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Fortie shillinges as legacies in remembrances of me. Item I give
and bequeath vnto the poore people of the said parish of Allhallows
Barking Fortie shillinges Item I give and bequeath vnto either of
my freinds and kynsmen Charles Harris and John Lee, and to my
good freinds Mr. William Hart, Throwster, and Mris Elizabeth
Pollarde, to every of them Twentie shillings apeece remembrance
of mee. The rest and residue of all and singular my goods, chat-
tels, household stuffe, plate, debts, rights, and creditts whatsoever
and wheresoever (after my said debts, funerall charges and lega-
cies paid and deducted) I doe give and bequeath vnto my said
loveing and carefull wife Ann Bowling whome I make, appointe,
and declare the full and sole Executrix of this my present testa-
ment and last will And I doe nominate appointe and allsoe intreate
my said good freinds Charles Harris and John Lee to be Over-
seers and assistantes vnto my said Executrix in the due perform-
ance of my present testament and last will And I doe hereby vtter-
lee revoke renounce and make voide all former wills legacies and


bequests at any tyme heretofore be me made and bequeathed. And
doe hereby pronounce and dlecare this my present to be my last
will and none other nor otherwise. In witness whereof to this my
present testament consisting of three sheetes of paper, the twoe
former subscribed with my hands. And to this third I have sett
my hand and scale Dated the day, and yeare first wthn written
per me Robert Boiling, Read, signed, sealed, published and de-
clared by the saide Robert Bowling to be his last will and testa-
ment in the pn'nce of Abell Lucoum, Gregorie Smith, and Ch'r
Townsend, Scr. Proved before the Venerable William Sames, L.L.D.
surrogate for Sir Henry Marten, LL.D. the master Keeper or Com-
missary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 13 November 1639
by the oath of Anne Bowling, relict of the defunct and executrix.
190 Harvey.

(To be Continued)


(Compiled by the late John S. Carpenter, Louisville Ky)


6. Colonel Robert Slaughter'' (Robert* Francis'-' John') born in
fissex County about the year 1702. Died in Culpeper in 1768. He
was commissioned Captain of Militia on Sept. 2, 1729, later Col. of
Militia. In 1758 an act was passed (Hening's Statutes) authorizing
payment of L-218 to Col. Robert Slaughter for services of himself
and forty men, sent by order of the Council to garrison Patterson
Fort. He was Vestryman of St. Mark's Parish 1731; Church Warden;
Member of the House of Burgesses 1742; Presiding Justice for
Orange County 1745. His name is included in a list of Virginia
Gentlemen, who between 1739 and 1750, imported English blooded
horses, and who were interested in the turf. He married about
1723, Mary Smith, daughter of Augustine Smith of Essex County.





15. V. JAMES.



VIII. Elizabeth Lightfoot.


IX. MARTHA, married first Major Gabriel Jones of the Revolu-
tionary Army by whom she had issue, Robert, Gabriel, Frances
and Mary. Martha Slaughter married second Major Wm. Broadus of
the Revolutionary Army, by whom she had a daughter Harriet.
This Harriet married Wm. Mills Thompson and was the mother of
Hon. Richard W. Thompson, a member of congress from Indiana
and Secretary of the Navy in the Cabinet of President Hayes.

7. Col. Thomas Slaughter' (Robert' Francis'-* John") settled in
Caroline County, Va. He was Colonel of Militia. He married Sarah
Thornton, daughter of Francis and sister of Reuben Thornton by
whom he had Issue:

I. SALLY, who married her cousin Governor Gabriel Slaughter
of Kentucky,

II. LUCY Thornton, who married her cousin Jesse Slaughter
brother of Gabriel Slaughter.

III. FRANCES, who married Charles Yancy.

8. Col . Francis Slaughter' (Francis' Robert* Francis*-' John*)
was born In 1730. He was Colonel of Militia and served as an officer
in the Revolutionary Army. He married Sarah, daughter of Robert
Coleman of Culpeper, upon whose land the town of Culpeper was
built. He and many others of his family received extensive grants
of land in Kentucky, in consideration of their military services, and
after the war he removed to what is now Hardin County in that
State. He died in Elizabethtown in 1805.

