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one has happened in our family since I wrote last viz. the death of my
Brother Sir John Fenn in 1794 which is a great loss to us all, for his ex-
cellent understanding & true friendship for us so tender & so tried we
cannot hope or expect to find in another. My sister has been in very
great dejection of mind but her health is rather better than formerly,
and her spirits are not a little recovered. She is now at Malvern Wells,
in Worcestershire where she was so kind as to take my youngest Daughter
Susan for a complaint of slight swelling in the glands of her neck — which
the use of the waters has nearly removed.

I have now only my youngest son remaining at school, the fourth
and fifth are students at Trinity Coll. Cambridge, the sixth a Lieut,
in the Royal Artillery commanded by Marquiss Comwallis.

Naming Cambridge reminds me of telling you or rather Mr. Baylor
that we visited Mr. Bond last Summer at his new built house at Wheat-
ame in which he seems most comfortably settled and had a few months
ago the satisfaction of having the title of Father added to that of hus-
band. Mr. Frere answers for his little son. I hope it will live and be
very good

The old master at Caius Coll. Cambridge is lately dead, and Mr.
Fisher who Mr. Baylor remembers, elected in his room. His name is
changed to Belnard. I mentioned to you my eldest daughter's* mar-
riage to Sir John Orde once Governor of Dominica — then capt. in the


Navy, he has lately been promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral of the
White. Sir Robert Laurie is now a General & has lately sailed to Ger-
many to take command there & will I hope return safe with honour as
he did from a former campaign through a French sabre had nearly pre-
vented the first by a cut in the temple though regarded not.

Lady Lauriet lives still at Dover.

We have news of victory obtained by Admiral Hotham in the
Mediterranean, but as yet no particulars. We want some counterbal-
ance to the defeat of the Emigrants at Quiberon Bay.

Mr. Frere joins me in kind respects to Mr. Baylor yourself and
Family & Mr. Geo and Daniel Norton with my dear Cousin

Your very affectionate cousin
J. Frere.
Addressed to

Mrs Baylor.

*-Died in 1829 leaving issue, the present Baronet being her son
From Burke's Landed Gentry.

f-There are at New-Market several letters from Lady Laurie
who married Sir Robert Laurie of Maxwelton, head of an old and prom-
inent Scotch family.

From Charles Frere to A. G. Baylor Esq. of Petersburg Va.
No. 5 Southwick Place

Hyde Park (London)
June 28 1872

Dear Sir,

********** One of two photographs enclosed by Mr. Frere
in his letter E. B. B.) is of my nephew Douglas Frere the only son of my
eledest brother" Hatley who was a judge in India but died at an early
age as I must now consider it— that is between 50 & 60 * * * * My
nephew is on his way to the other side of your continent, he has passed
his examination for the army and while waiting for his commission is on
his travels and might possibly be induced to settle in the West. I gavg
your direction to him in case be should ever find himself near you.* * * *
The Mrs. Jane Frere whose letter you sent me was my Grand-
mother. The sixth son whom she mentions as being then a Lieut, in the
Artillery being my father James Hatley Frere.

I enclose you a certificate of the marriage of your Grand-father &
Grand-mother in 1778.

Gould Square is in the neighborhood of Crutched Friars & close
to the Tower of London.

My cousin Sir Bartle-Frere has just edited the works of my eldest
uncle John Hookham Frere, which was prefaced by a life of Mr. Hookham-
Frere which, as it mentions many members of the family it may be in-
teresting to you to read. *****


The Susan Frere whose letter from Gibralta you mention was
his sister who accompanied him to Malta where he retired after his
diplomatic career was closed chiefly for the benefit of his wife Lady
Erroll's health *******

Beleive me

Yours faithfully

Charles Frere

(I see in the London Almanac for 1872, that Mr. C Frere holds
two positions one in House of Lords and one in the House of Commons)
A. G. B.


Abstract From an Old Manuscript that Records the History of The

Townes Family of Virginia. In possession of Miss

Claudia K. Townes of Greenville, South Carolina.

There were six Townes brothers who were Englishmen. James,
John, Thomas, Henry, William and Samuel. Of these James, Samuel
and John came over to Virginia and settled in Henrico Co.

William, youngest son of James Townes, settled in Amelia Co. on
the Appomatox River. He died in June 1774, aged 63, in possession of
21 negroes and a fine tract of land on Roanoak. He had six sons. The
eldest William, Thomas, Henry, John, Joseph and Halcut. William
settled in Cumberland Co. and served sometime during the Revolution-
ary War. He married Obedience, daughter of Samuel Allen.

