Vincent Otto Nolte.

Fifty years in both hemispheres; [microform] or, Reminiscences of the life of a former merchant. Translated from the German online

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Online LibraryVincent Otto NolteFifty years in both hemispheres; [microform] or, Reminiscences of the life of a former merchant. Translated from the German → online text (page 46 of 47)
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pay, and was abandoned afW three nsonths' publication.

During my editorship, I waa often told to attend to the
views of the " Hamburgh Exdiange," bat never could ind out
where they were expressed. Every man had his own ideas; .
and the political ideas of merchants are of but little value, aa they
result not fh>m a co^opoUtan way of thinkkig, but simply firom
the consideration of private interests, and it is very sddom that
a merchant's opinions are founded upon the general wdl being of
the mass.

1 now returned to my " System of Assurance and Bottomry ;"

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•FINia* 481

began on October 2, 1849, givea up until January, 1852, and
then finisbed in fiiree months. I had begun thia woric in mj
seventieth year, and finished it in my seventy-tliird. Its recep-
ti<m by the public has proven its usefulness, and therefore I may
be allowed here to rq>eat the closing words:

^'My greatest desire in publishing a work, the difficulties of
which no man can comprehend, is to free myself from all iUusioDs
about my own force, and to prove that I have not over estimated
my capabilities. If it be true, I shall enjoy the pleasing con^
sdousness that my life, so full of action, has left behind it some
traces of usefulness."

The dose of my life is probably not &r ofl^ and in writing the
last lines of this volume I would say a word about these sketohfBS
from life. For the great mass of readers they will possess but
little interest, but for those who have known me, this work may
awaken a fresh interest in the past, nor will it be unacceptable to
them to walk with me along that varied way which I have tra-
velled for so many years. This I deemed their due and mine,
and for it I hope that this work will not be quite ov^ooked*

Hamburgh, May, 1858.

TBS svn.


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Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Thb reader must bear in mind that this work is a translation, and that the
free uBe of personalities is indulged in by a foreigner, and a man who has
evidently formed hasty conclusions.

The financial aUusions to Edward Livingston and Mr. Davezac are upon
matters not thoroughly understood- by Mr. Nolte. They belong to the political
animosities of the past, and would have been suppressed were it not ooosidired
that the duty of a translator is £uthfulness to Ins text

The allusions to General Scott's appearance in Paris, after the battle of
Wa-terloo (page 249), were na doubt occasioned by ill-feeb*ng for some fimcied
sli^bt, growing out of the circumstances described below — ^whicb has been fiir-
nisbed, from recollection, by a' gentleman who was in Paris at the time, and
was personally cognixaut of what be states.

General Scott, soon after the battle of Waterloo, was in Paris. France,
then occupied by more than half a million of hostile troops, did not be-
long to Frenchmen. Some of the British regiments which had been with
General Roes and Admiral Cockbum, at Washington, were now quartered
in Paris, and, as a pleasant conceit, got up a dmner in that capital, to cele-
brate the anniversary of the burning of the national buildings [civil], the
archives and library, in the capital of another hemisphere. Hundreds of
other British officers, of high rank, were present, as approving guests. This
continued want of shame on the part of the Vandals, fired (General S.
with indignation, and he employed months in arranging a retaliatory cele-
bratioa Receiying the hearty support of the American officers, and many
other citizens, then in Paris — ^Mr. Jackson, Charge d'Afiaires ; Colonels Dray-
ton, M'Ree, Thayer and Archer; his aid-de-camp, Major Mercer, his oom-
panion, N. Leathenworth, Esquire, of New York, <fec. ^ <fec Aa, — General &,
passing by the war events in 4hich he himself had participated, fixed upon the
8th of January — ^the first anniversary of the battle of New Orieans — ^when
some ninety Americans met, to give yent to their feelings. It is possible that
Mr. Nolte, as a resident of New Orleans, may have been called upon to sub-
scribe ; but if not, he, certainly, being on the spot, learned the whole history
of this dinner. General S. presided. The leading or retaliatory toast, was, of
course. General Jaektan and his gloriout defence of New Orleans! given by
Soott with warmth, and all the circumstances which enhanced the victory and