There is of record in Nelson County, Ky. a power of attorney
executed by Francis Slaughter and dated July 12, 1791 appointing
Francis R. and Thomas G. Slaughter his lawful attorneys to act
in grantors name, jointly and separately, to settle all business and
accounts of whatsoever nature, with Francis Slaughter and Robert
Coleman, grantors present attorneys in Culpeper; also to sue for
recovery and receive any bonds, notes or open accounts due grantor
and to give receipts for the same. There is also of record in Hardin
County a deed signed by this Francis Slaughter transferring to his
Bon-in-law James Crutcher, certain lands in Caroline County, Va.,
which the grantor inherited as heir at law to his father Francis
Slaughter. It is recited in this deed that the property described
therein descended to the grantor as follows: first from Cadwalader
Jones to his daughter Frances Anne who married Robert Slaughter;
second from Robert and Frances Ann Slaughter to their oldest
son and heir at law Francis Slaughter; and from this Francis to
the grantor. Issue:

18. I. THOMAS Coleman.

19. II. ROBERT Coleman.



IV. FRANCES. She married In 1796 Samuel Ball Hackley.


VI. GILLY. She married James Crutcher of Elizabethtown, Ky.

9. Col. John Slaughter* (Francis' Robert* Francis'-' John') was
born 1732. He was Colonel of Militia and in the Revolutionary
Army, he and his three sons Lieutenants Robert, John and William
Slaughter, having all been in the army at the same time. He
married, first Mildred Coleman, a sifter of his brother Francis wife.
She was born on March 6, 1736 and died May 1, 1758. The issue
of this marriage were:

I._ANN, born 1754. She married first James Stubblefield, son of
Captain Thomas and Eleanour Stubblefield. He died in 1777 and
his widow married second Major Gabriel Long of the Revolutionary

II. CADWALADER Slaughter, born Dec. 18, 1756.

III. ROBERT Slaughter born April 16, 1758.

Col. John Slaughter married second on Dec. 22, 1758 Elizabeth
Suggett, by whom he had issue.

IV. JOHN Suggett, born Nov. 2, 1759.

V. WILLIAM born April 19, 1761.

VI. LUCIEN born Mar. 7, 1763.

VII. FRANCIS Lightfoot born May 22, 1765. He died in Law-
renceburg, Ky. about 1833.

VIII. ELIZABETH born June 1, 1767.

10. Cadwalader" (Francis" Robert* Francis'-' John') was born about
1735. He married first Miss Margaret Ransdell of Fauquier County
Va.; secondly on Dec. 26, 1790, Lucy, daughter of Francis Slaughter
of Jefferson County, Ky. He died in 1798, his will having been proved
in Louisville in that year. Issue by first wife:

I.MARGARET. She married Charles Morehead: Issue.

a. Mary, married Wm. Murrell, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

b. Harriet, married Dr. John M. Briggs, Bowling Green, Ky.

c. Elvira married 1st. Mr. Combs, Bowling Green.
2nd. Judge H. Thomas, Bowling Green, Ky.

d. Margaret married Rev. Wm. Warder.

E. Matilda married Horatio G. Wintersmith of Elizabethtown.

f. Fanny married Dr. David Caldwell, Logan, Co.

g. Elizabeth married Richard Curd, Bowling Green, Ky.

h. Charles Slaughter. He married Miss Levy of Woodford County,
and after her death he married her sister.

Charles Slaughter Morehead was a scholarly lawyer, for some
years a distinguished member of Congress from Ashland district
and afterwards Governor of the State. His cousin James Turner


Morehead was a member of Congress, U. S. Senator and Governor.
Charles Slaughter Morehead had one daughter Amanda, who married
Samuel Walker of Chicago.

II. MATILDA. Married John Churchill April 18, 1789. Issue:

a. Cadwalader married Miss Holdener.

b. Dr. John married Miss Percival.

c. Armstead married Miss Brown.

d. Richard married Miss Sarah Brown.

e. George married Elizabeth Slaughter, daughter of Robert Cole-
man Slaughter.

f. Judith married George Hanley.

