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of eighteene foote and a halfe by the keele in lenth and
six foote and a halfe for the breadth w*'' mast oars
yarde and Rudder, and Bryan to finde eleven hundred
of snayles and six score Ruff and Clench, And M'
Vtie to pay Bryan for the building of ye shallop six
score pownd waight of marchantable Tobacco and to alow
him the helpe of a boye whilst he is about the building
of that shallop and to find him dyett And Also M""
Vty is to pay Bryan sixscore pownd waight of Tobacco
for A boatt formerly builte mentioned [sic] in the Peticione

Ensigne John Vtie swome and Ex'a sayeth That he harde
Mr. John Lamoyne vsed these speeches to him [altered from

this.] exat' That
Mr. Edward Tutcliin and Symon Tutchinge his Brother
had some two or three thousand waight of Tobacco to recev
heere between them, And that Symon Tutchin had
gotten his brother's booke, but y* I will looke to that


[ink 27] [pencil 65]

Symon Tutchine swome and Exnd sayeth y* w" G[yles?]
promised to giue this Examt full Satisfaction before his
Depture owt of Virginia for the sume of ten pou[nd]
sixteen shilings redy money, for wch the said Wm G[yles?]
gave vnto Edmund Tutchen A bill of exchang to y^
Virginia Company in England, w'=*' Company could not pay
the said bill, but y^ bill was P'tested. This exant
further sayeth y* Mr. Peter Eps P'mised him Payment
for seaven poimd of Tobacco Dew to Edmd Tutchin and
Michell Willocke P'mised payment of six potmd of T[obacco]

dew to Edmund Tutchin

This Exant' hat Reed Depte Dew to Edmd Tutchen
of the p'vost marshall twentie six pound of Tobacco
of w™ Cooke three pound And of Robert Cesner
fifteen poxmd, All w''^ Amotmted to forty fower
poimde of Tobacco.

These Deptc Receaved and to be receaved, are to
be Deliu'ed and left to be receaved by Cap* Hamer
In parte Satisfactio of Certen Covenant to be
p'formed by Edward Tutchine to Walter Davis
Deceased for the vse of John Davis

Yt is ordered y* s'' George Yardley shall pay M"""
Alice Davisone (26) term pound of Tobacco for y"
Dept of Cap* Thorpe

Bryan Caught swome and axamd sayeth that he had
m' John Gill and James Calver told this Exa°
that they gave Toby A bill to receave

one hundred pound waight of Tobacco of Cap*

^ "Alice Davison, widow, was living at Jamestown 1624-5. As Edward
Sharpless, Secretary of the Colony, lived in her house, it is probable
that she was the widow of William Davison, late Secretary.


George Payer swome and exand by Cap* Smith sayeth that
W*° Heninge, vpon his Death bedd did giue and bequeath one

waight of Tobacco and three barrells of sheald Come to Stephen
Webb w'='' Tobacco and Come was Dew from Thomas Farley by
A bond remayning in the Govemo" hands

Addam Dixsone swome and Examined by Cap* Smith sayeth
and affirmeth as much

[28] [66]

Edwarde Pithchande swome and Ex 'an sayeth that John Cooke
Cam abord the Kttell hopdeell at w''^ tyme Peter Langman was
there, and whereas Peter Langma' was adopted by John Cooke ye
said Cooke told Peter Langman y* he would not Suffer him to go
vpp before he had paid him or putt him in securitie. whervpon
Henry Watkins becam bound w*^ Peter langma' for the Dept
beinge one hundred fortie and fower pound waight of Tobacco
w*** condicon y* yi Peter Langman Did not pay the Dept within
Certen days (w'=** this Exa doth not well remember) that then
Peter langman shold searve Henry Watkins the next yeare

A Court held the tenth of January 1624

present Sr Francis Wyatt Knight &c Capt Francis

Sr George Yardley mr Threasurer Doctor Pott

Cap* Hamer
Yt is ordered that Susan Bush wyddow shall have y^ Gardianship

and Administration of Sarah Spence orphant her lands &

puttinge in Capt Raph Hamer and Cap*' W°* Tucker to
stand bond for the trew Administration thereof And
to be trewly Accomptable for the orphantc estate w**> the
yssues and Pfittc that shall arise thereof from tyme
to tyme


