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Sir W. Raleigh,
_Hist. of the World_.


J. Milton,


16 JAN., 1882.

Contents of the Fourth Volume.


[? THOMAS OCCLEVE, Clerk in the Office of the Privy Seal.] _The_
_Letter of Cupid._ (1402.) 54

EDWARD UNDERHILL, Esq., of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners,
surnamed, "The hot Gospeller." _Examination and_
_Imprisonment in August 1553; with anecdotes of the Time_
(? 1562.) 72


ROBERT TOMSON, of Andover, Merchant. _Voyage to the West_
_Indies and Mexico, 1556-1558_, A.D. 11

JOHN FOX, the Martyrologist. _The Imprisonment of the Princess_
_Elizabeth._ (1563.) 112

Rev. THOMAS BRICE. _A compendious Register in metre, containing_
_the names and patient sufferings of the members of Jesus Christ,_
_and the tormented, and cruelly burned within England; since_
_the death of our famous King, of immortal memory, EDWARD_
_the Sixth, to the entrance and beginning of the reign of our_
_Sovereign and dearest Lady ELIZABETH, of England, France,_
_and Ireland, Queen; Defender of the Faith; to whose Highness_
_truly and properly appertaineth, next and immediately_
_under GOD, the supreme power and authority of the Churches_
_of England and Ireland._ (1559.) 143

GEORGE FERRERS, the Poet. _The winning of Calais by the_
_French, January 1558_ A.D. _General Narrative of the Recapture._
(? 1568.) 173

_The Passage of our dread Sovereign Lady, Queen ELIZABETH,_
_through the City of London to Westminster, the day before her_
_Coronation._ (1558.) 217

Lord WENTWORTH, the Lord Deputy of Calais, and the Council
there. _Letter to Queen Mary, 23rd May, 1557_ 186

Lords WENTWORTH and GREY, and the Council at Calais. _Report_
_to Queen Mary, 27th December, 1557_ 187

Lord WENTWORTH, at Calais. _Letter to Queen MARY, 1 January,_
_1558, 9 p.m._ 190

- - _Letter to Queen MARY, 2 January,_
_1558, 10 p.m._ 192

JOHN HIGHFIELD, Master of the Ordnance at Calais. _To the_
_Queen, our sovereign Lady._ (? 1558.) 196

Rev. WILLIAM HARRISON, B.D., Canon of Windsor, and Rector
of Radwinter. _ELIZABETH arms England, which MARY had_
_left defenceless,_ (? 1588.) 248

_ALCILIA: PHILOPARTHEN's Loving Folly._ (1595.) 253

_LYRICS, ELEGIES, &C. The First Book of Songs or Airs._
By JOHN DOWLAND, Bachelor of Music. (1597.) 28

- - _The Second Book of Songs or Airs._
By JOHN DOWLAND, Bachelor of Music. (1600.) 519

- - _The Third and Last Book of Songs or Airs._
By JOHN DOWLAND, Bachelor of Music. (1603.) 609

- - _A Pilgrim's Solace_. By JOHN DOWLAND,
Bachelor of Music. (1612.) 644

_Sir THOMAS OVERBURY his Observations in his Travels, upon the_
_State of the Seventeen Provinces, as they stood Anno Domini_
_1609: the Treaty of Peace being then on foot._ (1626.) 297

TOBIAS GENTLEMAN, Fisherman and Mariner. _England's Way_
_to Win Wealth, and to employ Ships and Mariners._ (1614.) 323

BEN JONSON. _Answer to Master WITHER's Song_, Shall I,
wasting in despair. (1617.) 577

King JAMES. _The King's Majesty's Declaration to his Subjects,_
_concerning lawful Sports to be used._ (1618.) 511

