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tion of the surgeon in whose charge the sick and wounded n^^y happen to be. Every rea-
son should operate upon us to make every Virginia soldier comfortable, and bupply his
wants, exposed as he is to all the casualties of war.

I therefore recommend that the legislature make a liberal appropriation for these objects,
and commit the management of the business to competent and efficient hands. We have
numbers of persons amongst us, who will cheerfully undertake it, and will see that these
desirable objects are secured.

Respectfully, »


38 Doc. No. 45.


Richmond, Va., Jan. 26, 1863.

Gentlemen of the Senate

and House of Delegates :

I have received from the engineer department of the Confederate States the
communication herewith transmitted, for your consideration.

The department suggests an amendment to your act pas-sed October 3rd, 1862, so as to
exempt "slaves employed in mining, manufacturing iron, lead and saltpetre, under govern-
ment contracts." This is perhaps a proper amendment, but other amendment* of this law
are equally necessary. Slaves employed on rail road and in other transportation companies,
in the manufacture of salt, and under contracts with the state, should also be exempt from
the calls for labor on fortifications. A discretion should be lodged somewhere, to make
exemptions in all cases involving the public interests and the public necessities.

The prudent and sngiicious statesman takes a comprehensive view of his country and its
interests, and his legislation is directed to the great end of preserving and protecting both.
Tht; defence of the country rises above all other considerations. To this every thing else is
and must of necessity be secondary. The development of our material intt^rests at a time
like this, is not to be overlooked or ignored. Mechanical and manufacturing industry is .
tasked to its utmost extent of production to meet the demands of our army, and to supply
tht; wants and neccssiti<\s of our citizens. Every thing we can produce for the support of
man and beast, is imperatively demanded now. While our attention therefore is directed
to -one matter of importance, let us not forget that there are others which claim consideration.




Enginkf.k Okkk'r, C. 8.
No. 14, Law Building, *t'ranklin St.

Richmond, Jan. 23, 1863.

Governor :

I have the honor to enclose herewith, a circular letter addressed by me
to the sheriffs of the counties called upon to furnish labor for public d«?fences, und«'r act of.
as.senibly passed October 3d, 1862. You will ouserve that it is the wish of thia d»'partment
that all slaves employed in mining, manufacturing iron, lesid and saltpetre, under govern-
ment contracts, shall be exempted from impre-ssment ; and it is therefore respectfully sug-
ge.'<ted that the attention of the legislature be directed U> this subject, in order' that the
present act may be modified or amended in this respect.

Yours very respectfully,

1st Lieut. Engineers, P. A. C. S.
His Excellency John Letch rr,

Gocernor of Virginia.

Doc. .No. 45. 39


Engineer Dept. C. S.
No. 14, Law BuUtling, Fran/din St.

Richmond, Jan. 23, 1863
To the Sheriff of County :


I am instrHcted to inform you of tlie wish of thia department that in making
iinpressmenta of slaves in your county, for work on public defences, in pursnanc* of an
act of assembly passed October 3, 1862, you will exempt all such as are employed in mining
and manufacturing iron, lead and saltpetre, under government contracts.

By order of Col. J. F. Gilmer, Chief of Engineer Bureau.

John B. Stanard,
First Lieut. Engineers, &c.

40 Doc. No. 45.


RiCHMuND, Va., Jau. 27, 1863.

Gtfnthmnn of the House of Delegates :

\r\ nspoiiso. to the resolution adopted by the houne yesterday, cal1in|^ npon me
to fiirninh " iiiforfnation tis tn the nimil"/ of militia l)rouplit into active service by [my]
proclanmtion which was issm-d for that purpone in the spring of 1862; how long said forro
remainod in service as militia; whether thi'y have received any pay for said service; and if
not, whether any arrangenietit has been made wiili the cimtcliMate government for thai pur-
pose," I have to state, tliat the nrsoluiion is so general in rts terms, thai it id impossible to
furnish » satisfactory reply.

