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74th ( lommencement
Diamond Jubilee Plans
South Carolina Synod Viewed

Vol. 8, No. 2
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J&td t>£ l£*u, a#ul oft lUtxk, Sc&oel

Spring, 1955 Vol. 8, No. 2

Edited by Ben Hay Hammet, Director of Public Relations and Alumni Affairs

Entered as Second Class Matter April 12. 1949 at the Post Office at Clinton. S. C.
under the Act of August 24, 1912.


J. Marion Kirven

Robert Adams, Jr.

Harry Hicklin, Jr. _

To Be Named

William Beckman, M.D.

Robert L. Wylie, Jr.

Harry K. Holland _.

Marshall W. Brown, Ped. D.. LL.D.




... Director from Georgia

Director from South Carolina
..Past President

- .Chairman, Board of Trustees

president of the College

Robert Sims President, Walter Johnson Club


P. S. Bailey Clinton, S. C.

J. F. Jacobs, Sr. Clinton, S. C.

Hugh F. Dick Charlotte. V. C.


(President of Local Chapters)

W. McLeod Frampton Anderson, S. C.

C. Walker Sessions _. Atlanta, Ga.

George Wayne Ewing .....Augusta, Ga.

Lawrence Mixson Charleston, S. C.

Fred Stallworth Charlotte, N. C.

Morgan Craig Chester, S. C.

Harry Y. McSween Clinton, S. C.

James Key —Columbia, S. C.

Fred J. Harmon Elberton, Ga.

Neill Lindsay .. Fayetteville, N. C.

Be Neely Moore Florence, S. C.

Richard Carpenter Greenville, S. C.

J. W. Todd III Laurens, S. C.

John Bright, D.D. _ .....Richmond, la.

W. B. Rauch R oc k Hill, S. C.

George E. Oliver ..Savannah, Ga.

D. Pinckney Berry Spartanburg, S. C.

Robert Latimer _ ...Sumter, S. C.


with the


In their annual fund gifts, the
alumni make an essential con-
tribution to the program of the
college. The last year fund gifts
of $11,759.75 were the equivalent
of a 3'< return on $392,658.00.

To the PC'uns who ask me tha
basis of this calculation, I reply
that gifts from many sources are
a stabilizing influence in college
operations. The able Investment
Committee of our Board of Trus-
tees receives an average of 4.8%
return from a conservative in-
vestment of the Endowment

At the time of the last annual
audit of the Endowment Fund
by a certified public accountant,
20% was invested in bonds, 18%
in preferred stocks, 28% in com-
mon stocks, 18% in real estate,
7% in Building and Loan, and
9% in well secured notes or in
banks. The K Bonds, now offered
by the United States for institu-
tional purchase, pay 2.7/6%. We
believe that we are justified in
"capitalizing" alumni gifts at 3%,
because the alumni influence
which goes with annual giving
may make these gifts worth
more than the 4.8% return from
our regularly invested endow-

We need and appreciate gifts,
but we value even more the
loyal interest of alumni contrib-


Commencement ._ 3

Jubilee Plans 4

Army Sec. Stevens Visit ... . 4

Dormitory Progress _..__ 5


S. C. Synod Picture 6

Chapter News 7

Sports 8

Class News 10


The new chairman of the Pres-
byterian College Board of Trus-
tees is the Rev. Harry K. Holland
'26, pastor of the First Presbyte-
rian Church of Marietta, Ga.

Spring, 1955

Three PC Alumni
Honored at Graduation

Ninety-Three Seniors Receive Degrees
At College's 74th Commencement

Presbyterian College gave bac-
calaureate degrees to 93 seniors
and honorary degrees to three
alumni as the highlights of its
74th commencement exercises on
June 5-6.

The honorary degrees went to:
doctor of divinity — the Rev. Cliff
Hill McLeod '38 of Sumter and
the Rev. Clarence E. Piephoff
'22 of College Park, Ga.; doctor
of laws — G. Crieghton Frampton
'27 of Charleston.

McLeod preached the bacca-
laureate sermon on June 5. The
commencement address on the
following morning was delivered
by John Temple Graves of Bir-
mingham, prominent author, lec-
turer and newspaper columnist.

In addition to their degrees,
32 senior ROTC cadets received
commissions as second lieuten-
ants in the Officers' Reserve
Corps. Awards and medals also

PaC SaC Dedicated
To President Brown

The 1955 PaC SaC is dedicated
to President Marshall W. Brown.

