The literature of American history : a bibliographical guide, in which the scope, character, and comparative worth of books in selected lists are set forth in brief notes by critics of authority online

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tfon ofF^nc^officers (175^60), see Archives 34<* j;
Anciens Montrealais, McLennan, see Canada /ran-


oiitreaas, c,
founders of, Verreau, see R. Soc. of Can.,

'MSisonneuTe, 3655, Olier, 3671 ; Mat. de
* ' e 3657 ; fkeun,

iSian Church, Archives ,2961 Jj.^. ^SSfS
^022 30^2 a Schweinitz, 30*6; irrotesidiiiii cuun

%$&^*%S^''^ S <
^^^<SS^SSlSL S f Sn

SshteStt &SHS& Sfe

sketches of missions of, Holmes, 3032 ; settlement
at Gnadenhutten, see Howells, 3037 ; mission among
* ~ Am , Loskiel, 3051; missionaries, see
r, 3358 ; also missionaries by name,

Lie Fran9aise (1598-1755),

See Am.

Cohens, Me-

Morey W. C. First state

ritUJLlCl K7V*WV] V>M*"^-~-*- 7

sketches^ of "society in (1806-08), see Lambert, 3732;


flli2 92 5 ) 9 , 'rp{ of B?ard of Trade, Dawson, 3752 ; after
two hundred and fifty years, Lighthall 3754 _; 1642-
1842), rpt. of Board of Trade, McLennan, 3756 and
some of the makers thereof, McLennan, 3757 , Ville-
marie, Sandham, 3759; desc., see Warburton 3788 ,
North-West Co. factor in growth i of , set ^3821 , voyage
from, on behalf of NorthfWest Co. (1789, ^1793), Mac-
kenzie, 3850 ; journal of journey from, to N. Y., see

Conkey, 1425 ; life, Graham, 1437.

; ee

Oafad'ians, 3503 ; Canadian menand women, 3506.

of arbitration,

UUI , JLJ^C^^^v/ ^*- ~

668; ed.,seeJemison,656.

r & ,,-,,,,. .

M?it e real? 7 Societe de Notre Dame de, Les veritables Morley J., Edmund ^1252^ ^ ^^ ^
motifs pour la conversion des sauvages de la Nou- Mj^ 9 '^^, 420 ; Nauvoo and the. Prophet,

MrnS a SSilt G f Historique de, pubs., 3504 see also gfefc^jj?tt IKS?,' fflT;

Dollier de Casson, 3622, Kalm, 3637, Montreal, Societe *jn,2QZ2 ''^^"jg Jo hnston, 2223 ; Prophet of

de Notre Dame de, 3667, Rfcgne militaire, 3769. ? Grees 3084; Life of Joseph the prophet,

^e^aily Witness. See Manitoba school ques- feg^^^^p^

SS^te'^^^^Bel^Setaament, g .fe^tey ffSffliSKS

"S^we^eaf- 11 ?: M|^^^-^^

Montresor gU John, Journal of French and Indian Hig Soc, 286. Gouverneur,^.

Si%tt?f 6 ^,Q5*yto^). ^eSturge Morris, Charles, T

MOTtl^^Manuel, hist, de los diez afios de la admin- nan

istracion de, Vicufia Mackenna, 4070. ^MrriQ 1 Gouverneur letters, see SparKS, ioi; UI<*L,

Monument Association. See Saratoga Monument M^'g^^ 6 ; [^Roosevelt, 1664, Sparks, 1665.




Morris, J. G., Bibliog. of Md., 188.

Morris. Lewis, gov. of N. J. (1738-46), papers. See N. J.