Cap* west doth heere in Court vndertake to pay the Deptc
of Capt Crashaw, he Disposinge of his goods to the best
advantage, and that vpon mondye bdnge the seventh
of february he shall bringe into ye Court the accompting
and y* in the meane tyme notice be geven that y^ Creditors
of Cap*' Crashaw bringe in ther Dept between this
and that Tyme, and such as are questionable be-
brought into the Courte

Sargeant William Barry brought over into this
Countrey at his owne Ph Coste and Charges one
man Sarvant named James Coyne in the good shipp
Caled the mary P'vidence, w=^ said servant is since

ORIGINAL record]



Commtinicated by Mr. Lothrop Withington, 30 Little Russell
Street, W. C. London, (including "Gleanings" by Mr. H. F.
Waters, not before printed.).

Dame Elizabeth Filmer widow, late the wife of Sir Edward
Filmer of East Sutton, county Kent. Knight. Will 23 March
1635; proved 16 August 1638. Body to Church of East Sutton
aforesaid beside the body of my late husband. To poor of
Maidstone in Kent if I am dwelling there at my death 40s. To
poor of East Sutton £5. To dame Anne Filmer wife to my son
Sir Robert Filmer my jewel with diamonds and pearls. To
Elizabeth Filmer their daughter and Sara Filmer my daughter
my four ropes of pearls containing 600 in number equally be-
tween them. To Edward Filmer eldest son of my said son Sir
Robert a Portugues piece of gold and a piece of gold of King
Henry VII coinage both which were his great grandfathers. To
the two younger sons of my son Robert viz ; Robert and Samuel
40s. apiece. To Anne youngest daughter of said Sir Robert 40s.
To my daughter Mary Knatchbiill widow my boder of gold and
pearl and £10. To her daughter Marie the wife of John Vnder-
wood, gent, my agate and pearl jewel. To her two sons Ed-
ward and John Knatchbtdl 40s. each. To my daughter Kath-
erine Barham £10. To her eldest daughter Elizabeth Barham
£300 at 21 years or marriage. If she die before then said £300
to Elizabeth and Anne Filmer daughter of my son Reginald
Filmer. To Susan and Ann Barham two younger daughters
of my said daughter Katherine 40s. apiece. To my daughter
Elizabeth Falconer £10. Moreover to my aforesaid daughter
Sarah Filmer £10. To my son in law Robert Barham my


biggest ring. To his son Thomas £10 at 24, and to each of his
other sons Edward, Robert, Charles, Richard and John 40s.
To his daughters Susan and Ann Barham 40s. each. To my
daughter in law Jane wife to my son Reginald £10. To her
daughters Elizabeth and Ann Filmer each 40s. To my said son
Sir Robert Filmer my silver warming pans. To my son John
£10. To my son Henry £10. To my son Reignold Filmer
my lease of three tenements in Knightrider Street, London.
To my son in law William Falconer Draper 40s. To my brother
John Argoll esq a gold ring. To my sister Dame Jane Fleet-
wood a piece of Queen Elizabeths' coyne. To my sister Dame
Sarah Jenkinson a like piece of gold of Queen Elizabeth's coyne. -
To Elizabeth Pierson widow 40s. To each of my manservants
10s. To Elizabeth Fryde my apprentice 40s. To my every other
maid servants 10s. Residue of my goods to my son Edward
Filmer sole executor. Published August 2, 1638. Wa: Reto-
rick, Scrivener. Dame Elizabeth Filmer willeth that her
three houses in Knighrider Street (now that her son Reginald
Filmer is deceased) shall be disposed as follows; £30 of the
first years rent to Jane late the wife of said Reginold and after
decease of testatrix to the use of her executor he paying yearly
to Elizabeth Faulkner daughter of Dame Elizabeth Filmer and
wife of Wniiam Faulkner £10. Whereas said Dame Elizabeth
had bequeathed to Elizabeth daughter of Robert Barham gentle-
man a competent porcion her will is that £50 of the said legacy
in case said Elizabeth Barham depart this life before attaining
18 years shall be equally divided between the two daughters of
said Reginald And lastly said Dame Elizabeth Filmer willeth
to Susan Barham £50 apeece (sic). Memorandum the legacy
of £50 apiece to Susan and Anne Barham were enterlyned be-
fore the signing hereof. Witnesses; R. Batchurst, Frances Bat-
churst, Edwd Batchurct, Wm. Wiseman, Thomas Walter.
Lee, 95.

