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July 24th, and circulated to all members on the 26th.

[Sidenote: 4 p.m.]



The Co-Partnership Tenants have invited Members to visit the =Hampstead
Garden Suburb=, where they will be entertained to tea. The party leaves
South Kensington Station at 2-30 p.m.

Several Luncheon and Tea Parties are also being arranged for this day.
Will any Members wishing to enjoy this hospitality give in their names
not later than the afternoon of Thursday, July 25th, at the Hospitality
Bureau in the Hall of the University?


A Lunch and Garden Party will be given by Mr. Robert Mond to the
Members of the Congress in the Grounds of Combe Park, Sevenoaks (near
London). Guests will be conveyed there and back by special train.
Invitations and all particulars will be issued in the same way as for
the Duchess of Marlborough's reception. (See page 11, at foot).

The Proprietors of the =London Aerodrome= have kindly issued a limited
number of invitations to witness exhibition flights during the
afternoon (weather permitting).


Sociology and Eugenics.



[Sidenote: 10 a.m.]

"Elite Fisio - Psichica ed Elite Economica."

("The Psycho Physical Elite, and the Economic Elite.")

Achille Loria, Professor of Political Economy, University of Turin.

[Sidenote: 10-25 a.m.]

"The Cause of the Inferiority of Physical and Mental Characters in the
Lower Social Classes."

Alfredo Niceforo, Professor of Statistics at the University of Naples.

(_As these two papers treat of similar subjects, they will be grouped
for discussion_.)

[Sidenote: 11 a.m.]

"La Fertilité des Marriages suivant la Profession et la Situation

(The Fertility of Marriages according to Profession and Social

Monsieur Lucien March,

Directeur de la Statistique Générale de la France.

Discussion opened by Mr. Bernard Mallett.

[Sidenote: 11-45 a.m.]

"Eugenics and Militarism."

Vernon L. Kellogg, Professor of Entomology, Stanford University.

[Sidenote: 12-30 p.m.]

"Eugenics in Party Organisation."

Roberto Michels, Professor of Political Economy, University of Turin.

[Sidenote: 1 p.m.]


[Footnote I: For Arrangements see pages 10 and 27.]

SECTION IIIa. (Continued).

Sociology and Eugenics.



[Sidenote: 2-30 p.m.]

"The Influence of Race on History."

W. C. D. and Mrs. W. C. D. Whetham, Cambridge.

[Sidenote: 2-55 p.m.]

"Some Interrelations between Eugenics and Historical Research."

Dr. Adams Woods, Harvard Medical School.

(_As these two papers are on similar subjects they will be grouped and
discussed together_).

[Sidenote: 4 p.m.]

"Contributi Demografici ai Problemi dell' Eugenica."

(The Contributions of Demography to Eugenics).

Corrado Gini,

Professor of Statistics, University of Cagliari, Italy.

[Sidenote: 4-45 p.m.]



[Sidenote: 9-30 p.m.]

A Reception will be given at the University of London by the President
and Mrs. Leonard Darwin. (Invitations to this reception will be
forwarded to all Members and Associates on their joining the Congress.
Those Members who join on or after Wednesday, 24th, should apply for
their cards at the Hospitality Bureau at the Congress.)


Medicine and Eugenics.



[Sidenote: 10 a.m.]

"Sur la prophylaxie de la Syphilis Héréditaire et son action Eugénique."

(On the Prophylaxis of Hereditary Syphilis and its Eugenic Effect).

Dr. Hallopeau, Professeur à la Faculté de Médecine.


[Sidenote: 10-45 a.m.]

"Alkohol und Eugenik."

(Alcohol and Eugenics).

Dr. Alfred Mjoën, Kristiania, Norway.

[Sidenote: 11-10 a.m.]

"Alcoholisme et Dégénérescence."

Statistiques du Bureau central d'Administration des aliénés de Paris et
du department de la Seine de 1867 à 1912.

(Alcoholism and Degeneracy).