Hist. Soc., 3232.
Morris, Robert, Correspondence, see N. Y. Hist. Soc.,

361, see also Sparks, 1504; life, see Brooks, 2497;

Financier and finances of Am. Rev., Sumner, 2879.
Morris' reserve, settlement of, Turner, 3262.
Morrison, H. A. See Meade, 3056.
Morrow, J., ed., Life and speeches of Thomas Corwin,

Morse, J., Am. geog., 526; Rpt. on Indian affairs, 669 ;

Annals of Am. Rev., 1440.
Morse, J. T., John Quincy Adams, 1584.
Morse, J. T., Jr., John Adams, 1205, Benjamin Frank-
lin, 1330; Thomas Jeff erson, 1377 ; Life of Alexander

Hamilton, 1628 ; Abraham Lincoln, 2253.
Morse, Lt.-CoL, Desc. of Nova Scotia (1784). See Ar-
chives, 3466.
Morse, Samuel F. B., life, see Brooks, 2497 ; Eggleston,


Morton, N., New England's memoriall, 988.
Morton, Oliver P., life, Foulke, 2285.
Morton, T., New English Canaan, 989, see also Prince

Hist. Soc., 387.

Mosby's Rangers, Williamson, 2371.
Moses, B., Establishment of Spanish rule in Am., 3918;

tr., Constitution of Mex., see Am. Acad. of Polit.

and Social Sci., 226.
Moses, J., Illinois, 3369.

Moss, L., Annals of II. S. Christian Commission, 2286.
Mott, H., Indians in War of 1812. See Canadiana,

Mott, James and Lucretia, life and letters, Hallowell,


Moultrie, Maj.-Gen. W., Memoirs of Am. Rev., 1441.
Moultrie, Fort. See Fort Moultrie.
Mound builders, Nadaillac, 581, Peet, 582, see also Short,

586 ; To what race did the mound builders belong,

Force, 568, 638 ; race of, distinct from Indians, see

Foster, 569 ; earthen remains of, Pidgeon, 583. See

also Mounds.
Mounds, of the Miss, valley, Carr, 562, see also Mason,

664 ; effigy, of Wis., see Lapham, 577 ; emblematic,

Peet, 582 ; east of the Rocky Mts., see Thomas, 591 ;

built by Indians, see Thomas, 592 ; problem of Ohio,

Thomas, 595. See also Earthworks.
Mourt, George, Relation or journale of the beginning

and proceedings of the Eng. plantation at Plimoth,

990, see also Young, 1048.
Mowry, A. M. See Mowry, W. A., 2588.
Mowry, S., Arizona and Sonora, 3417.
Mowry, W. A. and A. M., Hist, of U. S., 2588.
Moyen, Francisco, the Inquisition as it was in S. Am.,

Vicuna Mackenna, 4069.
Muhlenberg, H. A., Life of Maj.-Gen. Peter Muhlen-

berg, 1443.

Muhlenberg, H. M., Journal. See Muhlenberg, 1443.
Muhlenberg, Maj.-Gen. Peter, journals (1778-1777), see

Pa. Hist. Soc., 384 ; life, H. A. Muhlenberg, 1443.
Muir, J., Mountains of Cal., 527.
Mulford, E., The nation, 2782.
Mulhall, M. G., English in S. Am., 4082.
Muller, F., Cat. of books, maps, and plates on Am., 401.
Muller y Tejeiro, Lt. J., Battles and capitulation of

Santiago de Cuba, 2444.

Mumford, T. J., ed., Memoir of Samuel J. May, 1928.
Municipal history, Bibliography of British, Gross. See

Harvard Univ., 269.
Mufioz's Historia del nuevo mundo, 710, see also Ben-

zoni, 763, Colombo, 775.
Munro, J. E. C., Constitution of Can., 3575.
Munro, W. B.,Droit de banalit^ during French regime

in Can., 3576.
Munsell, J., comp., Annals of Albany, 3228 ; Colls, on

hist, of Albany, 3229.
Munsell's historical series, 165, see also Eelking, 1307,

Hubbard, 1747, Marshall, 663, Pausch, 1459.
Munster, S., Cosmography, see Eden, 784.
Munster, treaty of, see U. S. State Dept., 2420 ; rpt. as
to meaning of articles V and VI of treaty of, Burr,

see U. S. Venezuelan Boundary Commission, 4024.
Murdoch, B., Hist, of Nova Scotia, 3811.
Murdoch, James, memoir of (1767-1799). See N. S.