III. FRANCIS Ransdell born March 1767. He married in 1795,
Fanny Latham. Issue:

a. Elizabeth born 1798, died July 8, 1874.

b. Calwalader born April 24, 1800 died Sept. 1, 1833. He married
6n Sept. 26, 1828, Frances Ann Vance of Jefferson County. Their
only child Elizabeth (born June 1, 1836 died Dec. 26, 1880) married
Squire Bassett, Postmaster and President of the Fayette National
Bank, Lexington, Ky.

c. Philip born Dec. 12, 1808. He married Miss Mary Ann Smith of
Jefferson County. He died Jan. 6, 1846 leaving one child Fanny
Lathan Slaughter.

d. Henry born Feb. 14, 1804 died Feb. 16, 1829 unmarried.

e. Matilda born July 7, 1812. She married on Feb. 9, 1832 Joseph
Longest, and died Feb. 14, 1874 leaving children Josephine, Emma,
Philip, Clayton, Joseph and Henry.

(To be Continued)

Bevebley and Po'ndexteb genealogies will be continued in next




The members of the Society will be pleased to know the Mr. David
I. Bushnell, Jr. (a life member of the Society, whose address Is
University, Virginia), is engaged in preparing for the Bureau of
Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, a work to be entitled "Hand-
book of Aboriginal Remains East of the Mississippi." The work is
to include references to all Indian village sites, burial places,
quarries, etc.

In order to have Virginia's portion of the work as full and com-
prehensive as possible, Mr. Bushnell would appreciate any sug-
gestions to locations, and identification of sites. References to, and
identification of all sites mentioned on the Smith map of Virginia,
are especially desired.

WANTED— The original letter written to SAMUEL McAFFEE
WHITNY, in 1879, concerning TAYLOR FAMILY. State price. Ad-
dress Thomas Madison Taylor, 12 West 44th St., New York City,
New York.


May 28th, 1913

An Old Pocket note book came to me from my uncle, the late
Severn Teackle Wallis, which contains a record of the children of
my great-great-grand Father, Thomas Teackle, son of John Teackle,
who was the son of the Reverend Thomas Teackle.

The old book is seven and one quarter inches long by three and
one half wide, is covered with yellow vellum, with a curious brass
clasp, having three holes in which to fasten the catch, as the pocket
book was full or empty; & is filled with thick paper leaves to
receive notes.


The entries made on them is in the hand-writing of my great
great, Grand-Father, Thomas Teackle, give the following record of
himself and his children.

Thomas Teackle, son of John & Susannah Teackle — Born Novem-
ber 11th 1711 and Marryed to Elizabeth Custis, November 9th 1732.

Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Custis & Ann born August 27th

John son of Thomas Teackle & Elizabeth his wife, born February
11th 1733/4

Thomas, son of s'd parties born April 11th 1734

John, son of the s'd parties born October 27th 1736

Susanna, daughter of the s'd parties born May 5th 1738.

Ann, daughter of the s'd parties born January 6th 1739/40 about

The s'd Ann departed this life the 20th day of the same instant.

Ann, daughter of the s'd parties born January 8th 1740/1

Elizabeth, daughter of sd parties born Dec. 13th 1742.

December 25th 1744, — This day at midnight we had a daughter
born, which lived not above a minute.

Caleb, son of the aforesaid Parties born January 14th 1745/6

January 27th 1747/8 Thursday we had a son born which departed
this life on February 3rd following.

Margaret, daughter of the afors'd parties born April 9th 1749.

Leah, daughter of the afores'd parties born November 19th near
midnight 1751.

Mason, daughter of the aforesaid parties born January 1st 1754
and departed this life on the 25th day of February 1754 aged eight
week wanting one day.

Severn Teackle, son of the afores'd parties born October 25th 1756.

Sarah, daughter of the afors'd parties born April 8th 1759

John Teackle son of the s'd parties departed this life April 30th

John Teackle, the third son of the above s'd parties departed this
life February 25tli 1751/2 about nine of the clock at night aged
15 years & 4 months wanting a day.

