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DECEMBER, 1850, TO MAY, 1851.



329 & 331 PEARL STREET,




In bringing the SECOND VOLUME of the NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE to a close,
the Publishers would avail themselves of the occasion, to express their
profound appreciation of the favor with which it has been received, and
their earnest wish to render it still more deserving of the enlightened
patronage of the American community. They commenced the publication with
the firm conviction that it could be made the medium of valuable
information and mental enjoyment to the great mass of readers, and that
it would accordingly be sustained by their generous and cordial support.
Nor have they been deceived in their anticipations. The Magazine has
found a wider circulation with every monthly issue. The encomiums with
which it has been welcomed by the universal voice of the press, and the
verdict of intelligent readers, are a gratifying proof that the
Publishers have succeeded in their endeavor to adapt it to the wants of
the public mind. Encouraged by the experience of the first year of this
extensive literary enterprise, they are determined to spare no effort to
insure the succeeding volumes of the Magazine a still wider and more
favorable reception among all classes of readers. They intend it to be a
strictly national work. Devoted to no local interests, pledged to no
religious sect or political party, connected with no favorite movement
of the day, except the diffusion of intelligence, virtue, and
patriotism, it will continue to be conducted with the impartiality and
good faith, which it is equally the duty, the inclination, and the
interest of the Publishers to maintain. In addition to the choicest
productions of the English press, the Magazine will be enriched with
such original matter as in their opinion will enhance its utility and
attractiveness. The embellishments will be furnished by distinguished
artists, and selected no less for their permanent value as vehicles of
agreeable instruction than for the gratification of an æsthetic taste.
With the ample literary, artistic, and mechanical resources which the
Publishers have enlisted in the NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, and their ambition
to give it a character of genuine, substantial, reliable excellence in
every department, they may assure its wide circle of patrons that its
subsequent issues will more than justify the distinguished reputation
which it has attained at this early period of its existence.


Actors and their Salaries 403
A Death-Bed. By JAMES ALDRICH 84
A Dream and the Interpretation Thereof 816
Address to Gray Hair 699
An Agreeable Surprise 84
A little Stimulant 361
Anecdote of a Dog 97
Anecdote of a Hawk 490
Anecdotes of Napoleon 231
Anecdotes of Serpents 663
Anecdotes of Wordsworth 319
An Empty House 103
An Excellent Match 315
Apology for Burns 334
Bachelor's Christmas 399
Beauties of the Law 543
Births: - Mrs. Meek of a Son 672
Birth of Crime 614
Bona Lombardi Brunoro 155
Carol for the New Year 396
Chapter on Bears 546
Chapter on Dreams 768
Chapter on Shawls 39
Chapter on Wolves 787
Charles Wolfe 734
Cheerful Views of Human Nature 242
Child Commodore 641
Climate of Canada 358
Colds and Cold Water 110
Conflict of Love 63
Courtesy of Americans 846
Crazed 401
Crisis in the Affairs of Mr. John Bull 235
Crocodile Battery 768
Crystal Palace 584
Curiosities of Railway Traveling 194
Curran, the Irish Orator 497
Dangers of Doing Wrong 226
Darling Dorel 843
Death of a Goblin 478
Death of Howard 298
Death of John Randolph 80
Dog and Deer of the Army 407
Domestic Life of Alexander, Emperor of Russia 99
Edible Birds'-Nests of China 397
Efforts of a Gentleman in search of Despair 521
Encounter with an Iceberg 406
England in 1850. By LAMARTINE 46
Escape of Queen Mary from Lochleven Castle 22
Fair in Munich 774
Fashions for December 143
Fashions for Early Winter 287
Fashions for Later Winter 431
Fashions for Early Spring 575
Fashions for Spring 719
Fashions for May 863
Fate of a German Reformer 76
Five Minutes too Late 647
Fidgety People 662
Flowers in the Sick Room 52
Freaks of Nature 356
French Revolutionists, Marat, Robespierre, and Danton 27
Gabrielle; or, The Sisters 801
Gamblers of the Rhine 61
General Rosas and the Argentine Republic 484
German Picture of the Scotch 25
Ghost-Stories of Chapelizod 499
Give Wisely! An Anecdote 121
Gunpowder and Chalk 18
Habits and Amusements of the London Costermongers 644
Haunts of Genius - Gray, Burke, Milton, Dryden, and Pope 49
Heart of John Middleton 449
History and Mystery of the Glass-House 308
Horrors of War 658
Household of Sir Thomas More 616, 818
How to be Idolized 640
Incident in the First French Revolution 622
Invitation to the Zoological Gardens 297
Jane Eccles; or, Confessions of an Attorney 677
Judge Not 626
Lamartine on the Religion of Revolutionary Men 598
Land, Ho! - A Sketch of Australia 357


