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Kindergarten Songs


Singing Games and Folk Songs



Librarian Divoll Branch, St. Louis Public Library




78 East Washington Street, Chicago


Copyright, 1914


American Library Association Publishing Board


Preface v
Plan of the Index vi
List of Collections Indexed vii
Key to Abbreviations xi
Index to Kindergarten Songs 1
Lists of Songs for Special Days 279


This index, the plan of which is similar to that of the well known
Granger index to recitations, was suggested by demands from St. Louis
kindergartners for the location of songs for which they were searching.
The idea is due to Mrs. Harriet P. Sawyer, Chief of the Instruction
Department in the St. Louis Public Library, and valuable preliminary
work was done also by Miss Effie L. Power, Supervisor of Children's
Work, and by Miss Margaret Curran, Children's Librarian at the Divoll
Branch. The Librarian has had nothing to do with it except to give
advice occasionally in matters of policy.

It was expected at first that the St. Louis Public Library would publish
the index, but it has proved to be larger than was anticipated, and the
Publishing Board of the American Library Association has kindly relieved
us of this part of the enterprise.


Librarian St. Louis Public Library.


Three types of books are indexed: - those containing only kindergarten
songs, those containing both kindergarten and folk songs, and those
including folk songs only.

The collection indexed includes the following classes of books:

(1) Books recommended by the Kindergarten Normal Department of the St.
Louis Board of Education; (2) Books of songs and games given in the
A.L.A. Catalog, its Supplement and the A.L.A. Booklist; (3) All other
kindergarten-song books in the collection of the St. Louis Public

Sixty-three books are indexed. The list aims to be comprehensive but is
not recommended as a discriminative check-list for purchase. No
kindergarten magazines have been indexed.

The index is patterned on Granger so far as the form of entry is
concerned. The entries, all in one alphabet, are by composer, first
line, title and author of the words when he is at all important. There
are no subject headings in the main index, although a separate list of
songs for special days will be found at the end.

Whenever there is a variation, whether in composer, first line or title,
this is brought out in parenthesis below the entry. The variations
appear in every entry of any given set. In groups where it was not
possible to determine which was the parent song and which the versions,
each song has been called a variant in accordance with the practice of
the American Folk-lore Society.

An asterisk indicates that the first line and the title begin with the
same words.



Bancroft, J. H. Games for playground, home, school and gymnasium.
Macmillan, 1909. $1.50 net.

Bell, F. E. E. (O.) _Lady, comp._ Singing circle. Longmans, 1911. $1.25

Bingham, C. Balloon man. Ill. Music Co., Chic., c1910. 50c.

Brewster, F. S., _and_ Thomas, E. A. Song stories. Amer. Bk. Co., 1898.
60c. net.

Burchenal, E. Folk dance music. Schirmer, c1908. $2.

Burchenal, E., ed. Folk dances and singing games. Schirmer, 1909. cloth
$1.50 n.

Cole, S. W. Child's first studies in music. Silver Burdett, c1897. 60c.

Coonley, _Mrs._ L. (A.) Singing verses for children. Macmillan, c1897.
$2 n.

Crane, W. Baby's bouquet. Warne, 1900. $1.50.

Crane, W. Baby's opera. Warne, 1900. $1.50.

Crane, W. Pan-pipes. Warne, n. d. $1.50.

Elliott, J. W. Mother Goose's nursery rhymes. McLoughlin, n. d. 75c.

Elson, L. C., _ed._ Folk songs of many nations. Church, c1905. $1.

Field, E. Songs of childhood. Scribner, 1896. $1.00.

Fisher, W. A. Posies from a Child's garden of verses. Ditson, c1897.
paper $1.

Forsythe, C. Old songs for young America. Doubleday, Page, 1901. $2 net.

Froebel, F. Mother play and nursery songs. Lothrop, $3.00, 1886.

Froebel, F. Songs and music. Appleton, 1908. $1.25.

Funkhouser, M. F. Simple songs for the kindergarten. Perry and Sons,
c1912. $.50.

Gaynor, J. L. Songs of the child world. v. 1 & 2. Church, c1897. $1.00.

George, M. M. Songs in season. Flanagan, c1899. 75c.