Following this record is entered in a different handwriting:

Thomas Teackle departed this life 28th July 1769.

Severn Teackle the youngest son of Thomas Teackle & Elizabeth,
his wife was my great grand father, and married Lucretia Edmond-
son. Their daughter Elizabeth Custis Teackle married my grand-
father Philip Wallis. Their daughter Louise M — James F. Giffen.
Their daughter Louise Elizabeth Wallis Giffin.

Severn Teackle' brother, Thomas, my ancestor.



Information wanted concerning Mrs. Margaret Atkinson Leverett,
born in Amelia County, Va., in 1769, died in South Carolina in 1848;
also concerning Stephen Leverett, born in Lunenburg County, Va., in
1765, died in South Carolina in 1853. Address Mrs. F. W. Mullins, 605
Hickory Street, Texarkana, Ark.

Christ's College, Cambridge — Biographical Register — Americar^s.

Spencer, William — born in Virginia. School: Northill, Beds. Ad-
mitted pensioner under Dr. Luke, 16. April 1684. Age not given.
Fellow-Commoner 23. July 1686.

Resided till Michs. 1687.

Holt, Arthur — Son of Joseph — Born in Virginia. School: Sedbergh,
under Mr. Saunders. Adm. first sizar, and then pensioner 8. Dec 1716
aet. 20.

LL. B. 1723 Adm. scholar (as of Lancashire) 11. Apr. 1717. At
Dec. 1718 he appears as Mr. Holt., having apparently become a
fellow-commoner. Ordained deacon York, 1718 Sept. priest 1719
Sept. Resided till Mich. 1722.

Corbin, Garvin — E. S. of Richard, armiger; b. at Laneville, Vir-
ginia. School: Grinstead, Essex, under Mr. Harris. Admitted pen-
sioner under Mr. Barker 26. Jan. 1756. Aet. 16.

Resided till Ladyday 1759. Admitted at Middle Temple 11. Feb.
1756 as of King's & Queen's County, Virginia.

Lee, Philip Thomas: — S. Richard: b. in Maryland — School E)ton,
under Dr. Barnard. Admitted pensioner under Mr. Shepherd 4.
Jan. 1757, age 19.

Resided till Mich, (or Xmas) 1759. Admitted at the Middle Temple
24. Feb. 1756. Second s. of Ri. Lee of Blenheim on the Potomac
and of Grace Ashton. Married a Miss Russell of England and had
5 children. He was of the family from which the Confederate
General R. E. Lee sprang. Died at Blenheim 28. Nov. 1778. (In-
formation from Secretary of the Maryland Historical Association,
by R. A. Leigh, Esq.,)

Nelson, Thomas — S. Wm: b. at York, Virginia. School: Hackney
under Dr. Newcome. Adm. pensioner under Mr. Porteous 15. May
1758, age 19.

Resided till Ladyday 1761: during the last year he pays £1.15.0.
a quarter for 'two chambers'.


Dana, Edmund — S. of Richard Arm: b. at Boston, 'New England':
a master at Cambridge, New England, related to Lord Kinnaird,
and ordained by Bishop of Lincoln 1769: adm. sizr under Dr.
Shepherd 29. Nov. 1769, age 32.

M. A. of Harvard University. Ordained priest Lincoln (lit.
dim. — at Peterborough, 1769. He pays 3s. Od. but I suppose did
not reside, till Dec. 1700 (?). Prob. he intended to take the B. D.
Degree: but he did not do so.

Lee, George Fairfax — S. George: b. in America: School: Islington
under Mr. Davis. Adm. pensioner under Dr. Shepherd and Messrs.
Paley and Law. 6. Oct, 1772. age 19. Resided till Mich. 1773. Perhaps
akin to Phil. Tho. Lee (1759).


