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Banister, John, Letter from, 1775 266

Byrd, William, First, Letters of 11

Council and General Court Minutes, 1622-29 3» 97, 219, 319

Genealogy : Aucher 285

Corbin 281, 370

Cornwallis, Wroth, Rich 375

Grymes 90, 187, 374

Lovelace 83, 176

Illustrations : Aucher Arms 285

Archer's Hope Creek, Views at 106a

Gray Friars, Canterbury 88a

Grymes Children 92a

Grymes, Philip, Children of 92a

Hall End, Warwickshire 280a

Lovelace, Richard (Poet) 182a

Lovelace, William 82a

Lovelace, Sir William (d. 1629) 86a

Lovelace, Sir William (d. 1627) 176a

McCabe, William Gordon Frontispiece, July No.

Northern Neck, Map of Boundaries,

Frontispiece, October No.
McCabe, President William Gordon, Announcement of death,

January No.

McCabe, William Gordon, A Brief Memoir, By A. C. Gordon 195

Mecklenburg Co., Va., Resolutions, 1774 54

Northampton Co., Land Certificates for 142

Northern Neck, Documents Relative to Boundaries of 297

Notes and Queries 65, 161, 274, 361

Orange County Marriages 152, 256, 360

Preston Papers 109, 241, 346

Virginia Gleanings in England (Wills) 26, 128, 235, 340

Virginia Historical Society, Officers and Members, January 1920,

April No.
Virginia Historical Society, Proceedings of Annual Meeting,

July No.

Virginia in 1681-83 41, "7. 225, 354

Virginia Quit Rent Rolls, 1704 207, 328

Henrico County, Prince George County
Virginia State Troops in the Revolution 58, 247, 359

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JUNE 1, 1920

Mr. Armistead C. Gordon, a member of our Board,

will, at the request of his colleagues, prepare

an "In Memoriam," for publication

in a future number of

the Magazine.


Virginia Magazine



Vol. XXXVIII January, 1920 No. 1

COURT, 1622-1629.

From the Originals in the Library of Congress.


Oathes taken before S'r George Yeardley, Knight Etc. &

Mr. Wiliam Clayborne, Secret, on the 16th day of March

John Wayne sworne & examined sayth that twoe weekes
before their arrivall in this river in the ship called The
Plantation ther was a falling out between Thomas Hitall
& Thomas Lawley, wheruppon Robt. Cooke interposed
himselfe & towld the s'd Lawley he would not suffer him to
abuse any of his mates, upon w'ch the fell to words & the
s'd Cooke tooke the s'd Lawley by the coller & thrust him
from him, & settled him upon a chest that was nere to him
& soe this deponent forthw'th p'ted them & saith that there
was noe other blowes betweene them, nor did the s'd Cooke
set his fiste or his knee upon the s'd Lawley's brest or
offered him any further violence whatsoever, & further this
deponent saith that he never saw the s'd Lawley at any


tyme to spitt blowd nor ever heard him complayne of any
hurt that he had receaved by means of the s'd Cooke.
Christopher Cutler sworne & examined sayth & amrmeth
in all poynts as John Wayne aboves'd.

Edward Gaven, aged 38 years, sworne & examined sayth
that about a monethe agoe in his going up w'th Thomas
Lawley to his plantacon stayed for the tyde over nyght at
Capt. Martyns. The tyde being come he called for his
people to come abourd & spying the s'd Thomas Lawley to
be behind he demanded of him why he would not go as fast
as the rest, the s'd Lawley answered while he was aboard
the shipp called the Plantacon trier* was one gave him a
blowe w'th his elbowe one his brest w'ch hath made me
ever since then such a payne that it greaves me to goe & I
can scarce fetch my breath, soe they went into the boate &
the next day after arrived at the Shirley hundred & the
where the s'd Lawley fell very sicke & being not able of
himself to come out his bed this deponent helping him, the
sayd Lawley sayd these words Oh Lord Master the blowe
that Hobin gave me will surely be my deth, & then when
one q'rter of an hower after he departed this life, this de-
ponent sayth further that the sayd Lawleys brest after he
was dead, seemed blacker than any other p'te of his body,
this deponent sayth alsoe that he never saw the s'd Lawley
at any tyme to spit blowd neither did ever hear him the
s'd Lawley complain of spiting blowd.

