Philadelphia.

Lippincott. 1872.
The Poems of Henry Timrod. Edited. i2mo.

New York. 1873.
The Mountain of the Lovers, etc. pp. 153. i2mo.

New York. Hale. 1875.
Lives of Robert Y. Hayne and Hugh S. Legare.

Poems. Complete edition. Illustrated, pp. 386.

i2mo. Boston. Lothrop. 1882.

Head, Franklin H.

Born at Paris, N. Y., 1833.
Shakespeare's Insomnia. i2mo. Boston. Houghton.
1 866.

Hearn, Lafcadio.

Bom at Leucadia, Ionian Isles, June 27, 1850.

One of Cleopatra's Nights. Translated. 8vo. New
York. 1882.

Stray Leaves from Strange Literature. i6mo. Bos-
ton. Houghton. 1884.

Gombo Zhebes. Translated. 8vo. New Orleans.

Some Chinese Ghosts. i6mo. Boston. Roberts.

Chita : A Memory of Lost Island, pt. 8vo. New
York. Harper. 1889.

Two Years in the French West Indies. Illustrated,
pt. 8vo. New York. Harper. 1890.

Youma. pt.Svo. New York. Harper. 1S90.

96 first editions of

Henderson, Isaac.

Bom at Brookl^'n, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1850.

The Prelate, pp. 350. i2mo. Boston. Ticknor.

Agatha Page. Frontispiece, pp.413. i2mo. Bos-
ton. Ticknor. 1888.

HiBBARn, George A.

Born at Buffalo, N. Y.
Iduna, and Other Stories, pt. 8vo. New York.

Harper. 1S91.
The Governor, and Other Stories. i2mo. New

York. Scribner. 1892.

HiGGiNSON, Thomas Wentworth.

Born at Cambridge, Mass , Dec. 22, 1823.
The Birthday in Fairyland: A Story for Children.

pp. 23. iSino. Boston. Crosby. 1850.
Thalatta (with Samuel Longfellow). i6nio. Boston.

Ticknor. 1853.
Woman and Her Wishes : An Essay, pp. 26. 8vo.

Boston. Wallcutt. 1853.
Out-Door Papers, pp.370. i2mo. Boston. Ticknor.

Complete Works of Epictetus. Translated. Boston.

Harvard Memorial Biographies. Edited. 2 vols.

Cambridge. 1866.
Malbone : An Oldport Romance, pp 244. i6mo.

Boston. Fields. 1869.
Army l.ife in a Black Regiment. i2mo. Boston.

Fields. 1870.


HiGGlNSON, Thomas Wkntworth {Continued).

Atlantic Essays, pp.341. 121110. Boston. Osgood.

The Sympathy of Religions, pp.23. Ig. 8vo. Bos-
ton. Reprinted from the "Radical." 1871.
Oldport Days. Illustrated, pp. 26S. 8vo. Boston

Osgood. 1873.
Young Folks' History of the United States. i2mo.

Boston. Lee. 1875.
Brief Biographies of European Statesmen. Edited.

4 vols. New York. Putnam. 1875-77.
History of Education in Rhode Island. pii. 99.

8vo. Rhode Island. Published by the State.

Young Folks' Book of American Explorers. i2nio.

Boston. Lee. 1877.
Short Studies of American Authors. i6mo. Boston.

Lee. 1879.
Common Sense about Women. i6mo. Boston. Lee.

Life of Margaret Fuller-Ossoli. Portrait. i2mo.

Boston. Houghton. 1884.
Larger History of the United States. Illustrated.

8vo. New York. 1885.
The Monarch of Dreams, pp. 52. i6mo. Boston.

Lee. 18S6
Hints on Writing and Speech-making, pp. 70.

i6mo. Boston. 1887.
Women and Men. pp. 326. i6mo. New York.

Harper. 1SS8.
The Afternoon Landscape, pp. 106. l2mo. New

York and London. Longmans. 1S89.


HiGGiNSON, Thomas Wentworth (Continued).

Travellers and Outlaws, pp. 340. i2mo. Boston.

Lee. 18S9.
Lite of Francis Higginson. i6mo. New York. 1891.
The New World and the New Book. i2mo. Boston.

Concerning all of Us. Portrait, pp. 210. iSmo.

New York. Harper. 1892.

HiLLHousE, James Abraham.

Born at New Haven, Conn., Sept. 26, 1789.
Died, 1S41.