At the sale in London, by Sotheby, of Phillipps papers, the Library
of Congress secured, among others, the following:

Virginia. A Collection of Original Papers relating to the Gov-
ernment of Virginia, mostly endorsed by William Blathwayt, Com-
missioner of Trade and Plantations, from whose collection they
came; bound together in one volume, fol. 1675-1715. They are as

Col. Carter late Treasurer his Account with ye Assembly of Virginia
May 11, 1705, with autograph signature of the Clerk of Council
attached ;

Account of the Quit Rents for Virginia 1703, being the last acct.
of Auditor Byrd, with autograph signature of the Clerk of the
Council attached, 1703, endorsed "Reed, from Ld. Treas. May 1705";

An Account of the steps made toward advancing Her Majesty's
Revenues in Virginia both of the Quit rents and that established
for the support of the Government;

Revenue Account of Virginia, 1714-15;

The Accompts of His Majesty's Revenue of Quit Rents, &c. 1715-17,
both signed by the Auditors and Col. Spottswood, Lieut. Governor of

Letter of W. Lowndes from the Treasury to the Lieut. Governor,

Revenue Accts of two shillings per hogshead arising in the
Colony, signed by the Lt. Gov. and Auditor;

Address of the Council and Burgesses of Virginia to the King;

Reasons on behalf of the Merchants importing tobacco;

The Affidavit of Dr. Blair, member of the Council, respecting the


mal-administration of Francis Nicholson, Governour of Virginia, 45
pp. fol.

Commission of Lord Culpeper as Gov. of Virginia 1675;

Rent Roll of the Proprietors of Virginia, 1680-83;

The original First Draft of Lord Culpeper's Commission under the
Great Seal;

Report relating to matters in debate betw. the Commissioners
of Trade and Ld. Culpeper 1683, endorsed "My Ld. Culpeper coming
to an agreemt. with the Lds. Commrs. of the Treasy. upon all matters
in difference between His Majestic and my Ld. this Report was never

Note of a packet sent to Col. Dongan 1684;

An Abstract of the Militia within the severall Counties of Vir-
ginia as they were returned by ye respective Officers 1698;

Perry's Bond for Mr. Byrd's true accompting of Her Matle. for his
father's receipts, signed by Perry and witnessed by Blathwayt.

Virginia. Case of Charles Lewis against Walter King relating
to Land in Virginia, with the autograph opinion of W. Murray
thereon 1752;

Proceedings In the case of E. and J. Hunt and Thos. Newton
and Jno. Taylor, certified by William Nelson, President of the Coun-
cil and Commander in Chief in Virginia 1770, also the autograph
opinion of J. Dunning;

The Proceedings in Parsons v. Parsons, certified by Francis Fau-
quinr, Lt. Governor of Virginia 1763;

Original Letter of the Clerk of the Privy Council June 22, 1772;

Schedule of Documents; folio.

[These original papers came from the Office of Joshua
Sharpe, Solicitor to the Treasury.]

Virginia. Letters Patent of K. William III and Q. Mary for Set-
tling a Free School in Virginia, official copy; from the Blathwayt
and Southwell collection; 20 pp. large folio. 1692-3.

Virginia. The Original Brief for the Appellant In the Case of
Walter King versus Charles Lewis and Lewis Burwell relating to
Lands in Virginia;

Petition of Carter Braxton and Charles Lewis to his Maty, in
Council for leave to exhibit a cross Appeal against W. King from
a Decree of the Court of Chancery in Virginia. 1 vol. folio, 1753.

[These papers came from the office of Joshua Sharpe,

Solicitor to the Treasury.]


I am at present engaged in compiling a complete history of
the Duff family and am anxious to obtain details of any of that name
now residing in America with their descents.

34 Kensington Court Mansions, London W., England.

I am sending a copy of a letter verbatim from my great-grand-
father's Bible. He made a trip in 1813 to Louisa County, Va.,
especially (as he says in his Bible) to find out concerning the
genealogy of his mother's family — she was named Rebecca and
was the daughter of Charles Hudson and his wife Susan Patrick,
and is the Charles mentioned in Sarah Thompson's letter as son
of John Hudson and Elizabeth Harris. Now I am satisfied
that the Harris Hudson & Patricks who are mentioned
in Wm. & Mary Quarterly of Hanover Records, July, 1912,
page 49-53, are the same line — in 1734 John Hudson is dead, &c — but
you see Charles, according to Sarah Thompson's letter is living in
Prince Edward in 1776. Can you not now get me record of some
Revolutionary service, if he settled there in 1776 — he lived either
in Hanover or Louisa the latter being taken from Hanover.