Hist. Soc., 3511, v. 1.
Murfreesboro (Tenn.), battle of, Stevenson, 2338. See

also Swinton, 2343.
Murphy, H. C., Voyage of Verazzano, 825 ; tr., see De

Vries, 812 ; tr. and ed., see Bankers, 1058, L. I. Hist.

Soc., 3221.
Murray, D., Anti-rent episode in state of N. Y. See

Am. Hist. Assoc., 248.
Murray, Gen. James, Journal of siege of Quebec (1759-

60), see Quebec Lit. and Hist. Soc., 3515 (5); recall of,

see Archives, 3470.
Murray, John O'K., Catholic pioneers of Am., 3059;

Pop. hist, of Catholic Church in U. S., 3059.
Musgrave, G. C., Under three flags in Cuba, 2445.
Musick, J. R., Hawaii, 2472.
Muskoka Lakes region, first to explore and desc. See

Champlain, 3615.
Musser, D. See Funk, 3017.
My campaigns in America, Deux Ponts, 1294.
My days and nights on the battle-field, Coffin, 2146.
My diary, north and south, Russell, 2311.
My life on the plains, Custer, 3399.
My own times, Reynolds, 3378.
Myers, T. B. See Johnson, 1383.
Myrand, E., Fete de Noel sous Jacques Cartier, 3668;

Sir Wm. Phipps devant Quebec, 3669.
Myths of the new world, Brinton, 611.

Nadaillac, J. F. A. du P., marquis de, Pre-historic

Am., 580 ; Pre-historic Americans, 581.
Nahuas, culture, see Short, 586. See also Aztecs.
Nantucket, papers rel. to island of, Hough, 138, 165 ;

geol. of, Shaler, see Geol. survey, 458.
Napoleon I, convention of 1800. 'See Trescot, 1697.
Napoleon III, and the confederacy. See Bigelow,

Narragansett, in old, Earle, 841 ; early hist, of, Potter,
see R. I. Hist. Soc., 3179, colls., v. 3.

Narragansett Club, pubs., 3114, 42, see also Williams,

Narragansett Friends' meeting in the XVIII century,
Hazard, 3027.

Narragansett Indians, Dorr, see R. I. Hist. Soc., 3179,
coll., v. 7 (2) ; Key to the language of Am., Williams,
3179, coll., v. 1.

Narrative of a journey round the world (1841-2), Simp-
son, 3875.

Narrative of events which led to declaration of war
by Chile against Bolivia and Peru, 4061.

Narrative of the first English plantation of Virginia,
Hariot, 1132.

Narvaez, P. de, proclamation of. See French, 3292.

Nashville (Tenn.), Sherman's march to the sea, Cox,
2150 ; campaign of 1864, see Schofield, 2315 ; battle of,
see Swinton, 2343.

Nashville, University of. See Peabody, 2945.

Natchez Indians, see Le Page du Pratz, 1181 ; war of
1730, see Claiborne, 3281 ; memoir of first war (1716;,
Richebourg, see French, 3292, ser. 1, v. 3.

Nation, The, 36, see also Winsor, 54, 70.

Nation, The, Mulford, 2782.

Nation in a nutshell, Towle, 2624.

National economy, Young, 2909.

National geographic magazine, 528.

National geographic monographs, 529.

National intelligencer. See Seaton, 1956.

National loans of United States, Bayley, 2829.

National Museum, casts and specimens from Mex. and
southern countries, 3906.

Native races of the Pacific states of North America,
Bancroft, 603.

Native tribes of the Dominion, Maclean, 3851.

Natural resources of the United States, Patton, 2883.

Naturalization, provisions for, see Brooks, 2700 ; ques-
tion in Can., see Archives, 3478.