Preparatory Schools for Young Ladies; Ladies' Arithmetic; Netting
for Ladies, 285. A False Apple-ation; A Tête-à-Tête; Expected out
soon; Going down to a Watering-place; Attraction; 19th Cent'ry;
Putting the Cart before the Horse; A Narrow Escape; Division of
Labor; Animal Economy; A Holiday at the Public Offices, 429.
Lectures on Letters; Punch on Special Pleading; Smithfield Club
Cattle Show; Golden Opportunities; Universal Contempt of Court;
Startling Fact, 569. 1851; Please, Sir, shall I hold your Horse?
The Affairs of Grease; The War on Hats; Peace Offering; The Best
Law Book; Justice for Bachelors; The Weather, a Drama for
Every-Day Life; A Juvenile Party; the Kitchen Range of Art;
Reward of Merit, 713. Encouragement to Book-Lenders; Diplomacy
and Gastronomy, Supper at a Juvenile Party; One of the Juveniles
after the Party; Conversation-Books for 1851; To find Room in a
Crowded Omnibus; A File to Smooth Asperities; The Lowest Depth of
Meanness; A Little Bit of Humbug, 859.

Letters and Letter Writing 35


The Salamander; Spencer's Pastor's Sketches; Abbott's Madame
Roland; Stanton's Sketches of Reforms and Reformers; Gorree's
Churches and Sects of the United States; Cenotaph to a Woman of
the Burman Mission; Fleetwood's Life of Christ; Banbridge's
Scripture History for the Young; Poems by Grace Greenwood, 139.
Hawthorne's Grandfather's Chair; The Green Hand; The New
Englander; Bibliotheca Sacra; Maturin's Lyrics of Spain and Erin;
Holmes's Astræa; De Quincey's Essays; Bigelow's Jamaica in 1851;
Cantica Laudis; Young's Translations from Beranger, 140.
Andersen's Tales; Gem of the Western World; Our Saviour with
Prophets and Apostles; Sacred Scenes; National Cook-Book; Smith's
Relations between Scripture and Geology, 141. Life and Works of
John Adams; The Broken Bracelet; The Immortal; Boyd's edition of
Paradise Lost; General View of the Fine Arts; Artist's Chromatic
Hand-Book, 142. Reveries of a Bachelor; Richard Edney; Washburn's
Issue of Philosophic Thought, 281. The Memorial; Evening of Life;
Mrs. Knight's Memoir of Hannah More; Andrews' Latin Lexicon, 282.
Smith's Classical Dictionary; Mansfield's American Education; The
Ministry of the Beautiful; Green's History and Geography of the
Middle Ages; Christian Melodies; Sketch of Fowell Buxton; The
Manhattaner in New Orleans, 283. Redfield's Twelve Qualities of
Mind; Winter in Madeira; Gems by the Wayside; The World's
Progress; Vinet's Montaigne; Sumner's Orations; The Broken Bud;