MRS. W. T.

"Memoranda of Mrs. Sarah Thompson age 64 year respecting
her family:

"My paternal Grandfather was named John Hudson, he had a
brother Charles. He was an Englishman and lived and died in
the County of Hanover State of Virginia. John Hudson married
Elizabeth Harris and they had the following children: George,
Christopher, John, William, Charles, David, Cuthbert & Thomas.
My fathers name was Charles who settled in Prince Edward In the
year 1776. About the year 1770 I visited my Grand Mother who
lived about 7 miles from Hanover Town or Page's Ware House
at it was more commonly called.

My Uncle George Hudson was then an Inspector of Tobacco at
that Ware House. He had no son & only 2 daughters viz Elizabeth
and Polly, the latter married a Mr. Watkins, the former a Mr.
Clay my grandfather John Hudson had only one brother Charles
whose family I know nothing of except that a daughter of his


named Sarah who married a Colonel Richard Holland of Prince
Edward Co., This great Uncle Charles was a merchant and said to be
wealthy. My grandfather died suddenly and intestate, by which
means, my Uncle George being the eldest son, held all the lands
and there by became much wealthier than the rest of the family

This must have been written about 1813.


Apl. 8th. 1781 — Let John Turner have 58 lbs Bacon for the use of

the Militia at Boydshole & 33 lbs of Pickled Beef, I sent the 5th

of Jan. to Boydshole for the Militia.
Apl 7th. 1764— Lent Mr. John Stith 4i^ gals of Rum.

" Laurence Washington, Jun., 1 gal. do.
Oct 17th 1780. Capt John Remey 2 bush'l of Wheat

Lieut W. Robert Washington 1 qt. Rum.
Mch. 1746 — Letter to Jonathan Froward, Mercht., London. Mentions

Capt N. Battaile & Mr. John Battaile.
May 8th. 1747. — Letter in which he mentions his wife, (having just

married), as daughter of Mr. John Battaile and niece of Capt N.

Battaile. Letter sent by Capt Montgomery of ship Pretty Benny.
June 1747 — Letter to London, mentions Col. Francis Thornton, Mr.

Robt. Ross, Capt H. Fitzhugh. Sent by Capt. Wilcox. Another

letter of July 20th., mentions, Capt John Grant, Mr. John

Thornton, brother of Col. Francis; Sydenham & Hodson of

June 7th. 1748 — Letter to James Buchanan, Merchant in Londoo.

Mentions receiving goods consigned "to my father."
Sept 12th 1749 — To same. By Capt. Beddington. Mentions Mr. Wm.

Booth, Capt. John Simpson & Ship Mary.
Nov. 20th. 1750— Letter dated at Stafford (now King George) To

same, via the Mary. Regarding purchase of land from one

"Withers," in possession of Augustine Washington's heirs.
1751 — Letter to John Fitzhugh. Signed — "Your Affectionate Kins-
1750 — Letter to Wm. Boyle, Mer., Glascow. By the Thistle, Capt.

1756 — Letter to Geo. Wythe, Esq., Atty at Williamsburg. Concerning
charges against him regarding collection of Militia taxes.


1756. Letter to Robt. Dlnwiddie, Esq'r. Gov. of Virginia.
Mentions Col. Francis Thornton.

1756 — ^To same— Stafford, 20th July,

May it please your Hon'r.

Your Honor will receive by Maj'r Richard Hooe an act. of the
Militia that marched from Stafford County to Winchester, being
109 exclusive of ofllcers, eight of whom I am informed, are yet with
Col'o Washington, we marched a greater number from Fallmouth
but as they deserted from us before we got to Winchester, I have
taken no notice of them, as I don't imagine they are intitled to
any pay, but ought rather to be punished to deter others from doing
so hereafter. If your Hon'r should be of a different opinion they
may be added to the act as Maj'r Hooe can inform you what
number of them there were & when they deserted from us, I am,
May it please your Hon'r

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