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after delivering up his papers, without making any report, as the Ordi-
nance required. From this circumstunce I apprehend Mr. Winder must
have been rather doubtful of the propriety of his own conduct. I have
not yet presented to the board of treasury the account against the requisi-
tions, but shall to-day, tho' probably nothing will be done with it for some
time. As the mail goes out this morning, I thought it proper to give you
information of the safe arrival of the papers entrusted to me and of my


I have the honor to be. Sir, [&c.J

H. Knox, Secretary of War, to Governor Randolph. April 25th

War Office, April 25th, 1789.

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency's
favor of the 2d instant, enclosing a list of pensioners chargeable by Vir-
ginia to the United States.

I have the honor to be, with the highest repect.

Your Excellency's Most obed't and very humble Serv't.

John Evans, County-Lieutenant of Monongalia, to Governor April 25th

Gentlemen :

On the 23d Instant the Indians commited Hostilities on the Monongalia
frontiers of this County, kiled a Capt. William Thomas, Joseph Cam- county
bridge and wife and two children, on Dunker Creek, which has alarmed
the people in such a degree as to occation them to apply to me for as-
sistance. And although his Excellencie's last Instructions set forth that
they were induced to believe that from our geographical situation we
should be secured, or protected by the neighbouring Fronteer counties,
which inducement I am afraid has been from the information of some
designing persons who know not the situation of our Country, or rather


1789. wished to prejudice the country by having it left to the ravages of a cruel
April 25th Savage Enemy. I have made bold to order Six Scouts out on the
present situation, and am oblige to send Express to know your Excel-
lencie's orders on the occation. I hope your Honors will not think hard
in my taking the liberty of ordering that number of Scouts until your
farther pleasure is known. I beg leave to request that at least a Lieut.' s
command may be ordered on the fronteers, as less by no means will an-
ser ; and if I might be permited, a Capt.'s command is rather insufficient,
tho' that Number secured in the last season by their being divided In
three parties, as there is three principal passes where the Indians travel
on which must be covered to defend our County.

I have the honor to be, your Excellencie's
Most Obed't Hum'e Serv't.

P. S. — If your Honor thinks proper to order any number of Rangers,
I must earnestly request that the number of Scouts may be allowed, as the
situation of our County requires that number, which may well be known
by any impartial person who is acquainted.

J. E.

April 2sth Wm. McCleery to Governor Beverley Randolph.


Morgans- An express came here this morning with the disagreable news of the

town Indians having committed hostilities on one of our frontier settlements
on the 23d of this instant. Two parties attacked nearly about the same
time two families on Dunker Creek, about 20 to 25 miles from this place,
and killed one man out of one, and the man, his wife, and two children,
which was the whole of the other family. The alarm given to the fron-
tiers of this County generally by this murder, hath become very serious, and
unless some speedy assistance is given, I am something of opinion that the
Monongahalah River, which runs by this place, will be our frontier line in
a short time. I have been informed that it hath been suggested to you
that the settlements in Ohio and Harrison Counties sufficiently covered
this county, but I hope you will pardon me when I assure you that it is
not so, and that whosoever made that report is entirely unacquainted with
the Geography of this country, for the lowest settlements in Ohio County
of any account, is on the River Ohio, at Graves' Creek, which lies to the
North of West from us, and the nighest settlement of Harrison County
to that is 50 to 60 miles, and which lies nearly south from this place, at
the distance of 35 to 40 miles, leaving an uninhabited country of the above
extent open to the depredations of the savage, and surely it can never be the
design of Government to suffer any of the good citizens of this Common-
wealth, whereever situated, to fall a sacrifice to a savage or any other
enemy while possessed of the power and means to prevent it ; for would
it not be rational to conclude that the Inhabitants of this Common' th, who


enjoy peace and Tranquility in their respective habitations, will cheerfully 1789.
contribute their proportion of the expence that it wou'd take to pay and April 25th
support a company of Rangers for the protection of their suffering breth-
ren, who are keeping up and, as far as they are able, defending a frontier
for them. A frontier which must be supported somewhere, should we be
inadequate to the task of defending this. And now, sir, to you we look
for assistance, and we trust Council will grant us such relief as they in
their wisdom may think right and proper. The County Liutenant be-
lieves it to be his duty to send an express to you for your further instruc-
tion in this business before he proceeds to greater lengths, more than to
send out some spies, just to keep the people together, who are now Just
upon the flight and only waits to hear the resolves of Council concerning
them, which, if favourable, as I trust it will, they will, for choice, keep
possession of the country and try to make bread for their families.
I have the honor to be, with great regard,

y'r Excellencie's mo. ob't Serv't.