Nature and man in America, Shaler, 536.

Nauvoo, capital of Mormon organization. See Brown,

Nauvoo Mormons. See Mormons.

Navajo Indians, journey to Navajo country (1849),
Simpson, 418 ; acct. of, see Cremony, 624 ; legends,
Matthews, 665 ; treaty with, see Hughes, 2002.

Navarrete, Don M. F. de, Coleccion de los viages y
de"scubrimentos, 700, 789, 43; Coleccion de docu-
mentos ineditos para la historia de Espafia, 702, 44 ;
see also Andagoya, 760, Colombo, 773, Vespucci, 796,

Navigation, in the west, see Hall, 517 ; results of disc,
of Am. to, see Kohl, 727 ; of colonial N. C., see
Hawks, 1134 ; statistical annals, Seybert, 1690 ; com-
merce and (1789-1823), see Am. state papers, 2484 ;



free, of rivers and seas, see Schuyler, 2606 ; com-
merce and, see Am. almanac and treasury of facts,
2825 ; of the Miss., see Butler, 3277, Hutchins, 3301 ;
hist, of river, Gould, 3296 ; Can., Dept. of Customs,

Navigation acts. See Beer, 830.

Navigation laws, Channing. See Am. Antiquarian
Soc., 238.

Navy. See Confederate Navy, English Navy, French
Navy, Spanish Navy, United States Navy.

Navy in the Civil War, 2287, see also 2095, Aininen, 2102,
Mahan, 2273, Soley, 2329.

Neal, D., Hist, of New Eng., 991; Hist, of the Puri-
tans, 3060.

Nebraska, explorations in, Warren, 422 ; western, Dar-
ton, see Geol. survey, 447 ; struggle with Kans., see
Giddings, 1891, Greeley, 1893 ; Provisional govt. of
Neb. terr., Connelly, 2025 ; Kans. and, Hale, 2041 ;
and the nation, Barrett, 3345 ; hist, of, Johnson,

Nebraska, University of, papers. See Barrett, 1758.

Nebraska State Historical Society, pubs., 3370, see also
Connelly, 2025.

Necessity, Fort. See Fort Necessity.

Negroes, opinions of founders of the republic respect-
ing, Livermore, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 324 ; in slavery,
Sewall, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 325 ; enslaved Indians
exchanged for, see Moore, 984 ; Negro conspiracy
(1741-42), Horsmanden, 1072 ; attempted subjugation
of, in San Domingo, see Adams, 1580 ; condition of
(1833-34), see Abdy, 1827 ; religious and social posi-
tion of, in S. C., see Bassett, 1830 ; Negro in Md.
[from 1642 to Civil War], Brackett, 183 7; coloniza-
tion in Africa, see Clay, 1864 ; Race traits and tend-
encies of the Am. negro, Hoffman, 1900 ; and negro
slavery, Van Evrie, 1977 ; Hist, of negro race in Am.
(1619-1880J, Williams, 1991 ; Negro in Am. Rebellion,
Brown, 2121 ; Army life in a black regiment, Higgin-
son, 2209 ; Hist, of negro troops in war of Rebellion,
Williams, 2370 ; Notes on progress of colored people
in Md. since the war, Brackett, 2381 ; Negro ques-
tion, Cable, 2382 ; pecuniary corruption and flnan.
extravagance of negro govts., see Herbert, 2397 ; S. C.
under negro govt., Pike, 2407; negro problem, see
Oliveira, 2589 ; Hist, of negro suffrage in South,
Weeks, 2816 ; directions to catechists for instructing,
see Anderson, 2976 ; views upon, see Page, 3319 ; de-
portation of, to Sierra Leone, see N. S. Hist. Soc.,
3511, v. 7 ; life of Toussaint published to assist
in solution of problem of employing negro troops
in Civil War, see Louverture, 4124 ; condition of, in
West Indies (1837), Sturge and Harvey, 4143. See
also Slavery, Slave-trade, Reconstruction.