Hailmann, E. L. Songs, games, and rhymes. Flanagan, c1887. $1.75.

Hill, M. J. Song stories for the kindergarten. Summy, c1896. Bds. $1.00
net. cloth $1.50 net.

Hitte, H. M. Kindergarten songs and descriptive melodies. Perry, c1909.

Hofer, M. R. Children's singing games: old and new. Flanagan, c1901. pa.

Hofer, M. R. Music for the child world. Summy, 1900. v. 1. $1.25 net, v.
2. $1.50 net.

Hornby, J. Joyous book of singing games. Macmillan, 1914. $1.00.

Hubbard, C. B., _comp._ Merry songs and games. Flanagan, c1887. $2.

Hurd, E. H. Play time songs. Bradley, c1906. 50c.

Jenks, H. S. _and_ Rust, M., _comps._ and _eds._ Song echoes from child
land. Ditson. $2.00.

Kastman, V. _and_ Koehler, G. Swedish song games. Ginn, c1913. 70c net.

Knowlton, F. S. Nature songs for children. Bradley, 1910. $1.00.

Martin, G. E. Sunday songs for little children. Presbyterian Bd., 1899.
50c. net.

Meissner, W. O. Art song cycles. Silver, c1910. Pt. 1. $.60.

Montz, C. Instrumental musical sketches. Bradley, 1912. $1.00.

Neal, M. _ed._ Esperance Morris book, pt. 1 and 2. Curwen, c1912. 5/ea.

Neidlinger, W. H. Earth, sky and air in song. Am. Bk. c1900. 2 bks. Bk.
1. 70c net, Bk. 2. 80c net.

Neidlinger, W. H. Small songs for small singers. Schirmer, c1896. $.50.

Newell, W. W. Games and songs of American children. Harper, 1903. $1.50.

Osgood, M. C. Rounds, carols and songs. Ditson, c1894. $1.50; paper

Plays and songs for kindergarten and family. Presser, c1874. 50c.

Poulsson, E. Finger plays; with music. Lothrop, [c1893] $1.25.

Poulsson, E. Holiday songs and every day songs and games. Bradley, 1910.

Poulsson, E. _and_ Smith, E. Songs of a little child's day. Bradley,
1912. $1.00.

Pratt, W. S. _ed._ St. Nicholas songs. Century Co., 1885. $2.00 bds.

Reed, C. S. Timely games and songs. Hammett, 1900. 60c.

Reinecke, C. Fifty children's songs. Schirmer, n. d. $1.00. c1901.

Riley, A. C. D.; _and_ Gaynor, J. L. Lilts and lyrics. Summy Co., 1907.

Rogers, M. Kindergarten marches. Scranton, c1907. 60c. net price 53c.

Sheehan. On a spring morning in the kindergarten. Anderson, c1910. 75c.

Smeltzer, J. R. Sense games; with Peter Piper and his friends. Talbot,
c1909. $1.00.

Smith, E. Songs for little children. Bradley, c1887. 2 pts. ea. $1.25.
pa. $1.00.

Stevenson, R. L. Stevenson song book. Scribner, 1911. Bds. $1.00.

Stevenson, R. L. Song flowers, from "A child's garden of verses," set to
music by K. M. Ramsay. Stokes, c1897. 50c.

Terhune, A. Colonial carols for children. Scribner, c1910. $1.25 net.

Tomlins, W. L., _comp._ Children's souvenir song book. Novello, Ewer.,
c1893. $1.00.

Tomlins, W. L., _ed._ Laurel song book. Birchard, 1910. $1.00.

Tufts, J. W., _comp._ Child life in song. Silver, c1890. 60c net.

U.S. Indian affairs office. Social plays, games, marches, old folk
dances and rhythmic movements. Supt. of Docs., 1911. pa. 10c.

Valentine, I. and Claxton, L. Baker's dozen for city children.
Kindergarten magazine Co., 1907. 50c.

Walker, G. A. _and_ Jenks, H. S. Songs and games for little ones.
Ditson, c1887. $2.00.

Whitehead, J. B. R. Folk songs and other songs for children. Ditson,
1903. bds. $2.00.