John Fitz Humphreys aged 23 years sworne & examined
sayth that about a fortnight before they made the land in
the ship The Plantacon one Robt. Cooke and Thomas Law-
ley squabled aboard the shipp & were ready to fall by the
eares wheruppon divers caled to this deponent & willed
him to come & p't them,but before he came they were p'ted
& stod wrangling & squabling together & suddenly after
being in goeing to bed the s'd. Lawley complayned to this
deponent that his brest was very sore & sayd that Robert
Cooke tripping up his heeles fell upon him w'th his kne
upon his brest & the next morning the s'd Lawley shewed


this deponent his brest wch he sayth was very black at that
tyme & sayth that that day the s'd Lawley did spitt blowd
& divers tymes after before he dyed in this deponts syght.
This depont sayth that he willed the s'd Lawley the next
day after he complayned to him to tell their Master of yt
but Lawley answered he would not troble the M'r, he willed
him to tell the Chirurgeon of yt that he might have some
remedy for it ; but he answered, I have had already some-
thing of the Chirurgeon for my ague, & calls to me for
a note under my hand for yt, & I am loth to put my M'r
to any more charges, & I will take noe more of his medi-
cines. This deponent fourther sayth that the s'd Lawley
being very sick at Sherly hundred often said both to him
& others that the blow w'ch he had abourd the ship would
kill him.

A Court at James Citty the 26 th of March 1627, being p'sent
S'r George Yeardley, Knt., Govern'or Etc.

Mr. Doctor Pott

Capt. Smyth

Mr. Claybourne
At this Court Capt. Wilcoxes (1) made a request to have
500 acres of land granted unto him on the Eastern shoare
uppon the old plantation creeke abutting on the Northeast
uppon the land of John Blower, unto w'ch the Court hath
condescended in favor to the said Capt. Wilcoxe & that he
may not be unfurnished of ground to plant his servants
uppon, w'ch he hath now brought over in the good shipp
called the Plantation, provided that the said Capt. Wilcoxe
doe as soon as may he make proofe that the said five hun-
dred acres shall be due him by the transportation of the
said servants or some of them or by any other way or

(1) Captain John Wilcox came to Va. in 1620 and was a Burgess
in 1623. His will stating that he was formerly of Plymouth, England,
was proved June, 1628. See this Magazine 11, 77. 78.


Quarter Court

A Court at James Citty the 3 th of Aprill 1627, being present :

S'r George Yeardley, Knt., Governor Etc.

Capt. West

Doctor Pott

Capt. Smyth

Capt. Mathews

Mr. Secretary

Capt. Tucker
Mr. ffarrar
It is ordered that Mr. Jonas Stockden, Minister & Mr.
Francis Chamberlaine doe w'thin fifteene dayes after ye
date herof give a securitie unto ye Governor for the pai-
ment of fiftene hundred sixtie and five pounds of principall
merchantable Tobacco in leafe stript for the use of S'r Fran-
cis Wyatt, Knt., to be paid at or before the 20 th day of
November next ensuing at the Stores at James Citty uppon
the forfeiture of three thousand one hundred and thirty
waight of the principall Tobacco

At this Court was delivered in the last will & Testament
of Thomas Dunthorne, deceased, and proved to be the true
will of the s'd Tho Dunthorne by ye oath of Jonas Stock-
den, minister, and that the s'd Thomas Dunthorne was at
the making thereof in perfect sense and memorye
At this Court Mr. Harmer delivered uppon his oath unto
Will'm Hambry an account of all the goodes and estate of
the Lady Dale (2) both of cattle, Tobacco, corne, and of
whatsoever hath remained in his Custody since the time
that the said Mr. Harmer received the same from Mr.
Henry Watkins.

(2) Sir Thomas Dale, in his will proved Jan. 15, 1620, left his
whole estate to his wife, Dame Elizabeth Dale. Her will was dated
July 6, 1640, and proved Dec. 2, 1640. Her debts were to be paid
out of her estate in the hands of the East India Company and her
estate in Virginia. She gave her niece, Mrs Dorothy Throckmorton
500 acres in Virginia, with the appurtenances. To Edward Hamby,
son of Mr. Richard Hamby, all her land in Charles Hundred in Vir-
ginia, with the appurtenances. All the remainder of her estate in


At this Court Mr. George Keth, minister, did promise on
his going down to Kecaughtan (uppon an assurance made
unto him from Thomas Godby for 2001b of Tobacco to be
paid the last of October next ensueing) to seale and deliver
unto the said Thomas Godby, one bill of sale of one hun-
dred acres of land to him and ye said Thomas Godby and
his heires and assignes forever, being the divident of the
said George Keth & lying & abutting next unto ye Gleab
land at Elizabeth Citty.