Jas. Jones, Att'y-General, to Governor Randolph. April 26th


I send to the Executive the enclosed letter from the Sheriff of the
Isle of Wight, as I think to that hon'bl. board it ought first to have been
addressed. Its contents are worthy the notice of the highest department
of Government. The Isle of Wight is comprehended within the district
of Suffolk, in which I mean to practice, and will take care to carry into
effect any instructions within my ofiScial line which your Excellency may
think proper to direct respecting the subject of Mr. Herring's letter. Tlje
removal of E. Willett, a felon, at present in the public jail, to the district
of Fredericksburg, I would wish to be postponed for some reasons, which,
at a proper season, I will communicate to the Executive.

I have the honor to be, respectfully,

Y'r most ob't Ser't,

Petitiqn of Ann Crittenton to the Governor and Council, April 29th

To release her husband, William Crittenton, from confinement, as his
labour is necessary to her support, and it appearing that he has seen his
folly and reformed his life.

Amelia County, 29TH April, 1789. April 29th

Rich'd Jones, Jun'r, one of the Commissioners appointed to run the
dividing line between the counties of Amelia and Nottoway, certifies that


1789. in run'ing the dividing line between the Counties of AmeHa and Notto-

April 29th way, that William Cross Craddock, his Lands were left on .the North side

of the said line, fixing him and his Tenements in the County of Amelia,

which said line was approved by the Court of the County of Amelia at a

Court held for the said County on Friday, the 24th instant.

April 30th At a Court-Martial,

Held for New Kent County, fines imposed on Reuben Sneed for failing to
attend a General Muster in 1787 and a petty Muster in 1789.

April 30th Treasury Office, 30 April, 1789.

Amount of Specie in the Treasury on the 30th of April, 1789, ;^9,500.

J. AMBLER, \_Treasurer.]

April 30th At a Court-Martial held in New Kent County the 30TH of

April, 1789,

Augustine Denneuville is fined ten shillings for not attending a petty
muster, and also Ten Shillings for not attending a Regimental Muster.


A copy : L. WILKINSON, SA'/.

April 30th A. DuNscoMB TO Governor Randolph,

Enclosing a letter from R' d Yarbrough, of Surry County, and one from
Charles Russell, of Blanfbrd, relating to delinquent commissioners, com-
missaries, and others.

April 30th . Mercer County, April Court, 1789.

Ordered, That Anthony Crockett, Gentleman, be recommended to his
Excellency the Governor as a proper person to be commissioned Lieu-
tenant-Colonel of the Militia for this county, and James Ray, Gentleman,
Major ; Abraham Chaplain, Henry Wilson, Jobe Hail, and John Cochran,
Gent., Captains; James Hannah, John Caldwell, and Daniel Ashby, Gen-
tlemen, Lieutenants ; and John Miles, Edward Willis, and Robert Pogue,
Gent., Ensigns.

A copy— Teste : THO. ALLEN, C. C.


Benj. Harrison, County Lieut, of Rockingham, 1789.

Reports the Militia of his County to consist of 2 Col's, i Major, 14 April 30th
Capt's, II Lieut's, 8 Ensigns, 40 Serg'ts, 17 Corporals, 4 Drum's, i fifer,
721 Rank and file fit for duty. Cavelry: i Capt., i Lieut., i Cornet, 3
Sarg'ts, 33 eflfective privates. Total, 858.

John Bowyer, County Lieut, of Rockbridge, April 30th

Makes a general return of the Militia of his County for the year 1789,
together with a return of arms, ammunition and accoutrements : Regi-
ments, i; County Lieutenant, i; Col., i; Lieut.-Col., i; Maj'r, i; Capt's,
16; Lieut's, 16; Ensigns, 16; Serg'ts, 46; Drummers and Fifers, 5; Rank
and file, 708; Arms and Ammunition, Drums and Colours. Captains:
Caruthers, Wm. Paxton, Jr., Willson, Weir, Jameson, Wm. Paxton,
Walker, Campbell, Gay, McKee, McNabb, Berkley, Moore, Lyle, Alex-
ander, Shells of the Militia Cavalry.

