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the grievance becomes intolerat)le. I therefore bring these facts to the notice of your excel-
lency, tiiat you may promptly give the troops the redress which justice and humanity

The communication of the brigade quartermaster, dated, the 7th, is oue of gieat and
pressing importance, and demands immediate alleutiou.

The copies of other reports and complaints of officers, herewith sent you, show fully the
evils complained of^

Hoping to receive your iustructions on the subjects touched upon, without delay,

I am, governor,

Vory respectfully,

Your ob't servant.

Ihs Excellency JOHN Lf.tchkr,

Governor of Virginia.

Maj. Gen. <- umd'g I'a. State Line.


Glade Spring, Feb. 7, 1863.


I beg leave tcFTeport to you the condition of this department, so far as
supplies and funds are concerned, and the pro.-p^uf supplying the same ill future.

I have forage for about four days, relying solely on what can be purchased fron day to

Doc. No. 45. 155

day. I have provisions for about three weeks, not including fifty beef cattle (very indiffe-
rent). Most of the salted beef is spoiled, from want of care and attiMition on the part of
those in whose eharge it was. I have overcoats enoup^h, about seventy pairs pants, one
liuiidrcid jackets, two hundred pairs of socks, three hundred pairs of drawers, no shirts, no
shoes that can be worn, twelve caiis, and about sixty blankets. I liave no means of trans-
portation, and should the conmiand be ordered to move, it could not be for this want. I
have uo axes, a small supply of harness, no harness makers' or blacksmiths' ti)ols, about
600 pounds of iron, no coal or leather, thirty-five tent flies, and no tents.

I am notified by the quartermaster general that I nuust make all my requisitions on the
post at Wythoville for every thins^ this conmiand may want. I must say, general, to the
best of my judpinent, if we are to rc\y upon that source for many of the articles needed,
the command will surely sutler I think it bad policy to have more than one head to this
department, and that one shotild know the wants of the command, and make such arrange-
ments as would supply the same without of time.

I have seventy-one thousand dollars ; which amount will be enough to pay outstanding
debts, and subsist the army about three weeks. I now call your attention to the pricxi to
pay tor corn. It cannot be purchased in sutiicient quantities to meet the wants of the com-
mand, at the present limited price

Capt. Sneed iutojnis mo he cannot i)urehase any at a less rate than $ o per btishel.

Fr(vm orders received from you, and which I am bound to obey; and knowing the want^s
of tiio couimand. it being entirely out of my power to supply them in my embarrassing situ-
ation, I have to ask of you what courso I shall pursue in the future.

Most respectfully yours,

Major 8f qr. Mas. I'. S. L.
Maj. Gen. J. B. Fi,<)vr»,

Cuvid'ff I 'a. State Forces.


llytlievillc, Feb. o, I8(5:J.

Captain ;

We, the undersigned, officers of the Virginia state line, encamped at this
post, make the following complaint against the commissary of this jjost, and respectfully
request that you will enquire into the causes thereof He (the conmiissary) hius relu.sed to
fill our orders uj)on him for provisi«us for our own use, uidess each order is accompanied by
the cash value of the article required, notwithstanding we pledge ourselves to comply with
the usual custom adopted by the commissariiis tlnoughout the army, mid the officers of the
line — that is, a monthly settlement of our accounts upon presentation. We find it almuat
an impossibility to obtain, only to a very limited extent, supplies from the country around
tiie camp. It would also be a matter of great inconvenit^nce to depend entirely upon that
source, for subsistence. Military rules, even it we were inclined to do so, prohibit our^board-
ing out of caiiq). The Kegulatious require that bonded connnissaries and quart<rii!jistcrs
shall supply officers of the line with nee(!>sary articles of subsistence from their dei)art-
nienLs, and military courtesy has established the custom among the quartermasters and
connnissaries thrqjighout the army, of filling the orders on cretlit when within reasonable
bounds, of officers of the line. We have leceived no compensation for our servici-s since
our connectiun with this line, and regard it as au evident inconsistency that we cannot bo

156 Doc. No. 45.

creditod -for one month for necessary articles of subsistence in the commissaiy department,
when we are creditors in the pay department tor our whole time of service up to this date.


('apt I'u. Stale fAne.


lAcnt. I'll. State Line.

• Lieut. In. State Line.