It is ordered that Left. Giles Allington shal have a com-
'ission of Administration uppon the whole estate of Caleb
Page, deceased, the 2 th of Aprill last past and that the said
Giles Allington doe put in securitie to the Court to deliver
of an Account and surrender the said estate when it shall be
lawfully required. And Robert Adams of Martin's Hun-
dred hath offered to be bound w'th the said Giles Allington
for ye same.

Lt. Giles Allington sworne and examined sayeth that Caleb
Page on Sunday last the day before his death said these
wordes before divers yt were then p'sent : Neighbours bear
witnes that I give unto my man Henry Hart two yeares of
his time.


Whereas by an Act made at the Quarter Court in October
there was a proclamation published to forbid any person
of what qualitie soever to buy any com'odities aboard any
shipp uppon the penaltie of 500 1. of Tobacco and the said
com'odities or the value, of the same, it is at this Court
thought good to mitigate the sayd fine being too extreme,
and now further ordered that every one yt shall offend as
aforesaid in buying of any com'odities aboard any shipp
shall forfeit one hundred weight of Tobacco and the saide

Virginia or elsewhere, after some legacies, was to be divided into
two parts. One part to go to the children of Sir William Throck-
morton, knight and baronet, deceased, and William Sanborne, and
the other part to her friends and executors, Mr. Richard Hamby and
Mr. William Shrimpton. Lady Dale was Elizabeth, daughter of
Sir Thomas Throckmorton, and married Sir Thos. Dale in 1611.


com'odities soe bought or the value of the\ same as often
as they shall soe offend. It is ordered that Michael Wil-
coxes for buying 12 1. of sugar aboard the Charitie doe
forfeite one hundred weight of Tobacco and twelve pounds
of Tobacco for the said sugar, and 30 1. of Tobacco for
going aboard.

Whereas there remaineth one trunk of apparrell & linnen
belonging unto Capt. Willia' Holmes, deceased, of which
there is noe man to take charge, the Court doth thinke fitt
for the good of his widdow, that Doctor Pott doe take the
said trunke with the apparrell & linnen into his custody,
and to make sale thereof to the best profitt, and to deliver
up an account of the same unto any Attorney for ye said

Wheras notw'thstanding an Order of Court made in Oc-
tober last past there be many that have neglected to prove
the Wills & Testaments and bring in the Inventorys of
persons deceased it is thought fitt and hereby ordered that
Mr. Will'm Claybourne Secretary doe in more especiall
manner take care and provide that the like negligence be
here after prevented. And further that Mr. Claybourne
shall have full power and authoritie to sum'n such as doe
offend in this case to appeare at the Court at James Citty
before ye Governor & Council!', of State, there to answer
unto ye same.

Whereas by some information received now of late fro'
other Indians we understand there is a purpose in these
Indians our Inimies to make a generall assault uppon all o'r
plantations this Spring; it is ordered that notice be given
by proclamation through the Colonie that according to a
former proclamation published, all dwelling houses or plan-
tations be strongly palizadoed about and that all men doe
constantly stand uppon theire guard, keep sentinell uppon
theire workmen by day, and keep good watch by night,
shutting and making fast the gates of their forts, not suf-
fering any single man to stragle abroad, wherby all danger
may be prevented.


It is ordered that Will'm Kempe, yeoman, shall not any
further molest or trouble Mr. George Keth concerning his
suite of 500 1. weight of Tobacco, w'ch the said Will'm pre-
tends to be wanting in the estate of the orphan Sara Spence
the daughter of Ensigne Wm. Spence deceased, untill such
time as any such Inventory may be found whereby any-
thing may be proved that the said 500 1. weight of Tobacco
is unpaid by the said George Keth.

At this Court there was leave granted that Mr. Secretary
Claibourne should have a Com'ission to goe w'th a boate &
a sufficient Company of men into the Bay, And to discover
any rivers or Creekes w'thin the Bay up to the heads of
the same and trade w'th the Indians for corne skins or
any other Comodities whatsoever.

A Court at James Citty the 4 th of Aprill 1627 being present
S'r George Yeardley, Knt., Governor Etc.

Capt. West

Doctor Pott

Capt. Smyth

Capt. Mathews

Mr. Secretary

Capt. Tucker

Mr. Farrer.
A.t this Court were read all the examinations and deposi-
tions formerly taken concerning the report of some bad
behavior betweene Capt. Will'm Epes & Mrs. Alice Boice
lately to have happened at Martins Brandon, all w'ch being
duely weighed and debated on, the opinion of the Court
is that it is noe way proved or manifest by those depositions
that Capt. Epes and Mrs. Boise have offended the Law but
that they are cleane and guiltlesse.