Wiggin, K. D. Kindergarten chimes. Ditson. $1.50, bds. $1.25, pa. $1.00.


(Full titles of books indexed will be found on p. vii.)

ASC Meissner. Art song cycles. Bk. 1.
BB Crane. Baby's bouquet.
BFD Burchenal. Folk dances and singing games.
BG Bancroft. Games for school and playground.
BM Bingham. Balloon man.
BSS Brewster. Song stories.
CBO Crane. Baby's opera.
CC Terhune. Colonial carols.
CGV Fisher. Posies from A child's garden of verses.
CL Tufts. Child life in song.
CM Cole. Child's first studies in music.
CPP Crane. Pan Pipes.
DM Hitte. Kindergarten songs and descriptive melodies.
EFS Elson. Folk songs of many nations.
EL Jenks and Rust. Song echoes from child land.
ES1 Neidlinger. Earth, sea and sky. Bk. 1.
ES2 - - Bk. 2.
FC Reinecke. Fifty children's songs.
FDM Burchenal. Folk dance music.
FS Whitehead. Folk songs and other songs for children.
FSC Field. Songs of childhood.
FSK Funkhouser. Simple songs for kindergarten.
GS George. Songs in season.
HC Hofer. Children's singing games.
HMC1 Hofer. Music for the child world. Bk. 1.
HMC2 - - Bk. 2.
HR Hailmann. Songs, games and rhymes.
HS Poulsson. Holiday songs.
IMS Montz. Instrumental musical sketches.
JB Hornby. Joyous book of singing games.
KC Wiggin. Kindergarten chimes.
KK Kastman and Koehler. Swedish song games.
KM Rogers. Kindergarten marches.
LCD Poulsson and Smith. Songs for little child's day.
LBS Bell. Singing circle.
LL Riley and Gaynor. Lilts and lyrics.
MG Elliott. Mother Goose's nursery rhymes and nursery
songs; set to music.
MP Froebel. Mother play.
MSG Hubbard. Merry songs and games.
MSL Martin. Sunday songs for little children.
NEB1 Neal. Espérance Morris book. Bk. 1.
NEB2 - - Bk. 2.
NG Newell. Songs and games of American children.
NS Knowlton. Nature songs for children.
OSM Sheehan. On a spring morning.
OYA Forsythe. Old songs for young Americans.
PFP Poulsson. Finger plays.
PS Plays and songs for kindergarten and family.
PTS Hurd. Playtime songs.
RCS Osgood. Rounds, carols and songs.
SC1 Gaynor. Songs of the child world. Bk. 1.
SC2 - - Bk. 2.
SF Stevenson. Song flowers, from "A child's garden of
verses" set to music, by K. M. Ramsay.
SHS Hill. Song stories.
SL1 Smith. Songs for little children. Bk. 1.
SL2 - - Bk. 2. SM Froebel. Songs and music.
SS Stevenson song book.
SSS Neidlinger. Small songs for small singers.
StN Pratt. St. Nicholas book of songs.
SV Coonley. Singing verses for children.
SZ Smeltzer. Sense games.
TC Tomlins. Children's souvenir song book.
TGS Reed. Timely games and songs.
TLB Tomlins. Laurel song book.
USI U.S. Indian Bureau. Social plays and games.
VBD Valentine. Baker's dozen for city children.
WS Walker. Songs and games for little ones.


