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time is to be lost.

D. O. Havarstraugh Nov' 12*'' 79
F. O. Colo Gibson
B. M. Mitchel
Fatigue Colo Gwatkins

10 of the best Carpenters from Each Brigade are to be sent
Down to Stoney point this evening or Early to morrow morning
they are to be furnished with Some Ax's and Such Other Too s
as the D. Q. M. G. has in his possession — A Sub is to marclh
them Down, And Deliver them to the Engineer.

For Police Captain

For the Day Adj* Brown


Picqr2t 1

inG-^ 1

3 days fatigue 2

3 days Com"^ 1

1 weeks Com^


Q' G" 1

D. O. Haverstraw November 13*i^ 1779
F. Officer Colo Brent
B. G. M. Crawhom

Piquet 1


inG^ 1

Q' 2

G. O. H. Q. West point Nov' 13*'> 79


The Commissary are to Isue the follow'g Quantities of meat
or Vegetables in Heu of the Reduced Rations of Flour, for every
1001b of Flour Reduced from the Isues 751b Of beef or 501b
of pork, or if ReC^ in Vegetables 2}/^ bushels of pease or 2i/^
bushels of beans, or 8 bushels of potatoes, or 12 bushels of
Tumaps and so in proportion for any Greater or lesser quan

D. 0. Haverstraw Nov^ 14*^ 79

F. O. Lieu* Colo Hause
B. M. Mitchel

For police Cap* bell

For the day Adj* Merewether

G. O. Head Q' West point Nov' 11*^^ 79

The Comis'y Gen'l having Represented the Difficulty of
keeping up the Supplies of Flour, Owing to the uncommon
Drought which has Stoped most of the Mills The Commander
in Chief is under the Necessaty on that ace* of Reducing the
Rations of that article untill farther orders to ^ of lb p day
the Diffency to be made up in beef & roots.

D. O. Haverstraw Nov' 15*^ 79
F. O. Lieu* Colo Dabney
B. M. Croughan

For police Cap* Welsh

For the day Adj* Gary

D. O. Havarstraw Nov' IQ^^ 79
F. O. Lieu* Colo AUison
B. M. Mitchel

For police Cap* Crump

For the day Adj* Robertson


Picquet 1

Q^G'^ 1

G. O. Head Q" Mooers house Nov' 17*^ 79

The Regimental paymasters will bring in the Abstracts &
pay rolls for Sep'' & Oof To the Deputy pay master Gen'l for
Examination The 9 months men in the Masichuset line to
have their pay made up in the Ocf Roll, Which is to Com-
mence from the time of their Joining at Spring field.

D. O. Havarstraw Nov 17*'» 79
F. O. Major Clark
B. M. Croughan

For Police Cap* Long

For the Day Adj* Brown

R. O. Nov IS*'^ 79

Commanding officers of Companies to make out Returns of
Diffencys of Clothing for the Year 78 of their Respective Com-

D. O. Havarstraw NoV 18'»^ 79
F. O. Major Webb
B. M. Mitchel

For PoHce Cap* C. Ewell

For the Adj* Linton


For pic* 1

For in Gd 1

Q'G«i 1


fatigue 1

(To be Continued)



(From the original volume in the Virginia State Library)


Geo : Stepney
M Prior.
For his Majesties especial Service.

For the hon'ble ffrancis Nicholson Esq?
his Majesties Lieutenant and Govemour General of his Maj-
esties Colony and Dominion of Virginia in America. Or for
the Commander in Chief of that Colony for the time being.


Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations to
Governor Nicholson.

Whitehall : August the 21th 1700.

There are some few things which the Lords Commissioners
for Trade and Plantations judge useful to be observed in your
Correspondence, with them, which they have Commanded me
to signify to you, as foil :

It is convenient for their Office that all papers they receive
from the Plantations may (as much as possible) be writ in such
a form that they may hereafter be bound up together and pre-
served in Bookes. And therefore as they are very well pleased
with the Transcript you have sent them of some Late Acts of
Assembly, & of yo' journals, in the forme of Ruled Paper which
was sent you from hence, they desire that yo'' Letters more es-
pecially be writ Also in the same manner, either upon large or
small paper as you think fit.


Whenever you transmit any Papers to them together with
yo"" Letters (which must always be done as occasion requires)
they desire j'^o'" to send therewith a Seperate List of those papers
and not to make yo'' whole Letters (as some of late have been)
as it were one continued Index of them.