Percy's Masque : A Drama, pp. 150. i2mo. New

York. Printed by C. S. Van Winkle. 1820.
The Judgment : A Vision, pp. 46. 8vo. New York.

Eastburn. 1821.
Hadad: A Dramatic Poem. pp. x, 20S. Svo. New

York. Bliss. 1S25.
Sachem's Wood : A Short Poem. pp. 30. Svo.

New Haven. 1838.
Dramas, Discourses, and Other Pieces. 2 vols.

pp. xiv, 296, 247. i6mo. Bo.ston. Little. 1S39.

Hoffman, Charles Fenng.

Born at New York, 1806.
Died, 18S4.

Winter in the West. 2 vols. i2mo. New York.

Wild Scenes in Forest and Prairie. 2 vols. pt. Svo.

London. 1839.
Greyslaer. i2mo. 1S40.
The Vigil of Faith, etc. pp.84. i2mo. New York.

Coleman. 1842.


Hoffman, Charles Fenno (Contimted).

The Echo. pp. 48. Svo. New York. Burgess.

Philadelphia. Lindsay. 1844.
Lays of the Hudson. Illustrated. 32mo. New

York. Appleton. 1846.
Love's Calendar, etc. pp.221. 24010. New York.

Poems. Collected and edited by E. F. Hoffman,
pt. i6mo. Philadelphia. Porter. 1875.

Holland, Josiah Gilbert.

Born at Belchertown, Mass., July 24, 1819.
Died, iSSi.

History of Western Massachusetts. Map. 2 vols.

i2mo. Springfield. 1855.
The Bay Path: A Colonial Tale. New York. 1857.
Bitter Sweet. i6mo. New York. 1858.
Poems. i2mo. Boston. 1S58.
Letters to Young People, Single and Married. By

Timothy Titcomb. i2mo. New York. 1S5S.
Gold Foil : Hammered from Popular Proverbs. By

Timothy Titcomb. i2mo. New York. 1859.
Miss Gilbert's Career. i6mo. New York. i860.
Lessons in Life. i2mo. New York. 1861.
Letters to the Joneses. By Timothy Titcomb. i2mo.

New York. 1863.
Plain Talks on Familiar Subjects. New York.

Life of Abraham Lincoln. Svo. New York. Nich-
ols. 1865.
Katharina: Her Life and Mine in a Poem. i2mo.

New York. Scribner. 1S67.


Holland, Josiah Gilbert (Cojitiimed).

The Marble Prophecy, and Other Poems. i2mo.

New York. 1S72.
Arthur Bonnicastle. Illustrated. i2mo. New York.

Garnered Sheaves, cr. 8vo. New York. Scribner.

1873- _
The Mistress of the Manse. i2mo. New York.

Scribner. 1874.
The Story of Sevenoaks. Illustrated. i2mo. New

York. Scribner. 1S75.
Nicholas Minturn. Illustrated. l6mo. New York.

Scribner. 1876.
Every-Day Topics: Book of Briefs. i2mo. New

York. Scribner. 1876.
Every-Day Topics : Book of Briefs. 2d series. l6mo.

New York. Scribner. 18S2.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell.

Korn at Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 24, 1809.

Poetical Illustrations of the Athenaeum Gallery of
Paintings (with John Osborne Sargent and Park
Benjamin). Boston. True. 1827.

The Harbinger (with Sargent), pp. 96. i2mo.
Boston. Carter. 1833.

Poems, pp. 163. large i2mo. Boston. Otis.

Boylston Prize Dissertations for 1836 and 1837.
Map. 8vo. Boston. Little. 1838.

Marshall Hall's Principles of the Theory and Prac-
tice of Medicine. Revised and enlarged by Jacob
Bigelow and O. W. Holmes. Boston. 1839.


Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Continued).

Homceopathy and its Kindred Delusions, pp. v, 72.

i2mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1S42.
The Contagiousness of Puerperal Fever, pp. 2S.

8vo. No place. No publisher. 1S43.
The Position and Prospects of the Medical Student.

pp. 28. 8vo. Boston. Putnam. 1844.
Poems, pp. XX, 175. i6mo. London. Rich.

Urania : A Rhymed Lesson, pp. 31. 8vo. Boston.

Ticknor. 1S46.
Introductory Lecture in Massachusetts Medical

College, pp. 36. 8vo. Boston. Ticknor. 1S47.
Poems. Vignette. Enlarged edition, pp. vi, 212.

i6mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1849.
Astraea : The Balance of Illusions, pp- 39- i2mo.