Lieut. ]'a. State Line.

JOHN S. DODl^ Lieutrninit.

.JOHN M. SMYIH. Ltcutrnunt.

Cait. D. Edmijndson,

''ommaniiinir Post.


T. E. DAVL'^, A. A. O.

C.AMI' Cl AUKP(tX, Va.

F(b. 7, 18(5:J.
Silt : •

1 wish to know of you if it Is ii possible tliinp for me ffi rrct tents nnd blankets

for my nun.

We are lyinjf here on the {around, sutTirinf^ tiie iuchinoiK-y of the weather, and exponed
to the colli, :mil iiliuut one-half of my men are sick, nnd I am unwell mysilf. I think that
miiiiy of (hem must die as I hey are situated here

I luive applied to Col. IJuekl -j', con)maiidin(; the repimcnl, iw wi-ll us to our quartermas-
ter, (uid iJiey say they have nothing; of tli ' soil to furnish.

We have neither axes nor cookinp vessels; and belore we e:in cook our meaia we always
have to borniw vessels, and this it is almost impossible to do.

We appeal to you to help ub.

Maj. Gi;n .1. H. Ki.oYi*.

Ro8|K'ctfully, your ob't serv't,

Capt. Corifl'g Co. IL l.sV lieg. I . S. L.

Okkk'E of Mkdical DiRKcrou, Va. Rtatk Link,
ifeur St:tlrUlr, p'ebruary 9, 1^5:?.

I repn-t havinp; to report an increase of sickness in the command. It
is owin!; solely, as I believe, to ihe exposure which the men are compelled to undergo troin
tli<' want of bl.mkcts, overcoats, shoes atid tents; nor liavc they axes to procure wood in
Buflieient i^uantities to ket^p fires — nuich less to constmct huts or slielters.


Surgeon S( Med. Director P'a. St. Line.
M.\J. Gkn. J B Floyd.

Comd'g I'a. State Line. •


T. E. DAVIS, A. A. G

Doc. No. 4,5. 157

Quartermaster Genkral's Office Va. Porce8,
Lyncltburg, Va., Feb. 21, 18(33.

I have the honor to report upon the ccanplaint of Capt. Jno. M. Oliver
aud Lieut«nauts Humes and liutks, of 3d instant, (received by reference from your office
on 17th instant, with other papers which have formed the subject of a report of this date),
that the Regulations of the commissary department allow all commissaries and as-
sistants to supply officers of the line with subsisten'ce, no control over the subject, a.s regar«b
a credit system tu be adopti:d, as desired by these officers, is justly allowable. The com-
missary is aloue^sponsible lor the stores; and if any portion are thus disposed of, the state
requires a credit, in money, at the end of each month, to be entered up. It is thus exclu-
sivelj' his own niatti-r whether he .veils for cash or upon credit to these officers. He has the
right to (ieni.'ind tin; cash, and to withhold the supplies if it is not tendered. I nmst decline
to control the actions of the connnissary at VVytheville in this regard, since it will be mijust
to both himself and his securities to do so.

Very respectfully,

' Your ob't sevv't,

l: r. smoot,

Q. M. Gen. of Va.
«;ex. W. H. Richardson,

Adjt. Gen. of Va.

Quartermaster Gknkhal's Offick Va. Forcjeh,

Lynclibnrtf, Va., Feb. 21, 1SG3.

I had the honor, on the night of the iUth instant, to receive your letter
of the 17th instant, with enclosed copies of letters from Generul J. B. Floyd, Major J. K.
.)ohnson, fiuarterinaster Virginia sfaU; line, and other officers of that command The evi-
dent i)urpose of these communications is to show that the wants of the state line troops
aire illy provided for, and that this state of things is, as stated by Gen. thiyd, "owing en-
tirv\y to the. incompetency or ignorance of those who shcvuld supply the soldiers' wants."