When you have several Subjects to write upon, they offer it
to your consideration whether it would not be more convenient,
both for you & y™ to divide those matters into two or three
Letters, than to mix all together in One. For in that manner
you may more easily enlarge upon anything as you find need-
full : and they woul,d also be enabled to imderstand yo"" Letters
as they are read to them, without the trouble of stopping so
oft (as they have been sometimes to do) and seeking into those
papers for the meaning of what you hint at.

The Naval Officers accounts that you have sent them are very
confused and their Lds'p^ have therefore commanded me to
send you the following observations upon them: That those
Accounts may hereafter be made more intelligible and usefull.

They ought to be fairly writ upon paper so ruled that they
may be sticked or bound up together, and conveniently Opened
& read without tearing, which can hardly be done with these
w"*" are writ upon so many single papers, and joyned together
very loosely at y^ heads.

The mixing of Ships cleared outwards in the same List with
Ships entered inwards, renders it very difficult to distinguish
(as is requisite) between the one & y" other : And it is therefore
absolutely necessary that those Lists be kept Seperate, & ac-
cordingly transmitted.

The same parcells of Goods entered inwards or Outwards,
should not be twice entered & promiscuously mixed with other
parcells in two different Accounts; as M' Hill has done in his
two Accounts of Entries from the 16^^ November 1699 to the
17*'' Aprill 1700; where several of the same parcels Shipt Out in
one Account are entred againe as Shipt out in the other, w''*' is
a great Confusion.

All accounts should express the Hog.sheads & quantity of
Tobacco shipt off; which is omitted by M' AUerton, who
only mentions that such and such Ships were Laden off with


Tobacco, but expresses not what quantity each Ship carryed.
The number of Hogsheads, and the pounds of Tobacco in
bulk. Laden in each Ship, should in all Acc*^ be entered exactly,
& the figures so placed, that the Totals may be added up,which
addition ought also to be made & set down by the respective
Officers themselves, or the person who copies out their accoimts
I am Sir Your most obedient

hiunble Servant

W°». Popple.

For his Majesties especial Service

For the honbl® Francis Nicholson Esq'
His Majesties Lieutenant and Govemour Generall of his Maj-
esties Colony and Dominion of Virginia in America, Or for the
Commander in Chief of that Colony for the time being.


Comptroller General of the Customs to Governor

The Compf^ Generall of the Accompts of his Maj*'^' Customs
having Informed us That he is in want of severall ace*" from the
Collectors in Virg'a of the duties of the enumerated goods pay-
able by the Act made in the 25*'" Year of the Reign of King
Charles the Second We desire yo'' Excellencie will please to
Cause the said acc*^ to be made up & transmitted to us from the
time that these duties were granted by his Maj*'^« Royall
Charter for & tov/ards the Erecting & mainteyning a ffree
School & Colledge in Virginia And that you will likewise
Charge y^ respective Collectors to make up their ace*' for the
time to come quarterly & Inclose y'"" to us by the first oper-
tunity next after each respective quarter We are
Yo' Excellencies

Most himible Servants
T Newport
Sam Clarke
Benj : Overton
Rob* Henley


Custom house Lond'o

5 Septemb' 1700.
For His Excellency

Colon '1 Francis Nicholson

Govemour of his Maj ""• Colony

p James Fowler

Agreement between England and Algiers in Regard to
English Ships.

^. Whitehal December the 3<^ 1700


We send you here Inclos'd a Copy of an Agreem* lately made
by Captaine Mimden and Consul Cole with the Go verm* of
Algier, by w"*" all EngHsh Merchant Ships are Exempted from
from being molested by the Algerines, on ace* of their not hav-
ing Passes, until the End of Septemb'' 1701, but after that time
(if not provided with such Passes) will be liable to be carried
up to Algier, and have their Lading Confiscated ; And we desire
you thereupon to take care that due notice be given thereof in
yC Goverm* that all persons concem'd may thereby have op-
pertunity to provide themselves with Admiralty Passes for their
Security in that occasion according to the Instructions that
that have not long since been sent to you by the Lords Comm'"
of the Admiralty with passes to be distributed accordingly.
And in case you find occasion for a greater number of passes
than you have yet rece'd you will do well to apply yo'self in
time to the Lords of the Admiralty that you may be accord-
ingly furnished with them. So we bid you heartily farewell.
Your very Loving Friends



Ph : Meadows.

John Pollexfen.

Ab' Hill.

Geo : Stepney.

Mat Prior.


For his Majesties especial Service.

For the Hon'bl^ Francis Nicholson Esq'' his Majesties Lieu-
tenant and Governor General of his Majesties Colony and
Dominion of Virginia in America. Or for the Commander in
Chief of that Colony for the time being. Virginia.