Three proclainafions were issued in the spring of 1H62 in ngard to the militia — on the
10th, Iltli and IHili days of Mareh resjieclively The militia called for under the prncla-
maliim of the K th day of March were dlncted to assemble at difTcrent placcj*. and to report
to diflferent confederate commanders. What number reported, or hi>w long th>y remained
in service as militia, it is impoHsible for me to statt;, ad the confederate conmiaoders made no
report* to the adjutant general of Virginia.

Whether all tlie militia under these calls liave been paid for their services, I cannot say,
but am'iutonoed thai such claims were uniformly paid by the auditing board, until a law
was pasi-i'd by congie.s« a'>snndn{; their payment. Alter this law wan pasned th«' atioriiey
general, a member of the auditing iKiai'd, C4»nferred with the seen tary i.f war, nn I il was
apreeil thai the confederate government would altir that tittie pay this class of <'Iaim8.
Since that lieie the confederate ^rovernment lave paid scune and refu»»*d to jtay others, and
those wliii li were refused have been paid by the auditing bohrd.



Doc. No. 45.


Gentlemen of tite Senate

and House of Delegates .


Ku HMONi), Va., Jan. 27, 1803.

I have received a comnnuiicHt.f<m from His ExcfDenry M. L. Bonhani, en-
closing a copy of an act to provide for a pnarant<e by the state of the bunds of tlie Con-
federate States; to which I invite the attention of llie g nenil assembly.




The Statk of South Carolina,

F.reruiite Dfi'iutinent,
Columbia, .lanuaiy 15, 1861^

I have the honor to transmit herewith, a copy of the act of thf general assem-
bly, entitled an act to provide for a pfuarantco by the state of th - boiKls of the Confejderate
States ; to which I respcictfully invite your own and the attention of your legislature.

I have the honor to be, ^

Very respectfully,

¥our ob't servant,

His Excellency John Lktoher,

Governor of I'irginia.

An act to provide for a guarantee by the state of the bonds of the Confederate States.

Sec 1. Be itenaited by the .senate and house of i<'j)riseiitative,s, now met and sitting in
general as.sembly, and by the authority of the same, that ihe governor of tiie state for the
time being be and he is hereby authorized and directed to eiidor>e the guarantee of the
btaie upon the bonds of the Confedi-rate States of Aiiieiica. upon the application of the
government of the said CoiitVderate States, to an amoutit equal to thi- proportionate share
of the state of Somh Carolina of the sum of two hundred millions of dullars, in the ratio
ot the representation of said state in tin- house of repiesentatives of the c(mfederate con-
giess, thereby pledging the faith and the funds of the stale for the pa> ment of the principal
of the said bonds, and the interest to accrue thereon: provided, tha' such of the bonds as
shall be sold within the Confederate Sate'*, shall be di.sposed of to the highest bidder : and
provided, further, that in the sale, whether in this couTitry or abroad, of these bonds, this
state and the citizens thereof shall have the right to the bonds under its guarantee,
in preference to all purchasers at equal bids. •

In the senate house, the eighteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and sixty two, and in the eighty seventh year of the sove-
reignty and independence of the state of South Carolina.

\V. D. PORTER, PresU Senate.

A. P. ALDRIUH, Speaker House Reps.

42 Doc. No. 45.


RicHMONU, Va., Feb. 9, 18G3.
Gentlemen of the House of Delegates :

In response to your resolution adopted 7tli instant, I have the honor to state
that I have received no " iutormatiou of the condition" or uianageai<;nt of the Eastern
lunatic asjium at Williamsburg ^ince the date of my message of the 7th of .January last.

In the repprt of J. M- Bennett, Esq., auditor of public accounts, herewith transmitted, a
full response will be found to the other branches of enquiry contained in your resolution

A . Respectfully,


Auditor'h Ofkh;b,

liirhinond, Feb. 7, IBftJ.