Herewith, I traii.<mit a consolidated abstract of clothing, camp and garrison equipage
and qnartcrma.sters aud connnissary stores issued and transferred to the state line troop*
.siuiH> January 1st, iH(i:5, by the offic-rs on post duty at Wylheville and this office. I have
heretofore; advised the governor that Gen. Floyd liad directed his brigade (juartcrmaster not
to apply at the depot at Wytheville for supplies; 'and it would be imreasonable to pre-
sume that they should be furnished without application. In the ab.sence of requisitions, it
is proper to infer that their wants are tuUy supplied. Gen. Floyd in his letter admits thin
fact, and says, " I have no right to order from the depots not under my command, nor in-
deed do 1 know that the s)ippliesare then- to be had." It thus appears that his charge of
incompetence or ignorance upon the officers of this department is made, according to his'
own admission, in the, absence of information as to whether the supplies recpiired are at the
depots or not. The letter of Maj Johnson, the brigade quartermaster, also with the papers,
contains this remarkable paragraph in this connection : " I am notified by th(! quartermaster
general that 1 must make all my requisitions on the post at Wylheville for every thing this
command may want. I must say, general, to the best of my judgment, if wo are to rely
upon that source for many of the articles needed, the command will surely suffer."

It is a very remarkable fact that this quarU^rm aster, whilst reporting to the commanding
general the destitute condition of his departmcut, should fail to stale (if the facts justified

158 Doc. No. 45.

his doing so) a single case in which his requisitions for supplies, made as I had directed,
had been returned unfilled. I assert that the simple act and fact of making known his
wants to the supply depots, was all that was required in order to have them fulfilled. No
order from Gen. Floyd was necessaiy or requisite, and the entire responsibility remains
with that quartermaster, unless he can produce the orders of the commanding general to
the contrary. I had supposed, after reading carefully the Communications under considera-
tion, that the wants of the command would in future reach this office (and the supply de-
pots in turn), through the medium of coinmunications addressed to the governor; but I
'ifearn that on the 14th February instant an order was issued by the major general command-
ing, which it is hoped will obviate such necessity in th(^ future.

In conclusion, I have only to remark that all requisitions of a proper character upon the
.supply depots, have been promptly filled to the luUest extent consistent with the facilities
of purchase aflVrdtid in these trying times, and that the wants of the command will con-
tinue to be supplied whenever application is j)ri)p('rly made This department cannot be
expected to know intuitively all the wants of these troops, and can only be held to a respon-
sibility after proper application, and then only to the extent provided for by Regulations,
and the facilities of securing supplies.

I also enclose a letter from Captain C. W. Ve^ble, A. Q. M. at Wytheville, covering
copies of requisitions made upon that depot, with notes showing to what extent the same
have been tilled: a coj)y of the order of 14tii instant, before referred to.

Very respectfully.

Your ob't servant,


Q M. Gen. of Va.
Gen. W. H. Rich.4Ri>.son,

Adft Gen. oj Va.

Consolidated abstract of supplies issued and transferred to stale line troops from
January \st to February 17, Ititi3.

Clothing, &.C. :

Blankets, - - - - 124

Caps (military), - - . - - 184

Drawers, . . . . <j()()

Jackets, - - - - 556

Overcoats. . - . . 442

Pants, ..... 852

Shirts, .... 800

Shoes, . - - - - 502

Socks, - - - - 873

Camp and garrison equipage, Ac. :

Axes, - - - - 109

Bugle, - - . . 1

Canteens, - - - - 283

Camp kettles, - - - - 66

Cups (tin), - - ^- - - 246

Fry pans, .... 103

Hatchets, ... 3

Doc. No. 45. ' lfiJ»


Iron pots,


Knives and forks, - - " - 102


Mess pans, - - - ■

Ovens and lids, - - " " ^d'J

Plates (tin),' - - " " ^"^'

Tents, - • - - - ^'^^'

Tent flies, - - ' *"^

Quartermaster's stores :

Ambulanc«s, - - " " *

Breast chains, - - ' - I.J

Riding bridles, - - " ■ ^^•^'^
Riding blinds
Curry combs,


Drawing knife.

Grain sacks, - - " " ^'*^|^

Grubbing hoes, - - - .»

Harness (sets), - - " - 63

Horse shoes, - - ' " " ^'"^^'^

Horse sluxs nails (lbs.). - " - 20

Horse cards, - - " - Iz

Horse collars, - - - - ~0

Lt>ad lines, - - " , - 10

Nails (lbs.), - - - - 1'400

jj„pg^ - - - 1 coil und 42 lbs.

