The literature of American history : a bibliographical guide, in which the scope, character, and comparative worth of books in selected lists are set forth in brief notes by critics of authority online

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admin, of, Wharton, 1705 ; memoirs of admin,
of, Wolcott, 1708 ; cat. showing arrangement of
papers, see U. S. State Dept. 2632 : polit. creed,
Van Buren, see 2634 ; essay on, see Trent, 3332.
Washington, H. A., Va. constitution of 1776. See Va.

Hist. Soc., 3335.
Washington, Martha, life, Wharton, 889, 1568, Lossing,


Washington, Mary, life, Lossing, 1569, Terhune, 1570.
Washington, State, changes in river courses due to
glaciation, Willis, see Geol. survey, 456 ; reconnois-
sance in central, Russell, see Geol. survey, 462 ; south-
eastern, Russell, see Geol. survey, 469} great lava
plains, see Symons, 540.

Washington, City, material for hist, study now accessi-
ble in, Hoar, 6; life in, see Goodrich, 1622; life in
(1826), see Quincy, 1683 ; campaigns of Brit, army at
(1814-1815), Gleig, 1728 ; desc. of, see Buckingham,
1848 ; social life, see Fremont, 1888 ; Recollections of
men and things at, Gobright, 1892 ; in 1830, see Trol-
lope, 1972; visit to (1829), Atwater, 2016; in Lincoln's
timejBrooks, 2119; life in (1813-1873), see Chase, 2136;
Perley's reminiscences of sixty years in, Poore, 2593;
workings of national govt., see Brooks, 2699.
Washington, City, Anthropological Society of, pubs.,


Washington, Treaty of. See Alabama claims.
Washington and Lee University, sketch of, Adams,

Wasp {vessel], cruise of the. See Lodge and Roose-


Wassenaer, Historisch Verhaal, 63.
Watauga Association, hist. of. See Ramsey, 1809, Cald-


Water power of Maine, Wells, 545.
Water resources, of great plains, Hay, see Geol. Sur-
vey, 444; of 111., Leverett, 445; of Ind. and O., Lev-
erett, 446; see also Artesian wells, Irrigation.
Water supply, of pub. lands, Newell, see Geol. Survey,
444; and irrigation papers, see Geol. survey, 469.

Watson, E., Men and times of the Rev., 1571.

Watson, J. F., Annals, etc., of N. Y., 3266.

Watson, P. B., Bibliog. of pre-Columbian discoveries
of Am., 740.

Watson, R. G., Spanish and Portuguese S. Am., 3924.

Watson, S. J., Constitutional hist, of Can., 3579.

Watson, W., Adventures of a blockade runner, 2364.

Watson, W. C., ed. See Watson, E., 1571.

Watts, Dr. Isaac, Letters to New Eng. correspondents.
See Mass. Hist. Soc., 346.

Waubun : the " early day " in the northwest, Kinzie,

Waymouth, Capt. G., voyage (1605). See Mass. Hist.
Soc., 304.

Wayne, Maj.-Gen. Anthony, and the Pa. line in the
continental army, Stille", 1572 ; life, Armstrong, see
Sparks, 2613, ser. 1, v. 4.

Wayne County (Mich.), annals of, Farmer, 3357.

Way of the churches cleared, Cotton. See Adams, 893.

Weare, G. E., Cabot's disc, of N. Am., 810.

Webb, Brig. -Gen. A. S., The Peninsula, 2365, see also
Campaigns of the Civil War, 2131.

Webb, Samuel B., Corr. and journals, 1573.

Webster, Daniel, Works, 1979 ; letter of defence, see
Crittenden, 1874 ; private corr., 1980 ; argument on
nullification, see Loring, 2771; speech on tariff (1824),
see Taussig, 2899 ; orations, see Loring, 3160 ; life,
Curtis, 1981, Lanman, 1984, Lodge, 1985, si-e also Bea-
con biographies, 2491, Brooks, 2497 ; essay on, see
King, 1912 ; reminiscences of, Harvey, 1983, Went-
worth, 1989 ; see also Choate, 1861, Hildreth, 1898.