Boston. Ticknor. 1850.
Poems. With additions. Vit^netfe. pp. 286. sm.

8vo. Boston. Ticknor. 1850.
A Poem : Dedication of Pittsfield Cemetery, Sept.

9, 1S50. pp. 8. 8vo. No place. 1850.
The Benefactors of the Harvard Medical School :

An Introductory Lecture before the Massachu-
setts Medical College, Nov. 7, 1850. Boston.

Ticknor. 1850.
Oration before the New England Society in New

York, Dec. 22, 1855. pp. 46. 8vo. New York.

Bryant. 1855.
The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Illustrated.

PP- 373- i2mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1858.
Valedictory Address, March 10, 185S. pp. 15. 8vo.

Boston. Clapp. 1S58.


Holmes, Oliver Wendell {Continued).

The Professor at the Breakfast Table, pp. 410.

i2mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1859.
Currents and Counter Currents, pp. 55. 8vo.

Boston. Ticknor. i860.
Currents and Counter Currents. Enlarged. 8vo.

Boston. Ticknor. 1861.
Elsie Venner. 2 vols. i6mo. Boston. Ticknor.

Vive la France (with Everett's Address). 8vo.

Cambridge. Privately printed. 1861.
Songs in Many Keys. pp. x, 308. i2mo. Boston.

Ticknor. 1861.
Border Lines of Knowledge in Some Provinces of

Medical Science. i2mo. Boston. Ticknor. 1862.
Poems. Portrait, pp.410. 32mo. Boston. Ticknor.

Oration. Boston, July 4, 1S63. pp. 60. 8vo. Bos-
ton. Ticknor. 1863.
Oration at Boston, pp. 30. 8vo. Philadelphia.

No publisher. 1S63.
Soundings from the Atlantic, pp.468. i2mo. Bos-
ton. Ticknor. 1863.
Humorous Poems. Illustrated, pp. 100. iSmo.

Boston. Ticknor. 1S65.
The Guardian Angel. i2mo. Boston. Ticknor.

Teaching from the Chair, and at the Bedside : An

Introductory Lecture at Harvard Medical School,

Nov. 6, 1S67. Boston. Clapp. 1S67.
Atlantic Almanac. Edited (with DonaldG. Mitchell).

Illustrated. 4to. Boston. Ticknor. 1S68.


Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Continued).

The Medical Profession in Massachusetts : Lecture
before the Lowell Institute, Jan. 29, 1S69. Pub-
lished by the Mass. Hist. Soc. 1S69.

Mechanism in Thought and Morals, pp. loi.
i6mo. Boston. Osgood. 1S71.

Valedictory Address. Pellevue Hospital College,
March 2, 1871. New York. 1871.

The Claims of Dentistry, pp. 35. 8vo. Boston.
Rand. 1872.

The Poet at the Breakfast Table. Frontispiece.
pp. 418. i2mo. Boston. Osgood. 1872.

Professor Jeffries Wyman. Reprinted from the
" Atlantic Monthly." Boston and Cambridge.

Songs of Many Seasons, pp. 216. i2mo. Boston.
Osgood. 1874.

Grandmother's Story of Bunker Hill Battle. Illus-
trated. In the " Memorial," Bunker Hill, June
17. 1775-1875- PP- 16. 8vo. Boston. Osgood.

Address before the Boston Microscopical Society.
pp.12. 8vo. Cambridge. The Riverside Press.

Poems. Illustrated. New edition. Svo. Boston.
Osgood. 1S78.

John L. Motley : A Memoir. Portrait. i2mo.
Boston. Houghton. 1S78.

The School Boy. Illustrated, pp. 79. 4to. Bos-
ton. Houghton. 1S79.

The Iron Gate, etc. Portrait, pp.82. i2mo. Boston.
Houghton. iSSo.


Holmes, Oliver Wendell [Continued).

Address at the Dedication of the Hall of the Bos-
ton Medical Library Association, Dec. 3, 1S78.
Cambridge. The Riverside Press. 1S81.

Farewell Address. Harvard Medical School, Nov.
28, 18S2. pp. 24. 8vo. Boston. Williams.

Pages from an Old Volume of Life. Collected,
pp. 433. i2mo. Boston. Houghton. 1883.

Medical Essays. i2mo. Boston. Houghton.

The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Revised.
Portrait. i2mo. Boston. Houghton. 18S3.