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dMptnedtlieslMUBeortliedifeiiM; tog«<keriritk a wiwe i
the reoeot eelebratkm of llie iMrtMurko aete p«q>etnit«d aft WadnogCoa
IMik^ mm neglected that oould gire poblicitj and erlc< to tiie reteliatko.
Tlie elaboraU prqpaiwtkNie were meotiooed m the hig^
GemiaD cirelee^ with whieh Gea Seott and his Ainerieaii friende were od the
moet emieaUe terme. Hie ffM JMert wae the plaoe eeleeted for meetiQ^
where the allied iovereigM>whM fa IHufi^ had hahil^
Wtl< of the BritJAenyre were daily to be eew, fa January, 181»— (Bertiemwrf
metamontli kter>— Lord Hlffi head-qovterm wttii a battalkxi of hoiMhold
troope» wae withfa half pvtol shot; all the Americao offiecfa were mfidleoe-
tame, Aa,Aa,Aa,Aa, General S. drew \xp a loll aeoooot oi the toiler, whioh
Tk$ Obfi<<t<iidofMi;tho«igh a liberal paper, did not dar« to p«il)^
eeneonhip) till the name of & Edward PiAenham Q» bong Uie brotbar^
law of the Duke of WeUiDgton) was eipo^ged, aa weU aa the relaliTe nom-
be|p engaged at New (Meane—becaiMe of the great ezoeea on th^Britnh ride.
Oea On howerer, at the ezpeoie of aome gcdneaa, oanaed the faE aoeoont to be
pobiiihed, aa an adrertieement, fa one of the London joanMJa. SoeKnodoiibt^
were the gromidi of Hr. Nolte's ane^m at the Ameriean wu^ general (knr
rank eertaiolyX fa a crowd of field mamhala, fiiU generala, and lieotenuft g«D-
era l a many of whom, nerertheleea, atood towarda hkn aa attenkhe frienda

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In Jufy^ will he PubUik^d, in Fiv Votumes^ Price $5.


WiiH PoExmAns or Wilboic, Lo€DCHABT,MAanfN, Hoog, jmd WA<ymtnjn,



TW NMtM w«n 0oiimMmo«d ia IStt, %md oloMd im 1835. Btvm ia Baf Uad, tk« Inat
•f Ttan hu •lwo«r«d maay oiienmstoaow wkieh wera wU kaowa thirtr T#«n am.

SB. Bhsltoh Mackxiisib, alratdy &Tofabl7^ kaowa m •ditor mt SkMl't **8k*CokM of
tlM Iiiah B«r,** 1ms aadortakoa tbo oditonikip of Tm NocTBt Akbbomabjb* for wlUoh a
liuailiw aoaaaiataaoo, doriaf Uio last twoatr-flro yoan, with tho pertoao, OToati, aa4
pUoM tkonla aoticod may be uiuoud toanalify kim. He has boea oa tomu of iatimaoy
witk mort of tko omiaoat politioal aad Utorarf okaiaetwt traatod of ia tko •* Nootbs,**
aad kis aaaotatioa of tke text will iaolado penoaal reoolloetioas of tkom.

BMidot this, Dr. Mookoazio kai writtea (or this sditioa a ** History of tko Rist aad fta- '
grssi of Blaokwood's Msfasiao," with orif iaal momoirs of tho priaoipal aoeioditod aatbon
of tho ^NocTBOv** Tia:— PTofossor Wilsoa, Tho Bttriok Shophsrd, J. G. Lookhart, aai
Dr. Magiaa^^

Ho will Jm glTo tho oslobratod ** Chaldoo Maaaseript.'* pablishod ia 1817, lastaatly
sapnrMssd, aad so soaxoo that tho oaly oopy whiok tho editor has oTor seea is that froa&
wWeh ho Bwkes the prseeat rrariat There will also be girea tho three articles, oatitled
** CnisTorBBa la thb Tbbt," (ia Aafvst aad September, 1819), aoTsr before priated, la
aay shape, ia thisooaatry. The ioterlocatots ia ** Thb TBar/* iaolode the gzeater aamW
of thoee afterwards iatrodaoed ia the ** NocTBa."