Webster, F., ed. See Webster, D., 1980.

Webster, P., Polit. essays on the nature and operation
of money, 2904.

W T ebster, R., Hist, of Presby. church in Am. See
Presby. Hist. Soc., 3067.

Webster, W. C., State constitutions of Am. Rev. See
Am. Acad. of Polit. and Social Sci., 226.

Wedgwood, W. B., ed. See Horsmanden, 1072.

Weed, H. A., ed. See Weed, 1986.

Weed, Thurlow, Autobiog., 1986; letters, see Seward,
1958; memoir, Barnes, 1986.

Weed and Pierson, Judith Mts. See Geol. survey,

Weeden, W. B., Early African slave trade in New
Eng., see Am. Antiquarian Soc., 237; Economic and
social hist, of New. Eng. (1620-1789), 2905; ed., Diary
of Enos Hitchcock, see R. I. Hist. Soc., 3179, pubs.,
V. 7.

Weekly register. See Niles, 1448.

Weeks. See Geol. survey, 457.

Weeks, S. B., Libraries and literature in N. C., 1168,
196; Press of N. C., 1168, 196; Gen. Joseph Martin,
1431; Southern Quakers and Slavery, 1988; Hist, of
negro suffrage in the South, 2816; Religious develop-
ment in prov. of N. C., 3105; Church and state in
N. C., 3106 ; Bibliog. of hist. lit. of N. C., 3337, 196.

Weems, M. L., Life of George Washington, 1566; see
also Horrv, 1428.

Weik, J. W.' See Herndon, 2248.

Weise, A. J. The discoveries of Am. to the year 1525,

Weiser, C., narr. and Journals. See Pa. Hist. Soc.,

Weiss, C., Hist, of the French Protestanfr refugees,

Weld, I., Travels through states of N. Am., U. C. and
L. C. (1795-7), 1704, 3789.

Welde, Rev. T. See Adams, 893.

Welles, G., Lincoln and Seward, 2259.

Wells, D. A., U. S. and Gr. Brit. See America and
Europe, 2375.

Wells, W., Water power of Maine, 545.

Wells, W. V., Life of Samuel Adams, 1208; Explora-
tions and adventures in Honduras, 4027.

Welsh, disc, of Am. by. See Madoc, 748.

Wendell, B., Cotton Mather, app., pp. 466, 470.

Wentworth, Charles Watson. See Rockingham,
Charles W. Wentworth, marquis of.

Wentworth, J., Congressional reminiscences, 1989.

Werner, E. A., comp., Hist, sketch of the War of the
Rebellion, 2366.

Wesley, Charles and John, influence of in Ga. See
Jones, 3302.

West, Magazine of western hist., 35; sources for hist,
of, 213-224; as a 'field for hist, study, Turner, see Am.



Hist. Assoc., 248 ; its commerce and navigation,
Hall, 517; Am. antiquities and discoveries in, Priest,
584; explorations of, see Cronau, 713; frontier hist, of
Middle, see Smith, 880; French disc, and occupa-
tion of Middle, Catherwood, 1173 ; at time of the
Rev., see Girty, 1338 ; Rev. War in, Martin, 1431 ; corr.
cone, western land (1767-81), Washington-Crawford
letters, 1542; journal of tour in, Hulme, see Cobbett,
1608; westward expansion, see Fiske, 1616 ; Annals
of, 1755; leaders in settlement of, see Boone, 1763;
geog. and hist, of western states, Flint, 1778 ; letters
from, Hall, 1786; Romance of western hist., Hall,
1787; sketches of hist., Hall, 1788; Topog. desc. of
western terr., Imlay, 1797; sketches of western ad-
venture connected with settlement of, M'Clung,
1801 ; Sketches of western life, Rice, 1811 ; Winning
of the, Roosevelt, 1812; early hist., see Rupp, 1813;
early condition of farming in, see Greeley, 1894; set-
tlement of, see Grund, 1895 ; visits to (1840), see
Nichols, 1931 ; frontier conditions in Middle, see At-
water, 2016; studies in, Warner, 2421 ; industrial re-
sources, De Bow, 2845 ; De Bow's review, 2846 ; sav-
ings banks of western states, see Keyes, 2870; eastern
efforts to promote education and religion in, see
Sturtevant, 2955; pioneer life in, see Chase, 2990;
Making of the great (1512-1883), Drake, 3355; Minn,
and the far, Oliphant, 3375; The great, Pratt, 3377;
The undeveloped, Beadle, 3393 ; plains of the great,
Dodge, 3402; Massacres of the mountains, Dunn,
3403 ; The great, and the Pacific coast, Rusling, 3422 ;
La Salle and the disc, of the great, Parkman, 3672.
See also Northwest ; also western states by name.