Thomas enlisted in the army in his 24th year in 1776, served two
years regularly and occasionally afterwards amounting in all to five
years. The first two years under Washington and six months imder
Gates. Was engaged in the seige of Gwynns Island against Dimmore
under Lewis. Was at the seige of Norfolk when it was burned, and with
Wayne at Stony Point. Was then first Lieutenent and wounded in this
battle, and also a small skirmish at Portsmouth. He was at the seige
of York and saw Comwallis give up his sword. Returned home and
settled in Charlotte Co. but moved to South Carolina In 1793.

John enteres the army at an early age. Went to the North, was
engaged in several battles. Returned South, was taken prisoner at
Charlestown exchanged and returned to Philadelphia. Married and be-
come clerk of the board of war.

Joseph married in Halifax and died in Mecklinburg.

Halcut settled first in Halifax, moved to Danville. He married a
Coleman at the age of 25. Was a lawyer of considerable eminence but
died at the early age of 35. Was twice married.

Henry married and reared a large family. He moved to Ken-
tucky and lived to an advanced age. Henry and Halcut were both at
the battle of Guilford.


The four sisters were Molly who married William Pride. Nancy,
married Charies Jones, Lucretia, married Frank Robinson and Elis-
abeth who married Blackman Ligon.

Samuel Allen Townes, son of William, married Rachel Stokes of
Fredericksbury, in 1799, and moved to Greenville, S. C.

Some Virginians Educated in Great Britain.

This list of natives of Virginia who attended schools or colleges in
England and Scotland prior to 1800 is certainly very incomplete; but
is as full as the sources accessible in Richmond would allow. Foster's
Alumni Oxonienses, of course, gives full information for Oxford, but when
the matriculation lists of the Cambridge Colleges, of the great schools
like Harrow and Winchester (Mr. Austen-Leigh has given much infor-
mation in regard to Eton), the London schools, the various grammar-
schools throughout England, and Scotch schools and universities (other
than the medical school at Edinburgh), and admissions to the various
Inns of Court, have been carefully examined by some properly equipped
person, there is no doubt that this list can be largely increased. In ad-
dition to these institutions many Virginia boys were certainly sent to
private schools in England, which were of note at the time, but whose
records must now be lost.

The list of names follows. The Virginia residence is given,
and at least one year, preferably the first year, of the students residence
in the school or college.

Ambler, John, Yorktown, Wakefield School, Yorkshire. Trinity
College, Cambridge, 1753.

Armistead, Henry, Gloucester Co., at school in England, (place
unknown) 1702.

Alexander, Philip, Stafford Co., Inner Temple, 1760.

Atchison, Walter, Norfolk, Middle Temple, 1771.

Bland, Theodrick, Jr., Prince George, Wakefield, 1753, Edinburgh,

Bland, Richard (d. 1776), Prince George, Edinburgh.

Beverley, Robert, Essex, Wakefield, Trinity, Cambridge, 1757.

Beverley, William, Essex, Trinity, Cambridge, 1781.

Beverley, Robert, Essex, Mr. Andrews' School at Highgate, 1784.

Beverley, John, Middlesex, at school in England, (place unknown),
about 1694.

Beverley, Robert, Middlesex, at school in England (place un-
known), about 1694.

Beverley, Harry, Middlesex, at school in England (place vinknown)
about 1694.

Blair, John, Williamsburg, Middle Temple, 1755.


Blair, James, Williamsburg, Edinburgh, 1761.

Baylor, John, (d. 1774), King & Queen, Putney Grammar School,
and Caius, Cambridge.

Baylor, John, (Jr.), Caroline, Putney Grammar School and Caius,

Brooke, Lawrence, Spotsylvania, Edinburgh, 1776.

Brooke, Robert, Spotsylvania, Edinburgh, 1777.

Ball, William, Lancaster, Edinburgh, 1773.

Ball, Joseph, Lancaster, Grays Inn, 1720.

Ball, Henry Lee, Lancaster, Middle Temple, 1769.

Boiling, Robert, Chesterfield, Wakefield, 1756.

Boush, William, Norfolk, Edinburgh, 1778.

Byrd, William, Charles City, educated in England and Holland,
1684-1695, Middle Temple, 1690.