(Statistics from the central office for the management of the insane of
Paris and the Department of the Seine from 1867 to 1912).

Dr. Magnan, of the Asile Saint Anne, Membre de l'Academie de Médecine

Dr. Fillassier, Membre de l'Academie de Médecine.

(_As these two papers are on similar subjects they will be grouped and
discussed together_).

Discussion opened by Dr. Archdall Reid.

[Sidenote: 12-15 p.m.]

"Rassenhygiene und Arztliche Gebürtshilfe."

(Eugenics and Obstetrics).

Dr. Agnes Bluhm, Berlin.

[Sidenote: 1 p.m.]


[Footnote J: For arrangements see pages 10 and 27.]


Medicine and Eugenics.



[Sidenote: 2-30 p.m.]

"Heredity and Eugenics in Relation to Insanity."

Dr. F. W. Mott, F.R.S., Pathologist to the London County Asylums.

(_This paper will be illustrated by Lantern Slides_.)


[Sidenote: 3-15 p.m.]

"The Place of Eugenics in the Medical Curriculum."

H. E. Jordan,

Professor of Histology and Embryology, University of Virginia, and
Chairman Eugenics Section American Breeders' Association for the Study
and Prevention of Infant Mortality.


[Sidenote: 4 p.m.]

"The History of a Healthy, Sane Family showing Longevity, in Catalonia."

Valenti y Vivo,

Professor of Medicine and Toxicology, University of Barcelona Spain.


By the President.


The Exhibition in connection with the First International Eugenics
Congress will include - (1) Charts, pedigrees, photographs, and
specimens illustrative of Heredity, especially in man. (2) Relics of
Charles Darwin, Sir Francis Galton and Gregor Mendel. (3) Portraits of
Notable Workers.

The Committee desires to make the Exhibition as fully representative
as possible of the past history and present state of the sciences of
Heredity and Eugenics.

Many interesting exhibits have been received from America, France,
Germany and all parts of the United Kingdom.

Professor von Gruber has sent over from the International Race
Hygiene Congress, held in Dresden, in 1911, a collection of exhibits
representative of German work.

The American Eugenics Record Office is sending an important exhibit, as
are also the State Epileptic Colony of New Jersey, and Dr. Goddard, of

Among the British Exhibitors are Major Leonard Darwin, Professor
Punnett, Mr. Wheler, Mr. Whetham, Mr. Nettleship, Mr. E. J. Lidbetter
and many others.

An Illustrated Catalogue is in preparation, and will be on sale at the
Book Stall.

Many of the Exhibitors have signified their intention of attending the
Congress, and their willingness to explain their exhibits to enquirers.


Sir James Barr, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.E.
Sir Edward Brabrook, C.B.
Sir James Crichton-Browne, F.R.S.
Rev. R. J. Campbell, M.A.
The Hon. Sir John Cockburn, K.C.M.G., M.D.
Montague Crackanthorpe, K.C.
R. Newton Crane, M.A.
A. E. Crawley, M.A.
Sir Henry Cunningham, K.C.I.E.
Francis Darwin, Sc.D., M.B., F.R.S.
Dr. C. B. Davenport.
Dr. Langdon Down.
Havelock Ellis.
The Hon. Sir John Findlay, K.C.M.G., LL.D.
Professor J. J. Findlay, M.A.
Dr. Wilfred Hadley.
Mrs. H. N. C. Heath.
Admiral W. H. Henderson.
Monsieur Huber.
The Very Rev. The Dean of St. Paul's, D.D.
Dr. David Starr Jordan.
R. Dixon Kingham, B.A.
Miss Kirby.
J. Ernest Lane, F.R.C.S.
The Rev. Hon. Edward Lyttelton, M.A.
Lady Owen Mackenzie.
W. C. Marshall, M.A.
Colonel Melville, R.A.M.C.
Lady Ottoline Morrell.
F. W. Mott, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.
G. P. Mudge, F.Z.S.
Professor A. Niceforo.
Mrs. J. Penrose.
Mrs. E. F. Pinsent.
Dr. A. Ploëtz.
Mrs. G. Pooley.
Professor E. B. Poulton, LL. D., D.Sc. F.R.S.
Professor R. C. Punnett, M.A.
Walter Rea, M.P.
G. Archdall Reid, M.B., F.R.S.E.
John Russell, M.A.
Ettie Sayer, M.D.
C. G. Seligmann, M.D.
Professor Arthur Schuster, Ph.D., D.Sc. F.R.S.
Edgar Schuster, M.A., D.Sc.
F. C. S. Schiller, M.A., D.Sc.
Lady Henry Somerset.
Dr. J. W. Slaughter.
W. C. Sullivan, M.D.
Professor J. A. Thomson, M.A.
A. F. Tredgold, L.R.C.P.
Mrs. Alec Tweedie.
W. C. D. Whetham, M.A., F.R.S.
Arnold White.
A. Gordon Wilson, M.D., F.R.C.S.
P. von Fleischl, Hon. Treasurer.
Mrs. Gotto, Hon. Secretary.