Editor Jack Edmunds of De-
catur, Ga., presented the first
issue to Dr. Brown in a special
chapel ceremony shortly before
the close of the spring semester.
The dedication reads:

"A man who abounds in the
highest ideals of the Christian
Spirit . . . whose consideration
of his fellow men is radiated
each day in his dealings with
students and those who work
with him . . . who lives to serve
and humbly serves as he lives . . .
whose dedicated goal is the in-
creasement of his services to the
college he loves. It is with deep
humility and earnest apprecia-
tion for the work that he has
done that we, the staff of the
1955 PaC SaC have dedicated
this annual to Marshall W.
Brown, who, for over a quarter
of a century, has given his life,
his love and his ideals toward
building a better Presbyterian

were presented to mark special
achievement in various fields of
college endeavor.

The three honorary degree re-
cipients were selected from a
large list of candidates by the
Board of Trustees, in concur-
rence with the PC faculty.

McLeod, a native of Doerun,
Ga.. has been pastor of the First
Presbyterian Church of Sumter
since 1951. Prior to that, he
served for ten years in the pulpit
of the First Church of Moores-
ville, N. C. He attended Colum-
bia Theological Seminary after
finishing PC, receiving his BD
in 1941, and earned his Master
of Theology at Princeton Sem-
inary. He served one term as a
member of the Presbyterian Col-
lege of Trustees.

Piephoff, who currently serves
as moderator of the Synod of
Georgia, has been pastor of the
College Park Presbyterian
Church since 1944. His other pas-
torates include two years at At-
lanta's Pryor Street Church and
13 years at the Monaghan and
Reedy River Churches of Green-
ville, S. C.

Piephoff also served for three


years as assistant to the presi-
dent of Thornwell Orphanage
and has taught at Darlington
School of Rome, Ga. He is a na-
tive of Spartanburg, and received
both his BD and ThM degrees
from Columbia Theological Sem-

Frampton has served as super-
intendent of education for Char-
leston County since 1946 and has
been outstanding in the field of
public school education through-
out the state. He is on the South
Carolina Textbook Commission
and on the state education ad-
visory committee and recently
served as president of the South
Carolina Education Association.



Spring, 1955

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS WEEK al PC this spring brought Secretary of the Army Robert T.
Stevens as the main speaker. He is pictured above reviewing the honor guard company, on speakers stand
on Johnson Field, being introduced by U. S. Senator Strom Thurmond and addressing his audience of 2500

Make Your Plans for Diamond Jubilee!

• Fund Aims At New Record

A record total of gifts for the 1955 Alumni Fund
is the diamond jubilee goal of Presbyterian College

The giving program for this year already is
underway. It is off to a flying start which indicates
the goal can be readily attained if the pace is

In the opening month, more than one-fourth
of the total number which contributed last year
have already sent gifts.

The momentum of alumni giving thus continues
to mount as PC men see their support converted
into real progress at the college. The Alumni Fund
is a mere youngster going into its ninth year, but
it has grown steadily over this period — each year
exceeding its previous performance until it now
represents a productive source of income for PC.

The new record established in 1954 amounted
to $11,759.75. It marked a 23 percent increase over
the 1953 total.

The challenge for 1955 and future years ap-
peared in the figure which indicated that 12 percent
of the alumni contributed this total. As alumni pres-
ident J. Marion Kirven '27 of Columbia expressed
in a recent letter:

"Now let me present a challenge. Just suppose
every PC alumnus, instead of 12 percent, had given
in 1954. The total would have amounted to $94,830.

• Homecoming Set For October 15

It's the diamond jubilee 75th anniversary Home-
coming on next October 15.

A gala affair is planned to commemorate the
occasion, and all alumni are urged to start making
their arrangements now to attend. Come and spend
all that Saturday on the campus.

Highlight of the celebration will be the night
gridiron clash between Presbyterian and Wofford,
a rivalry which has produced some of South Caro-
lina's finest football in recent years. The last time
these two teams provided the action for a PC Home-
coming in 1949 more than 8,000 fans packed the

Dedication of the new dormitory, which will
be completed in time for the fall semester, also
is planned as part of the Homecoming program.
And these special class reunions are scheduled:

Golden anniversary — 1905; 40th anniversary —
1915; 30th anniversary — 1925; Silver anniversary —
1930; 20th anniversary — 1935; 10th anniversary —
1945; 5th anniversary — 1950; 1st anniversary — 1954.
These companion classes also will hold reunions:
1904, 1914, 1924, 1929, 1934, 1944, 1949 and 1955.