Bardouac; Fadette; Memoir of Alexander Waugh; Chanticleer, 284.
Life and Times of Gen. Lamb; Memoir of James Handasyde Perkins;
Humboldt's Religious Thoughts and Opinions; Balmes's
Protestantism and Catholicity; Tappan's University Education,
425. Gilfillan's Bards of the Bible; Webster's Dictionary, 426.
Celebrated Saloons; Home Ballads; History of my Pets; Cheever's
Island World of the Pacific; Life of Summerfield; Greek Exile;
Carpenter's Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Liquors; Mother's
Recompense; The Diosma; Poems by S.G. Goodrich, 427. Woodbury's
New Method of learning German; Poems by Frances A. and Metta V.
Fuller; Lives of the Queens of Scotland; Pendennis; Southey's
Life and Correspondence; Murray's Decline of Popery; Henry
Smeaton, 428. The Howadji; Crumbs from the Land o' Cakes; De
Quincey's Miscellaneous Essays; Hayward's Faust; Lavengro, 565.
Abbott's Malleville; Practical Cook-Book; Foster's Discourse on
Missions; Lewis's Restoration of the Jews; Anderson's Geography;
The Dove and the Eagle; Carter's Publications, 566. Hildreth's
United States; Lossing's Field Book; Du Barry's Progress of the
United States; Salander and the Dragon, 567. The Prairie;
Stanton's Address, and Street's Poem at Hamilton College; Lord
Holland's Foreign Reminiscences; Jane Bouverie; Mayhew's London
Labor and London Poor; The Moorland Cottage, 568. Johnson's
California and Oregon, 709. Mount Hope, 710. Parnassus in
Pillory, 711. Hawthorne's Twice Told Tales; Time the Avenger;
Porter's Educational Systems of the Puritans and the Jesuits;
Girlhood of Shakspeare's Heroines; Poetry from the Waverley
Novels; Whipple's Essays and Reviews; Loomis's Geometry and
Calculus; The City of the Silent; Blunt's Shipmaster's Assistant,
712. Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables, 855. Buttmann's Greek
Grammar; Lee's Ecclesiastical Manual; Dixon's Life of Penn; The
Rangers; Mulchinoch's Ballads; Foster's Christian Purity; Lyra
Catholica, 856. The Soldier of the Cross; Field's Irish
Confederates; Schmitz's History of Greece; Abbott's Franconia
Stories; London Labor and the London Poor; Dwight's Roman
Republic; De Quincey's Cæsars; Life on the Plains of the Pacific;
Hints to Sportsmen, 857. Curran and His Contemporaries; Gayarre's
Louisiana; Monge's Statics; Warreniana; Jung-Stilling's
Pneumatology; Tuckerman's Poems; Theory of Effect; Volcano
Diggings; Cooper's Wing and Wing; Irving's Conquest of Florida;
Banker's Common-Place Book, 858.