Bnmskill, John, Caroline, Appleby School, Pembroke, Cam-
bridge, 1752.

Burwell, James, York Co., Eton, 1760.

Burwell, Lewis, Gloucester, Eton, 1725, Caius, Cambridge, 1729.

Burwell, Lewis, Gloucester, Balliol, Oxford, 1765, Inner Temple,



Carter, George (d. 1742), Lancaster, Middle Temple.

Carter, John, Lancaster, Mile End School, Trinity, Cambridge,

Carter, John, "Cleve," King George, at school in England (place
unknown), 1764.

Carter, Landon, "Cleve," King George, at school in England
(place tmknown), 1764.

Carter, Robert, Lancaster, at school in England (place unknown)
about 1678.

Corbin, Francis, King & Queen, Inner Temple, 1777, (stated also
to have been at Canterbury School and Cambridge.)

Corbin, Gawin, King & Queen, Middle Temple 1756, Christs,
Cambridge, 1756.

Corbin, Richard Henry, King & Queen, St. Johns, Cambridge 1794.

Cary, Wilson, Elizabeth City, Trinity, Cambridge, 1721.

Clayton, Thomas, (b. 1701-1739), Gloucester, Pembroke, Cam-

Campbell, Archibald, Westmoreland, Edinburgh, 1770.

Downman, Joseph Ball, Lancaster, Middle Temple, 1773.

Eskridge, Robert, Westmoreland, Wood End Grammar School,
(Scotland?) 1719.

Fairfax, William, Fairfax, Wakefield, about 1753.

Fauntleroy, William, Richmond Co., Middle Temple, 1760.

Fitzhugh, Henry, Staflford, Christ Church, Oxford, 1722.

Gilmer, George, Williamsburg, Edinburgh, 1761.

Grifiin, Corbin, Richmond Co., Edinburgh, 1765.


Griffin, Cyrus, Richmond Co., Middle Temple, 1771.

Griffin, John, Augusta (?), Edinburgh, 1774.

Goodwin, Joseph, Edinburgh, 1769.

Gait, John M., Williamsburg, Edinburgh, 1770.

Grymes, Philip Ludwell, Middlesex, Eton, 1760.

Grymes, Jolin Randolph, Middlesex, Eton,, 1760.

Jones, Walter, Hanover, Edinburgh, 1769.

Kenner, Rodham, (b. 1707), Northumberland, St Bees Grammar

Lee, Arthur, Westmoreland, Eton 1753, Edinburgh, Lincoln's Inn
1770, Middle Temple.

Lee, Henry, Middle Temple, 1773.

Lee, John, Westmoreland, Queens, Oxford, 1658.

Lee, George Fairfax, Westmoreland, Christs, Cambridge, 1772.

Lee Richard Henry, Westmoreland, Wakefield.

Lee, Philip Ludwell, W^estmoreland, Inner Temple.

Lee, Ludwell, Westmoreland, St. Bees, 1776.

Lee, Thomas, Westmoreland, at school in England (place unknown)

Lee, Lancelot, Westmoreland, at school in England (place un-
known) 1771.

Lee, William, Westmoreland, at school in England (place unknown)

Meade, David, Nansemond, private school at Dalston, and Har-
row 1751.

Meade, Richard Kidder, Nansemond, private school at Dalston
(and probably Harrow.)

Meade, Everard, Nansemond, private school at Dalston (and
probably Harrow.)

Mason, Thompson, Fairfax, Temple.

Munford, Robert, Mecklenburg, Wakefield about 1752.

McClurg, James, Elizabeth City, Edinburgh 1770.

Nelson, Thomas Jr., Yorkton, educated in England 1752-59 under
care of Bishop Porteus.

Nicolls, Samuel, Edinburgh 1776.

Parker, George, Northampton, at school in Bristol about 1676-79.

Power, James, King William, Wakefield, 1757.

Peyton, Valentine, Stafford, Edinburgh, 1754.

Page, Mann, Gloucester, Eton 1706, St. Johns, Oxford, 1709.

Perrott, Henry, Middlesex, Grays Inn, 1674.

Randolph, Peyton (d. 1776), Williamsburg, Middle Temple.

Randolph, (Sir) John, Henrico, Grays Inn.

Randolph, Beverley, Williamsburg, Eton, 1762.

Randolph, William, Williamsburg, Eton 1762.

Robinson, Christopher, Middlesex, Oriel, Oxford, 1721.