Neill, E. D., Eng. colonization of Am. during 17th
cent., 867 ; Hist, of Va. Co. of London, 1144' ; Terra
Marise, 1145 ; Virginia Carolorum, 1146: Virginia
vetusta, 1147 ; Early French forts, see Minn. Hist.
Soc., 3368 ; Hist, of Minn., 3371.

Neilson, C., Original, compiled and corrected acct. of
Burgoyne's campaign, 1445.

Nelson, W., Check list of issues of press of N. J. (1723,
1728, 1754-1800), 170.

Neukomm, E., Dompteurs de la mer, 749; same, Eng.
tr., 749.

Neutrality of the American lakes, Callahan, 2504.

Nevada, hist, of the Big Bonanza, Wright, 3427.

Nevins, W., Witchcraft in Salem village (1692), 992.

New Albion, desc. of, Plantagenet, see Evelyn, 844 ;
Eng. colony at, see Birkbeck, 1759, Flower, 1779, 1780.

New Amsterdam, records of, 1119; burgher rights in,
see N. Y. Hist. Soc., 356 ; social condition before
Eng. conquest, see Stuyvesant, 1111. See also New
York City.

Newberry, J. S., see Ives, 412, U. S. Sanitary Commis-
sion, 2359.

New-born Cuba, Matthews, 4127.

New Brunswick (Can.), notes on, see Bonnycastle,
3695; hist, of, see Harper, 3805; school law, 3900.

New Brunswick (N. J.), Theological Seminary, sources
for hist, of Reformed (Dutch) Church, 2969.

Newburgh (N. Y.), monograph on. See Powell, 3246.

New eclectic. See Land we love.

Newell, Hydrography of arid regions, see Geol. sur-
vey, 440; Public lands and their water supplies, see
Geol. survey, 444

Newell, Thomas, Diary (1773-74). See Mass. Hist. Soc.,


Newell, Timothy, Journal (1775-76). See Mass. Hist.
Soc., 306.

New England, state pubs., Bowker, 107; bibliog. list
of town records, Am. hist, review, 118; early African
slave trade in, Weeden, see Am. Antiquarian Soc.,
237; French Canadians in, Smyth, see Am. Anti-
quarian Soc., 239; records of Council for, Deane, see
Am. Antiquarian Soc., 242; origin of towns, Aldrich,
see Am. Antiquarian Soc., 242, Parker, see Mass.
Hist. Soc., 327; Brief e narration of original under-
takings of the advancement of plantations into the
parts of Am. (1658), Gorges, see Maine Hist. Soc.,
276, Mass. Hist. Soc., 302, Baxter, 944 ; progress of
learning at Cambridge (1643), see Mass. Hist. Soc.,
286; acct. of, in verse, Morrell, see Mass. Hist. Soc.,
286 ; annals of, Prince, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 295 ;
Advertisement for the unexperienced planters of,
Smith, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 299; tracts rel. to the
attempts to convert to Christianity the Indians of,
see Mass. Hist. Soc., 300; desc. of, Gorges, see Mass.
Hist. Soc., 302; desc. of (1616), Smith, see Mass. Hist.
Soc., 302; docs. rel. to Gosnold's voyage to (1602), see
Mass. Hist. Soc., 304; Voyage made (1605) by Capt.
Waymouth, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 304; voyage into
(1623-24), Levett, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 304; Winthrop