Major L. Darwin, _President_.
Paul Von Fleischl, _Hon. Treasurer_.
Mrs. Gotto, _Hon. Secretary_.
H. B. Grylls, _Secretary of the Exhibition_.
Professor Punnett.
Dr. E. Schuster.
Dr. Tredgold.


Her Grace the Duchess of Marlborough.
The Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor of London.
Lady Aberconway.
Mr. Newton Crane.
Mrs. Leonard Darwin.
Mrs. A. C. Gotto.
Mrs. Whitelaw Reid.
Mrs. Alec-Tweedie, _Hon. Secretary_.


[Footnote K: _As Delegates are daily being appointed this list is
necessarily quite incomplete, only those appointments made before June
15th being included._]

American Breeders' Association Professor V. L. Kellogg.
Bleecker van Wagenen.
Assistance Nationale aux Tuberculeux Monsieur Cassiano Veves.
Board of Education Sir George Newman, M.D.
Borough of Holborn Councillor A. Chapman.
Borough of Ealing Councillor Farr.
Borough of Shoreditch Councillor J. Timmins, M.W.B.
British Womens' Emigration Association Mrs. Ross
British Constitution Association Mr. W. H. Southon.
British Academy Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour.
Cheltenham Ladies' College Dr. Eveline Cargill.
Commonwealth of Australia Sir John Cockburn, K.C.M.G.
Education Department, Wakefield Alderman Hinchliffe.
Entomological Society of London Professor W. Bateson.
Eugenics Education Society of New
Zealand Dr. Emily Siedeberg.
Folk-Lore Society Sir Edward Brabrook.
French Republic Monsieur Lucien March,
Directeur Statistique
Générale de la France.
Incorporated Association of Assistant
Masters in Secondary Schools Mr. F. Charles.
L'Académie de Médecine M. le Prof. Pinard.
Linnean Society Professor W. Bateson.
Liverpool Biological Society Mr. R. D. Laurie.
Local Government Board Dr. Arthur Newsholme.
London County Council Mr. A. O. Goodrich.
Sir John McDougall.
Metropolitan Asylums Board Mr. Walter Dennis.
Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury Dr Lauzun-Brown.
Metropolitan Borough of Wandsworth Alderman Major M.
Robinson, L.M.D.
National League for Physical Education
and Improvement Colonel T. H. Hendley,
National Hospital for the Paralysed and
Epileptic Dr. Risien-Russell.
National Service League
National Society for Epileptics Mr. G. Penn Gaskell.
National Union of Teachers Mr. C. W. Crook.
Newport Elementary Education Committee Dr. J. Lloyd Davies.
Councillor Peter Wright.