The **Metricnm Syamhesiaai Ambrosiaaam,'*— aa addeadam to Jfo. IH. of '^Tkb
NocTBS,'* <aad which aotioes ererr liviag aathor of aote, ia the year 1899), will ba ia-
oerporated ia this oditioa. This aas aorer before boea repriated here.

Nearly Ready^ in Two Volumes,






Tom man thaa a qaarter of a oei^tary, the most remarkable macasiae writer of hla
time, was the late Wuliam Mafiaa, LL.t)., weU-kaowa as the Sir Morgaa Odoherty of
BImtkm—dPB JMafoirtMS, aad as the priaeipal ooatribntor, for maay years, to iPVassr**
aad other periodicals. The oombiaed learaiaf , wit, elooaeaoe, eeceatrioity, aad hnmor
«f Maciaa, had obtaiaed for him, loaa before hU death, (ia 1843), the Utle of Taa
MoDBBN RABBiJLie. His mafazine arUcles possess extraordiaary merit Hb had tho
art of pnttiaf a rast oaaatity of aaimal spirits npoa paper, bat his frarer article*— which
eeataia soaad aad sertons priacipl^a of critioism — are earaest aad well-reaaoaed.

The oolleotioa aow ia haad will eoataia his Faeetie (ia a Tariety of laa^oaces), Traae-
ktioas, Trareetiee, aad Oriaiaal PMtry. also his proee Talee, which are emiaeatly beanti-
fill , the best of his critical articles, (laclndiag his oelebratod Shakspoara Papers), aad
hie Homeric Ballads. Tho periodicals ia which he wrote haTO boea raasacked, from
** Blackwood" to " Pvnoh." and the rssnlt will be a series of ffreat iateieet.

Da. SHBLTOif Bf ACKsniB, who has nndertaken the editorship of these writiaas of his
distiagaished ooaa^maa, will spare aeither labor aor atUatioa ia tae work. Tho
first Tolame will eoataia aa origiaal Memoir of 0?, Maginp, irrittea by Dr. Maokeaai a ,
aad a oharaotoristie Portrait, with foo-similtr


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redfixld's new and popular publications.


By the Right Hon. Richard Lalor 3hkil, M. P. Edited with
a Memoir and Notes, by Dr. Shelton Mackenzie. Foorth
Edition. In 3 vols. Price $2 00.

•*They attracted nnlTersal attention by tfaelr brmtanl and poteted stYle, and thdr Ub
"" *' * ^ lount or bIfwrapT * ' '

_ _ _ _ ofling reminXvcen .

ocnit DotbingThatla eiaential to tiie iperfeot ahieidatioii of 3m text**— J«^ rchTTVAmA

•niUty of aentiment The Notaa embody a groat amount of bloffraphical infonnadoi^


terary goaaip, legal and political anecdote, and amoaing remintacencea, and, in fact,

lit nothing that la eiaenttel to the iperfeot ehieidatioQ of die text**— JVrn Ttrk TVAwm.

'They are the beat edited hooka we have met for many • year. They form, with

Mackenxie'a notea, a complete biographical dictionary, ooataininc anednct and clerer

•ketohea of all the iunooa people of England, and particularly or Intend, to whom tko

made in &e text"~7«« OMsM (JM* itfiedhaO.

^ Dkr. Mackenxie de aei le a the thanka of men of lettara, partieulariy of Iriahmeo, for
hia reaearch and care. Altogether, the "Wotk ia one we can reoomnMnd in tlie hidieai
tirrmT."— PiWffrff^fl C% Otm.

**8Qch a repertory of wit, humor, aneedole, and o«t-gnahinc Am, nBin|ded with Ae
deepeat pnthoa, when we refloct npcm tibe aad fiite of freland. aa Uila hook anotda, it were
hara to find written in any other pair of ooven."— Ji||«(o IMty OMiriar.