Lively Turtle 52
Lucy Cawthorne 633
Lunatic Asylum in Palermo 183
Madame Campan 153
Mathematical Hermit 627
Metal Founder of Munich 516
Maurice Tiernay, the Soldier of Fortune.
By CHARLES LEVER 173, 364, 468, 737
Michelet, the French Historian 353
Milton and Wordsworth 201
Mistakes in Personal Identity 69
Modern Mummies 321



POLITICAL AND GENERAL NEWS. - State of feeling on the Compromise
measures, 122. Letters of Washington Hunt to the Secession and
Anti-Rent Conventions, 122. Meeting at Castle Garden; Letter of
Mr. Webster; Nominations, 122. Constitution of Congress, 123.
State Convention in Georgia, 123. Meeting at Macon, 123. State of
Feeling in Georgia, 123. In South Carolina, 124. In Alabama; Gov.
Collier declines to call a State Convention; Letter of Mr.
Hilliard, 124. In Mississippi, 124. In Louisiana, 124. Letters of
Senators Downs and Soulé; Letter from the Congressional
delegation to the Governor, 124. Correspondence between Isaac
Hill and Mr. Webster, 125. Dinner to Mr. Clayton, 125. Opening of
Congress, 263. Message of President Fillmore, 133. Report of the
Secretary of War, 264. Of the Secretary of the Navy, 265. Of the
Postmaster General, 265. Of the Secretary of the Interior, 266.
Bill for the protection of fugitives in Vermont, 267. Message of
Gov. Ford of Virginia, 267. Of the Governor of Alabama, 267. Of
Mississippi, 267. Union majority in Georgia, 267. Message of Gov.
Bell of Texas, 268. Of Gov. Seabrook of South Carolina, 268. Of
Gov. Brown of Florida, 268. The Nashville Convention, 268.
Various Union meetings; and letters and speeches of Messrs.
Webster, Choate, Stuart, Woodbury, Hilliard, and others, 268,
269, 270, 271. Reception of Mr. Clay in the Legislature of
Kentucky, 271. Letters of Messrs. Hamilton, Poinsett, and Rush,
272. Speech of Mr. Clayton, 272. George Thompson, 272. General
News from California, 272, 410, 556, 701. General news from
Oregon, 273. Webster's reply to Hulsemann, 409, 848. Opening of
the Legislature of New York, and Message of Gov. Hunt, 409.
Message of Gov. Wright of Indiana, 410. Florida resolutions, 410.
Of Gov. Johnston of Pennsylvania, 410. Boundary Commission, 411,
556, 701. Safety of the Steamer Atlantic, 555. Progress of
measures in Congress, 555. Action of the Legislature of North
Carolina in favor of Union, etc., 555. Indictment of Gov.
Quitman, 556. Thanksgiving in Texas, 556. Loss of the John Adams,
556. Inaugural of Gov. Fort of New Jersey, 556. Letter of Gen.
Houston in favor of Union, 556. Action for Union in Delaware,
556. Union meeting at Westchester, 556. Correspondence between a
British consul and the Governor of South Carolina respecting
imprisonment of colored seamen, 556. Indian hostilities in
California, 556, 701. Gold Bluffs on Trinity River, 556, 701.
Amount of gold shipped, 556. Adjournment of Congress, and notice
of measures acted upon, 700. Measures for the relief of Kossuth,
700. The Postage bill, 700. Rescue of a fugitive slave in Boston,
701. Homestead exemption in Illinois, 701. Exemption in Delaware,
701. Free negroes in Iowa, 701. Germans in Texas, 701.
Manufactures at the South, 701. Quiet after Excitement, 847. New
York Common school law, 847. Canal enlargement bill, 847.
Legislative visit to New York, 847. The sergeant-at-arms and the
gamblers, 847. Ohio resolutions on the fugitive slave law, 847.
Virginia Union resolutions, 847. General Union feeling at the
South, 848. In South Carolina, 848. Mr. Hayne's disunion letter,
848. Senator Phelp's letter, 848. Amin Bey, 848. New Constitution
of Ohio, 848. Virginia Constitutional Convention, 849. Socorro
tragedy, 849.

ELECTIONS. - State elections in New York and New Jersey, 122. In
Ohio and Massachusetts, 123. General Congressional result, 123.
Election of U.S. Senators, 555, 701. Mr. Fish in New York, 555,


Capture of slaves at Rio, 127. General news from Mexico, 273,
411, 557, 701, 849. Message of Herera, 457. Inauguration and
speech of Arista as President, 557. Affairs in Nicaragua;
discovery of gold; proceedings of Mr. Chatfield, the British
consul, 557. Intelligence from Valparaiso, 557. Hostilities
between Guatemala and San Salvador, 702. Gold in New Grenada,
702. Route across the isthmus through Lake Nicaragua, 702.
Earthquake at Carthagena, 702. Peru, 702. Banishment of Buenos
Ayreans from Bolivia, 702. Prohibition of the landing of
liberated slaves in Brazil, 702.