Ers, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 305; 111 news from
), Clark, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 307; (1670-1690),
icr papers, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 311; acct. of
(1630), Maverick, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 337; journey
through southern (1801), Quincy,see Mass. Hist. Soc.,
340; genesis of towns, Adams, see Mass. Hist. Soc.,
344 ; embassy to, from Can. (1650), Druillettes, see
N. Y. Hist. Soc., 353; Clarendon papers, see N. Y. Hist.
Soc., 354; Norse relics in, see Rafn, 750; Huguenot
settlement in, see Baird, 829; colonial, see Douglas,
838, Earle, 841 ; tracts rel. to, see Force, 848 ; Byfield's
Acct. of late revolution in, see Force, 848 ; The revo-
lution in, justified, see Force, 848; Records of the
United colonies of, see Hazard, 856; summary hist,
of, Adams, 894; captives carried to Can. during old
French and Indian wars, Baker, 898 ; Pilgrim fathers,
Bartlett, 899: Puritan colonies, Doyle, 918; border
wars of, S. A. Drake, 919; making of (1580-1643), S.
A. Drake, 920; Annals of witchcraft in, S. G. Drake,
923 ; depredations committed by French and Indians
along frontier (1744-49), see Drake, S. G., 926; letters
written from (1868), Dunton, 929; hist. (986-1776),
Elliott, 931; customs of, Felt, 935; Essays in Am.
hist., Ferguson, 936; Quakers in, see Ferguson, 936,
Besse, 2987; beginnings of, Fiske, 937; rise of settle-
ments, see Goodwin, 941; social, polit., and religious
conditions in early, see Griffis, 948; gen. hist, (to
1680), Hubbard, 955, see also Mass. Hist. Soc., 294;
Indian wars in (to 1677), Hubbard, 956, see also Knapp,
2558; Abstract of lawes of, see Hutchinson, 959; hist.
(1628-52), [running title, The wonder-working Provi-
dence of Sion's Saviour in New Eng.], Johnson, 962,
see also Mass. Hist. Soc., 291; acct. of two voyages
to (1638, 1663), Josselyn, 963, see also Mass. Hist. Soc.,
299; rural manners in (1704-5), see Knight, 964; Plain
dealing, Lechford, 965 ; Fast and thanksgiving days
of, Love, 967; grants under Great Council of, Haven,
see Lowell Inst., 968; Relation of the troubles which
have hapned in, by reason of the Indians there (1614-
75), Increase Mather, 978; early hist, of, Increase
Mather, 978 ; New English Canaan, Morton, 989 ; hist,
(to 1700), Neal, 991 ; Pequot war, Orr, 999; compendi-
ous hist., Palfrey, 1000; hist., during Stuart dynasty,
Palfrey, 1001 ; hist., from rev. of 17th cent, to rev. of
18th, Palfrey, 1002 ; hist, of wars of, with eastern In-
dians, Penhallow, 1004; chronol. hist, of (to 1633),
Prince, 1010; social life (1674-1 729), see Sewall's Diary,
1013, 316; social hist., see Upham, 1027; hist. (1630-49),
Winthrop, 1041 ; life in (1780-83), see Blanchard, 1240 ;
Articles of Confederation (1643), see Pitkin, 1460; life
during Rev., see Scudder, 1492; Docs. rel. to New
Eng. federalism (1800-15), Adams, 1581; attitude of
federalists toward national govt. in War of 1812, see
Cabot, 1602; travels in (1796-1815), Dwight, 1615; state
polity and organization of (1807-08), see Kendall, 1643;
Republicanism, see Sullivan, 1694; travels in (1837-
38), see Buckingham, 1848; position of clergy, see
Garrison, 1889; intellectual and social life, see Sum-
ner, 1969; opposition to War of 1812, see Powell, 2594;
Germanic origin of towns, Adams, 2642; origin of
local institutions, see Adams, 2643, 2644; Rise of
modern democracy in Old and, Borgeaud, 2647; Con-


