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appointed for them, leaving their luggage behind. The next morning, on
going to the hospital, he found that both crew and passengers, well, sick,
and dying, were huddled together in one apartment, where they had passed
the night. He inconsiderately entered this room before it had been
properly ventilated, but remained scarcely a moment, being obliged to
retire by a deadly sickness at the stomach, and violent pain in the head,
with which he was suddenly seized. He returned home, retired to bed, and
in the afternoon of the seventh day following, he expired.

* * * * *

_Shaving_ is said to have come into use during the reigns of Louis XIII.
and XIV. of France, both of whom ascended the throne without a beard.
Courtiers and citizens then began to shave, in order to look like the king,
and, as France soon took the lead in all matters of fashion on the
continent, shaving became general. It is at best a tedious operation.
Seume, a German author, says, in his journal, "To-day I threw my powder
apparatus out of the window, when will come the blessed day that I shall
send the shaving apparatus after it."

* * * * *

_Book Morality_. - Dr. Beddoes wrote a history of Isaac Jenkins, which was
intended to impress useful moral lessons on the labouring classes in an
attractive manner. Above 40,000 copies of this work were sold in a short

* * * * *

_The Bedford Missal_ throws even the costly scrap-books of these times
into the shade. It was made for the celebrated John, Duke of Bedford, (one
of the younger sons of Henry IV.) and contains 59 large, and more than
1,000 small miniature paintings.

* * * * *

_The Bedford Level_ was drained at an expense of £400,000. by the noble
family of Russell, Earls and Dukes of Bedford, and others; by which means
100,000 acres of good land have been brought into use.

* * * * *


With many Engravings, price 5s.


And Annual Register of the Useful Arts for 1832. Abridged from the
Transactions of Public Societies, and Scientific Journals, British and
Foreign, for the past year. This volume will contain all the Important
Facts in the year 1831 - in the Mechanic Arts, Chemical Science, Zoology,
Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Meteorology, Rural Economy, Gardening,
Domestic Economy, Useful and Elegant Arts, Miscellaneous Scientific

"It is with great pleasure that we find the success of the former volumes
of this valuable record of whatever is new in science or interesting in
art, such as to encourage its publisher to make fresh exertions for public
favour, in the compilation of the year passed. Such a work is exceedingly
valuable, and may be considered in the light of a Cyclopaedia, to which
the most eminent of their time for talent and attainments are constantly
contributing." - _New Monthly Magazine. March_, 1832.

"As heretofore, a very useful record of the improvements and novelties of
the year." - _Literary Gazette_.

"The Arcana of Science and Art contains a vast deal of information of an
useful kind." - _Athenaeum_.

Printed for JOHN LIMBIRD, 143, Strand; of whom may be had volumes (upon
the same plan) for 1828, price 4s. 6d, 1829 - 30 - 31, price 5s. each.

* * * * *

_Printed and Published by J. LIMBIRD, 143, Strand, (near Somerset House,)
London; sold by ERNEST FLEISCHER, 626, New Market, Leipsic; C.G. BENNIS,
55, Rue Neuve, St. Augustin, Paris; and by all Newsmen and Booksellers._

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Online LibraryVariousThe Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 19, No. 539, March 24, 1832 → online text (page 4 of 4)