Robinson, Christopher, Middlesex, Oriel, Oxford, 1723.


Robinson, Peter, Middlesex, Oriel, Oxford, 1737.

Robinson, Middlesex, Oriel, Oxford, 1737.

Robinson, John, Middlesex, educated in England 1713 and under
care of his uncle Bishop Robinson.

Ravenscroft, John, Prince George, Edinburgh 1770.

Skipwith, Gray, Mechlenburg, Eton 1787, Trinity, Cambridge,

Spotswood, Alexander, Spotsylvania, Eton 1760.

Spotswood, John, Spotsylvania, Eton, 1760.

Scott, Gustavus, Prince Wm., Kings College, Aberdeen 1765,
Middle Temple 1767.

Scott, John, Prince Wm., King's College, Aberdeen, 1768.

Smith, Thomas, King & Queen, Trinity, Cambridge, 1759.

Steptoe, George, Westmoreland. Edinburgh, 1767.

Shore, John, Prince George, Edinburgh, 1777.

Stith, William, Charles City, Queens, Oxford, 1724.

Skinker, John, King George, Appleby 1753.

Span, John, Northumberland, Queens, Oxford, 1705.

Tayloe, John, Richmond Co., Eton 1788, St. Johns, Cambridge



Thacker, Chichley, Middlesex, Oriel, Oxford, 1724.

Tucker, St. George, Yorktown (bom in Bermuda) Inner Temple

Turberville, George Lee, Westmoreland, Winchester 1771.

Tapscott, James, Edinburgh, 1765.

Turpin, Philip, Chesterfield, Edinburgh, 1774.

Taylor, Daniel, New Kent, Trinity, Cambridge, 1724.

Washington, Augustine Sr., Westmoreland, Appleby.

Washington, Augustine Jr., Westmoreland, Appleby.

Washington, Lawrence, Westmoreland, Appleby, 1722.

Wormeley, Ralph, Middlesex, Oriel, Oxford 1665.

Wormeley, Ralph, Middlesex, Eton 1757, Trinity, Cambridge.

Wormeley, Ralph, Middlesex, at school in England (place un-
known) 1702.

Wormeley, John, Middlesex, at school in England (place unknown)

Warner, Augustine, Gloucester, Merchant Taylors, Londen, 1658.

White, Alexander, Frederick, Inner Temple, 1762.

Yates, Bartholomew, Middlesex, Brasenose, Oxford, 1695.

Yates, Bartholomew, Middlesex, Oriel, Oxford, 1732.

Yates, Robert, Middlesex, Oriel. Oxford, 1733.

A number of the persons included in this list also studied at Wm.
and Mary. The counties most numerously represented were Westmore-
land, 19, and Middlesex, 17.


Sir John Zouch

In Volume XII, pages 87 and 88, July, 1904, you gave an abstract
of the Will, dated 30 August, 1636, and proved 4 December, 1639, of Sir
John Zouch, and in a note you made him to be the same Sir John who was
knighted at Belvoir Castle 23 April, 1603, and who in 1605 made the
agreement with Captain George Weymouth for the settlement of Virginia,
a project which was disconcerted by the grant of the Virginia Company's
Charter; and also the same (and so he was), who came to Virginia in 1634
and made a futile attempt to plant iron works at Falling Creek, below
Richmond, and was mixed up in the dissension between Governor Harvey
and his opponents in the Council. And in the same Volume, page 429,
you published a commtmication from me, in which with other matter, I
expressed a belief that the Sir John who visited Virginia in 1634 and
made the Will of 1636-9 was not the same, but the son of the Sir John
Zouch who came near, perhaps, to being the foimder of Virginia in 1605.

I have since found a confirmation of my belief in "The Berkeley
Manuscripts — Lives of the Berkeleys," by John Smyth, Steward of
Berkeley Hundred, England. Smyth, who was himself an arms bearing
gentleman, wrote his manuscript history, which is of the highest au-
thority, in and before 1624, although it was not published tmtil 1883, and
he was well acquainted with the persons and events of the period in which
he was writing. In Volume II, page 402, he gives an account of the mar-
riage of Mary, eldest daughter of his patron, Henry, Lord Berkeley, by
his 1st wife, Lady Katherine Howard (3rd daughter of the poet, Henry
Howard, Earl of Surrey,) on 14 February, 1584, to John Zouch, Esquire,
"after knight," son and heir apparent of Sir John Zouch of Codnor Castle,
Derbyshire, which Sir John — the father — "dyed shortly thereafter,"
and he states that this second Sir John Zouch, who married Lady Mary
Berkeley, died in the 8th year of King James the First (1611), leaving
a son John, "now knight, of Codnor Castle, "who married Isabel Lowe,
of Denby, Derbyshire, "by whom hee hath issue John, Katharine, Isable
and Elizabeth, anno 1624." He gives further details, but the above is