[The will of Samuel Filmer, the grandson, named in the will, was
printed in this Magazine XV, 181. He was the first husband of Mary
Horsmanden, who afterwards married William Byrd of "Westover," Vir-
ginia. The son, Henry Filmer, named in the will, came to Virginia
about 1637. See this Magazine XV, 181, 182.]



For the Main Army under Washington 1778-1779.

(From the Originals in the Collection of the Virginia Histori-
cal Society.)


S. C. P.

For picquet 1

For in G^ 1

For Q'r Gd 1

D. O. Kakiate, Monday Oct'r 18th, 79.

F. O. Major Mitchel.

For Police Capt'n Long.

For the Day Adj't Robertson.

S. C. P.

For Picquet „ 1 1

For In Guard 1

For Q'r Guard 1

D. O. Kakiate, Oct'r 19th, 79.
F. O. Major Stevenson.

For Police Capt'°. Lamb.

For the Day Adj'*. Bowen.



The Supply s from the State of Virg'a are to be Served out by
the Assistant who has the Care of them in the follow'g propor-
tion P month agreeable the Order of the Virginia Board of war
and the prices Set Oposite to Each article to be paid by the



L Sugar




CoP 53^ G- a

10 2 lb at 3

3 lb at 2,8 6 lb at 1,


L* Col« 41^ "

2 —

3 —

6 —


Majors 3^ ^

2 —

3 —

6 —


Capt« 2^ -

1 —

6 —


Su'b 1 1-3—

1 —

6 —


Chap 1 1-3




Surg" 3M





Mate IM




Non Commission officers & privates 1 Gill Rum P Day, No
officer or Soldier to be Drawn for but those present on the
Ground And Every Officer is Drawn by their Rank he now hold in
the line and not by that he may be Intitled to, untill he Re-
ceives a Commission or appointment. Nor is he to Draw any
thing in addition to his Staff appointm*.

All Waggon masters Q M^ & Commissi as well as every other
Staff Officer Except those mentioned above are to be Totally
Excluded, unless the belong to the Line — No woman or any
other follower of the Camp to be Drawn for on any pretence

The Store keeper is to make an Entry of the quantity of
Stores he Deliver to Each Officer and to Receive the money
upon the Deliverry the Captain or officer Commanding Each
Com^ to Receive the money from his men and make the Return
for Drawing the Gill of Rum to be Countersign by the Col'o or
Commandant of the Regm* upon which the Store keeper is to
Issue the quantity & Receive the Money of the Captain or Com-
mand* —

The Serj* Q. M. Serj* Drum & Fife Major to be Drawn for
in the Col'o or first Com'' in the Reg'


The officers are to Draw a month allowance, if the have not
Vessels to hold that quantity of spirits They are to provide
them as soon as possible. The Col'o or Command'g officer of
Regm*' will furnish the Storekeeper with a List of the names &
Ranks of Each officer present by which he is to be Governed
And when officers who may now be absent, Return, he will
Certifie their names and Rank also.

As the Acts of Assembly of Virg'a as well as the Instructions
from the Board of war are Indefective with Respect to the Ar-
tillary Baylors Dragoons and the Regm* Commanded by Col'o
Gist, The Store keeper is to Deliver to the officers of those Reg*»
who are Citizens of that State 1 months allowance of the arti-
cles, now on hand And the Non Commissioned & privates to
Draw in the Same proportion as those in the Line. In the mean
time application will be made to the board of war, for their
further Instructions.