*A, B, C. OYA
*A, B, C. RCS
A, B, C, D. LBS
*A, B, C, die Katze lief im Schnee. BB
(A, E, O. RCS)
*A, B, C, tumble down D. Elliott. MG
*A, E, O, the cat jumped in the snow. RCS
(A, B, C, die Katze lief im Schnee. BB)
*A-hunting we will go. JB
(Hunting. BG - USI)
A-nutting we will go. NEB1
Music only.
A-rub-a-dub-dub. _See_ Gaynor. Rub-a-dub-dub. SC1
A-tis-ket, a-tas-ket a pretty May basket. _See_ Smith. May
basket. LCD
*Abide with me, fast falls the eventide. Monk. TLB
Abt. Bee game. HR
- - Birdies' cradle. HR
About boats. Neidlinger. ES2
Ace of diamonds. BFD
Ace of diamonds. FDM
Music only.
Ach, wie ist's moeglich dann. _See_ Kuecken. How can I leave
thee? FS
Acrobats and athletic sports. HMC2
Music only.
Across the wild heather my laddie comes down. _See_ Meissner.
In Scotland. ASC
Adam. Christmas song. GS
Adams. Christmas carol. HS
- - Nearer my God to Thee. TLB
Adieu, dear land, with beauty teeming. _See_ Switzer's
farewell. EFS
After resting all the night. _See_ Mozart. Morning greeting.
After "Secret Love." Resch. KM
After the rain. Smith. SV
Afternoon song. KC
Afternoon tea. Knowlton. NS
Again you're here. _See_ Gebauer. New Year. H S
Ah! now we've caught you. _See_ Bureau. Captive wild bird. HS
Ah, the drops are pouring down. _See_ Knowlton. Summer shower.
Ah, violet, dearest violet. _See_ Schults. Violet.
FC - KC - MSL - RCS - SLI - WS
_For composers see_ Schults. Violet.
Ah! who comes here. _See_ Punchinello. HC
Aiken drum. BB
Air du roi Louis XIII. Page. HMC2
Music only.
*Air is filled with the echoes. Morton. WS
Air is full of mystery. _See_ Gaynor. Christmas secrets. SC2
Airy, fairy snowflakes. _See_ Gaynor. SC1
Alabieff. Nightingale. FS
Alas! my love you do me wrong. _See_ My Lady Greensleeves.
(Marzials. My Lady Greensleeves. CPP)
Albert. God's blessing on work. SHS
Album leaf. Grieg. HMC2
Music only
Album leaf. Sartorio. HMC2
Music only
Alcott. O sing with cheery voices. SL2
Alden. Lost, the summer. GS
*Alder by the river. Sawyer. EL
(Strauchauer. Alder by the river. WS)
Aldrich. Bronze, brown eyes. StN
- - Christ church bells. RCS
- - Cradle song. TC
- - Marjorie's almanac. StN
Alexander. All things bright and beautiful. HR - SHS
Alice's supper. Smith. SLI
*All aboard. Funkhouser. FSK
All about, all about, baby's feet are flying. _See_ Froebel.
Play with the limbs. SM
All alone I wander here. _See_ Alone I wander. KK
All around the chicken coop. _See_ Pop goes the weasel. OYA
All around the house. _See_ Stevenson. Shadow march. SF
(Ramsay. Shadow march. SF)
All around the Maypole. _See_ Maypole style. JB
All around the mulb'ry bush. Cole. CM
All day long I hear a song. _See_ Cole. My song. TC
All for baby. Roeske. PFP
All frosty stands Christmas. _See_ Hill. Yes, come! dear dear
Christmas. HS
All gone! Hubbard. MSG
(Froebel. All's gone. MP)
All gone baby. Smith. SL1
*All gone! the supper's gone! Hurd. PTS
(Bullard. All gone. SM)
All good night, all good night. _See_ Good night, no. 1. HR
All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name. _See_ Holden. Coronation.
All hail to thee, fair morning. _See_ Walker. Birthday song.
All in the downs the fleet was moored. _See_ Marzials. Black
eyed Susan. CPP
All night long, all night long, little stars do blink. _See_
Rossini. Stars and posies. GS
All night long and every night. _See_ Stevenson. Young night
thought. SS
(Foote. Young night thought. SS)
All our work is over. _See_ Mozart. Good-bye song. SHS
All people that on earth do dwell. _See_ Old hundred. EFS
All's gone. Froebel. MP
(Hubbard. All gone. MSG)
All the birds and bees are singing. _See_ Hubbard. Lovely May.
All the birds are back again. _See_ Spring song. PS
All the birds are back again. _See_ Wiggin. Spring birds. KC
All the birds are here again. _See_ Smith. Summer song. SL1
*All the birds have come again. Smith. SL1
*All the birds have come again. WS
All the busy work is done. _See_ Hill. Farewell. SHS
All the children's clothes are worn. _See_ Story of the