_The Famous and Wonderful Recovery of a Ship of Bristol, called_
_the Exchange, from the Turkish Pirates of Argier. With the_
_unmatchable attempts and good success of JOHN RAWLINS,_
_Pilot in her, and other slaves: who, in the end (with the_
_slaughter of about forty of the Turks and Moors), brought the_
_ship into Plymouth, the 13th of February [1622] last, with the_
_Captain a Renegado, and five Turks more; besides the redemption_
_of twenty-four men and one boy from Turkish_
_slavery._ (1622.) 581

GEO. WITHER. _Fair VIRTUE, the Mistress of PHIL'ARETE._ (1622.) 353

- - _A Miscellany of Epigrams, Sonnets, Epitaphs, and_
_such other Verses as were found written with the Poem aforegoing._
(1622.) 495

JOHN RUSHWORTH, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. _The Sequestration of_
_Archbishop ABBOT from all his Ecclesiastical Offices, in 1627._ 535

R[ICHARD] Y[?OUNG]. _The state of a Christian lively set forth,_
_by an allegory of a Ship under Sail._ (1636.) 49

ABRAHAM COWLEY. _The Chronicle. A BALLAD._ (1669.) 319

_A true and just Relation of Major-General Sir THOMAS MORGAN's_
_Progress in France and Flanders with the Six Thousand_
_English, in the years 1657 and 1658, at the taking of Dunkirk,_
_and other important places._ (1699.) 623




_Adieu_ 478
Adieu, fond Love! 291
_Admire not, Shepherd_ 423
A foul vice it is 59
After dark night, the 268
After long sickness 271
After long storms 285
"Ah, Lady mine!" 55
"_Ah, me!_" 476
_A lad, whose faith_ 399
Alas, poor fools! 101
Albeit that men find 59
ALCILIA's eyes have set 267
ALCILIA said 270
All in vain is Ladies' 529
All the day, the sun 45
_All their riches_ 492
All the night, my sleeps 45
All ye, whom love 42
_A lover of the_ 456
Although through 57
And all the little lime 322
And for that every 56
And, furthermore, have 57
And GOD, to whom 68
And if thine Ears 525
_And if those, who_ 491
And Love itself is 621
_And, now, no more_ 426
And of mercy, hath 69
And O grant, thou 359
And the book 61
_And this shall be the_ 386
_And though I never_ 386
And though the work 260
And touching this 67
And trusteth well 63
And when he saddest 46
And when this man 56
And where men say 68
_And yet although_ 426
_And yet, I do not fear_ 424
_And yet, if in time_ 507
And you, my Thoughts 35
An old proverb there 60
Another MARY then 320
Another wretch, unto 57
"_Are we the two that_ 433
Are you false gods! 616
Are you fled, Fair! 616
As Heat to Life 648
A Shepherd in a shade 530
As Hope hath here 169
As LOVE had drawn 266
"_A thousand lives I_ 401
A thousand times 275
Awake, sweet love! 46
Away with these 47
A wicked tree 60

Base servile thoughts 292
Beauty can want no 613
Behold a wonder 612
_Be not proud, because_ 487
_Be thou still_ 493
Betrayin not men 57
Better a thousand times 37
Blush not, my Love! 266
Both knit in one 654
_Bound to none_ 484
Boy! ha' done! 406
Burst forth my tears! 38
"But could thy fiery 613
_But fie! my foolish_ 426
But her in heart 62
_But in her eyes_ 385
But in her place 321
But I will briefer 322
_But kissing and_ 431
_But let nor Nymph_ 405
_But lest this conquest_ 435
But, maugre them 62
But nought, alas 262
But O, the fury 42
_But, O, thrice happy!_ 424
_But say! What fruit_ 383
But should I now 321
But such as will run 622
_But such visions_ 508
_But, trust me!_ 505
But, understandeth 70
But what can stay 34
But when ISABELLA 321
_But why_ 476
_But, yet, at last, I_ 456
But yet it is a sport 622
By a fountain where 617
_By greatest titles_ 484
By process moveth 55
_By these imperfections_ 506
By thine error thou 530
_By this, thy tunes_ 520
'By thy Beauty 359

