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held my head ... the game was too deep for me.

* * * * *

Every week a hamper of good things is dispatched to 3143 Sapper Ebenezer
Maggs, British Prisoner of War, Gefangenen-Lager, Friedrichsfeld bei
Wesel. I have been in communication with his people, and since his
flight from the camp they have not had a line from him. They will let me
know at once if they hear, but I am restless and anxious about him.

I dare not write lest I compromise him: I dare not make official enquiry
as to his safety for the same reason. If he survived those shots in the
dark, he is certainly undergoing punishment, and in that case he would
be deprived of the privilege of writing or receiving letters....

But the weeks slip by and no message comes to me from Chewton Mendip.
Almost daily I wonder if the gallant lad survived that night to return
to the misery of the starvation camp, or whether, out of the darkness of
the forest, his brave soul soared free, achieving its final release from
the sufferings of this world.... Poor Sapper Maggs!

Francis and Monica are honeymooning on the Riviera. Gerry, I am sure,
would have refused to attend the wedding, only he wasn't asked. Francis
is getting a billet on the Intelligence out in France when his leave is

I have got my step, antedated back to the day I went into Germany.
Francis has been told that something is coming to him and me in the New
Year's Honours.

I don't worry much. I am going back to the front on Christmas Eve.



By Valentine Williams.

Whilst spending a holiday in a small Central American Republic, Desmond
Okewood, of the Secret Service, learns from a dying beach-comber of a
hidden treasure.

With the assistance of a millionaire, he sets out for Cock Island, in
the Pacific. To his astonishment he discovers that the Man with the
Clubfoot, whom he had regarded as dead, has anticipated him. It is
obvious to Okewood that his old enemy is also in search of the hidden
gold, and there ensues a thrilling sequence of adventures, in which the
millionaire's pretty niece takes a prominent part.

Okewood has the cipher, and the Man with the Clubfoot determines to
secure it, for without that cipher it is impossible to discover the
hiding-place of the treasure; but there is something that the Man with
the Clubfoot does not know, whereas Okewood does.

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Online LibraryValentine WilliamsThe Man with the Clubfoot → online text (page 16 of 16)