clothes. SHS
All the little Marguerites. _See_ Gaynor. Marguerites. LL
*All the little sparrows. Walker. WS
All the trees are lifeless. _See_ Hubbard. Rose bush. MSG
*All things bright and beautiful. Heerwart. HR
(Hill. God's work. SHS)
All through the night. EFS
(Owen. All through the night. TLB)
All up and down, my honey. _See_ Sugar lump. NG
All you little blackey tops. _See_ Scarecrow. BB
All who sing and wish to please. _See_ Goodban. Round on the
diatonic scale. RCS
*Alle galoo galoo. JB
Alle Vögel sind schon da. _See_ Pretty birdlings. RCS
Allegretto. Beethoven. HMC
Music only.
Allegro. Mendelssohn. HMC
Music only.
Alleluia. Barnby. TLB
Allen. Canoe song. EL
- - Christmas carol. EL
- - Clouds and sunshine. StN
- - In the pleasant sunny meadows. WS
- - Jessie. StN
- - Lullaby. StN
(Fairlamb. Lullaby. StN)
- - Memorial hymn. TLB
- - Song of the rain. WS
(Smith. Rain song. SL1)
- - There's a ship on the sea. StN
(Damrosch. There's a ship on the sea. StN)
(Fisher. There's a ship on the sea. StN)
- - Whenever a little child is born. StN
- - Winter and Summer. StN
Alone I wander. KK
Alte Barbarossa. _See_ Gersbach. Barbarossa. RCS
Amaryllis. EFS
America. Smith. FS - GS - MSG
(My country 'tis of thee. TLB)
America, America, thou country of the free. _See_ Chadwick.
Child's American hymn. TC
Among the green leaves of the tall forest trees. _See_ Czerny.
Number game. HR
Among these happy children. _See_ Hill. Skipping song. SHS
And so we say, good day, good day. _See_ We say good day. KK
*And we're a noddin'. FS
(Variant: We are all nodding. LBS)
And what are you trilling, O Katy-did-did? _See_ Meissner.
Katy-did. ASC
Andre. Christmas waltz song. KC
- - Good morning. KC
Andreae. Flower basket. HR
- - How we love our kindergarten. HR
- - Watermill. HR
Angelus. Conrade. GS
Annie goes to the cabbage field. _See_ Character dance. HC
(Variant: Strasak. BFD)
Annie Laurie. EFS - FS - TLB
Annie went to the cabbage patch. _See_ Strasak. BFD
(Variant: Character dance. HC)
Another birthday song. Reinecke. FC
Another day has now begun. _See_ Hailmann. Opening stanza. HR
Anschuetz. Mill by the rivulet. HR
(Mill. WS)
Antioch. Handel. TLB
Anvil is busy, the iron is hot. _See_ Coonley. Anvil song. GS
Anvil song. Coonley. GS
Apple orchard. Lindbald. EFS
Apple trees grow in the orchard fair. _See_ Lindbald. Apple
orchard. EFS
*Apples ripe. Hubbard. MSG
April. SL2
April. Knowlton. NS
*April! April! Are you here? Conrade. GS
April drops came down. _See_ Strong. May song. HS
April girl. Fairlamb. StN
(Stanley. April girl. StN)
April rain. Knowlton. NS
April's just a little child. _See_ Fairlamb. Song of April.
April shower. Sawyer. EL
April showers. Hailmann. HR
April showers. Sheehan. OSM
April snow. Warren. StN
Arbor day. Gaynor. GS
Arch. Koehler. HR
(Marching, no. 23. PS)
Arch of glory curving there on high. _See_ Gaynor. Rainbow.
Are you here, my little birdies? _See_ Hubbard. Roll call. MSG
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping. _See_ Brother James. RCS
(Friar John. FS)
Arise, you little slumb'rers. _See_ Finger plays, no. 20. PS
Armenian lullaby. Chadwick. FSC
Armies in the fire. Stevenson. SF
(Ramsay. Armies in the fire. SF)
Arne. Lucy Locket. FS
(Lucy Locket. BB - OYA)
Arnold. Canadian boat song. TLB
- - Haste thee, nymph. TLB
- - Star spangled banner. EFS - FS - GS - MSG
*Around the Christmas tree. Gaynor. LL
Around the Maypole. Sherwood. HS
Art thou poor. _See_ Smith. Sweet content. TLB
Art thou weary. _See_ Baker. Stephanos. TLB
Arthur of Bradley. FS
As I came down the Canon-gate. _See_ Merry may the keel row.
As I walked over the hills one day. _See_ Hill. Each mother
loves best. SHS
*As I was coming along along. Smeltzer. SZ
As I was walking on the strand. _See_ Old man. KK
*As Joseph was a-walking. Coonley. GS
As soon as the nights grow cold. _See_ Neidlinger. Jack Frost.
As the vane upon the tower. _See_ Hailmann. Weather vane. HR
(Froebel. Weather vane. MP)