_Can he prize the_ 428
Can Love be rich 36
Can she excuse my 36
Care that consumes 43
'Cause her fortunes seem 579
'_Cause her fortunes_ 579
'_Cause her fortune_ 454
Cease, cease, cease 656
Clear or cloudy 533
Clerkis feign also there 65
Cold as ice frozen 617
Cold, hold! the sun 619
Come again! Sweet 44
Come again! that I 44
Come away! come 40
Come away! come 41
"Come, gentle Death! 205
Come, heavy Sleep! 47
_Come, my Muse!_ 381
Come, Shadow of my 47
Come, when I call 622
Come, ye heavy States 528
Come, You Virgins of 528
CUPIDO (unto whose 54

Daphne was not so 613
Dear! if I do 38
Dear, if you change! 38
Dear! let me die 648
Dear! when I from thee 37
Declare the griefs 273
Die not before thy day! 523
Disdain me still 648
_Do as thou wouldst_ 100
_Down her cheeks, the_ 509
Down vain lights! 523

Each hour, amidst 44
Each natural thing 295
_Ear never heard of_ 405
Earth with her flowers 38
ELIZA, till this hour 319
Enough of this! 275
_Ere I had twice_ 480
"Every woman" 58
Example we have 100
Experience which 526

Failed of that hap 289
Fain would I speak 269
_Fain would I tell_ 403
Fair is my love! 265
_Fair! Since thy_ 453
Fair tree, but fruitless! 273
Fair with garlands 618
False World! farewell! 653
_Farewell_ 477
Farewell, too fair! 611
Farewell, too dear! 611
Farewell, Unkind! 619
Fast fixed in my heart 262
Fear to offend forbids 271
Fie on this feigning! 620
Fine knacks for ladies! 526
Flow, my tears! 523
Flow not so fast 614
Fly, my Breast! 530
"_For if thy heart_ 432
_For if thou shalt not_ 493
_For like two suns_ 455
_For, lo, a dream I had_ 402
_For Love hath kindled_ 404
For my heart, _though_ 530
_For next, shall thy_ 507
_For on my chin_ 481
_"For should we do_ 433
_For when I waking_ 403
From Fame's desire 525
From silent night 653
Fulfilled be it! 71
Full hard it is 55

Gentle HENRIETTE 321
Gentle LOVE draw 45
_Gentle Swain!_ 490
God CUPID's shaft, 47
Go, nightly cares! 653
_Go, wantons, now_ 435
Great gifts are guiles 527
_Great men have helps_ 425
_Great, or Good_ 455
_Great, or Good, or_ 580
Grief, alas, though 650
Grieve not thyself 289

_Had I a Mistress_ 405
Hail, fair Beauties! 387
Hail! thou Fairest 358
_Happy are these_ 490
Hark, you shadows! 523
Haste hapless sighs! 39
Heart's Ease and I 272
_Hence, away!_ 427
Her body is straight 265
_Her dainty palm_ 431
Here may you find 259
Here PHIL'ARET did 488
Her fires do inward 651
Her Grace, like June 533
Her heapèd virtue 68
_He's a fool, that_ 428
_He that Courtly_ 491
He that in matters 295
_He that hath this_ 100
He that receiveth all 649
His golden locks 45
His helmet, now 46
Hope by disdain 43
How friendly was 65
"_How glad, and fain_ 401
How happy, once 290
"How might I that 614
How shall I then 34
How vain is Youth 295
Humour say I 533

I am no Italian lover 361
I am not sick, and yet 264
I am now inclined 534
_I die!_ 478
_I do scorn, to vow_ 428
_If all men could_ 491
If any carp, for that 494
If any eye therefore 654
I fare like him who 291
If CYNTHIA crave 48
_If I should my sorrows_ 381
If I should tell 322
If I speak! 41
If it be Love 264
If love doth make 36
If Music and sweet 28

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