In compliance with yonr request, I annex a statement of the payments
made to the En.stem lunatic asylum, so as to enable you U\ answer that part of the resolu-
tion of (he house of dele^rates, adupted on this <]ti3', which seeks information as to the
amount of such payments, afad'of the appropriation made for the support of the said asy-
lum. It will be perceived that the resolution is indefinite as to the appro|)riation out of
which the paynionls were made. I have assumed, however, that it has rcfercnco to (he ap-
propriation for the fiscal year which commenced on the 1st October IH4>l,and terminafcd
on the 30th SepU-mber 18tj'2.

If 1 am correct in this assumption, tlie payment^ oh said appropriation were as follows:

Total payments for annual supjwrt, laundry, &c. (see Do<'. No. 3,
page 11, auditor's report), - • SOj.'iSS 81

In payments, as follows:

1861, Nov. 12, By warrant on pay patient fimd, - - 2,333 81

" " By vairaut on appropriation for transportation of

patients, - - - - 3,C00 00

1802, Jan. 2, By warrant on appropriation for support, - 1I,2.'jO0O

" May 7, By warrant on anproprialion for supi>ort, Ac. • 12,<K)0 (K)

2^.583 81


t'i.,WM {iQ

18G1, Dec. 21, 'WarraTit on ftpccial appropriation for construction

of a laundry. - - - 1,000 00

1862, Feb. 8, Warrant on special appropriation for constmction

of a laundry, - - - 1 ,000 00

$2,000 (10

It will be srcn \y the foregoing statement, that of the snm appropriated by the general

Doc. No. 45. 43

assembly for support and transportation, $2fi,250 have hem paid. $ 2,33:? 81, paid into tho
treiisury by the institiiti.ui, have; been refunded ; and $ 2,000 specially appropriated to build
a laundry, completes the sum shown to have been disbursed, in my report as aforesaid.

I am, very respectfully,

Your most ob't serv't,


His Excellency John Lktciifr,

Governor of Virginia.

U Doc. No. 46.


Richmond, Va., Ft;b. 16, 1863.
Genllemen of fhe Srvate

and House of Driegates :

I have rero.ivod a communication from Tlis Exrcllency M. L. Bonham,
governor of the tst»ilc of South Carolina, transiiiitting an act to pntvide for the guaranty by
the state of the bonds of the Confederate States, acrompanit-d by a reHolution ruquo.-sting
that it be laid bi^fore the general a-sstunbly. I comply with the rQ.quost with pleasure.



ExKciiTivK Dkp^rtmknt,

(olumbia, S. C, Feb 9, 1H6:J.

In conforniily with the iiiKtrtictiotia of the lepii*lrtiur<-, I have the honor to
enclose the following act and res.lulion.

I am, Hir, very roHpectfully,

Your obedient servant,

' M. L. nONHAM.
His EzedUney John Lktcimh,

Governor of I'irgimiii.

An act to provide for a guarantee hy the ftnte of the hond» of ike Confederate Stntes.

1. He it euHcted by the Kenale and hoiiKe of repreiientativeH, now met and Kitting ia
general as.trmbly, and by the atithorii^ of the t<anie, that the governor for the liine lK:ing,
w believer applicaiion for i*ufh giiariinl< c sliall he made U> him by tlie government of the
Confi'derate S'Mles of America, be ntid in tii-reby autborizeil and directed t<t en'lorne the
^ua^ant^^' cif the hUit*- of South Carolina njMin the bonds of tlie Confe<lerale SIjiU-h of Ame-
rica, to be beieafte.r is-^ued aecordmg to a plan Ut t>e adopted by congress, Ut tin- amount of
thirty-tmir milliuDs four hundred and eighty-two thousand sevn hundred and fif'ty-*'ight
dollars sixty two and two twenty-ninth ceiiis, being the proportionate share of the sum of
five hundre<l millions of dollars, according to the representation of South Carolina in the
hous«^ of ripn-Mentative.** of the c^mfedernte cong>eHS — the reprtMeutatiun of the btales of

Missouri and Kentucky being omitted in the calculation. *

* 4

2. That the act ratified on the eighteenth day of December in the year of our I>ord one

thou>anil eifiht hundn d and sixty two, entitled an act to provide for a guarantee by the
state of the bunds of the Confederate States, be and the t^ame is hereby lepealed.