At this Court Mr. Howe delivered upp on his oath an ac-
count of the Estate of Luke Aden.

At this Court the Governor did testifie that presently after
the arrivall of the tenants belonging to the Secretairy from


England hhimselfe did advise Mr. Porey to send the said
tenants over the Bay & to plant there, w'ch accordingly he
did and soe made choice of the 500 acres of land belonging
to his place, afterwards when himselfe went over and
seated the said tenants uppon the same.
It is therefore ordered that there be 500 acres of land laid
out, at the place commonly called the Secretairy land on
the Eastern Shoare and heretofore planted on by the ten-
ants belonging to the Secretaryes place. And that if it
happen any people to have seated themselves w'thin the
bounds thereof, that they doe either compound w'th the
Secretary, or else deliver upp the land into his possession.
It is also hereby provided that if by this means the people
shall forsake the place and the same be left unplanted that
the Secretarye doe take some order to see the same again
repeopled & planted.

(To be Continued)



(From the Originals in the Collection of the Virginia Historical



To Perry and Lane

Virginia June 3 d 1691

I rec d most (if not all) of yours this year with what yo u
w : I as morry were so considerable, since I could
not have freight enough proportionall to answer itt, being
I thinke very hardly used therein, you left itt wholly to
P. P. who att first promised mee upward of 400 H ds in
Porter & Allison. Some time after hee told mee, that I must
not expect above 400. Accordingly I proceeded & bought
Tob° but just as I had finished all, & was going to Towne,
hee tells mee Harry Duke (1) had shewn him a letter & hee
must have Some & Toppin more, therefore I must have but
350 H ds (besides bulke). After some words, I desired him
to assure me of them, w ch hee did, & I left notes att his
house, as I went downe for twice that quantity, hee was not
so kind all the while I was there to lett mee know y e con-
trary, when I could have hired a ship att £15:10 p tun. but
last weeke (when the ships were goeing downe) hee gave
mee an Acco 4 that Allison had but 80 H ds & Porter ISO
(2 whereof furres) besides bulke ; by w ch means. And these
Masters (as well as those from M r . North) cheating in their
Ladeing by stowing away great quantitys in Bulke of their

(1) Henry Duke, of James City County, who was appointed member
of Council 1702, and died 1713.


I have ah* 250 H ds of New besides Some Old Tobacco
left, I desire therefore that you positively order what freight
I shall have (w ch I expect may bee ab* 500 H ds ) that I may
not bee at ship uncertainty'e, and att every Ones disposeall :
otherwise I desire you not to send mee above halfe the
Goods wrote for, w ch will bee then too much ; I have sent
you what skins & ffurres I had by mee (to help to clear
Something) w ch had been much more, had not the Indian
trade been prohibited (all last winter). Now y e Assembly
have laid itt open but w th so great an Imposition* on all
commoditys of that sort, that I fear itt can never bee worth
while onely those goods wee have by us must bee sold, I
have sent for little but plains haveing sufficient of all y e
rest by mee.

I desire you would Send me the furniture Sent for last
year, & omitted I have Sent for a Considerable Cargo of
English Goods, w ch I desire if freight may bee had, & Tob°
like to doe anything; I suppose what Sent you this year may
prove weighty & good, hope itt may answer Something.

If you have an Oppertunity I desire you to send 3 or 4
halfe tunes of Rheinsh wine from Rotterdam, for that I
had two years Since from M r Senserf proved So well, that
I have been desired by Severall to procure Some as good.

How far our New Law about Townes may Affect trade
I cannot yett guess, wee must expect y e confirmation of itt
from England, & then I believe Some of the Ports may
come in a little time to Something; Some time Since I rec d
yours by Emberly & should have been glad to have Seen
my Acco* w ch I yett daily expect.

I returne you many thankes for your care of my Child"
& hope you'l indeavor to put out the Girls for their most
advantage w th out any unnecessary charge ; & for my Son
I hope hee may bee so imployed, as (at least) not to loosse
anything hath been bestowed on him. I cannot advise att

(2) Act of Assembly, April, 1991. See Herring's Statutes at Large of
Virginia, III, 63.


this distance, but desire hee want nothing (in reason) for
his necessary accomplishing

I am Oblidged to you for your care ab 1 y e Aud rs place, &
I hope you'l put itt out of dispute. My L, d Effingham, M l *
Blaithwait & M r Povey haveing assured mee of their assist-
ance therein, hope now you'l effect itt and not lett mee lye
open to every one that will bid mony for itt.