f ederacy of New Eng. colonies, see Bowen, 2648 ; local
institutions, see Channing, 2707 ; early cotton manu-
facture in, see Batchelder, 2828; industries, see
Bishop, 2831 ; savings banks, see Keyes, 2870 ; policy
pursued by Eng. for procuring naval stores from
New Eng. colonies, see Lord, 2876 ; economic and
social hist. (1620-1789), Weeden, 2905; hist, with par-
ticular ref. to Baptists, Backus, 2977; genesis of
churches, Bacon, 2978; Presbyterianism in, Blaikie,
2988; theology, Boardman,2989 ; hist, of Baptists in,
Burrage, 2996 ; ecclesiastical hist., Felt, 3011 ; New
England's struggles for religious liberty, Ford, 3014;
transcendentalism, Frothingham, 3016; Puritanism
in, Gregory, 3020 ; Magnafla Christi Americana,
Mather, 3054; New Eng. theocracy, Uhden, 3101;
chronol. view of hist, (to 1740), see Uhden, 3101 ; de-
velopment of Congregationalism in, see Walker,
3104 a; Ten New Eng. leaders, Walker, 3104 b; In-
dians of, see Zeisberger, 3116, Champlain, 3615 ; His-
toric pilgrimages in, Bacon, 3125; Congregationalism
in its origin and purity, White, see Essex Inst., 3143 ;
Bibliog. of hist, pubs., issued by New Eng. states,
Griffin, 3147; Whole hist, of grandfathers chair,
Hawthorne, 3151 ; historic towns of, Powell, 3175;
Supernaturalism of, Whittier, 3190. See also Pil-
grims, Puritans, Witchcraft ; also New England
states by name.

New England colonies (department), 891-1048.

New England historical and genealogical register,
35, 142, 3169.

New England Historic Genealogical Society, 3169.

New England magazine, 142.

New England primer, 993.

New England societies, 38.

New England states (department), 3119-3193.

New England's first fruits in respect to the progress
of learning at Cambridge. See Mass. Hist. Soc.,

New England's Jonas cast up in London (1687), see
Mass. Hist. Soc., 293, Force, 848.

New England's memoriall, Morton, 988.

New England's plantation, Higginson. See Mass. Hist.
Soc., 286, Young, 1047.

New England's prospects, Woods. See Prince Soc., 387.

New England's Salamander discovered, Winslow. See
Mass. Hist. Soc., 298.

New England's trials, Smith. See Mass. Hist. Soc., 329,
Force, 848.

New English Canaan, Morton, 989, see also Prince
Hist. Soc., 387.

Newes from America, Underbill. See Orr, 999.

Newfoundland, Cabot landfall on, Prowse theory, see
Dawson, 802; tract on (1620), see Mason, 971; royal
instructions to gov. of, see Anderson, 2976; coloniz-
ing experiment of Lord Baltimore, see Browne, 3274 ;
Can. and, Dawson, 3585, see also Stanford's compen-
dium, 539; acct. of earliest settlements in, Kirke,
3639; desc. of, see Warburton, 3788; petition for ad-
mission of colony of, into Dominion of Can., see
Confederation, 3796 ; view of , see Harper, 3805 ; hist.,
Hatton and Harvey, 3806, Pedley, 3812, Prowse, 3813;
hist, of govt. of, Reeves, 3815 ; rpts. of Committee on
state of trade to (1793), 3819 ; Tenth Island, Willson,

New France, books on, 55-62 ; Coll. de manuscrits con-
tenant lettres, etc., relatifs & la Nouvelle France, 84;
Notes pour servir a 1'histoire, a la bibliographic et
a la cartographic de la Nouvelle France (1545-1700),
Harrisse, 815, 3453, 60; resistance made by Fox In-
dians cause of downfall of, see Hebberd, 1177 ; Cass
MSS. (1723-26), see Wis. State Hist. Soc., 3390, coll.,
v. 3; Cat. d'ouvrages sur 1'histoire de 1'Amerique,
Faribault, 3450, 85; Jugements et deliberations du
Conseil Souverain (1663-1704), et du Conseil Superieur
(1705-1716), 3494, see also 84; Coll. de docs, relatifs a
1'histoire de la Nouvelle France, 3509, see also John-
stone, 3636; Docs, historiques, corr. e"chang6e entre
les autorite's Fran9ais et les Gouverneurs et Inten-
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