Establishment of Catholic sees in England; Letter of Dr.
Ullathorne, 125. Speech of Lord Stanley on Protection, 125.
Tenant right in Ireland, 126. The Synod of Thurles, 126. Increase
of Crime, 126. Submarine telegraph, 126, 132. Illumination on
Arthur's Seat, 126. Speech of Prince Albert at York, 126.
Consuming smoke at Manchester, 127. Emigration, 127. Movements
for independence in New South Wales, 127. The Exhibition, 132,
274, 278, 419, 558, 704, 851. Bridge at Westminster, 133. New
College at Glasgow, 133. Catholic excitement, 273, 558. Lord John
Russell's Durham Letter, 273. Cardinal Wiseman's Appeal, 273. Law
Reform, 273. Cotton in India, 274. Ornamental cemeteries in
London, 278. Tax on telegraphs, 278. General view of the state of
England, 411. Progress of the Catholic excitement, 413. Various
addresses, speeches, deputations, etc., 414. Attempts to increase
the supply of Cotton or to discover a substitute, 414. Famine in
the Highlands, 415. Opposition of the Cunarders to the American
steamers, 415. Increased value of silver, 415. Protest of the
Bishops of the Episcopal Church in Ireland, 558. The surplus,
558. Austria demands the punishment of the assailants of Haynau,
558. Disturbances at the Cape of Good Hope, 558. Opening of
Parliament; the Queen's Speech, 702. Ecclesiastical Titles Bill;
Free-trade motion; unsatisfactory Budget, 703. Defeat of
Ministers on franchise question; resignation of Ministers;
attempt to form new cabinet, 704. Queen Adelaide's pension, 704.
Petition for constitution for Cape of Good Hope, 704. Protestants
of Dublin and Duke of Wellington, 704. Viceroyalty of Ireland,
704. Return of Cabinet to office, 848. Ecclesiastical Titles Bill
mutilated, 849. Checks to Ministers, 850. Arsenic Bill, 850.
Kaffir revolt, 850. Revolutionary Committee, 850. Miss Talbot and
the Convent Bill, 850. Public execution, 850. Monster address,
850. Charges against Lord Torrington, 850. Coal-pit disaster,
850. Adulteration of food, 850. Hungarian refugees, 850. New
expedition in search of Sir John Franklin, 851.


Pretended Republican plot, 127. The President's attempt to secure
the army, 127. Quarrel between him and Changarnier, and between
the Assembly and Gen. Hautpoul, who resigns, 128. Opening of the
Assembly, and Message of the President, 275. Cavaignac and the
President, 276. Letter from the Duke of Nemours, 276. General
view of the state of France, 412. Credit passed for the army,
415. Public baths, 415. Bill for the observance of the Sabbath,
415. Luxury at the Elysée, 415. Progress of the quarrel between
the President and the Assembly; dismissal of Changarnier;
dissolution of the Ministries; President's tactics, 558, 704.
Dotation to the President refused, and his consequent action,
704. Bill for the return of the Bourbons lost, 851. Speech of M.
Dufraisse, 851. The Orleanists and Legitimists, 851. The
Archbishop of Paris and the Bishop of Chartres, 851. Censure of
M. Michelet, 851.


Hostilities in Schleswig-Holstein, 128. Catastrophe at Herrgott,
129. Forest conflagration in Poland, 129. Constitutions for
Galicia and Bukowina, 129. Detailed statement of the German
question, 274. Warlike aspect, 275. General view of the continent
of Europe, 412. Peace prospects; Conference at Dresden, 415.
Return of the Elector of Hesse Cassel, 416. Internal affairs of
Austria, 416. Progress of affairs in the Dresden Conference;
understanding between Austria and Prussia for the depreciation of
the minor powers, 558, 705. Dresden Conference at fault, 851.
Policy of Austria and Prussia, 852.


Address of Mazzini, 127. Overthrow of the Constitution and of
liberty of the press in Tuscany, 129. Brigandage in the Roman
States, 130, 705. General view of the state of the south of
Europe, 413. Foreign troops in Rome, 416, 705. The Austrians in
Venice, 416. Condition of Sardinia, 416. Disruption of the
Spanish Cabinet, 416. Conspiracy under Mazzini, 705. Archbishop
Hughes at Rome, 705. Liberal ministry in Piedmont, 705. Austrian
movements, 852. Proclamations against political pamphlets, 852.
Washington's birthday at Rome, 852. Protestant chapel, 852.


Contributions preparing for the Exhibition, 128. Affairs in
India, 127. Mortality at Hong Kong, 129. Cotton in Bombay, 129.
Insurrection in China, 129. The Hungarian refugees in Turkey,
129. Conspiracy at Teheran, 130. Collisions between the Turks and
Christians, 276. Persecutions in Aleppo, 276. Disturbances in
Syria, 276. Canal between the Mediterranean and Red Seas, 419.
Napier's farewell, 705. Prospective annexations, 705. Suppression
of insurrection in China, 705. Death of Lin, 705. Difficulties in
Egypt, 705. Troubles at Bagdad, 705. Massacres in Southern
Africa, 705.


UNITED STATES. - Dinner to Mr. Webster at his native place, 130.
Amin Bey, 130. M. Vattemare; Statue of Calhoun; Wm. W. Story; Wm.

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