Newham promised mee to take in four H ds of skins &
ffurres, but after I had Sent them downe (hee being full)
to Point Comfort, and I suppose they are on board the
Wolfe, Capt. Geo. Purvis, Capt. Perry designes downe, hope
hee'l take bills of Ladeing or a rec 1 for them, y e contents
inclosed, there is allso Eight H ds on board Hogben, God
Send all well to you : What farther offers shall write by the
fleet therefore w th blessing to y e Child", due respects to all

friends I take leave

Gen 1

Yo rs

W. B.

Pray Send us a Considerable Quantity of Salt if possible
& remember Paper for wee are in great want


Virg a June the 4 th 1691
S r

This I hope will come Safe to hand by the Resolution
w th 4 H ds Raw skins, 208 Hogs hds of Tob° in Caske, be-
sides 51 in Bulke to bee divided Vizt. the ship to have two
thirds & you 1-3 clear, to bee equally parted for quality in
y e s d Proportions. The Bulke I could not expect much
from, but however the 1-3 comeing fraight free, I thought
might yield Something, better then lye here and rott, the
Tob° in Caske I hope will prove well & weighty. I had not
that quantity of skins & furs as usual, trade being Stopt all
last winter, and now its open, a great imposition is laid on


all Such Commodity's as are transported, w ch I doubt will
put a damp on y e trade. I thanke you for takeing mee So
much fraight, but could have wished (though you Sent y e
Charter pty's to mee) you had not Ordered away most of
y e ffraight to others, Sikes takeing mee in but 70 od & Ware
but 55, the former (they say) is a very rotten tool. I spared
on your request so much of the fraight, that I have now
250 H ds left on my hands, & could not give Satisfaction
neither; therefore its mine as well as their desires that you
would Secure every mans fraight certain (except Small
quantitys w ch may not be worth while) I hope you'l Secure
mee for owne p'per use att Least 300 H ds & if you can w th
convenience you may adde another 100, I doubt not the

I have Sent for a Considerable Quantity of English Goods,
allso Some apparell & Houshold Stuffe &c for my Selfe w ch
I hope (if goods gett well home) you'l comply w th & send
w th ye furniture Omitted last year, by Some good ship.

Col. Xpher Wormeley (3) (who marryd Col Carters
widow) designes to write to you, & hold a correspondence.
I encouraged him, & promised to intimate the Same to you,
I hope hee nor you will have occasion to complain thereof.

Inclosed is allso an Invoice from H. Gauler, &' another
friend of yours w ch I desire you to Send by the first con-
veniency as directed.

I would allso desire you to Send mee to bee left att James
City att M r Gaulers 20 or 30 doz of Clarett or other fash-
ionable wine thats very Good, 6 doz Canary, 6 doz of Cherry
& 6 doz of Rhenish, wt h one Q r ter Caske of Brandy & 6 grs
good Pipes :

I wish all things may come Safe & find you, your Lady
& all friends in health ; wee have (after a confused manner)
in a hurry returned your token, you may charge mee those

(3) Christopher Wormeley. of Middlesex County, appointed member
of Council 1683, and died 1701. The wife referred to was Elizabeth,
daughter of Raleigh Travers, of Lancaster County, and widow of John
Carter, Jr., of "Corotoman," in the same county. For note on Christo-
pher Wormeley, see this Magazine, VII, 284, 285.


that have not pd their part & give mee an Acco 1 thereof
My humble Service to all friends. I am

S r
Yo r Humble Serv fc

W. B.
Send mee a box of Smoaking Tobacco

To Mr. North

Virginia June the 8 th , 1691
S r

This Serves to cover the inclosed bill of Lading for 76
H ds Tob° of my owne, four of M r Secretary's Coles & 2 of
young Thorn Cockes, I wish all Safe to you, my Service to
all friends. I am

S r
Yo r Humble Servant

W. B.
To M r North P Sikes
in y e Phoenix

To Philip Ludwell

Virg a June y e 3 th 1691
Hon d S r

I reed the favo r of one from you Since you being in Lon-
don, where I hope you injoy your health and all satisfaction.
Wee have (I thanke God) been hitherto att peace, onely a
great many little intrigues carryed on in our late assembly.
An Acco 1 of their proceedings (both touching the Colledge
& other affairs) I doubt not but you'l receive att Large from
others, there was an address design'd, that no person should
bee capeable of holding any Office in this Government, un-
less hee were an inhabitant of the Same, whither it re-

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