First. Wee the most Excellent and most Illustrious Lords
Mustapha Dey, AH Bashaw, and Mustapha Aga, Govemours
of the most famous and Warlike Citty and Kingdome of Algier,
do by these presents renew and confirm the Peace Wee so hap-
pily enjoy with the King of Great Brittain France & Ireland
Defender of the Christian ffaith, and his Subjects, made in the
year 1682 in every part and Article more particularly that of
the 8*'', wherein it is exprest that no Ship or Vessell belonging to
our Govemm* of Algier, shall cruise near or in sight of any of
the Roads, Havens or Ports, Towns or places belonging to the
said King of Great Brittain, or any ways disturb the Peace and
Commerce of the same. And in compliance w**" the Eighth Ar-
ticle of that Treaty, Wee do sincerely promise and declare,
that such Orders shall for the future be given to all our Com-
manders, that under a severe penalty and our utmost dis-
pleasure, they shall not enter into the Channell of England nor
come or Cruise in sight of any Part of his Majesty of Great
Brittains Dominions, any more for the time to' come.

Secondly. That whereas Wee had declared that all Ships &
Vessels belonging to the King of Great Brittain should have
passes by the last of September 1700, Wee do by these de-
clare at the desire of Captain John Munden Commander in
Chief of his Majesties Ships in the Mediterranean, and Rob* Cole
Esq' his Maj*'^^ Consul now residing at our Citty of Algier on
behalf of their Great Master, that no Passes shall be required
or expected from any of the English Ships or Vessells in any
part of the World, but that they shall proceed on their Voyage
without producing or showing a Pass to any of our Cruisers,
till the Last of September 1701, and after that time is expired,
and any Ship be seized not having a Pass, Wee do hereby de-
clare that the goods in that Ship shall be restored and y^ Freight
imediately paid to the said Master to the utmost value as he
should have had, if he had gone safe to the Port where he was


Thirdly. That whereas Captain John Mirnden has given
us good assurance, that he had a great Affront some years past
from some of our Rude Sailors at our Mould. Wee do hereby
promise that at all times when ever any of y^ King of Great
Brittains Ships of Warr, come to this place, Order shall be
given to an Officer of the Govemm* imediately, who shall at-
tend at the Mould all the day time, during their stay here to
prevent any such disorder for the future, that no misiuider-
standing may happen between us, and if any such disorder
shotild happen, the Officer of the Mould shall secure the per-
son or persons, and they shall be pimished with the utmost

Fourthly. By the help of God and if he please these Articles
now made between us, shall be maintained, to the truth of
which Wee have hereunto Sett our hands and Seals: In the
Year of the Haggira 1112, and is the account of the Christians
August the 17*^ 1700.
Mustapha Day, Mustapha Aga, AH Bashaw.

Lords of Trade and Plantations to Governor Nicholson.

Whitehall December the 4:'^ 1700.

Since Ours of the 21" August, we have re'cd Letters from you
of the 1** and 27*^ of the same month, which containing for the
most part only matter of Information, do not require much

You will have seen by our last, that we have proposed Mr.
Lewis Burwell to be a member of his Majesties Council in Vir-
ginia, and their Excellencies the Lords Justices ha\dng ap-
proved thereof. We doubt not but Mr. Perry to whom we gave
Notice of it, will have taken out the Order of Council for that
purpose, and sent it to him. We do not at present proceed to
nomination of any other, but whensoever you find the Number
of Councellors resideing upon the place comes by death or re-
moval to be under Twelve, you will always do well to give us


notice thereof. And therefore, we desire you to send us fre-
quent Lists, as well of the Council in being, as of persons fit to
supply Vacancies, with such observations upon each of their
names, as you understand to be requisite.

We observe the Orders concerning retumes of Ace*" to w***
you referr us in the 14**^ page of the Council proceedings of the
9*^ & 10**' of July last; concerning which we have only to re-
mind you of our Desire, signified to you by our Secretary the
21'* August last, for reforming the Method of your Naval Officers
Accoimts, and that you take care to transmit unto us regularly
all accounts whatsoever in good form, according to yo"" in-

More particularly we desire you to be mindfull of sending
home yearly accounts of the Arms, Amunition, and Stores re-
maining in his Maj*'®* Magazines in yo' Govemm* and to see
that it be done accordingly. And having some while since
observed that the Council of Virginia have been of Opinion
that Forts are of no use for the Defence of that Coimtry; We
desire you so much the rather to take care, that the Militia of
the said Country be duly regulated & frequently exercised, so
as to render them usefull whenever there may be occasion.