West (Middle) and Northwest (department), 3343-

West Florida. See Florida.

Westchester County (N. Y.), during Rev., Dawson,

Westcott, L. See Eickemeyer, 633.

Westcott, T. See Scharf , 3253.

Western and southern colonies and settlements,
French (department), 1172-1189.

Western Reserve Historical Society, pubs., 3387.

Western Tract Society, pubs. See Coffin, 1870.

West Indies, Eden, 4106, Fiske, 4108 ; Cartas de Indias,
44 ; Nueva coleccion de documentos, Zababuru and
Rayon, 44 ; Bibliog. sketch of Recopilacion de Indias,
Griffin, 47; early legislation, see Coleccion, 704; His-
toria general y natural de las Indias, Oviedo, 707, 790,
see also Eden, 784 ; Historia de las Indias, Casas, 708,
766; Historia general de las Indias occiden tales,
Herrera, 709,785; hist., Anghiera, 761; Decades of
the newe world, Eden, 784 ; voyage to, Champlain,
811 ; Gr. Brit, state papers, 851 ; exchange of In-
dians for negroes in, see Moore, 984; suppression
of piracy, see Porter, 1678, Spears, 2614; Spanish
naval operations in, see Cervera y Topete, 2424;
Porto Rico and, Hamm, 2465 ; sufferings of Quakers
in, see Besse, 2987; hist, of French, to 1760, see
Jefferys, 3634; labor question in, see Hincks, 3728;
Natural and moral hist, of the Indies, Acosta, 3907,
4055; philosoph. and polit. hist, of settlements
and trade of Europeans in, Raynal, 3919; geog.
and travel, Stanford's compendium, 3920; New laws
of the Indies, Stevens and Lucas, 3921, 46; sur-
vey of, Gage, 3948 ; Relaciones geograficas de Indias,
Jimenez dela Espada, 4035; hist, of Brit, colonies in,
Edward, 4107; English in, Froude, 4112; Cuba and
Porto Rico with other islands of the, Hill, 4118; hist,
geog. of, Lucas, 4125 ; notes on. Pinckard, 4132; and
the Spanish Main, Rodway, 4138; visit to, in 1837,
Sturge and Harvey, 4143; buccaneers, Thornbury,
4144; British, Turnbull, 4145; French and Danish,
Turnbull, 4145. See also Slave trade, Spanish, Span-
ish-American War; also islands by name, as An-
tigua, Bahamas,Barbadoes, Bermuda, Cuba, Hayti,
Jamaica, Porto Rico, Santo Domingo, etc.

West Indies (department), 4094-4145.

West Jersey, constitution of 1677, see Liberty bell leaf-
lets, 862; hist, and geog. acct., Thomas, 1112; early
hist., see Smith, 1108, 3255.

Westmoreland, map of projected state of. See Miner,

Weston, D., annot. See Backus, 2977.

Weston, P. C. J., comp., Docs, connected with hist, of
S. C., 1169, 198, see also S. C. Hist. Soc., 3327.

Westover manuscripts, Byrd, 1125.