** Aa a whole, a more tparkUnf lively aeriea of portraita waa lianlly ererj|| tn a alagie

galleiy It ia Iriah all over; Oe wit, the ftiAr, the eztraTagaBce^ and tWflrs nre al
•like charaoterlatio of writer and aabjeeta.**— JViw York B9mg^iitL
** Theae Tolnnaea afford a rich treat to the loren of litBrBtarB.'* - A»t^hrd CSMrties fiik


By James Bruce. 12mo, cloth, $1 00.

** A aeriea of peraonal aketchpa of diatingniahed.Individnala of all agea, embrMtngiMB
■ad ink portraita of near aixty persona from Sappho down to Jf adanie de StaeL l^ey
abow much raaearoh, aad poMoaa that intereat wUcb attachea to the private life of thoae
whoae namea are Imown to lame."— JVaw Bmtn Jommai mid Oomritr,

«*11iej are oomprebeBaiTe, well-writtea, and jadidooa, both In the aelailtaa of eob*
Jecti and die manner of treating them.**— Botloii AOm.

*'The autlior baa painted in minate toocbea the obaraeteriatica of each with varioaa
peraonal detaila, all fntemrtinff, and all calculated to'fiimlah to the mind'a eye a complete
portraiture of the individual &acribed.'*— ^ifreay JTitidkcr&ockcr.

.** The sketchea are full and frraphle, many authoritJea haTing orlden^ beta o on e nlt e d
by the author in their prepanmoa."— JBOtftm JtmmA



Being the Autobiography of a Jonmeyn^an Printer. By Charles
Manet Smith, author of *« Cariosities of London Li&.*' 12ino,
cloth, $1 00.

** Written W a man of geaioi aad of moat esttraordiaaty powera of daamlpUua.'*—'
lioaloa TVavaOiT.

•* It will be read with no amaH degree of intereat by the profeaaional brethren of the
author, aa weU at by all who Ihid attractiona ia a well4old tale of a workiagnaaa.**—

** An amnalBg aa wril at iaatructiTe book, tsUina how humble obaeaHtr cata Iti w^y
through the world with eoergyv penerernnoe^ aad integrity.'*— JOaay Kni^km^ikw.

**The book ia the moat entertaining we hare met wilti fi>r moatfaa.**— MAad^pAte

*^Hehaa eridently mored through the worid wltii ViM eyne nc^^ and laa^flng a tela
of hamor hi hia aanure, baa written oaesf the moat readable ouuaa ot the mama*^

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With a View of the Present State of Afiairs in the East By
Colonel Chksney, R.A., D. C. L., F.R. S., Author of tfaie
Expedition for the Survey of the Rivers Euphrates and Tigris.
With ah Appendix, containing the Diplomatic Correspondence
of the Four rowers and the l^cret Correspondence hetween the
Russian and English Governments. One vol., 12mo, cloth;
Maps; price $1.00.

** A condenied dataU of fteti, and the refult of pereonid obaenratfon,'^ la replete with
InstructiTe matter : a record of one of the moat atriking eTenta in modem niatorj ; a
uide to the formation of correct Judgment on the future. Good mapa, and

guide to the formation of correct Judnnent on tbe future. Good mapa, and mtnotB
d0<»criptiona of the pnncipal aeata of toe paat and preaent war ; a atatiatical aooount of
the militanr reaoaroea ot Turkey ; ita preaent atata and proapecta ; ita political aad
commercial ralue— occupy an intereatinff portion pf thi
mend to the attention of our readera."— Z^iMiro Critic.

'* It fiUa up a Tacant niche in the liiatory of the tlroea whidi aeema to be required to
give a proper undersranding of the dUBcnltiQa which h«Te reaolted In tbe preaent Euro-
pean vftaLr—S^ng/uld Pott.

» Thia work, wblcb, under any drcnmetanoea, would hare exdted great intereat, la
worthy of apedal attention now, from ita relation to the eaatern conteat'' - i4i&fl)iy Ar^itt,

** Though abounding in information, it ia clear, atraightforward, and aa free from OTer^
atatrment and irreTelant apecnlationa aa the ' Commentariea of Caoaar ' *'— ifaia Tor*
Evening Pott.