In the senate house, the sixth day «f February in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hun<lred and sixty-thrt^e, and in the eighty-seventh year of the sovereignly and
iudependeoce of the state of South Carolina.

WILLIAM D. PORTER, President of Senate.
A. P. ALDRICH, Spiaker House of Reps.

I)oc. No. 45. 45

In THE Senate, Feb. f), 186^

Resolved, tliat his excellency the governor be requested to send to the president of the
Confederate States a copy of the 1,111 passed at this session, to provide for th.- guaranice by
the state of the bonds of the Conlederate S'ates, requesting him to communicate to eatress
the act.nn of this general assembly; and that he be further requested to send copies to the
governors of the several states of the Confederacy, to be laid before their respective legis-

Resolved, that the senate do agree to the resolution.

Ordered, that it be sent to the house of representatives for concurrenc*.

By order.

WM. E. MARTIN, ('. 9.

In House Representatives, Feb. 5, 1863.
Resolved, that the house do conctir in the resolution.*
Ordered, that it be returned to the senate

iiy ordcr,


46 Doc. No. 45.


KiciiM(»NU, V'a., Fob. 19, 1803.

Gentlemen of the Iluuse of Delegates:

In answor to yoiif resolution of the 14tb instnnt. callinfr for information in
repnrd to tlic slave imd free mfrro convicts hind nut, iiudcr the act passed 7th day of April
lb5H, and the act passed (ith day of December 1801; amendatory thereof, I transmit copies
of the rules and r'pulafions for the eniploymcnt pf nepro contiets, aT)d of the contracts
entered into with Joseph J?. Anderson & Co., who hired them for the present year. At
wJiich of the furnaces iu the occupancy of Anderson & Co. they are emph)yed, I am not
able to say.



Rules ond Trgulnlioim for ttnplnynirnt of vrffro convicts on jiulilic icorhs, prescribed hy
(iovemor H'ise, May 4, \H^S.

In conformity lo an act of the general a,<!senibly, passed April 7th, IHTjB, entitled an act
providing for tlM^'inploymont of negro convu-ts on ihe public works, thn governor ordcied
tliat the free negroes who are now or may hereafter be senteuced to confinement in the peni-
tentiary, and that the slaves who an* now or may herealier be sentenc4*d to sale and trans-
portation beyond the limits ol the I'uiled Stat<-s, or wliose puni.<<hmenk has been or njay
hereafter bo comnmted into sale and transpprtation, shall be employed upon the public
Works of the commohweallh, upon the terms and under the rules and reguiaiioim lo pro-
nuiU: thi^ eflicient diieclion of their labor, and lo insure their safe-keeping lieiein prescribed.

I. In evi-ry they shall be so employed without any exjwnse to the conmiouwea'th
for tran.^porting ihoui to and from work, or for maintaining, supervibing and guarding them,
except iu cases where they urc employed ou a work owned w hully by the counuon wealth.

II Whin employed by a contractor upon any public work, he shall pay such Wire for
them as may bo agreed upon by him and fbe governor of the CAimmonwcalih.