The Poet at the Breakfast Table. Revised, cr. 8vo.
Boston. Houghton. 1883.

The Poet at the Breakfast Table. 2 vols. i6nio.
Limited, ist ed. Boston. Houghton. 1883.

The Professor at the Breakfast Table. Revised, cr.
8vo. Boston. Houghton. 18S3.

The Professor at the Breakfast Table. Revised.
2 vols. Limited, ist ed. i6mo. Boston. Hough-
ton. 1883.

Ralph Waldo Emerson. Portrait, pp. 441. i6mo.
Boston. Houghton. 1884.

The Last Leaf. Illustrated. 4to. Boston. Hough-
ton. 1885.

Illustrated Poems. Portrait and Plates, pp. 89.
sm. 4to. Boston. Houghton. 1885.

A Mortal Antipathy. 8vo. Boston. Houghton.

Our Hundred Days in Europe, pp. 329. cr. 8vo.
Boston. Houghton. 1887.


Holmes, Oliver Wendell (Continued).

Before the Curfew, etc. pp.110. i6mo. Boston,

Houghton. 1888.
Over the Tea Cups. Vignette, cr. 8vo. Boston.

Houghton. 1891.
Address on Emerson. Portrait. Published by the

Massachusetts Historical Society's "Tribute to

Longfellow and Emerson." Boston. Williams.

The One Hoss Shay, and Companion Poems.

Illustrated, pp. 80. i2mo. Boston. Houghton.

Dorothy Q. Illustrated, cr. Svo. Boston. Hough-
ton. 1S92.
Dorothy Q., etc. Illustrated. Large paper edition,

limited to 250 copies. Boston. Houghton.


Howe, Julia Ward.

Born at New York, May 27, i8ig.

Passion Flowers, pp. iv, 186. i2mo. Boston.
Ticknor. 1853.

W'ords for the Hour. pp. iv, 165. i2mo. Boston.
Ticknor. 1857.

The World's Own. pp. 141. i2mo. Boston. Tick-
nor. 1857.

A Trip to Cuba. pp. 251. i2mo. Boston. Ticknor.

Later Lyrics, pp. 326. Boston. Tilton. 1866.

From the Oak to the Olive, pp. 304. i2mo. Bos-
ton. Lee. 1868.

Sex and Education. Edited. i6mo. Boston. 1S74.


Howe, Julia Ward (Continued).

Memoir of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe. Portrait.
pp. 127. i2mo. Boston. Howe Memorial Com-
mittee. 1S76.

Modern Society, pp. 88. i6mo. Boston. Roberts.

Margaret Fuller, pp. x, 298. i6mo. Boston.
Roberts. 1883.

HowELLS, William Dean.

Born at Martinsville, O., 1S37.
Poems of Two Friends (with John James Piatt).

i6mo. Columbus, i860.
Life of Lincoln and Hamlin. 8vo. Columbus.

Venetian Life. i2mo. London and New York.

Hurd. 1866.
Italian Journeys. i2nio. New York. Hurd. 1S67.
No Love Lost. Frontispiece. i2mo. New York.

Suburban Sketches. i2mo. New York. 1871.
Their Wedding Journey. i2mo. Boston. Osgood.

Poems. i8mo. Boston. Osgood. 1873.
A Chance Acquaintance. iSmo. Boston. Osgood.

A Foregone Conclusion. i2mo. Boston. Osgood.

A Day's Pleasure. i6mo. Boston. Osgood. 1876.
Life of Hayes and Wheeler. Portraits. i6mo. New

York. 1876.
The Parlor Car. iSmo. Boston. Osgood. 1876.



HowELLS, William Dean {Contimted).

Out of the Question. iSino. Boston. Osgood.


A Counterfeit Presentment. iSmo. Boston. Os-
good. 1877.

Choice Autobiographies. Edited. S vols. iSmo.
Boston. Osgood. 1877-78.

The Lady of the Aroostook. i2mo. Boston. Os-
good. 1S79.

The Undiscovered Country. i2mo. Boston.
Houghton. iSSo.

A Fearful Responsibility. i2mo. Boston. Hough-
ton. iSSi.

Dr. Breen's Practice. i2mo. Boston. Houghton.

A Modern Instance.

The Sleeping Car.

A Woman's Reason.

The Rise of Silas Lapham. i2mo. Boston.
Houghton. 1S84.

A Little Girl among the Old Masters. Illustrated.
i2mo. Boston. 1SS4.