North London or University College Hospital
Nurses' Social Union Mrs. Barnes.
Parents' National Education Union Miss E. Parish.
Miss M. Franklin.
Prudential Insurance Co., of America Mr. Frederick Hoffman.
Ranyard Nurses Miss Zoë L. Puxley.
Royal Anthropological Institute Dr. Seligmann.
Royal University of Athens Professor André Andreadis.
Royal College of Surgeons Mr. G. H. Makins, C.B.
Royal Society of Medicine Sir George Savage, M.D.
Royal Statistical Society Dr. Dudfield.
Royal Surgical Aid Society Mr. Henry Allhusen.
Rev. Professor Green.
Société Nationale des Professeurs de
Français en Angleterre Monsieur A. Perret.
Society of Women Journalists Mrs. Bedford Fenwick.
Society of Medical Officers of Health Dr. A. Bustock-Hill.
St. Pancras School for Mothers Lady Meyer,
Mr. Warden.
Union des Associations Internationales,
Brussels Madame van Schelle.
University of Barcelona Professor I. Valenti Vivo.
University of Bristol Professor C. Lloyd Morgan,
University of Edinburgh Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour.
University of Glasgow Dr. W. E. Agor.
University of Minnesota Professor S. G. Smith.
University of Oxford Dr. Edgar Schuster, M.A.
University of St. Andrews Professor Edgar
(or) Dr. Heron.
University of Sydney Professor A. Stuart, M.D.
Urban District of Finchley Councillor Royston.
Willesden Urban District Council Councillor Riley.
Women's Freedom League Mrs. Clarke.


International Eugenics Congress



6, York Buildings, Adelphi, London, W.C.

Kindly enrol my name as an ASSOCIATE[M] of the First International

Eugenics Congress for which I herewith enclose my fee.
for which I will pay on arrival.
(_Cross out one of these lines_).

Name _______________________________________________________________

Profession _________________________________________________________

Address in full ____________________________________________________

(_Kindly write clearly._)

The foregoing data are requested at your earliest convenience, so that
they may be included in the official list of the Congress.

Fees may be paid either by cash, postal money order or cheque, to the
Assistant Treasurer -

Miss E. Sellar,
6, York Buildings,
Adelphi, London, W.C.

=N.B. - Only Members paying in advance will be able to avail themselves
of the reduced Railway fares, as in all cases the Congress Voucher must
be produced before the ticket will be issued.=

[Footnote L: The Membership fee is one pound sterling, equivalent to
twenty-five francs, twenty marks, twenty-eight pesetas, or ten dollars
Mexican currency.]

[Footnote M: The Associate Membership fee is ten shillings, equivalent
to thirteen francs, ten marks, fourteen pesetas, or five dollars
Mexican currency.]



_To the Hon. Secretary, Entertainments Committee._

Please send me one Ticket for my own use (and one for a guest[N]), Seven
Shillings and Sixpence (10 frcs.) each, for the Inaugural Banquet of the
First International Eugenics Congress to be held at the Hotel Cecil,
Strand, at 7 p.m., July 24th. I enclose £ s. d.

_Name_ _____________________________________________________________
(Member of the Congress).

_Address_ __________________________________________________________


N.B. - This form should be sent immediately to the Hon. Secretary,
Entertainments Committee, 30, York Terrace, Harley Street.

[Footnote N: _Strike out if not wanted._]


A List of some Restaurants within easy reach of the University.

Open-Air Café, à la Carte
Kensington Gardens 5 minutes walk. (Reasonable Charges).

Imperial Restaurant,
24, Alfred Place 5 " 1/6 Table d'Hôte.

A.B.C. Depôt,
32, Alfred Place 5 " à la Carte
(Adjoining South Kensington (Popular Prices).
Tube Station).

Lyon's Depôt,
Gloucester Road 7 " "

Royal Palace Hotel,
Kensington Gardens 8 " Special 2/6 Table d'Hôte
to Members of Congress
or à la Carte.

Lyon's Depôt,
Brompton Road 8 " à la Carte.
(Popular Prices).

Harrods' Stores,
Brompton Road 12 " 2/- Table d'Hôte or
à la Carte.

* * * * * *

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