An Alumni Luncheon is being planned as usual,
at which time Dr. Henry M. Brimm '17 of Union
Theological Seminary in Richmond will receive the
Alumni Gold P Award for 1955, and you'll find
many other features, too. Arrangements for over-
night accommodations will be announced later.

Be sure to: "Meet Me at PC for Jubilee".

Spring, 1955

Ferrene Joins PC Staff
To Aid In Development

Otto Walter Ferrene, class of
1931, has been added to the Pres-
byterian College staff as vice-
president in charge of develop-

He will leave his position as
dean of instruction at Presby-
terian Junior College to assume
his new post at PC on July 1.

President Marshall W. Brown,
in making the announcement,
said Ferrene will assist in raising
funds for Presbyterian College.
He will travel throughout the
controlling Synods of Georgia
and South Carolina contacting
the churches, friends and alumni
of PC and supporters of Christ-
ian education.

Dr. Brown pointed out this
position is a new office created
at the college to place even
greater emphasis upon fund-
raising and to assure a maxi-
mum effort in the forthcoming
development program.

Ferrene has been connected
with Presbyterian Junior College
since 1932, holding a number of
positions including: dean of stu-
dents, coach, professor of science,
registrar and dean of instruction.
He has taught during summer
school sessions at both PC and
Flora MacDonald. A native of
Chattanooga, Tenn., and a grad-
uate of Thornwell Orphanage,
Ferrene received his BS from
Presbyterian in 1931, his MA

from the University of Alabama
in 1937. At PC he played at end
on the SIAA championship foot-
ball team which defeated N. C.
State and Wake Forest on suc-
cessive weekends. He is married
to the former Miss Marie King,
and they have a son and daugh-

Alumnus Heads
Brazilian School

Dr. Joseph Morgan Stokes '25,
a PC Rhodes scholar, serves as
president of a school to develop
engineers for the Brazilian air

He organized and became ad-
ministrative head of the Insti-
tuto Technologico de Aeronau-
tica for the Brazilian Air Min-
istry in 1949. It is located in Sao
Jose dos Campos, Brazil.

Dr. Stokes' career prior to as-
suming this position included
teaching mathematics at Pres-
byterian for a year after gradu-
ation, teaching English at Uni-
versity of South Carolina, Yale
and Wesleyan University, serving
as a naval officer in World War
II and serving as dean of the
University of Massachusetts.

He received an MA and PhD
from Yale and attended Oxford
on a Rhodes Scholarship to gain
the degree of BA, B.Litt and MA.

/»im»/. (.lull ('.Inner

Taylor Translates
A 'Life of Jesus'

Another book by Dr. G. Aiken
Taylor '40 has recently been pub-
lished and is the July selection
Of the Evangelical Book Club.

It is St. Luke's Life of Jesus.
an unusual translation retelling
the story in modern yet reverent
language. The most important
fact about this work is empha-
sized in these words by the Mac-
millian Company, publishers:

"... Luke's original purpose
in writing the Gospel is con-
veyed in this new version. For
it is not only a biography of
Christ; Luke wrote to give the
followers of the new religion the
heritage of their faith, the foun-
dation of their belief. The dyna-
mic core of what Luke actually
told is recaptured in these pages."

Dr. Taylor, pastor of the First
Presbyterian Church of Alexan-
dria, La., also is the author of
A Sober Faith, a study of the re-
lationship between religion and
Alcoholics Anonymous.

Stallworth Receives
Charlotte Chapter Award

Tommy Stallworth, a ministe-
rial candidate from Atlanta, re-
ceived PC's "Outstanding senior"
award for 1955 — an award given
annually by the Charlotte Alum-
ni Chapter.

rwm*^v.v ,


Progress Report: The New Dormitory






it I

" -




* -1



""' i<9


NEW LEADERS of the PC stu-
dent body, elected to serve next
year are: President Bill Toole
of Indianapolis, Ind., and Vice-
President Edward Hay of Wad-
malaw Island, S. C. Both are ris-
ing seniors.

SITIONS for the coming year
are in the hands of: Ray Lord of
Dublin, Ga., editor of the PaC
SaC; Bill Dantzler of Birming-
ham, Ala., president of the Stu-
dent Christian Association; and
Richard Oliver of College Park,
Ga., editor of The Blue Stocking.
Oliver served as editor the past
semester and will continue for
the first semester next fall.

dentally, is the recipient of an-
other All-American rating from
the Associated Collegiate Press —
the ninth such rating in history
and more than any other state
college newspaper. The latest
award was for the first semester

Women Leaders Set June 20-25
For Synodical Training School

Presbyterian College will play
host to the eighth annual Synod-
ical Training School of the Synod
of South Carolina on June 20-25.