William Willson Recommended at April Rockbridge Court April 30th

As Captain in the room of Capt. Sam'l McNabb, dec'd, and Thos. Craw-
ford in the room of William Willson, Ensign, who is advanced.

In Council, April 30TH, 1789. April 30th

The Solicitor will cancel the bond given by Messrs. Sam'l Burke and
William Smith for twenty-seven Pounds, ten Shillings, for the duty on
Eleven hundred and eleven gallons of French Brandy, imported in the
schooner Priscilla from Baltimore, as the s'd Burke and Smith, had they
taken up the bond, would have been entitled to reimbursement agreeable
to an act passed on the 8th of Jan'y, 1788, to amend the act to impose
certain duties.

Jos. Foster, Sam'l Mark, W. Armistead, Benedict Crump, G. May ist
Wilkinson, Jr., Geo. B. Poindexter and Nath'l L. Savage, a
Majority of the Justices of- New Kent County, to Governor
Beverley Randolph,

Enclosing a certificate of the Clerk of the County that the said justices
are a majority in commission ; and also a copy of the order of Court,
March, 1789, making certain recommendations:


We, being a majority of the acting Justices of the county of New
Kent, was unanimously of opinion that Mr. Wm. H. Macon and Captain


1789. Lyddall Wilkinson be recommended to your Excellency as proper per-
May 1st sons to act as County Lieutenant and Colo, of Militia for the said County,
as record will more fully show. Since, have been informed you will not
commission them, wishing to know our reasons why those who are now in
commission do not take rise agreeable to seniority. In consequence
thereof, we have taken the liberty to send them. Colo. Jno. Bacon, we
are informed, wished not to be raised any higher ; and, also, we conceive
him to be a very Indolent and Inattentive officer. Maj'r John Hockar-
day was summoned to attend the Court Martial. His answer was, " He
should not come,' ' and saying their would not be a court without him,
fine was Imposed on him, and ordered to be collected. He bid defiance,
and dared any Sheriff or Collector to take his property at their peril for
the said fine.

We have the honor to be, Sir,

Y'r Ex'ly's Mo. Ob't H'ble Serv't.

May ist The recommendations of Court, March, 1789, are as follows :

William Hartwell Macon, Gent., to execute the office of County Lieu-
tenant ; Lyddall Wilkinson to execute the office of Colonel ; George Wil-
kinson, Jun'r, Gent., to execute the office of Captain; Parke Wilkinson,
Lieutenant, and Pleasant Crump, ensign. William Chamberlayne to exe-
cute the office of Captain ; James Semple, Lieutenant, and EUyson Mar-
tin, ensign.


May ist Wm. Russell to Governor Beverley Randolph.

Williams- I have the honor to inclose you a Report made of the State of the

'^"•'S public Jail here pursuant to an order of the District Court. I beg leave
to observe that, in December last, the Common Hall of this City relin-
quished to the public that right which the Legislature had sometime
before given them in the Capitol Square in this City, and the buildings
thereon, in consequence thereof the District Court was, by the law, di-
rected to be holden there, and the Clerk ordered to keep his office at the
Courthouse. The House formerly used as the Secretary's Office, being
one of the buildings on the square, and the most proper for an office, I
wish to use for this purpose, but I am prevented by a person who is at
present in it (one Philip Bidgood), who refuses to give it up, altho' he
pays no Rent, nor was he put there under any authority. Upon appli-
cation to the Court I am directed by them to apply to the Executive. I
have to request. Sir, that such order may be made in this business as to
your Board may seem proper, and that I may be directed in what manner
I am to proceed to possess myself of the House which I much want for
an Office.

I have the honor to be with the greatest Resp't, &c.


Governor Beverley Randolph to General Wood. 1789.

Dear Sir :

I have deposited in the usual place all the public Papers which May 2d
have come to my Hands since the last meeting of the Council. Among Richmond
them is the Treasurer's monthly state of the Cash in the Treasury. As
the amount is considerably larger than has been yet reported, upon con-
versing with the Treasurer, I thought I might with propriety advise him
to add another sum of two thousan'd Pounds to the one formerly directed
to be set apart for the legal appropriations. I must beg the favour of you
to present this subject to the Council, and if they agree with me in
opinion, to have an entry made to this effect. On examining the Journal
of the last day's proceedings, I find that Mr. Blair has omitted to make
the entry respecting the advance of ;^io to each of the persons employed
to collect vouchers in support of the Commonswealth's ace. vs. the U. S.
I will thank you to attend to this matter, and at the same time to inform
the Board that I this day directed a warrant on the contingent fund for
_^io in favour of Wm. Price, one of the persons appointed for the pur-
pose of collecting Vouchers.