West Point, Arnold's betrayal of, see Lamb, 1404; hist.

of, Boynton, 2921. See also United States Military

Westward expansion (1783-1828), (department) 1754-

1826; (1828-1860) (department), 2016-2077.
Westward movement (1763-98), Winsor, 1826.
Weyler, Gen., Cuba under ' Concentration " system

established by. See Bonsai, 4097.
Whale-fishery. See Weeden, 2905.
Whalley. See Knapp, 2558.
Wharton, A. H., Colonial days and dames, 889; Martha

Washington, 889, 1568; Through colonial doorways,

Wharton, F., Rev. diplomatic corr. of U. S., 1574, 18;

State trials of U. S., 1705; Digest of the international

law of the U. S., 2636, 97.

What befell David Ogden. See Severance, 3254.
Whately, R., letters. See Bowdoin and Temple papers,

Mass. Hist. Soc., 320.
Wheaton, H., Some acct. of life, etc., of William Pink-

ney, 1675, see also Sparks, 2613, ser. 1, v. 6.
Wheeler, G. M. See Geog. and geol. explorations west

of the 100th meridian, 427.
Wheeler, H. G., Hist, of Congress, 1990.
Wheeler, Maj.-Gen. J., Santiago campaign (1898),

Wheeler, J. H., Hist, sketches of N. C. (1584-1851), 3338;

Reminiscences and memoirs of N. C., 3339.
Wheelock, Eleazar, Narr. (1762), see Old South Work,

368 (22); life, see Chase, 2922.
Wheelwright, John, Writings, 1032, see also Prince

Soc., 387 ; memoir, Bell, 1032.
Wheems, M. L. See Weems, M. L.
Wherry, W. M., Campaign in Mo. and battle of Wil-
son's Creek. See Mo. Hist. Soc., 3316.
Whig almanac. See Tribune almanac, 2626.
Whig party, hist, of, Orrnsby, 1934.
Whipple, Lt. A. W. See Mollhausen, 2059, U. S. War

Dept., 421.

Whipple, J. S. See N. Y. state legislative rpt., 670.
Whiskey insurrection. See Gallatin, 1618, Fisher,


Whiskey ring, secrets of, McDonald, 2403.
White, Planters' plea. See Force, 848, Young, 1047.
White, Father Andrew, Relation of the Colony of the

Lord Baron of Baltimore, see Force, 848; Relatio

itineris in Marylandiam, see Md. Hist. Soc., 3314.
White, D., Northwestern Colo. See Geol. survey,

White, D. A. , New Eng. Congregationalism. See Essex

Inst., 3143.
White, E. E., and Harvey, eds.. Hist, of education in

state of O., 2961.

White, G., comp., Hist, colls, of Ga., 3340.
White, H., Money and banking illus. by Am. hist., 2906 ;

see also Lincoln, 2248.

White, H. A., Robert E. Lee and the southern Confed-
eracy, 2237.

White, T. W. See Southern literary messenger, 1962.
White, W. J., St. Regis, see Canadiana, 3492; ed. t see

Canadiana, 3492.
White, William, Memoirs of P. E. Church in U. S.,

3109; life, Ward, 3110.
White and black under the old regime, Clayton,

1866. '
Whitefield, George, Journal of a voyage from London

to Savannah, 3111 ; work of, see Alexander, 2912 ; in-
fluence of, in Ga., see James, 3302.
Whitehead, W. A., East Jersey under the proprietary

governments, 1116, see also N. J. Hist. Soc., 3232, v. 1 ;

ed. : see Stevens, 169 ; Docs. rel. to colonial hist, of

N. J., 1177.

Whitelock, W., Life and times of John Jay, 1641.
White mountains, tour through. See Oliphant, 3375.
Whiting, H., Sketches and discourses, see Cass, 1767;

Life of Zebulon M. Pike, see Sparks, 2613, ser. 2, v. 5.
Whiting, W., War powers under the Constitution of

the U. S., 2817.
Whitman, Marcus, How Marcus Whitman saved Or.,

Nixon, 2075, 3425 ; Spalding's acct. of, see Barrows,

3392 ; legend of, Bourne, see Barrows, 3392; first hist.

to give currency to legend, see Gray, 3407.
Whitmore, W. H., ed., Laws of Mass., 137; see also

Andros, 895; annot., see Dunton, 929.
Whitney, C., Hawaiian Am., 2476.
Whitney, E. L., Bibliog. of colonial hist, of S. C.,

Whitney, Eli, life. See Brooks, 2497.