III. When employed by a company upon any public work not wholly own< d by the
Btat4>, their bins shall be in proportion to the relative inU rest of the commonwealth and of
iudividuals in such work, aud for such amounts as may be agree<l ou. 9

IV. Tin- company or the contractor shall in all ca.«e8 l-e responsible for the care of thorn,

for their safe ke< ping, and for their proper discipline un<ler the orders of the governor: aud
the following general niles aud regulatious shall be observed :

1. Sufficient superintendence and armed guards shall Ite provided over them.

S. They shall be amply fed, and clothed suitably to the season.

3. They shall be roused from rest punctually at day break, given a half hour for dies -ing
and washing, and a half hour for breakfast, at which they shall have good coffw; with their
Other food, aud then be put to work.


Doc. No. 45. 47

4. Tlioy may, if necessary, be worked in chains, or in such way as to secure them safdy ;
or, as a reward for good conduct and industry, they may be worked with their limbs free.

5. At 12 o'clock M. th'-y shall have a half hour for washing themselves for dinner, and
a lialf hour lor their meal, at which tliey shall each be served with a half pound of unaJt
at least.

6. At one o'clock P. M. they shall be put to work again for the day, and continued at it
until (i P. M., when they sh«ll be made to wash themselves and eat their suppers; and thej
shall be iiiH'le to retiie to their rooms at 7 P. M. for the night.

7. They shall be strictly guarded at night, and if necessary may be chained, or put in

8. Those chained or in irons shall be lodged apait from the others not chained or in

9. Tliey shall not be allowed to have any knife or other weapon, to be kept about the
person. TIk; toels used by them shall be collected and guarded at flight, and the knives
and forks which they use at meals shall be fastened by chains to the boards off of which
they eat.

10. They shall not be worked on the Sabbath day; and the superintendent shall see that
on that day they are cleansed, and cleanly dres.sed, and kept closely in their houses, except
where iudulgeuce may be allowed for good behavior.

11. The women shall be kept strictly apart from the men, and as few »n en as po.ssible
shall be grouped together in the same lodging rooms. The women shall be employed chiefly
in washing and cooking. The boys and younger men shall be kept apart at night from the
older men: and none shall be allowed to -pass and r.epass from room to room or house to
house at night and on the' Sabbath. They shall in no case ever be allowed to stroll off in
the neighborhood at any time.

12. In all respects, as Air a.s practicable under the different circumstances, prison discip-
line shall be applied ; and in case of incorrigible misconduct or great violence, or a suspi-
cion of danger, any c<)nvict may be .sent back to the cells of the penitentiary for discipline
there. '

i:?. The governor may recall the convicts at any time after reasonable notice; and with
his consent they may be transferred to any other contractor or company, under the sauie
terms, rules and regulatious.

14. The clothing of the convicts shall be parti-colored, and in all cases where they are
returned, or at the end of a term of service, they shall be supplied with an ample qifiiniitv
aud suffieii-nt quality of clothing, fully equal to the supply they took with thorn; ant thcj
shall at all times be furnished with good bedding and bud clothes.

1.'). In sickmss they shall be nursed and cured, or if they die, buried at the trouble and
expense of tin; contractor or company; but in case of severe diurt or chronic disease, the/
may be sent back to the hospital of the penitentiary.

16. They shall not be worked or exposed in bad weather at any season of tie year, but
in all respects shall be humanely treated, though guarded and disciplined strictly.

17, As much as possible they shall be guarded from all intercommunication with white*

4^ Doc. No. 45.

or m'gn-ops ofhcr than themselves ; and their intercourse with each other shall be under the
eye of thrir guards.

18. They shall be allowed rations of coffee, molasses and tobacco, in addition to their
^her supplies.

19. In case of escape, tlier<» shall be no deduction for hire, and apprehension and reward
■hall be at the co>st of the contractor or comi)an}', who shall use due diligence for the arrest
or recovery of the convict; but the governor may make proclamation, commanding all pcr-
iODs to aid in the apprehension and recovery, and may offer a reward at the expense of the
contractor or company, liut in of death or considerable loss of time from sicknejis or
return to the penitentiary, or of transfer to any other contractor or cimipany, with the con-
fient of the governor, thi -re shall be a ratable dediiciinn of hire, according to a fair appor-
tionment of time.