Whatever Scruple you may have about entirely concerting
affaires (as you express it) with M"" Penn, or any other Propri-
ety Govemours, there can be no objection against yo"" corres-
ponding & conferring with any of them as occasion offers for
his Maj*'^' Service, which, whatever they arrive at, we are well
assured will be the end of all yo'' proceedings; & the Advices
& Informations you may thereby be enabled to give us, will be
always very acceptable.

Your care in placing the ffrench Refugees that went over
with the Marquess De la Muce & Mons' De Sailly, was very
well, and we hope will be an Encouragem* to other Refugees
to follow; In Order whereimto we have according to yo"' Desire
intimated to some of them, that they will do well to apply
themselves to M'' Perry, for his Assistance in their passage.

As to the care of the Ship Mary Ann which brought the first
Refugees to Virg'a that being properly a buisness imder the


direction of the Comm" of the Customes, you have done well
to send it to them, and we must referr you to them for Answer.
In y L" of the P* August, you referr us to the S^^ page of
the af ores'* Council proceedings to see what was done in Council
upon what we had writ you, relating to the Boundaries between
Virginia and North Carolina: and having looked accordingly
into that matter, we find only that it is referr'd to the Consid-
eration of M' Audit^ Bird and M"" Attorney General, to make
Report to the next Council, so that at p'^sent we have nothing
more to add unto what we writ you the 4*^ Jan^'y last upon that

We desire you (as we shall do the Govemours of all his Maj*'*"
Plantations respectively) that a Memorandum be Entred upon
the Council Books, to causion the s"* Council, y* whensoever
the Govemm* of Virg'a by the death, absence or Removal of a
Govern' or Lieutenant Govern' imediately Comissioned by
his Maj*'*' comes to devolve upon a President & the Council of
y* s"* Province, the s'* President & Council do forbear to pass any
Acts, but such as are imediately necessary for the peace &
welfare of y« s** Province, without his Maj*'«» Express Order
for that purpose. So we bid you heartily farewell.

Your very Loving Friends

Ph : Meadows
John Pollexfen
Ab' Hill
Geo : Stepney
Mat: Prior

For his Majesties especial Service

For the Hon'bl" Francis Nicholson Esq' his Majesties Lieu-
tenant and Govemour General of his Majesties Colony and
Dominion of Virginia in America, Or for the Commander in
Chief of that Colony for the time being.


ayz virginia historical magazine.

The King to Governor Nicholson in Regard to William
AND Mary College.

WiUiam R.

Trusty and Welbeloved Wee Greet You well Whereas Wee
have thought fit that all due Encouragement be given to the
College of William and Mary lately founded in our Town of
Williamsburgh in Virginia for promoting Religion and Learning
in those Parts, Wee do therefore hereby earnestly recommend
the same to you, willing and requiring you to do whatever lyes in
You for the due encourageing the said College ; And in particu-
lar that you call upon the Persons that have promised to con-
tribute towards the maintenance of the said College, to pay in
forthwith their severall Contributions, to the end so good &
pious a Work may be carryed on for the generall benefit of that
Country. And so Wee bid You farewell Given at Our Court at
Hampton Court the 30*^ day of December 1700, in the twelfth
Year of Our Reign.

By his Maj*'" Comand
Ja : Vernon.

To Our Trusty and Welbeloved Francis Nicholson Esq' Our
Lieuten* and Govern' Generall of Our Colony and Dominion of
Virginia in America. Or to Our Commander in Chief of our said
Colony for the timebeing.


By the Com" for Executing the Office of Lord high
Adm'll of England, Ireland &c.

Whereas at the request of y^ Merchants, Planters & Comand"
of Ships, Traideing to Virginia and Maryland, Wee have ap-
pointed his Maj*'^" Ship und' y' Comand, to Cruise on the
Coast of America, for ye bett' freeing y" Same from Pyrates,
You are therefore hereby required & directed, so soon as she
shall be manned. Victualled & ready in all other respects, to
proceed on y* S'vice, According to y® ord" Wee have given there-
in, to Saile w**' her on y" af ores'* Coast of America & Cruise from