More than 100 Presbyterian
women from throughout the state
are expected to attend this ac-
credited school offering courses
on religious subjects for class
and departmental leaders.

Mrs. W. Rex Josey of Man-
ning, president of the Synod's
women and chairman of the Wo-
men's Advisory Council of the
Presbyterian Church US, will
serve as dean of the school. The
faculty will include several out-
standing religious leaders.

The school met at PC for the

of the past year, issues edited by
Ray Lord.

SCHOOL AWARD, inaugurated
this year to recognize unusual
student attainemnt, went to Wil-
liam Neville of Newberry, vice-
president of the student body.

first time last year and decided
at that time to make the college
the regular location for its an-
nual session.

Boh Hall Receives
Degree in Scotland

The Rev. Robert G. Hall '44
of Westminster, S. C, recently
received his doctorate in theol-
ogy from the University of Ed-J

He studied for two years in
Scotland under the terms of the
Walter W. Moore Fellowship
from Union Theological Semi
nary and with assistance of the
G. I. education bill. During this
period abroad, he traveled ex-
tensively in Europe and the near
East, visiting Egypt, Syria and

Dr. Hall received his BA de
gree from Presbyterian College
in 1944, his BD from Unior
Seminary at Richmond in 1947

South Carolina Synod: Here in '54 . . .

Presbyterian College alumni
chapters carried on a variety of
activities during the spring sea-

CHARLOTTE opened the
schedule with its annual banquet
for alumni and prospective stu-
dents of that area, held in con-
junction with the campus Char-
lotte-PC Club.

Forty-three persons attended
this affair on April 20 in the
Dogwood Room of Airport 77
Restaurant. Of this total, 18 were
high school seniors interested in
attending PC next fall who came
as special guests. The group
heard a special report on the col-
lege's forthcoming development
program by President Marshall
W. Brown and several selections
by a student quartet. Chapter
president Bob Westbrook '50 pre-

New officers of the chapter
elected at this time include: Fred
Stallworth '31, president; Ross
Templeton '24, vice-president;
Morris Ritch '39, secretary; and
Amador Flynt '51, treasurer.

Some 18 persons attended the
meeting of GREENVILLE alum-
ni held in the Ottaray Hotel on

Chapter News

April 28. Dick Carpenter '41x
presided as president of the or-
ganization. Representing PC at
this gathering were President
Brown and Ben Hay Hammet,
with Dr. Brown giving a detailed
report on the college.

ATLANTA DAY once more
was tagged a great success as
high school seniors of the Atlan-
ta area came on chartered bus
to visit the campus during the
state track meet on May 7. This
project is sponsored annually by
the Atlanta Chapter. The Rev.
Eugene Wilson '25, pastor of the
Peachtree Road Presbyterian
Church, accompanied the group
of students to Clinton.

Alumni of the TRI-COUNTY
DON AND LEE) met in the Sun-
day School rooms of the First
Presbyterian Church on May 17
for their spring meeting. Thirty-
three persons attended this
Ladies' Night occasion. They

heard reports on PC by Dr.
Brown and Hammet and saw the
pictures of Presbyterian's victory
over Appalachian last fall. Chap-
ti i president Jimmy Richardson
'40 presided.

Elected new officers at this
time were: Robert Latimer '29
of Bishopville, president; Harvey
Tiller, Jr. '49x of Mayesville,
vice - president; Thomas Des-
Champs '54 of Bishopville, secre-
tary; and Sam Pringle '?? of
Sumter, assistant secretary.

Ladies' Night also served to
highlight the ROCK HILL
CHAPTER meeting held on June
2 at the Oakland Avenue Pres-
byterian Church. Approximately
35 persons attended this assem-
bly presided over by President
Bill Rauch '45x, and heard re-
ports from Dr. Brown, Coach
Bill Crutchfield and Hammet.
The PC - Appalachian football
football movie also was shown
at this time.

To Meet Again at PC on July 26-27

■ ■ i



PC Sports

Champion Tennis Team
Tops Full Spring Program

Those perennial Blue Hose net champions won their 15th consecu-
tive South Carolina intercollegiate tennis crown as the feature attraction
of Presbyterian College's four-sport spring athletic program.