Whitney, J. D., t?. S., physical geog. and natural re-
sources, 546, 2907.

Whittaker, Capt. F., Complete life of Gen. George A.
Custer, 2390.

Whittemore, T., Modern hist, of Universalism, 3112.

Whittier, J. G., The king's missive, see Mass. Hist.
Soc., 334; Supernaturalism of New Eng., 3190.

Whittle, J. L., Grover Cleveland, 2386.

Whittlesey, C., Desc. of ancient works in O., 599; Life
of John Fitch, see Sparks, 2613, ser. 2, v. 6; Disc, of
O. River by La Salle (1669-70), see Western Reserve
Hist. Soc., 3387.

Whittlesey, Elisha, papers of. See Western Reserve
Hist. Soc., 3387.

Why the Solid South ? Herbert, 2397.

Wickersham, J. P., Hist, of education in Pa., 2962.

Wight, W. W., Eleazer Williams. See Parkman Club,

Wikoff , Camp. See Hemment, 2433.

Wilberforce, S., Hist, of P. E. Church in Am., 3113.

Wilcocke, S. H., Hist, of the vice-royalty of Buenos
Ayres, 4092.

Wilcox, Maj.-Gen. C. M., Hist, of Mex. War, 2015.

Wilcox, M., Short hist, of war with Spain, 2455.

Wilcox, M. R., ed. See Wilcox, 2015.

Wild, Journal of Arnold's exped. See Mass. Hist.
Soc., 338.

Wild, E., Journal (1776-81). See Mass. Hist. Soc., 343.

Wilder, D. W., Annals of Kansas, 3388.

Wilderness, battle of. See Swinton, 2343.

Wilderness road, Speed. See Filson Club, 3289, v. 2.

Wilhelm, L. W., Local institutions of Md., 3341.

Wilkes, John, trial of, see Almon, 1216 ; expulsion
from Parliament, see Shelburne, 1495.

Wilkeson, F., Recollections of a private soldier in the
Army of the Potomac, 2368.

Wilkinson, Gen. James, Memoirs of my own times,
1706; Wilkinson and Burr revolution, see Blenner-
hassett, 1762 ; Proofs of the corruption of, and his
connection with BUIT, Clark, 1824.

Willard, Mrs. E. (H.), Hist, of U. S., 2637.

Willard, F. E., Women in Am. See Mabie, 2565.

Willers, D., Jr. See Sullivan, 1519.

Willey, S. H., Thirty years in Cal., 3426.

William and Mary, College of, Adams, 2910.

William and Mary College Quarterly, 193.

William, Fort. See Fort 'William. *

Williams, A., ed. See Doddridge, 1297.

Williams, A. M., Sam Houston and the war of inde-
pendence in Tex., 2046.

Williams, Edwin, comp. See Statesman's manual,

Williams, Eleazer, his forerunners, himself, Wight.
See Parkman Club, 3376.

Williams, G. F., Bullet and shell, 2369.

Williams, Lt.-Col. G. W., Hist, of the negro race in
Am., 1991 ; Hist, of the negro troops in the war of
the Rebellion, 2370.

Williams, H. M., tr. See Humboldt, 573, 3955.

Williams, H. L., rev. See Drake, 632.

Williams, J. (Anthony Pasquin), Life of Alexander
Hamilton. See Hamilton Club, 1632.

Williams, J. F., Bibliog. of Minn., 217; Bibliog. of
Dakota, 220.

