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1833 01752 1730 GENEALOGY

Allen County Public Library

900 Webster Street

PO Box 2270

Fort Wayne, irJ4SS01-22^O

UniLdd S-tati?:?. Irrdi aiia Ai - tiJtt! .

Inl^Xa-Ji^^wa _o/l7/ll

.Mi 3 a Helene. Eibbsa., on e .or. .iJig.^r.omi^ar.Js&eiiiibajo

c olojiX-Qf art i s ts_aiil_a5yli?Jb o rj3_»_,laa8-4^Sit^- finle had a byonae st.
isliejf of _JajQiea^lliii.Qonib.. Ellsx -,tliat _laL_«innlni&_icucji .pralae_£fix
tie artist. Its artistic ^merit is. .of such value, .that. ii_4§_tjL
b3_ i).laced in the lierron Art instituts.. Miss Hibben attem pted diffic^jlt in iiiakin^; the cast of ths half -round, type, but
taosa aho hava aeen - th.a arork declare .lt-±a, one of jUia-.bett3r

efforts of the group- Of younger American: sculpt or a. :

iir. Hiley haa interasted in_Mi33 JIibben'a..atJidi.-t

aid, anlJihen, recently she askad-hiin for a_ isittiii"
for a bas-relief, he -readily- consented, ilr. Riley haa alway.

bsen averse to s it t in g f oi. _ar tl^ t.3. . . -b,ut he. paidMi&a.Kibb^ri ^ "

uau3ual_ coapl i meat .go od. j HI . .. _ Tsrlce-,.a Jiesi_L;iiw
Hibben .lenl to tha._pja2±is-._iiojaie_ln Lockarble^^tre'^t . %vA -.Thile'
he r ead and ch atted she made hf^"^ nin:^f>l nf r^!^^J .

subject a nian of -varying, moods and fo;and pleasure in an effort .
jfcr.' depl at them in his fa c ial-jex^reaslon...

: . His Story Tailing. .Exp res aion. ,

-She Jaaa- wrought a oj-s^r^ll-f that - show s t h e poet almost L'
aimilin^, ax: expre.ssic ' /fays preg,Me,g_tLi3-Suggest r .

ajtory-eviy a-^happy qior;,.^;. :-^,l,th. Riley.,- aho-ls- one- of t^e l^xx..:^
aloiong-aLtory tellers-^^^Miaa iiibben^S- cast of the features- of tp
pjoet is alao3t-li£e_siz3. She -also has made a splendid-^uinia'-

..-^3 in full-ca... :.■ .
.->l3y- visi t e d Miss K lbb e n^s -3ioxu- -
4;h.-. s; .t a- r e liL' '



i!. ^ittila- oi pleasure. -a tola over iiia face -.- ii5 looked at it an.l

^e ramarkaXin lil3 onm aayr- - . _.

"'A'all ,-ncw,. that. djoesiL!-t-av3ii_-b.agi:- ._ _- .: cadaverous*"

iiiaa Hibb^enJ-a-iVorkins: erAvironinont intereatad.Mx... Riley-*- —
1|3 the daughter of iir. and ^ra- ThOinas-E.. Jlibben, whoss home
E433 University avanue., Irving.taa, is ona of the city's fairSja
iiarden spots. _ Ih^.^houae, .a_ large brick structure of a type o|f
architecture jpojpular fifty yeary ago, occupies large groiaid;
jiihjars -every old- faahioneJ. flower that grovvs has a .vel come place
Jit the rear of the spacious park is a Sicall fraaie house over
which roses and vines are entjiined. In this siiiall house liiss
Ei.bben_haa_an_intcr3-ating workshop. Tor several years she hois
fcijnd pleasant diversion in aiakinr pottery of varied da3ign>= .
I^er success in that__dire.c.t.ion led to her engagement as a. •tec>3i -
ex of -Clay ciodeling- at the iierron Art institute. Ther.3_fihe hii^
a class of children, and en^joys every .Mnute 5he. dsvoieA .tooths
their instirruction in.- -the. art of aiaking pottery. Uia-S- Hi bbe n^ jh^

The -talents iiiss Kibhen. lias.-. attracted .tQ^_h6 :-

nany arti3t.s-and-aculfi-t&r&- of note.- . Eer- -work has -wron tl.^
frais®-,of-I.aredo.-Taft-,- -the noted Chicago. -sculptor.. -For ^ — -•
i]he .«as a ajudent under. hiiL. J.r.. - I-aft,ha3_jyiait-e-d-th.e Klbban—
iome. a.n:i ia j^nyipna to gp-'"? i.liss -liibhen^ gc f rward-jn ..aculptur a.
IS 1111am- Fora-yth, the Indianap-ogiB-artlaJs^-l-a another friend_js[}io
43 anxiQus_-t-0_.aeS-her..-attain a_ noteworthy position, in. the worjld
qf art. and. arolpture.

"1^38 Hibben is a yc^ang woifian >5i±h-a. wonderful, degree of
talent , " Mr. Forsyth .sayS .. .

as of a character foimd in fe»T matured artists and I. iiradiot [
j'or hsr a higli place in tha art world if she continues to ii/rd-
f;res3 in the next fe«. years as she has dona in the past,"
\Yorking.on liirshall iliniature

iir. Forsyth *as delighted ^iuh the result Hiss Hihhen.ob-
tainad in the Riley has-relief , for ,in attempting to aiak'e a
half-roimd cast of the poet^s head she tried for a result in
modeling that baffles many finished sculptors.

llx. Riley expresses genuine gratification over the resultsj
df his sitting for iiiss Hibben.

"It .vas a pleasure to ^it for her,'' .i; uaj.i, 'Tur ana .vuxi*;

-i 10 easily, and ;vith such little demand on. the no-t too great

pa ti ence of her subject. I like the_wftrk _3hs_has_.d.onej,. an 1

hope.. she fc\and as iiiuch plaaciura in doing it as I did in bein^;
hex -^subject-."-

• - . iiiss Hibben 1^ ..wr..l..., w.. ^ ..Aul^'u^^- w^ - .>.ll..- -f Goverrc

JJIarshall and it promises to be as much of a success as that qf

- her -preceding ^ub^' act .



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