' 20. To enforce tliese regulations, and the fulfillment of all contracts under the same, and
the payment of lures, the govi-rnor may require bond ami security from the contractor or

AdiHiionul rulet, Sfc jirrscribcd — May 14, J8.')H.

"DrdiTcd, that the following rules and regulaiitms l)e added to tliose heretofore prescribed
Ibr the management of the n< gro convicta to be ••mplo\(d on the public works, viz:

Tli:it wlun the term of the prisoner expires before the period for his hire has termiiiHt<d,
iw bi-lore bis r»furn to ihi- |>ctiifentiary, intbrmation shall be previously given to the execu-
tive and to the supiriiit< nibnt of the penitentiary, that the prisoner's disijiarge tuny be for-
tvarded, wiiliout the expense of reHirning him to the |m iiitt-nlinry, and that the contractor
Mnill ju no cjise discharge a prisoner on his own order.

That when the time of hiring expires before the e.xpiiation of the term <tf imprisonment,
the coniiactor hhall ri'furn the convict to the p«'ujt«-iitiury, or transfer him to such other per-
Bim or phice aa the govnie r shall roqnire, nt the cost of tlie commonwealth, when there are
hip's I aid \>\ tl e contractor, and wlteie there are no hires, then at the cost of the contractor,
fltid iiioK over I'hall lelurn aH manacles, chains. &c. neeived with the prisoners, when they
iue dischiuged.

AVe. John l.,«'tclier, governor of the conimonwealih of Virginia, and Joseph R. Ander-
HiM iv Co., agu-c that the Miid firm shall the iioii works of said company, in the
foniity of Alleghany in tliis state, the free negro and sla%'c convict* named and de>c'ribed in
lite documi'nt heivto aninxed, in conformity to an itci of asttembly passed on the tiih of
D. c< r 1^1, entitled an act to amend and te-enact the act entitled an mi jmiviiling^ir
the employnK'iit of mgio convicts on the public works, passed April 7ih, IH.'>rt, aud aecord-
iiig to the rules aud n pulations prescribed by the governor of this state, an the 4th aud 14tb
da>s ot May 185f, a copy of which is also annexed.

And the said Jo.«eph R. Anderson & Co agree to pay, at the treasury of the state, qnar-
teriy, on the 1st days of December, March, June and .Sept^'mber next, eath, the sum of
fouiteen himdred and twenty -five dollars, being one-fourth of the sum of five ihousand nine
hun<!rod dollars, the amount agreed upon as the hire of said convicts for one year, there
being tifty-five. males, at one hundred dollars each, and five boys and three females, at fifty
dollars each


Doc. No. 45. 49

Ant] tlio s.'iiJ Juscp'i R. Amlerson & Co. agrt-e to employ and work the saiJ convicts at
Hn'ir said in'n works, afcordiiig to sjiid law and n-gnlatioiis, and to lotiirn tlie same, as spo-
cifit'd tlii-nin, without c( st to the coJiiiiiouwutlth, iiud at Ihu cost oi' said conijtaiiv.

And it is agreed hetwcen 'he said governor ami tlie said Jusi-ph If. Anderson & Co., that
either i)arty nisiy at aeiy tinu; terminate the sui;I agreement, hj' giving in the other ouo
moinh's jnevions notice ; and when the uotiee is given b} th« said ririii of Jo>eph li. An-
derson &, Co., tlie saiil convicts are to hi- delivered to the superintendent of tlie peuiteutiary,
or be trausferied to such oiher persiin or place as the governor shall require, at the cost of
tiie ^aid company: and in all caics of return, discharge or transfer, the said convicts are to
be delivered wiiii as good chitiiiiig, according to the season, im were iu th.-ir possession
when jectived l>y .said Jt)seph R. Andeison «5c Co.

In testimony wliereof, we have hereto set our hands this third day of S:pteiuber 18S?.

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