I am, with regard, Y'r Ob't Serv't.

Justices of the Peace May 2d

Within the limits of Ameha County, agreeable to the line run between
Amelia and Notteway Counties : John Tabb, Edmund Booker, John
Booker, Vivian Brooking, Henry Anderson, John Rice, Edmund Booker,
Jun'r, John Oglesby, William Craddock, Rich'd Oglesby, John Royall,
Davis Booker, William Walkhur, Thomas P. Overton.
Given under our Hands this 2d May, 1789.


Justices of the Peace May 2d

Within the limits of Nottoway County, agreeable to the line run between
Nottoway and Amelia Counties : Stephen Cocke, Peter Lamkin, Samuel
Sherwin, William Cryer, Rawley Carter, William Greenhill, Peter Ran-
dolph, Abner Osborn, William Yates.

Given under our Hands this 2d Mav, 1789.



1789. At a Court Held for Lancaster County the 2ist April, 1789,

May Lawson Hathaway is recommended to his Excellency, the Governor,
as a proper person to act as Captain of the first militia company of this
county in the room of Captain Thomas Carter, who has resigiied. John
Lawson is recommended as a proper person to act as Ensign in the room
of James Pollard, in the same company, who has resigned. James San-
ders is recommended as a proper person to act as Ensign in the fifth
militia company in this county, in the' room of Elijah Percifull, resigned.
Copy — Test :


The above recommendations enclosed to the Executive by James Gor-
don, C. L. L. C, through the bearer, Mr. Martin Shearman.

May 3d Jas. Barnett to Governor Beverley Randolph,

Amherst States that Mr. John Moran will present [him] with an account* of
the service of a commissary in Madison County, which passed the Execu-
tive about the twenty-seventh of March last. The Auditers of publick
accounts did not conceive that the Order of Council comprehended said
acc't. The said Mr. Anderson is a worthy young man, and to my knowl-
edge performed'the service. Hopes his Excellency will consider him.

May 4th CoL. John Bacon to Mr. Thomas Meriwether.


New Kent Agreeable to your request, with respect to the recommendation of

Mr. Wm. H. Macon and Mr. Lyddall Wilkinson, lately made by the
Court of this County, I am herein to inform you of some circumstances
of that business, as I did not wish to hold any other commission than
that which I now have. I moved the court to supply the vacancies
then subsisting in the Militia, and accordingly did then agree to waive
my right of promotion. Major Hockaday was not present at that time.
I have since seen him, and he informed me that the Court had treeted
him with much contempt, without assigning any reason for so doing, in
overlooking him in the recommendation, as he had never signified any
intention of waving his right. Captain Holt, also, who was the oldest
Captain, has expressed displeasure concerning the recommendation, and
has since given up his commission in consequence thereof. The Court
were by myself justified in their proceeding so far as it respected me, but
what could be there motives in passing over those other two gentlemen,

* Acc't missing.


who appear to have been next entitled to the appointments, I cannot de- 1789.
vise, and must, with yourself, be of opinion that the Recommendation May 4th
was irregular. I herewith enclose an order of a Court Martial for feining
Major Hockaday, who wishes to have it reheard before the Executive.

I am. Sir, your most obed't serv't.

Tho. Gaskins to Leighton Wood, Esq. ' May 5th

Sir :

Yesterday I received two notices from you — one that you should ,. ,
instruct the Attorney-General to move against me as County Lieutenant berland
for the penalty of One hundred pounds incurred by my not accounting Courthouse
for the Militia fines or other monies which have come into my hands by
virtue of my office as County Lieutenant. As no fines or any other pub-
lick money has ever come into my hands since I have been County Lieu-
tenant, hope shall not be subject to the penalty, though I must acknowledge
have been very remiss in not informing you of it sooner. I made a return
of the militia of this county to the Executive some time this winter, which
suppose must have miscarried, or has not yet got to hand, which I hope
will be a sufficient excuse, as it is out of my power to send a copy of the
return, being at present at the Court House attending my duty as a magis-

I hope the above will be satisfactory, or at least that you will delay
moving against me till next fall, when I shall be at Richmond on the As-
sembly, and make no doubt shall be able to exculpate myself entirely.
I am. Sir, Your Obed't Serv't.