The Minister's Charge. i2mo. Boston. Houghton.

The Register. iSmo. Boston.

Three Villages. 4to. Boston.

Indian Summer. i2mo. Boston.

The Elevator. iSmo. Boston.

i2mo. Boston. HouG;hton.

iSmo. Boston.

i2mo. Boston.


The Garroters. i8mo. New York. Harper.

1 886.


Ho'.VELLS, AVlLLiAM Dean (Continued).

Modern Italian Poets. i2mo. New York. Harper.

April Hopes. i2mo. New York. Harper. 1888.
Annie Kilburn. i2mo. New York. Harper. 1889.
A Hazard of New Fortunes. Illustrated. 8vo.

New York. Harper. 1889.
The Shadow of a Dream, pt. 8vo. New York.

Harper. 1890.
A Boy's Town. pt. 8vo. New York. Harper.

An Imperative Duty. pt. 8vo. New York. Harper.

The Albany Depot. i8mo. New York. Harper.

A Letter of Introduction. New York. Harper.

The Quality of Mercy. New York. Harper. 1S92.
A Little Swiss Sojourn. New York. Harper. 1S92.
The World of Chance. New York. Harper. 1893.
The Coast of Bohemia. New York. Harper. 1893.
Evening Dress. New York. Harper. 1893.
The Unexpected Guests. New York. Harper.


Humphreys, David.

Born at Darby, Conn., July, 1753.
Died, 1S18.

A Poem addressed to the Armies of the United
States, pp. 28. 8vo. New Haven. 1784. Re-
printed, London and Paris. 17S5.

A Poem on the Happiness of America, pp. 51.
sm. 4to. London and Hartford. 17S6.


Humphreys, David {Continued).

Miscellaneous Works, pp. 348. 8vo. New York.

Miscellaneous Works. l2mo. Portsmouth. 1790.
A Poem on Industry. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1794.
Miscellaneous Works, pp. 294. 8vo. New York.

The Anarchiad (with Joel Barlow, John Trumbull,

and Dr. Lemuel Hopkins), pp. 120. i6mo.

New Haven. 1861.

HuTTON, Laurence.

Born at New York, Aug. 8, 1843.
Plays and Players. i2mo. New York. 1S75.
Artists of the 19th Century (with Mrs. Clara Erskine

Clement). Boston. Osgood. 1876.
American Actor's Series. Edited. Illustrated.

6 vols. i2mo. Boston. Osgood. 18S1-S2.
American Actor's Series. Edited. Illustrated.

Large paper, limited edition. 6 vols. 8vo. Bos-
ton. Osgood. 18S1-82.
Literary Landmarks of London. i2mo. Boston.

Osgood. 1885.
Memoir of Lester Wallack. New York. 18S9.
Curiosities of the American Stage. Illustrated.

pp. xi, 347. 8vo. New York. Harper. 1890.
Literary Landmarks of Edinburgh. Illustrated.

pp.136. 8vo. New York. Harper. 1S92.
From the Books of Laurence Hutton. Portrait.

i6mo. New York. Harper. 1892.


Born at New York City, April 3, 1783.
Died, 1859.

The Literary Picture Gallery, etc., to the Visitors of
Ballston Spa. Edited. 1808.

Salmagundi ; or, The Whim-Whams and Opinions
of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq., and Others, Jan-
uary, 1S07 to January, 1808 (with James K. Pauld-
ing and William Irving). 2 vols. i6mo. New
York. Longworth (?). 1807-08.

History of New York. By Diedrich Knickerbocker.
New York. Inskeep. 1809.

Biographical Sketch of Campbell the Poet. Phila-
delphia. 1810.

Analectic Magazine. Edited. Philadelphia. Thomas.

Sketch-Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. In 7 parts.
8vo. New York. 1819-20.

Bracebridge Hall. 2 vols. 8vo. New York. 1822.
Philadelphia. Thomas. 1822.

Letters of J. Oldstyle. 8vo. New York. 1824.

Tales of a Traveller. 4 parts. New York. 1824.

The Life and Voyages of Columbus. 3 vols. 8vo.
New York. Carville. 182S.

The Life and Voyages of Columbus. Abridged.
i2mo. 1S29.


Irving, Washington (Continued).

A Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada, from the

MSS. of Fray Antonio Agapida. 2 vols. i2mo.

Philadelphia. Carey. 1829.
Voyages and Discoveries of the Companions of

Columbus. 8vo. Philadelphia. Carey. 1S31.
The Alhambra. 2 vols. i2mo. Philadelphia. Carev.