Williams, Rev. John, Biog. memoir, 1033.

Williams, Roger, Key to the language of N. Am., see
Mass. Hist. Soc., 288, Narragansett Club, 3114, v. 1,
R. I. Hist. Soc., 3179, v. 1; Letters to Winthrop, see
Old South Work, 368 (69); Letters (1632-82), Bartlett,
1034, see also Narragansett Club, 3114, v. 6, 3168, v. 6;
Reply to Cotton, Trumbull and Guild, see Narra-
gansett Club, 3114, v. 1 ; life, Elton, 1035, Knowles,
1036, Straus, 1037, Gammell, see Sparks, 2613, ser. 2,
v. 4 ; biog. introd. to writings of, Guild, see Narra-
gansett Club, 3114, v. 1, 3168, v. 1.

Williams, S., Natural and civil hist, of Vt., 1038.

Williams, T., Surroundings and site of Raleigh's col-
ony. See Am. Hist. Assoc., 247.

Wilhamsburg to Malvern Hill, campaign from. See
Mass. Milit. Hist. Soc., 2276.

Williamson, H., Hist, of N. C., 1170.

Williamson, J., Bibliog. of Maine, 122; French neu-
trals in Maine, see Maine Hist. Soc., 277 ; Slavery in
Maine, see Maine Hist. Soc., 278.
Williamson, J. J., Mosby's Rangers, 2371.
Williamson, Rev. J. P. See Gilman, 642.
Williamson, W. D., Hist, of state of Maine, 3192.

Willis, Changes in river courses in Wash. terr. See
Geol. survey, 456.

Willis, S. T., comp. See Valentine, 3264.

Willis, W., ed., Doc. hist, of Maine. See Kohl, 820.

Willoughby, W. W., The Supreme Court of the U. S.,

Willson, H. B., Tenth Island, 3820; The Great Com-
pany, 3880.

Wilmer, L. A., Life, travels and adventures of Ferdi-
nand de Soto, 1198.

Wilmere, A., tr. See Champlain, 811.

Wilmington (Del.), monograph on. See Powell, 3246.

Wilson, Alexander, life of, Peabody. See Sparks,
2613, ser. 1, v. 2.

Wilson, B., ed. See Wilson, J., 2819.

Wilson, Sir D., Huron-Iroquois of Can., 691; papers,
see Canadian Inst., 3493 ; Vinland of the Northman,
see R. Soc. of Can., 3557.

Wilson, Rev. E. F., Blackfeet tribes. See Ethnol. Sur-
vey of Can., 3461.

Wilson, H., Hist, of rise and fall of slave power in Am.,
1992 ; and Black, A contribution to hist., 2333.

Wilson, J., Works, 2819.

Wilson, J. G., Memoir of Anne Grant, see Schuyler,
1101; ed., Appleton's cyclopaedia of Am. biog., 2487,
Presidents of the U. S. (1789-1894), 2638, Memorial
hist, of City of N. Y., 3267.

Wilson, Maj.-Gen. J. H. See Dana, 2195.

Wilson, R. A., Mex. its peasants and its priests, 3990;
New hist, of conquest of Mex., 3991.

Wilson, S. F., Hist, of the Am. Rev., 1577.

Wilson, W., George Washington. 1567; Division and
reunion (1829-89), 2639; Congressional govt., 2820;
State and federal governments of the U. S., 2821.

Wilson's Creek, battle of, Wherry. See Mo. Hist. Soc.,

Winchester, C., tr. See Johnstone, 3636.

Wingfield, E. M., A Discourse of Va., see Am. Anti-
quarian Soc., 231 ; see also Neill, 867.

Winnebago, Fort. See Fort Winnebago.

Winnebago Indians, Winnebago war of 1827, McKenny,
see Wis. State Hist. Soc., 3390, coll., v. 5; of Wis., Pa-
quette, see Wis. State Hist. Soc., 3390, coll., v. 12; see
also Nicolet, 1184.