There were three successive Sir John Zouches of Codnor,, the first
of whom married Elizabeth, or Eleanor, Whalley — of the family to which
the regicide afterwards belonged — and who died in 1586 (Will) ; the second
married Lady Mary Berkeley, was knighted at Belvoir Castle in 1603,
was the projector of the Virginia colony in 1605, and died in 1611; and the
third marfied Isabel Lowe in 1607, was a member of the Virginia Com-
pany as "Mr. John Zouch" and "John Zouch, Esquire," in 1621-1623, and,
being knighted thereafter, visited Virginia in 1634 as Sir John Zouch,
attempted to plant iron works and was otherwise concerned with the
Colony's affairs, and died in 1639, leaving the Will which was abstracted
for the Magazine.


Everything relating to the settlement of Virginia has an interest,
and it is interesting to note that the first Sir John Zouch was a com-
panion in arms of Sir Walter Raleigh in Ireland in 1581-2 (Lives of Sir
Walter Raleigh, Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters, .where the name
appears as "Siuitsi", &c.). and that Raleigh was a prisoner in the Tower
in 1605, but receiving visitors and with his mind constantly turned to the
American Continent; and so it may well be that the settlement project
of Sir John Zouch, the son of his old companion, was suggested by this
ardent colonizer, or had his counsel.

Codnor Castle is now a ruin, and a much pillaged one for stone,
but what is left of it is still shown to visitors, as it was to another Amer-
ican descendent of the Sir John Zouches a few years ago.

McHenry Howard,

901 St. Paul St., Baltimore,
9 January, 1913.

Militia Officers, Prince Edward County, 1777-1781.

From an examination of the Order Books of Prince Edward County
Court, it appears that the officers listed below were appointed and com-
missioned, from May 1777 through December 1781. Several items
throw light on the status before 1777:
May, June, and July 1777 —

Josiah Chambers, John Bibb, David Walker, Captains; Charles
Allen, Jacob Woodson, John Dabney, Lieutenants; Benjamin Allen,
James Carter, Richard Holland, Engsins [p. 512] Robert Goode, William
Wooton, 2nd Lieutenants; William Rice, Ensign; Henry Young, gent;
2nd Lieutenant, Captain Chambers' Company [p. 515] Andrew Baker,
Captain; Sharpe Spencer, 1st Lieutenant [p. 516]

July 1777 "Jacob Woodson, John Watson, John Clarke, Robert

Goode, Thomas Floumoy, William Bibb, Philemon Holcombe, and
William Booker, gentlemen, are appointed to make a tour of this County
to administer the oaths of allegiance as directed by Act of Assembly.
Robert Goode and John Clarke to take the bounds of Captain Clarke's
Company of militia for their district, as also Captain Owen's and Captain
Ligon's Company. — Thomas Floumoy and William Booker to take the
boimds of Captain Biggar's and Said Floumoy's Company for their

district Philemon Holcombe to take Captain Chamber's Company for

his bounds — William Bibb his own company and the Academy [Hampden

Sidney College] John Watson and Jacob Woodson the three upper

companies of militia for their bounds — each paying proper aetention to
such as are not in the muster rolls", [p. 515]

July 1778 John Bibb, Captain; James Bibb, 1st Lieutenant;

John Dupuy, 2nd Lieutenant; Biggars, Jr., Ensign; Yancey Bailey,

Ensign. [P. 1] Thomas Lorton, 2nd Lieutenant, Chambers' Company,
[P. 21


September, 1778 'George Carrington, gent., Captain of the-

militia in this County.' [P. 4]

March, 1779 'Richard Holland recommended as Lieutenant

of militia in the room of George Booker.' [P. 20]

May, 1779 Williamson Bird, Captain of militia in the room of

Charles Venable, resigned.