L. Wood, Jr., Sol., to Governor Beverley Randolph. May 5th


I am to request the favour of your Excellency's order to the Auditor
for a Warrant of fifty pounds upon account, to defray Expenses in send-
ing out Notices, Executions, &c., being Most Resp'y, &c.

Geo. Clendenen to Governor Beverley Randolph. May 6th


I have long expected to hear from your Excellency whether there is Greenbrier
any hopes of the Indians westward of the Ohio treating with the commis-
sioners appointed for that purpose or not. However, we have very small
expectations that they have, or, indeed, intend to adhear to any principle
of that nature, as, according to custom, they have been imployed this
spring on the frontiers in stealing horses and killing where they have had
it in their power. Very early last month I received certain information
that they killed four men in the county of Montgomery, stole twenty some
odd horses from Limestone, and the other day as Capt. Miller, an Inhabi-


1789. tant of this county, came in from Kaintucke, by the way of Kanawa, they,
May 6th Indians, followed him and his party several days, and took from them two
of their horses. 1 have been compelled to send off, for the defence of
Kanawa, a part of the Rangers and the Scouts allowed for this county, as
there was no possibilty of prevailing on the Inhabitants to stand their
ground unless some support was given them ; for, to my great mortifica-
tion, I find that our frontiers rather suspects those that we ought to expect
succour from to be our enemies than otherwise — I mean the people newly
settled on the other side of the Ohio. This opinion, for my own part, I
have not credited, and trust that I shall never have reason. Our County,
at present, is intirely destitute of Lead, as I have no possible means, I
know, of getting any from the Lead Mines, altho' , I am informed, there is a
considerable quantity there which belongs to this County, yet I can procure
no method of getting it Brought from thence. I have purchased a quantity
of powder, and have inclosed you a certificate of the amount, which ac-
count I trust will be auditied, and also some knowledge given me how I
shall get some of the pubHc lead from the mines; for, indeed, I fear that
the necessity is at present as urgent as it has hitherto been. But let the
necessity be as it may, there appears to be good reason to suspect danger,
and must therefore request your Directions how I shall govern myself.
I have the honor to be with great Respect and esteem, &c.

May 7th The Lieutenant-Goveror Laid Before the Board

Two letters, bearing date the 25th ultimo. One from John Evans, Esq.,
Lieutenant of the County of Monongalia, and ^the other from Wm.
McCleery, Esq., one of the Delegates in Assembly from that County, in-
forming that the Indians had lately committed Hostilities by killing Capt.
Wm. Thomas and others, and representing the exposed and defenceless
situation of the Inhabitants.

Whereupon it is advised, that in order to give information to the United
States in Congress assembled, Copies of the said letters with this advice,
be immediately transmited to his Excellency, the President of the United
States ; and it is further advised that Col. Evans be directed to continue
two of the Scouts, ordered by him into service, until further orders, and
that he be empowered to order a Lieutenant and 25 Rangers into service,
in order to repel any future attacks of the Enemy, taking particular care
not to contiue them longer than real danger shall make it absolutely neces-

May 7th At the District Court held Friday, April 30, 1789,

At the Capitol, Absalom AUard for Horse- Stealing, and Agnes Smith for
murder, were sentenced to be hanged on Friday, the 8th day of May.
Reprieved the 7th day of May.


Jas. Jones, Att'y-Gen'l to Jas. Wood, Esq. 1789.


I have not received any accounts from my deputies in the different May 7th
districts. I have requested them generally, that in all cases proper for
the merciful Interference of the Executive, if the judges should not take
them up, to make special reports thereof to the Governor in Council.

I have the honor to be,

Respectfully, Sir,

Y'r most obd't Serv't.

Col. Wm. Davies to Governor Beverley Randolph. May 7th


It is only since the first of this week that the town has become com- New York
posed, and now there is a very great languor in the public boards, as the
two houses of congress refuse, or rather avoid, everything that has the
aspect of a recognition of the existence and authority of any of the Offi-
cers created under the former congress, and as yet the President of the
United States has done no public act that continues them in office. There
being but two members of the board of three, Mr. Baldwin having re-
signed, they have no power to act by the ordinance of Oct loth, 1788,
till a third joins them. Finding them, however, complying in their senti-
ments, and disposed to concur with the wishes of the State, I availed my-

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