Cape Fear about y^ Lattitude of 34 D and 50 mi North Latt-
to Cape May about y^ Latt. of 39 D" and 15 mi North & use
y« utmost Care & Endeav""* to Protect y^ traide & Commerce
in those parts, and to take Sink or destroy any Pyrates y' may
attempt to Molest y^ Same in w"'' Cruize you are not to keep
above Twenty Leagues East from the Land, unless you meett
w*^ Pyrates; But in regard y^ m''ch** Concerned think it may
very much conduce to their S^'vice, and have therefore made it
their request to us, y* you may, as much as Wind & Weather
will permitt, Ride in Linnhaven Bay, w*'' in y^ Capes, whereby
you may the betf discover what Ships come in, or go out of y*
Capes of Virginia, You are to take care to do y^ same, but not
to continue so long at any time there, as to prevent your
doing Service on other parts of y^ Coast w*^ in ye Limitts of
y' Cruise. And in Case his Maj*'^ Ship y^ Shoreham, or any
other Ship attending on Virginia, shall have Occasion, during
the time of y'' Cruize, to repair to any Distinct Port for a Sup-
ply of necessarys, you are to Cruize about y^ Capes of Vir-
ginia, till Such time as the Shoreham return againe, or till it
shall be Judged more for y« good of y" S^vice to repair to some
other part of y^ Coast, according to y* Intelligences w''^ you
shall receive. And in this, and in all other matt", You are
as often as conveniently as you can, to advise w*'' the Govern'
of Virginia, and proceed in such mann' as shall thereupon be
Judged necessary: And likewise to inform y'selfe of Affaires
from any Person inhabiting along the Coast, as you shall have
Opportunitys of doing thereof.

You are also to take especill care y*- during y"" being on this
S'^vice, none of your Officers or Company, do molest any of
y^ Inhabitants, but that they do treat them w'^ all civility when
theire shall at any time be occasion to send y boat on shoar,
or otherwise : Nor are you to permitt y'' takeing any men from
y"' merchants Ships Traideing in those parts, or from y* Land:
But in case you shall happen any time to be in want of Men,
You are to apply y'selfe to y* Govemour of Virginia who will
assist you therein.

You are to continue to Cruize w*'' greatest care & diligence
on y* Coast of America, as is all ready directed, or in such


mann'' as according to y* Intelligence or Advice you shall re-
ceive from y® Govern' of Virginia, or otherwise shall be Judged
may most effectually ans^^er the ends, for w'^'' y^ Ship you Com-
mand is sent to those parts, namely the protecting of y® Trade,
secureing y* effects of y^ Merchants, or takeing or destroying
any Pyrates or others, who shall endeav' to Seize or Molest
them; And for y' better Govemm* in case you shall happen to
Seize any Pyrates, Wee send, you herew*'' an Act of Parlia-
ment lately made, in Ord'' to y^ bringing y'™ to a Tryall &
pimishm*, w"^ you are in all respects Strictly to conform y"" self
up to. And when you shall have Cruized to y^ latf end of
September next, you are then to make y® best of y'' way to
England, calling in at Spitthead, where if you find not Ord'^
to y^ Contrary, you are to repaire to y^ Downes, and remain
there till you receive further directions from this Board.

And for the betf enableing you to execute these Ord", you
are so soon as you shall be out of y® Channell, to put y'' Ships
Comp'a to short allowance of Provisions of Six to foure Mens
allowance, or otherwise as the necessitie of y« S'vice shall re-
quire, assureing y® Seamen they shall be duly paid for the same.

You are dureing this voyage, to give Convoy to any other of
his Maj*'^« Subjects as you shall meett w*^ bound y' way, as
shall desire it, as far as y'' way shall lye together; and by aU
opportunitys w"^^ shall present to send Us an Ace* of y'' pro-

And Whereas There is a Truce made w*** y« People of Salley,
you are, in case, you meet w**' any Ships of that place, to permitt
them to pass on theire Affaires w^^'out any Molestacon till
Such time as you shall receive further Order to y^ Contrary,
Dated at y« Admirallty Office this 17''^ February 1700.

J. Bridgewater
G Brooke
To Cap* Edward Nevill Command' of his Maj*'" Ship y*


J Burchell Mitchell

Geo Churchill.



(From the Ludwell Papers, Virginia Historical Society.)

[Philip Ludwell of "Green Spring" or "Rich Neck," James
City Co. Va, the last male of a family of great note in the Co-
lonial period, was b'n Dec. 28, 1716; married in 1757 Frances,
daughter of Charles Grymes, of "Morattico," Richmond Co.
Va; was appointed member of the Council in 1752. He re-
moved to England some years before his death which occurred
on March 25, 1767. He had two daughters Hannah Philippa
who married William Lee, of Va, then resident in London, and
Lucy, who married John Paradise Esq, of Charles Street,
Berkeley Square London. "Green Spring, "Rich Neck,"
"Hott Water," etc., were large estates lying on the north side
of James River not far from James Town. Scotland was
probably at the present Scotland Wharf, opposite. It has
been thought that the inventory of a planter of large estate
would be of interest. It should be borne in mind that the
family had not been resident in Va for some years]

Hot Water.

1 Negro Man, Wil ._ £60'

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