Saddles, ' - - - ' "^'■^

Steelyard, - - "1

Shovels, . - - - 9

Spades, - - - S.i

Stationery :

Bl.iuk books, - - - - 10

Blanks (qrs.), - - - - 46

Commissary regulations, - - - 12

Envelopes, - - " " ^'^^^

Lead jjencils, - ; - - 6

Pen holders, - - - - 48

Steel pens, - - - ' •'^''^*>
Writing paper (reams), -, - ^8

Commissary stores :

Bacon (lbs.), - - " "^ 22,.'i00

Beet cattle, - - - -* 123

Candles (lbs.), - , - " ' ^"^

Flour (bbls), - - - 264

Flour (sacks), - • - 40

Rice (lbs). . - - - 7:$0

Salt (bush.), - - - • 1"5

Boap (lbs.), .... G62
E. E. -.

qr. Mas. OrnVs Offirc Va. Forres,

Lyncliburg, Ta., Feb. 21, 1863.

160 Doc. No. 45.

Assistant Quartkrmastkr's Opfice,
yVyiheville, Feb. 20, 186:{.

lu reply to your Islpgram received to-day, I euclose copies of all requisitions
received by me from officers of Gen. Floyd'.s commaud since I learned of his (Gen. F.'s) Jn-
stnictious to Maj. Johnson. You will .sec that all of these requisitions were made since the
issuing of aij order to me by G<n. Floyd of February 14th, a copy of which I enclosed you
thi.s day, except one made by Maj. Johnson January 31st. In addition to these, I trans-
ferred to Capt. L. Lechenet, A. Q. M., at his verbal request, on the 11th instant, the follow-
ing articles, viz : 50 blankets, IfiO pairs pants, 50 pairs shoes, 300 shirts, 3U0 pairs drawers,
60 jackets and 300 horse shoes.

Hoping this will prove satisfactory,

I remain, ♦

Veiy respectfully,

Your obedient servant,


Capt. 8^- A. Q. M.
Col. L. R. Smoot,

Quartermaster General of ^a

IIkai) Quarters Va. Statk Line,

IVear Still ville, Va. »
Feb. 14, 1863.

No. S

Capt. C. W. Venable, A. t^. M. Va. stato line, will lill any orders for quartermaster's and
commissai;y stores, madij upon Maj. J. K. Johnson, rjuarteriDiister at Glade Spring.

He will also at once seu4,t«'Maj. Johnson at this post, at Glade Spring, one hundred bar-
rels flour, requiring of him the receipts proper in the case.

By order of Maj. Gen. J. B. Floyd, commd'g Va .stati-. line


,1. A. General.

Special requisition for fovrtk regiment Virginia state line. ^

Pants — pairs of, ^ - - •^)i)

Jackets, ^ ■- - , - - 90

Shoes — pairs of, - - • - 190

Blankets, ' - - - 40

Drawers — pairs of, - - - 90

Shirts, - - - . - 100

Socks — pairs of, - - - ■- 225

Overcoat'^, - - - - 10

Knapsacks, - - - - 50

Haversacks, - - - - 50

Doc. No 45. 161

Caps, - - - - 50

Mess pane, - - - 10

Canteens, - - - -20

Axes, - - - -6

Ovens and lids, - - - - H

Wall tents, - - . (j

Camp kettles, - - - - H,

Knives and forks, - - - G

Tin cups, - - - f>

" plates. - *- (3 ,

1 certify that the above irquisition is correet, and that the articles specified are ahsoiutft^

requisite for the public service, rendered so by (he followinp; circunistances : Tlie men in

the regiment bein^ in need of such articles.

Col. Comd'g Ath RegU V S. L.

A Q M. will issue the articles specified in, the above requisition. i

Approved :

8y order of (\il. R. C. W. Radford, cnmmandiug Virginia state Jint^


The within requisition is filled, except knapsackbk, haversacks, axesj shoes and tents —

none of which were on hand.


Vapt. Sf A. q. M.
February 16. 186U.

Jarmanj 31, 1803.
Capt. J. B. Goodtoe :

Will send twenty sets harness and some rope tor -artillery traces. Sond by
express at once.

,1. K. .JOHNSON,

Maj. 5c Q. U.

The above telegram received by n>e on Ist Febriuiry, and order filled.


Capt. Sf A. Q. M.


r.ladr Spri7ig, Feb. 17, 186:1.
Captain -.