There having been a fair ballot made for the president and
Drawing those Stores, The following order is to be Observed. (1)

Baylors Dragoons 7^^ Reg* Col'o Gists Regm*

2^ Stat

5th & 11th Regm*

gth Regt

8*^ Reg*

1«* State
let & iQth Regm*
3d & 4th D'o
and 2<* Regm*

Col'= Phebecca will Draw for those in Vrig'a Line that are in
the Corps of light Infantry the D A Gen'l will Send a Coppy of
this Order to Col'o Harrison the Command'g Officer of his Regm*
of Artillary also to Col'o Phebecca of the Light Infantry.

Head Q" West point, Oct' 12*'^ 79

Such officers of the Line whose Duty it is to act on foot in
time of an Engagm* and who are not as Yet Supplyed with
Espontoons are to use their utmost Exertions to get them. And

*This list doubtless gives the Virginia organizations immediately un-
der Washington's command at this time. Col "Phebecia" is intended
for Febiger.


it is Expected from Command'g officers of Corps that will use
Every means in their power To furnish them with Ba^^onets —
In a word they will take Care that their Corps are in the most
perfect order for Actual Service.

D. O. Cacayett, Wednesday Oct^ 20*»» 79.
F. O. Major Lee.

B. O. Oct^ 20*^ 79.

Brigades Returns to be made Immediately of the Num'' of
Espontoons want'g

For Police Cap* Candell

For the Day Adj * Sinton

Detail the Same as Yesterday last

D. A. O. Cacayett, Oct^ 20*^ 79

A fatigue party of 1 Cap" & 1 Sub 1 Serj* and 30 are to be
immediately Imployed in making Fasheens Gabeans & Pickets
The Officer who Commands the party will apply to Capt"
Yoimg for what Bill hooks he has in the Store, And to the Q-M
of Each Brigade for what Axes that can be Spared — Capt''
Young will point out the place for Geting the wood &c. The
following Directions must be observed Viz A Gebean 4 feet
High 3}/2 feet Wide A fasheen as Long as Possible 10 Inches
thick well Bound and Cut Square at both Ends — a Picket of
Split wood of 4 feet long 3 Inches Square, this party to be
Changed Every Day, And the Cap* To Report in Writ'g Every
Evening to the Deputy Q. M. Gen'l of the number of Each kind
he has made. When Tools arrive that are sent for This party
will be Considerably increased, the Gen'l will be very much ob-
lidged to any officer in the Division who will undertake to Super-
intend and Direct this business — Any Gentleman willing to do
so will please to apply to Gen'l Woodford.

All Officers and Non Commission'd officers on Detachm*
fatigue &c are immediately on their Return to Camp to make a
Report to the Adj* General Specifing the Circumstances of the
Several Employm*'

1 Private for fatigue


D. A. O. Oct' 20*'' 79. 9 oclock

In Case of an alarm The Troops will parade in front of their
Encampments and wait for Orders —

The Deputy Q. M. Gen'l will Give orders to the Waggon mas-
ters, And Every person in his Departm* To hold themselves
in the Greatest Readiness To move at the Shortest warning and
the Commanding officer of Every Corps will Give the Neces-
sary Orders to those under his Command to be Alert in Case of
an Alarm.

D. O. Cacayett Oct' 21 «* 79

Field Officer Major Merewether

For Police Captain Welsh

For to morrow Adj* Merewether


Picquet 1

InG<^.„ 1

Q'G<i _ 1

For Com'^ 1

R. O. Commanding officers of Company s are Immediately
to make Returns for Drawing the Gill of Rum agreeable to Divi-
sion Orders. The Serj* major Drum & fife major to be Drawn
for in Cap* for in Cap* Hoffers Com^.

D. O. Cacayett. Oct' 22^^ 79

F. O. Col'o Gist

For police Cap* Hoff

For the day Adj* Cary

S. C P

For picquet 1

For in G'^ 1

For Q' G^.- 1 1

For Com<^ 1

D. O. Cacayett. Oct' 23'^ 79

F. O. Col'o Nevill


Cap* Hill (2) of the 4*'' Virg'a Reg* has been so Oblidging as to
undertake to Superintend The fatigue party that are Employed
in making fasheens &c.