With a Voyage down the Volga and a Tour through the Country
of the Cossacks. By LAURsncE Oliphant, Author of *' A Jour^
ney to Nepaul." From the Third London Revised and Enlarged
Edfition. 12mo, cloth; Two Maps and 18 Cuts; price 75 cents.

** The lateat and beat account of the actual atate of Ruaaia."— Xonicm Standard,

** The book of a quick and honeat obaerver. Full of deligbUbl entertainment."— Xoi»>
, don S^-'Pn iius .

'* Mr. OHphant ta an acute obaenrer, and fotelllgent man, a dear and Tlgorona and auo-
cinct writer, and hia book embodiea the beat account of Southern Ruasia that haa erer
app«wred. Hia account of Sevaatopol will find many faitarasted readera.**— Boac^m Atiaa,

** Thia book reminda ua more of Stephen'a ddigntful * Ineidenia of Trarer than any
other book with which we are acquainted. Ik ia an intereating and valuable book, am

other book with which we are acquainted. Ik ia an intereating and valuable book,
waa aa aharp at aecioff aa a Uto Yankee, and he haa given ua " ' *' "^'- *^ ^
In a very graphic andintereatlng atyle.**— Boaton TVsMBcr.



Or, Sketches of Travel in the European and Asiatic Dominions
of the Sultl^l. By WARRiNexoii W. Smith, M.A. With a
Colored Ethnological Map of Turkey. 12mo, cloth ; price 75 cts.
** Mr. Smldi haa had rare opportunitiea. Few men have croaaed and recroased tiie

empire in ao many directiona— and many are the errora, the filae reporta, the mlacon*

ceptkma aa to met or motive which are here corrected by an able and impartial wit*

neaa.'*~Zoiid(M» Atketumm.
** One of the freaheat and beat booka of travel on the Sultan*a dominiona.**— iVcia For*

Commercial Adtoertiter.
** The reader obtaina an excellent and reliable idea of the actual condition of tlie peo>

pie, of tiw mongrel noea, and the preaent atate of the 8ttltan*a dominiona. There ia a

vivid intereak in the narrative, and abundance of real Information.*'— Boatoii Trantcrlpt.

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New and entirely Revised Edition c^ Wiluam Gilmoee Sihiis*
Romances of die Revolntdon, witb lUaatrations by DaeIiXT«
£ach complete in one voL, 12mo, clotb ; price %\Sb.


▼. WOOBOBAR. (Iiipn»0

"The field of Revolollosary RouMiaffie wm a ridi oiMb and Mr. 8faBBM hM WQcted E
•intnblT."— XMti^oOIc JornndL

''BatwwBoreliitoof the ago arlnoa mora power in the ooneepdoii of a aCoty.iBom

artktlo sUU In its nanageineati or more nalaralnnm In lbs final * ' -^ ^



*' Not on\j par aetUence tke Iftenrr man of the 800^ bat next to no i
te Amerioa/'— .^ifrony K^iekm^oekm'.

**8imnM !• a popular writ«rK ud Ut romanoet are highly eredttahlo to AmarieaB
tttMwtare.** Boion Olioe Jrtwnt

**TbeM books are reptola with daring and thiflUng adventarei^ princ^ally drava
from histiOfy.** - Bo9to% Ckrittimk fntKUUi.

** We lake pleasara in noticinf another of tho series wfaid^ Redfleld Is p ress mlf to
the oooatnr of the brilliant produbtloas of one of the very ablest of oor Ameiioea
aathors-rof 00a Indeed who, in his peculiar mbera, Is iolmitaUei TUs toIium Is •
ooBttaoatlon of * Hw Partisan.* "^PkOrndt^kim JmarUai^ 0»«riar.



A RomAnce of Sooth Carolina. Bv Wm. Gilmoae SiHais. New
and entirely Revised Edition, wiCh Illattrationt by Daujbt. 12ibo»
riotb; priced .25.