You will please ship to me, at this point, one hundred barrels of flour as
early ae possible

Very respectfully, -

.). K. .JOHNSON,

Maj. Sf q. M. V. S. L.
Capt. C W Venablk,

A. q. M., WytheviUe.

The above order was countermanded, and couMqueutly not filled. *•


Capt. Sf A. q. M

21 r.

162 Doc. No. 45.

* Quartermaster's Office,

Glade Spring, Feb. 17, 1863.
Captai.n :

Please .scud nu' one coil rojie i'or halters, and oblige,


^ Yonrs frul^,

.J. K. .lOHNSON,
Maj. if (^. M. fa. State Line.


iJlTT.C. W. Venablk,

■" A Q M. Wythtvith

Thi' above order uas filled.


(•apt. &; A. q. M.


Glade Spring, Feb. 15, 1863.

Vou will plia.sf .send iiic ten sets lead liarness for four horse wagons,
OD*- doKip b-ad linos for same, and orir dozen curry combs.

Very respectfully,

Major Sf Q. M. Va. State Line.

Th*' abovi' order wa? filled except ('iic dozen currv eoinb.s, wiiich I did not have on hand.


Capt. Sf A. Q. ^f.

Statement of siibsistene* stores transferred to Major J. K. Johnson, ({uartermaster, by Capt.

r. W. Venable. A. Q. M.

•Iikn. 1, Flour — barrels. ..... itMi

" -2, do do* - - - - - - 10

*• 5, Rice— lbs ..... 730

Soap— lbs. - - 200

• Candles— lbs. - - 37

. ;6, Soap— lbs. - - - 462

" J&, ^lour— bble. - - - 21

" 24, Baoon— lbs. ..... i,50«i

" 29. Flour— bbls. - - - - 100

Feb. 10, Salt— bus. - 60

•' 17, FlOTur— bbk. - - - - 100
Transferred under a ge'neral order of 14th February 1863.

- I certify the above statement is correct.


Capt Sf A. Q. M.

Doc. No. 45.,


^^y^^ ^ilJ^IITlWERMA.-rKK « . KN KlH<r5r i

Office Va. FoRrEs.
Lynchbure, la.. Feb. 23, 1863.
General :

I liave tlic honor to transiiiit iitsrowith, a copy of a statement voluntarily
rnadfe by Captain Simeon Hunt, commanding Company A, 2d regiment Virginia state line,
in regard to stores captured, at Prestonsburg, Keutueky, no returns of which have been
made to this office, nor have any returns of any kind beeH received from Capt. B^gle, Mm-
assistant quartermaster to whos<' can? these stores appear to have been confided.

I have no other knowledge of the fact reported, that seven negroes captured are now bi
the liands uf Major .lohnsou. (luarlermnster at Salt\illc.

Kespcctfuily, your ob't .serv't, •

/ <tEx. \V. H. Uich.\rd«on,

Adjt. Genl. of In.

' L. R. SMOOT,
(fuarle.rmaster Gent, of Va.

(.Quarter Ma.ster Generai/s Office Va. For<;ks.
Lynchburg, Va., Feb. 23, 1863.

Personally appeiired the undersigned, a captain of cavalry in the Virginia state V\w., nnd
states as follows :

That there was captured at Prestonsburg the following property: About 400 horse*:,
about 400 head of cattle, about "200 head of sheep, and 10 negroes.

That all thi.s property, with the exception of the negroes, went into the hands of Ci)»t.
liogle, A. Q. M. That Capt. Bogle has informed him that after selling the above specified
property, exclusive of the negroes, he had been called tipoii by the. governor of the state for
the proceeds to pay the expenses of the state line. Three of the negroes were delivered to
the owner by the order of General Floyd. The remaining seven are in the hands of Ma,joi
Johnson, at Saltville.

Cavt. Coindg Co. A, 'id Regt. Va. St. Ltr

Date Due




-■'ec 10 3v

SEP 3 ^1

/ * *





.Un. 1, t
" 2, <!•
5, Rice
.: Ji6, Soap-

" 24, Bacq-
' 29. Flom
Feb. 10, Salt-
" 17, Flour-
Transferred UIi



328.7554 V817 1862-5 188476

Annual Reports





— ^^v^ \1 .^,-^


328.7554 V817 1862-3




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