Crayon Miscellanies. 3 vols. i2mo. Philadelphia.

Carey. 1835.
Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey. Philadelphia.

Carey. 1S35.
Tour on the Prairies. Philadelphia. Carey. 1835.
Legends of the Conquest of Spain. Philadelphia.

Carey. 1835.
Astoria. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia. Carey. 1S36.
Adventures of Captain Bonneville. 2 vols. i2mo.

Philadelphia. Carey. 1S37.
The Creole Village. In the " Magnolia" (annual).

A Biography of Margaret Miller Davidson. New

York. Harper. 1841.
Biography of Goldsmith. New York. Harper's

Family Library. 1841.
Stone's History of Wyoming. Contains a Life of

Thomas Campbell, by Irving. New York 1S41.
Legend of Rip Van Winkle. With Darley plates.

fol. New York. 184S.
Oliver Goldsmith : A Biography. Not the same as

the preceding. i2mo. New York. Putnam. 1S49.
Legend of Sleepy Hollow. With Darley plates.

fol. New York. 184Q.


Irving, Washington (Conthmed).

Works. Revised and complete edition. New York.

Putnam. 1849.
Book of the Hudson. Collected from the Works of

D. Knickerbocker. i6mo. New York. 1849.
Mahomet and his Successors. 2 vols. i2mo. New

York. Putnam. 1S49.
Dolph Heyliger. ol).4to. London. Chapman. 1851.
Wolfert's Roost. i2mo. New York. Putnam.

Life of Washington. 5 vols. New York. Putnam.

Vol. i., 1855 ; vol. ii. and iii., 1856; vol. iv., 1857;

vol. v., 1859.
Life and Letters. Edited by Pierre M. Irving. 4

vols. i2mo. New York. Putnam. 1862.
Spanish Papers. 2 vols. i2mo. New York. 1S66.




Horn at Amherst, Mass., Oct. 18, 1831.
Died, 1885.

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Bits of Travel. Illustrated, sq. iSmo. Boston.

Roberts. 1872.
Verses, pp. viii, 191. iSmo. Boston. 1873.
Bits of Talk about Home Matters, pp. 239. sq. iSmo.

Boston. Roberts. 1873.
The Story of Boon : A Poem. pp. 28. sq. i2mo.

Boston. Roberts. 1874.
Bits of Talk in Verse and Prose. i6mo. Boston.

Roberts. 1876.
Mercy Philbrick's Choice. i6mo. Boston. Roberts.

Hetty's Strange History. i6mo. Boston. Roberts.

Bitsof Travel at Home. sq. i8mo. Boston. Roberts.

Netty's Silver Mine. Illustrated. i6mo. Boston.

Roberts. 1878.
Letters fiom a Cat. Illustrated, sq. i2mo. Boston.

Roberts. 1879.
Mammy Titleback and her Family. Illustrated.

sq. i2mo. Boston. Roberts. 1S81.
A Century of Dishonor. i2mo. New York. i83i.
The Training of Children. i6mo. New York. 1S82.


Jackson, Helen Hunt (Conti7iued).

Condition and Needs of the Mission Indians of
California (with Kinney and Abbot). 8vo. Wash-
ington. Published by U. S. Gov. 1883.

Ramona. pp.490. i2mo. Boston. Roberts. 1884.

The Hunter Cats of Connorloa. Illustrated. sm.4to.
Boston. Roberts. 1884.

Zeph : A Posthumous Story, pp. 253. i6mo. Bos-
ton. Roberts. 1885.

Glimpses of Three Coasts. i2mo. Boston. Roberts.

Sonnets and Lyrics. i6mo. Boston. Roberts.

Between Whiles, pp. 304. i6mo. Boston. Roberts.

The Procession of Flowers in Colorado. Illustrated.
4to. 100 copies only. Boston. 18S7.

James, Henry, Jr.

Born at New York, April 15, 1843.

Transatlantic Sketches. i2mo. Boston. Osgood.

A Passionate Pilgrim, etc. i2mo. Boston. Osgood.

Roderick Hudson. i2mo. Boston. Osgood. 1875.
The American. i2mo. Boston. Osgood. 1877.
Watch and Ward. i2mo. Boston. Houghton.

French Poets and Novelists, cr. Svo. New York.

Macmillan. 187S.
The Europeans. 2 vols. pt. Svo. London.


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