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Solicitors. By Samuel Warren, F. R. S. New York: Harper &
Brothers. 1 vol. 16mo._

Mr. Warren’s works on Law are almost as entertaining as his novels. The
present book is full of matter important to the young lawyer, and
interesting to the general reader. All who are accustomed to have
dealings with the profession, can obtain from this little volume many
useful and some lucrative hints. The two points on which Mr. Warren
expends his sense and his eloquence are knavery and incapacity, as those
qualities exist among lawyers. As many lives and more fortunes depend on
the existence of the opposite qualities in the profession, this volume
will be equally valuable if it succeed either in expelling rogues and
dunces from the law, or in enabling clients to detect them.

* * * * *

_Aurifodina; or Adventures in the Gold Region. By Cantell A.
Bigby. New York: Baker & Scribner. 1 vol. 16mo._

The author of this little volume has availed himself of the interest
excited by the late disclosures in California, to construct a story of
marvelous adventures in that region. In regard to probability the work
is half way between Gulliver’s Travels and the Arabian Nights. As every
thing wonderful relating to California is greedily devoured, the
disclosures of this work will undoubtedly receive their due attention.
They are nearly as much entitled to belief as many of the newspaper

* * * * *

_A New Spanish Reader: Consisting of Passages from the Most
Approved Authors, in Prose and Verse. By Mariana Velasquez de la
Cadena. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1 vol. 12mo._

The editor of this volume is Professor of the Spanish Language and
Literature in Columbia College. He has so arranged his matter as to
remove all possible obstacles in the way of the learner, and to conduct
him, step by step, into the heart of the noble language of Castile. The
selections are admirably made. The volume is not only well adapted for
schools and colleges, but for the private student, and we trust it will
induce many to study a language which will give them a key to the
versatile and fertile genius of Lope de Vega, the mystical beauty of
Calderon, and the profound and genial humor of Cervantes.

* * * * *

_Essay on the Union of Church and State. By Baptist W. Noel, M.
A. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1 vol. 12mo._

This work has produced a considerable sensation in England, being a
well-written protest against the Church Establishment, supported by a
long array of facts and arguments. The author was for twenty-two years
an Episcopal clergyman, and was at last forced by his reason and
conscience into his present position. Mr. Noel does not attack the
doctrines of the Church, but its union with the State, and he attempts
to prove that this union is condemned by the letter and spirit of the
Bible, is unjust, inexpedient, and productive of a host of evils, from
which free churches are exempt.

* * * * *

_History of Hannibal the Carthagenian. By Jacob Abbott. With
Engravings. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1 vol. 16mo._

This is one of a series of historical books for the people, prepared by
Mr. Abbott with his usual felicity of condensation and simplification.
The series so far includes the Life of Mary, Queen of Scots, Alexander
the Great, Charles I. and the present volume, and others are to follow.
The author manages his matter with much art, and while few can read his
volumes without an addition to their information, they must be
invaluable to a large class of minds almost altogether deficient in
historical knowledge.

* * * * *

_A Catechism of the Steam Engine, Illustrative of the Scientific
Principles on which Its Operation Depends, etc. By John Bourne,
C. E. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1 vol. 16mo._

Here, in the space of one small volume, is condensed a large amount of
available information on the steam engine, its principles, the practical
details of its structure, and its application to mines and mills, as
well as steam navigation and railways. The author evinces an intimate
practical acquaintance with his subject, and his work, while it is
invaluable to the engineer, possesses great interest to every reader
desirous of fathoming the mystery of the structure and operation of the
steam engine.

* * * * *





The ilied brow, the rosy cheek,
Where beaming smiles of beauty play,
Are transient things, they but beguile,
As April’s bland and fickle smile,
They charm us with their light awhile,


fade, then fade at last away,
They charm us with their light awhile,
Then fade, then fade at last away.
’Tis Virtue’s Virtue’s evergreen.


They fade at last away! the form
So beautiful in youth’s gay prime,
Must shrivel up—the hair turn grey,
The eye abate its lustrous ray,
The smooth and pearly teeth decay,
Beneath the touch of Time.


Beneath the touch of Time! a price
There is he cannot touch, I ween;
It bloometh always fair and bright
Through springs warm day or winter’s night,
A plant his hand can never blight;
’Tis Virtue’s Evergreen,

* * * * *

Transcriber’s Notes:

Archaic spellings and hyphenation have been retained as well as some
spellings peculiar to Graham’s. Punctuation has been corrected without
note. Other errors have been corrected as noted below. For
illustrations, some caption text may be missing or incomplete due to
condition of the originals used for preparation of the ebook.

page 278, put into envelops with ==> put into envelopes with
page 279, Nous verrons, se que ==> Nous verrons, ce que
page 282, crop of whispers. ==> crop of whiskers.
page 291, most beautiful, all of the ==> most beautiful of all, the
page 291, many claim upon his ==> many claims upon his
page 292, drowned in the privater, ==> drowned in the privateer,
page 299, Orthrography, Etymology and ==> Orthography, Etymology and
page 306, of our benificent Father ==> of our beneficent Father
page 306, interrogatories to day pass ==> interrogatories to-day pass
page 307, widow from Manheim ==> widow from Mannheim
page 317, in all statutary Christendom ==> in all statutory Christendom
page 317, an apopthegm by one of ==> an apophthegm by one of
page 326, grande e beau physique ==> grande et beau physique
page 332, of his scimiter; ==> of his scimitar;
page 333, solid nonpariel, like ==> solid nonpareil, like
page 335, in images are sugguested ==> in images are suggested

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Online LibraryVariousGraham's Magazine, Vol. XXXIV, No. 5, May 1849 → online text (page 15 of 15)