"la is eeeoMd to hot fewramanees hi tfaolnifvaga: In power, E holds a
high rank; in healthfolness of stjle^ It flimlshes an example worthy of firnnJattoi.*^
Oresns Gbwiiy ffl<r.



Poems: Descriptive, Dramatic Legendary, and
By Wm. Gilmore Sikmb. With a portrait oa steeL
12mo, cloth; price $2.50.
CorrrsNTt: Norman Maorioe; a TVagedy.— Atalantis ; a TiJe of the Sea^lUes sad
IVadltions of the South.— The City of the Silent— Southern Pesseges and PictnreSd—
Historical and DrMnaUo Sketches.— Scrfpttnv Legends.— Franoesca da BindmU etc

•* Wo are glad to see the poems of our best Soothem author eoHeeted in tifp hand-
some Tolumes. Here we have embalmed In jraphle sod naeiodloas Terse the soealo
^ronderi snd efaarms of the Soathi and this feature of the work alooe gives E a per*
■anent and special Tallies None can read 'Southern P Msa g ea and Pfctores* withoat
fiellog that therein the poetic aspects, association, and sentiment of Soothem lifs and
scenery are ritally enshrined. *Norman Maorice* Is a drsmalie poem of peeollar aoope
and unusual interest; and * Atslantis,' a poem upon which some of the atfa o r *s fi—^
powers of thonsht and expression are ritttlytertshed. None of onr poets otfir so great
a variety of style or a mora original choice of sul^ects.**— Bostsn Tr mt Otr ,

•* His Torsificatlon Is fluent and menifluoos, yet not boUnf In nohrtof Tigor when«
•nergetic style is requisite to the subject"— X F. CommareM A S mr U mr.

••Mr. atmrns ranks amona the first poets of our coMtiy, said these nii jWprii lw l
fohimea oootain poetical prodoctionaof rare merlfV-fFnaMiifisii (A O 9tm,

Digitized by VjOOQ iC





By AcHSTA DoMXSTiCA. In Three Series : I. Ineecti of Spfffaw*^
n. Ineectt of Sninmer.— III. Insects of Autumn. BesntiniUy
inostrated. Crown 8vo., cloth, gOt, price t2.00 each. The same
heantiiiinj colored after nature, extra gilt, $4.00 each.

« A book defiBt tnoofh lor lb* eaotra liblQi wfllj oMMifk for tAv dlHMr, Hii win
«wifOfkfDrtlMtlodjaiidtboMliool«ooni. Om ofthe baootllU Iomom oftUi wwk if
iMldn^vltwtt tikMofBotOTO. )l«£^ffi«n^<BJ[^MtMdj.biitM^ilB«it
WBOo v^j or repWiiTo. A obsrai If Uwowb oitMud orery ol^Joctiiiid Ufe fsAnfA
~ of tbo Crfftoi'f goodnfff fod wlfdom.**— /T. T, Mm
I. Ifd j-blrdf, lUy-aief, boff, fad • ▼HTlftar of other k
fffBlfd upon in ft plffilBf ftylfi oonbtamw foifBiUe
DBfr pfeaUfrir f ttrfed To.*— ftw il i l AMwHmiF,
foUdtaMtrafttoii ff wfOff ffslilHiA ffPt t f atiii g i
tbf writer ii Ikorowgfaly rfMfb%''-Bi liili r

fifwHinlisfwlfilf oftbf



By Amsxifx Houssats, with beaudfuHy Enmyed Portraits of
Louis XVm knd Madame de Pompadour. Two vdume* ISbio.
450 pages each, extra superfine paper, price $2.50.