The Hosemen also swept past an impressive array of strong out-of-
state opponents, including Har-

vard three times and Cornell
twice, as they posted an overall
season record of 16 wins and 7

Track also provided a winning
campaign, with four victories
and 2 losses in dual meets and
a third-place finish in the state
meet held annually on the PC
cinder path.

Baseball and golf, however,
fell below the .500 mark this
year. The Presbyterian diamond
crew won 9 of 19 contests while
the golfers could manage only
2 wins and a tie in ten matches.

Presbyterian College wound
up its 1954-55 sports program
impressively, and fans could look
back with enthusiasm on an-
other great year of Blue Hose
achievement. Of the total of 97
contests in six intercollegiate
sports during the year, Presby-
terian emerged victorious in 57

Alumni Sports Head

while losing 39 and tieing 1. The
triumphs brought two state

Prior to the spring season, the
football team had won 6 games
and lost 3, the basketball squad
had posted a record of 20 vic-
tories and only 6 defeats. This
performance by the PC quintet
resulted in a tie for the South
Carolina basketball crown, and
the tennis team added the sec-
ond championship of the year.

Allen Morris, the powerful red-
headed junior from Atlanta,
once more was the pace-setter
on the Presbyterian courts. He
trounced all except four of his
individual opponents and won
his third straight singles and
doubles titles in the state tour-

Morris now heads for the sum-
mer tennis circuit, where he
hopes to continue his dramatic
climb which already has him
ranked second in the south and
18th nationally. He will play as
defending champion in the Blue
and Gray Tournament in Mont-
gomery, Ala., early in June and
in the Southern Championships
at Memphis, Tenn., a week later.

Six weeks of ROTC summer

camp duty will interrupt the
schedule at this point, but the |
PC tennis ace hopes to resume
play in the important eastern
grass court circuit around Aug-
ust 1. The big tournament trail
here will end at Forest Hills, N.
Y., for the National Singles
Championships where Morris has
drawn considerable notice the
past two years.


Marine Lt. Frank H. Spears
'52 had an exciting experience
in surviving the emergency
"ditching" of his FJ2 (jet) Fury
in shark-infested waters off Cuba
last fall.

His outfit reported this to be
the first time a Fury had been
successfully 'd'itched" in water.

Spears, with his squadron on
Caribbean maneuvers out of
Guantanamo Bay Naval Station,
Cuba, was returning from a gun-
nery run 75 miles off the coast
when his plane developed a
"flameout" which caught up and
went out five times.

When his ejection mechanism
failed, he was forced to bring
the plane down into the sea.
Fortunately, the surface was
smooth that day, enabling Spears
to land and clear the canopy
unharmed. As he entered his life
raft, he noticed several sharks
circling the area and used a dose
of shark repellant to drive them

Not long after his "ditching".
Spears was sighted by a rescue
helicopter which directed a crash
boat to his location. He was
picked up and returned to base
without a scratch.

President Walter Johnson Club






Sept. 17




Sept. 24

Austin Peay

Clarksville, Tenn.


Oct. 8




Oct. 15





Oct. 22




Oct. 28




Nov. 4


Deland, Fla.


Nov. 12




Nov. 24




Spring, 1955

Presbyterian College finished third in the 28th annual South Carolina Intercollegiate Track and Field
Meet this spring, but only after several outstanding performances by Blue Hose entries. Some of the action
is pictured above: left to right, top row — Bobby Vass of Atlanta wins his third straight broad jump title
(and in one leap went a foot over the record but "scratched" at the take-off board); an overall picture of the
action on Johnson Field, annual scene of meet; and John Fesperman of Waycross, Ga., moves out to a big
lead in his victorious two-mile run.

Second row — Fesperman receives his first-place medal from Academic Dean George C. Bellingrath during
victory ceremonies for two-mile run; Jimmy Hancock of Rock Hill (far left) and Wyatl Aiken of Green-
ville (far right) make strong bids in high hurdles; and the 100-yard dash found Delane Johnson of Spartan-
burg (second from right) and Vass (left) taking second and third places.


a I

Jd Si


J. Lv-/ LXllv-iJ-U

y v


-/ JL J-J-.






Opponent Score





Florida State

53 13

South Carolina


Rollins 2

88 1/6


42 5/6

Miami 3





Miami 7

83 1/2


48 1/2



55 1/2


75 1/2


South Carolina





Wofford 2





Third i State Meet



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