The Officers who Comm'^ their partys will take their Direc-
tions from Cap* Hill and at Treat beating when the Come in
will make a Report to Cap* Hill of the quantity made During
the Day. Cap* Hill Excused from all Duty while Engaged in
this business.

As the present Mode of Issuing the State Store is found In-
convenient as well to the Troops as to the Storekeeper, The
following mode is to be aDopted, The Q.-M. of Each Regm*
are to Receive the Returns of the Different Companies and Di-
gest them Regm'l^ and Draw for the whole Reg* at one time the
Officers Excepted who are Drawn as heretofore at the End of
the month-

The Cap* will pay to the Q-M. the Siun Due from their Com-
panies to the State for the Store Rec^ Dureing the month, who
will settle and pay the same to the Storekeeper, an Officer from
the Division is to be Employed daily to stay at the Store Dur-
ing the time of Isuing, To prevent the Soldiers from Commit-
ing Disorder —

The Surgeons of Each Regm* are to Report to the Col'o Such
Sick as Stand in need of Necessarys from the Stores and the
Store keeper will Isue to such sick on the order of the Col'o Lint
a proportion of Tea, Sugar & Chocolate &c. as the Col'o Shall
think Necessary, at the same time Retaining the Liquor of
Such as are Drawn for-

^Though the regiment and rank do not correspond with Heitman's ac-
count this could, apparently, have been no other Va. officer than Thomas
Hill, who was 1st lieutenant 7th Va., Feb. 7, 1776; captain Nov. 13, 1776,
transferred to 5th Va. Sept. 14, 1778; Major July 4, 1779, resigned Feb.
12, 1781.


For police Cap* Lapsley (3)

For the Day Adj* Robertson (4)

For picqit 1 1 Serj*

For in G'* 1 For picket 1

Q' G'^ For in G"^

For fat 2 Q' G'


Serj* Green

R. O. A Court martial whereof Cap* Hamilton is president
to set this day at 10 Clock at the presidents Tent for the Trial
of Serj* Carter Coniin'd by Lieu* Merewether for Neglect of
Duty and for Insolence on the parade.

The Commanding OflEicer is Exceedly Sorry to think that he
has any Individual under his Com'^ who could be Guilty of a
Crime of so Black a Die The Heinousness of which must be
So Stricking as to Require no Comm*

G Gibson Col'o.

D. O. Cacayett— Oct 24*'> 79

F O. Col'o Brent

Col'o Gibson is apointed field officer of this Day Vice Col'o

For Detachment Col'o Nevell Lieu** Col'o Dabney &. Allison,
Major Lee and Merewether.

As soon as the weather Clears up all the Waggons and Teems
in the Division are to Go Down on a Forageing party and are
to be held in Readiness Accordingly One Col'o Two Lieu* Col'
& Two Majors With a proportion of other Officers and 500 Men
are to Compose the party

John Lapsley ensign 7th Va. March 20, 1776; 2nd lieutenant, Nov.
28, 1776; wounded at Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777; 1st lieutenant April 3d
1778; transferred to 5th Va. Sept. 14, 1778; resigned May 7, 1779; Heit-
man [and here he was yet in service in October, 1779]

''James Robertson was adjutant 13th Va. October 15, 1777 to .


The Commanding officer will take his Orders from Gen'l

For Police Cap* Boswell

For the Day Adj* Bown


For Picquet 1

For in G^ 1

For Q' G" 1

For Command. 7


(to be CONTINUED.)



(From the original volume in the Virginia State Library.)


Proclamation by Nicholson in Regard to Trade.

Virginia ss.

To all people to whom these presents Shall come I flfrancis
Nicholson Esq'r His Majesties Leiutenant and Govenotir Gen'll
of this His Colony and Dominion of Virginia send Greeting

Know you that I the Said ffrancis Nicholson for the better
and more due Observacon of One Act of Parliament made in
the five and twentieth Yeare of the Reign of King Charles the
Second Intituled an Act for Encouragement of the Eastland
and Greeland Trades and for better Secureing the Plantacon
trade have Deputed and Impowered and doe hereby Depute
and Impower to be Collector of

all the Rates Duties and Impositions arising and groweing
due to His Majesty in in this His Maj'ts