Nicholas Davis, 1st Lieutenant; Robert Venable, 2nd Lieutenant;
Sharpe Spencer, Captain; George Booker, 1st Lieutenant; John Clarke,
Jr., Ensign; James Parks, 2nd Lieutenant; Jesse Watson, 2nd Lieutenant;
Drury Watson, Ensign — Thomas Haskins recommended to the gover-
nor for Colonel of Militia, George Walker, Esq. [King's Attorney before
1776, and attorney for the Commonwealth], Lieutenant Colonel, Thomas
Flournoy, Major. [P. 38]. Thomas Moore, Captain; William McGehee,
1st Lieutenant; Ambrose Nelson, 2nd Lieutenant; Samuel Venable,
Captain; John Langhorn, 2nd Lieutenant; Thomas Watkins, Ensign,
Captain Samuel Venable's Company [P. 39].

July, 1779 Richard Holland appointed Captain of Company

late Henry Walker's; Jacob Woodson appointed Captain of Company
late David Walker's [P. 47]

June, 1780 Thomas Lorton, Captain; Jesse Watson, 1st Lieu-
tenant; Drury Watson, 2nd Lieutenant; Dick Holland, Captain; Jacob
Woodson, Captain; William Price, Jr., 1st Lieutenant; Stephen Pettus,
Ensign; Joseph Parks, 1st Lieutenant; James Clarke, 2nd Lieutenant;
John Bell, Ensign [P. 79]

September 1780 William Booker, Ensign; James Wright, 1st

Lieutenant [P. 89.]

March 1781 'John Nash, gentleman recommended to his Ex-
cellency the governor to be County Lieutenant of this County, George
Walker, Esqr, Colonel, Thomas Flournoy, Esqr., Lieutenant Col°, and
John Clarke, Esqr, Major. [P. 96]

September 1781 Philip Matthews, Ensign; Nathaniel Allen,

2nd Lieutenant; Robert Walton, Ensign; John Richards, 1st Lieutenant;
George Pulliam, 2nd Lieutenant; George Foster, 2nd Lieutenant; Peyton
Glenn, Ensign; Stephen Neal, Captain; William Wooton, 1st Lieutenant;
John Clarke, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant; James Clarke, Captain; James Parks,
1st Lieutenant; John Bell, 2nd Lieutenant; William Galispie, Ensign,
'all officers of the militia sworn'. [P. 99]

December 1781 Ambrose Nelson appointed Captain in the

room of John Bibb. [P. 102].

General Robert Lawson, of Prince Edward County,

doubtless took many Prince Edward soldiers with him to Guilford Court

Alfred J. Morrison,

Hampden Sidney, Va.


Family of Isaac Coles and Eliza Lightfoot.

Isaac Coles, son of John Coles and Mary Winston, his wife, was
bom in Richmond, Virginia Feb. 25, 1747, — married Eliza Lightfoot

April 1, 1771 and Catharine Thompson, his 2nd wife, Jan. 2, 1790

was Colonel of his County, — a member of the First Congress of the U. S.,
— lived as an agriculturalist, first in Halifax and then in Pittsylvania, in
which County he died June 2, 1813.

Eliza Lightfoot, daughter of William Lightfoot of Sandy Point
and Mildred Howell, his wife, — married Isaac Coles April 1, 1771, — and
died July 27, 1781.

John Coles, their 1st son, was bom Oct. 20, 1772 and died May 17,

Isaac Coles, their 2nd. son, was bom Dec. 16, 1777, married
Lightfoot Carrington Feb. 7, 1811 and died Sept, 28, 1820. ( )

Lightfoot Coles, their daughter, was born June 12, 1780 and died
Dec. 4, 1781.

Family of Isaac Coles and Catharine Thompson, his
Second Wife.

Catharine Thompson, daughter of James Thompson, a native of
Ireland and resident of the city of New York, and Catharine Walton, of
of the same city, his wife, was born April 16, 1769, — married Isaac Coles
then a member of Congress, Jan. 2, 1790,— died July 18, 1848.

Walter Coles, their 1st. son, was bom Dec. 8, 1790, — married
Lettice Priscilla Carrington April 5, 1821. ( )

Catharine Coles, their 1st. daughter, was bom Oct. 24, 1792 and
died Feb. 25, 1794.

Catharine Thompson Coles, their 2nd. daughter, was bom Feb. 10,
1795,— married Baldwin M. Payne Sept. 6, 1827. ( ) died

July 1. 1850.

James Thompson Coles, their 2nd, son, was bom Jan. 9, 1797, —
died May 28, 1838.

John Coles, their 3rd. son, was bom April 26, 1799, — married

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