Winnepeek, Lake, exped. to source of St. Peter's River,
Long, 415.

Winner, J., Events in Indian hist., 692.

Winning of the West, Roosevelt, 1812.

Winnipeg, country, Bryce, see Manitoba Hist, and Sci.
Soc., 3500 (1883); Early days in, Bryce, see Manitoba
Hist, and Sci. Soc., 3500 (1894); Five forts of, Bryce,
see R. Soc. of Can., 3555. See also Winnipeek.

Winnipeg Tribune. See Manitoba school question,

Winnowings in American history series. See Ford,

Winship, G. P., Spanish and Portuguese America,
3903-4145; Coronado exped. (1540-42), 3992; comp.,~L\st
of titles of docs. rel. to Am., 45; indexer,see Colec-
cion, 702.

Winslow, Anna Green, diary of. See Earle, 841.

Winslow, Gov. Edward, New England's Salamander
discovered, see Mass. Hist. Soc., 298; Good news from
New Eng., see Young, 1048 ; his place and part in
Plymouth colony, W. C. Winslow, see Am. Hist.
Assoc., 247.

Winslow, J., Journal of expulsion of Acadians (1755),
see N. S. Hist. Soc., 3511, v. 3 ; Journal, 3511, v. 4.

Winslow, Rev. W. C. See Am. Hist. Assoc., 247.

Winsor, J., Am. in Italian libraries, 54 ; Acct. of Lon-
don archives of Am. hist., 70 ; The rival claimants
for N. Am. (1497-1755), see Am. Antiquarian Soc., 241 ;
Christopher Columbus, 783; Reader's handbook of
the Am. Rev. (1761-83), 1578 ; The Miss, basin (1697-
1763), 1825; The westward movement, 1826; Cartier
to Frontenac, 3689 ; Rpt. on maps, see U. S. Vene-
zuelan Boundary Comm. , 4024 ; ed. : Calendar of
Sparks MSS., 7; Narr. and crit. hist, of Am., 404, 3,
see also Harrisse, 777, Deane, 803 ; Memorial hist, of
Boston (1630-1800), 3193.

Winter, John, Trelawny papers, see Maine Hist. Soc.,
282 ; voyage of, Cliffe, see Drake, 814.

Winthrop, Prof. James, Adams's corr. with. See Mass.
Hist. Soc., 315.

Winthrop, Gov. 'John, Journal, 1041 ; Hist, of New
Eng. (1630-49), 1041 ; Author of " Short story," see
Adams, 893 ; answer to Ipswich letter, see Hutchin-



son, 959; life, Mather, see, Old South Work, 368 (77),
Twichell, 1042, R. C. Winthrop, 1043, see also Brooks,

Winthrop, Mrs. Margaret, life of, Earle, 1044.

Winthrop, R. C., Life and letters of John Winthrop,

Winthrop papers. See Mass. Hist. Soc., 305.

Wirt, William, Patrick Henry, 1361 ; letters, see Ed-
wards, 3356 ; life, Kennedy, 1707.

Wirz, Henry, trial of, 2372.

Wisconsin, bibliog. of, Durrie, 218 ; state surveys, 508,
509; antiquities of, Lapham, 577; hist, of, under do-
minion of France, Hebbard, 1117 ; cession of lead
region of, see Atwater, 2016; Columbian hist, of edu-
cation in, Stearns, 2952; as a part of the old North-
west, see Hinsdale, 3360 ; as a field for emigration,
see Oliphant, 3375; Parkman Club, 3376 ; hist, of (to
1836), Smith, 3379 ; Story of, Thwaites, 3384 ; People's
covenant as embodied in the constitution of, see
Thwaites, 3384; Cass MSS. (1723-26), see Wis. State
Hist. Soc., 3390, coll., v. 3; Seventy-two years' recol-
lections of, Grignon, 3390, coll., v. 3; Canadian docs,
rel. to hist. (1690-1730), 3390, coll., v. 5 ; Early French
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