As wandering up and down one day. _See_ Hubbard. Shoemaker.
*As we go round the mulberry bush. NG
(Going round the mulberry bush. HR)
(Here we go round the mulberry bush. HC)
(Little washerwoman. KK)
(Mulberry bush. CBO - BG - FS - JB - LBS)
Ashmall. Waken, little children. SL1
Asleep. HR
(Ball song, no. 10. PS)
(Hubbard. Little ball lies in my hand. MSG)
(Mozart. Going to sleep. HR)
At close of day the sunset past. _See_ Hill. Butterfly and
moth. SHS
At Easter tide. Sheehan. OSM
At Easter time. WS
(Smith. Easter song. SL1)
At evening the maiden dear. _See_ Froebel. Little maiden and
the stars. MP
At evening when I go to bed. _See_ Conrade. Daisies and stars.
At evening when the lamp is lit. _See_ Stevenson. Land of
story books. SS
(Bartlett. Land of story books. SS)
At last we've caught you. _See_ Little bird. RCS
At night. Randegger. TC
*At summer morn. FS
At the beginning and at the close of play, no. 1-5. PS
At the beginning and at the close of play, no. 6. PS
(Variant: Day's far spent. JB)
At the beginning and at the close of play, no. 7. PS
(Forward, homeward. HR)
At break of Christmas day. _See_ Sawyer. The waits. EL
At the dawn the light is sent. _See_ Hill. Certainty of law.
At the window. Pratt. StN
At thy door I'm knocking. _See_ Lully. By the moon's pale
light. FS
Atkinson. Brownies. GS
- - Clock. GS
- - Clouds. SV
- - Cradle song. SV
- - Doll day. GS
- - Doll's cradle song. GS
- - First flag. GS
- - Good-morning. GS
- - Good-night. GS
- - Lincoln. GS
- - Little stars. SV
- - Longfellow. GS
- - Rainbow. GS
- - Red, white and blue. GS
- - Song of the nut. GS
- - Wake up. GS
- - Washington song. GS
- - Windmill. GS
Au clair de la lune. _See_ Lully. By the moon's pale light. FS
August. Knowlton. NS
Auld lang syne. Burns. EFS - FS
Austrian hymn. Haydn. TLB
Austrian national hymn. Haydn. FS
Autumn. Gaynor. SC2
Autumn. Hiller. HMC1
Music only.
Autumn. Hitte. DM
Autumn. Martin. MSL
Autumn fires. Stevenson. EL - SF
_For composers see_ Stevenson. Autumn fires.
Autumn flowers. Conrade. GS
Autumn leaves. Gaynor. GS
Autumn leaves. HR
(Hill. Fall leaves. SHS)
(Osgood. Come little leaves. MSG - RCS - WS)
(Smith. Come little leaves. SL2)
Autumn leaves. Macey. EL
Autumn leaves falling yellow and brown. _See_ Macey. Autumn
leaves. EL
Autumn leaves are whirling. _See_ Smith. Finding the place.
Autumn song. Beethoven. HR
Autumn song. Russell. HS
Autumn wind. Smith. LCD
*Autumn winds are crying. Smith. SL1
Awake. Gaynor. LL
Awake! awake! Houseman. HS
*Awake my soul, stretch every nerve. Handel. TLB
Awake, said the sunshine. _See_ Mendelssohn. Spring song. SL1
*Awake ye little sleepers. Froebel. HR
Awakening. Gaynor. SC2
Awakening song. Hill. SHS
Away among the blossoms. EL

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