Colony and Dominion by Vertue of the Said Act whereby he
hath power to enter into any Ship Bottom Boat or other Ves-
sell as also into any Shop House Warehouse Hostlery or other
place whatsoever to make dilligent Search into any Trunk
Chest Pack Case Truss or any other Parcell or Package what-
soever for any good's Wares or Merchandises prohibited to
be imported or exported or whereof the Customes or other
Duties have not been duly paid and the Same to Seize to His
Maj'ts use And also to put in Execucon all other lawfull Powers


and authorities for the better managing and Collecting the
Said Duties in all things proceeding as the law directs hereby-
willing and requireing all and every His Maj'ts Officers and
Ministers and all others whom it may concern to be aiding and
assisting to him in all things as becometh And I doe further
grant to the Said that he Shall enjoy

the Said Office During Pleasure or untill the Hon'ble Com-
iconers of His Maj'ts Customes Shall give further or other
Direccons therein Giveing under my hand and Seal this

Day of in the Eleventh Yeare of His

Maj'ts Reigne An'oqt Dm. 1699. A Comicon for
to be Collector of

Proclamation by Nicholson in Regard to Shipping.

Virginia ss.

To all people to whom these presents Shall come I ffrancis
Nicholson Esqr His Maj'ts Leiutenant and Govenour Gen-
erall of this His Colony and Dominion of Virginia send Greeting-
Know Yee that I the said ffrancis Nicholson by Virtue of one
Act of Parliament made in the twelfth yeare of the Reign of King
Charles the second Intituled an Act for the Encouargeing and
increasing of Shipping and Navigacon & one Act of parliam't
made in the fifteenth yeare of his s'd Maj'tys Reign Ent'd an
act for ye encouragem't of trade and one Act of Parliam't made
in the twenty second and twenty third Yeares of the Reign of
the Said King Charles Intituled an Act to prevent the planting
of Tobacco in England and regulateing the plantacon Trade And
one Act of Parliam't made in the twenty fifth Year of the
Reign of the Said King Charles Intituled an Act for the en-
couragem't of the Greenland and Eastland Trades and for
the better Secureing the plantcaon trade and One Act of Par-
liam't made in the seventh and eighth Yeares of his late Maj'ts
Reign Intituled an act for the preventing frauds and regulateing
abuses in the plantacon trade and in pursuance of the Authori-
ties by the Said Acts of Parliam't and every of them to me


given have Deputed and impowered and doe hereby Depute
and Impower within the

precints or Districts of in this His Maj'ts

Colony and Dominion pursuant to the Said Acts of ParHam't
to Execute the Office and Duty of the Officer comonly called
and known by the Name of the Navall Officer with all and
singular the Rights powers and Authority's to me given thereby
According to the severall Rules Orders and Direccons therein
prescribed and also to put in execucon all other lawfull powers
and Authorities belonging to the said office in all things pro-
ceeding as the Law directs Hereby willing and requireing all
and every his Maj'ts Officers and Ministers and all others
whom it may concern to be aiding and assisting to him in all
things as becometh and I doe further grant imto the Said
that he Shall enjoy the Said Office dureing pleastire given under
my hand and Seal at James Citty the day of

in the Eleventh yeare of His Maj'ts Reign Anoq Dm 1692
A Comicon for to be Navall Officer


Proclamation in Regard to the Public Revenue.

Virginia ss.

To all to whom these presents Shall come I ffrancis Nicholson
Esq'r His Maj'ts Leiutenant and Govenoiu- Generall of this
His Maj'ts Colony and Dominion of Virginia send Greeting

Know Yee that I the Said ffrancis Nicholson By Vertue of
One Act of Assembly made at James Citty the Eighth day of
June 1680 Intituled an Act for raising a publick Revenue for
the better Support of the Govemm't of this His Maj'ts Colony
of Virginia And One Act of Assembly made at James Citty
the tenth day of October 1693 Intituled an Act laying an Im-
position upon Skins and ffurs for the better Support of the Col-
ledge of William and Mary in Virginia, and One Act of As-
sembly made at James Citty the twenty seaventh day of Aprill
1699, Intituled an Act for Lessening the Levy by the Poll and


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