O uwi— Afc P ii * if |j, FiilMifl^ MfrtrMS, FIrfa, Tbo Abb4 Prerofl^ Gfatt-Bfrnaii^
Florka, BoafBon^ IMdflroi; Grtflry, Birfrol, Loolf XY^ Oronaf^ Booebfr, Tbo Tf^
kNM, Lfotfrf, Wftteoa, Lo Motte^ DeUfk Abb€ IVoblet, Baflbn, Dorat, Cardbifi 4o
Bernifi Cr€bllkm tbo Ofjr, Mario Antoliiftt^ Mfdo. do Pompodoor, VadS, IflK Oo-
flnrfo» mifu OfiroB, Mad. df te PopfUnlixob Sopblo Anoold, CrCbOIon tbo Tra^

MOo. GolBBfrd, llirfo Fffff fta tbo Ufeof DfMoorl^ A ProofMdo in tbo Pflaif-RaM

A BBOW ■HBd&Biulff DOOB hIBB iDlB fBTBly li_ _

* rfaiftif *bJ ff t ; f^tiifthif fai»iftylo;aw dii at ii if tott^powortoliMtborBadf r lMo

, of tbo aaofl forffof aad bew Ucbk w dofcriptjoa.*— Owrlir » Mm %uk ■ .

«*Tbif if a moft woleonif book, AiB nf lafoniiaioa and aiinifeBioBt,fai tbo form of
—nolrf, oomoMBtfl^ and anocdoHf. It bff tbo itylo of H^t meratare^ wHfa tbo no*.
JikMWf af •'y fy^g!*t It iboold bo In erery library, and ttio banda of orory '"•4fr.*

MA Book op Boon^— Two doUetovidr inkf rokunaf. tbft an a parfoot Ioiim SfMbi
fot«iiM»*iBrfodfaiff.^ - fltaMjNv«flC

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By Arsenb H0U88ATE. With beandfally-engraved Poitrtitb of

VoHaire and Mad. Parabdre. Two toIs., 12mo, price $2.50.

**We have bera the most charmlnf book we have read these moiy dftn,— m
powerfuV in tti faccbution that we bare oeen beld for bonrrfrom our imperiova nbore
or needful slnmbera, by tbe entrancinf bifluenee of ita pafea. One of the most doaira
Ue fmita of the prolific field of literature of the present soaaon."— Peruend MeUetle.

** Two brilliant and iaacinatlnf— we bad almoat aaid, bewitcbinf — Tobunea, eovtt
Ding biformation and amuaooaeB^ tha Ugbtaat goadpt with aoUd and aerrtoeable wla
dom.**—Tmnkm Bladt.

•« It ia a mott admirable book, full of origfaialitj, wf t; Infonnatfan and phfloaophy
Indeed, tbe riTidneaa of tbe book ia extraordinary. The acenea and deionptioaa are
absohitdy life-Hke.**— AmiA«ni JJurvt Q^utu.

**The worka of the preaent writer are the only onea the apbrit of whoae rheloiic dot*
Joallee to thoM timet, and in fascination of description and s|yle eqnai tbe '' ^ — "' —
Ifaey deacant upon.**— Mw OtUomb OommtreUd BuiUiin,

**The antiior is a brilliant writer, and senres up his s ke tebes to a sparkWif 1
Ok H t tian Fnmum,


By John Ken drick, M. A. In 2 vds., 12|iio, price #2.60.

•No work haa beretolbra appeared aulMd to ttie wants of the historkal stadeac.
which combined the labors of artists, traTellera, interpreters and critiea, durinf Iba
periods fi-om the eaHiest records of the monarehy to ita final abaorptloo to the empira
of Alexander. This work supplies this deficiency.**— OKm Brmmek.

** Not only the aeoffraphy and politleal history of Eaypt under tbe Fharaoha are
(tven, but we are ranusbed with a minute account of the domestie manners and cna*
toms of the tobabitants, their laoguue, laws, soienoe, reUgloo, agriculture, BarigBlton
and comroeree."~ O o m m orol B l AdkmtCi&r,

*' These Tolnmes present a comprebeoslTeYtew of the results of tbe oombtoed labora
of tFaTeHera, artisia, and scien^ explorers, whioh have efieeted so aaneh dnrittff ihe

Online LibraryVincent Otto NolteFifty years in both hemispheres; [microform] or, Reminiscences of the life of a former merchant. Translated from the German → online text (page 46 of 47)